FUN – 5/9/2016

So the story about Brexit Today is one about how angry the ‘stay in Europe’ people actually are and it therefore means I must have said or done something which predisposes me to being blamed and then being held responsible; none of which makes any sense, I mean aside the process of whom they suppose is mocking around with them, is the reality of how they had businesses in Europe that they had no idea how to run but only needed to show up on public places and mock others and attack others and insult people with the idea they can do whatever they liked and people will come round in the end and it will be amusing when they look at the demographics and their profits have risen again etc but did not think that they should have fought hard enough to win the referendum in the first place all together. So here it is all becoming much, much, much less amusing then when it all first began.

The other side of this story therefore being that one way or another, the need that Media people and television personalities and Politicians have to get out of bed every day and play around with all things that matter to me is that which must now come to an end. They like to say it is because they hate my guts but it’s been 8 years since I dropped out of University due to the fact when I attend it becomes the place society people go, to play with anything else except their foolish children as it were and the other thing they do whereby my tummy hurts has only just taken a turn for the worst, hence bound to make any normal person very angry as well. The TV personality and Media ones say I have no respect for the fact they have money and the society ones need the buses and the trains to help bully me as an expression of the fact they hate my guts considering that the fact somebody else only needs have money and I had lost everything I have so they might rob shoulders, has only led to consequences as it were – including the part where I write Books that are insulting too. So when this date 5/9/2016 does run out, it will cease to be a process of hating my guts because of the fact that I always handle culture and society before I spend time on academic work or jobs on account nothing people learn stays in their heads with these idiots being able to get anywhere they bloody well wish and will progress to the one about making sure Politicians and TV Personalities and Celebrities no longer have the access to me that makes the most fun that they are having at present and it will be something I will have to do in a way which matches my reputation as well.

They do say I have no respect for them and the fact they have done well for themselves and are financially well off and in like manner they love to make out I am not a Royal Prince because it is the only thing that stands between them and anything they may want to do in order to waste or spend any possessions of mine they have gotten their hands on; no matter how hard I work to prevent that, an equally important process of working hard to ensure I do not will ensue and it is much the same with what culture and society people feel is what they want to play with of which we know they play 24/7 with all their time thereof as well and it is not the one that leads to violence too all together. So they are no one and they are nothing, this means I have access to any fame and public image to spend too and am doing well enough to get respect for it too, besides which I can always explain to the Queen that I bowed the knee to them and kissed their hands with that big mouth they have got. I am also aware they say its specifically the Labour Party that does it but that was an old story of wealth distribution activists from a world where nothing gets done, right down to telling simple truth, unless there is money involved, attacking those who actually do not have the wealth, in order to make friends with those who do and play up big power and small power and middle power nonsense all over the civil service for it too; what has happened since between that I have engineered the process where the Men are the ones making the money as the Women are fond of ‘touching a little girl’ nonsense when they are not allowed to get famous on my possessions, especially fashion idiots – the benefit is that the Men can get cracked up out of my league whenever they want too. It all happens because they make contact with me after pillaging my property, which nobody needs give them advice to do as it were, since they are my personal gods. If we do look at it from the female point of view, it’s always that old tale of how their own processes of being given birth to was completed a very long time ago, hence nobody really understands what it is they are up to as it stands; its where they claim the very way I look at people is insulting and advice me about the position of the Monarchy and how I have no interests in a real way with Politicians and then of how my opinion of what The Queen thinks of me is not remotely what I think of myself– in terms of the first of which is an old story of how I was meant to look at my Court before they had decided the only thing moral people can actually do about their violence is to create a big religious organisation they can join and corrupt if they wanted and in terms of the second of which I am not chasing interests of Politicians as they had since the second term of Tony Blair in Downing St decided to stop working for the Country because statements concerning wealth that was not being distributed was one that solved all problems whenever they were questioned about it and are still going strong with that so far and of the last part which is that it’s a matter of the controversy I create around myself by entangling myself with Media so they might understand what the consequences of their playing with me can be and this means the probability of being punished when I have done nothing wrong increases and so does that of me punishing them because I might be or have been.

