Now I do not get to threaten Ministers of Parliament in any way; I mean I am not saying it because I am required to apologise for anything like it may sound here but I am saying it because they raise it on media as a problem that others who have jobs there have to deal with on account of me. The reality as it stands is an old question of when on earth they will ever get to stop it as it were and what it is with those other goons they claim will have me beaten up to make them happy? We might see the many faces of the things Politicians do to provoke me but it does not detract from where it started years ago in the sphere where they wanted my personality to make their careers with and because I am not giving it criminals will rehabilitate themselves by beating me up in order to please them and in that way will redeem themselves, so the way we speak of it today is not the original problem in any way with that stupid Labour party and I will never let it go either. I mean they might even make mention of how much favours they do me when they show they have Nazis from whom they learn all that nonsense they come up with and believe everybody should be able to tolerate as well – the very person who invented the ideology of socialism that really kicked off after the activities of their precious Nazis made it clear as a matter of thesis that some people were inferior – so I have no idea which one is socialism and which one is moderate Nazism anyway and whom they are saving with their moderation and that big mouth along with those stupid threats they make all the time. We continue to live in this Country like that you see and it is not that I am unaware of what people say when they mention my line of action leads down a path that is not so good but of course the reality is what they mean by separating me from my thoughts and then my work and then my academics and then my finances and then my relationships and then my personal life for no other purpose than to put themselves between me and all those things in order to make meaning of their foolishness every time they make out everything I do and say belongs to them because they own me and the distress I have suffered at their hands for this to be the case since they need to with every single move I make on a daily basis has been immeasurable as well while the rest of the world is expected by them to look on while they seek fame from it too at the expense of everybody.

I hear them speak of Members of the Armed Forces loyal to the Parliament who will protect the MPs I want to hurt seriously because they never seem to listen and continue to think they are having so much fun from it but I have no idea what kind of a solider besides being more interested in what he wants and how he must get to have what he wants which explains his behaviour, is more interested in the perversions of a collection of fools who years ago took from the Monarchy things the Royal family has achieved for the people of this Country over a long period of years and sat about in a Parliament house pretending to work for the people whose needs they had a long, long time ago lost touch with as well in order to cling to my finances in that way as though abusing my rights do not matter? Then again of which is not never really fundamentally surprising either since we are very well aware of soldiers of that kind anyway which is not to say I will take any rubbish from them as well: I mean when you tell them to face an enemy and do a job their idea of what to do is more about whether or not they show that they can die in the process and they waste your recruitment and equipment resources doing that and never ever getting any job done. Then there are what really tends to pin up the reasons you despise them so much besides the fact they are  a beacon of corruption for members of the Armed forces as a whole and get temperamental and violent with that big mouth just like beating me up for their foolish Politicians about which they have the effrontery to tell me to watch my back yapping like we all know they are good at – It is always a case of idiots who think they know what they are talking about like the waste of your recruitment and equipment resources will show, which then plays out in that there is a soldier that is not very good at holding his nerve on one hand and then them who are in the Military because they know a thing or two about violence in their view and they simply cannot work out these as the fundamental reasons you despise them so much either: I mean I know a thing or two about defence too, I know the purpose of things trouble makers do is an understand you work harder on security and that you can only offer them ideas they can add to their reserves to launch a counter attack and so that reason I will cease to do the things I do when I am no longer aware of bigger armies that will turn up here to destroy me and they are the ones that home as it were, the signs that bad things do happen and a prognosis by which they bloody do with a big mouth – of course we are not facing any major crisis – they need to stay out of my hole and stay way the bloody hell out of it too as it were. These days we don’t see them turn out at the Military that much anymore, we see them at the Police force although they have begun to leave that as well recently, we see them there because it has to do with the under belly of middle class shit holes and then fame and fortune and then their connections with the system by working in the Police force. It is incredibly annoying to be threatened by them or told to watch my back, I mean what measures it can easily be those stupid talk about my tough talking while I am still worse off when I know the reason to be that it will cost me everything to day anything and hence people will keep their insults to themselves whether or not I feel like saying anything and what I have done yet is not hurting badly enough yet which is retrospect does not make me worse off in anyway – by this I am drawing on an understanding of what happens with careers like the ones you have in the services and the Armed services where not making your bed today could as a result of the pressures you face at work be the difference between success and failure, which is something I regularly experience here at the Royal Office as well, although I am covered for that by people at the establishment and as a result can play with it because I am actually being served.

