The claim I mess around with peoples businesses do have facts by themselves and the facts are that they simply get off and barge into my life to tell me they are having a harmless little and so as soon as they are certain they have access I cannot control it becomes apparent that they were telling people all about it and how people have a little as well which all together will mean I have lost everything and this is where they tell me it is too late to shut it to them and start earning a living with my work. So from then on I could just plod on regardless, except that I cannot on account they now know everything about me and feel as though they should be having power. In the end what do for the most part is set out questions and endless questions over the matter and the most important is that if I handed over all I own to my friends and then set out to work for money, now that they know everything, would it still become something that they wish to make power out of and of course that is the real problem here; they want democracy and capitalism but want nothing to do with the rules. The other matter they love to raise is my secrete lack of tolerance for people and a typical example is that of honour killings involving parents and siblings; of which it is a very difficult issue since there is no clear point of approach for it, in that everything involved in the dispute is directly linked to unfettered rights people have under law on the side of the parents and that of the demised children. In the end it boils down to the matter of a child that gets off to pick up a value above her parents head which she knows her parents disapprove of and the purpose of doing so being making friends with media goons who will ensure her issue and the fact that it never goes away from people that they use it to inflict applies at all times, while get makes good of herself as a person with those statements about cowards who refuse to fight for her freedom, which of course is what gives her the basis on which to do what she has done about her parents in the first place i.e. that if anything happens to her an important man who should be fighting for her freedom will have become the coward that will live when she is dead and this is where my problem with them is and why they need to shut their dirty mouth as well. However in the end the truth is that somebody of about say 16 years old at the very most is that vile and her parents are religious people as well, at some point something was going to give. To which they also say I speak that way but I am the one that complains of the fact if I were to say anything about the gospel to young people their parents could make them homeless for it first of all, about which the basis of these matters is a process where somebody hurts another person be they older than them or not and then there is the other fact that I stave off my actual religious belief and dabble into a life they have carved themselves out of what they have decided I must become to suit their wickedness otherwise there will be violence but in actual fact I do not stave off my religious belief, I just figured that society deserves its liberalisms and that if I shuttled around the world really quickly to tell the world what my faith was all about before returning home to get on with my life what is left of it, their insolent blasphemies of a Royal Christian Prince that has got a commission will become a matter of opinion.

As for questions about what the things I say get to mean, it is largely an issue about friends of the US and we are looking at people aged between 20 at least and 55 at least getting on Public Television where most people go to fulfil their dreams to screw up my livelihood and nobody knows what monumental idiots would think messing up peoples livelihoods is fun, however they say it is not fun but rather that they are having lots of power and so this is the help I am offering with respect to the things I say explaining it away in the most factual manner imaginable because they are really stupid people too who are clearly never acknowledged as stupid because their foolishness costs people and ends them up with money which must be stopped as well. They can complain all the time for example but that is always after things like the fact people live somewhere as far off as the Arab Emirates does not prevent them from formulating stories about how I am the way I am because I sleep with peoples wives and not because I am a Christian, which progresses to a claim I play around with peoples jobs and ends in a process where they hit me financially unexpectedly and then when I wonder why they hit me again and then when I start thinking human beings should not behave that way hit me again and then when I think the next such act would be unreasonable hit me again and then I will understand what is happening. As for the American ones they are at the heart of everything that their media scum do all over the world and like to think they are really tough for their part as well and I don’t want any rubbish from them. I mean there are other main issues around it such as the fact I write a book to a normal publisher in the US and before long the president had decided it should be stuck in a fight between democrats and republicans, although it has not done them the slightest good ever since on either side they speak of alliances they have with my Country and various other nonsense that will mean they can use my fame to run political campaigns while their president gets on public media with his insults and abuses that can wreck the finances of another statesman to expect outcomes that I am supposed to produce from the situation.


