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The Histories of this are hard to find and exist in very numerous forms, however what is obvious are these few set out facts.

  • Democracy was invented in Greece, it's entire ideology peaked at the Olympic Games and the social structure was not inclusive of Women.
  • The Barbarians invented the relationship between science, society and Politics, Philosophy and various other postures of thought. It is in fact a known fact that the famous Hannibal was responsible for inventing the use of mathematical sciences in battle -the first military leader to float Elephants on water (apparently at the time it was Magic).
  • It was the Romans who invented the first Republic and the structures of Modern government that we have today. Cesar was himself obsessed with strategy and recreation, something it could be argued he borrowed from the Greeks but there is no prove of that. The Roman Empire as history records crumbled as recreation failed and religious diversity and intolerance grew. However what was left was the relationship between the Emperor and the Senate and how both vie to love the people and be loved by them. Somewhere in the workings of which was the situation where Women were taken on usually by the emperor and thus became a tool of power and most times repression.
As time progressed, the persecution of Christians became Fashionable by these women and therefore their leaders and Emperor-this became a major feature of the Roman Empire and government, most notorious of them was Emperor Nero who also had a serious problem with homosexuality and the preservation of his power over Rome itself because he believed so much in the protection of the legacy of its people and until the reign of Emperor Constantine where the roots of the Catholic Church were laid: a religious system based on ending religious intolerance and bringing religious integration through the understanding of what other people believed, however they worshiped Mary and not the designated Jesus Christ.

 My preoccupation however is that we are increasingly living in a world where people are more interested in what they feel than what is fact or indeed truth because of the sense that there are so many who could easily be at their mercy.  This means that we will have to increasingly live in a world beset with unprecedented amounts of sexual perversions, sexual abuse and pervasions and violence, in return for what we want or have taken and this new world is something that its people will have to live with as they have so made it.

You can say that I really do not really tolerate the views of those who advocate Open government: they stifle people's freedoms of association and black mail others with what democracy demands in search for their personal vanities and corruptions. 

The reason I know robbing them of their evils also robs them of their human rights but do it so that they can seek better wickedness with the use of my faith, which is what that nonsense about opening my heart to the world before I get a job, so that my faith might be pervaded when I refuse to fight and pervaded when I win the fight anyway because they will never stop fighting when I had won until they had won and made it permanent, is the desire to extract an income from my property and then more to add to that when I do as well and then even more than I do whenever they do as well, telling me it is how they feel about the Monarchy staying in power, which I must feel as well which is then exactly the same thing all together anyway and very infuriating.

Now all they can do is extract my strengths and temperaments and then make sure I cannot raise an army because they are using it to get rich and using it to fight me as well, which also means I am paying the real world price for their rebellion and violence too, while the world makes out they are the ones who are in the right or doing the right thing.

These days of which the meaning of the right is my privacy which has become the same thing as the country in which they were born first or arrived in first and this is where Democracy has it problem with the Arch Prince because those who govern Countries where it is some kind of religion, have been supporting these things until it came to this before realising it is wrong to.

So it is not true that I get involved with Politicians which pushes people away from me and my books. The truth is that they sent out their goons, not themselves but their goons to extract an income from my property and then more to add to it when I extract some as well and then even more than I have extracted from it because I have extracted some. I had to create a system to put them in their place because I had a problem with my temper, it helped me cleanse my mind; so they can tell me I am a communist, which means I prefer their company to that of The Queen of the United Kingdom, after wasting all I own on telling me I am a Democrat when I am done for my part too. The truth is that Politicians do nothing but spend their time acquiring the keys to your safe or anything of that sort, so whenever you work for it, you can never institute any kind of rules on how it is to be spent, so it is never correct to think about them when making allocation for anything because when they need anything you are supposed to be rest assured they have already stolen it (Politicians and the media/commercials industry/ business friends. They have already used an economic crisis as a platform here to make out that each time I do my job, especially where it involves managing the liabilities of sterling which is a property of my Royal Estate which brings me into contact with their businesses, I am making their businesses more profitable other wise the economy will never recover and it has now ended up in bullying on the media with their own problems made worse with the use of their spiritual wickedness because they feel that if they do not do that, they cannot extract an income from my Empire as well).

