Of course it is never true we don’t take terrorism seriously and need to answer questions off the media for it; what really happens is that you get bullied by media and Politicians but it is the part where you have defended yourself but stopped short of going all the way in order not to set out a stage for things others can do or copy which are bad things i.e. preventing yourself from inventing one that is actually the cause of the daily bullying but then again of which it has a name anyway and the name is bullying and that is how bullying works – it targets those who have fallen out of the herd, those that are already down must be kicked. So one moment somebody is a normal person and the next he is a murderer, on account these fools believe they have done better than everybody else financially academically and in every respect that makes them a much better human being. So I mean they pay so much attention to every single iota of their feelings when they are on a roll with it but I do meet people and their problems do affect me on account we walk by each other on the streets; of course I know people will talk, each and every one of those problems make me one less upper class and makes them one more superior to me but I don’t take it seriously, unlike they do being lower classes and spending time with their Politicians to find out where peoples anus and penis is, so that their insults might create problems for others which then affects them and with respect to which they can then develop violent intolerance that offers them self improvement at the end. So it is not that I hate them or anything like that never the less but I only like them when I am looking at them from the vantage point at which they are minding their own business and I would like it if they had stopped making the fashion and the media and the popular culture to involve me, otherwise I will continue to ensure all is done to facilitate a process whereby when Law enforcement and other enforcers put them down on my account it tends to hurt many times as much as that stupidity of turning up to observe every single one of their feelings at my expense as violently as they possibly can. I mean what I am losing are realities such as the fact Spanish and Danish Royals for instance are fond of Fashion and Trading in Jewellery and they are fond of equity brokerage with me and there are important statements being made, important equities being brokered; so that the stupidities of every fool can turn up here to make money observing their feelings as violently as they possibly can. I would appreciate it if they stopped making the fashion and the popular culture and the media and the advertisement to involve me in anyway – got off my Books and cleared my space.

They say I get out and then I get back in again but that is not the way it works; the way it works is that they build a business or means of trading on my public life not the one they were born and raised by their parents with because it will hurt them to but the reasons they do on mine is because they have a low level of tolerance for a process where they are not getting what they want when they set out products to sell and people are not buying and then comes the threats because I do not seem to pay attention to them as a result of anything else which catches the attention of the Politicians who spend tax payer funds on them so they can pretend tax payer credit card was given to them and not me which makes me fundamentally inferior and sets me out as a target from another point of view where that need to get my property without asking so that a process where I give it to them or refuse might not lead to an outcome where they lose civil rights by being inferior, which of course always works only by violent bullying. The first time it mattered was the one where it affected the electoral system because they did not want the Politicians who give them money to leave office and did not want any new Politicians in Office that did not like to give them money, so this is what it has become and one day I will be in a really bad mood and somebody’s pipsqueak will set out a trading on my public life again and then threaten me for attention and it will lead to something serious – for now they like to brag about attending the gym, playing around, assuming somebody will not get hurt.

Like the story of terrorism which they deny all the time is fostered by their personal friends who become so frustrated about putting up products that others are not buying that they are unable to put themselves together and work for the money they need so much but it is when their friends start to pick on them like he or she owes them a debt that the radicalisation begins and they can continue to tell media and popular culture and fashion lies for it of course, not enough have died yet. So it settles right in the middle of a tale about my inability to keep off peoples women – like slim good looking guys who complain about their churning tummy and have community croons that chase your anus and penis for them because they are good looking, borrowing your public life and if their girls friends took cloths off you will be ejaculating right away; so people don’t buy books from others whose public life is being borrowed by idiots that are currently complaining about civil rights – you cannot spread fliers about your books or sign copies of your books or answer questions about the contents while others are borrowing your public life and when they say it is my fault as well we can see why it would mean they are looking for trouble too. We hear I speak of  public life that I don’t have any more which is utter rubbish too and the main reasons their behaviour is so annoying; for instance auto industries will broker live equities with me through advertisement but I cannot respond because they are making sure I don’t have a public life I used to have any more – so to think it is all my fault as well indicates how much they believe it is a worthwhile fun and continuing will mean they will sell the Books for me pretty soon or get away from it the way I want all together. If I get after the pop stars and advertisement idiots and media goons individually of course it is not cost effective or effective in anyway – so I will need to get after the entire communities by which process I can prevent those stupid videos being made and so on; so we all know nothing improves until they are in pain most of the time. they like to say they want to be me humbled before the Royals and people at the establishment when I have nothing and depend on them for everything but I know I already have an Empire and Members of the Royal Family know of the start of it and the stop of it too, these fools on the other hand claim they don’t recognise what I own and that is why