The UK NHS is never doomed when it is privatised. The facts about it is that we need the NHS to run like a time conscious, time aware and time efficient Enterprise. All I want the Government to tell me is that my health care will be available at point of need and then all I want to care about after that is my job and making plans for my pensions. Whatever else I do with my life is no body else’s business and I am suggesting either that there are no solutions if it becomes one, bearing in mind I can cut that stupid party to pieces for them too given half the chance. We want the NHS to start running like a business a time aware and time efficient business. Not an arrangement where 2 million pounds is spent on inquiries to find out if it will be a good thing to go into consultations that will cost 4 million pounds, in order to spend 15 million pounds on the NHS of which patients do not suffer in such arrangements in anyway whatsoever. Whether or not the streamline of the NHS with the private sector yields the desired results depends on the kind of resistance the government faces, the results can be that the Government sets up legal structures to streamline the NHS with the time efficient expertise of the Private sector which if it is the case is what must be done or the Government part privatises the NHS so that when the Labour Part gets re-elected and so gets rid of the Private sector that purpose would already have been achieved which if it is the case it is what must be done. I fail to make sense of complains people make of the privatisation of the NHS which seems to occur all the time and everyday when they are the ones that have consistently failed tax payers in this country over the last 12 years by making the wrong choices on financial companies that manage the affairs of the tax payers and public funds.

Personally I see it as the beginnings of Government agencies in troubled parts of Public service such as the NHS and Transportation. Agencies answerable only to the Prime Minister, so that they can take over government departments at will since we now live in a country where people want to pretend they are bigger as a Nation than they really are. As such of which measures must be taken to ensure that they are responsible for and accountable to the grass roots like they do in bigger countries.


Naturally of which they will ask about why I do not suggest such measures to be taken over the Banks which is precisely the point of what I am saying here. Such measures cannot be taken over the Banks because failure of banks are always entirely a factor of government Policy bearing in mind their problem lies with abnormal trade arrangements, black markets and money laundering. We have had a socialist Government in this country for 12 years that has done nothing with its time but fund the needs of as well as promote the desires of those that want the state to stay out of their business while they have no wish to get the matter of obeying the Law over and done with. So if we have a Giant Financial sector in our Country while this is going on I do wonder if what they think is that it is the manufacturing or any others that will bear the brunt of such rubbish. Of which I raise of course because I am still at a loss even after the recession as to where they get their ideas from that the crash was the fault of the Banks when it was entirely their doing. I mean they can pick anybody from anywhere and give them public funds to create a quango with which to teach people like me how to get employed all over again; do they check peoples credentials before they give them such money and such large pay packets? What do they suppose those people will do when they want to use that money to have more money, have they seen what happens in the football communities; during transfer dates, while transfer deals are going on? Every idiot of course wants to be at the centre of it and wants his face on the local newspaper. What do they suppose those who think they know how to groom and have a pretty face will do with any money they have, target the Banking sector?  I mean what is anybody that knows them is to say when they plan their game so well; a legitimate business for example will set out its assets and liabilities, they on the other hand will set out a spotless record on how safe and secure their business. When Bankers decide on whom to give funds of course they go by the records and not by the facts on what one of their staff might know about the person in question no matter how convincing it might be of which it is never as convincing as physical evidence and of course it costs way too much to make profits only after investigation into the finances of your client.

My plans as well is to ensure that after I have set out equities to cleaning up the Banks and we have any sense of normalcy around here, I will be pushing and from this Office for an impossibly strict and brutal Banking regime in this Country. I mean at the end of the day, can they really tell me how much that my stuff they like to rip to pieces all the time is worth is Pounds sterling (taking turns among themselves as male and female cultures and societies on the basis of complains I come up with)?