So do the pressures of having one of the best jobs in the world get to me? Not in a real sense at this stage of course; what does is the amount of work. I mean the trouble makers can talk of course but at the end of the day it is the work I have to do. I can always spend my time with what I need to be concerned with or I can spend it on making sure that anybody that has no respect for the fact a piece of work is copyrighted and in somebody’s name and that there is market reason for that is seriously beaten up on every occasion. What I did the last time over the matter was concerning the city and the big businesses, so in everybody’s view as it stands I am really tired and vulnerable.

As for the employment of young people as a strategic game; I have no idea why those that know nothing about it, those that sat in government office during the boom years to create the most over crowded prison population in the history of the country into their law enforcement programmes, those who push young people into crime and then rehabilitate them to cleanse them of religious beliefs, are always getting on that their stupid socialist platform to give off lectures.


For my part, where I fit in is that I have been held down for a decade, so that I do not when I need a job fall within the 18 to 24 year old category and therefore never seen as a priority, so that the socialist idiots responsible can have power. First of all is the matter of the insult by which this was brought about but clearly the need to find work and to make a living has pushed it to the back ground so something else becomes the main issue such as my age and my right to be taken seriously when I need a job, when my destiny is to be a laughing stock while other up coming young people get real jobs.

I am not too concerned about the matter, half as much as they think I am. The real issue at hand is the simple fact that they cannot stop saying those things and then thinking they are funny on public places where they make direct references to my business and livelihood and if this is a case of doing these things in order to ensure they are embroiled in a fight with me and I want to fight them to whatever end, then I will soon have to get myself to a place where I can change whether or not Minister gets his salary for this month. Until then none of the fun will ever get serious and the threats they will always think is a bank of some sort. It is my property they have done these damages to; I mean trying to understand how much in cash they have destroyed here which they have not yet paid for, in order to have all those socialist power they love to bandy around all the time in public, I am prepared to move away from it and since it is my property and I have ever seen them build one and allow people take such liberties with it, I think they should do so as well.


With respect however to their lectures on the need to provide young people with jobs; I have no idea how a Christian that is black turns out to be racist and then later on is a Christian because he does not wish to do people favours by sucking their cock and then later is a Christian because he is causing gangs to do bad things and then in the end should use his Christianity to get people out of gangs and crime while they get people into it to create a job for him, so that they can win elections. On the other hand of which the Christian is guiding himself with his faith, when he wants to work for a living and then do as much as he can to bring balance in the evil things that happen around him, so that he might on this basis get to use his votes to elect leaders that will make the correct laws; this however has been botched and he is now a plaything and laughing stock with the use of unemployment, so that socialist idiots can have power. These things do not affect a country’s finances at all and they are in the position to lecture others about job creation for young people.

So in the end it is the matter of the fact you could have been famous if you were rich and famous enough to be, so that when people tell you that you have stolen their culture it would not matter because you have cash to spare but it matters when you have not because while you are famous, people have been making good with your privacy. So what it means is that when you set up a business, fruits sold for example, a socialist idiot will turn up on a daily basis to show people how to take fruits from your shop without paying for it over a period of decade and then when it has become a problem, realise what it most important to him, is his stupid socialist party that should not be affected in anyway. I think that if they want that stupid party they know they can come round here to get it.


As for the fact where each time I do anything, its all been real and published, that will be tourism economies, mostly around the Pacific, alongside their American friends for as much money making destruction as possible, whoever asked them about their sexual perversions. They never give up obviously and I don’t know what they want me to say anyway besides the fact that with regards to people forming a habit of handling my property around the world and using the process of doing so to blackmail me for their plans to get rich quick and to make a living, no other tourism economy in the world has got me in their possession and that there is another fact which shows I am actually British and therefore there is a real authenticity issue and I really need to step into my shoes.

Clearly with respect to which if they complain about the UK tourism economy, it does not actually stack up because it is not really clear what their problem with me is about in the first place and this of course is not the only problem; they are also opening up for financial services, who steal money around the world to have a place to party in about which no body knows when they will do as they are told, this economic crisis is meant to come to an end. The harm they are doing to the global economy and the process of having me as hostage is an item that is worry of a lot of suffering.

It happens of course because in my view, the popular impression about them is that they are clean, crisp, harmless, therefore when they do wicked things no body will believe it and so that is the kind of reputation that is worth being known for with a big mouth and no body else has ever seen gangs in their lives apparently. I don’t suppose I care too much about it anyway, I have been clear I have had enough of them however, my dilemma is that in the end it is just a tourism economy and at the very most has a bit of fashion industry in it too which is also a problem for me but they are really digging into provocation.

So the next things they are most interested in talking about the natural thing of what progresses from the point where my selfishness leads to the effect that all these insults have on me and what I own, due to where I come from and that I am a clown pretending to be what I am not, what is all they are ever worth before they complain about civil rights, is the economic threats coming from Americans. This in itself of which is an old story anyway, the fact that the only people to continually bang away that the UK has risen to being the 4th biggest economy in the world by messing up other peoples misfortunes, when they are best friends with the media at the same time is Americans, now as it turns out, the truth has been that in reality what happens is that the currency belongs to people who have enough wealth to spend on it to make it how they want or make it better. So during the recession we extended a hand of this stability to the US and got bitten and now it is supposed to mean their behavior, is that we have no way of protecting the Assets. The main problem of course is still the media, once those are clipped and or boxed away, things will return to normal. For now they believe all other forms of wickedness have failed, so the Moses took the Israelites to the promised land and was barred from entering by God due to his temper is the next best thing, no body knows why they read the Bible when they hate religion so much in the first place, although we are all glad they read it as children and I am still banging it away into peoples minds today. So getting involved with me is still being made up on public Television, while they get together to believe it is true regardless of what is and then set out to make it violent, so it is not provocative in anyway, what will happen thus is fear of economic vandalism from America. For the girls, those have royal connections and the fact I refused to be led gets to mean that they have created so much problems for me I am now overwhelmed with idiots from the Common wealth, hence they can now assist me with intellectual property admin and own all of my income to continue their blackmails and insolent threats that come with them, about which I have no choice with a big mouth.