they have this desire to keep it that way which means they must act to maintain how they feel towards me and what belongs to me, so it never stops until they are in pain and as ever I would like it if they kept off my Books and cleared my space. I have my Empire and I know what it is worth – the problem of others making money with it which constitutes a bullying that has in itself become a social monster is a problem – so the issue of getting married to Royals is not a complicated one to determine and there is no need to cling to people like that. For now its bragging and challenges but when it kicks off we all know it will become a matter of Millionaire families and a certain Arch Prince that is not going away until they get his Literary Empire global and Royal Estate Finances back restored to the way they found it first time round – so I am all for games about making me out to be the poorest Royal in the world and then keeping it that way. I really did lose my temper on the matter the day before which is why I found myself talking about the fact their millionaire families always keep their personal lives secret for reason that their sales men are out there ripping up other peoples own to make them the money they have already got – so as it stands it has not yet resulted in them at the blue corner and me at the red and we cannot stop seeing them turn up around my product sales and stir the local community witches and their stupid children especially the blacks to get after me and get connected for it as well and I would really like it if they had stopped making the fashion and media and advertisement and popular culture about me, ripping up my public life every day. They do complain of the difficulties I have created for others by subjecting them to listening to my problems but we all know that before then it was freedom fun and at this stage we have simply reached that point where one must be selfish with his own security lest he gets killed by these fools and the ladies and ready to handle things by themselves and I need to trust my people a lot more – so they got nothing from me and got nothing from the ladies and now have real problems especially the blacks whose lives are now in danger. The story of how as far as moral people who come into the world to lay down their lives to build a history for other moral people to carry on in terms of me being that I am just a phase and they have learned how any after me should be treated was the one that really took it up a notch, made me pay further attention to that plan I have always had to be selfish with security which was now fully ready for implementation on account the ladies are ready to handle things by themselves, so these things are only a process of picking up the bits concerning the fact their disobedience is still affecting my Book sales – the one about popular culture and media and advertisement and fashion being about me when they know equity broker with the richest and most important clients is live and that I have a surveillance based state provided security. So the whites are having their private parts chased up and the blacks are in danger of losing their lives and I don’t want to see them around the Empire anymore and especially so see them around the product sales.

So I get told what I say about peoples families is not healthy but it’s a little known fact people can mess with your empire and bottom out sales for a decade because you have no wish to mention the fact wealthy peoples really like to marry the dumbest cultural orientated female idiots who are good looking in the whole world; it’s just come to a head especially about everything associated with it, especially popularity, media and advertisement ones and the need to be seen around my income and the perks of my job every day. So they always say that I believe my actions will help me sell my books when it really will not; utter nonsense of course since the reality is that when I write my Books certain men that think they are men and others are not will turn up to destroy the market no matter how long it might take making themselves the customers that use the products without buying them thereof and when I want to know why they might then tell me nobody is telling me not to man up and pull out the stops – these other idiots are the women and cultural version but since it is not a problem my Book solve they are dealt with and facts placed on the websites; I mean at this point there is a story about my company that has nothing to do with what it does sticking to it on media like glue everyday and they do like to tell me there is no way I will get them off it too which is utter rubbish, its much the same as when it starts i.e. targeting me and ripping up my academic work over nepotism that is good for their well being, that was the first one they complained about over the last 14 years and it was not even the attacking those who refuse to do wealth inequality bit or the involvement with Industry bit that they want to raise today. I simply have to make time to harm every single one of them for each time they do anything to me that is supposed to be hurtful because they are certain there is no way I can fight back which they make excuses about as well and for the blacks we will soon become really good friends that cannot stand the sight of each other all together too. Which part of lay off the empire, get off the books and clear my space they find hard to understand as it were I will never know but I know they all have a tendency to murder me for what I have and the fact I am a Christian makes me particularly vulnerable with their big mouth. They do say I am a weakling blabbing all the time but so are they playing around as well pretending people will not get hurt, turning up here to observe every one of their foolish feelings at my expense for intolerance and nepotism that is good for their well being and self improvement towards being rich and important – they all think they are ambitious and are not complaining about me enough; piece of advice being clear they need to get out of it. I hear it’s all poor people who are desperate and will do anything to grab my possessions and make money clearly of which the media where people like to press me until they get response are poor too apparently; those want to make use of my faith to make people comfortable so they might make money and all the politicians and diplomats and cultural and society goons of the whole world wherever news is being made must press me to give it to them – it was not their own and it was not their fucking life as it were, so there seems to be this ever increasing innocents I must spare lest I end up where I don’t get spared too with a big mouth, so it continues like that endlessly and in the most useless way imaginable.