It does not apply that I pay so much attention to the needs of my boss The Queen of England that I forget all about those who need leadership from me (such nonsense). The truth is that it would be a matter of the feed back I get if I were to say I am doing very well providing leadership for all those that need me. The problem on the other hand are violent idiots that are either supposed to be white fascist black genocide specialists or Muslim terrorists fools who know how to extract peoples lives or bodily fluids to get rich with, whose nonsense no body tends to understand anyway-that will eventually have that rubbish shut down of setting up a useless business started off with something that will ensure I am exasperated, in order to get off on public places getting positive I will bring my feelings and my faith to be pervaded, so that it can be successful and hence make them rich, and will have it shut down in a manner that badly hurts them before it gets any better. 

I Uno



First is that of wrong doing by those that took them

Now the basis of the argument that there was wrong doing on the part of the man that took the Elgin marbles it is difficult to work out what people mean by a system of government that unprompted, set up a committee to by legal means find somebody responsible for taking items of culture from another place to have done such a thing or not, only to find other ways of subjugating the outcome. There is no legal means of saying that Lord Elgin did the wrong thing when he took the Marbles, in fact they are the best preserved pieces of classical Greek culture that the world knows and gets to see.
It relates to me these matters, in the sense that I can still find ways of recovering property of mine that have been taken by others no matter what they are, even if they were just words I spoke: the context of which must be placed and seen from the Prism of cultural abuses by peoples croons designed to ensure I give up fame and they get rich and famous, while their racy croons chase me around and defile me consistently to keep them famous, about which they do not find product they create for the purpose of peddling me in anyway abusive and do not actually think that there is anything I can do about it even if I could. The other is the matter of their stupidities that I will never get into conversations about: I mean years from now, perhaps they will have risen in the corporate world for those of them that are there or want to get there to a point where they understand what their superiors understand, which tends to sway their reasoning to my advantage but until those years come to pass, since culture rests in their hands and means of reaching their hands to take things that do not belong to them and are part of peoples fully developed career is possible through and it the political lies they tell then I must in their view endure those insolent abuses from them, that I can easily end by recovery all I own until such a point, which is the sort of thing that will exist only in their dreams. i have drawn this as a reference point for those who continue to ask for the Marbles and the references they make to me for the purpose; the world is an evil place and the fact I am as strong as I am spiritually and temperamentally has created enough troubles in Europe already with the kind of rubbish politicians want to talk about all the time looking for wealth to grab for their greed, about which I can only say there is only that amount of money in all the Banks in this world, does not excuse that level of ignorance and or risk taking.

The other is the stripping of Greek Identity

I find this particular issue to be amusing for my part. I am meant to believe that a collection of classical marbles taken from a Temple built to Honour a Greek Ancient world goddess, which temple has been occupied and used for other purposes by external forces over hundreds of years, is connected with Greek Culture and Heritage and National identity in the same way that I would make myself the decider whereby I ask people to make love to their own wives. If I were to suggest such things to the Greeks, i would get into a fight myself and this show how detached the Greek Authorities are from the issues and how unconcerned they are for the welfare of the pieces as well as the reasons they are not incredibly interested in what happens to the pieces that are still there at the site themselves.