I am drawing on these things I should say because they really have no actual understanding of how much I don’t like them as it were; I mean you cannot even show respect for those who are older than you anymore and they know that it will rob you of cover from things idiots do which has to do with the fact even when somebody is older than you, you still want to apply your fame and celebrity lifestyle to his part of society for example and it is very difficult to keep your head and get a job in that social conditions which they are well aware off and hence work so hard to get sodomised by some that are twisted and evil and violent like them, blame it on everybody and use peoples work to make their success then pretend they want some power at the end as well which is why it is blowing up to lead to realities that have created this piece of blog equity as well. The blacks and their version of socialism have no shame of course as long as it is offering some civil rights that means they have it fixed for them as it were, so they can talk nonsense at me all the time and get on my television for it too., what they are good at is twisted women chasing the profitability of crime being able to enforce their will at the Civil service where they also claim I am vulnerable; vulnerable as in having made it obvious that their insults and violence they dish for me will eventually lead to an outcome where I make a job out of dishing that violence as well and they will spend their money on security while I will dish that violence to make money at the end. Just like their MPs have not yet learned that I seem to be the only one paying a Price taking their insults and abuses so we can have a functioning government and that I am fed up with doing so and will pay no more – they continue to exasperate me in order to relieve their social idiots of the violence in their lives and put it in mine and keep it there to make them dogs that will do the bidding which is why they threaten me with violence so as well. It is not a one off occasion as I said they have done it over a sustained period of time in order to demarcate me from all that matters to me; it started with the need to deploy my personality to get important because they cannot respect it is a career and not a plaything which has continued to get violent with that big mouth in parliament and now it has entered the part where they have a problem with my book sales and are now preventing me from getting a job all together as well – so as I did mention before, you will not see a Christian put his hand up and say the Country being his own is something he checks up on to ensure is so hence it is never clear where their provocation comes from either and that is why I will not let it go as well; not a matter of threatening ministers of parliament; I mean in effect nobody knows what it means when all those detaching people from what they have which matters means they can now move into those aspects of people lives and extricate privilege that is a factor of comparison or what kind of civil blood rights that is supposed to have been anyway – I am only exploring the reasons I never see it as a social issue but an attitude one and just one of those stupid threats will really get to kick it off as well.

The part where my problems happens to have been that I have had a brush with media and am out of my depth is an example of one of those they suppose will enforce their will on me and make me get used to that nonsense as it were but I have no idea what it really means since nobody clearly knows the media is full of really insolent, ego clad idiots that a certain you really don’t know the reasons you hate them whenever they hate them and that because they just like their politicians know where you jobs and things you consider important are then they can do whatever they like with those things. No normal person would get off on your TV, put some make up on and sit down to put a name to their face and provoke you all day because they are extricating privilege that is a factor of comparison – these things are done by fools that are mentally disturbed and the idea I should do anything about it is a beckon to a fool’s errand because we know the only thing they have in their reputation is money politicians spent on them from the treasury to make them feel as though they have made money doing these things and it is that feelings not a process where they have made any money that propels them to do these things; I simply want them off my book sales because only insane people will cause others such distress and put a name to their faces leaving people only with the task of finding where they live, so it is not a place I want to be seen all the time. In a wider sense however it is always largely a matter of such things as communities that have set out time and time again that when it comes to money people should not stand in their way as they are not good people and don’t mind killing a person to take their possessions from them but once that is a matter then it shifts immediately to the issue of women that were the love that was abused seeking out those who want no part of it and those who have successfully done something about it to bully because they think they are the only ones that understand what money is but somewhere in the most convenient aspects of that nonsense will sit the media and fame and fortune popular culture idiots who seek out the most decadent ways of squandering your career to be known. Point being that when I do anything about it I am always covered, so where the media comes in is the incessant provocative ways to reporting news in a way that ensure that cover is undone every blessed day and that is always before they complain and issue those insolent threats as well with a big mouth; this then becomes something community idiots pick up on over foolish women and a profitability of crime agenda they never cease pushing and because they find it  funny and a police man facing several armed criminals can be a funny thing for another example, they will fundamentally think it is funny when