Of course there is no shred to truth to that story that I pacify people and deploy my own strengths to get things done so as to avoid getting hurt which is the purest definition of cowardice – what is true is that there is an excuse to damage my property that seems to work for these idiots all the time aka they just wanted to see me do it again and it always starts with the Politicians and is incredibly annoying. That said it is still the old story of sinners and unbelievers telling the Christian what to do and what to fight for that they might chose the next comfort they wish to have from slaves and you ignore them mostly until they are bold enough to deploy violence around the matter as well and then it will be time for them to take it up and do it while I watch; of course they are always so stupid that they are ever so quick to measure out death and violence and suffering for people, any time you do that they simply cannot stop killing each other. It is not true I am dealing with a human rights problem either – the politicians are setting new standards on how badly a human being can be handled with me of course but that said it is still easily resolved over the matter of sex with peoples wives that authorises them to become officiators of their Political careers and cannot therefore keep their hands to themselves, a Country we live in at the moment where they cannot be classified as stupid so others can be discriminative which I must admit is a positive in some respects considering their twisted and evil nature and the likes of the reasons but it still stands that the pattern is to sleep with peoples wives and share other people’s property with everybody through them, get into government office and rip up peoples livelihood that does not obviously  belong to them as they have not got it thereof. So there is nothing about my Christianity that says I have to let people walk all over me when I am sorting out my finances. The journalists know my Court is female only but had decided it is free for all, so their threats only signifies something of what they want to hear me say about what they cannot do in the whole world with a big mouth only and the rest are just the idiots who need me to want money so badly that their cars become important and hence when it is as important as my Christian faith then it becomes God and they have a life, hence not in their interest for me to get a job; it can be ignored but again the Politicians pick up an detach you from prayers to get about seeking ownership of your personal life that is supposed to belong to somebody more important. So of course this is the outcome of that; I make a comment and they had spent it on media, spent it on themselves, I make a statement it’s the same, run my Business and it’s the same and they will squander and destroy everything here – so I have that society and culture for my part too and they will do what I want unless they blow up their stupid ear drums.

The real reality as it stands so to speak is that of Arch Prince leaves Royal Estate and Monarchy and goes off to find his way in the world confiscating the societies and cultures of the immoral who wreck his literary empire, finances and property equities and insult him right down to health abuses over his book sales business that clearly belongs to them with their big mouth and is now broking equities for a living alongside too and that is a start – I never said I was the innocent party in the matter but the concern is always that my behaviour leads to trouble and yet the reality has always been that this is the UK and these problems are not alien and you have to behave in ways that is respectful towards The Queen at the end of the day, the snag is that they cannot kept their insults where it is appreciated on account of what it costs me to deal with it no matter how small every day; they have no such thing as a Royal Prince on whom they are able to practice inequality, only obsessed with the costs their insults create on my finances and Book sales. The Politicians are not an emotive story; it brings it out of people i.e. you should get hold of the Politicians and put them in such a place as ensures you can stand in front of a customer and serve his needs and when he asks a question about it you can tell him the problem itself is history –so the only language they understand with those insults and abuses is the one where they offend and attack you with their sexual abuses and violence and you pick up a peddle and burst their heads and the Police come round to get you but of course it is the reason they needed my time to crawl under my skin and the tax payer bank rolled it too which is the bit that winds me up so much. Each time they are asked why their jobs are not being done and time is spent chasing me instead they like to say wealth distribution is more important and now they think my tummy and my anus and penis is all theirs and their fantasy of sexual abuse shall not be interfered with by some measly Christian and if they touch me they are definitely dead as it were – it’s not clear why they think it is okay for them to be gangs and get about getting themselves killed for everybody else’s civil rights when it was not required of them to more so which then makes every other gangs illegal; so they do need to keep off sleeping with peoples wives and mothers which is what facilitates this process of getting them women to play a game of loss that sounds all about how everything certain people do and own is for everybody, get into government office and pretend it is their personal and private property, to aid them to rip up a business here that is also clearly their own possessions as it were.

