I understand it is said I make a lot of assumptions about powers I really don’t have – makes no sense why people are affected when and if I don’t have the powers anyway but that aside it appears the importance of being murdered by many people is obviously that when it comes to the statement about the fact they are evil then nobody can go off and grab my future or grab my place in the world anymore; for now its about shutting up the damned politicians. Its much like that old tale about how planning for me and what I get up to was flawed and bad and inadequate – utter rubbish of course since the reality is the insults and abuses doing what they do best i.e. when I get messed around with to the result of bad things happening the reasons I get stripped so Politicians can exist in that place concerns what my own was like and what their portion was meant to be like; so they do need to kill somebody already as it is the only way they can run the bloody government office anyway and its all going to get a lot worse too.

It resonates around the mess made of the July 2015 Iran Nuclear enrichment issue; I mean if my name was America and I was holding a conference with somebody whose name was Iran and the person had to limit nuclear enrichment, the last thing I would want to play around with is either that of maintaining my position on what I think freedom is all about because my agenda after him will be to eradicate another group of people whose name is monarchy for instance and the last thing I would want to play around with would be the idea I belong in an exclusive nuclear club and they are not invited; this is nuclear talks we are referring to and this sort of thing is very explosive. They would say they are making things difficult for me and there is really no such thing – I get to make things difficult for them as per they need stay off my Royal Estate and get a real job; some people are famous and do things that imply so, others simply do things that imply they are famous i.e. Eurovision sort of people who come out once a year to express themselves and so on – so for these fools, as I always say, the person who told them they were famous must have been just as insane as they are; they have no power to make anything difficult for me. We used to live in a world where we had to accept fools like these existed on the left hand side and that it was how it had to be but they have been taking a stand on my personal life right down to a process where I must modify myself to fit into what their stupid children and their wives and themselves find acceptable – hence put it in context of what their own looks like and what mine was supposed to look like the detachment from my Christianity so they can feel comfortable when it is impossible to locate what their relevance around here really was; its all plain and simple greed – when they do it I ought to take a pebble and burst their heads but that will secure a whole different system of things, so I will wait for them at the jobs market and cut up that stupid popular culture instead – they cannot make anything difficult for me, they need to stop lying.

Here at home I wonder who asks the question Politicians like to chase about my powers and the ones I have not got anyway; the task ahead of them is to provide leadership on terrorism and the economy and security and for all these three matters I have provided parameters for safeguarding the citizens of the Country at home and aboard, it would be nice if they just get down to it, not get on Parliament to talk rubbish at me. These guys believe they can have me beaten up if they wanted but the reality is that a fight with me will have nothing changed about the prognosis and reason for it, so they will not be able to hide those from me so they can get away  unharmed – they cannot make anything difficult for me and need to stop lying. I kicked them in a spiritual context before, I bet this time I will do it in a physical context too. Its the old story where if they stay away from me it will be okay for everybody applicable here and I am not the one getting involved with these idiots, its the Politicians setting out the fools that will take my career away from me to chase my private body parts. The reality is always a matter of what I am doing as such; it depends on equity brokerage for which I cannot just devise property equity facts of my own accord; so normally I would take time out and live among their lower class idiots for a month or so to gather those facts but the Politicians can always wreck the finances and end me up with them to tell me I will not be comfortable where I end up and this has never really happened then has it; in the last five years since it began despite a globalised effort put into making it so; I am always comfortable as it were and they have not got any power whatsoever to make things difficult for me like that big mouth suggests. They do say the suggestion Politicians cannot make things difficult for me in this life or the next is a huge gauntlet to throw down but it is just as huge as their insults and abuses and audacity to handle my person and or my work as such – if people pick a fight with those that are more important than they are, they should expect the world does not revolve around what they recognise; I don’t feel bullied but sometimes I do get tired of people trying. I mean they set out their black people sometime ago and gave them money to run around with; so that money was used to gather girls and round me up like an animal – not accepted among the black people but cannot go somewhere else because they want to use him for something, none of which means anything unless enforced on media and with violent political scandals, now certain idiots are telling me about the damage I have done to their Political party because they expecting me to become breathless over a privilege of injustice they will extricate and it will go on like that endlessly, so that when we put in context this whole tale of being able to make things difficult for me, we are left with civil rights idiots that look like caricatures that I used to see in kids Books when I was Child, talking nonsense and getting up to what they do best which does nothing to change the fact they will never be free of me as well. In the last three House alone, they have been chasing my anus and penis very violently for about fifteen times and each of those was a function of Politicians wrecking my business and seeking a privilege of injustice which process then makes me angry and breathless, this is still the main preoccupation of their media and popular culture idiots too, while they complain of the damage I have done to their party, so it does need to be noted. I mean its all that goes on around here – the Politicians damage it to get my attention and seek privileges of injustice against me among their peers to make me breathless and then their kids can be raised to chase my anus and penis all day long unless I am doing things in a way that makes them comfortable which will likely get worse until it gets violent but it never will because this persona that says I am a coward is a result of them beating up the body that kicked them in a spiritual context, that body is not going to be beaten up by them in a physical one in anyway whatsoever – its all very well that disobedience on the right expecting some fool to buy into it from Industry so we can end up with Political instability, all very well taking a stand on my personal space to wind me up with it all the time – if they push me I will hurt them seriously. So its basically largely a matter of how it would be good for Politicians and Monarchy and good for them and for me and everybody else if they let me be but since that id not what they want to do the facts need to be considered that the first time they got into trouble was of a physical context which is why they had to get themselves into a place where they can beat up the body that did it and that body will not be beaten up by them in a physical context as well they ought to know as it were.