people do something about such things and are taken advantage of by them because they have become something that should be used to tell prostitutes how to pleasure them and so on. So nobody is afraid of the media or has had any stupid brush with them; they will speak of the part where all I do is a process of getting into neighbourhoods to sit down and deploy other peoples security systems to make myself known on media about which on the first instance the reason we are discussing it is the violence they suffer when they pick up my work and try to deploy it to get connected at the establishment which become something that serves as an experience they can use to punish me on account they want to be important at Parliament as well, then the party piece of course is the fact that the reasons their culture exists is that everything I do is something I stole from it which is something they had saved up in it to be deployed by them at a later date. I will never stop using it and they might think about withdrawing their activities at this stage, it is not something I am thinking about; they could always have withdrawn when they know I had nothing to lose if I was allowed to return to what I was doing before – it is in the same family as making sure everybody that wants to get in touch with them personally is able to no matter how famous, after all this is not how a Prince should live and being compared to business world idiots and their civil rights books that have made some money and think themselves royalty for personality competitions of financial vandalism that I am always paying for on account they have that access to my book sales definitely not either. The other part of the brush with media things which then creates the understanding that none of the things you do to allow men at atmosphere of distant violence as well as women who get corrupt all the time and chase profitability of crime without measure or ending, is about the hatred for me which runs along the lines of the fact I try to run before I can walk and as a result of that when they are done getting rich and actually get rich they will not be able to enjoy their stupid money on account I exist creating the question of what the hell they are doing in my life in the first place; I have not had any stupid brush with any idiots that think people who hate them do not know what they hate about them and I am certainly not out of my depth over it either.


I have not in any way lost everything I have as popularly claimed and some even made out they caused such an occasion to occur. What has happened is that some are simply spiteful and abusive and insulting like the Labour Party and others hoodwink you into helping them which is not something you want to go back on – so I know the Conservative party have been travelling off to Africa to get goons with some money to spend to travel here and buy homes and get involved with security systems to keep an eye on me and dispatch their kids to talk nonsense all over the place but that was because of a problem they could not take care of and not because they own a problem like a possession which will be used to ensure when it is all over I will have lost my innocence to the Labour Party – I mean I am known to cause a lot of destruction when people make money with my work before I do, now I will lose my innocence to them and that is why I am being abused everyday – they raise the bar like so and set it up as a topic for conversation with other members of parliament t ensure I don’t touch them with bag longs of legislation that creates a certain way of social behaviour but have no wish to stop it all together either. The other issue around it is that of what makes me think it is okay to protect women while they do what they like with others, which is then the reason people get their own girls out and help them do what they like with me as well? The answer is rather simple i.e. when they say women do what women like to them with them the question is whether it is not actually true that the women are more educated and earn better money and hence when it really comes down to it they are their leaders and not the other way around, like that old case of how what happens to me does because I show no sympathies for those who were victims of slavery about which I am their leader and not their slave and they are not learning well enough yet either so far. This is one part of the story; the other part has to do with those who apply violence on women, they are the ones who never stop turning up on your finances – existing and ones that will come later through product sales to stifle your earnings seeking self improvements that will better than bad history that they tend to lament all the time – hence the question of whether what them women do is not actually true that they know more and earn more and are more successful and thus their leaders. I mean I cannot see what is happening in circular society these days anymore because of these idiots and I am an extremist as a result in some ways thereof. I still own along with my women a huge proportion of property equity in the UK and will propel myself to the same status overseas as well soon enough so that Industry idiots can do the job properly and leave me alone – hence better to create products that produce service along these lines or deal with what happens when you dance with the violence sides of society and I will not let anything and I mean anything interfere with it – if I must be isolated from the company of men then so be it – I mean anything. They do these things all the time so that it is largely a matter of what they have already taken from you i.e. relations with older people through whom you are covered from activities of idiots who think they can get famous in every age group and cannot tell which is which, that then makes finding work really difficult since the prognosis is that you will either get a job or steal to have what you need as it were and as for the company of your mates, that you will lose completely because they are creating other forms of human association.