They do say it is the matter of the poor getting powerful for a change which does not make any sense; after all if you own a literary empire and people deploy government resources to place you on benefits while you own it, then of course the powerful poor will wind you up every day and they will be at the receiving end of a wrath everyday as well i.e. why is it okay for them to be gangs while all other gangs are wrong and illegal? It’s not a matter in a fundamental way; it’s just that for 98% of the times that you have met people, they will be people who do not believe in God for instance so that there is really no way of having a conversation with them for 10 minutes that does not become excruciating after 5 minutes – little things like praying before you leave home is what Politicians sleep with community croons to send them out as neighbourhood officiators to detach you from until you are forced to have sex and they the Politicians had claimed a personal life that should rightfully belong to somebody that is more important – so there is really no point spending 10 years of tax payer funds to do it to an Arch Prince and then turn up to complain in public all the time seeking privileges of injustice to ensure they had made use of his faith without believing in God to get rich. A typical example is the one where there is a war going on and the story of what I will have to say to it as Mr Christian but we all know the scenario in the Middle East is a conflict and this whole game of meeting Muslims on the streets that have a portion of their heads that says they are responsible in a way is not on, save Labour Party Muslims that are simulating the conditions here in the UK to ensure their kids are going off to join ISIS for instance, I mean I would like to stick to the question here as a whole but I really feel that need to veer off and set out conditions that will ensure they are the ones getting killed again. I mean what happens is one Muslim has never been to the Middle East in his life but he feels what is happening there affects and even shames him, the other is a bully who thinks nobody knows he is responsible for driving his Children off to Syria and Iraq, to turn up and talk nonsense in public about his powers as well but what I do know however is that this is the type that must park his stupid car by my window and bang the doors at my anus several times every day before he goes to bed and after he goes to bed and every time he drives that stupid car and so on and now they are the ones telling me there is a war going on in the Middle East when we all know the only language they understand is a pebble in the head and the police involved because blood was drawn and so on, then it can look like a proper market place all together as well as a result of that. I don’t think that it is an issue, they have had years of their fun with Politicians ripping up my finances to help them do things like look in my face and fancy my bum to step on their gas pedals and so on, now it’s my turn to implement that economic issue where we must find out what the kind we will end up with is going to look like which is why they will never be free of me – so what I write was always designed to get the job done and sell my Books, what I really think of them is far more radical. It cannot be overlooked forever, whether or not we live in a society that classifies them as stupid so we can be discriminative easily.


It’s never a complicated issue; I am not making war on anybody, I am the Arch Prince and they are nothing – I know they feel that because they are older than me they can be as insulting and abusive as they like but there is a limit as it were; what I say about the war and terrorism in the Middle East is not a measure of what I think about them, what I think about them is far more radical. They say people are only trying to compete while I issue threats but I have no idea what has suggested that every idiot on the planet has a right to barricade my Book sales and turn out on media to stifle my finances and ruin my state of mind mocking me for it while he creates a rival that takes it over; but it seems to them that when they say it is how reality will operate it is generally of their opinion that it will happen that way on account they said it and that they said it on media. It is supposed to apply that I go out and run a campaign that expresses hate for general immorality and Godlessness but they will run that for me by inference instead. It’s all in the same family i.e. what might happen if I spent all my time observing every one of my little twitchy feelings after getting others into a condition in which I can hurt them as a back door way of bringing to public light an evil cultural practice I keep at home because it scares people and stirs them to extreme violence, while at the same time being able to secure a scapegoat that will get killed in my place so I might get away with it a worthy activity – and the other one about setting new standards for how badly Politicians can be treated as well. In the end they always say it’s a matter of people like these running other people’s lives but we all know they need your leadership but they want it in a condition where they are superior and after damaging academic work and finances being a real menace and s serious nuisance that follows you around all over the Country, then you have to decide what to do with the problem and it always turns out that when they say they need your leadership they were right one way or the other – it does