So they say I pick people up and then leave them hanging, which is utter nonsense – the truth is that in their minds they are far more superior to me and sometimes I get taken, actually I get taken a lot and then I will follow somebody’s twitter profile and it will completely destroy all I have worked for to do so while they are still at it, with their side of the story that constitutes their version of Publicity of Media. Then we find them get about telling me that what I say and write on my websites and social network attracts violent people of which we all know I have a Court of Journalists as well and that they are not journalists either for that matter, therefore their opinions about what I do matters; so we are back again round in circles on the insanity that is the Brexit issue and it goes without saying that these stories they tell are past their sell by date – those who had interests that have been damaged by the Brexit vote should have fought harder to win the referendum and that is where I stand now. Here they will conjecture that what is happening here is another of my many extreme expressions of disrespect or even hate for  Women; reality of course is that respect for Women by the upper class and by the lower classes are very different things all together; the lower classes really have no respect for Women and when they mention it are actually referring to the items in human form that they use when they want to spend and squander other people’s lives and property, while what happens when the upper class mentions it is trouble for them; same old tale of the fact the process of giving birth to them was completed a long time ago and nobody really can understand what it is exactly they are doing whenever we see them get around what we are all to presume is a daily pursuit; the other very popular idea that I need to be scared of the Men, especially because they do not think there is another viable target when they have needs out there but myself is that which I will never take seriously - the reality is that their Beer drinking, High life convenience seeking, bully Bachelors Club and need to have sex and relationships with the best girls behaviour will likely come to an end when I start to look like an extremist for hating every aspect of it and start to become really intolerant too within that process. They do say I am a lost cause and it is utter nonsense; what has happened is a process where the idiots have gone off to find enemies of an Arch Prince who have money to get money from by making a mess of me and my public image to win favours and those who give them money have now seen about 4 years pass without recovering it at the Markets and more so at my expense and this is where we are at the moment - they speak of what I have done to provoke them of course and I have because I do not want them to be famous, it is the reason I have blocked off the left hand side of my life and public image where the scum clearly went to school and had childhood friends and grew up as it were, so that when they used their own lives to do it they can then issue threats too with that big mouth (I mean not being able to earn a living from a business for about 4 years steady because it is all going on; I need to be cash strapped and my enemies must then give them enough money to meet all their needs through it, which indicates they have planned a living and on that stupid Media too.). We hear that story of how I am the one that messed up British-Japanese relations which has affected their ability to get around Industry villages in order to get rich but not earning from a business for 4 years at the hands of a group of idiots who are complaining about a consequences which followed their need to show up at Industry villages and blab about how they handle Royal property of mine because nobody knows who the hell I am, is clearly a behaviour that will ensure it does not happen again as far as they are concerned. As it stands a very quick National news has been put out there using my Public image and what I have said about what is happening with the G20 and it is all about how they will make their next set of cash to spend and it runs along the lines of increase in prices, along the lines of profit protection and passing costs to consumers and has ended well with a case of how things are - no part of what it costs me have they made any small contribution to despite the level of convenience they have enjoyed as compared to the profits they will preserve by this process of disobedience and it goes without saying that I have not been selling Books recently either, so there is bound to be more complaining in 24 Hours i.e. the process of giving birth to them had been completed a very long time ago, so we only have to assume it is a daily pursuit they are engaged in right up to the Stock Markets - it’s the same old thing they have been doing since I was 22 i.e. target me to set me up as the guy who spends all his life working on the difficult bits of starting a venture, while they work on the profits, so it is as I have mentioned earlier about assuming it is a daily pursuit. We have now reached a stage where it is the Politicians that need to stop lying, in this grand game of making sure I do as little about it as I possibly can negate; somebody stabbed another to death because he is evil and not because the neighbourhood has some reputation or something like that and evil people like these vote for evil Politicians who spend years in Government buildings telling lies about religion and then showing up in Public to improve their stupidities and image on the basis of some deception that have created which is now becoming profitable even on a global scale; their disobedience means I cannot earn a living apparently and there was always the easier option of keeping away from me to earn the freedom to tell all the lies they wanted: they do say I speak like that until I live in a place where the need to avoid those who gather on street corners to chase vice and those who are grownups but their entire existence is developed on the basis of making sure what people learn does not stay in their heads turns to hate crime where people can say they own everything that belongs to me and make good on it with violence but that is what they say half the time, the other half the time we see them lean on all I do to ensure my work and home is a safe place and go overseas to gather more evils if they have run out of some at home in order to find out how far it will stretch, then when that was done they will go back round to the new ones that have been brewed at home and in all that time making sure I have no money with a big mouth (they say I am somebody who have Loyalty of Military and the important issue is not that they feel they can take anything they like from others like candy from a baby with that big mouth but rather than people have been killed on my behalf and that it is something that happens to those who end up in prison and lose their lives and career to the world and so my life and career must be given to the world as well enforced by Celebrities and Media and Journalists etc and yet, the same behaviour continues i.e. they want my right hand side, which fundamentally encourages criminals to target my Book sale business, they socialise any sense of accountability and applicable democracy I express and Liberalise my personal life by messing up my public reputation, to assume that being that the Law is an Ass, like them it is stupid as well ). It’s the same old tale; pictures of me in the toilet no matter how hard I work to ensure that does not happen, they will collect several and when the plug into people’s lives and get rich Media advertisement empires are not making the money as much as they like with their Stock Market friends, put one out without any discretion whatsoever and create enough controversy to bring in some more money, usually from the pockets of their profitability of violence scum all over the Country and all I am saying is that if I want to take it away from them, I will and they know I can, so do I think there was nothing complicated about the English I used in my warning here too - just like they say I have taken everything from Brexiteers but everybody heard the warnings about hacking their contracts as well, right down to White Van Man if I lose one more Book sales opportunity as it were and it was never heeded several times on a daily basis; they do love to think they are invincible and get into that part where I see the world according to what I hear and mess with what goes on in my head, so it is as it is written in the Holy Bible "He who has ear" then, let him hear, as it were.

