They speak of my inability to love the undemocratic disposition I have chosen while I have such a personal problem with the democratic one and I wouldn’t know anyway since it is obvious they love to pick a fight with people they have never met and get off on their stupid media to get it making their foolish minds up for them all the time. Otherwise if I said that what happens is that they show up to mess up my whole life and not just aspects of it, in order to tell me that another group of persons are what I should be paying attention to if I am angry about it, they would never listen because the media is where they have set up a disposition that says that I never show my face in Public. It’s usually a wonder to see some white low life who thinks he is out of my league in the worst possible neighbourhoods gathering with other white youths and talking conspiracy all the time but it is not a wonder to those who know that it is a criminal that is clever at his criminal career such that he never does it to results that means when the Police get involved he will be getting into any trouble in a serious way – so getting up on that media to pick out that position where I need to show my face in public while they wind me up all the time is not something that will ever let them feel good too; its important they shut their filthy mouths as there is nothing I say they will ever listen to because of it, therefore involvement with me is supposed to be physically hurtful. Another example is the film industry where they have taken over my equities and made films and displayed themselves as owners of the property at the credits and when I make them understand it’s a big joke, what happens is that criminals have a new role that involved enforcing film patents, especially led by Americans, hence it’s not such a farfetched idea I have had enough of their nonsense too. They do speak of physical bits which would have involved making sure those who complain about these criminals at my expense on one hand and the criminals on the other are tackling each other while I am teaching both lessons they will never forget too but then again, its important they know we are all adults and they need to choose their stupid sources of fun very well indeed. I do get asked why I am able to handle these matters in such ways and it is usually suggested I am an evil person myself but this is not true; the reason is that every single thing we see these fools do in Public places and that media and lazy private security industry, along with other crap heads in the secret services that makes up their stupid minds for them is based on some form of freedom of associated or another being exercised – so before then, they must have decided it as a group and love to show up on media to make out it is circumstantial whereas it was the order of the day and they were itching for an excuse with that big mouth. So 20 persons will gather somewhere and decide how they wish to be fascists and racists, they will get off and ensure there is global reputation that says it is all about my Royal Estate for months and then try to maintain the fact they did as some part of my history that I am so afraid of them I cannot get out of, by which to tell me what to do and build their stupid cowardice well off villainy into an impetus for violence – so they now know we shouldn’t be in this position at all if they are not found around my Books; it’s not that I am unhappy that we are as such but it’s a piece of advice that as long as they continue to build up their senselessness and use it to prevent my Books getting sold, to talk nonsense about how powerful the devil is, then we will continue a project here to confiscate that stupid media and celebrity culture and popularity culture and every nonsense at their disposal that they can get on my nerves with. 

There are more serious matters around this case, such as what happens with British International responsibility, about which on this particular case of Counterfeiting and organised crime we have built our relations with China, while it is the US that always had the responsibility to Police the World and decide how people should not earn money because it will amount to a threat that others have to deal with, so their stupidities are not necessarily a surprise to me, just the story of the need to approach me and put up stupid questions about democracy and freedom. 

Of course it is the usual utter nonsense of being told I advocate big US global roles and then will complain about it later but we all know the Dollar is a global trading standard and so when people want to carry out activities that harm people but create them opportunities to own those pieces of papers with central banking governors signatures on it by which they can secure themselves values to run their lives with, it’s the US that gets involved most of the time, hence the global Police title. At the moment they are earning their money from the scum that spend their wealth fighting others – where it is clear that a million pounds would sort out a pension for 20 people comfortable but his savings alone is 50 times that and hence thinks you are always on a wild goose chase when you think you can defend yourself from him all the time; whereas the reality is that the tummy churning things works only in terms of surprise partnerships you discover that you have with a millionaire and his queer idiots unnecessarily, beyond which every other talk of their money prevailing at the end is utter nonsense – I mean for instance I broker my equities and simply ignore them while I set about working those equities to protect the interests of the companies and making money from mine like everybody else do with their own but we have now seen them come up with stories of how I get about picking up things I have already given up and making a career out of it while it is part of a high end product that is meant to serve a customer without flaws, now they have the effrontery to tell me that their stupid money will always prevail when realities about women starting campaigns that mean they want to push back and grab back as well suggests it is not a theory based on fact i.e. the government can print more money into the economy to devalue that stupid wealth but that will improve living conditions and also bring about inflation which damages living standards, thus we can do it ourselves instead and they do blab about environments that can be damaged to harm me among other things I care about and I suppose that is true then that they have things they need to run out of quickly all together as well – their stupid money will only prevail when we give them that stupid Industrial separatism they want to much and ensure they exist in an environment that allows us to get on and make money with it depending on being able to fulfil the conditions to do so – otherwise picking up my equities at the Companies and running a career with it without problems should have been a respectful live and let live situation that actually adds up to normalcy. Its like its really twisted and the more you may try to make it straight is the more twisted it gets, so it grabs my asset equities and invests it in a certain way.



