So now they say my opinion of government business is that I actually do not get to support the Politicians. The truth however is that Politicians speak these days but half of it is the one where they and their friends need aid to control all the wealth of the land and to give everybody else handouts through employment, the other half of the time what they say is about letting criminals do what they like as moral people come up with new ideas for domination of people. Then we hear them claim I feel the convenience of challenging them but never the wealthy whereas the whole tale of people making out that what I have become or own does not cost anything was created by the Politicians, so unless they feel they want to give me some money to defend myself from the rich with, I suggest they zip it; it is a simple matter of respecting the Bills they do not pay in the same way they pay their Children’s Bills and this should answer all their questions – while their people are to take note that the reasons they cannot be free of me is that each time I back off them as per what they do is their choice, corruption of involvement gets worse to the tune of them getting away with an aspect of my life and or work, which is why they are always confident that their behaviour has an incentive and will; always pay off and so I would rather spend my health assessing my problem i.e. the fact my weakness is the bit where I do not have financial support and the way to deal with it is to get a job for instance, than spend it on their stupidities and what the Politicians think is latest convenience and unless they are in the same position will never understand which is perhaps the reason I do it as it were; they need to respect the Bills they are not paying as it were – its time out, way past its sell by date now.

In the end Politicians think they need support alright but it is one thing to handle my property – this is usually where tolerance becomes the story itself, beyond that is something called damage and that is where retribution follows. As for the part where I talk and my work is given away; I am a writer and my kids will read my Books at some point and therefore know what Dad does, I know what I am doing and all I do is on record, they don’t. I understand that there are racial elements that do not want me to get married into the Royal family but it would not have been the first one – the first was the celebrity one and this is just where they start to hit closer to home and I suppose it is what Public transport is for and will continue until I want something similar as well, something I will control and help people with, something so necessary to people that I can become an extortionist and a famous generous person anytime I see fit, something like Public transport and the start of it will be when they put their country in my face over my relationships and why I need to be replaced in the lives of those I have them with. In the end it is clear that very stupid market square behaviour that leads to violence in this Country is both without consequence and very rewarding too at the same time and that is why there is so much incentive to it – when done I can go back to Nigeria and see if they really know what corruption looks like, the big mouth we have to put up with all of the time as it were. I can take these steps or keep to the smaller bits about my business and the case of how I grew up and where I had friends and people staying away from it, deploying their own to make fame and celebrity so we can see what it really looked like too – otherwise they are largely supposed to go for big words and tell me they are racist.

