I have no idea why people like to make out that violent video games does lead to violent behaviour anyway: it is never true – if we go back to the time we were kids for instance, just before parents did those things they did which meant we got to overhear them say something to their friends about controlling their kids or there will be trouble, it was uncertainty of how to react in a violent situation that usually resulted in explosion of anger – whereby the only thing that mattered was the tale of who is responsible for a result and who is not and so when the person attacking you cannot explain and you cannot explain, there will be trouble, which is usually where media and political idiots and celebrities turn up to fill in blanks for everybody, talking nonsense about some immigrants being responsible or somebody being racist or poverty and deprivation being the reason and all other forms of nonsense we have to put up with. They will likely tell me that when I say such things it does not help with what government does to prevent violent behaviour and I have no idea what it is exactly they are doing in government Office anyway for my part; they need to start telling the truth about villains and let people work with the realities behind why government has an immeasurable and insatiable need to control men in this Country not talk nonsense about what I do or violent video games leading to violent behaviour – need to stop being so stupid. So that the tale will immediately change to that of how none of what I say actually benefits women which it does not because women need to deal with their problems and when I am not bullied by them, media cannot attack me for a financial incentive because they know it will attract a certain crowd to behave in that way – need to stop behaving as though I am an idiot and stop getting into a position where they need to borrow my Royal sword and swish, swish, swish at the problems of life insults – fuck somewhere else basically, before I cut up or sell whatever it is they have rebuilt of that stupid culture.

Now I have heard there is to be space made for republicans in the Privy Council at Government; I don’t think the decision is a bad one but in my view there will tend to be nothing accomplished by making space for them since all I really know is living my two lives of which one is in hiding due to my talents and the fact the Politicians have force fed me a concoction of damage to finances and daily publicity for the fact it exists while making promises of a new country and then the real me that gets into shape and organises myself for work and to earn the money and get things back to normal. They however do say that it all happens on account that I am scared of them, which is utter nonsense, as I have no idea how it is possible to be scared of republicans when you regularly issue ultimatums for whole neighbourhoods and then set about implementing the consequences of making them pay heavy prices to reverse a bullying or abusive activity they enjoy channelling in your direction; it’s never for me where they start but a matter of the stage where they reach a point and are then made to roll it all back – it’s a bit violent and make them feel like sitting ducks as well, so they might better hate a system that does not allow them to attack sitting ducks and get to run a campaign of hate and wickedness for a new country from there. Then we hear the story of how it is all a matter of the part where the Queen is sacred and untouchable for some people who like Tyranny but it has never had a thing to do with The Queen – only to do with claims people make that the systems treats me fairer than it does them about which they have no evidence whatsoever but it is never the less an egoistic thing for them to see me refute it and give up anything that meant they were not more important than I am with media in the process and in terms of whether or not The Queen is scared, it’s never been about that but about the fact it is really insulting, insulting to a point most people do not have an imagination for, that people will tell me the system treats me better than it does them and while I am grappling with what I lose so they can feel more important than me by refuting that, they start their engines on and rocket off my head to execute a campaign where it has something to do with The Queen; by the way of which they have not yet learned to understand really just how provocative their hatred for a system that does not allow them pick on sitting ducks claim really is – those stupidities from another world that is full of women who think their madness and popular culture allows academic proficiency and when done passing exams in school cannot leave people alone with an obsession for media until a tool is devised to price them away from others all together; I on the other hand therefore have the added consequences to settle with them since I obviously live in a world where most women think my activities are distracting and the reasons for that is very obvious as well, still of which I am not even in a relationship at this stage while they have become the stupid who are also the great and married over my public life. The other insult being that I like to boast about kicking them when I have achieved no such thing and we all know it is not a mean feat to live in London in a condition where competition is no longer your problem as people damaging your property to get privileges of injustice from Politicians had taken its place and needs to stop, bearing in mind also they have never actually wrestled a single opportunity off me in the last decade. So it cannot all together be that hard to stop the damage to my property people like to claim is their competition in order to protect this Empire – cannot be as hard as difficult or impossible.

They do ask why I suppose it happens of which it only happens because I have now been conditioned by them to have a mention disposition that thinks about their problems all the time when it is none of my concern, at least an aspect of my mind and it really makes time I work stand still as well without reason; the only way to settle it of which was to make some money and engage in some therapeutic shopping and raise funds to run advertisement for my Books and work at the Royal Estate both of which are currently suspended due to vandalism by Politicians and the road to putting it all back together will be the one where I kick  all of them all the way there too.