not mean there wasn’t a point at which they started and it does not mean it cannot change, it’s just reality that it is all entirely up to them, the democratic arseholes. Just like the story of media making me do what I am supposed to do which is generally a case of turning up to squander everything as usual – all dressed in suits most of the time but actually a bunch of bloody idiots – the slightest consequences therefore means it gets serious with a big mouth, so it continues to get more and more serious too as it were all the time; I don’t think it matters, the whole thing is all over their popular culture and reflected even in their choice of replacement presenters for shows like Top Gear at the BBC for instance but at the end of the day, they are here because I know better and I will run their stupid lives for them so I can have my time for me – only Politicians create alternative meanings for it when I do, so they can be free to run wild on that stupid media and make even more trouble. So an example being shows like Top Gear; obviously those days of work done by Richard Hammond and James May and Jeremy Clarkson were designed to expose where security for my equities in the Auto Industry was weakest so they can pillage everything and are poised to set out what they will get with their friends from the Caribbean and so on and think I am supposed to pay my way to a fight with them, a fight they appear to need so much and I am doing no such thing – they are paying and can pay and turn up whenever they feel like it – it’s the story of my life; I am going to kill the fucking show, let’s just see how they are going to do it, girlfriends for racists and having my literary empire to make the BBC racially representative – the bloody idiots do like to assume they can walk on water on something.


In terms of how worried about their activities I am; it’s a case of rather than spend your time trusting the celebrities at Court and building Trust with the Multimillion pound Industries, you are concerned with men and rubbish from culture and society jumping from one worthless and aimless thing to do to make them feel good to another but then again I have that culture and society and wish to find out what will become of them too – I have made it clear I am not paying for the distance, they will pay for that and turn up if they had the fucking guts for it too. They say I like to talk big talk of course which is utter rubbish; my main priority is to secure trust between me and Industries I broker equities with on one hand and the celebrities at Court on the other but of course we are here because I can always dig up peoples culture and society and find out what they are going to do about me as well. Having said so, they are not my problem and I don’t care what their problems is; they like to say they hate people who are not elected but we see it all of the time an interest in other people’s lives to a point where it’s a game of catching it chicken with it and in this case it is my livelihood while they also get to blow their mouth off at me telling me I am exposing my feelings and then blaming those who take advantage whereas I am taking responsibility and when they say they need my leadership they obviously do desperately; I don’t care what their problem is, it’s a big world and I just want them to get away from my Book sales – it’s the same with the story about me in pain when of course I know the reason for the pain in the first place and can get rid of it but want them off my Books instead so I can get a holiday away from their stupidities. The Politicians say nobody knows where I stand on terrorism and my position in government is dubiously disgraceful but we all know they are the ones telling people it’s all happening – so that even after 30 people are killed in Tunisia we have not seen them tell people a certain behaviour we have here in the west is actually something about which people are fighting a war in the Middle East, a war which has a feature of a certain group that lash out with sporadic violence killing unarmed people in the process aka terrorism, which if they did those who have booked their holidays would watch their behaviour and stay safe and those who had not might think about booking somewhere safe and people will not have to get killed until the war is resolved; but they do it all the time, better to speak of government policy of non negotiation with terrorism than to tell people terrorism is happening because they can always blame and attack me and it is something I intend to stop as well for my bit. They do say I am disrespectful and none of it makes any sense; in 2001 it started off with insults that their children will not have to put up with in order to create them superiority and at that time I was 21 years old paying my own bills facing the same challenges as they do but by 2006 the whole process of them being entitled to my public life and earnings probably and their kids entitled to something better really took off and even when they have made a state of affairs out of it they are still claiming I am the one being disrespectful, just like the story of my Books where they say I expose my feelings and complain whereas catching chicken over my livelihood gets to point, organised criminals are beginning to devise their own statements from it, the media which is full of men helping trolls to make money they have worked for in any case has taken a turn for the worst and so I don’t care what their problem is for my part.  