So they do say these things I have were stolen from their superior race anyway; the reality of course is that this sort of talk leads to another one of that process of taking apart their Politics and society in order to sort it; the one where they learn they should not be ripping up peoples finances and trapping them in government whenever they realise such persons will not be willing to share their property the way superior people would like them to. So they say I think I am really tough when I am not but we all know that the English Mans home is his Castle and we ought to have a certain expectation of Royalty right down to the part where we get to find out whose wife is my responsibility etc, the problem being that people always want to fuck it, unless one of those occasions when they get deceived and a veil over their eyes and killing them to get away with it at the end ensues – so for now it’s a social thing and it is not hurting badly enough yet, so they want a piece of me all the time. These are all things they say will never ever happen of course but we all know that it is explainable when somebody dresses in a certain way, according to the image of a Country and that way of behaviour results in Tourism and jobs for instance but the one you can explain is when people appoint themselves then to look super tough and force others to do the same in order to look after the borders of beloved Country; what they have not gotten from this is that I do not like them in anyway and hence might want to consider keeping its insults to itself, what they think I want to talk about is whether I am gay and they are always stuck in that condition and cannot get out. So it clearly all happens because I am being manipulated and abused by women who have needs which is utter nonsense; we are referring as such to the ones that are no longer threatening me with big men that they have relationships with and have also learned that they would not be wearing the trousers if they were in a relationship with me and the Americans cannot question me about their freedom, I have done it this way considering there is no point talking with them about  bills they are not paying as it is obvious they are not actually paying any. I hear first of all that it’s my Women who behave in such ways and then also that it does not make me any different from the goons I complain about but we all know if it’s my Women then there is an exception, if not what I have done here applies in full. It’s an old story where they do it and have Men that will defend them and when I ask such men about it, get told they are making sure celebrities have money and that I am being oppressed so they can secure from me, the means to  rob shoulders and get some too – so there is always that sense I can be manipulated and they will never be free of me as well, no point of any conversation about insults and bills they are not paying as we can see that they are not paying any. This is where they say such things being paired with my Books makes a very provocative person but they will pay for the damage they have done here to teach me lessons about having things they have not shared first in their Country – they have to be groomed for applicable paedophilia and it is why the fact they are always filthy and unkempt makes sense i.e. people are always playing with them too. it’s a game the Americans feel like all the time; the really stupid and destructive and disrespectful market square behaviour thing that wants to see if I can protect my Books from get rich quick freaks in any condition about which I will see where the rabbit hole ends for my part as well, considering the Books were hated by those who liked to teach me lessons for daring to have things they have never before tasted in their Country, hence I was marked out to be dominated first before being allowed to do my academics was even contemplated. In the end, these are people who need support clearly as it were, a matter of consistently being detached from what I have worked for, so I guess the challenge is whether I can protect it and we shall see in future too. in retrospect which I have before mentioned cutting up their white Communities if I see it turn up around my Literary Empire to make trouble for customers like it has developed a routine for; staying away from me of which was the easier bit. The earlier part of this story was the one where Americans had my books in a corner and every document that did not progress into a book but is still part of another piece of work never the less and they shall see and spend thing and have already begun to show up on Media and test out the effects of their nature of evil questions concerning which ones people contributed to – it’s the one where I did inform them there are large companies out there and standing in a community of one such to blow off their big mouth is where it would have really mattered, to which the floor was open as it were – so I am not actually bluffing when I say I will cut up their white community if it turns up around my literary empire to mess things up again; it’s an example of the lies Politicians tell, we all know the parents are the most destructive scum in the world because it helps to develop narcissist happiness by which their understanding of consumerism and servitude works really well when it needs to be profitable especially at popular culture and celebrity insanity – these are just the kids, their biggest problem is that they cannot let others be and I need to kill all that access they have as there is no way to reason with them.

They say I need to give up my day job and returned to unemployment benefits on one hand and on the other say it would be hell for me and I would lose everything if I did; I do not mind, one way or another, I will give up the current job and pick a more suitable one but the exit I am not going to hide and keep a secret so that it might be successful is that the process is one that will ensure Politicians and Celebrity and Television personalities no longer have access to me. So if they are paying enough at the dole to provide support for my bottom line when I return to full time studies, I will take it but if not, I will keep the job for 12 months at all cost and then return to University after that. They do say when I inform them they are stupid and I know better and that leaving me alone is as I have clearly advised the beat way for all, people shouldn’t as I am powerful and it is utter nonsense too; I am not actually that stupid – the reality behind understanding the world by what you see is that you will find people are still stupid and twisted enough to play that game where they can see your soul right down to your stomach and make you smell, except that although they love to do it to me so much, they are also fighting for their lives alongside their Politicians as we speak because they tough too much too – the other is the fact I understand the world by what I smell and that always leads down the sexual conquest route where she is not done recovering from her Husband sexually but wants to dominate me and I smell something already – the other being the ears, what happens with it being that you tend to pick things up all the time and it all ends up in the end, so I am quite happy for these idiots to move into my head and live there and know everything as that sort of abuse will end very well too; here is where it makes the most sense of that story of me behaving any way I like and how they will attack the Politicians if nothing is done about it too – whereas what really happens is that Politics and Industry fools give them money to ensure they are able to secure reaction from me when they wind me up and I have just ensured they cannot recover such money – the Politicians are stuck and all other idiots stuck with them too. In the end they get involved with me and complain and if I avoid people build me a reputation which means I cannot get along with any dress code for any occasion on account the reputation built for me is that I am scared of people and such an obvious coward and everybody wants to grab my penis and finger my bum and smack me over the head etc for their problems; they need to let me be, leave me alone and stay away, there is no other way.