There are other issues such as the fact when I broker equities with companies, they want to become personal friends of the owners and own it using media which stretches to the fact whenever I get involved with my friends and they become braver stronger and more human, they want to take that whole condition over and if I ask what monumental idiot want such things, it turns out it is the dominators who are friends of the United States. So I ought to make it clear that the next time either they or their stupid girls cross me I will do things to them especially for the stupid girls which will make them homeless so that I can write a story from the effect that their poetic culture has on people when they are destitute. They feel as though they want to sit on top of and control my finances not withstanding that all these things are done by them for two reasons one of them being they have built a means to get rich on my life and something I have done has changed their insolent fortunes and the other being money and women; they deploy their size to believe anything their women who breathe insults tell them and they want money all the time; it is not yet clear to these fools although they can see anything done in my direction is always followed with consequences, how exactly they will give up my finances when they have gone off to gain control of it yet. So this is the meaning of the things I say and the issues therein involved; I am pretty sure as it progresses I will end up taking something from Americans they will never recover in a million years; not to mention the fact I will definitely handle them again and those who own them need to tell them to stay the hell away from me and away from my property. They will naturally claim it is the old issue of people trying to stop Americans from being Americans but their friends here at home tell a different story for their part i.e. you think community goons that always want attention violently and ruin your finances to tell you to fight racism without a job but when you do it for them over that white man’s house they want all the time with a big mouth they want to have their own house and so therefore to defeat your purpose when they plan to provoke you, they will do violent integration in your name and play football and then everything else will kick off from there, so the last place I expect any trouble is the left and when I ignore both sides it becomes violent and that is why I stifled that stupid left and they wanted a future on the right where those community goons that want attention violently live which is getting better and better too, while they blast off that big mouth again and again, for the Americans it is a different story because you could write a book and sell a copy in all the countries in the world to gain recognition for the copyright sign on it or you can simply pint a single copy and it will have the same effect; so they do those things they do until you tell them to come and get it so they can be Americans if they want. I am setting the issues out for my part because I do not have to know they exists, the world is not that small – I mean they might tell me it’s all British interests I have not been informed of but in actual fact the truth is that it is all a brokerage of property to help me sell my books and of course such questions as what the unemployment rate in the US is before I sell my books they know is provocative as well and I will not have any conversations with their possessed idiots that bully people until they get shot at the Cinema, sun set in the Horizon you have done a job that is a part of our culture and need to leave it behind American rubbish; I mean when things happen people can decide which is evil and which is not if they want but these facts will never change; these guys are not people who do the bad things because they know what the good things are, they are people who are pure evil possessed with evil and do nothing but corruption and it is why they like to make out other people’s hearts belong to them but does it after all anyway? I do not want their president having any opinions about my finances anymore and I do not believe that is difficult to fathom or figure out either. None of what I say constitutes any bad PR for the UK like they claim it does, there is no such thing; I mean Americans are sharing UK foreign Policy, sharing UK foreign Policy actually does not describe it by the way, it is a process where they want to work out their destiny over Communism on the basis of what the position of the UK is, while in actual fact they are not exporting goods to the UK, they are not giving loans to the financial sector in the UK and of course they are not supply European energy needs – the Communists are doing all those but they have decided a Country has no right to make revenue and so they can play around with such things. I mean it was a financial crisis and we know that in such cases everybody will get burned one way or another but only they had decided it was okay to pillage my literary empire with Asia pacific and Middle eastern Media vandalism no matter what it costs them to make such arrangements happen and so now even China has made it obvious they cannot do the dollar anymore and I think it is not hurting badly enough yet; I mean what monumental goons – like Asia Pacific friends Media vandalism. The stuff has really paid into them, it is not currently hurting badly enough yet and I mean we are not talking about my much abused beautiful ugly Royal Position and we are not talking about my Asia Pacific and Middle eastern Friends I really, really like either.

By the way of which my irritations, they suppose they plan to fix the problems through things like the matter of Syria.