Now the claim I am one of those who do not believe people should occupy Wall Street is completely wrong. I mean there is nothing wrong with people occupying Wall Street if they have a problem with stock traders because they are still the same old arrogant and destructive vandals who always locate one thing after another which when destroyed will make them rich and will never tell us two and a half years in advance when they begin to notice things go wrong that our lives are about to go horribly wrong if we do not do something about what will happen if all the money we have been paying so far is lost and we have to start all over again while some of us lose their homes and have nothing and so on, what we will see them do instead is lots of wide eyed arrogance which expresses in the clearest terms possible how dumb they really are. I mean it’s like the atmosphere in a fish or meat market where everybody walks about like they want to beat up everybody else and should not end up in other peoples’ careers or personal life. They will tell us like they always do with their city and banks and stock markets that we need to borrow money to give ourselves what we do not have today and all we need do thereafter is work hard and pay for it which is not a bad deal but nobody knows what they have been doing in the last five years at least and why we keep losing money. If people have an issue with stock market traders they ought to occupy the premises, otherwise the kind of crisis that had just happened will happen again. Apparently the government will not bail them out of any problems with some kind of world dominance programme; it will rather bail them out with tax payer funds which are only likely to create anger on the streets.

My personal view very little of which they take into account is that they told us all these things they sweet tell us, then got off to the east to sell us out and the result was that they were unable to settle in on the way things I done over there and lost all our money to plunge us into the debts we have to deal with today, then got more money from the government and lost that too. So I really do not like them as they think I do and do believe that if they feel peoples personal life ought to be a market square then there is no reason somebody wouldn’t pitch a tent at Wall Street.

They say I speak of these things as though they are the ones that have done wrong but it really is people like me that have refused to carry out their responsibilities, when in actual fact while we have always been aware of our responsibilities, although they need us to carry them out to create a good trading environment for them, we will suffer and be abused and vilified for it, until we had failed at successfully carrying it out. However at the end of the day being one of those who believes that the approach of treating them the way I do after their honey moon with the east and recent plans to dance home into our hearts, we should never lose sight of the fact it will never be the same again being sidelined as a country that is technologically developed to the point where professional existence begins with ownership of a Bank account, to countries where businesses can gather a lot of people and make them work to the bone for peanuts by Banks and financial services. Then there are other more serious matters too of keeping these facts in public in order to determine where they are supposed to be located in the scheme of things. I mean financial services providers and stock market people having something to discuss with Politicians – I mean the only reason mainstream businesses have affairs with politicians is basically because sometimes a politician gets to determine what happens to your goods when you are a manufacturer or indeed when you are a distributor what happens to your stock etc, for financial services the relationship ends as early as the fact the beginning of professional existence is ownership of a bank account and does not go any further; it basically leaves us with nothing you see trusting financial services and stock market people with the economy that far, you have no means of telling others what your productivity rate is and how much you are worth as a country and what based on facts and figures all things remaining the same in a worse case what you can produce and how much of it you can spend on your debts. They on the other hand have pinned the crisis they created on our omissions so I suppose it must therefore mean it excuses the irresponsibility. It’s the Politicians you see, some of those want to do it and find out the result instead of do as they are told and find out with benefit of hindsight that it was the right thing to do. It’s that old matter of being immoral and not letting somebody else do the morals for you when you are responsible for other people. The facts therefore still remains that the financiers told us to borrow money and then took what we had back so far to gamble in the east with no respect for how things work there because they never care to find out, gambled and lost and now we are in great debt with no means of working to repay it, which brings home facts about what I mean by Politicians who never do as they are told because the only way of making sure these guys trade in their stock markets an bother no body is a matter that is entirely developed around what they do not know and whether or not they know it.


They say I have no idea what stock trading or banking is all about and like to pretend that I do. Which I agree with but I know I do by the way at least that you need to gather a portfolio on all the companies that you handle and there is no point gathering up a portfolio that is so big when you know that it is too big that it is impossible for you to keep a hold of information from all the firms in it in order to be a successful stock trader. To which they say it’s all computerised today and is precisely the point; one wrong button press and we all go to hell state of affairs from stock market traders and bankers. In the end a typical example of what I mean by these is facts about who is getting quantitative easing funds these days; but of course it is the multinationals and when I say that they will think there is chance for a campaign which suggests that I am bias but in actual fact the truth is that the winds of how to correct the mistakes they made to create the crisis in the first place has not blown through their heads yet, what has is how they are back again since last they got more funds through the central banks and how I am one of those who spent most of my time at the east but now have opinions about what other peoples get up to – which does not even detract from the fact I know their media goons understand little things such as the fact you can laugh at eastern jokes but it would not do if you do so every day.

The final bit of this matter will of course have had much to do with things I write on the firm site here and how that is what they will deploy to trade with while I will get none of my products sold but I have no idea as it were when they start again, how they propose to trade with the securitisation of negative market equities that I have done around here but I am certain of course that when I tell them to get off my book sales they always believe they are doing me a favour.