POLITICS – 8/9/2016

Today they have started a story about how my condition is getting closer and closer the critical, to that point where I will get beaten up. I would never know anyway, we all know Politicians are the ones pushing shit from behind all the time and that they never do their jobs these days especially the socialist ones – what they do is take government salary and tell tax payers their incompetence is due to wealth inequality because they know it is a winning argument and all the others they have their way with the people by have been but damaged by me, hence this works out a revenge for them too. Then again which the last time we checked it was a Country and not a toy by which people can be trapped so that electoral accountability will force them to share property they have been insolent enough to work for and will never share the way those who want to share it want them to – this is their current point of complain, what I do not understand is these idiots they push their threats with on Media everyday and what their point is anyway. All I can say is that perhaps they will achieve one of those occasions where my finances have been damaged because of their lies and tricks and involvement with me to seek somebody they can oppress on account they are losers, when they have gotten to a point from which it will be possible to pick up their phones and cause me to lose contracts and jobs and then again, so have I warned them that Brexit has made the Country much smaller than before as well and that there will be carnage if such nonsense actually does emerge too.

The main point that these fools make is that they are better people who contribute more to society than I do and what I am saying  is that they need to stay away from me, as the way I work actually involves making entire Communities share half their lives with a sense of social morality, which has made me a quasi hate figure; the last thing I want is any idiot that wants to talk about the kind of Man that causes her to have money on her mind or causes her to be a bad girl, getting involved with my concerns to talk nonsense about contributing more to society while I am insolent and abusive towards others. The Men however have it as a habit, so they can suck up to idiots who have money and obtain somebody else’s lifestyle to offer up as corrupt prerogative for it in order to earn favours – however which the reality of their behaviour does have much far reaching effect; such as the outcome of five hours of it being that one of my social networking accounts for instance will have lost 6 followers and picked up 3 new ones, the three new ones that are only interested in areas of my work whereby it can be said that Women are being unruly – so these idiots really do not seem to understand how much they piss me off and I have to reiterate that it will have to be the point where they stand up somewhere public and claim that all I am and own actually belongs to them, that they would have kicked it off too but until then if I see them around my left hand side they will end up with more trouble than they currently have and if I see their communities I will cut it up as well for their part – for my part I will continue to enjoy my games i.e. they always want to play with me, the stupid, stupid play that they have assured me is not pleasant too, so when I see the whites and none whites fighting each other, I usually support the whites because it will push up their anxiety levels too and ensure that they get to play the one where there is a bigger person that will come and get me and do my stuff on their behalf, while the none whites just have their anxiety levels spiked for no reason because I have refused to support them.