With respect to the media I am a very busy man at present, as a result of which I have been beaten by them because I cannot make out enough time to sit back and ensure anything that appears on television has already been spent my me, so they can shut it and stay at their level, the result of course is that there is also community bullying developed to tackle me which is getting connected to some members of the royal family, which of course is really destructive as well. They are still enjoying their game of setting out strategic news that will be used by the communities to pump information out of me that will ensure they get to the heart of the matter, talking more rubbish about how I cannot move them on, when they do have enough money to just buy the books and give it a rest and this is a matter about which I will eventually find out exactly what I owe journalists and their media firms.

The thing with the ladies that they speak of has to do with somebody desiring a process of getting to read the news while I watch but of course the men have their own interpretations of what they wish to interpret because they rule everybody with their narcissism and complicity with wickedness and this is a matter that must be settled to because of course the thing that winds me up about them the most is that I am always right in doing the right thing when they deserve most of the attention and each time they do these things they do, they are always right in their own eyes.

There is of course, no ounce of truth in the claim I am in anyway scared of the MPs, I have always told them their work me hard powers because of the insults of their foolishness and the damage it can do to others or not, those distant forms of hurt and abuse but they must always do something to disregard my livelihood and have the effrontery because of vanities of beauties they want to extract from my life, to take my company away from me, locate the life that can swallow up all their problems or even the problems of the world, if they want to create friends for themselves and then sit around culture which is what their pop stars show off all the time, to know what problem is what that my life must swallow up i.e. tell the problems of the world as it is and stuff it in the lives of those who ought to take it away and always be close to the problems so that you are never cheated out of what you deserve. It is always more important than getting a day job and it is when so much is sacrificed so they can have it that they realise they must keep it going while they have a job from which they get money. Which means the Politicians must hold me down and find them jobs because the only way is jobs by power. So we have only been talking about celebrities talking nonsense about turning the community my business creates into a little army of their own by which they threaten me to get more stuff, which is the reason they cannot leave alone the manufacturing industry especially and more so for the purpose of what we speak of here, where my empire trust is at work. I am not in anyway scared of them; you get the girls and ladies by getting all over the place about very stupid horrid grown ups, it is a show off.

However I have not yet gone into things that will harm them of course so far, those will involve making sure that all they are own is spent on those their stupid insolent women, while I bully those to have my cut all the time, when they do and then their insults and power will find it place as quickly as possible – it usually does, I am not saying the suffering will guarantee it.

It is not as simple as they always make out it is anyway, I mean I am already getting rid of cultures in the West for my purposes and these things in my view will stop as in full stop; the one that began some years ago from how black girls are daughters and wives of ministers or ministers themselves and that it means they have located a man that will be made gay of whom the more Christian he was the better while they have civil rights, and soon about because of which women become more power, after they know me inside and out and that people like me love to please women and love to be flattered and love to give everything to be flattered but we never do things unless asked when we are desperate but if controlled I will do it whether I like it or not hence that control is necessary with a big mouth – I am perfectly aware it always only gets better when it seems that the only way they can have a relationship is by giving into being chased by a gang member of a robber or criminal who will spare nothing at fucking that arse as they say and I am aware this will occur along the way but it will not satisfy my temper so it will not do either. This is what I mean it will stop full stop.


As for the process of Politicians electing Members of the House of Lords to punish the Queen for spending so much attention on me, instead of those who have power and position, which is the demagogue, it is not surprising in anyway whatsoever. I mean do I see myself as somebody that thinks I have got more influence and power in the world because I got elected as a minister of Parliament? Of course not, you have to be of a certain mind set and really full of your self to think or act in accordance with such things. Now they have taken away those that assist the Queen with her Job at the Legal front and no one knows how the job will get done these days anymore. For me personally, they have elected the House of Lords but done nothing about the social issues; it is the fact I think those who like to exasperate me to extract my energy to do things with will not be doing that for very long, for those of them that continue, which gets to mean the Queen is getting around with people who have no position or authority which is another demagogue. For anybody to carry out these kinds of activities they really need to be out of touch with the people, cut off from reality, deluded and really full of themselves which is what Politicians are. It shows on matter of war for example; where you are expected to work hard and create what you need alongside a balance with the evils of society around you, then go off to vote for somebody that will make Laws, about which they have connived among themselves to constantly declare their support for the evils of society to move into peoples right as some kind of new Politics and regularly get into government office to spend public funds on such people to make them more dangerous and mobile, then get off to lecture others on the needs of the poor, since it is always other peoples fault and problem, whereas the things these really horrid children and grown ups do to peoples career academic work, finances continue and a visible for all to see, especially them, while they continue to claim they are a good thing because they want all the power, which creates that problem whereby they need to fix all the problems because they have got it when they have got it, bearing in mind it had nothing to do with them, thereby creating the everlasting fight they talk rubbish about all the time and I will never stop making these trouble makers look clever; better than having a situation that has no name of course.