We hear now that black people want to punish me for my involvement with the British Monarchy but I wouldn’t know about it anyway since it is also obvious that I want to punish black people for ripping up the finances of my Royal Estate and Literary Empire by being a global market mob justice nuisance; it is always more important than getting a job obviously because their victims can be made to do something about racism while they sort out their stupid financial problems with civil rights. So they think that having Politicians tie down every facet of my life for them to build a history of getting confident at hurting me has come to mean they are predisposed to punish and I think they are bluffing as well. I mean when did this whole matter of society men and their insults become reality anyway, how did my own skin colour become a curse to me on account they exist when it really isn’t a curse at all and who is really in charge around here? So the basics are simple; noise making all over is good but standing in front of the Arch prince to tell him the world is an evil place and because people always do evil things for women he is a loser and always will be because of course it has to be the invention of route through which I will get punished by them with that big mouth as it were. Mostly of which it’s a simple case of dealing with twisted and evil people that have removed everything that suggests their behaviour towards me is wrong and everything that may suggest they need to stop it because I am a Christian that their wickedness wants to harm on account they find it amusing to do so but then again I am still content with the fact people cannot tell the difference between Popular culture and the rest of the world today as a result of my actions. It’s the same old story where I am a man and as a soon as I am done with foolish men who have a need to bully me because they think they are more important, I am automatically caught up with the women ones but the reality being that they are not and live for that whole process where I am expected to lay a government office at their feet so they can make gay from it – so in terms of the punish, the real question is whether they think they are leading as it were. It has never been a problem but they have to understand they had destroyed my academic work extracting their gay, have not paid for it and there is no way that I will be punished by them in this life or the next life with that big mouth as such – so I have very think patience for any rubbish from them as a result of it. I hear talk of the gay I have extracted from people’s lives as well but that was never a matter of their insolence and what they get to hold together for me as well either – the one I extracted from their society as a whole was a matter of the same question, I did it on a push comes to shove basis as it were, so let’s see the fingering my bum what the fuck they can do about it too. I don’t like them in anyway; there simply has to be a satanic way of getting money by not working for it while extracting it in a destructive and abusive and torturing way from the lives of the religious and this story of a problem they have with the British Monarchy is an excuse that makes my chest feel like it is about to explode because it has nothing to do anything when my finances lie in tatters as a result of their involvement like we were mates – those stupidities we are forced to pay attention to by Politicians , reaching a point where it breeds popularity. Why does it seem to them that it is and should be easy when they are targeting a Christian anyway? I want them to get off my Books and clear my space and it does not matter if the Books are about them either – now they know what the insults of their popular culture girls feel like too as it were and we await what they will do about it, not talking of Mr Obama in the US that does anything about the economy and freedoms of his Country by stifling my Book sales – that is another one all together and it is building up too.

We have to remember always this silliness about the guy at University and the semi literate guy doing his job and the semi literate it into with a thing for the sense he has a culture and society and must invent stupid things he rallies a hungry crowd to think is the meaning of investment when he sets out to insert them into other people’s lives; and of course I have always made it clear my Empire is not their spare resources – they need to Politics talk about their own lives and their own problems, solve those and clear my space, not yap about their girls getting involved with me getting to mean something they will punish, it suggests extreme violence by which I can also afford their block head Politicians the absolution they seek.

The story of the Labour party tends to need settling all the time and I am not just going to go to the main point for my part either – it has to be taken in bits, taken for a long period to do financial damage and offset all that nonsense about hurting people and covering tracks by doing what is supposed to have been done to give those people justice to them, in order to stand in public places celebrating villainy energy to do things with for the Nation all the time, about which my morals and personal life are now needed to make their stupidities look beautiful but the main reason they are violent towards me will remain the same however i.e. I can never stop people tapping some of my energy and running off to get rich with or even tapping it to drive their cars and clean up their homes with as they do and guess who is all interested, if it isn’t British Mum who likes to play my Baby has returned to me whenever the wind blows on the doors of her home and of course we are here because all hell has broken lose because of it which makes me wonder what they supposed had been happening all along considering that the financially well off British Mums had gotten interested. It’s like I have to deal with their provocation and a process of being beaten every single day – the provocation I don’t respond to which they then build up on media to cost me everything and start again the day after laced with lies about how I used their own first and it will lead to an outcome whereby I take that society and culture and popularity and they will have to come to me to get it back and then it will stop especially for black Boys. The Politicians on the other hand are just really disobedient and like their people cannot leave me alone as it were; one moment they will face a thousand and one bad emails from constituents because of me: half of which I have provoked and the other half of which just want to hurt them and the next moment they will find me while I am at work and send their goons out to check my private parts by making a statement on media or on any public places. Then we hear the complains after, the followers like the leaders and vice versa. The Industry ones like to chip in and remind me it all happens because of how much lack of regard I have for their insults they channel in my direction all the time but I have no idea what they are playing at either – we all know they comprise of nothing but very disobedient men on the left especially when they have women bullied by it as well and very stupid and destructive society men on the right especially when they get their hands on peoples valuables and personal life treasures and they always consolidate their power with stupid women doing strange things for them to provide them with spiritual power, which has come to involve spying on me and reading my Books as I write them in order to know everything about my Books before they are even published or sold which of course tends to mean they never will be because they have become other people’s property; so these guys are not news to me with all that nonsense about a process whereby each time I tell people not to do a particular thing, they turn up and open my security up by doing it but a little bit and sit around getting rich by the same game which they have been playing with m y aesthetics and public life since 2002 and have never once paid for it in cash yet as it were.