They say I have created this sense that I am automatically entitled to the fact others make appearance on media and Popular culture but of course I am and they need to fix the financial damage they have done here to make it go away too – so of course I could always fix it myself if they keep away and realise even if I wrote books about them people should be allowed to expose themselves to such books either as a gift or by buying a copy. Otherwise it’s the old story of competing with me over my temperaments and aesthetics for which others are responsible for the fascism of Europe and they need to fix it and then issue threats I have continually warned them will open up a whole new kettle of fish they think they have the bottle to handle but have not, fix it like 15 years of unemployment looking for trouble they expect everybody to provide them a short cut to. The old case is that of my support for the Monarchy being the problem i.e. it is not hurting badly enough that I think the existence of the Monarchy meaning people can appoint themselves rebels to boss me around can only lead to the Monarchy being pleased about what I will do to them as well. So in the matter of terrorism the prevailing conflict has always been not of reflection for loss of life of victims in cross fire but pillaging my personal life with death each time they do those things because I got involved with their part of society while they have not with mine so they can find things to take over and claim which I cannot protect from them at a distance. I mean it shouldn’t be construed that I am having the worst time of my life too anyway; the part of their world I got involved with was concerned with people loving their Country and having so many ways of showing it especially at entertainment which leaves us an area of society that has created some of the most creative individuals we have ever had as a culture and the fact I simply was of the opinion it was not the prevalent way of life for majority of the population.

Of course I am aware it is said I do not go along with The Queens wishes on media but I wonder what media wishes of The Queen that would be anyway, since we all know I developed this whole process where they work together upper, middle and lower classes alike, so I can have a comprehensive sense of issues around here; so it’s all black people and media and some upper class friends they have and nothing else to do with The Queens wishes – what they want of which will never ever, ever, happen as it were, the old story of why some men walk down the streets and get stabbed for no reason by young people considering it is self advancement and social ladder climbing on the open streets by the expense of a boy they will beat up because it is a young parent or a single man with a big mouth. So it comes to the tale of how I think it’s all me but one of the Queens aides vouches for me which makes no sense of course since everything I have said about what they want which is also that they will never get does not seem to have gone through their thick skulls yet as it were. It’s not true I put myself in danger – the media ones simply think they can set themselves up for certain problems that will require my security and personal life to be spent in public by those who need it the most and they think they can do it all day long every day and as much as they like as well and of course the touching bit and threats and call on racism and other forms of social violence will be their undoing, that big mouth. They do say I wouldn’t believe what other people say about the problems that they have got, so I am being used as an open show to express the fact that without all the ideals of Politics people really cannot make progress with their lives but it is obvious they must rather win every argument they make and that people are always being punished for their stupidities the way they get punished by their parents for it each time they set out ways of making sure they are never wrong like a Political party for instance, especially the blacks who in turn teach their White friends too. They do say I don’t want to live like everybody else because I am really keen on making history with them but have no wish to pay the price when I look for trouble but the history made was not my invention – the invention here was that of familiarity based insults and the resulting effects of 15 years unemployment for a Royal Prince, damage to his finances and daily violence to try and change his quality of life and has become the answer for everything and if I catch them moving into my right hand and for any reason especially laying down popular culture pipelines again they will be complaining about me on a global stage too – its much the same with that stupid Labour Party too, hard at it for 15 years everyday pretending every neighbourhood fool that uses civil rights as a means of deciding others are kids who have things they cannot protect from them are doing a National service, now they pretend when they have their anus and penis chased around as well it is my problem and where they get to make me about it is not yet a topic for conversation so far as it were; the reality on the ground is still much the same as ever, it can start from their need to raise evil children that the government will have to provide for in order for them to take revenge on a system that has not been nice to them and end with 15 years of unemployment for me because they cannot get jobs or attend school if I am not a hate figure for them to mess about as decided at the highest possible levels of government and I will raise my own kids as well as they can see of my Books and websites or there are other ways whereby they leave me alone and stay away. The stupid party and its leadership are ever so fond of making out I say what I say to flash my eyes and influence them into behaving the way I want to I might move them on and make progress with my life when they don’t want to be moved which does tend to make sense as well since I clearly need that when it is always better to ensure their stupid lives are in danger all the time and the pretence that people will miss them when they just die is swept to one side too. They do speak of how I cannot wade the storm of poor people who feel hard done by but I don’t want them to express it around my Business anyway as it kills the finances otherwise there is, there bloody is and they have no idea the democratic arse holes and if those their stupid wealth inequality parties and especially Labour here in the UK gets off to copy the things I do about it to make a living I will rip up that stupid party for them and do so the insults permanently for my part as well, like flashing my eyes and influencing them into moving on so I might get on with what really matters; like they say it is my Books and its contents that is the source of the problem but useful as an auspice to bully me being one of those that can get things done to be used like meat to prevent a process where they go to Arab Countries to mess about and get shot by terrorists, that I might flash my eyes and influence them into moving out so I can get on with what really matters to me when their demands have not yet been met with a big mouth.

