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They say that my Books are a fraud, and it is understandable if such nonsense is peddled by a handful of idiots who claim they were in dire need of somebody that will attack others and end up in prison, so that their stupidities might feel protected, while another person who had made a career out of tackling the public issues applicable was a fraud. Not the first time their stupidities became a huge responsibility either, the first was the University fiasco whereby it showed up to sulk around my studies over ideas of somebody beating up its enemies until I dropped out. So, it is the story of a handful of mentally disturbed twats who are excited I existed because they could not get imagination up my bum and live in a stupid bubble that was about me, them, employers, and bottom chasing issues, talking rubbish. They end up complaining of when I hope to stop tackling them, hope to stop what I am doing as such while these facts remain the main points of their involvement corruption when it comes to my person – so that it continues to set the stage for a profitability of gimmicks that involved working on me while I worked on a job and career to make money, hence setting a stage for the insolent sense of superiority, now asking me when it is going to stop as it were. If they are not asking me the stupid questions about when the business involving a handful of mentally disturbed twats spying on me in the toilet to build a community that gets imagination up my bum and run around picking up a Media bubble whereby all I did about it was passed off as another person’s career, living in a stupid bubble that involved me, them, employers and bottom chasing issues, we find the idiots boast about getting the better of me which story will change when this matter defines a major part of my public and social life – so far they have found enough money in this world to trash my career and personal life, then set about a public stage where they might do my thing any time they wanted, if I were to ignore the fact the short insulting videos they claim adds up to the way advertisement is made, was getting a bit too much. There are claims I am not entirely convinced I am supposed to be doing this which I suppose it true, as there were bigger problems such as gits who continued to insist that it was their civil rights to get me fighting their enemies from a distance where the police will not pick them up as well if it goes wrong and we had since reached a point where I had failed to do so and will be physically attacked one way or another, meaning my career, finances and all I did, took up an existence in a legal and social no mans land, where they could do what they liked with it, shooting off their big mouth about their civil rights looking like that endlessly. I mean it does this all the time and can see your potential to respond to your civil duties, set about destroying it and picking up community organised abuses that make me feel perpetually tired over the fact they had found something that helped them second guess me over the little evil I would have done to achieve a greater good, set them all out as brave people and communicate something about the intolerability of my attitude to Politicians with a big mouth, much more than it would want to tell others about some new power its stupidities had developed at my expense. The former need show up here to read Books at the Bookshop or go away - we have to listen to those silly claims they had been acting in my interest about which I owed them a debt, while what happens is more a case of women affiliated to me being humiliated all day long, supporting the women which does not necessarily mean I had to lose my career or my academic studies but that was something they had to complete anyway.

They do claim I am an incredibly irritable fellow but I am, as it is what you become when people decide their sense of another human being existing as a person involved spending time to run them down and make them into irritable fellows that can be bullied for being irritable, yet at which stage the irritability affects their stupidities, they are not paid to get involved with me either. It is an old story about trashing my finances and career, then my health to goad me into doing the things that make my life better than their own for them, so that they might add it up to their popularity and confirm that they were right about their superiority to me the whole time. It is unbearably annoying, especially with respect to the fact that when I ask them to shut it down, it gets worse because I dared to tell them what to do – we have now done this for 6 years, this nonsense about the biggest asset that famous idiots and popularity gits had ever had was the way that criminals expressed an interest in me, such that what I did about interests that went too far, had already been passed off as another person’s career through Media, hence the problem never goes away. It then tell me I would not talk the way I do in certain places and certain neighbourhoods which does get me thinking if they believe they would have found it difficult to wreck my career and finances and hope to get paid for being popular from the way that criminals showed interests in me, complete with communities that got imagination up my bum, in their well off neighbourhood or it could have been that doing it in the worse off neighbourhoods was convenient but they are too narcissistic to keep from my Books and make the comments about their own career until it goes horribly wrong. It is not a threat to me in anyway, as mentioned, we have done it for 6 years and we have clearly seen them pay the bills once the last time we checked, so its not clear what problem exactly the middle-class stupidities had. Mine is that I planned my finances the way it has turned out, I did to ensure that from time to time, chasing my finances will be a matter of dire importance, which would get me round to the issues that I should be concerned with in a Hermitage, so whatever the results, if I have the cash flow anxiety, it is unreasonable – for them, they had since taken up positions on the grounds of Buckingham Palace to tackle me alongside their German idiots, such that if my cash flow anxiety affects the lower classes, it will distract the latter from their social concerns and the effects will show on their finances later on. What we have seen to be the result produced from this is a handful of idiots banging away at me, stemming from what had become of the way that the biggest thing that happened to famous idiots was the interest criminals paid to my concerns and these are the characters they think I should get into a fight with or I did not deserve to have my career which they will now take possession of, as stupidly as possible. What happens if I get into a fight with these people is that there will be none else out there pushing up the stress levels of the middle class idiots and of course there will be none pushing up their stress levels until they had to beat up the scumbags that tackle me relentlessly, hence its not clear why they tend to show up in public places to expect that I ought to get into a fight with idiots banging away problems at me, as stupidly as possible anyway. At this stage, what has become of that need to make comments about my Public image and my Books, which stifle the sales is that we have done a mile stone on their safety and security, thereby reaching the point at which that stupid, you, me, the employers and bottom chasing issues family life and finances is on the line – I think that the next insult from them will kick it off all together as it were, otherwise its not very difficult to stop wrecking my career, social life and finances or stop addressing me as we are not mates.