They do say I will not let it go until I get myself into real trouble but what we have here is the fact that when you had refused to corrupt your own Christian self that you keep as a temple onto God people find a way to corrupt it for you by getting familiar with you to create a sense on public places that they have your body at their disposal; it has only come to the part where they have damaged my finances and built a life they want to see exist at my expense and so everybody must co-operate with them now to make it happen and I don’t think there is a force on this earth that will make me give them a lee way for it either and I don’t mean people ought to tempt me pushing my boundaries when I say so either; let them do their already been done career in popularity and vice and fame with somebody else, they cannot leave people alone and now have the choice to keep off my Books and clear my space in order to be free of me; its not that these things could never have been done like they claim they never knew it could be – they are the ones doing something unusual by taking advantage of a black person in the UK to force a process where people can build empires in which the market funds end up somewhere else what I have done here was always possible but the way it usually worked to ensure it never got done was that their popular culture fame and fortune and its need to play its already been done games with my public life and career was actually supposed to be matched by another process where I fill in the blanks in my life with something ranging from academic work of my choice to marriage – Politicians should not damage those things and make the actions of their idiots sedentary around where they have been applied if they know that those they have provoked are people they cannot fight; the parliament does not exist for them to seek privileges of injustice with on account of their stupid age and various other incredible foolishness that may make sense around a problem they have with my leadership which is actually relevant to others and not them. Religious people could always do it, its a reality concerning a line that they have crossed; its not the first time they spend time attacking me at shopping channels or at day time television or with advertisement or all day long at popular culture to spend my work and public life on themselves but it is the first time I have had to take a decision that enough is enough.


As for the part where people hear me say these things and therefore take up and make it their own; it will never happen, its the same old story about how they want to be seen in the world and how they will make it happen at my expense diplomacy and international community and everything; so that it requires a process of somebody showing them he has a good range of those their developing economies and third world countries business product distribution systems as well and that it is never always a good idea all the time to tell him to come round for a fight if he has the guts for it. They do say what is happening to me is actually called racism but we all know we have been there before when in the past I really loved to explore that Nazi Germany history that they know I really hate and that they really love, so they can complain that I have taken up a history and culture and society and Politics and damaged it all. What I am aware is happening is wicked evil devil worshipping Politicians who think that when I do not have sex outside of marriage they will find ways of causing me immense pain to extricate the essence of that anyway, so it is a matter about which they ought to do those hurtful things to those they can fight as it were, as Parliament is not where they should be seeking out their privileges of injustice. I don’t think the matter is a problem, these are a group of people that usually think a lot of the times that getting into a fight with others should take up time and then exist in a condition where the reasons can be changed to suit the one they are most comfortable with, which is something that will not happen in my case and they are perfectly aware too; the ones that can beat me up obviously claim I will get into trouble over my view of Politicians but since their Political masters cannot cope with the things I say for a start, when they turn up I will be saying their own as well so we can see them cope, for the reasons will change as it were into the one that suits them best. The media ones do make claims far deeper beyond the real motive for it all which is their greed and laziness – they like to say the problem is that people rob shoulders with them, when the reality is that others cannot exist without having media familiarity mess up their lives for them either way – in my case it has now come to the part that goes beyond the useless boys in the country and neighbourhood pretending they can always play games and nobody will get hurt and into the part that concerns the reasons they ought to be on one hand while my faith straddles the gap between me and them for if I am not speaking of the gospel for them and they challenge me for it, the problems they will end up with ought to reach far deep into their entire Communities, as these behaviour does get to a point where One has to decide it has gone far enough. In my case it has come down to seeing the Royal Prince that is beaten down my the disobedience of their societies and cultures and communities and then exasperating him to take a stand on his personal space, get to a certain stage of his emotions and in order to extricate attention from him and use it to sell things or just feel good about life issue threats as well – playing stupid games assuming, their criminality, that somebody is not going to get hurt as it were the whole time. As for the part where I have gotten myself stuck in a condition where the problem is endless; there is nothing like that either – what we have is that I am an introverted and assertive person so being beaten down by the disobedience all around me just makes me normal of which I am sure they ask how the two could ever work together but we all know that they know everything as it were, just like they cannot look after their own anus but turn up from Africa and the United States and South America and Middle East to play a game of persecuting the Christian to extricate powerful perversions like the evil Politicians in the British parliament they have for friend and therefore  have a problem with my leadership which is actually not relevant to them all together too; so the outcome is that I am meant to get a job to raise funds for my needs, in terms of academic work of which is a matter of completing my studies while holding down a job and in terms of my Books of which is company having been built, being allowed by media and Politicians and ethnic minorities to do what it is supposed to do and vice versa for the customers as well – we are here as we can see because they cannot let that be and this usage of me and every peace and quiet I build around my person and Office to get my work done has become as cheap as a process where they handle my public life and blow the horns of their cars if I had done anything to change what they have become used to – that cheap. So that it is as though they are tyrants in their homes and wife and kids don’t get a say, so they will be at me as well, which is why I do form the habit of waiting for men and their society at the International Markets all the time. Ultimately it does get said I supported the actions of football people against the Monarchy which I never did; what happened was that the Monarchy was contracting and so I was in a position to open up a frontier knowing that I could acquire the Monarchy its own customised Civil rights movement if I wanted to and have taken this trade to the US to open one up for the American republicans too; the outcome as it stands is that they hate my guts in the US and in the UK football people can now be by themselves and I am left with popular culture which the two groups are usually the ones that attack me because I look like I support stupid destructive women that they hate and the ones that simply set these women up at popular culture to pillage my finances and public work for both of them of course do really love to assume the right to teach people lessons as it were and then we hear them issue those threats when they assume they can start a fight and the reasons will change into one that suits them best depending on the condition of the fight as time progresses; which is how they like to claim I can be beaten over a period of time.