The third is the the aesthetics of the displays at Athens

the main issue with this matter is the old problem with Europeans. We have never really gotten to understand that there are things we cannot ask for or take or recover because it would make no sense to get them back because they are way too much of a part of the classical understanding and culture of what is much bigger than our interests world or country that it will cost us way too much to recover them and when we do we will have problems associated with taking other peoples cultures and identities by force or persuation or even blackmail and duress and that there are more of them, than there are of us and so it is only due and appropriate to conclude that the reasons the Greek Government seeks the Elgin Marbles is that of Greed. The same group and DNA of interests and the seeking of interests which have destroyed the economy of their country, putting this in context of pieces of a monument built for a Greek God that had later been converted by invaders into a Church and then a Mosque and then completely blown up before Lords Elgin took the Marbles, Legally or not, we can see that there are dangers associated with the continued seeking of the Marbles.

The suggestions that back up the claims

These made around the prognosis of returning to Greeks what belongs to Greeks and for the academic world what this really means is the breaking of of the entire worlds learning process for the Greed of certain interests in the Greek Governments, however the counter argument is that there was no right obtained by the British to keep them and that such occasions do not actually exist, whereas in actual fact we know that the Dutch took Royal Charles, broke it up for scrap and have the British cote of Arms that was carved into the back of it displayed in their Museums of antiquity, they loan it as gifts to the Government during occasions such as the Diamond Jubilee our Monarch but retain ownership without question. Hence the suggestion by the same group of people who claim we have stolen Greek culture, even here in the UK that we do not treat the Greeks as equal partners, has no basis on fact. The story of the Elgin Marbles is not an emotive one: we British have always had a tendency to make people feel disconcerted without the physical and violent efforts that we see Africans especially practice and complain about general global discrimination that can only be disputed so they can seek self improvements of wealth seeking and grabbing with peoples possessions - when people feel disconcerted they make accusations and get angry and that is what is happening here with the Greeks but it has always been a matter of provocation where you might set up a Company like I have and then have to deal with peoples children claiming it is a contraption for extracting an income from the lives and pockets of the Millionaires in their family and even Race or more so stealing their pocket money in due course of doing so but it becomes increasingly serious to a point where you can be confronted about which historical civilisation owns the money you are trying to earn, hence its all a matter of Media and when they are given the benefit of doubt in that Media trouble makers with a knack for corruptions of involvement about which we British Royalty are always being targeted never mind the fact our Offices are directly linked with religious leadership have caused them these feelings, One soon finds that they are in league with these people especially the American ones and that it is all about wealth stealing from what  their envy and eyes have desired. 



Having completed consumation of the security of the Global Naval community as Politicians have found out more than they need to and Jeopardised democracy altogether doing so, via the abuse of other peoples privacy, claiming it is a process of equality, when we all know it is a matter of very bad upbringing that some only end when they are dead, hence the need to keep them out and retain as much permanent normalcy in the world as possible, it is now possible to get to work. The duty to ensure that sexuality has not overtaken decency will however not have the allowance to become archaic hence there is no such thing as a system of government that is archaic and need to be sacrificed and spent on everybody, if the provision of democracy in the world must be complete and fulfilling. What this means is that I am a Prince quite right and those who wish to be famous ought to make use of the correct route. It is not possible regardless of how much they have tried and how violent they have increasingly become to evade the Law in order to do my job, which is already very well protected and more so exists and do the same to somebody else's career because they seek trappings of power and perversions of Majority or to get known by it (as they so put forward their intentions).  Thus if they happen to have stolen from me, must and ought to show and maintain curtesy and respect for their part. This is a service to the world as Democracy does teach these things for the preservation of both tolerance and the protection of ideals already. My intellectual property and equity are kept raw and professional not governed by academics for this reason. All I do and all I own is protected by copyright Laws and those who are included in the right to make use of these properties including my colours; those parts that have been given out for broking purposes which has been vulnerable to the vanities, copycat and violent destruction of an increasingly a number of politicians globally. All that is free is free for the purpose of getting people to buy the books which they need and there are those that are excluded completely from the free stuff in the first place, it means they are not covered by anything I write either.  The reason for this is the understanding that the origins of Fascism is political and the Global Naval community will not be slaves, extinguished  or exposed to racism after all that has happened in the last 2 centuries: hence no confusion no matter what politician think or work on the matter.