In the end, so have I made it clear I do not have a problem with the idea of seeing men struggle financially anyway; there is always a business community that existed before I came along as it were, the one that was built through a process of fingering peoples bums over their personalities having been copied and shared with the rich in order to get the wealthy to share some money with them; the Asian ones do it with impunity and are complaining about me at the moment, so there is bound to be another fight from the US to India over scum in suits; the rest are collateral damage mostly all together and in the end it would be so pleasurable to see them spend their last five pounds to get fuel for those stupid cars in order to get home, spend the night hungry and try for money again by sunrise. To reiterate, the way my work operates is that I must have fandom from violent people in order to ensure I have facilitated a Means by which the Court of female journalists can play their role at the Royal Estate, the big gain from The Queen whom I work for, is that I get to do my charity work based duties thereof and I can understand there was never a reason for me to take such things up but they do not work for the Queen either; so that in the end we all know social network is the place where violent people express themselves the most as it were and that their daily games are very unwelcome but they are still at a loss as to what it means, so we will try a description here i.e. it’s that Woman for instance, it has a personality that will make people laugh if she moves to the right or the left, so that even if it could run away from a murderous psychopath, it does not actually see any reason why that should be the case – so what we are guaranteed to end up with is parents looking at a post mortem and those cuts that they are informed are actually stab wounds with a sharp object that goes centimetres deep and did cause the death etc, amounting to one of those things people see but keep doing never the less as it were; so as for the muscles I was meant to have had in order to manage these things, we must be clear that I am about to start planning for consequences to follow scum who screw my state provided security and the Politicians will very likely become my main target because if that was the case I would not have to do it over an expensive and long drawn out period of time – if the rest wind me up, we will definitely end up with the Police force being a place only for people that are allied to me like I have done with Public transport systems at present.

So they say people want me to stop interfering with their businesses but then again which that should not be a problem if they stopped interfering with mine in the first place – I personally do not think it is actually possible to interfere with peoples business to a point where they are not earning a living, so the assumption here is that it is something personal. The television personalities will say my disrespectful tone is the problem but they are another group of idiots who think they are so successful that a condition does exist whereby if they got angry they could actually touch me physically as such, so it is a lesson not yet taught generally and I think they are bluffing too; I mean that 8 years after dropping out of University and that nonsense people do whereby stepping out of my door turns my tummy upside down has taken a turn for the worst, take public transport past the University and find that Ricky Gervais the Comedian is still at it. So what has been completed with the celebrities at this stage is revenge for turning up at University to rip up my studies and return to Celeb and Pop culture, which is all about doing celeb and pop culture until I rip up their own, in order to return to University. They always have this other grown up goons that are involved in the security Industry and cannot let people keep jobs, while the nasty neighbourhood boys generally cannot allow people keep small businesses or factory jobs and it’s like something that has to be settled; whereby each time people say they want to build their careers at Factory and warehousing for instance, we will see them show up with friends from Europe and Japan and the US, to show that when it comes to work you can always make use of the British who do not know where to stop and that they will always get away with it anyway because it is a Country where there is respect for Women and so this stupidity has now gone far deep into the economy hence my position on it too. They do say it is the same way I behave towards other peoples Countries which makes what I have just said as a facts that are lost in translation causing me to set it out i.e. Royalty wrote and sold Books in their Country, this therefore meant he had no respect for it as looking for trouble is like blood running through their veins, hence something physical and pragmatic must be done about the Celebrities to improve the current situation; the one where apart from what I have said as a result of their insanity being supported by Politicians, we see any British people behaving towards their fucking leaders in such ways. They do say that the problem with me is my obsession with the idea of interfering with those things I know nothing about – I wouldn’t know anyway; I dropped out of studying Law and Economics BAA in 2008, studied and completed my Legal Executive Certificates in 2012, I have all the support from a Consortium in the City and a Court of Journalists and a Celebrity Court and the British Government and the British Monarchy, so I do not think that my next University adventure will be about Law and Economics anymore but will see when the time is right, what I have to study following that I have a Law qualification to further – so I suppose that the whole process of American girls and African girls and Japanese Girls messing around with British Manufacturing and Industry came into in the first place because I interfere with that about which I know nothing. In the end, what happened really was that when the US signs Trade deals with European Countries, Celebrities muscle in – so we tend to feel that although the land of the free has its disadvantages, this is quite off the scale; there is really nothing wrong with the idea that if a Celebrity is wealthy their money can be of value to other people’s lives but when she did rip up people’s lives and public image to get rich and famous, that was just the beginning of their very stupid ambitions, now she has to become a tycoon as well and according to history, we all know what they do with the money is support crime infested neighbourhoods, claiming that they are the real champions of wealth distribution; hence this is actually what got us to where we are now; does not know what it is doing.

