On the contrary my position on the US is not vague in anyway whatsoever. It seems to the government there that my actions do not constitute revenge in anyway: the part where the purpose of war in Iraq was to ensure that any secretes that might be a threat to the US in the UK is exposed and the intellectual bankruptcy that came with it and my royal property slap bang in the middle, the part where the UK cannot defend itself from enemies lest there is a threat to the US and after vandalism that ran right down to the bonds market and the UK currency itself now find they did not like these guys as much anyway, these days of which they say they want hatred from the US out of me without giving a thought to what it will be like bearing in mind it is all they ever do – deviant hard working fools and shopping channels doing cosmetics and calling everybody a tyrant thereof, then there is the matter of recently discovered oil at the Falklands itself all together. The idea of hate for Americans from me suggesting then that I must be Osama Bin laden in their view and we have not even talked about their US president who before he is even elected gets around fermenting as much problems as he can find in his black communities and then landing them right on my book sales to become the most famous black man in the world, good for him of course, except it gets worse and every stupid little girl there thinks I am their little soldier, complete with a fair sense of what I need to do to deal with slavery and slave trade which I do not want to discuss because insults they know which creates such massive financial impacts on the earnings of other statesmen is more important, in the same way that being the champion of very angry stupid black people is and in the same way that claims I say racism is a good thing and must now show how good it is by suffering the white man’s whipping stick for everybody which will make me into a fully developed misogynist in a short period of time yet applies. The problem with the US is their problem with the rules and that it comes alongside talk of democracy is unbearable; I simply will no longer tolerate people messing with my public work, what I have done is not vague in anyway – I will always have revenge for it from now on and those industries are mine, so they need to understand the end product will soon be a case where I have them or destroy them. The fight thing they like to talk about and how to avoid a fight and only fight when you know you will win because they have always been a Nation of assassins as it were, not particularly surprising but what I have done is revenge for making a mess of my public work. The other story about it is how my actions lead to an unacceptable response by China on North Korea, when in actual fact they are the ones that continue to make a mess of it; what I have done for my part is settle the matter of how what a communist government does is deal with matters of society and economy from the highest levels of government and so the last thing you want to do is get involved with people and then split them up or break them away from the leaders which seems to be the only thing Americans do and then of course they then abandon those they have gotten involved with in such ways and leave them to be picked off one after the other – I have simply decided that it is not how mine is going be and cannot understand why it would affect decisions Beijing settles on Piong Yang.  If it were insults and abuses that wreck the finances of other statesmen they would be top dog in order to be the most famous but it seems it is all they know as well and I only want to talk about that and the economic issues that are still not being fixed as we speak. They say my position makes the economy weak of course but in actual fact it is the old story about communism, concerning which In Russia for example Lenin only passed away in recent contemporary history and the Soviet Union is not even up to 500 years old and Russia is even more recent, hence the question of what was there as Russia before Lenin; this is hardly a country of tyrants governed by tyrants and owned by tyrants as personal and private property and all that rubbish we hear all the time and it is much the same with China as well and none of these things interferes with capitalism in anyway. Nobody is doing anything to stifle the American economy either, only Americans know how the British have stolen from them first of all, which we know ended with a failure to absorb the Market for the pound for the dollar with media. Most of all is the fact that they are obsessed with wrecking my work on this too i.e. the part where I keep a good hatred between me and them and a good levels of hatred between them and me and look after my friends and allies in the US like I do everywhere else in the world and they expect me to give up what I provide for them with because their corporations need it with a big mouth and so are bent on having it too hence the destruction; so now I am a little bit more serious about what we can do for ourselves with respect to getting jobs, so they can dream on and think those things just happen and they will never have it either. As for the part where there are secretes that need to be told which are now being told so those who have the acumen and the investment can move into the market; I have made it clear what happens here is more of people manufacturing goods, getting customers involved and then needing an arrangement with me to ensure the customers are part of the vision and this is the equity I broker and therefore cannot make out how they expect to just sit down somewhere and get involved in a market. There is hardly any place in the world you will travel to, in order to experience a process where stupid deviant girls and women have support from the National government to live off your income and the perks of your job; only the US and so these things are what happens when Americans feel they can do absolutely anything they please. I am perfectly entitled to travel to the US without being noticed by their president who is a product of a certain socialist section of the Democratic party and comes from a group of black people who think everything is a plaything for them and so is everybody and that an Arch Prince can become the little soldier of their stupid women – I am entitled to this and he needs to leave me alone and stay out of my affairs.