There has been an issue of security along the lines of the following prognosis:

The increase in the number of European Men and Women with African friends and American counterparts who have no intentions to act in the condemnation of wickedness of any kind perpetrated by those who are older than they are, the means by which this means that some were older and got jobs first before others and therefore this questionable right to control the lives of those you either do not lead or provide for have increasingly become institutional. The increase in the number of young people like these who prey on the Civil Liberties of others and never condemn the actions of their parents or those who are older than them and practice more of these evils which I must conclude is because they want to grow into being like them because it is better to rather pretend they love them just for the purpose of finding out and making public what is happening in the lives of those who do, for the sole purpose of as I had gathered since 2001, getting only jobs which have been denied others who were ideal candidates for suffering and in certain acute cases seeking only jobs that others have found already, the further colonisation of the Church and the use of it as means by which it is possible to address those who condemn these evils and to remind them their parents will always be their parents when they are grown up and probably have their own children as well. This behaviour has already led to a fight between me and these such people in my Country because they wanted to confiscate my work and Estate with the use of the powers of the Crowd. To claim it to be public property where politicians can serve themselves and be corrupt with it. For which they have gotten involved with the evil politicians who create them to help them make it a global matter, which they also did on the precinct of preventing me from defending myself from those who were within my age group and therefore belonged in the necessary generation for the purpose of collecting what they name "the future" for the older much more evil generation that are a conglomeration of tiny tyrants who will to live out their entire dreams of disobedience on other people's personal lives just to see them do nothing about it because they were so keen on making it into a political and or even an international matter and have therefore been on a mission of boasting all over the world wherever they might go, to stretch their legs on Holiday for example; about the kids they have in their country and how glorious they plan to become with them. Thus return to attempt the gain of absolute control of the employment services in Europe, while keeping me from selling my books for example because they wish to inspire other young people with it, so they might have their vanities with a game of socialism in order to make sure people have lost their virginity or have shown credentials of having done so before they get the faintest sense of a possibility of getting any work or job at all. All of which they were planning to actualise by imputing none of their own finances into doing so at all.  

A presumption that has gotten popular over the years that it might be politically termed as power and means to progress, whereas I see it as an evil people I will have to launch a programme according to my Christian faith to demand people repent from. Hence the follow on of confiscating and owning all I have, so that if I do, people will see no reason to repent from their new wickedness and fascism with which they hurt others all the time if they see that those who practice them own all the means there is.

I am 29 Years old (2009) and it is the most violent disregard for Law and Order or respect for human life that I have ever witnessed.

I. Uno I


The Big misconceived prognosis on my stand on these matters is that I speak of Political Corruption wholly as an intent of my purposes. This is not true, there is a huge difference between speaking of Political corruption and speaking of Political immorality. I for my part am quite fed with fools all over the world trying to break down my words in which course I will be broken down as well. I need to therefore make it clear there is a difference between speaking of people figuring out the correct thing to do and then refusing to do them on account they want somebody to be offered as sacrifice for their pleasures for some strange insolent offence they dreamed up usually all over Europe of course and speaking of the process of locating a moral person who has his own advantage that will protect him from being abused by idiots like themselves and then singling such a person out as a basis on which change must be conducted in order to dispatch public funds to bribe and please people with evil seeds in a certain way. It does seem these two things of which the latter seems to be directed at me most of the time and I guess the former will when I have become unable to make a living and have to run back to the same idiots which are themselves to get offered some kind of a stupid deal by which I can be blackmailed with their insolent superiority wickedness that will see me move them on fundamentally again, has now come to bear on the Economy of the EU itself and it is still not clear what its insolent fanatics and children actually want. These people do these things not because there are not enough institutional arrangements for fixing their morality deficits but because they are certain that Politicians will support them. When Politicians do and declare so publicly, it is not clear what is it in for them, where I am is the wonder of why they are complaining when what is in it for them is hurting me.

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