The black people have suggested that they had since made people suffer for the racism and slavery they have suffered which is utter nonsense here – what has happened is that they pick up a fight with white men that make a mess of my Bookshop to run off practical jokes that go round in circles and stop to make celebrity fools financially better off, while for their part, there is an issue brewing over something I said which must have been brewing because it was said when we sat down over a drink to have a conversation and had actually met – so it is an example of the beginning of the end and they will show up to express some respect for my career and get a book is they want to read. It is as they say I am a low life while I have only achieved about 60% of the lifestyle fitting of somebody who provides a product that requires such an amount of concentration as what Clients do with Books, so I am still out centre stage while I need to pay the bills and I have been chosen a painful way to get out of that damaging spotlight without success, the entire time of which these character are keeping their salaries. It is worth noting therefore that they were incredibly stupid people, but it should be recognised that they ensure their stupidities do not affect their own lives and careers – will pick up my service processes to build up gimmicks that aid it in a dream of popularity and issue threats as to what its stupidities think will happen if I did the same. Eventually we find it’s a question of which was stronger of the two, while reality is more a matter of the way these people meet up, the crowds they entertain, what they say when they inspire themselves, what the VIPs in their world look like – which is clearly not what Politicians and Church leadership is like either way, above all their own always tends to affect other people’s financial wellbeing and this is the reason that the consequences is mostly the bottom chasing issues and then they show up to trash my career over claims that their stupidities had done more to create a better society than I had – we have now ended up with threats whereby they had informed me they know where my Books are and plan to get paid for being popular on my social life either way, such that if I have failed to co-operate a community that hated people who got along with me will move into action, thus I never raise the issue until I think it is safe enough to, when it is safe enough to I will raise it and the fight will kick off Europewide as well, but for now I need to ensure they understood I know where my fame is as well.

They do love to suggest I underestimate the problem but I don’t – time, resources, health and career pursuits wasted by people who speak of dire Political integration matters that concerned the fact if it was done inaccurately the Police will be overwhelmed on the streets, they are not in positions of authority to make the decisions, I am not either, further threats from them is never going to end the way their popularity stupidities believe that their threats and harassment usually does here; I am certain if they read this, they will be smirking about being found out over a practical joke, because that is really all there is to it. The failure has been an inability to understand that if I felt threatened by them, I will respond to ensure this problem never turns up on my doorstep again. So, on matters of social concerns, I have been running off popularity that take advantage of how passionate they usually are when they get into trouble with the Police and I do get told its ineffective, but we know that depending on range and intensity, the fear of the tummy hurting effects causes the more dangerous criminals to give up completely on contacting their victims. What the Media and Celebrities have done is a join them if you cannot beat them gimmicks, now they are showing indications they thought their stupid selves must have adopted a position where they could begin to assert themselves. The core of the matter being that contrary to their belief that they do, they did not have an entitlement to access my career. They are now suggesting that my actions affect negatively other people’s ability to enjoy a Public life whilst what has really happened is that the Celebrities have picked up Public Office action on criminals, to perform a join them if you cannot beat them activity, that had since given rise to a process where they asserted themselves at some stage that they thought they were in a good enough position to – it is not an unusual story, just a fact that their stupidities do not affect them and their careers but where I am likely to be broken I suppose, is the point at which I am sorting a process of settling down in a relationship with somebody, only for their stupidities to show up and present me with instances where I had to become a seral killer until the Police found me out perhaps.