So they say nothing I have said here makes a difference whatsoever – it is utter nonsense of course since it does rather mean that I should do something practically applicable to journalists and their magazines and the side comments that radio DJs make and in that way I will ensure getting Factory work is not a problem on account people need to make money and enjoy life by drawing up profiles for celebrities and selling my Books will not be difficult especially in terms of carving out a public image – the difficult bit being that I would get into trouble if I showed up in Public to express myself as Royalty so the workable way for all will be to keep the job for an exit that kills off all access to me that they have while I return to University at the end, this will then foster a healthy market place where people feel safe to pick up Book copies – I mean all I need to do to keep off working for others is sell 7 copies a day. I think it is the radio prepubescent scumbags making very vile comments at me and ripping up my Book sales and public image to show off their reputation for looking for trouble that makes it impossible to sit in the Office to do your auditing –pack products and send them off to a consumer or keep a factory job when you do get one that is because it goes on all day, they are trying to make celebrities look good, watching music CD millions for pop stars and they are always entitled to something that belongs to them and it’s the television ones that think they can do and undo with gangs who are usually the ones that make it impossible to keep a security guard job; so the stopping all access to me thing is a process and not words and I shall try to make it as quick as I possibly can, will pull their stupid intestines if they get in my face. It’s not possible to ignore it anymore; every job follows the one pattern; praises in the first few weeks and then soon after everybody knows where my private body parts are and then that does not stop until contract terminates; their access needs to stop.

They do say I am the most arrogant scum they have ever seen but that was before they cannot just have an opinion about religion unless it becomes a threat to others because they do not believe in God. The whole story is one about when they actually took their GCSE for instance and why it seems I did owe them a favour letting them have all that access – which they justify with claims of access I have to journalists as well, when I only have one to my Court that saves their arses many times, and recently on which relations with places like Africa and South America is best; British or German or mine etc which is what my Court does, so I really do not see why I have had to spend my time doing them all that favour all these years by which they go around passing their abuses at me, facilitated by Politicians ripping my finances to create a condition where I pay attention to what others are saying over a certain period of time, which they can count as their history. There is that talk of getting stuck with people who want my Royal disposition of course but that was always inevitable; the world of soul people and heart people and groovy people and corruptibility people – I am able to determine what those who matter think of me and have done the sensible thing with respect to accountability of putting up a website for all to see and do not need to become anybody’s vagabond; they do understand the main democratic provocation is still the desire to move into my right hand naturally anyway; we do not have a problem with this matter, their abuses and insults have reached a point where I have had to respond with a condition of telling them they need to preach the Gospel of Christ with their modern Churches and not my life; so any attempt to go against this will hurt and there will be a reaction because it has been blocked off – nobody moves into my right hand. There are no broken dreams and lost youth and all that stuff going on here at all. They say mine is a sad story but that is not actually true; when people hear my work that is what they will think because those who have ears have heard as well, the reality is that I have a tight schedule to look after Royal property and a Book sale business and a job that helps me with other financial matters – so the last thing I want is hours in every given day that could be spent on the most recent project, spent on nonsense that has been expressed on Media. They know what it does is create a condition where people tell me what to do and that for somebody who has an image from which people learn what they must do is extremely abusive, as people to start to express their imagination – I do not see that their problems here will continue if that stops for my part anyway but it’s an old story about stupid civil rights people and popular culture; it’s all dressed in suits but is a bloody idiot and wants to be able to do these things and cause you distress claiming you should not reject democratic people or the result will be responses from you and counter responses from them which takes up your time and ruins your life. The Politicians say that my 20 hour week job is not good enough but that depends on what job I am doing too, if it is security I have injuries that mean if they give me beyond 8 hours I will resign and they will find me at the job centre again where we can find out if or not they actually can live up to those threats we hear all the time. So they say that if I stopped stirring the messy stuff in society all will be well but before then my Books were insulting at National government on account it did not paint a favourable light of society fathers who marked me out for domination before I can do my academic work and then after getting a job will be decided by the entire Political system through which process their daughters will make them proud by becoming super stars; so apparently they have now stopped lying now that it is obvious these such people are always filthy and smelly because there are people out there who mess with them and everything that matters to them in such ways too; nothing I study stays in my head because of them and the Politicians know why.