So the new and most recent question has become that of the one about the extent to which I think what people do to make fame and fortune is actually taken out of my property – when I answer such a question I should clarify I am answering a straight question and not trying to reason with them as nobody really has the ability to while the Police is made up of murderers. So the reality is still the same as ever, that I have told them enough times to keep off my Books and clear my space while they have told me enough times that everything I do still does not make me any financial progress, so the residual image of this company is becoming more and more and more a bane of contention in the matter and there is a saying that there isn’t a thing in the world that looks as good as a thief, yet they really give meaning to it and I have no idea what I will do to them to stop them cashing into my faith and public life or grooming me for that yet. In their defence they say I think Industry owners like me when they don’t, whereas the reality is a matter of those who broker equities and those who do just a little bit of what I don’t like every single second and claim it is their idea of progress; a little bit is clearly a fight their wives can win as it were and they say when I use these kinds of prognosis, especially one about how much a thief tends to groom himself, it predisposes women to abuse, so that when I speak of how the abuse always starts with abuse of beautiful body, then I will be referring to all women, while they set out their stupid girls and put them on media and began a campaign of violent involvement with me, talking nonsense about those who have everything and those who don’t trying to secure some, for the fact those who have nothing is because they have nothing on account it is the fault of those who have everything. So as I said, I am answering a straight question and the big idea has always been a matter of their age, then a matter of generation gap insults and then a matter of those that will sell out, usually stupid women like them and then a matter of men with wives and mistresses who are far below their age causing me lots and lots of financial trouble over their need to have fame and fortune and the Police is made up of murderers.

They claim I restrict their freedoms while I complain but there are three personalities in this matter and one of them is mine, the other is their own and the third is the one they have created to get rich and comfortable without working for it on my possessions – when we speak of the fucking liberty with which to ask me how much of it is actually mine; they are driving me to a point as a people, where they will be using their own to do that fame and fortune too as it were. It’s nothing unusual, just the effrontery to pop the question in the first place – I mean they know what their relationship with the Police looks like and that when the Police have a conversation with them it’s a person to person conversation where they understand the Police and the Police understand them and they also know their relationship with me is a clear one too but when they get on media they feel it’s a separate world, so they develop the guts to pop the question of how much of their fame and fortune I think is derived from my property; it’s the same old tale where we hear them complain about people having all while they have nothing – the business ones say what I do is really stupid but when they make themselves into an alternative costs that determines if my resources are spent on their needs while they do a bit of what I don’t like or is spent on me and any other choices I might have to make by the fact it is limited, people who have businesses and know what the challenges of looking after the accounts books doing such things clearly isn’t very stupid in their view –this is not something you open up to ten pages of an economics text book to find and this behaviour is practiced by people who work in or own large businesses and they have no plans to make the losses at the market if they can get on my Books and encumber my space instead and this is what they think is stupid with a big mouth and it is the same old story – bullying somebody is more important than a day job, later on others have everything and there needs to be wealth equality. Of course most of what I say and do ends up with their first so they can make what they like with it on media to get rich; its Intellectual property administration equities I do for a business and there has to be a part of business that is never complete in order to attract them and I can tease as much as I please with it too for my part, they simply need to realise if I don’t do it I will be running out of fun as well. They however do say that they really do not know what they need to avoid about me and so I have to clear up that I for example do not care what the cars they drive or dress they own or restaurants they eat in look like; I mean they need to see it from my point of view i.e. drafted in to broker equities with companies who have employ celebrities to advertise products knowing that the celebrities will think it is an extension of their personalities at some stage when most of the time it is an extension of my public life and Royal Estate leadership equity instead – so they should see how provocative driving past me and taking a bit really is and of course how destructive it is for me at my Book sales market too – when people do their own as well then we hear tales of abuse of women all over the world. When they first started handling our companies to do things with it that they wanted anyhow they pleased, they said it was because they needed money; since they got the money they have now determined that it has become a revolution, so I am at a loss as to how they are unable to single out what they need to avoid about me (they do say they do me favours and that I am the one that started off the whole process where they got to and it is utter nonsense; the only favours they do me is get on popular culture to collect problems for my diplomatic frontiers and then corrupt it really intensely to create danger for those who have businesses in places such as communist territories and when done we have their music Industry big wigs show their egos at my public life to ensure I cannot control the power of the crowd again and again and again and it becomes obvious to me while it used to make sense to people to put bullets in idiots like those in the past – so I am at a loss as to what they mean when they say they are unable to understand what they must avoid about me).