They never stop boasting about the way that it had taught me lessons as well but it had taught nothing whatsoever – I would have tackled them 8 years before we started having conversations about it at least, if I wanted the prove a point on the matter, so it is advisable they toned it down as well. The claims of how it’s a matter of clashing with important people is largely a story of the fact its about wickedness that can be done to another person and not a clash with important people – I had chosen a neighbourhood where people were relentless about such wickedness, especially the type where they built up a crowd that will support them playing practical jokes on peoples bright futures and careers, aiming to take up at least 90% of their victims time for it endlessly and also hoping that it will be seen as a practical joke that can be stopped when the worst was about to occur. The part the Celebrities engage with is a need to ally with criminals because an Arch Prince is about to be taken advantage of and I too had since decided how it will stop for my part i.e. when the previous group tackle me, I should build myself publicity and a crowd that agreed they were characters that loved to give up their pensions, while the Celebrities were characters that performed such wickedness as allying themselves with criminals to grab peoples careers because they would love to do Armed forces jobs at some stage in their careers – they too now have to decide how they want it to stop for them as well. The disrespect story is largely a matter of picking structures I created for my personal life, social life and career to do something else that settles their sense of convenience, the audacity of such nonsense which is rather incredible and by the way they were not disrespectful if their abuses are set to get me off a Hermitage into a conversation with them about respect I deserved or homosexuals showing up to desire one product about which my business was destroyed on account it was built around my religious beliefs, claiming I am homophobic as well for good measure – the sort of insults and abuses that were developed before, through and after Hilary Clinton contested Elections with Donald Trump in the US, still being channelled on  stupid media that talks about disrespect because their idiocy wants a proper response from me as well. The part about picking up my career and social life structures for something else being shown to have made sense in terms of some stupid industrial popularity where they dug my business for profits on account they were scared of market but had to do business, dug it until they dug my assets, then they got about with a Media to tell lies about it as an exit, even so while they continued every time they wanted, therefore incredibly respectful, shooting off the dirty mouth at me on media all day. There are these other fools who claim I am an arsehole characters but it is a story where enough had not yet died as well I suppose – nothing to worry about, just indications they were projecting their stupid selves unto me, somebody must have beaten something up intensely at some stage I suppose and I do assess if it had reached the point where the pressure they applied on me was meant to make me into an activist that spent time in obscurity and destitution and mostly talked about other peoples problems, eventually developing into violence because I failed to comply – they never take the risk, what they do instead, is build up the criminal violent lasciviousness to blab about having grabbed my Public image and social life but if I attacked them, there will be none to push up the stress levels for the Celebrities as well, hence I do not. The situation is such that the idiots will pick up a random person to attack when that stupid world of me, you, the employers and the bottom chasing issues caved in on them and they could not fight their corner, hence this time they had picked me, blowing off that big mouth when the source of Publicity for my Bookshop was the Equities I brokered with companies which employed them.

It is suggested I was meant to be the bigger person in all these and we rather appear to be equals but we are not equals at all – this is a handful of goons with ideas about fooling around with my career and finances until they had to catch their breath, hence their great accomplishment was one in which they had successfully prevented me playing with women over their own as well, they had stopped it apparently and the end of that had been achieved. So we listen to claims instead that there were nothing I could do if they had support from the USA, which never makes sense as I do not live in the US, which if I did the stakes would have been higher, considering that the only time we have been able to co-exist have been times that they were either caught up with so much problems I was low priority or I was not counted among those who were thrilled about their activities and in the US, there was no general sense that if you left your career, you were entitled to find it as you left it when you returned, never mind the fact there was no welfare state. The support for the US issues are developed around their need to put up money leverage at market and trade as if somebody had lost something important until it became real, then Celebrities will be part of it but where it should have ended start a campaign of hunting for other peoples incomes because they believed they had enough money to make their own unreachable but then again, I don’t live in the USA and the Government there does not make public policy as a matter of my existence, it is important they take the exit and make comments about their careers, not blab about the size of US military deciding how much money I can earn. Eventually it comes down to their gimmicks that progresses this nonsense to a point where Central Banking makes decisions on the basis of people being bullied when money is being made and it causes me to assess the University fiasco that would have meant this was not a problem for me, as the reason to kick them again, we have seen evidence so far that if I built a campaign on it when I did it, they would progress from a decision to live their lives by pushing up their stress levels which they then blamed on others, instead of stop bullying other people, to a life where they did not have a choice of what became of the stress their stupidities want to play with, showering others with insults endlessly all the time.

