These matters are now very well set out through a collection of land mark issues; one of them being the Falklands where the Argentineans want to see how far I for example can stretch over the matter which of course there is nothing to stretch on as such, since it is clear that people are confused, from Scottish idiots to American fools and South American scum and their desire for money and things they do that cannot get off the media at any point no matter how insolent. We do not want to know about the affairs of Argentina simply because we have a special relationship with the US which allows us some involvement with their affairs, in like manner we do not wish to have the Argentinean government get involved in any way whatsoever in the affairs of the Government at Port Stanley, otherwise it is fair to acknowledge nobody is fighting a war on the sovereignty of Argentina twice yet as it stands. It’s much the same with matter at home here in the UK where they say the IPCC is ill equipped and we all know that there is no work for the IPCC to do over the Police force save the fact ethnic minority idiots always want to run their own police service for the ethnic minority which nobody knows what the meaning is even if they knew what it means for a Police officer to be a member of the ethic majority; in the end of which it largely boils down to the fact they are bullies but cannot do anything about everybody else and there is no real work therefore for the IPCC to do in a grand scale. Then they make reference to Policing in the US where pound for pound there is always somebody who had dedicated themselves to law and law enforcement who had lost their lives in some way with the result of very angry children out there because of black people and at the hands of black people and every single thing they stand for – so up to them alone it would have been impossible to see at any point in history a place where blacks were involved in Police work, what really happened in the US was the changes that Canadian and Australian black Immigrants brought with them and that is how black people there got to take part in Policing. A matter they will tell me I have recently discovered of course with their usual insolence but of course there are matters like equities of mine that were deployed to make movies like Resident Evil and others like Ultra Violet – most equities concerned with manufacturing communities that they are holding on to with their media in order to make a lot of money with their stupidities, which is a typical example of why they will never see that society and that stupid culture ever again and will have to find whom they can exasperate into taking part in their Political debates elsewhere; more over of which the Equities for these kinds of films has nothing to do with Canadian and Australian immigrants in the US either. I mean there is no sign of the situation abating yet, in fact it gets worse because they want to use it to beautify their insolent homes, I am referring to using my books and income to do causes for criminals and make noise about questions as to a why anybody would be so cruel with a big mouth on their stupid media.


Violence from Politicians is never as big an issue around here either, what it is about is the old question of whether you handle animals like Politicians or wait for somebody to tell you to do so first before you do, since it is clear that they have no limits to their vandalism and expect it to continue if allowed, for the rest of your life so that when you are planning your retirement it might have become funny, whereas should you have your revenge and put it on record, even if you end up poor the fact that you did will help with health issues. It goes back to the armed forces as such and I have no idea why they got to believe it is attractive to join the armed forces or get involved with the MOD and make noise about the need to access my privacy these days talking of things they want or there are a lot of things to steal and or acquire – everybody knows the armed forces is something people who like to help people do, for some it is so intense they are willing to give their lives in the process and that is how they end up there; these fools are Politicians and not real soldiers or real police officers as such and I do not know what their problem is either. I mean it does not necessarily imply that I should be spending all my time thinking about them as such since we know there are Police officers that visit Stonehenge every month religiously for example and tell me my Christianity means nothing to them but of course if you were to say all Police officers need to end up at Church and sing a hymn or two this weekend they will be there singing it like everybody else. It is much the same with the business idiots who seem to present the idea they will only be satisfied if I did make the statement publicly that there is no longer a recession requiring my services and so unless a company or an establishment they are talking from is their own, they need to shut up and get off my TV and find their level, since if I get my hands on it, I will never return until I have my trophy from it after I cut it to pieces for them – which brings an issue about the other matter of where I keep my websites and those who have access to them of which I am perfectly aware of a state provided security which I also deploy some for the security of the female journalists I work with at the Working Court and the Working Court itself where I do my IP administration therefore – hence it is my job and not their own and we are getting really close now to the point where there will be a choice I will have to make between working at the Court of deciding the way we work to be the process of a complete decimation of any stupid business that turns up there to talk rubbish. One more ticking off from them and from their direction and more so on grounds of growing any stupid economy especially and they will have to decide how I work and do so permanently as well. I mean I have warned them before i.e. Mum works on TV and I can do whatever I like and people need to raise their children and of course I do suppose they are ready to complain they never expected such savagery from female journalists as well. My thing with Politicians and violence from there whereby my warnings are never important remains the same; the my home for me alone which will never happen for them and the fact they will never be famous with me around – route out is still the old one i.e. getting off my income and book sales – period. I do not deserve all that abuse from their idiots all over media and social media and the internet on grounds the Government wants access to my personal life so they can demand from me things I can do for them; which part of it is their business anyway and why do I need to be abused and cursed like that? I mean in the end they are not as rich as they had hoped and it is over with school days so far with a big mouth.