They say I do the same things as well, which is utter nonsense; what happens with me is that it is impossible to get involved with gender inequality issues if you have already made yourself rich, so I had to ensure everything was live and direct in all I did – this means I found girls that would not be allowed to study by the Boys and gave them opportunity to make use of my public image to find somebody that will make them popular culture stars and they became Loyal to me in turn as well which nobody knows how it became something others took over or wanted to take over as it were. We hear them claim it is due to my refusing to see the issues around big brother society, whereas it is good when it catches somebody committing murder on CCTV and not good for anything else; I have only always been affected by it because others are telling me what to do and that access must be completely destroyed too. same old story of wearing a T shirt that says I hate the Police and then going off to get shot by a criminal, which situation Police will clear up with a shirt all covered in blood saying I hate Police. They say I smell everywhere I go and yes it is true because I live in a crime infested neighbourhood somewhere in the West of Croydon which they created and that means they can turn up here to work that nonsense whereby I lose everything each time somebody else has a bit of money all the time. so it’s the old story of how their hate begins and it always does with some great atmosphere that is sitting on their perspective on the right or left – what it really means is that I have been rejecting democratic people and getting bullied so they can steal my personal and public image and now that they cannot finance it, in order to clear that perspective, my tummy and head and chest hurts all the time; it is an example of the reasons politicians need to stop ripping my finances to talk about their rights without understanding the full facts. I mean they can go to the Media where they will be bailed out; coming to me is simply another instance where they will find out why it was shut down to ensure they are not famous all over again. It’s an old story; the society ones need to handle your person so that whenever somebody else has a bit of money you lose everything that they might rob shoulders, while the others spend time stealing that thing people can make good of stealing with money and these are the ones that do not have the money to finance a Royal Prince’s image and have started to get violent with that big mouth; the society ones always want Media to have access to other people’s lives because that is how they ensure their stupid children make them proud by becoming celebrities and stars while they know where other people’s private body parts are and that is how I am really supposed to handle the Media and their Television personalities, not the mess Politicians have made out of it for me; so I did travel by the University of Greenwich area again sometime this year and saw them still at it after they had passed the exams and I had dropped out and they had taken it all and became real Men and then there was that image of Ricky Gervais’ very insulting Gig on a Bus that just went by and I had to do something about it. What happened at Greenwich being that I had placed 12 years of Literary work on University system and went off on holiday several times and was quite certain somebody would have picked it up too – I like what they did with it until these well off enemies that know how to organise themselves and use Popular culture to exact their version of very stupid justice got involved and it is an access that must now be dismantled. It has never really been an issue; it’s a story of the fact that if you do not have a business in a place where Lord Sugar is tempted to step on you and make some millions to add to the millions he already has, then you will find him to be the nicest person in the world but once you have grown to that stage you will be surprised it does not take him 2 seconds to make such a decision and how far reaching his actions will be too – so its Men doing what they do and its 8 years since I dropped out of University too; like they say the Politicians are not the enemy of which are not the friends either anyway – what has happened here being that I have created a condition in which those who reward fame freaks for abusing others do not get the money back from the markets, what they should have done in my opinion was to set up and allow structures which will facilitate competition, what they have done is basically make friends with all the separate parties, sit back to their sense of having a nice little earner in the neighbourhoods with it and go to Parliament to talk about power, just like they say I am stuck but all I need is refreshment for my tired mind, which I can get here at home or get if I travel out of the Country for a few months, so those who tell me they will ensure I never get it might just end up with me travelling to areas where I will see that stupid culture and cut it up before I get home, so they can do and undo with me that way. It’s like the other story of my great lack of respect for Women whereas in my world anal sex happens when Couples are frustrated and I am not even married, not when people know where your anus and penis is and it is confusions like these which create the incentive people seem to pay attention to, which suggest attacking or having a go at me is such a good idea.

So they say I interfere most of the time and have not really got a clue what I am talking about; utter nonsense of course since it is impossible to actually say such claims are true when others are making me wait for years while they make use of my services because they do not know what private creative equity broker and intellectual property administration business is, however which really like to get involved with it. In the end all parties can work it all out when they are honest and that is what really matters at the end of the day, something they who are out of my league will never understand.


On other matters, they say I have contributed to a process where MPs feel they can be lose about moral issues, following the Keith Vaz allegations but I have no idea how I get to contribute to a process where somebody who is on a committee to decide Laws on vice got involved with vice several times himself anyway – they are already complaining that their bottom hurts due to the kind of people that get involved with them but have no respect for them ay Parliament, so the reasons somebody would ensure vice was his problem while he made laws on other peoples vices does not make any sense whatsoever. In my case it is rather a matter of what happens when an Arch Prince gets involved with Celebrities – the ones I like do not cause me any problems no matter how much vice they get involved with, the ones that like me are the same; the one that need to get involved with me to express their stupidities so they can be comfortable with how the way they have lived their stupid lives have affected them, so as to keep getting famous and love to channel incredible insults and abuses in my direction are the ones making all the mess; so it does reach that stage where progress has to be made from their current complains, which is largely about the fact they can always get off somewhere and blow off their big mouths about communities of guys that will teach me lessons if they do not get what they want and ways of keeping them off me and my concerns developed in a real and official way. I hear the other side is that nobody really knows what the scope and range of my activities are, which is not true; they know my Office is split between Church and State and that one does not take precedence over the other – they know that I do not have an opportunity to decide to do the right thing, I was born and raised and bred to do the right thing and decide to do the right, in like manner of which the other story of how Bankers and Stock Market goons will kick my arse is not based on reality.