I am not as suggested grumpy and a big dinosaur in anyway, it’s a matter of what people do and not what is considered the really appalling way in which I look after myself; I mean I only do some things when I am perfectly certain I do not like women for example but what if a process of being reminded all the time I need to like women is something somebody is using to mock and abuse me and find out how well he did? It applies to the issue with the US as well where I say; me and my empire trust and the businesses that hold it with me and Hollywood and my Equities and securities and all interests and the consideration the politicians will never figure out how hard we work for them to have the large economies they have, so let’s get off their case and see what we can do to create ourselves jobs and bang on American politicians have wrecked it and tabled a response of China to North Korea as the reason; all those really ignorant and incredibly stupid short term judgements concerning which the financial impact is incredible which it seems is all they know, that I will no longer tolerate as it were. Hence an example of what anybody in my shoes would be angry about; all that stuff about war everywhere with the result that people get to show me to them whereby I happen to be an alternative person who thinks the world should be a utopia and they cannot take me on. Stories of compromises I need to make with politicians is an absolutely silly one; I do not need to make any compromise with them, what needs to happen is a process where they take their silly mature businesses out of my affairs and look into their attitude to make more profit along with their friends and nothing else, an end to turning up to demand compromises from me because they are certain I will do nothing about how they wreck my finances sustainably over years to find things I never knew about myself to demand and name it politics and freedom and in the same way as well will I have the politics and the later diplomatic careers so I can continue to be superior to them if I were to add it to who I am from where I am – no need for compromises and no need for an assumption people need to do things on my intellectual space as such. The part about the Falklands being looked into properly sounds like I am being hurried and they are clowns, apparently we have come to the basic issues outside of conflict and the story has resurfaced that when oil was first discovered there it was a matter that was to be shared between Argentina and the UK at Industry level, until the government there got involved and what the government there wanted it seems was a huge cut of British Diplomacy but what their story became was that of oil and so on, which needs to change too since whatever happens we will need to create a good diplomatic environment for the Islanders anyway. So the adjudication point remain as they have been i.e. people saying the US spends its time dispatching stupid girls that serve big business and ravage their way of life and sell cosmetics and I bear witness to that too since it is clear you would be hard pressed to find anywhere in the world where government dispatch dumb girls to live off the perks of your job if you work for a country but do not have to look far if you look in the US – the US on the other hand names these people tyrants which according to the facts do not stack up, besides which the mention of oil in the area means the mention of the US and what the US wants thereof must be done yap, yap, yap.


Finally is the matter of how we small and medium size businesses have acumen we have worked for which means we are in a better position than the big companies we work for and need to give that up; utter rubbish too as it were, since nobody told the big businesses to abdicate leadership during an economic crisis; not to mention the fact this idea of giving it up does not stack up since it is obvious they do not care about anybody, earn millions off our backs and make millions more unemployed because it does not affect them: the part that gets me however being the idea of giving up things concerning which those whose idea it was need to step up and do their campaigns for it so we can find out. As for businesses owned by socialists on the other hand, of course I do not want any crap from them and the same story applies to politicians and the ordinary people that support big business who are currently not waling yet for the time being; they know me as well as I know them, they know of ironies like a Christian Prince whose Christianity means he cares nothing of money and royal status means he has seen it all anyway, will then fancy their shoes and ties and cars etc which will set the stage for them to make fortunes because they will torture him into doing so – they know me as well as I know them, they know I have a tendency to drive them into a corner where it will never be over until it is especially over the personality frauds and the ripping up of my Intellectual property and finances over it, they know I know them and that they are normally really stupid but think they are rather being bloody minded=. There are no issues therefore on the Falklands concerning which I need to get into a hurry and they need to get off my television. As for the part where what I say puts me in more peril, it is a total misunderstanding of the meaning of what I say i.e. we are politicians we like to feel we can get out of bed every day to hunt and harm that boy, the way he reacts makes our day and it will never stop until I stop it properly, so when they do it and I tell them to get out of Parliament and get on the streets, they pretend they want to handle the treasury which everybody will blame me for and hence the issues I have to consider when I need to stop it for good otherwise it will continue to grow and grow and grow and grow out of control and this is what I mean when I say things which they completely then misconstrue as well. I never understate it when I say they simply cannot leave people alone and that it is their big problem at all times. I will not let them wreck my academic work like they did before and so when I warn I will graduate with a CV on them instead of try to avoid them like the last time concerning which I intend to get my student loans debt out of them as well, they suppose it is a bluff and I apparently have a history to show for that too. The bottom line is that every effort to ensure the evils of society that pertains to you does not have a lee way with you must be thwarted by somebody who claims he wants your personality with the use of government office, after which he likes to show off in public a tendency which suggests as well that he is not aware he is in a fight with you and thus all the good things in your life like being a Christian or finding favour with the royal family becomes the most important curses due to the fact their sense of regard for other human beings do not exist and thereby creating the need to be stubborn about making myself all up in private and turning up in public to do things they have expressly disapproved as well, like their stupid stubbornness does to me all the time as well. I keep hearing those stories about how the Falklands are a colony of the UK, the problem being that some people have a real problem reading up what words mean since we know colonies are governed by two means of