HH The Arch Prince's Auto Industry Property, Company Auto Industry Property Assets and Book sales Assets Securitised, written out in functional Aesthetics 


The general behaviour of finances and investments are going to be determined by the actions of the media is the mystery continues to be upheld that such things as advertisement which suggest that people buy products if they are shown to have expressed enough done on my part to provide people with privileges through them when all I have done is broker securities that companies comply with to provide them what they need is actually what an advertisement should be especially when the excuse for it is that of what modernisation for our times and a process of not doing yourself worse off has become. Noting also that the way the media idiots that do it has more to do with the condition where companies open float their affairs to attract shareholders who buy shares and provide funding for a profit, which somehow makes for board meetings that becomes their opportunity to vouch for advertisement contracts which are paid for with enough millions that ensure when Companies do not comply with what they want and stay away from those they demand should be isolated and abused for riches, then they can deploy the money and take over the firms and companies anyway and do the advertisement the way they want to do it. It does nothing but set the stage for a reckoning after I have had so much of my time spent on showing me how to leave on meagre resources while fulfilling a government office, in which condition I have nothing to loose if I feel like handling their cities and offices in within the same prognosis of behaviour as well. This is not to say that I do not know that the Literary Empire and its global Intellectual space and the Equities brokered in it is perfectly safe and that people can see that through the products no matter how the advertisement is arranged, it is to say that these facts must be made obvious and that no body would tolerate such advertisement as that which determines whom people get involved or associated with as well as determines I have by royal property done enough t provide people with enough privileges through the products if they buy them. Hence the state of affairs of the general question around the world of what it is the media can do if I do whatever I like with them.

It is all so very well to banter the wealth distribution but it tends to occur without a mention of a process where people cannot exist unless they are selecting all the good things about other peoples lives to provoke and see them get angry perpetually with - when mentioned, like every other wickedness that does not involve a process of actually killing people, it becomes the meaning of life itself with Media fools dancing all around it and pretending advertisement will be made on it too without any trouble whatsoever which has also created a set and definite challenge.

These creative and creativity Equities and Securities are designed to set out HH The Arch Prince's Property and Holdings brokered with Auto Companies - Property developed around a structural need to ensure people are stimulated to pioneer things whether they liked it or felt like it or not, are never allowed to pretend to or actually be equals with The Arch Prince himself as they can never be, a process of getting out of bed to secure a means of exasperating them secured to bear the fruit of moving into their communities to do whatever needs to be done with it and whatever contraptions for hurting people they have there which they call business and the dispelling of the myth, the myth of vandalism that The Arch Prince of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is not a competitive Individual.


What HH has been preoccupied with in the last few years is the Auto Industry Europe wide. The result is the cars we have today, created with their own social juxtapositions and intellectual space complete with the solving of social issues in the process of manufacturing which is an absolute manufacturer and consumers dream, not creations that seem to fall off from nowhere while men give it as good as they get and everybody wrestles with Nationalism. It is clear that they are all somebody's creations and detached from politics which is another positive. HH is using the extremity of writing it for two reasons; one of them being to express his excitement and appreciation of how people have responded to these Automobiles and other manufactured products and his Equities and Securities, even in the Architectural industry and also how they have reacted to the identities they represent, which also means we have independently more so for the Prize of our own stability and right to determine the market and Price of our products away from Politics sourced risks, costs, inflation and economic incompetence and instabilities, moved a productive and industrial world out of war and instability in fundamental identity, for which those who create such things knowing it destroys peoples equity, have no intentions to pay for them but wish to be rewarded for doing so, on account we have continually put up without question with a world that thinks it is power, which needs to stop. Clearly the line is way too blurred between the advertisements we see and the Publicity that people who work in media organisation and such industries chase. 

It is not to detract from the fact that Nationalist sentiments still exist in the industry as a whole, One is rather celebrating the appreciation of his own intellectual space and how it is being used and indeed the excitement for what it is being used and how people have responded to the products that stem from them.