The problem is that they get a lot of confidence from their industry connections of vandalism and intimidation because most wealthy people think about their identities next once they had made the money and as a result tend to marry really stupid idiots steeped in culture for their purposes; they have come to believe media bullying and mooing and cooing and handling my property without the right to as a result of their needs means that there is a threat I am facing and telling me where I am supposed to be will always work only on that stupid media as it were too, they have not got the fucking guts for it. It’s always been a simple fact of a process where they mess with the Books messing up people’s minds and mental health, messing my finances and allowing organised criminals to tell me I did not have the support of the public for actions taken on criminality which produced facts for the Books – I did warn them there will be carnage they have always thought they were the devils sons of disobedience with media at this finger tips that made them invincible to any Royalty that will easily meet their demise if they tried anything in these modern days; the devils sons of disobedience that thrive on corruptions of involvement and the destruction of all that is pure and holy with their democracy and freedom and a media that allows them a head start down the other direction when anybody exposes such facts because they really cannot let people be. I mean I am so stressed these days my Teeth do not clean properly anymore and if it were a nightmare neighbour next door I would call the Police, in their case apparently I need to open my eyes and influence them into moving out; I warned them it will lead to carnage and if I am to be killed like their big mouth suggests we have not seen them handle the problems so far well enough for that while I am still a long way from death as we speak with that big mouth, so this is just the start – I did warn them time and time again there will be trouble for it. In the end they do say I speak from a distance of course but that is what it takes when you are made to feel you want to maintain a provocation by them until you meet them in person so they can suckle you when they see you and hit you in order to groom you for it by making your feelings into a plaything; I did warn them about this and they still need to stay off my Books and clear my space as this is just a foretaste – not rely on their stupid Politicians making sure I rent homes from them and the government pays for it so I might feel helpless creating conditions by which their insults can breed false confidence and then enough courage to challenge me without problems attached. I have had enough of letting them get away with tales of my so called influence being the cowards answer to everything as it were; so I did need to let them into the secret here.

Their Politicians and Media like to brag I am kicking against the thorns but it’s a simple matter here of a Whole Literary Empire attached to a Royal Estate being hounded for fifteen years so that a process of stacking some books and selling them has now been replaced by such callous nonsense as people giving speech to millions of people to tell them to settle up on my finances in order to sell their own products, just to detach the finances and get it hanging around on the market like equity that can go anywhere because they do not wish to work for their own market and we see them at it all the time with a sense of right and wrong/reality which is so perverse that they actually think what they are doing is their own right. So I want it back where it belongs unless it actually belongs to them with that big mouth instead as it were. It’s nothing out of the ordinary – only gangs doing what they do best and their Politicians doing what they do best to rip up peoples finances to buy them time and help them settle up on public earnings – it’s another little secret they are being let into kicking against the thorns. They like to say that my problem is that I work for the Politicians instead of the Monarchy and that it is the reason for all my problems: I don’t work for the Politicians in actual fact, it’s just that any fool who has the effrontery to use any form of violence in my direction needs to take it up and do it and that is what is happening to parliament back door idiots – they are not a people that you can reason with, it has to be a case of what happened and what didn’t happen at all times. The Politicians however will say they have eventually brought me under control which is utter nonsense – the problem we had here was that the reasons they wanted to be the immoral people that get to make the laws of the land was to cash into the public lives of moral people and there was such a rush for it because they were targeting me; so I had to devise a process of teaching them a lesson they will never forget by making sure they don’t get to make use of my faith and personality even by a suggestive method without actually believing in its truths and principles – not even a spoof to cool down their mind and take care of an insolent desire; their response was to try and make sure I was poor until the new model economy so called was created complete with features that showed them as richest persons which they were because they were clearly superior human beings as compared to me and that of course was always going to happen with a big mouth only. So it’s only Books I sell but they can become other peoples nightmare as well if they so desire it. So it’s the Royal buffoons after that with tales to tell all the time and a case of a response to every single thing I do which means somebody else has taken it up as it were; so this is an example of their challenges and they need to get the job done promptly and stop talking nonsense about how I offend the Monarchy by working for the Politicians: when you work for money you do have the right to earn it no matter how stupid other peoples are and no matter how Royal they might be too – it had to be a case of what happens and what does not happen with them and they now have their own work to do as well, I can damage health with that too for my part and kids will be playing around soon in this world too – this is the primary prognosis but I simply cannot resist robbing in the bit where they have work to do as well, I mean there was a reputation to defend in the first place around here long before they started. It’s like when they say that the problem is concerned with the fact I am filthy and need to clean myself up which I don’t: nothing about this Empire and its global markets has anything to do with them or the stupid women that are steeped in culture which wealthy men marry so they can have extra marital sex with and show up on media to issue those stupid threats and insults that are not going anywhere, no part