It’s all the same old tale Mrs B is Mr C’s Witch mother, so she loves to pour rotten fish water into Mr A’s home nest door and can do it all day long causing a spectacle of people laughing and wondering where she gets it claiming she does not like those that are not elected and so one day somebody gets killed and it’s my fault. They do say they are dangerous people and I wouldn’t know for my part anyway; all I know is that they are the worst things that our culture and society has created and nobody where will sit down and wait for them to get into a mood – it is important they stay away from me and my livelihood especially the blacks, as we are not mates, much the same as their media fools who have a problem with women and those who have positions of authority and they are not criminals anyway, just like to sympathise with the condition in which people live; we used to think it was all society and intolerance but now its them as well but unlike society, nobody is going to tie them down anywhere to extract their strengths to get things done with, I will make them workable as they get around all over the world. Obviously dog people do what dog people do and apparently these idiots cannot let sleeping dogs lie anyway. These things are not a problem for me, its part of my life as a Christian, the problem comes when people are trying to detach me from. The bottom line at the end of the day is that people continue to get killed over these conflicts because the Politicians are keeping something back; the Tories do because they know lots of business and Industry people and these business and Industry people think trading involves hiding your wife and personal life while unleashing sales representatives on other peoples own, while the Labour party is all about sleeping with peoples wives and unleashing them on others to share people property with everybody, then get into government office and rip up peoples livelihoods; neither the wives the sleep with, nor the government Office or the business they are destroying of which actually belong to them.

Of course living all together will never get easy for them for two reasons and one is the bag long of history of distant sexual abuse in my direction which does nothing to dispute the fact I am not a naked schizophrenic and the other being that if that game of theirs pays off and the process of using my faith without believing God actually works so as to work without my finances being fixed and them getting off the gospel, I will change the west for them as they know it permanently as well and I believe I have issued this warnings several times too. The story about the black ones going over the top with their personality for a change in history is of course utter nonsense; they have not gotten over the top in anyway, what they have done is what they are really used to doing which Politicians like to tell their own lies about all the time i.e. black people have nothing and this is the problem but if you are a certain kind of dedicated Christian they want to deploy your faith to sell things and get rich and then the other issue will be that nobody knows why racists hate it when black people attend Church and so on which is why I need to renounce God to be safe and if I don’t whatever I do will belong to them anyway with that big mouth, which then gave way to a need to go off and do my public life for me the one where I know if I become a popular culture singer I would be rich and have not done so because I would not want to and do not want others to take it up and do my public life that way for me either. There are other more serious matters concerning it of course such as a processes of menaces that distress people every second and cannot be arrested by the Police and nuisances that cannot be stopped by the security services, it always means that your livelihood can easily become something they are not comfortable with and when that happens a business will be forced to exist and continue growing until it becomes an Empire while the money had ended up somewhere else or exists in the market like an equity that can go anywhere as is with my Book sales. In the end not even racists could do that much damage to people and of course the benefit of putting themselves in a position where they have to tell these lies such as going over the top with their personality for a change, just to stay alive, is that they have to keep lying and it is the reason they need media and popular culture so much. So the story of how I find it difficult to hold onto position beats the imagination all together anyway - I mean these are not the kind of issues which are alien to the UK as a regular matter from generation to generation and even on a daily basis, so when they are handled, they should be with a sense of respect for HM and I think the design of my Websites and all else I do including my Books, all of which I design with my own hands, does reflect that as well; personally however of which they need to start this whole process of giving me trouble that means I cannot hold onto position from somewhere and it is not actually clear what that point really is and I would like it if they got off my Book sales and cleared my space and Intellectual Space too as it were (The insults are all very well, especially the part about a need to see me subjected to a will of a Woman but at the end of the day I will never stop asking the relevant questions anyway i.e. is it because they think that if they were in a relationship with me they would be the dominant partners, they would call the shots?).