Hence the story has now reverted to questions about my ungovernable position and how the Labour Party rips up Public services and the NHS and the Civil service to punish those who come to the UK to enjoy the civil rights that was hard won without showing any regard towards those that actually fought for it. The reality of which is that in my case for instance the main matter was that when I came to the UK it was still possible to people to research something, create a product or service that was unique, develop a certain control and monopoly of it in order to earn enough, so as to employ bread winners in other families; but since the onslaught of the Labour Party, it has become a place where those who have succeeded on such matters are no longer able to keep secretes in order to preserve their rights and that of others from those who might kill in order to be the ones that owned such things. So it is usually very badly underestimated how much it provokes me when they blab about fighting for my rights before I was born etc, when we know what I have just mentioned is what has happened for my generation only and that the previous generation faced a very different kind of extreme provocation that they have no wish to discuss each time they mention such things.

Then which is we hear them say that the main problem is that I am ungovernable and it’s like I am in a faraway part of the land speaking through the empty dessert where there is a lot of echo, asking them “why?”, which is a little amusing at present but when I feel I have no more time to waste on them with regards to building myself a comfortable pension, such echoes will change into one where they are fully informed about the fact that I really do not care and so am I aware they are fighting for their lives over the matter as we speak and making out it is the right of criminal and barely criminal goons to set me out as hate figure whose flesh they press to concentrate of academics has ceased to be amusing. It’s always the big question of whether supporting a party that believes that handling them by means of violence is the way to get things done or not; so that when we look at the Conservatives we see that they think of the Nation Posterity, when we look at Labour they rip up the Police service is somebody does not appreciate they had to deal with racism in their youth – when we look at the Conservatives, we see people who work for the Nation, when we look at Labour we see people who expect others to do the working and if they have worked for anything, destroy it when others do not acknowledged they had been denied rights – so they really need to stop following me around and try to keep the insults away. Keeping the insults away of which will be very difficult because they think that those mates of theirs who are more successful are better human beings than I am and so are they and that what those achieved was achieved by means of injustices and so they must now create the same environment that those have somewhere on the right hand side and I being one of the weak must be made to chose and it feeds into the issue of Terrorism because it makes me so angry i.e. they have problems with it because they continue to think it is an activity carried out by those who are insane, whereas it is done by those who can see them through and through and can see that they are pure evil and do these harmful things because they get pleasure from it and are likely to ask why it is okay and then that will be the stage where none can actually stop them concerning their decision, which does not actually support their theory of the weak and it applies just as well to my Books, which they have declared numerous times is insulting, while claiming that I support when people do bad things when I say such things as I have; whereas every other normal person can see my behaviour does not affect other peoples own but if I have set out an act as something I intend should do so, that it will when people get interested and involved.