The story of how there isn’t any property in my claimed properties and all there is are a collection of empty claims upon empty claims is very well understood but what I say in public and write on my sites are only concerned with Equities that have already been brokered and securitised, all I do is declare facts and manage what belongs to me and nothing else but. I mean they always start off as civil rights goons and before long after sex drugs and rock and roll and wrecking people’s lives and creating homosexuality and decadence and all sorts of destructive vices, they end up with large multinational companies and become a real pain thereafter every blessed day so I can only ask if they did suppose I am stupid at all in the first place. It is never really as simple as they think it is but the problem is that we seem to be going back the way we came from in the first place – we had done and dusted the part about how people sell themselves when they want to get jobs and sell products and not sell me so there might not be trouble they will complain about since it is never really clear why anybody provokes other people in such ways anyway. Thus even when people are in the process of getting involved with my business, we are still at a level of distrust – a point where they say they see my work and want to spend their money but are not certain what I will do after that and what it will cost them once they had taken the plunge, it is still tight enough for people to see it does not involve everybody and then when we had established trust and people are certain what they can do with what and what they want and what they have and what they have had, it moves right on to high level product security equity of which you had better either bought the products and moved on if you are interested in anything that happens thereafter, then there is my part as well where I never do it unless I am doing it with people whose characters I can trust, people who would buy my books even if I wrote nonsense all over it because they know the reasons. Hence putting in perspective the question of whether they think I am stupid – about which a lot of the time what is expected is that after a product has been created what should constitute the worry should be market but it never is because another person had made a spoof and gotten a popular culture idiots to stand up on media and endorse it, claiming he only understands and not I what money is all about and why any human being would need some.  So it does come down to the numbers thing and the condition and process of knowing your numbers; if I have decided to break up a literary empire and broker the equities and securities, I must have known my numbers very well indeed and well capable to dealing with anything that trifles with it because they know it is where the money is and only they are their bully insolence and bad history tends to need that and nobody else regardless of what they own – I don’t care if my Literary empire offers me a global collection of numbers of on my books which I must manage to make profit and how much of it is too much for one person and must therefore be shared with those stupid insults and big mouth all over the place. It’s something that a lot of people around the world are learning about my Company and my person and British Interests as a whole; they always say it is small country that wants to rule the world and if that was the issue there would have been a response accordingly as well but it isn’t as the issue is rather that they have devised a way with their big countries of using small country interests and using small country generally in ways that small country is not used to being used and they tend to attribute the small behaviour towards me and my earnings as well which is why a lot of them especially some collection of really mad Americans are in a condition these days where the whole world wants to know how their own should be used as well and it is in their interest to clear it up – besides which they are still being shown how I should be used and my company should used and the UK should be used or is normally used.  The story of how the Country that is normally considered the sick man of Europe has ended up with such prospects of economic success and such economic success in the current and I am always flattered of course to be the foreigner who came in from Africa and left his fellow idiots there to die of hunger and lack to make the white man rich, always flattered provided they can keep their hands off others and stop looking for trouble and tell the truth about anything.

The African ones are usually a special case anyway; they are taking their African children back to where their brothers and sisters need something to be shared of course and it is getting more intrusive and more abusive by the day too. Not that it matters with that big mouth anyway all together for most of the time, we all know they are ugly to a fault and will make up any excuse when they feel like defiling you to get rich all the time in order to ensure they get to do so but it is that question of whether I am creating more problems with the things I do and say that kicks it off and of course so far I have created a process where the price they pay for peace is incredible, just to match their provocation and what they do with it all over the world – so far they complain and I have not yet taken it to the next level as well where I do business in a  way that needlessly reminds them of the fact Christians will hardly put their hand up and want to understand the Country is their own regularly and that it is a job and not a plaything is what they are complaining about at present; so they are free to carry on of course and it can continue to get intrusive and defiling too as much as it may want. They do say it is something MPs endure from those who run government systems and that it is done for me and MPs need them to defile me as well – MPs endure what they endure as it were because of their incessant need for other peoples personality and a process of travelling to other areas of Africa where I have no ancestry to get idiots there that are willing to get along with their stupidities to turn up here and defile me for them claiming they are taking their sons home with a big mouth – telling me there is no point not wanting to have sex when the mode of their distant violence and fantasy violence involves touching my penis for the sake of it and there is no point not wanting to be homosexual when they put their finger in there all the time and I do understand my continued insistence on doing my job and saying what I say will lead to greater problems; I mean you couldn’t make it up either and I believe they heard me too – I am still making sure all I do is streamlined with my business and that they understand it is a job and not a plaything for them and soon I will develop into writing and selling my books on the basis of misogyny practiced on idiots that need to ensure the Country is their own regularly too because it is not as simple as ignoring them which I have ever day for the last 11 years steadily – any normal person will view these as a warning.