Here they will say it is not okay to pick out the bankers, which is of course not what I have done; nobody is picking out or blaming bankers 100% here – what happened is that the bankers and stock market goons play stupid games with money and a group of idiots all over the world go out to gather the money and put it away somewhere; this then creates a black hole in the global economy on account they have stopped engaging in economic activity or have made it drastically smaller and the hole falls through, resulting in a recession. They were then supposed to realise they had done something wrong and spent the money so others can get jobs or somebody else was supposed to manage the problem and ensure there was money in the global economy; what happened while this was being decided was the activities of another group of idiots whose idea of life is when there is economic crisis and young people want to find jobs but cannot get any while those who are older and have more work place experience control the jobs. Hence in my view it is obvious that if bankers are good at ripping up finances, there are some finances out there that I would quite like to point them to, nobody is blaming them 100% here, it’s just a matter of the reasons those insults need to come to an end.

We hear the problem was that I deploy people’s lives to make money and this is talk people can bring up to ensure that their hate for me develops further from the part where my Books are insulting all together; after all what it is about is that those who come to the UK and refuse to share what they have will get hurt by racist and will not be able to stay but in my case I first of all had to be dominated spiritually so I can be made to do things, before I am even allowed to start thinking about academic work and supposing I completed it, the whole game will play out again on the basis of whether or not I am allowed to get any jobs with it; it was therefore obvious that they had developed a problem that was never going to end well, like the effects of that state of affairs they move heaven and earth to build, so that you carry on with a livelihood as normal and find that without any reason or problems it coughs up smoke and suddenly stops depending on how intense they have run their stupidities in public places and the reason will be that somebody else spent more time in the work force before you were even born and was therefore able to build up some savings for himself. It is an old story and that is the reason it annoys me so much; if I am a Christian, what happens is that they want to see me commit sins and evils and then get about teaching people those sins and evils and making songs and films with it and then that will be a process where the sins and evil needs to continue since people are getting financially comfortable because of it. The Celebrity ones are the ones concerning Public Office; never the government work with them, always whether or not I have soldiers or Police force at my disposal and these are the reasons it annoys me so much when I hear them blab about communities of Men and boys loyal to them, who will teach me lessons with that big mouth. So what has happened so far is that ripping up my finances and academic work and passing the exams at the University, only to return to Celebrity and popular culture has now given away to a process where I am doing the Celebrity and Popular culture as well and they are liking it; when I have wrought enough destruction to ensure they understand, I will go back to the academics and have it completed too – obviously one of the best ways to start is those insults carrying on to the point where I deploy people’s lives to make a living, which is why they will never let it work for me. It gets to that stage where the blacks are fighting the whites over me and are telling me not to get too comfortable as they will both be getting together to get after me at some stage with that celebrity yapping I clearly cannot be free from and there are some religious people watching too and I have more work to do getting around telling people it is seriously twisted and none should handle the matter if they do not know what they are doing.

They now say I work for the people and do not seem to recognise such a fact but of course people get paid when they work for the people, only that in my case, my Books are insulting and such nonsense is unprecedented too; it feeds into that tale of how my problem emerges from the fact my ways are the ways of a coward but then again so had I cleansed myself of violence when I became a statesman and for such things to catch up with me to that extent is an indication of the regard and consideration they have for other human beings which makes me want to be tolerant of them as well all together in any case and it is not as if people are not getting killed by the process either, never mind the one that comes from a need to get on public places and rip up my health before the fight and then come round for the fight as whole communities as well every day. So that we have now reached such a state where these things are the reasons people want to get involved with me on account there is power in my life and it annoys me on a whole new level all together; whereby we hear them speak of war and we all know the way that really works is that the bomb that exploded to create a 20 foot high firewall did because I signed a paper and not because they blabbed.