We always hear them make those excuses about the conditions that need to exist so the UK can one day cease to be a constitutional Monarchy; whereas any other normal person can see that the Royals are far off from them and the effects of their behaviour, which behaviour they know is wrong but need to get involved with me and my faith in order to get involved with the Royals. Hence if they are not saying so, it becomes a matter of extricated conveniences of the effects of their insults on those who believe work is the answer for everything and then their insults will draw out the interests of those who want to oppress others with work, they will never stop and then we will all be left without doubt that if they were both government and opposition the Nation would be in flames at this point. By contrast of which if I got out of my door with a Union jack shirt every day, it will one day lead to employment for somebody when I make an impression on a Tourist who wants to return; so they have clearly seem from my actions that cutting up their community and culture if it bothers me is not a bluff and that their own environment where they are equals of their mates who were successful by being unfair, which I will have to chose provokes me a lot, showing why it might blow up in their faces if they have too much of the bullying fun and why they need to leave me alone and understand nobody here is fooling around with their party – stop fighting for my civil rights before I even existed etc; the game of Socialists who do not want handouts as wealth distribution anymore but if shown how to make the wealth return with money to exact domination of their so called weak people with a big mouth. I have now created as such this condition where the fame and fortune world shut down and functions only on the basis of those who want to financially reward idiots that are attacking people they envy and that means all is well when they are still paying the taxes, with respect to Public interest and with respect to me, that anything they take from here will remain where it has ended up until I have need for it at a later date and can therefore pick it up that way.

So they say everything I do annoys people but there are two reasons for that and one of them is that these idiots usually assume the right to teach others how to exist first of all and the other is that I am a respectful peasant because it is what I have chosen for myself, while they are big bad people who are capable of violence and therefore superior because that is what they have chosen for themselves. So I guess the big idea is that I am actually homosexual but I am not; I am always around and those who want to punish me for my mistakes can show up and stop blabbing lasciviousness. I do not think their need to teach me lessons for my arrogance amounts to a good enough excuse to handle my finances like the white ones do and to handle my health like the black ones do – I am only going to likely end up with more things I have appointed myself to do to them as well.


So they say I have a problem with rich children, which is utter nonsense – I don’t; its rich children fighting my battles, which I then have to get around stopping and preventing all the time. These guys are the ones who always tend to have lose change kept at home, that they can support any large company that wants to crush a small one with and they are the ones that work consumerism in this way to any cost of which in a place like the US the cost of education is off the scale as well, then we see them organise people, complain, protest, attack the Police lose some lives and so on. If we do allow their talk of problems with rich children to continue we will soon find a pop star has emerged from it and that it wants to ride that wave where they always want to get involved with others and obtain narcissist happiness by which parties are good and those who do not attend are worse off – whereby they are rich but nobody questions them because nobody knows where the money is, while the behaviour of seeking big businesses but having no wish to behave like it means that others have to keep running rings round the story of the fact that when a million people know that something belongs to a person, probability is that the entire world knows as well and that a thief will not have done themselves any favours either.

I don’t have a problem with it, I am just saying that they are the ones who work violent consumerism and always tend to have lose change to support big business that wants to crush a smaller one and they are the ones that need to resolve problems concerning wealth not I or any rich kids I am said to have a problem with. They really generally have no respect for other people’s rights; so their idea of what the purpose and meaning of life for others should be concerns that which they use a government and a crowd to work a two part business of making sure that the person is forced to explore their talents and lifestyle until they get to the top and then since their money is detached from them, brought back to the bottom where all can copy, like we see them give to the frugal if they have got it and of course we all know that civil rights will provide whenever they lack and it will provide in such ways, hence there simply has to be a better option to tyranny, such as taking up that stupid civil rights and doing it for them like I have.

A typical example are the reasons they have decided to claim I have a problem with rich kids i.e. they have worked tirelessly to make me untidy and we see the same behaviour at the Public transport system too, where stepping outside of your door generally means that on account another person has got money, you must now lose everything you have so that they might rub shoulders with. That they have all those lessons they want to teach me is never really a good enough excuse for handling my finances the way we see them do, especially for the TV personalities: I mean that when as wealthy as I am, all you do with yourself is stay quiet as making a fuss disturbs others and does not do you any favours as well but in my case, building an empire and breaking it up to broker equities and sell Books generally means they own my Book sales market first of all and will now prevent the Book sales from happening too because it actually belongs to them – which is why I have made it clear they can blab such nonsense at Industry communities or Media, not that my Books do them any favours or that I intend to change such a reality any time soon anyway. It is also like the story they tell about their self image and a hate for my Court systems; hence I am progressing fast towards the stage where I will keep only Court Members that have interests in seeing me make financial progress because there is no point really having one when others are making the profits at my expense because they are comfortable with the idea there is nothing wrong if I make losses, meaning that none of us will make any progress whatsoever and when I am finished, that the idea there are some companies big enough to make us flinch is a face.