I should declare that it is ultimately my intention to achieve the means by which the UK economy is broken up into Equity Sections which are to be managed by the Bank of England. The result of this will therefore be that businesses that run into trouble and go into administration will have their affairs taken over by the Government, this means that the government gets to provide Political leadership on the matter of whether the Business is sold up at the stock market and or shut down not the owners working the issues of fixing the problem, if they feel there is a problem to be addressed by themselves. Not only will this mean that the Bank can control and withdraw Equities in weak Areas of the economy (it needs to become an in or out and or in and out affair), it will also mean that only those who are running a proper Enterprise or running an Enterprise properly will succeed to the highest order in the UK.  The rest will simply have to give me as well as the Country a break - a blag should be a blag or a real world blag and not a blackmail.

Hence it also therefore applies that need arises for the BOE to have enough means of fail-safe mechanism to shut down the government's ability to borrow to an extent which may be required and the reason is that some Politicians simply do not seem to understand the dire need to detach Trade deficits from National debt and since their opinions have been more and more forceful, it must be assumed that the same matter above applies. prognosis being how worse off the National Banks are when technically with their culture of business they provide the employees that provide the banks with customers, who later have their mortgages and savings blown away by the commercial Banks and their dealings - worse still therefore is this new statement coming forth from the market itself which suggests that free Banking is a liability for the Commercial Banks, indicating that something is artificially doing things to change the fortunes of the National Bank by Altering the Market - hence in accordance with Principles of demand and supply for the National Bank to begin providing other services though Government managed trusts like savings, pensions and mortgages.


The idea created that I am on the side of terrorists and that terrorists feel that way too has not got a single ounce of fact to it and even the terrorists know that too, its just a card that they like to play and more so all the time as well. Typical example of what happens is that you walk down the streets and come across a bearded Muslim, he will expect you to step off the road and hand it to him and his reasons will be the question of whether you are blind and cannot see that a war is going on. Naturally of which is happens because he does not know who you are but more important than that is the fact you can only imagine what is happening in the Middle East. This illusion is largely created of course by the other terrorists we have which come in the form of American Politicians and their friends around the world; when you hold government office and people tell you to hand over ideas and sensibilities or indeed any property you may own which is likely to be in their interest if it were in their possession, not even the threat to nuclear bomb the world should make you comply with such a demand, so the blackmail will simply sit around in International circles like it is presently and take as many forms as it may well wish; you never negotiate with terrorists in government office. Of course there is the little twitchy complicit developing economies media villainy but it is not a new story; I suppose the best way to say that the fact I sometimes fall ill and my body temperature sometimes rises above normal when I have failed to eat at the correct time, can only become something that does not create such widespread and sustained state of affairs of abuse and cursing me from really insolent none white women who have desires to have sex with me to a point where it stirs racism, if somebody finds a way to have them deported. Food for thought naturally falls within the parameters of the bad things happening which can be used to sweep away those who stand between them and their infantile needs on grounds of freedom and capitalism; so of course we have already got the part where being removed from my life as a Christian with media gets to mean what life I have been made to live shows I am of a lower background than they are and all I do should have been theirs to do, all I own theirs to have owned with a big mouth.