So in terms of sharing what I know however, there isn’t much to it; same old minority nonsense which nobody really can get their heads around – the Muslim ones are the most volatile at the moment but the blacks are equally as much a problem. I can get about serving the people that come into a shop where I am a security guard for instance and when a Muslim walks in, my job has to change to a process of being a womaniser about which I must follow his leadership and use my own to do it so I can keep off other peoples wives and yet if I serve him the way he is and serve others the way they were being served, he has a problem but if I did serve him the way I serve others, then I open him up and that means soon enough in future he is going to return to my shop to suicide bomb something; so I do let them know I could really do without their custom as it were. It’s the same old story of making the majority comfortable while taking personal responsibility for the minority but these are some One needs to do without at all times.

Some of these things can be traced right back to the shipping yard where the goods got exported and imported and so on and this is the part that has to do with HM service all together; being an Arch Prince and having such massive influence in the Naval community – it seems to have been the case that people expect me to turn up as a security guard in a shop to live under the shadow of what they know because they are bigger or small but powerful shops and it is simply reality that things do not work like that all of the time. I mean for instance smaller international traders always have hurting bottoms and we all know it, we all know the reasons are that they are dealing with very large and powerful competition from all around them but when they come to the shop to buy things, are they exporting and importing at that particular point as well? I mean they have become quite fund of claiming I work with discount shops to put the rest out of business and make people jobless but don’t ask me why (I do get asked if I feel as though my actions are concerned with justice but it is not about justice, it is not even about whether or not at this rate the male population will run out of their insults on my account, its about the fact Black people actually want to kill me and have continued to stalk me and remove everything that implies I am a person to that effect, hence I am still the Christian that provokes them for not being beaten down when made into a sin offering to the evils of the world that will let them live and make them rich and they want to ensure I am immersed in their problems until I get murdered to ensure they have a statement which makes it all go away, with serious consequences that they are now trying to use Politics to under attached to it, it is their children that love to play the other game that they have copied from the Politicians of handling my possessions, provoking me and claiming I used their lives and property to solve my problems first, which is the same as the politicians attacking every moral people in the land and doing first the things that may be done to them to bring about justice, then get into government Office to make laws that imply other people especially their victims are criminals in the making: this is what I mean I will soon have yo confiscate that their stuff, right up to popular culture and media and society and politics and they will have to make it personal with me to get it back, so I can use their lives to fix my problems first in order to deserve it, while they find it funny since they are a handful of grouches).


Now I have to contend yet again with a lack of co-operation from me for Politicians; concerning such facts and realities that they organise themselves to orchestrate a process of stopping me from doing anything about the evil things in their society which they have also pointed my way and so the whole process of doing it to spend everything I hard pressed myself to develop to sort of these evils comes to two meanings only and one of them is that those evils exist to bully me while the other is that they exist to help them secure prerogatives they can share with Industries to secure sponsorship which is what I can prevent them from getting as well measured according to damage they do to my Books. Nothing of it of which is unusual since my Book suffers a lot of the activities of goons whose mother is going to give birth to another soon hence they like to get involved and allow every twisted fools to do things to me and get away with it so they can stand there doing their own as well. It does not cause me any problems and not enough have come to harm yet so far as it were which is why it continues, it’s the Politicians that do the harm competing for sponsors and assuming they are above the law when it comes to handling my possessions and wanting society idiots to enforce that premise for them; so the problem with these fools which I hate as a matter of existence is that their very nature is rude, right down to their body language and those muscles they like to show off and deploy as means of threat for any and everything that blinks and that was how they were which only improved for them toward violence for they do not know better and even if they did there was nothing I could have done about them - the claim somebody has done their stuff we hear all the time seems to be the answer to everything, looking for trouble endlessly.