Now it’s not that I fail to see it impossible for me to be a happy person at any given one point in time, it’s just reality I have this process where actors make films because of relations they have with my personal life and something they do to show us off on screen which I cannot enjoy because Industry has taken over and it is the same with any person I had given a little responsibility around the office of making music entertainment where diplomatic work is concerned but the  ones that are owned by black people have especially taken the step of buying shares with companies I work with to conduct their concerns in a way that winds me up every second. Now we do hear those tales that I need to be made to detach myself from safety and stand up for myself as well which makes no sense whatsoever; we all know its the same old story - they are the strong ones because they have had a difficult living and the rest have no idea they are the ones who actually have the right to lead because they are stronger; so that when I grab that history of Nazi Germany Roller coaster for instance that they hate to ride and I love to ride and everybody knows it too, they will say I have taken an insolent society and culture and Politics and then destroyed it but before then its the yapping all over the place considering if they turn up for a fight the reason being their Politics is my factorisation and domination, will cease to be the reason because the reasons will change into one that suits them so they might win the fight either way. The reasons everything they wish to keep from damaging their sense of decadence and ease and respect turns out in the most international and public orientated aspects of their lives and work does not yet appear to them to be the fact that a tale of consenting Adults having the freedom to do things does not go hand in hand with their need to finger the bum of a Christian who has given them no such consent for any such thing - they are yet making noise it will get me into trouble presently with that big mouth - we all know it usually starts from an invented story of me having an opposing Political view and progresses to that of how I am mentally disturbed before it then ends with things like how I am their little shit who thinks he can do anything about them when he has a little prick and we all know all that nonsense being thrown at me does not constitute the public life of a Christian and it need to be noted in case I bend their own up because it is perverted and violent as well. It has never really constituted a problem in a major way - its a matter of living in a Country with a group of people who appear to wish to see it at War, damaging your livelihood to a limit as it were - which is why a homosexual sees a Christian get attention and the whole occasion results in a threat to the health and safety and well being of all until they get the same attention too claiming it is integration and social equality they are practicing; I really do not actually care about what their issues are as such, the reality is as simple as the facts around such claims as the fact they provoke me all the time because they want me to prepare for a fight on behalf of everybody so everybody can share, which of course is utter nonsense as the reality is that of decisions about destroying popular culture because its entire purpose is to see to it that they put their wicked envy into practice and get about annoying people and running into your life and concerns for safety until people want to kill them and then those people can kill them and you in the process or just end up killing only you; so I don't really have to look far to seek out inspiration for doing so because they always tend to turn up at all times with their insults and abuses on account they know where my Books are and I always say not enough have died yet too as it were; it exists to sell my Books and not deal with their problems - their problems do not matter, their problems are completely irrelevant especially on that stupid insolent media. Of course it is not true that the Politicians will prevail in the end, whereby my faith will be used to create a new world frontier for them that will match their taste containing all the elements of suffering for those who know what to do so they can do it for everybody since it is easy to dominate them and they do not know what their limits are until they get into trouble - what is true however is first of all that I am busy applying myself to the part where if I said they have a foggiest clue what they are doing and when they need me more so did not have a problem with my leadership that I am clearly not entitled if they actually exist, it will create a process where people fail to do things in an academic way and fail to follow procedure but for them however, they have lost that stupid Labour Socialist Party so far and are bragging since they are poised to lose something else too.