So they say I continue to suggest those who get honours from the Monarchy are not real Princes which is provocative; it might be of course because it is supposed to have been a response to one such occasion anyway – I mean they are not royalty with a renaissance or those who are Stewards and take up the renaissance and run them of which either kind is likely or capable of producing an Heir to the throne, so which one are they then? They are clearly honouree people but abuse the hospitality all the time i.e. where it is involves me being that if I am considered to be something special by the royal family, what they must do is change that and express their hatred for those who get the world which provokes them for example and throw up their insults therefore all over the place, complete with a plan to handle people finances. It’s like the other stuff where it is said businesses are rising again and I need to take them down in the sense I am being manipulated whereas all that doing such things brings to the surface is that old matter of wrecking my court to court my wrath where they think of a certain kind of man and a certain kind of woman and set out to ensure they make both mate and create a sibling which becomes their property for fame and fortune and get rich quick high level prostitution and media rubbish, which always goes on until you handle them as well. The advertisement industry is not the same thing as the mainstream media and that gap more so at this stage needs to be drawn up and widened.


As for the thing with Politicians and how most of my actions are simply bothering the Monarchy to recover what is taken from me which serves as a lesson for everybody else, they were the ones that wanted me for their trophy and were alive when the Monarchy said no to that, so it is still difficult to work out which part really they reached in order to deduce I am clinging to the Monarchy to recover my stuff but it is the old story as it were anyway. They know everything I do; good or bad is something the royal family takes responsibility for, they know they have their own lives and work and activities as Politicians of course but will want to abuse and insult me for a living on every public media means that they can find as a basic means of existence, when I cannot understand the reasons it  becomes power and processes of pushing boundaries whereby my favourite bit is when they get involved with the armed forces and find things in the country that they can handle in order to exasperate me. I have no idea anyway by the way if it would have been the one where I was not controlled by the Monarchy and therefore free to handle them as I like and adapt as I go along that they would have won anyway. As for the media that might be racist possibly on the other hand, it always seems that people underestimate how much I value my generation gap advantage that I have and what I will be willing to give for it, I mean the reasons you are blessed by God in a special way is so that idiots can turn up to have evils that surpassed the generation of their parents in order to create balance, while you wait for it to happen to you – I am certain they will understand it much better when this generation had become the older group of working people in the world anyway, for now another generation is so it is not as clear as it might have been.  I don’t mind the part of stories about how I cannot sleep well so that my response will create them yet another privilege; last I checked the fact was that when I respond to every stupidity they come up with this is what it means i.e. that I cannot sleep well, not to mention when I go against my Christian traditions or my actions and thoughts get influenced by my conscience and by the Holy Spirit.

They speak these days of austerity being a difficult things to watch but underground suppose nobody knows the purpose of their media is ambitions and political instability around the world but specifically of which there is no way that the austerity would have been created in order to make them more news as it were but also never a matter of how you have reached the end of your tether and therefore decide that since last the Christian gives up things in life that others want to have became a means of extortions with fame and fortune and a process of handling the culture to ensure the violence gets famous and they cannot shake it off was not enough and you have therefore reached the point where the warning needs to be made clear that if they think they are famous can get around your work and property and famous like that one more time – so we can start putting an end to stories of girls and women you promised to hand over all you own to and those that are out to enforce it too, bearing in mind you have already put up with it every day for a decade so far and nobody has ever done more for them yet as it were. The best part of course is that any tyrant who sees those insults having the effect where I am their mate or something and we behave like children, they will want prerogatives and have leadership qualities as well. That stupid media and some strange evil and if my left hand side is not theirs with a big mouth all the time where they name it politics and a process where they control finances and I control power, while nothing gets to happen to their finances and one of these days of which it will be a case of me versus that stupid fame with my finances and perhaps their own as well slap bang in the middle.

They always like to say a we Christians are the reason for every bad thing that happens in this world but in actual fact the truth is that they are their homosexuality is because although their argument is taken in that we Christians say it is okay for people to harm us and that creates an argument for evil people to do what they like with others, the fact is that they the homosexuals are the ones that say a bad thing cannot be a bad thing provided two consenting adults are doing it to themselves. So like the ethos of your Christianity being a tolerance of what bad things people do to you in the hope they will change one day and stay off doing the bad things yourself does not get heeded, it is much the same with their women and the fact you may be 100% Christian but it is the other 1% where you talk to pornographers that becomes the meaning of life for them and the only thing they want to know you for but the really favourite bit is when the bad thing cannot be bad provided two consenting adults means they wreck your life when you are important and it begins to affect them so they can seek to eliminate you completely with a big mouth – it is in fact the process where a bad thing cannot be bad provided two consenting adults develops to the point where a bad thing cannot be bad because it is funny and what is most funny is the part about how the victim reacts to it, which of course is what explains why Christians are the problems of the world as well.