He is still aware that people are bullying others and extinguishing people's way of life with the use of Parliamentary Legislation because they wish to drive their anger towards people for no reason even further than they already have, for the purpose of bullying people in order to look beautiful enough through satisfied sadism to get jobs, which makes people ugly anyway through publicity if they previously were not and speaking of which is the standard they have set for the right to get employment after already ruining people's health, claiming their victims stifle their future on the left, while they move right of everybody to be in the most respected places that bullies must occupy which is destructive and distracting and demands what it has not allowed people time and resources to create with their big mouth and of course naturally, bullying employers and businesses through intimidation and other ways  to stop them employing others while getting jobs out of them, more so with the use of all these process of playing around with peoples personal lives, privacy, eventually board meetings thereof and thereby grabbing peoples equity to find evils that can be mixed with it in order to come up with fascist powers or alternative renaissance and attitude which they claim is a plan for a stronger and better future, as they vote Politicians that are like them into administrative offices, to decide what competition laws should be for example among other evils.  Although they have not become powerful with this last item yet, the way has been led from France with the banning of people's religious dressing-we await further progress on the matter.

Now I should mention that the Popular idea is generally that this firm is under a lot of crisis because the idiots responsible for such things have invested so much of their time over the year to acquire an ability to wind me up, which Politicians claim is not provocative because they are the bosses as it were. I simply think that the idea this firm is in any crisis that they have created and like to tend to show they will do anything to maintain everyday on media is generally a factor of insults they want to be rewarded for and lies they tell later to hide outcomes and consequences, which for me at the moment run along the lines of provocations that have to do with how their Celebrity handling and Celebrity management businesses are untouchable and I do not really believe that it is true for my part either. There is still so much to do about them to bring them to a mental state whereby it is a case that they buy products to consume them, not buy them to find out who brokered equities where in order for the products to exist. For me it is still a wonder, that it is impossible for them to buy products and consume them clearly and simply without causing any trouble for buying products. Their Celebrity management businesses are not untouchable. 

The claim I am responsible for these things because I am interfere with their lives and not the other way round is never true; what is true is that they love to pretend to own or partake in ownership of my company and Royal estate equities and securities, each time they dabble into the lives of rich people who own large companies and get involved in things such individuals do with games of power and so to say I have had enough of them having put up with it for such a long time as it were, is an understatement.

12.00 noon 22 July 2012    And it is not to say as well that most of what they do is not geared at locating somebody to take their problems out on, when others do things to them which they do because their entire existence is a factor of destroying lives and property. So the claim I am a coward is to be considered as well and I do not suppose it is that much of a problem to mention that it may be either way but my actions happen to be that which is acceptable to everybody and then again, this may be where the cowardice lies as well. I do not consider it to be much of a problem, they are simply a collection of very evil people with very strange cultural needs whose entire notion of life is about seeing another person commit sins and wickedness, whose entire notion of success is about those who have it but do not have it anymore because they are now the new owners and cannot leave people alone or stay out of other peoples lives, especially what benefit of disillusion that will give them in case they need to be criminals to make or have money. I am not of the impression they have the right to touch me should any fight get into a process and it is that which over time being the provocation continues for a long period that has created the idea I am scared of violence, which of course I guess is a good thing anyway but it does not change any of the facts either way.

I mean for most of the time that you hear your preacher say something about mocking the gospel and how some people live by it, they will mention something about those who latch onto areas of the bible where discussions have been made about the use of alcohol, so you tend to see the good in people and never imagine that there are people who think that if Christians did make themselves available to be hurt and attacked like the promised they will not retaliate, then there would be no racism because no body would have a wicked need to provoke a racist who kills him and neither will anybody a wicked need which drives them on and on until they provoke somebody who is somewhat deranged who then murder them and Politicians like them much for these their evil violent media led persecutions of course, however it is still the last thing you hear them mention when they complain about the outcome of the fact a Christian is not necessarily half a person. That stupid culture is mine and of course it is worth recognising that for all their vanity they have not once true to form and source of riches, been able to pay for the mess they make and make those like it was water to drink as well and I am game for it too, its about time therefore.



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Current Publications 


The equity I provided for the Auto Industry was largely based on Auto Manufacturing as followed up from other aesthetic persona derived or extracted from my Intellectual Property that is based on providing self created and managed personal security, which is meant to detach the consumer from unhealthy fundamentalism. 