They do say I am not handling the situation well which is utter nonsense; I am – we all know the reasons they hate my guts so much is that they indulge themselves in Class A drugs. Such that the way people regard discount shops where benefit money is spent, is the way they regard their Cocaine and Marijuana suppliers – hence whenever I am in a neighbourhood, their entire network lights up and trouble begins but then again of which we would not be in such a situation at all if they kept their hands to themselves and their fingers especially off my bum.

So they say I have damaged everything that appeared to be civility in Europe which does not really apply, I mean that what they are doing now is spending their time complaining that I have damaged civilisations, not telling me I need to behave in a certain way in order to avoid the return of Nazi Germany. Whereby I get told that my behaviour does not solve any of the problem too whereas we all know that none of that racism stuff would happen if they were not spending their time exploring peoples personalities to a point where they think they can make money with it. Hence Nazi German has returned now that I have sorted out original provocation by which they can add on a reprisal for every response I put up when it is too much as it were and I would never know why people like to make out it constitutes freedom and Democracy but I am good to go, now that none white civil rights ethnic groups have stopped lying as well. They say my position does not solve the problems that the racists solve anyway, which is not true; the only thing that controls borders is the fact that people end up where they end up and the more you raise awareness of the border is the more you have to be insane to assume that people will not try to walk through it on account that you placed armed guarding there. First of all, these guys spend all their time exploring peoples personalities to a point where they find they can get rich with it, which means that they are so rude that no space is ever enough for them and when you do pair it with the normal ways borders are controlled apart from that nonsense they get up to where the toughest of the tough looks after the land and decided who lived within it, what you end up with is exactly the stupidities that were the first and second world wars; an outstanding fact within it of which was that the UK for example was bigger than Germany when they both happened and got smaller when it was over, which is not the only thing that makes up people’s minds for them if they do not wish to speak to those who lived through it in order to understand. So same old tale of tougher than tough saying other races are inferior and that means trouble makers like him from other countries that do not wish to travel out now see a border they must cross at all cost, while he looks after the beauty of the Country and secures quality of life for his race and his relationship with other Nations involves exploiting the Political cracks and then when he had decided on the final solution and built up enough bullets to kill them all and retain only friends, what happened eventually was that he got stuck and worse still larger countries saw what he got up to and took up arms and millions of people paid with their lives. So the beginning always suggest that a person stands in front of a shop doing security guarding for instance and another turns up to abate a fight for him because he likes so excitement; at that point it looks really stupid but when he does start to make friends with the business owner on it, then it begins to get serious; so it is the same market square behaviour that leads to such a level of abuse as causes murder of the abused because they were inferior and I would never understand what the racism one means either, only goes to show that if you could, then perhaps some people really need to be taught that human life is not that cheap by getting beaten up publicly. It does however lead to other decisions about none violent methods of fixing the problem which then results in an obsessive accountability for where people were born and raised and had childhood friends and went to school etc because of course if those were not messed around with we would not have Gender discrimination at all, somebody would still have been able to go home when she is refused a job – this then feeds into that need to see the village that existed before the first and second world war tore up Europe etc and the sense that I enjoy ripping up modernism to provoke racists.

I hear that the problem of brexit does not actually suggest that we think this matter is serious here in the UK, which is utter nonsense; the results speak for itself – we have done Brexit and the decisions the Germans and Spanish and French make have resulted in electoral success for far right groups, even the German ruling Party has now been beaten and the government taken from them. It’s the old story; if you say that borders are controlled when people end up where they end up and others do not explore peoples personalities to a stage where they can make money from it; then they will say I suggested that racism can be tackled when people are not distracted enough to raise awareness of the borders in the UK but are stuck with work to make racists comfortable; the reality of course rather being that wealth in the view of the racists comes from the superior race, whereas everybody else knows it comes from the years somebody researched something and the date he decided on the trials that will ensure he is solving a problem for another person in a setting that constitutes paid employment. It’s not just the Germans with problems, there is the French as well; they have now suffered three serious Terrorist attacks this year and we still have three Months before the year actually runs out – there is Algeria, there is Calais but all together the French are still as irresponsible as ever; where somebody will say that they are banning the Cloths that religious people make to fit in with the rest of the Population because it seems that either way of Women getting dressed or taking their Cloths off, it is as though they are always asking for it; the exact point therefore at which somebody would have thought that this constitutes a Public statement is not readily available to the imagination, as we all know it was possible for Women to then start a new attitude – where one half will say they were about to put their Clothes on before somebody said something and the other that they were about to take it off before somebody did say something and then it will be added to Terrorism as well by the French.