So when it is said I need to sometimes speak out of office, that would be a process of getting me to mention how these matters are all centred around the issue of being the Christian who would not go out and preach the gospel in a condition where people have taken away his money so he can preach it to beg, so that they can have extra privileges and somebody to abuse and so it has continued to get worse since my teenage years, whenever they want something they abuse me and impress it upon me and put it in me through their media and Political abuses which work when I am worried about money with a big mouth or they can just make it up when I am not with a big mouth too and it has now reached the stage where 90% of my time is about their problems; I write a diary of my secrete thoughts of these things happening and tend to write 200 pages a day frantically, no time left for studies and jobs, no time left to take a nap at night, no time left for anything and now they think I need to tolerate their party life and popular culture as well and when I ask them why they do these things, then they tell me its about power they have got with that big mouth and so we has blown over too. I mean they speak of civil rights but going by it, what they say means it is okay to abuse people temporarily provided you think they have something you should be in possession of because the world turns around you. The idea it was all my fault and that I got involved with their cultures is utter rubbish; I did get involved with their cultures but that was to ensure I determine that they understand what I think about it too; the part where they determined that making money and earning a living is done by partying and I am the thing the trample on when they party therefore, so I decided on what to do about the fame and fortune and thereby made the cultures famous, so that the purpose of it which is being free from the violence of the cultural wickedness they can never stop brewing, while I am the one that takes it all away and puts it in my life so they can have such things, might become impossible and now they think they will buy it with money and more so money made at my expense and with market I go through huge expense to create for my livelihood and I think I will have my fill of the whole thing as a whole myself too. Christians are the problem of the world they say and I think homosexuals really are too.


Now the thing about the Princess of York is that we had a deal and in the deal we were to wait for each other, she was the one that broke the deal when she got herself an American lover and got off to do the pop industry thing all the way to soul music industry in the US, however it remains a fact still that every occasion I try to get rid of the connection or indeed reduce it to a working one she is the one that changes it to a personal one all the time, so I really have no idea what she is doing as such anyway in terms of the whole business. The Americans on the other hand are convinced that compared to me they were the preferred choices whereas in actual fact when you say people live in high rise buildings and others in low rise buildings but there is a group that lives in the gutter and likes to get on media to cling to me all the time – it is the ones in between the ones that live in the gutter and the ones that live in low rise buildings she has gotten involved with, fact being it seems that when you do not want anybody to get involved with your business at government, you really do not care as such, so I am not saying it is a bad thing and neither has she been the one to say that her business with me is about making me a homosexual man like the idiots who have made such claims have made them, personally of which for the Americans the idea of being preferred choices to me is well set out as it were of course that pop stars would have been more preferable to them if it were to be considered from their point of view, they are in reality far from preferred and of course continue in their wickedness while they maintain the belief that Americans no matter how beautiful cannot get married into the royal family because it is all being made up. I am mentioning it because it is usually suggested I do not care about anybody else except myself but their interpretation of why I have mentioned it will be that I want affirmation from them; why on earth I would want that when I am aware that such a thing to want would have prevented me from picking a microphone and getting onto the streets to peddle my books if I wanted and that a process where they did use their insolent media to sell my books for me would not have worked the way I wanted it either, so why on earth I would want any affirmation from them or they would come to such a conclusion is not exactly clear. The fact of it being that these are supposed to be some of the world’s most violently insolent scum who think of nothing and say nothing else in public but how they like women and how people like me have stolen their beauty and the reasons their insults and the violence with it is so relentless and without meaning or purpose or provocation is always that they think they are really, really, really, really tough. I for my part think I am doing very well protecting myself and all those I care about from their violent insults which have produced a writing career I will make a living from as well by the way, which of course sits in the same region as the business with the Princess of York as it were because of course it is largely a matter of how I should not marry into the royal family because I was adopted by the Queen and such a deed would be a process of marrying into my own family, however it is still a secondary consideration as such because it is not my intention to spoil the fun of the insolent idiots. Much the same with those claims I am scared of them too, we have talked about seeking affirmation from them but it is not enough anyway as it were, so I am scared of them too; whereby they are out of their stupid depth at politics and out of their stupid depth at media and for both cases do not want to do those kinds of activities anymore, a bit of work for me to finish at fame and fortune as it stands as well, not that a process of getting everybody into a bad place and choosing for themselves the lion’s share of relative senses of privileges from such a condition has come through of paid off even as a fantasy either.