Then we hear them tell me the problem is that I have no wish to die for others but the fact has continued to remain a matter of their insults because the part where the question was that of if I want to get killed, people believe in having a life first before I got killed my thing, which every one right down to the journalists and celebrities at Court like to do all the time but the end product is always that they take away from me by ability to  lay down my life for others, which naturally is the point where somebody became a statesman, except that it will not be because people simply cannot stop getting on public places to get permission from stupid block head politicians like them to challenge me to a fist fight and wreck my finances and public life to that effect which is why this whole doing peoples stuff nonsense has become a sub culture in its own right and so the tale turns to that of how I simply refuse to accept I am intimidating to people but I don’t see why they shouldn’t be afraid of me – I can easily walk down the street and have night mares all through the night on account some really stupid woman got in front of me and shook her bottom right through my entire journey then went off to wherever else she was going, in order to wind me up intensely and find out what will happen after; when they are afraid of me they should be as it were. I don’t buy the tale of it being about power either; it is not about power, it’s about laying claims to my property and turning up in public places with a show of force with their families in order to own it.

I have no clue where this tale of how I am actually a dunce that thinks he knows everything is heading anyway but I think I am supposed to move it on otherwise it will never go away too i.e. it is not clear how I am the dunce while they expect to organise themselves as a community that traps people to handle culture and society and community and politics for them while they go into academic institutions to grab all the knowledge that was stored it in order to get out and grab jobs with thereafter. I really don’t know if they are able to tell what level of IQ and cleverness they fit into anyway – we all know of academics and we know of lay people doing their jobs and we know of semi literate trouble makers – these idiots however were simply told they are clever by their parents, their parents who walk around the place making out gay women are a problem and that I am a gay man who is responsible it, which I quite accept but I don’t know where it did make them very clever and then made me a dunce and I cannot understand why it seems to be so difficult for them to keep their insults where they know people appreciate them anyway.

In terms of the deeper facts, I really have no idea how clever it makes them to continually and stubbornly create popular culture to cash into my public life anyway and still cannot understand why that not only makes them clever but seems to them to be a worthy activity for normal people to engage in.  Then there are realities too about the fact there is always some man that wants to beat the shit out of them all of the time which is why they like to think they have made me into a figure of abuse to exchange places in the world and for every involvement to try and prevent these bad things from happening the result will cost your life and the reason for it has always been that these fools are so clever, it is impossible to reason with those who want to beat them to death on account they have gotten away with something, do not know what it is and cannot therefore declare it but will hopefully use others in order to continue in that lifestyle and talk nonsense about power that is also a function of their fucking IQ – now I have mentioned it by the way of which means they have become cleverer than ever. I have in a year of studying at University during which time their transferred stupidities that exists at the heart of why their stupid but high IQ lives are always in danger, which is not a function of the fact that the reasons everything they handle in other people’s lives get damaged is because they are stupid, if they can claim that they have high IQ and that is all happens because they are modern instead, has been responsible for pushing me into depression and causing me to drop out but in the year I spent at University studying Law and Economics I ended up developing my own micro economic Policy and have been using it to control inflation for the British economy working for The Queen – so that being they are so clever , it isn’t clear of those knowledge they go off to grab, which ones they invented so somebody else can grab in future either but I am already a dunce that thinks he knows everything about anything and yet again if I mentioned I am not talking to them at any stage or rate then I will start to sound like racist.

The Labour Party therefore is full of abusive MPs who like to claim I am never really clear enough on the subject and the same applies all around but I will be specific then in their case: they enjoy the game of organising society to seek out young people that think they can just get up and do things and become important and that what those young people know should be brought to them so they can be important with it – what kills me is that they don’t  have to wreck my finances for it and I have warned them for 15 years they are looking for war and am quite prepared at this point to begin it too. Chasing my anus will solve nothing I am the socially gay one of the both sides and that is why they hate my guts so much because there is such huge consequences attached to knowing you will get a thousand and one negative emails for these things, half of which is concerned with people who want them to do something about me and the other half concerned with people who want to hurt their guts but they get off to do it anyway  - then push around their insults and cannot hold it together for me as well when push comes to shove. I wouldn’t be human if I endured these nonsense from that party for this length of time without consequences and this is the last warning concerning why the Labour Party needs to get off my Books and clear my space – they didn’t have to damage my finances for their gimmicks, it has to stop because they are. This question they love to ask which annoys me so much thereof as to whether I am aware I am losing everything because everything I do is designed to ensure somebody else takes it up but the test of whether or not when the Monarchy takes Commoners into its ranks such as myself and Mike Tindal and the Duchess of Cambridge and Peter Philip’s Wife, for example will be the outcome of whether or not the fact I am socially gay for instance will not show when they had for some reason stopped being rude and abusive once they are finished with their current games.