of it has anything to do with their problems needing to be solved and for once I would like to simply stack up books and sell them without their interference; if an idea is required, I will clean me up for me and none else; it’s not magical stuff as such, just when I am done getting a Court ready I am supposed to save my security for me and for me only which is the route to the sanity that will let me sell my products in peace regardless of what blows up around me but the only way I get to pay attention to these goons is by their threats and threats open up a whole new kettle of fish at all times as it were. Of course it isn’t true I take jobs away from those who handle my state provided security save the members of Labour Party and black people that have simulated their own to play the role of my parents and leave me sore and abused when refused which is becoming a form of dominance that they will pay for pretty soon as well; It leads back to the same old case; the literary empire has nothing to do with whether or not they are having extra marital affairs and because of it every goon that a rich person marries wants to set up popular culture on my public life – it exists because I stack books here and sell them, nobody turns up to sell their own too; it’s the little things like wrecking the finances and barricading me with abuses that ensure the finances now exist as equity hanging around at the markets and ready to head anywhere while they claim I make out I own an empire when I don’t, it makes people into extremists, nobody sells around the Empire Global when I do and I do because its mine – it’s the old story of Communist economies wrecking their own progress to deal with a problem which western economies will never do is a greater sense and as for me personally it’s not a matter of which Communist powers invest in Africa for instance as much as it is a story of their insults and how you build an empire in which the money ends up somewhere else a new standard for abusing people to make you into a Royal Prince that is also broke regardless of all his work and property and I intend to teach their stupid criminalities and that barely sane Labour Party a lesson they will never forget as well. We hear that mine is the world’s biggest abdication of responsibility there ever was but we all know that take terrorism for instance; defining terrorism will lead us down the path of facts about the tool of war used by the desperate but time and again these idiots with get on my Literary Empire and Half Priest Royal Estate to shed some blood and pile up body count and join a terrorist group and tell me I am supposed to do something about it or lose the empire with a big mouth on that stupid media – it was the same with that mad war in Iraq about which they are not faring so well as we speak and with this they are not either in any case to speak of anyway. The blacks like to tell tales of how I chase them down communist economies but we all know about their insults and need to lay down popular culture pipelines on my Royal Estate as well but this is not the end of their lawlessness and criminality and immorality at my Office because the Communists invest in Africa they have to chase my anus and penis and leave me in pain and show that they are having the atmosphere of my mystery all the time like some property and the consequences set out in this office therefore will apply – I will make them squirm; the communists do not deal with the criminalities when they invest in Africa I see but it does not mean it can mess around with me either, it is how you build an empire in which the money ends up somewhere else simply because the white man is not something you hate, something that is a problem for you on account idiots have needs – when I don’t want my public life done at popular culture on seeing it would make me rich, these idiots never listen so they will do it anyway and they tell me I provoke them chasing them right down to communist economies. The Politicians say they find me insulting and I would never know if they are speaking to their own kids anyway – we all know the story is about being suffocated by them, a story of how they must prove their dominance by provoking you into tackling them which will set a new stage for what people can do to those that hold government office and when I don’t will be provoked until I locate a way of doing it without the drawbacks. It’s never true I am unable to control male journalists either for my part; what is true is that the feeling comes around again and I feel as though I want to maintain their insults and abuses so as to meet them and rough up their three piece to leave promises of more if they continue but apart from which we are talking about their stupid perspective and an aesthetics of mine that I got by being their fucking mates as such, which should be deployed to gang activity to make them feel like women, about which they tell me there is purpose to damaging my finances, the perspective I will deploy to do the fighting for them as it were, wondering if there is a problem with that currently.


I understand they say I am unable to see it is impossible for me to make any progress because they have done my life and career and that isn’t actually true; what happens is that I go out and secure facts, do some social work by it and settle on pages of my Books but whenever I want to sell them to help people protect the skills they spend money to acquire and to help businesses with security, some idiot will turn up and grab all the attention and detach me from fans and make some quick millions claiming he is a celebrity and has done my thing in which process he uses it to serve me as well and accuses me of trying to do his thing, which behaviour has nothing to do with being famous as it were, just some industry gimmick and I dropped out of University in 2008 over that sort of nonsense and the abuses of their black and African friends – since then however we have ended up with a sense that every one of their public appearance leads to a result where I am automatically entitled and when I return to my University study they can turn up and fuck with that again if they wanted now I am prepared for them as it were. So it’s the same old story; they need to stay off my Books and clear my space, nothing like doing my career. This is not fame, this is notorious and they think they are famous because somebody that is an insane as they are told them so – these are not people I would like my Children to see but only for a couple of minutes if they want to concentrate on studies, these are the ones who think that it is not a form of inequality to preach inequality and damage peoples finances so as to get on that foolish media to do their careers and lives for them – these are part of the problem and are convinced it will end according to their design too.

