The real issue with the Enterprise communities is a set of goons that like to claim we are supposed to work as a team but that such things mean little to me. In actual fact of which what happens is that every time I do anything to look into the matter of my livelihood being a funny thing because people have Media and Communities, they stifle my sales with no respect for anything whatsoever and then set out to spend money on the idiots responsible, help them rebuild those contraptions I am running out of patience for as well and will soon have to break up and scatter the equities to make them understand and then get out doing their own as well for their own purposes, entirely at my expense.

They have got money obviously, therefore when the Government needs money as well; it has to start economy from scratch. It is not true either that I have trouble controlling my finances because they are busy spending it. The truth is that they never say it is about going somewhere to see a witchdoctor and then return to do things people get scared of, so that people can be scared to a point where it is physically painful for them to do distant fascism with, by which no body dares to refuse them anything. Those of them that have no powerful means always say it is the civil rights on the line and not rather the fact they are so liberal whenever they want something they always get it, with a big mouth. I for my part have mentioned I can only do so much to avoid sadomasochism but each time somebody gets off to Television to do anything, the entire purpose of it is to set me up as hate figure, therefore questions they raise about my inability to control my finances to me is rather a matter of when I will ever learn with a big mouth. I have also mentioned this City will ever be theirs when the most ignorant of them becomes aware that attacking me in anyway whatsoever carries grave consequences that will affect every one of them as a community. I could not care less if they complied anyway because the City will be theirs somewhere in hell, where they can and will have everything.

The Problem is still the same old one: apart from the process of extracting money from the market to go off to have lots of power over people at tourism economies, they also worked with their Politicians to clear off the extra cash that consumers had to help themselves on the way to recovery with, using bully tactics and delay tactics they have come to believe is ultimate power, which I have no idea what they suppose it has got to do with this firm in any case. The other being that of the fact after they had done their visits to witchdoctor’s thing, each time they see me on the streets it means that the one I am is their own and it is always violent too.

As for those their girls and the problems I never take seriously, if I were to tell them those their girls are possessed, it would become another matter entirely but this is the reason I am happy to make myself available, since they suppose they have got the effrontery to give such girls access to my finances making claims I am a threat to them, to cover their tracks but for every damages those girls do, I will extract the cost of absolutely every means to it from them and they will have no control of the situation in anyway whatsoever, like it is at present earning me lots of media abuses from idiots with money, who like to make advertisement and cannot get off Television screens for which reason I cannot sell my books, which is another matter too entirely. I mean peoples daughters have a failed and flawed sense of the correct thing to do, cannot breathe if they are not telling media idiots to collect for them the income of some boy somewhere and love to speak of making a lot of money without raising a finger to do anything and all they need hinges of self esteem; what are they perpetually fighting against anyway, bearing in mind the self esteem question?

In the end the Politicians tell me I need to explain this to Constituents but I have no idea what they suppose there is to explain. Just like them, their constituents are really stupid and useless horrid grown ups, who like to speak of the main issue being that I am from a higher class, whereas it is rather that of what they are doing with my personal details in the Civil service and why I am still on Job Seekers Allowance because of it. I have spent a lot of time to make them look as though they are clever and this also therefore means that Politicians have a real problem on their hands, which is a much better outcome to having in the Country a situation that has no name. Hence putting in perspective how the Media always want to deploy their bullying to claims I am required to open up this firm to people because the markets need it, I am not aware of such a need by the markets. What I am aware of instead is that unreliability from me from the firms that broke equities with this firm will not be tolerated and these are the questions I had to settle. They have never once made out that the Equities and Securities properties of this firm belongs to them and of course this also explains why the media always gets to tell me that the market needs my property too.