Much like recent debates in House of Lords concerning the English votes for English MPs question where they became more interested in the story of what we must do as a Nation to prevent problems associated with breaking up the UK but have still even as they speak refused to refrain from the habit of telling people they can be offered a new country where they will be at the forefront of happenings in the corridors of government, knowing perfectly that some people will want it so badly that nothing else will matter to them, which is exactly what the Scottish National party is doing – their whole game of which has now recently turned to a matter of greed that they love to put forward as a temporary measure and disposition . So if there was a new Country for them, they will be at the forefront of happenings in power but will their children be there in 50 years time? This is rather however a question that is not relevant, they are not interested in anything that might need to be done or how to get it done, what they are interested in is justifying the risks for having their new country where they will be at the forefront of happenings in power. The problem the Labour party has now ended up with is that they have met some insane people such as myself; they have no wish to stop fucking around with government valuables because they are expecting people that are stuck with their morals to become responsible on behalf of everybody – what they have now ended up with instead is one that abdicates those responsibilities and covers his tracks as well as they do when they fuck things up for their evil pleasures and so the whole breakup of the UK thing is not something that a Labour Party that is still playing around as we speak can pin on anybody else and this fact really is what they are concerned about instead. another example is a process of going off to a very troubled middle east to do things by showing people respect along the premise by which they do socialism for Muslims in the middle east containing respect that kids today know nothing about and since they last realised that will lead to an outcome whereby when enough had died people who live there will start to feel the UK must burn as well, they had resorted to persecuting me to get out of it while they get rich, making me responsible for everybody and since I last abdicated that responsibility and covered my tracks they had cleared the diplomatic front of my Office on that area at least. The story they have now fallen back on is concerned with the Law of unintended consequences which rules the UK today; utter rubbish of course since making a mess and covering your tracks while somebody else you expect will clean it up refuses to and covers his tracks as well should not lead to a law of unintended consequences. Thus we can only therefore guess who is putting in the effort to make that the case.