So they say these things happens because I try to help women and its utter nonsense too; all I know is that men have a habit of spicing up their sex lives with my faith and then wrecking my finances to determine which women I get involved with relationship wise, so that they can have the best women to themselves – when done, the idiots who think I have an obligation to support them while they bread win will get off the wives they married at my expense and gather up mistresses that want fame and fortune from my Office as well – reason being their wives will notice £5000 vanished from the family account when they have an affair but with my property and their media idiots that can be recuperated many times over before she does. So we have been through this story before and it is the fundamental reason the American Administration in my wake has continued to be as powerless, leader after leader – when they tell tales of how it comes down to what I can do about women, then it’s time to remind them a brush with them and especially when it is a matter of involvement from them always makes me angry uncontrollably; I was told I had discovered the difference between having my milk and having my water and they need to understand I don’t want to drink that their water all the time or they are going to get seriously hurt. They speak of some anal sex thing I do which provokes them but that is the conversation we have which is a normal one, while when they get on media they toss about a question of how much of other peoples fame and fortune I actually think is a matter of my possessions – the stupid celebrities. They do claim the Monarchy is my problem but I have chosen to blame others; but the truth about that story they love to tell of it is the a case of a high level of trust that means I keep getting tasks from the Monarchy and therefore jobs from it, which has become their concern and therefore interpreted as a problem – it’s not just the Monarchy the last time I checked it, the Church was involved too by the way and we do not see them say anything about that so I can do their own again from an entirely different angle. Their story now is one about what my problem seems to be with those that are superior to me and it would never be obvious what the purpose of such nonsense were meant to have been but we all know I am a Christian and do not spend my time thinking about those that are superior to me, however speaking of the matter of which I have no problem with those that are superior to me except that they enjoy attacking my finances to create the sense that they are – so we have ended up with a Christian in a world class City like London for whom competition is not a problem, only damage to his property that idiots claim is their version of competition due to the fact they lost is; I mean it’s not as if competition goes along with the teachings of Christ hand in hand anyway necessarily but it has been the reason politicians wreck my finances and set out idiots who get on media to build me a personality that is running around doing its own stuff uncontrollably, so I have no idea why they are asking me or assuming stories about being superior will not lead to an end where we cut out the chit chat and kick their arse again seriously. They do say I am in no position to boast about competition but we all know can always say that to large companies they have but have no wish to re-engage with the consumer due to a recession, if they can spend their time taking a bit of what I don’t want done to my account Books in order to provoke me and make me the enemy that created the sense that consumers need re-engagement, which will make mine the business that has to be sacrificed to create a breach between them and consumers, worked through a process of wrecking my Book sales using their civil rights idiots on media who talk nonsense about their problems and injustices that we all know this kind of co-operation and behaviour will bring them at the end all over again and continue to seek out ways of getting my books without buying them to discuss on media, expecting there to be no consequences for it too and garnished with making me live in rented accommodation with foolish Landlords they have connections with to work stupid games at the market place all day long that must be made less and less profitable until they lose enough money to make me feel popular too.