The matter where I do become unreliable and need to be replaced by media idiots who offer it, is that when people broke equities with a firm, then it is obvious that they need the legal aspect of the securities and this is where they have consistently fallen short, I have not been selling any of the Books, so it beats me what equities they have been broking anyway, which indicates it is a vandalism of my firm and will not be tolerated either. I can therefore in this be as unreliable as I like. Forcing me to comply with Media, cultural idiots and Politicians is always a stupidity I will never understand, bearing in mind that if the Political system had not completely failed so badly on Economic Administration I would not have had to do some of these things I have done and thereby declared, necessarily. Of course the Political system has failed at Economic Administration and it indicates where they have been tied up and if they have been tied up in a place where affect their independence of thought and action which has led to these failures, then it is clear they are part of the problem. Now if they are part of the problem and have also failed at Economic administration, while the businesses are working hard to keep their livelihoods, then we all should know that every economic problem can be laid firmly at the doors of a collection of people who think that because they are Politicians, the more a country has a problem is the more jobs they will get. So some say we ought to here in the UK punish the Coalition government for stringent Austerity measures but we all know about those prognosis of evil positivisms for out part too and therefore the question is whether we are supposed to reward the socialist for decade of waste of which the Coalition has not yet made cuts that claw money back into the treasury that amounts to 30% of the total waste that the socialist conducted as a programme during the years of plenty? So the main issue is a scenario: that you are for example a manufacturer, so at 9am you understand you are meant to be at the Office, at 5pm you understand you are meant to get home from work, so how do you with the rest of what your life revolves around get to deal with or manage 18 hours of violent intrusion and time stolen by Pop star Celebrity idiots sponsored by the Government of the day in say the Manufacturing Community or maybe the Financial one? I just do not want them messing with this firm like they always suppose they can do at all times as it were, so far of which I am not giving back that stupid left, because its purpose is a means to raise more money used to cause more damage here by white idiots that suppose when they work racism with their own versions of whom they claim is causing all these destruction, such nonsense gets to change who is actually doing it.

My patience however with those contraptions they vandalise my earnings with, black and white alike is running really think indeed. Obviously of which their Politicians claim they would not sponsor popular culture vandals against industry then talk so much rubbish about Job creation as well, if people had not already formed a habit of robbing them of such things as their dignity. It beggars believe because what seems to be the point at which they glorify themselves the most, appears to be the fact that, they have been destroying my business in order to ensure I am bare, while they use me as an item which will ensure they do not become invisible. So the result is that it works both ways i.e. they are always taking stuff so I can never convince anybody I will be interested in the job I am applying for while people are taking my stuff at the same time, which has also extended to a lack of respect for my Firm, while I have ensured they are only visible with respect to the needs of the Economy; Manufacturing, Finances etc, which they can get out of, of course, except that they will have to stay out of work, education and anything that has to do with economy, in order to position themselves where their Political paedophilia can pay off for them and their other fellow industry idiots, for the purpose of energies that will be available for them to extract and get rich with.


Of course I am also aware there are people that are not as lucky as I am whose lives depend on the kind of things I acquire at a stronger stage and then give away for a game but those will never stop lying on Public media; maybe now they will want to start doing so but I could not care any less if they did; especially over how they fight for freedoms and civil rights, when in actual fact all their time is spent on making me pay for the fact those that happen to find themselves in conditions where they do, do not like them. I mean they like to pick up problems that are too big for them, which no body would hold against them if they did not do because they already have their good Television Jobs, then spend a decade of my life trying to get it done to no avail because of things I should be seen doing for everybody according to them, on account they are wild with a big mouth and I am the one with a royal estate around here. After which they find whatsoever mess they make especially with respect to personal lives they want to have is up to me, while they are my masters, with a big mouth too. These days all they do is go to High streets to buy products which have been created broking Equities with this Firm, to turn out in public places with their media jobs as well to abuse me for a good feeling, which has also become something else all together too. So this is what the end product of all that doing flashy beautiful one while I am meant to be the ugly one, which took up a decade of my time and became a matter about which they threaten me daily on Public media to seek out far right friends, with a big mouth too, has ended. My next problem will definitely have to be those flashy insolent idiots who have been famous at my expense with the purposes of these things, so they can tell me to get outside while they move indoors any time they appear on media and pretend to play stupid insolent sibling rivalries with my property and threats from their privacy scrounging cultural media scum that think they can blast their insolent money mad sarcasms at just about anybody, where they are supposed to have the approval of the parents, with a big mouth too I say (stereotype; Justin Beiber).