So it is also said I spend most of my time in a safe place and then at a distance make myself a war hero which isn’t actually true; I am not infallible but this is not where I falter – where I falter is that I get concerned with other matters and allow self doubt to affect me leading to a process where I think the fact I face enemies on all sides is not an even and fair match. So for those who like to tell this tale all the time it’s still the old question about whether or not taking away my tools and finances to make fun of me each time I am after the evils in their society  in my Royal Capacity is a good thing – the results are such outcomes as government being concerned with Counter radicalisation Policy while Muslim men bully wives, make claims on people’s property and turn up in public to express a show of force with their very large children, an assumption they don’t know what they are doing or do not find it amusing when they have not been stopped; so these are insulting people who have been played in every way imaginable. They do complain the problem is that I never make any progress and they always have the upper hand, which is utter nonsense; the reality is that the government is full of Politicians that enjoy savaging my finances, so the question still stands as to whether taking away my tools every time I am after the evils of their society right up to the jobs and finances which are the two most favourite they love to take away, is actually a good thing. They do say these evils are things they are used to and do not need me changing anything but it is an example of what puts them in leadership i.e. those who live in the same society but are not affected by its evils like they are happen to have chosen a convenient exemption which makes them the leaders since they know what people are actually feeling and when that is combined with the story of how everything they say and do is right because religious people are not entitled to property and career and finances, they have  in their view a winning combination (of course it is not true that I am a big spender who likes to blame others for my problems - I have been working on these guys as well for a bit of a while so far and turning up on media to decide by character assassination how I should be doing any job I have until they bully my employer into sacking me, is not hurting badly enough yet so far: I am just saying they do not do the evil people that bother them these days anymore its families that are shutting down financially - so what they have seen is just a foretaste of what will become of that abusive habit to get on media and ensure the way I do my job does not break their stupid record of how they did their own when they were at my stage and those stupid small talk show tables that have become a menace as well; so its disobedient men on the left and destructive men on the right and women of greed and evil doing things for them and so getting out of bed to hurt them seriously on a daily basis which will end those driving around saloon Cars to insult and abuse me all the time is likely going to ensue soon. They do say I think there is much I can do of which I am not suggesting there is - only I do not feel comfortable with the idea that we have to live with their wickedness and endure it as per we can refer to them as the people on the left who do such things, not good enough - this is not the 1980s and besides which their very nature is rude but it is the fact they are likely to get violent when you interfere with their feelings which is the part you must pay attention to but even if I say that I am still talking semantics since the real problem is that they have a need to tell me how to live my life, getting out of my House and getting out there or their House more like the way they put it and going out there to drink beer and sleep with women and see the world and get into trouble and do every single thing on earth that makes you breathless as a Christian while they supervise; now that they are complaining as well we have some sense to reality established too - I am Royalty for nothing in their view when it comes to their violent nature of course and it has not yet been tightened up on their account; in their defence of which they like to say it is the same way I am rude to Industry people that I am wealthier than, provided they can ensure I do not release funds from my Equity Empire - the ones that like to turn up and cause a little damage from which I can tell people not to do a particular thing resulting in them doing a bit and so at some stage you decide you have priorities and that its just a bit every single day which will not affect your academic work but it does, just a bit which will not affect your finances but it does, just a bit which will not affect your academic work but it does, just a bit which will not affect your quality of life but it does and then those who were previously managers of Companies will buy shares in them to consolidate a hold on me and invite their own fat cats to do the same too a bit, whereby they then trap women somewhere to ensure those who hate the a bit thing do not get to challenge them and turn up to make out its over - now they are complaining as well: they do say I do the a bit thing as well, which is utter nonsense when those who complain have kids that are to be replaced because their stupid mothers can give birth to more, which is why they like to turn up and take my tools away when I am dealing with the evils of their society and stand up somewhere at the carnage of my finances they have wrought to fucking do their own as well 'a bit.' I do not think the matter is a personal crisis either, its just reality that when you do spend time dealing with the disobedient men on the right and destructive men on their left and evil women doing money stuff with them, it goes on forever on account you are paying attention to popular culture which will definitely build on it, so you have to spend your time of stupid women that can clearly replace their abusive children 'a bit' - for my part have no intentions to start behaving in that way because I am a Christian but even so they have had enough warnings from me and need to get off my book sales, clear my space, buy a copy so they can hate what belongs to them or face the consequences.). They do say I have not actually done the Industry trouble makers in a comprehensive way but I have - they spend my resources and public life doing a bit to go from Managers and CEOs to shareholders in Companies they need to buy to consolidate their dominance of me and recruit their fat cats to do the same and tell me I need to be dominated by them first before I am even allowed to finish my academic work left I break free of them before they get to and then after that getting a job will still be negotiable but when I write the Books they do not want it to get sold claiming it hurts too much. Its no good getting on public places to yap off at me either, they have to let me sell them Books, it was fun when I had to be dominated first before I can get my academic work done which is a matter of freedoms I will have depending on how satisfied they are - it was when I dropped out of University I decided on revenge and the Books were designed to make them uncomfortable while making me money which puts me in a place where my feelings are opposite of uncomfortable - I had just been through hell resolving the matter of money disappearing off the Stock Markets because they are children of their Land and can simply get some tools together and go off to the Stock Market to pocket a few millions when they are broke, then pretend the money disappeared into an economic crisis when there is one and assume everybody will believe that while they are doing a bit with my public life that they simply cannot leave alone as it were; they have to let me sell my Books, they have no choice (its like their Black counterparts telling they have they forced me into a position where I have had to do wealth inequality thing which I do not do because of them or for them - everybody knows they would never have liked the way Royalty would take over the wealth inequality and do it in order to resolve the problem and maintain a Royal Estate anyway, so its obvious they are looking for trouble; however the reality is still that the fact the White Man exists and does racism is not to say they have a right to rip up my Literary Empire, so as to ensure we are all poor and dependent on the White Man in order to ensure they are never wrong - until this property is restored to the way they found it, there will continue to be trouble, so far its all good with spurts of nonsense being mentioned by them that looks like being forced to do wealth inequality - everybody knows people are ever safe when they and their stupid girls have not got an exit in life, hence everything I am doing is urgently depended and completely necessary and they need get off my public life and off my Book sales and they need to clear my space. ).