I don’t think they are as much of a problem as they will like to view themselves making a temper out of everything I say which is not the condition in which I say them to build up a fantasy for it, it is much the same as the fantasy they built up over the tax payer funds that was spent on them by their idiots in Parliament with which to create the sense they got pocket money from the government and I didn’t and it means they are connected to where the power is and I am not and the things that have happened over that fantasy is not hurting badly enough yet, so they have progressed to the part where I have had time to prepare for violence while they have not after all that has happened so far over their stupid greed and it happens I guess because I want me to seek that tax payer funds as well to shut them up. Of course I am not giving it back and they can come around here and get it – that stupid culture and society I mean; what is all these anyway, somebody will explain and it is not looking bad enough yet as it were either so far. I don’t think they are a problem; even if I ignore it we all know any stupid popular culture idiot that gives them money especially the females can turn out in public to cue me if they want to with a big mouth so it is never as simple as ignoring it, besides which they think they want to have their stupid lives and the part of me they have not got and because of that the mode in which they live it along with their stupid families means that I have no right to exist because it will provoke them with that big mouth; there is clearly no reason it should be wrong if they are making money from it. I know the Politicians always speak of the chances I have to enforce any of the things I speak about but I am sure they can understand why it is infuriating for people to think you are unable to cope with politics because of how you have decided to set out your living hence proceed to trap you in it as in fundamentally trapping you in it so that they can exploit the weak sides of you – then spend tax payers money to create a fantasy of it when they had realised that such weakness does not exist – it will never be properly explained why people provoke others like that. All I know is that Nelson Mandela’s funeral was full of it and what I did with that isn’t hurting badly enough yet as well hence it continues. They never listen you see, they do it anyway; the part where you are said to be something that a modern idiot wants to stab because the City has been hard on him in order to feel good about himself, or the one where you are a sacrifice for something and they will make use of what they think belongs to them to that effect and it is such a commotion with idiots who have one interest after another in keeping you that way and making you try to fight and escape the throes. The joys of naivety thing is an old story of civil rights they have lost; I don’t think of these as matters of civil rights either I think of them as attitude issues, I don’t think of them as social issues I think of them as behaviour issues – it is largely a naivety issue of the prognosis they tend to have that I will be willing and they can see it, that I will be willing to take all sorts of nonsense from them and especially their stupid children and so they move in that direction in positive expectation and we all know everybody is aware I have a lot of attention to shower them and they know as well it is the one where their stupid children did grab my fame. Its more or less building up from how my very existence undoes that insolent atmosphere their community croons have set up which of course nobody is interested in until they wreck your finances and turn up on media to keep it that way and you must make where you live comfortable and they are beginning to get into trouble for their activities. Of course it is said rich people are my problem; rich people are not my problem actually, the reality of that for the most part if they were is that somebody is not yet a Royal juvenile on the money so we can find out what they will get up to thus they are basically of the opinion they can do anything they like - so when they meet with their fellow millionaire friends the idea is that the environment they exist in is filled with a sense of machiavellian power until somebody shows them what that really is when they begin to think that making some billion or two or more means they have become royal Princes and Princesses and or cannot tell the difference. I do not think they are my problem, they are okay for the most part unless there are some wish making idiots in their company that never listen to what others say to them and do what they have been told not to do anyway and want to be that way all of the time - I mean they cannot shut it and get off my book sales until I have to get the job done, not through book sales which will show people accept what I have done is the right thing but through my small gangs that will find out what it is exactly they can do about anything around here - I mean it is not fundamentally the way HM does her stuff but I can keep it off her radar and do it anyway. They hear the warnings all the time - we all know for example they were required by the constraints of a recession to do a job properly but after being consulted by those who stood to lose the most from the recession while they stood to gain the most, it was because of the resources that were offered them that they thought