So it’s usually said in the end that all I do when terrorists activities occur is blame my own people for it which is utter nonsense; first of all, what they do is turn up here to make me acknowledge people have been killed which will foster an interracial blame culture in their favour because they know where my Books are and I am not here to provide them short cuts for the consequences of what they do to look for trouble. Apart from which the reality has always been that nobody here thinks they are cowards of weaklings, the reality is that they are free people insolent free people violent free people and it is how they dominate the world, by being good to provoke others then being wicked later, so terrorism clearly offers a concise way of striking them when they are at their weakest and there are those that will take up that mantle considering their behaviour will never improve. I don’t know why the Politicians do it anyway; they know there is a terrorist war, they know they are a group of people that are fond of detaching others from their own personal life if they deem it to be too important for the owners and it involves social torture, they have introduced their version of freedom in this form in the Middle East and there is a terrorist war everywhere but then they will continue in their activities and never ever take precautions, even so, the media have their reasons for the abuses they throw at me, it is because they cannot stop cashing into my public life and I cannot stop making sure every appearance offers a part where I am automatically entitled – so that when the rich men’s women they commit adultery with develop an obsession to bring popular culture into the game of squandering my property, they cannot stop setting out a means of blaming me for something and getting violent about it; so what is the exact excuse for the Politicians then considering adultery does not keep you in public office as such? I don’t think it is a problem the schedule I had for today was about hitting them because their need to get on media and pillage my empire to avoid working for their own market has gone global and so have the threats from their insults too and there will be no Book selling if they are not made to comply with the demands of the general economy and put themselves at the same level as everybody else, so they can leave me alone and so these kinds of matters sit right in the middle which is why I care at all. I already have it settled for my part i.e. I feel for her husband as I am not a firm believer in making people suffer for other peoples crimes and must confess I do nurse the fantasy they might divorce en masse so I can have my revenge without a guilty conscience just like the one about their insults when it comes to relationships which gave way to popular culture vandalism and advert insults with fashion fools and the booing and mooing and cooing 24/7 which I have clearly also groomed them for, so women in my life can play their tune too hence the one thing they are angry at; I simply don’t understand why they cannot see that if these pointless activities added to their need to grab peoples penis and finger peoples bum were tabled at the face of those who have a religion that encompasses a pointless bit where people kill others for such pointless destruction of spiritual living as well, it is going to blow up in their faces in a very short period of time; so they do this blame it like it was second nature and live in that violent evil disobedient free insolence dream world where they groom people for abuse by their stupid children who want to feel special to get on public places to cry crocodile tears looking for a privilege of injustice that must come from the perspective of a Christian who does not wish to let them have it without a true faith in Christ and will not of course accept that their half baked modern nonsense they excuse to a fault so they can get what they want. Which comes to the bane of the issue being that they always get what they want and are bound to feel that way because they have not tried me yet; I mean they will spend time disciplining their stupid children not fantasise handling me so their stupid children can get it without the pain, they will keep their insults to themselves an spend it on those who actually would fancy them for a relationship which I don’t and above all keep off my Book sales and clear my space. Hence I understand it is said too that they were good before I came along and that much is obvious as it were.