We hear this story of people who want to resolve issues with One through  War and so on and of course which there are no issues to resolve at all - only people coming to realisation that living in a World where they have never experienced what it is like to have their parents put the foot down when they are being really naughty, added to getting around at Clubs and Bars where they have access to drugs that are being trsnported to them from all kinds of criminal routes, is not an indication I may be a Royal Prince but they are better human beings who have experienced more luxury, knows more of the world and have had a etter background than I have had, bearing in mind I may also have a tendency to put their own to the test as well. I personally cannot understand why people do it anyway bearing in mind that if a person lives in London for instance, there is high probability that one day he might be walking down the Street a cool evening and find himself walking by the Prime Minister; but does it then mean that he has become the same thing as the Prime Minister or does it mean that he lives in the Capital and that all kinds of people live in it too? It is the disparity between the UK and the US which the Muslims that like to beat up and terrorise people are learning about all the time - that for instance whilst in the UK you can practice your religion and nobody would pay attention regardless of what kind it is, until a bad thing happens or somebody gets hurt and then people start to form a habit of making you conform first before you can practice it - in the US, you must conform first before you can practice your religion at all and it is clearly something they cannot use Media and Communism to confuse people with no matter how hard they try, even though they are not wanting for instances where they have exhibited themselves on the Media for doing so.

I. Uno I


The Money market is a hypothetical existence, bearing in mind that by the standards of the Money market the consumer is all powerful and this dependency on the consumer economics means that money always increases with value steadily and indefinitely. The base function of what is being done here therefore is the trade in Economic history, by which Equity is derived and writing it here is an Act on my part to liaise my Securities with the Bank of England to secure a more confident lending sector in the Economy after the previous crisis. I must therefore stress that I say what I have said in perfect understanding that a larger proportion of the business community depends on what the consumer thinks; this power has got to be undone.

It must be respected that the problem here is that immediate history and opportunity cost services (testing services to push out rise in cost of products) as combined with the management of their time, means that inflation is always constant; when this is weighed against the Economy the possibility of recovery looks rather bleak. Bearing in mind however that scarcity can be a resource and it is important for the businesses and Financial services of the world, especially those situated in the City of London to work with us on this matter, as the creation of more money means the depletion of Economic success.

Having ended up therefore with ownership of enough of the worlds economic intellect for the purpose, HH must then make it clear that the line drawn here, with all expressed deep contempt for Fundamental and Ideological dishonesty, which take a new turn each time he has gathered, brokered and set them in place on his books, is that of following what he has done in the form of moving the world from a bad economic past to a good economic future by spending his equities and securities to, which real market value must never be disclosed and for this too, he wants certain conditions to be adhered to especially those on the "Diplomacy" via the "Other News" page.

The security status is that of the idea of reporting HH books all over the world with the use of the News instead of buying them, when people want to extract derivatives from them, which encourages industrial espionage against him must be curbed before it moves from an anomie to a contact based crime, which is what he is doing thereby extending the security to the matter of hidden markets and their evils. It has led to a condition where he ends up with a part of the worlds economic intellect which is created along the lines of the thoughts of the peoples of the world being directed along the lines of his copyrighted work, which is then still his property as well not to mention abuses their human rights, hence has become therefore an economic intellect just by some of the worst things in the world itself being an aspect of his Empire, and exists both as an opportunity cost and a Liability to him at the same time, while being an economic intellect and nothing he has done in the Eastern Part of the world or indeed in the West and South Americas will end excuses which have no basis on fact because of it. Some may view this as market innovation but it must be recognised it would never happen but for persecuting him over his faith and the abuse of his privacy, which gave access to his aesthetics and has now ended up in insecurities along the lines of their insults, especially over telling him to lead from the front. (and the subsequent benefit of robbery based on omissions from his work on his part, the presumption of telling him what to do with the use of media and the desire to get rich after vandalism in the East so they can be more secure at it in the west, because they can presume ownership of what they find out he should have done). 


The Monetary market is a hypothetical existence. This means that any item which is certified and recognised can fill its vacancy. This creates as such the need for the Government to be on standby when the BOE initiates quantitative easing in the economy, to move the Economy on in any event of price irregularities. In order to sustain any given Economic Policy of allocation and insurance in any or every two successive Business and or Economic cycle. As such of which not doing so resulting in the loss of a definitive determination of standard of living and the resulting Prices irregularities and Price wars would not have been a function of Economic conditions but an absence of Political leadership and imagination  