They say every penny I own for a Royal Estate will be extracted from the markets and it is not clear exactly how that makes me Royalty but we all know about their staff based insults and their complain about how they are treated at the Royal Household and their anus and penis insults naturally; its dicing with injustice like that one moment and then complaining about Injustice in order to take their problems out on me by using my Books without getting a copy of their own, which will make them friends with Industry idiots that do not wish to engage with the consumer during a recession and regularly employ them to distract people from what belongs to others talking their insolent problems on media; in my case of which it has now reached a stage where the British and American governments let me do what I like no matter how evil and they will get off my Books and clear my space my way or their own too depending on how annoying they get. So the basic reality is that it’s been 8 years of zero sales because of them, while they claim I am allowed to do whatever I like and we cannot understand what they are talking about if they can spend our time just making us hear it at the top of their voice, a behaviour that wants human rights but abuses the civility of others in such ways to alter peoples quality of life and steal it at the other end with popular culture laughing at those they inflict all the time and wanting governments to come to their aid; so it seems it is becoming impossible to reason with them over being found near my Book sales as well all together). The rest say it is homosexual impossible for people to understand what I said but I do not think there is anything impossible to understand when somebody mentions an 8 year media campaign to wreck his Book sales and get the world to laugh about it or that it has been happening everyday over that time while they chase his anus and try to ensure the fact he does nothing about them affects people at the highest levels of authority who anus they want to chase as well while they complain about injustices? I mean this behaviour are a form of nepotism they practiced on those they really loved to enslave before they travelled to the UK to meet people that are too much for them, I am only asking if it is impossible to understand what I said. It’s not a problem, just a cat and mouse game of how to ensure deploying tax payer funds to damage my business to give fools the advantage of narcissistic happiness on which investment and celebrity is based, does not affect me between me and Politicians wriggling around to keep it going for the rest of my life; the question here is whether they are actually finding it impossible to understand what I am saying and their journalistic idiots need to stop arguing with me and get off my work or their jobs will be jeopardised really soon as well instead. It’s like when they say I think nobody really knows how I get about my own wickedness, whereas everybody can tell that reading Books is a process and it works as per you buy a copy and then you read it; otherwise I veer off my own life and where it is going to pick on celebrities and Politicians and Journalists because they really love to wind me up – the happiness gained from how I react is what they mean by investment in their version of trading; so it was always really simple, the Journalists and Celebrities and Politicians really like to wind me up to create narcissistic happiness that facilitates the funds by which they secure their extremely useless lifestyles– reading a Book is a process, people buy their copy and then they read it, otherwise we are dealing with a form of destructive and ignorant disobedience that needs to be rectified as nobody has really got that sort of money. So they like the way I fight according to them and need to give me problems and violence and trap me somewhere to keep me that way as painfully and dehumanising as will ensure I become their property, so they can make fame and fortune celebrity lifestyle; now they tell me they didn’t understand what I said about how people get to read Books; it’s just a level of disobedience which means I can never step away from my property and return to find it as I left it, I cannot organise myself for work or trading and last that way for five Hours etc, I am just really furious they can go from telling me they are getting in the way of things I really need to make use of, in order to show me how it feels to be stopped using my personality and faith to make fame and fortune to tell me at Parliament that people don’t understand what I am saying. It’s like they say I like to assume as insultingly as possible that people in war zones and disaster areas need my help and my wise words, which is utter nonsense that relates to the same tale of how human beings normally read Books but to address it directly, then I will have to mention that it is quite possible for somebody to assume people need his help when they constantly handle his property in war and disaster zones; so it seems the reality is that they don’t, they are just pretty boys who need their connections with large businesses and will not even ask the religious person that is to be jeopardised for it before they deploy his possessions; it seems it’s the old game of those who have companies and how other peoples own is spare resources for when they get into trouble, those that are leaders and how I am spare leader for when they get into trouble; apparently it is meant to tell me what to day and what not to considering what they must do to seek their conveniences but of course it’s nothing new about how the need to ensure a religious person is taught great and wonderful lessons about how religion does not put food on the table and when it does a miracle that puts food on the table makes those who believe in it witchdoctors extraordinary – always a property that is spare property, leadership that is spare leadership and of course poor and innocent people hurt to show I cannot protect anybody or anything; it’s like the old story of how I provoke Americans, which is what is creating problems for everybody whereas in actual fact Americans tend to be provoked by everything that a juxtaposition says they should be provoked by, including when you buy a product from them and just simply happen to have made use of it since you are a person that makes use of a product that you bought which is then unusual. So I really don’t care, I just have to wait and when the media takes advantage of it to wind me up I can kick those instead: it’s now what the American government does, just that network of idiots led by a certain group of Americans and it’s like here in the UK where I have problem with black women and white boys fix it for me so they can later use black women as industry goons that will keep me out of where my income is being handled and spent on their conveniences and it is happening all over the major shops on the high streets these days; not usual since it is an extension of Celebrities and their Goons popping up a culturally ugly thing, which most people do not seem to realise is what they really are - popping up in the secret spots of my life including the toilet provided they have made claims I am the one doing it first and got about executing some violence on me which I have not avenged yet – so those who want it to become their own reality will find me ever so helpful, it seems they ever know what they are talking about and these Americans are clearly the best thing that ever happened to the world even in their own opinion.