So I would get the vibes that none of what I have said justifies my position on terrorism; but nothing I have said is meant to justify anything – the terrorists are just like them, try to make money, turn violent if it is not happening quickly enough and then have no more energy to make the money but in their case it is the very process of working for a market where people can determine exactly what is not needed if they run a business that makes me a target – so yapping how I think when I get things done I don’t get targeted by terrorists will not help their stupidities either, I want to know who the hell they are as it were and will get to the bottom of what their problem is too. So it is never true I have a go at people all day long then blame others when I lose the friends and customers; my Books are designed to get sold on various points of Trust, even the Autograph serves an affidavit in its own right, so I need to condense on what really matters and catch on with the pressure points and set out those points of trust I have with people all over the world so they can pick up their copy otherwise they will continue to feel the pricing which is designed to keep out those I have no wish to sell the Books too affects or applies to them as well – so accusations of being part of terrorism is not exactly distraction by a long shot, while Tony Blair is still running the tune of a faith he wants to corrupt by dragging into war against Islam in the Middle East and then becoming a Middle East Peace envoy thereafter, I have to thrust the facts in their stupid faces yet again. There is this new idea they have brought forth which mentions something about supporting markets as something I am doing; at is an example of the way things are i.e. being persecuted by them over my faith because of the many dichotomies they can deploy to ensure they use my preaching the gospel to go from criminals to criminals whose actions are not defined in the law, most popular being the democratic and communist economies of which one is controlled by the State and the other isn’t but these days appear to be one and the same thing and it’s not just the persecution that is the problem, there is the violent bullying as well – so that when I say if I see them lay down popular culture pipelines on my literary empire again there will be trouble, it is quite possible I am bluffing and same for the media and their violent repression to grab my quality of life with: - I intend to go down in history as one of the most selfish people that alternative lifestyle and popular culture idiots have ever known and it starts with a condition where they are kept off my Books and kept off my space – there is no market support going on here, nobody really knows what that sort of idea is meant to signify but it does not surprise me anyway, I have lived all my life in the 80s and seen enough of them. So I broker equities with multimillion pound businesses who don’t want to use my personality to get things done, contrast it with these goons and their Politicians and what you have on the other hand is kept out of academic work and finances until a flat base for general population education has been developed using my aesthetics, if I am tired or do not wish to do it then somebody else can take it up obviously. I am not saying it is an issue, it is not an issue, just pointing out the difference between the two – one is a simple case of how do we broker equities without deploying your personality to get things done which is a bad thing and then okay that is how it works and that is how the Emporium works etc, nothing to blow your socks off for and then the other where you must be kept off jobs and your academics so a flat base of what should be the standard of education for the whole population is formulated to save them from their necessary gangs and the street murders and high prison populations and if you do not wish to do it somebody else can then take it up; it sits right in the middle of when the American ones tell me of the problems knocking on my door, reminding me to squeeze every last drop of them wailing about how people think democracy is bad when they have not even tried it yet on my account.

So the tale will easily shift to the bit where I am a coward who likes to blame others for taking steps to do what they must but I could never get my head around it either – it is ever okay for the children of Politicians to be gangs and gang members and they will make so much trouble that entire communities will be divided between gangs so that they can chase up and seek to gratify themselves by abusing those that are not part of a gang – it is usually a very well calculated plan of evil and wickedness that their media displays and works all the time and not something I am expressly concerned about. We hear all the time that people like me love to tell bad guys what others are doing and when I inquire what they are doing it turns out they are stealing government money and yet for each penny stolen there has to be a sense of nepotism and discrimination practiced in my direction violently to foster their sense of superiority, which of course is maintained by the sense they can always be gangs in order to develop confidence by which to chase others all of the time in sexually abusive ways that allow them to share people’s lives and comforts, allows them commit criminal acts that are not stipulated in the law, that allows them ask for things others will never give them so that they might seek equality by wanting to have it through any means which is where the confidence to claim if they ask and I give or ask and I refuse they will lose civil rights, so my property is sweeter when stolen especially the part I was generous with in the first place, so it is rich that the claim I am a coward should be coming from their stupid parents in government. We see these things all of the time and it is the primary reason Politicians have become obsessed with wrecking peoples finances and clinging to peoples aesthetics and academic work talking nonsense about how they brought it on themselves by knowing what they do to a point where the sight of seeing them do it is sublime – it has even become sub culture for the media as it were because it means that people end up in communities where these fools operate and then that becomes some kind of normalcy about which I have been the one dying for the last 15 years so far as it were the coward. The matter has never been a problem for me as such in a wider sense, it’s a question of more and more of their stupidities and whether they can work the one where they find a means of being able to hold down important people and take away their importance until it becomes their own and then they get to keep it; they throw it at the Monarchy all of the time but in me they found one that exists in a bubble where rules and laws do not apply to do whatever they like with – so it has become a matter of keeping their insults where peoples appreciate them or trying to build me enough insults for a life time to find out what I am going to do about it; about which they always say it’s a matter of refuting that I am Royalty which is also something I would never say to the Royals all together but I have no idea why people will expect that such things as the sexual needs of black women wrecking my finances because there is welfare state in the Country to ensure their activities never have far reaching consequences in people’s lives increasing the chances of them having sex with anybody they want to hunt down and fuck, gets to mean that they are able to determine what I am thinking or indeed what I will say and to whom I am likely to say it to anyway but we all know it is an example of the things that stir people to the thought of vicious revenge all the time. They only said I am a coward of course naturally and that is the matter being answered here not the case of how much of a problem it is, since it is always easy to start my own project campaign for vicious and violent things that will amount to civil and criminal disobedience for them too – at the moment the complain is about my Books which I make a living from and they are still yapping for more trouble. It started out years ago over the matter of the moral and respectful Christian of course who soon became the goose that laid the golden egg when it comes to respect issues, that they want to kill all together to have it all due to their need for respect, with a big mouth; for those who can give it in a world where it is impossible where the weak link as it were and I have been the one dying for the last 15 years as we all know too. These matters are not a complicated one; they do not see their sex based abuses and corruptibility as a form on inequality and we all know somebody will liaise with Industries and pull out stops to bring about one they will complain off too and it can easily be me. It’s the old tale of news readers to radio DJs and even comedians turning up to show off their sports cars in the city as the perks of life that come with bullying me and it is a behaviour that is never going to sort itself out regardless of how people think that it will play out as such; so as far as I am concerned they speak of what I cannot do about them but we all know they have chosen their version of integration in order to counter anything anybody does to tell them their behaviour is wrong and with it will fuck people’s lives and possessions and never stop lying on media and parliament for the purpose.