I Uno I



Firm National Banking Assets written out in Functional Aesthetics 


There is this talk I am aware, of a case where I am trying to make wealth out of a mental illness I have got and it’s as though it’s the panacea for getting attention from me all together; it actually does not bother me too much, it’s a calculable risk for those who kick start their careers while they are still studying, so I expect the behaviour, the problem for the wider public however is the question they never answer as per the one concerning the reasons that they do it. I mean my personal view of the behaviour is one that only has a place in some organised comedy play and it’s not exactly clear why it shows up around other people’s career all the time nor indeed have they explained why they behave in such ways; so it might want to stay away from my Books that do not do them any favours unless they were the ones that actually wrote it all together as it were, before it gets a bit more stupid, talentless git who says if you call him stupid you will get into trouble passing around great insults where his mate has got mental illness. I have mentioned this issue several times about their position in society being below local professionals and then below public service operatives and then we can count the others above that until we reach elected Cabinet operatives but unless I mention the talentless and insulting git with ideas about who has mental illness bit, reality does not appeal to them in anyway. The only time that people have a semblance of peace and normalcy with these goons is when they are gorging themselves on your work and property from a position where you cannot reach them or stop them or interfere – when that peace and semblance of normalcy is affected, you know you must have performed an activity that has taken them away from your possessions in some way and this is where people think I am in deeper trouble than others realise but I am not in any trouble whatsoever; the first bit they complained about was when they picked up my work and public image and intellectual property to run off to parts of the world where it has never been seen to make some money and get off to Caribbean Islands and other Tourism economies to spend it enjoying life and passing insults at me that are so grave a bird will be forced to carry it around the world, now they are just talking nonsense about the fight they have had to get themselves stuck in and threatening me will definitely wind me up as well. I mean it does nothing else except damage trading standards for a Country; everything a Company located there can point out and say it is what is happening in our backyard if you want to sight see and it is what is happening in our frontage if you want to have a look and the idiots will make money no other way, of which you will get into trouble should you call them stupid – just saying, in case it gets serious at the point where National security operatives are drafted over the matter. It is pity that prevents me from voicing my opinions about what I really think of it ever so often but we can equally see the frequency by which they handle my income and when they feel resisted, set out a story about some mental illness I have got on media and it’s just one of many very violent abuses they deploy for such purposes every day.

It does appear we have in the UK become the worlds Police Man without the resources or capability to fulfil the role all together and this is why their insults are so frequent because they think they have reasonable disposition to be confident about it but in the end although they speak of spending time in the UK to learn about the way of the British that they hope to fight back with, it is not as if they are getting economic separatism out of it anyway; any behaviour that amounts to frisking property to find out it works in order to start a fight and have a market share by which to pile one of their own high at a warehouse and sell it cheap, will still be seen as a form of vandalism and by the time it is done with they will still have the ability to show up at a Law Court to blab about things that take up the time even more. The alternative to the use of their great strength that threatens and abuses and attacking soft people all the time is when they move out of the UK and settle somewhere else but usually they say they are not going anywhere and I am wondering what the blabbing is all about all together anyway. Every time One decides to sit back and forget about it, start afresh and let go, what one ends up thinking about no thanks to the American secret services, full of idiots and popular culture and stupid media with Industrial espionage in mind and a problem with Russia to go with it, is that if I am struck in a soft place one more time I will be getting after that stupid failure based eating disorder as well: to prevent that process where I am slowly becoming them while they are becoming me with a plan to not spare the chastisement and punishment in mind, when it was always easier to get involved with peoples concerns, a plan in mind to go along with the rules as it were.

Which brings us to a case of my activities interfering with security services of which if not such a tale half the time then we have the bit where I keep secrets with the Queen that is worthy of punishment and nobody can actually work out which of the two they are after; so an example is when I mention that I am about to move on and forget about it before somebody displays a map of Brazil on media and strikes me in a soft place like he does with every part of my Public life and means the issue will be resolved when I start to work his stupid insulting failure based eating disorder as well; so right down to the celebrities at court doing their part especially on using peoples studios to make money as well, while I provide them with structures that allow their kids to do well with academics as well, these things do well only when these idiots keep their dirty mouth shuts lest I pull their fucking intestines as well or somebody makes them to give me a fighting chance.


After years of making the technologies for this financially obsolete all over the world and legal gaps by which market through it can sustainable cost ineffective because those who run such things attack his book sales and presume perceptions they have moved into his right to be in the special place of power in his life has come to mean some kind of reality, for which recovery only depends on the perceptions that media bandy about in the minds of the public for the purpose of helping people to use their capital to extract money from HH's equities without buying his books and what he do to set those outside serious matters-it seems all it does is hurt him now whenever people try to commit crimes along these lines, which is not a problem he has ignored all together, even though as a matter of ideology he has completely.