the one they will win would have been the part where they took the companies to Communist Countries and the UK has to pay a big price for it - then there is the part where they are connected with Politicians as though you can never tell which one is an accountant that is very fond of showing businesses how to dodge taxes by their body language all over the City - then there is the part where they have daughters that regularly get off to set themselves on their instruction as those from whom my business robs of pocket money and small things they can do with people they know to make it, which is what I have gone from a CEO with a Company that their company brokers equities and securities with to becoming and I don't mind either - since it has continued to be a matter of fun that their daughters who have very bad history turn up on Television to make advertisement that I then pay for with equity while they stifle my book sales and wreck anything left of my finances because of what they are told to do and given the publicity to do, I have decided it must get easier and easier to simply deploy a fraction of unemployment benefits to round them up like sheep and therefore find innovative ways of controlling the problem according to need, besides which in terms of that publicity and advertisement I will find somebody that will take up that their stuff and do it for them so it might cease to be so violent around here as well. There is no such thing as showing signs of endorsing gangs on the matter - gangs are born out of some peoples need to be able to kill a person to grab their possessions and in the UK there is no need for that as we do have unemployment support from the Government and people do not have to lose their lives on grounds that somebody did not get to pay their way in this world - as a Christian I have an opinion about those stupid city gangs of theirs and for most of the time I am always right last time we checked up the history. I do not think they are a fundamental problem; its a simple fact that they are not good people and with that big mouth all over the place especially the black ones who tell me there will be more hands on my penis and fingers up my bum the more I continue to live like I do, when people ask why I handle their case so meekly, the reality is that it is pointless since I had a long time ago settled security for the issue and that tends to mean nobody is losing financially as a result of their actions, otherwise I could build up publicity around them knowing they are not good people and some racist will sit at home and find out the fundamental reason he did not pay his bills last week which is then the last straw for him - besides which each time I tend to do that because I have lost my temper without saying a word in public the result is always some major disturbance or incident in the neighbourhood and sometimes I think the Police have got enough on their plate; so the only way out would be to drive all the problems into that corner for them and then set it alight basically: - the only reason they seem to be making money from it is what the Labour Party does because it is a party that does not run elections on any other premise other than the need to use electoral systems as a means of dragging into and gambling other peoples valuables, so they want my personality and temperaments, they want the history of the conservative party for example speaking of the ones they are doing in parliament and the list goes on and on and for that they are happy to spend tax payers money on gangs and pretend everybody wants to listen to their nonsense and fear idiots who want to talk about trusting the Police because a couple of their sons are gang members or so, while thinking I want to be afraid of him when I see him on the streets so he can have whatever he wants from me as well with a big mouth, lest I do damage to wider society, talking nonsense all over the place all the time. I am not as interested in their antics as the media normally makes out I am for them - I am not half as interested as that in anyway whatsoever; the prognosis of a good banker assessing a collection of variables and settling for the most risky one can easily be how much he gets bullied, so that some stupid girl can take pictures of herself that she thinks I want to see and put it on a huge bill board in the City to send a message out of how the rich get richer and poor get poorer and it is the kind of society she wants to live in - clouding what I want to see about women like me who do not have such square faces and square clubbing underworld bodies and will not necessarily lie to me and need to appear on an advertisement on a bill board since this is Britania etc - the last time I said something about that was about 7 to 9 years ago when the recession was still in full swing but Politicians were more concerned about other things that will help their ego better. All we restricted about the actions of Royal girls and women who love the idea of anything that takes a certain prognosis being damaged and destroyed and the glory taken back to the Monarchy was the prognosis of pre-emptive activity so that we can settle the prognosis of what we are dealing with and what has happened around this tiny and insignificant exception has been enough for a life time; so I am not interested and cannot make out why they want details - so they might want to think about what Parliament is for but I am not interested.