There is never it seems an end to talk on Bank bonuses. Banks have always had a history of Bonuses being paid out. It’s the nature of the business, it works like a factory: if in a factory there is suddenly a hike in sales of about 500%, of course the manager or owner will want to pay some of the profit to the workers. It is exactly the same with banks-when they get huge contracts from usually government organizations, what happens is that there is a lot of money and are counted in estimates and so thus money that is too insignificant to be accounted or counted is therefore paid out as bonus to the employees period.

The problem is the bonus culture in the City. It is the thing about here is my pay, add a little more please thank you very much. Everybody wants to get a job and everybody wants a bonus with their jobs. I mean what does the rail network manager for example do to deserve bonuses that run into millions. We know he moves around a lot of money and therefore needs security for it, we know he moves around a lot of expensive equipments and property and needs cover for it, we know he has to meet people and does a lot of travelling and has to make arrangements for all those things but is he paid for the job or paid after he has done the job with is own money? It is not professional and I am not suggesting Politicians do not know this, they know it; in the case of Banks for example it is the Politicians that run the civil service and its accounts so they are perfectly aware it is not the Banks so it is not clear what their problem with the Banks is. Except of course I am to deduce that they also know that there are people out there who know of a lot of money that they have not told their bosses about and are waiting for the opportune time to pocket it. About which they will tell me the usual thing of I don’t know why you are bothered. I mean on a personal level when they want to usurp my property to make profit with and make connections to make deals with in the City they are top dog but with respect to money that their bosses ought to know about they don’t know why I am bothered. Of course if it affects my book sales I will blow them to bits besides which I am still hunting them anyway for that money they took and told us all it vanished during an economic crisis. I mean vanished to where exactly?


If they have money they need to spend during the crisis then they need to spend it so that we can know what exactly is happening in the economy, if they have money their bosses need to know about, they need to steal it or let their bosses know about it, so the Politicians do not print us from the Central bank an inflation bearing in mind I for my part did not steal any money and sure as hell do not have any left to deal with any stupid inflation.

For now I am doing my damage limitation quite well and so if Politicians make me a brash monetary Policy I will most certainly take from them a financial and political acumen and equity that is worth the same amount. Of course when I say such things they always tell me I act as though I do not have problems; on the contrary of which I don’t. I have big problems for example when I take equities and acumen worth the brash monetary Policies they will have made me, I will need somebody to invest it and so they will tie of the world if they must and black mail the planet if they need to, in order to be the ones that invest it which is something I will then have to ensure they do not do.The biggest problem of course is that it tends to have nothing to do with me when they are about to shoot their expensive mouths off in public but as soon as they do it tends to have absolutely everything to do with me and my own private bank balance.

They love to say that I interfere with jobs Politicians ought to do and even steal them bearing mind it is Politicians that were the leaders but I do wonder if they have recently known what it feels like when every job the Queen asks me to do is never completed? I mean the ones I need to do to earn a living are the ones I must not do lest she becomes an uncontrollable tyrant, have they been experiencing and doing that recently? What on earth they would know thereof about how I interfere with their jobs. The nice ones have secured their incomes so they can now stop me from doing my job so I might never earn from it lest the Queen becomes a Tyrant, the angry ones just love to move right across their Political lives to decimate things here in order to look like they have power. Combine this with the fact I am always pushed really hard, they can clearly see why I am after those their fame and fame industries to make a rock and a hard case for them out of it. I mean now they know that I cannot cease to get my job done otherwise first of all I will never earn and then when things happen like more senior Royals being deployed somewhere or indeed the Queen has an international engagement and I have fallen short there will be nothing left over, they do need to leave me alone.


This case for competition is usually the biggest load of incompetent lazy rubbish I have to deal with over Policy issues. Bearing in mind of course that the most profitable aspect of Banking Companies in the current economic crisis is the debt and liquidation advice sector. Where people do not necessarily have the money to pay for the services they get because they are spending on paying off their own debts. So everybody is working just as hard as they would but the Company is not making as much profit and a company that is not making much profit cannot pay bonuses period. As for the community idiots and Politicians, I think I am doing very well getting rid of everything that causes their insults by which somebody always seems to offend them about which they want revenge and I am the one with the ability to do something about it, so if I do not it is my property and my life that will be used for it anyway. I have done so because it appears to me their problem will have to be settled properly.

They say the rest of the world is leading; where to? Of which is not exactly clear. So their media idiots can tell me I am stuck with them while they have my life where I cannot control it, to ensure they don’t have to complete studies to get a job in order to have money because there is somebody in their possession whose pocket never dries up, for this is what Politicians in Government should enable people to do. I have no idea why they are always complaining as well for what I care about.

I had also decided that somebody’s Political existence and social existence and media existence will be used for the same purposes as well but which is to suit me instead. As for the Celebrity culture, I want to cut that to pieces just to make a statement that this is not their own lives. I do wonder what they were expecting or what they really did expect me to do.