It’s like the old story of how I have real difficulty liaising with the armed forces which I don’t; the defence Industry for instance is a place where Countries can go to buy weapons that suit their needs, not a place where British weapons companies can sell British identity to Countries that do not necessarily have our interests at heart and it is exactly the same behaviour towards the military the Politicians have with their gang children who have a version of integration that will ensure everybody else is wrong and they are right all of the time. It’s not a do or die affair, they need to get out and stay the fuck out of it. They do say the point they are making is that the perspective on the left should be theirs but of course we all know nobody knows how they got the new one they want to keep today by extricating it from my personal life from which they are now trying to detach me to ensure it is a wickedness and evil that was viable provided they make out it is amusing; so when people make use of my faith they are to go along with the Principles and believe in God and if their stupidities eventually pays off without my finances being sorted out by them first the damage they did to it as it were, I will change the west for them as they know it the fucking perspective. They do like to show off their Satan’s very own Sons of disobedience status at me all the time pretending they are some kind of news. It’s never been a problem; the real picture starts with walking down the streets to come across a stupid old fart that damages your public image and sends out his children to fight you making out he has shown you what it feels like to him when your successes gets in his face which it does because of idiots that are busy explaining to people why your personality is the way it is, regardless of which they have their own minds and can make that up on the basis of fact as well – so the other part about how men like me think we are real men but can be beaten up by their girls is just collateral damage and I am making it clear if their stupidities pay off and they have not fixed my finances before then, this matter will progress from those who make use of my faith believing in God my way or theirs, to the part where I will change that stupid western civilisation for them as well permanently – I cannot see what is difficult to understand about that. For me this was always going to happen; so we are back where we started years ago – which one time with black people, then chasing me around to ensure my heart was never free to serve God, then brief employment and then back to University – so we have simply had revenge and back again with black people and there will be brief employment again and then we will return to University again. The main problem has always been that they think they are in charge but are really stupid; simple matters like the fact I am not a square and fitting square things will lead to blood being drawn on either side yet as it were – they think they lead but are incredible stupid. The robbing shoulder problem issue is just much like the tale of me getting off to challenge the crowd all the time; both are developed around lies told by people to chase and hunt me around for alternative lifestyle sex, as something to harm me with which I cannot tell others serving them power thereof but the difference is that the former is done by Politicians and celebrity while the latter is done mainly by media idiots and these things are all together done because they are poor but as ever I don’t look like I do because I have sex with older women and certainly do not look like anything the media says I am nor is anything the media claims is the reason I am the way I am based on any kind of fact or truth; their excuses will not be tolerated and every violence will be avenged, the threats will open up a whole new kettle of fish at all times – I really don’t care if they existed, I am a Christian and we really do not have that much in common, I don’t know of an occasion that can promise a half an hour conversation that will not become excruciatingly painful after 15 minutes. So I may be a hated figure but I am not hated enough yet since these things are done to make be create exceptions for them when I effect duties of my Office and that is why I set out to control everything they do right up to their movements and new civil rights that will be created from my personal life: I mean even now they will not make their news and advertisement and media and fashion by pretending they are addressing anybody else but me, I have made it clear the bad side is that my security is based on surveillance and most of my equities are live but this is where it gets violent so I will continue to have more than 50% of every publicity that is a function of their appearance of my TV, it is the point where they need to fight, the only way out is to continue but do pretend to talk at somebody else and talk at somewhere else, otherwise I will continue in this way until I crush all of it too; they can do their advertisement and their news and their celebrity and their fashion in peace if they do it by talking in another direction, do it by addressing somebody else generally, here it will always lead to trouble.