The other part of the story being that I have been reduced by Americans to starting everything I do at the bottom but that is not true; they are doing exactly what they were meant to do and I am handling exactly the problems I was supposed to – the foundations have been laid down for the Journalists are Court to embody Royal Estate Publicity while I ensure I dedicate my life to the public service of keeping them under control, hence nothing is actually out of place in anyway. Then there are the really stupid ones that say I have now changed my rhetoric on Women because I have been forced to – I have no idea which part of this they have failed to understand for my part thereof too.  in the end the basic DNA of the leadership the Germans and the French still supply around the world is one of empowering and teaching people to hate other peoples success and that when they do act on it too, which when coupled with the Americans and the lack of respect for those who reject them, right down to a point where they start to mess with people and then start those insults where your beautiful arm has been stolen and shoulder was liked and stolen and then bottom etc and then the abuses that start to get worse and violent, it becomes very toxic and one must therefore be on guard always i.e. every time we do not see them pay attention to their own problems and the ones in their Communities, somebody’s property is about to be destroyed with impunity and they are about to have another Nelson Mandela. They say I am the best of my Culture messing with people until they send the best of their own as well but before then they were tall and slim and free and could do and undo, so now that they are cracked up out of my league they have the best of their culture that didn’t actually exist but it is not a crisis for me anyway – same old story of how much disregard people can show for another person’s property; their Fashion House was made him Heaven and delivered to earth and the best thing that happened to mankind, my Royal House is what his fashion Models screw around with in order to be able to strut the Cat walk, such that we have gone from complains which result from when peoples superior wives are my responsibility to complains which result from when their superior fashion models are as well and I had taken over the noisy bits too and its all together such phenomenal fun. They have always lived in that dark hate filled rigid world where they want to beat the small  army defeat large Army British defence successes and so on and the Russians are now at the forefront of their hatred around the world; the government there has now split the Country into nice people and extremists and so the first point at which they wish to recover losses is attacking the British but those losses will be recovered when they have relations with the Middle East and South America if their bottom is not hurting as well for instance – it’s a story of the way they will copy the British and round up all their enemies and defeat them by being the small people who face annihilation, nobody knows which they suppose other will then use as the platform which facilitates the insurgent movements of those who do not want to be conquered anyway but what is clear is that if this way of running a country is profitable for Russians, it is not just the Miscellaneous expenses of that we will be paying for. They say we hate the idea of German success as well, which is not actually true; what is hated is that never reject democratic people otherwise an original provocation will be created and then everything you do in response when uncomfortable will be followed by a copy reprisal that start to become law because the Politicians made it so; hence they say I wouldn’t get along with them but the simpler answer has always been that I need to be left alone; to which they say that my activities interfere with peoples businesses and that it is the reasons I get problems from all angles; the truth is that the first reason I have problems from all angles is that the unfair behaviour of the ageist idiot that wants to spend my property on his or herself is usually violent, to show me where my league is while they handle my possessions at the same time, like they were my personal Gods – the second is that this is an Intellectual property Administration business and when people pick up its property to make themselves comfortable with, should remember it is actually the business of my company to figure out people like them all together and that it is exactly what is going to happen too; in the end for what respect is worth and the question of how I can trace every bit of market equity that has been taken from me, firstly which the process always comes in the two forms of one being sweet talking my fans and customer into parting with money, while the other that is not money which belongs to me is the part where people reward them because they are attacking me – so intellectual property administration has to be explained to the pervert on this matter as not just a way of being employed for being selfish but should be noted that if a million people see and know whom a property belongs to, it is irrelevant who is making money with it when it comes to ownership and if a Million people have, the entire world probably has too: in the end, they need to stop causing me distress by this behaviour as human beings need to get out of bed and attend their jobs without thinking twice about it, unless they are showing that they do not like freedom considering which I am not the one complaining. In the end, especially for Male journalists whom without their talking too much would have allowed exist an Intellectual Property Administration business that did not need to be defended heavily and therefore worked for all – what they want to see therefore is the Royal lifestyle protected when every insult is joined by brutal savagery on my part, to ensure this method of making profit is discontinued.