There are now two major facts to it; the first being that there are people he trusts with his books like his Publishers for example and there are people he trusts with other things like this website for example, who are betraying his trust, besides which there are nothing else to worry about. To this the fact remains that it makes no sense to anybody that while one is carrying on with a job, somebody else is on the sidelines somewhere in society betraying his trust, except of course if they had done it in terms of the creating of those media perceptions that commercials industries can manipulate him with, for these kinds of things he has done, which they use to extract millions from any people who are willing to buy his books and then further deployed to make him come up with trends and trends and daily trends on a daily basis or extract it from his right to exist, which then means he get to the point where he extracts equities from their business and trys to sell my books while having them as leverage as they get rich making a one up for themselves on absolutely everything he does and thinking it some kind of game on their bad habits and then embarrassingly to the point of financial problems following HH everywhere he goes with great insults for the purpose, which is clear he had settled it all without becoming some kind of stupid Holy War lord, which is their most recent prognosis on what he should be made into because there is terrorism in air, which they make out  he shall be made into for people who share the same skin colour as him, which is why he also usurps their equities as well, since they have shown him the way, so that he and those who trouble him might at some point meet in the middle. Hence all that they have done is destroy any kind of future that their businesses must have had in order to get rich and as usual are already making plans and lots of noise about things they will do when they do not have what they want from HH, which is not One's business essentially.

The other fact is that of media idiots insulting and goading HH all the time to the effect of this happening, to keep up the perceptions because they have got links with these kinds of individuals, while at the same time having connections they claim to have with wealth distribution gurus. For which there is only the Question: the question of whether they would not have solved the problem by buying a book from this website, rather than talk rubbish in public all the time. So they can claim One forces people to buy his books and when One disputes such claims, it then gets to mean he refused to get rich and hence is leaving the money for them.


Personally for Ones part however, everybody wants to keep their friends, allies, associates and all away from their customers (except that those who make friends with those who have had a history of slave trade have no such right, according to those with a big mouth for it, speaking of just one of many despondent nonsense) and now that there are these fools that have a habit of using capital from somewhere to extract income from One's market place all the time, earning his income out of his derivatives to be precise that is, which they boast about it all the time, directing their words at HH and addressing him which is cash flow crisis embarrassing and means they have even more power for them, there is no denying it, thinking One will do something about them and jeopardise all rich peoples in the world that they have made friends with becoming closer friends with them that is, while HH has been asking them for years as at now, if they have been certain that their actions are legal yet. 

They tell him he speaks of business as something people go out to do on one day to earn money and then spare another days because they just do not want to earn money and if they wanted One to spell it out for them so they can tell me him he stops people from earning a living, that is precisely the way it works. 

Of course if he were to sell people a thousand pound pen for two hundred pounds but with a sticker on it which tells people it is a thousand pound pen which was sold for just two hundred pounds because he cares about his customers, he will only maintain his relationship with them, protect himself and protect his customers and hence get richer from selling them something the next time but you stop somewhere, that is the point of doing business, not steal people's income from their derivatives and seek other get rich tricks looking for trouble, you must stop somewhere-you always stop somewhere; and so the games these black and none white idiots play with HH's property all the time will most certainly end them up somewhere ugly before it takes a turn for the better. 

One knows they want to get rich, he know it especially because they can invent their own thing to be in his life and property when they want to because the British Monarchy is a safety catch for him against the theft, robbery, vandalism and violence of black people and they have a problem with it, everybody knows this too by the way; but so what?

It never matters does it, when they are using other peoples property and it works better for them when they are preventing such persons from extracting an income from it, which will shut down their access? HH has been trying to get them off his property for the best part of a decade now without success and One's control of the Equities of the economies they hail from or go to for these purposes and Royal or business inheritance crazy idiots who support them come from, is getting tighter but there has been no response to far yet. Especially the United States of America, where people are so incredibly insolent that they put up products that One can buy, which will then mean they made him what he is and can therefore take anything they want from his property, to work any corruptions they please at their markets with, especially their stock markets where they do not know what they are doing in the slightest but at least do ensure they make no bones about the fact they are incredibly stupid dunces that like to pretend to just about anybody as insolently as possible, that they are the only ones who need money and more so with other people's property. Then travel around the world on doing so which is one of the pivotal issues coupled with the Television insults which is deepening the crisis around the world and get on media to boast for it, then show off on media looking for more trouble they will never be able to handle (bearing in mind especially the point on their National economies at which they do these things). 


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