So far Auto manufacturing in Europe especially but including other parts of the world like the US and Japan have done very well on the mater but the part that is lagging is the aesthetic creativity based on the recognition of the fact that Fascist communities and their sympathisers always tend to go for something they have seen somewhere which is largely at all times bigger than them and many times bigger than they can afford, which they always want to have at somebody else's expense-an expense that run along the lines of the pleasure of feeling that people have to be tough and hard working in a cut throat world because products are market obsolete as they are created, hence the creation of Automobile along this line of aesthetic security will finally consume (and consumate) the issue of sustainability, consumer protection, brand security all over the industry Globally, which is why I have stated it here.

I determine where the economy is recovery when there are less obstacles I have to deal with, with respect to my book sales and the success of my books, because it would have meant more people are investing comfortably. I am not suggesting that Bargain systems are bad or wrong, I am saying it is not the economy itself, it is simply a cluster of situations which dissipate at its convenience although it does people very little or no harm at all.

Obviously without me a lot of the things that exist in the world would not have done so; and of course those that are responsible for this disposition (contributors and destroyers alike) Politicians, Media, Businesses and all worth not idiots have not yet paid enough to satisfy me yet and so do the insults and financial assaults of their book sale killing naughty twins and their I am famous and have money, so prefer to buy the products which were created from broking equities with you than buy your books, need to be dead buried and forgotten.

It is always about how to attack people while they are at work in a way which gets their attention usually their products and income without any reason whatsoever because the purpose is to start off claims they stole it from them on media and then they must have hit the jackpot and they can never be satisfied with money attention and connections and should actually make no progress whatsoever with it bearing in mind this being the way they intend to acquire those because they have already wrecked peoples lives and finances and those people therefore have nothing left for them to claim was stolen which they can take and therefore need to have something first which they can take for them to take, which is disregarded because media can always be used to create an effect.

A certain retrospective consideration suggests that we are at the loss and therefore have trouble recognising who or what was the real problem during the First and Second World Wars. Whereas in actual fact it was the Germans that did the evil thing of bringing technology into warfare. The popular idea was of course borrowed from the evidence in history that the best equipped Army always won the day, what they were referring to was the difference between the copper, bronze and Iron age, during which time the primary motive was that the best way to ensure a human being was dead, was to have something sharp and hard sticking out of him or her but even then, it was all shrouded in making your enemy give in and followed on by colonial rule until it party ends in some way, later on costs meant they had to build better sharp hard things that would be used in battle over and over and over again and put away in am Armoury for deployment when needed. What the Germans did was create themselves a government of Pimps and Scientists who had their anti-religion problems to settle that freedom wind surfing idiots have never really accepted they created for the world as a problem - the same thing of which is what we see today with Politicians and their problem with the Church, which becomes more and more vicious when it comes to the relationship that their followers and fans have with Christians but will never ever ever admit that they have created a problem, to build themselves huge amounts of technological advancements, then declare war on others, so that it became a sport of killing people for them, which meant that those who defended themselves had only the hope of destroying those bag-log of technological creations and this again for the Germans meant the only way to protect those creations was to kill those who were trying to destroy them; so it was no war, it was mass murder in a scale never seen before in human history and never will be again. For those their evil fans of a power by this route however, the only thing that saying this earns me is attacks on my income by the savaging of my equities and intellectual property, which is what all these years of destruction, while they themselves amount to nothing was all about in the first place; is it still happening because what I own cannot be exhausted or is the fact what I own cannot be exhausted by their insults an iron clad excuse for something more sinister which continues to grow in its evils and wickedness on a daily basis? The Politicians will answer this question someday.

The lie that they expect the rest of us to try and live by which their other peoples ferral privacy rummaging media like to help them with, is that of how their side of society is part of one or the other; this is never true, it is rather a microcosm of society by its own right, separate from the real world that the rest of us who got our issues with the law settled in order to move on with important things a long time earlier actually live and has its own left (where people pray hope work and work really hard to see bad things happen to good people so that they can gloat at them for power and money and even connections), right (where all the insolent violence which are all born out of spiritual wickedness as well, which they work with operates with plans to get rich) and Centre (where they plan nothing from childhood but riches and money without work). I quite enjoy pushing their women to work too hard at it which causes them to vote for the wrong Politicians to seek revenge, so that I can work on the matter - here they know they are terrified of me and are working hard to change that as well instead of leave me alone. It is not that they do not know that when Automobiles appear on showrooms, they have come from a process where somebody brokered Financial and Aesthetical Equities with another to create them, they do (and this is the illusion people fall for at the market place). Their intrusion and insults are entirely a factor of deeply rooted appetite for destruction which is the source of all the problems they either mention or get violent for and its only purpose is to have something they can unleash on chosen target in return for money favours.