So they say I want to live in a condition where it is okay for Royalty and service people to restrict their freedoms of speech; utter nonsense of course, what happens is for instance the fact that what I say and do is largely a matter of the services I provide from what is a business establishment part of the Royal Estate – not something I think service personnel or the Royals will want to listen to as such. They however want to brew and refine conversations that will allow them get involved with individuals that have the most prestige in the Country so they do have their speeches restricted a lot. Then we hear them claim I regularly sound like dictators who are enemies of the US but in my case am losing a Royal Estate; utter nonsense too – what I need to do is prepare properly for my academics and in that time I still do get to fulfil all roles relating to an Arch Prince’s duties and when it comes to that none actually works as hard as I do anyway – not that I think hard work for a Prince does not come with problems but it depends on what is happening; if The Queen decides that the future for the Country is one of more inclusion I have to because all sorts of issues will arise for an Arch Prince as a result and I intend to maintain my record too. It is the story of the reasons I am hated being that I have blocked off the left, which I have so that they can deploy their own lives for it or continue to turn up here when they know I have done so because it is not in my interest to see them become famous and rich and try to find out what will happen as a result of their behaviour. So it is an old story where they are nasty and get involved with Media as a result of which none can keep a factory job that supplies Celebrities and it gets worse too since you know their vandalism of your business and earnings happens because this is what they want to use you for but others will work hard enough to ensure that was the case – while those who do security for celebrities will not allow you to keep any job at all until a scumbag that works on you to keep an image of decadence rather than get a job is certain that you are behaving in a way they might find acceptable with a big mouth. They always say I have not got the matter under control and like to boast in ways which suggest that I have; this is not true either in any case – it’s a matter of the fact they want to play fun and games with me that expresses their anger at the way things are going in their stupid lives and is not pleasant for me; these games are played 24/7 on the roads and Public transportation and there is no way my dress code can save me when it comes to professionalism at work because the whole 90 Minute journey everywhere I go will be spent on very intensely annoying fun and games by idiots who show they hate your guts in their fucking living rooms due to the way their lives are going since I last refused to co-operate. So we have reached a point where the threats are just as well if they are talking from their own fucking rights and my space is cleared. Otherwise the good news is that the world must be conquered and all things moved left hand side wise while the HQ is in New York but I have been going around showing that world peace is not maintained by one method only and have all these Celebrities and Pop stars getting around the world doing it; some doing middle east and some South America and some Asia and some Europe and some Jersey etc – I have been doing this for Months, so the idea that in one fell swoop I have done all these and secured the Industrial community for the Country and taken out Women from other Countries that want to do nothing else but steal and then damage it if they get their hands on it, will not have taken such a fact into account. So it’s the same tale; they cannot let you have a small Office where you sell products to customers or work in a factory that does unless they make use of Public image to get rich and famous and it is not just a public image I have, it is an asset that belongs to a writer whose Office was tailored for the peace and quiet he needs for his business as well; I love it when they get used to such things and start to think it is their own and then I do not wish to pick up on showing I am exasperated with people making it with claims what I am and own belongs to them actually, so I might have fun turning over the other side of them to see what it is like as well. Every time it turns out there are none white business communities on this planet, such a fact disappears from this Businesses Public image in minutes, it helps to set the stage that suggest when I say I will cut up their white Communities and the none whites’ friends one too if they put it in my face, I am likely bluffing. They say I complain so because I cannot make things happen in the real world; the reality of course is that it is a fabulous use of my time when I am robbed of the benefits of suffering like the real Men do, so they can have their absolution, besides which there is nothing wrong with the way I operate since if I do not keep celebrities off my Public life, what happens is that when I step out of my door somebody makes a statement on Media and his well off enemies get after me and Books never get sold or signed; like a story that will never end, where it is my life that is trending on account of them and not my Books because it is pleasurable to see what becomes of me when I build a business Empire and break it up to broker the equities and gain my cash through Book sales which others control and we find the same with the fashion Industry as well, those cannot do anything with superior girls that are out of my league without making reference to me due to their lifestyle not matching their jobs and mine not being superior enough to exist and yet each time I secure everything from them what then happens is that I have set a new trend and shown they can do whatever they liked with it – the popular culture ones being more forth coming about the opinion that there is nothing I can do about their position with reference to me as well off enemies.