With regards to Auto insurance, the basis on which I have developed the mode of the market is based first of all on the prognosis that I have written most of my work with existence of content that will be viewed normally as that which comes from a certain behaviour and language classed as obscenity in a social context, although the instances are barely significant in the books, we all know however that they should not be there and this is because whilst I want to banish it to history, I also want it to be recognised that those languages were and still part part of our culture. So in a picture sense, it is all drawn up along the lines of cultures that in my Empire trust and Emporium, I wish to consign to history, of which at the heart of what we decide is where the future lies, is the issue of the environment firmly rested on the shoulders of our time. In effect, the idea is that the history of for example consigned obscenities having formed the basis of intellectual property developed to foster the creation of the automobiles themselves, the lack of peace of mind that comes with such things as breakdowns and other unforeseen mishaps, will be considerable for the normal reasonable person on the streets, it is on this basis that car insurance must also be tailored for the future with the needs of the environment at its heart.

Of course I am aware of supply side economy games being played; it is the biggest problem we have all around because the goons that think it is a game do politics and want power for the most part. The reality here is that they do not recognise any real industry leadership that does not happen to have been their own and I will not tolerate their supply side nonsense and have not on any occasion asked them to distribute either the services of this company or indeed my books for me, let alone the idea that when they get involved with companies it automatically means things like Nationalism with or without it of which is the result that I have immediately relinquished ownership of company property and brokerages to them and it applies a lot to really silly Americans I am recently done with over the game of turning up on my property to sit around crunching numbers regarding how rich it can make them at the financial markets – now it should be clear to others as well that there is no time whatsoever to tolerate their games and that this is not their property nor is my mentioning these things to be construed as an interference with public and global appearances and statements of Companies and Industries and the Products they create, important that we therefore have some civility around here and I do not give a toss what their Politicians think about me now and never have in the past. I too it should be noted do consider Business run or owned by black people and Africans to be a plaything for me, something I can put a wry smile on my face with when I have my way with it and get from doing so anything that I am normally not allowed to have and of course they always say they want to do what they want to do with a supply side of economy like I have with the demand side but what I have done is ring fence and shut down access to demand for my products because they all continue whites and none whites alike to think of themselves as gang badge bullies who have my finances in places and conditions I cannot control what they do with it, have their access to media to do whatever they please provoking me all the time bottom my finances out everyday, since Politicians last deployed government office to do that with tax payer funds in order to find other excuses with which to furnish them free money for power and a means of playing games with my property and getting ahead of me doing so - ring fenced the profit margins of this company I did and now there is a whole new frontier out there at their expensive and the cost for them is incredible just for a handful of books I can write to that effect at any time and still while they complain I cannot get to the Office without the  worst and highest possible feelings of insecurity occurring over what is happening to my property in public places, on account my income and the perks of my job are to be shared every blessed day and I want them off my Royal Property and my Writing Empire, its derivatives and earnings and off my Income as well. For the purpose of which there is no such thing as my sexual habits which provoke Politicians, I know that my sexual habits provoke Politicians but they were created to cater for a process where I am attacked by them for being a moral and hard working person on account they want to deploy my personality for other things and also expect a process to exist whereby people will be moral enough to accept that justice and equality and social integration is a good and acceptable thing to aspire to. Hence the reality is that if I were to give them 12 years of my time they will attack me and stifle my finances 24/7 for the period of 12 years and counting with no care whatsoever for the damage it is doing to society as a whole to do such things for that level of frequency to any body - hence I know I do not sleep with peoples wives but I have all these people that help me fake it  and the numbers are incredible as well; so that they can damned if you do and damned if you do not at those they are certain against whom they can win a fight the next time they think about it, by the way of which for the record whenever they think they want to kick it off ought to know where I stand is that i think they might want to tell their journalists to keep their insults to themselves for a change.

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