assimilation or indirect rule, hence the chances it will continue until the government at port Stanley moves into a new UK colony and does what it likes and moves out which will express the difference between a UK Union and a UK colony very clearly, such things are I suppose bound to continue. Now to intimate people about the way the government there works, it is fair to mention the cultural similarities with South American countries and the fact that due to their tourism industry it is rather difficult for them to have a system of violence and theft and robbery, which is mostly how South American states who use tourism a lot behave; some may say I have not mentioned it in a communicable way, hence I should stress what I mean is that if you travelled to the Falklands and met people there, they would gather and greet you and show you a culture and tell you things you cannot do for yourself or you will have to deal with violence and theft etc, except that they have not got quite a lot of those due to their tourism industry, hence we have moved out of talking conflict with Argentina as it stands and need to pursue the present Course i.e. the UK is just off the coast of Argentina, helping the US with crime and social problems while it does not care a hoot for its own neighbour and hence the rekindling of old tensions since it appears that the UK is an extension of the US – we need to take this is account and live as though the UK is a next door neighbour of South America, not continue to run away from it; stories run about some colony there is deeply offensive but I suppose they are apt coming from people who would like others to call their countries a colony; apparently the US says the idea the US was once one such to the UK is unacceptable but we all were i.e. the Romans were ones colonised by the Greeks and then everybody else by the Romans later on, however the way in which the colonies of modern history worked was something different i.e. the stuff about modern people and the fact they speak of and work the issues of the taboo of old hatred like it was water to drink; so when they mention it, what they are referring to mostly is in those days a country is a country, first and last, end it, period – then it had a government and a government had an outlook and the outlook involved only the friends of the government, treaties were made and treaties were torn up – today because of modern people a country cannot just be a country without having an outlook on the left and they speak and work the old hatred thing like hell , so immediately after the first world war which was the first sign of such things people thought that was the end of it but it never was because the second world war became the bench mark of the existence of an ideology that can make you breathless and Americans are completely obsessed with it as well, bringing us back to the nature of people who moved away to establish new lands in the Americas where they can do as they pleased and how doing as they pleased tended to affect others at all times and how the end product was a colony. The other story beside it of how I must have my reputation checked as I am not what I seem is very well known; for of course if women did not spend so much of their time spreading lies and rumours about me which will ensure that an idiot wants to get into government office to stifle my finances and ensure I pay attention to it and that it is then used to determine what the outcome of my life is, there would be no complains of such things. Nobody knows what it wrong with them anyway and how stories they tell of how they have found a man they can abuse who would do nothing about it, whom they have abused to a point where he cannot do anything even if he wanted to with a big mouth developed into a state of National campaigns of insults on a daily basis and what indeed it is supposed to mean or achieve, what we do know however is that they tell many stories about their right to abuse me as I am not a child and stories from their stupid girls about the right to abuse me until I do violent and criminal things to provide for them as a community of people which is something they have as a desire and believe they will sell to big businesses to get rich, which is also where I believe the crucible of it all will be settled too because it really looks like it anyway. I am not prepared to tolerate any rubbish from them either, hence when I insinuate or actually mention something about the story of them and how the claim their husbands do not beat them up is rife but we all know it is a lie, they do and that is a start and I shall think of something too – what I intend to do of which is to speak to the communities of husbands and men which I will finish with forging here and then I will shut them up. Apparently the part that misses from their insolence based complains is largely that they do it on account they have secret societies where they plan it and hence do not know the difference between their husbands and their children when they want to choose a man to do it to as it were with a big mouth. Their media fools and politicians say they have difficulty understanding how on earth anybody is to make cuts to benefits if I have taken such a hard stance on matters but of course we all know that my stance was simply that socialism is the social deviance of the UK and so we are not talking about them, thus if the government is to make cuts to the welfare budget, then it is to do so because it is too big but now we can see that cuts are being made below inflation rate which is pure wickedness and affects the economy itself since what we are saying is that we expect businesses to increase their services while we as a country reduce ours without actually successfully doing so i.e. we will not repair roads today this year because we are cutting budgets, so the number of crashes and quantity of claims for compensation doubles our costs for repairing the roads themselves or the welfare system and NHS is cut to save money so we do not know if our growth is a real one since we will spend even more money to repair damages we have done to the state to save money when the economy had recovered – hence when I say these are budgets that are the country which should not be altered to save the treasury instead of a process where we keep the state as it is and work to grow the economy, which is where the top politicians normally like to make out they want everything I promised which is also utter nonsense  because what has really happened is that they continue to abuse me, so when I take revenge make sure they spread the idea that what I say is a process of giving away my books and that even the copies I sell have been given away, however the things that make me angry enough to attack them as it stands of which they have no intentions of changing anyway.  Eventually of which it seems to boil right down to this matter of the internet as a market place and how the shops need to be phased out of which the question becomes what people do when they have no face meetings with those they are buying products from and cannot see the products until the products are delivered i.e. how you maintain an internet market place where people buy products they have never seen before and therefore have no idea what they are getting. So clearly some companies will do very well there like Microsoft for example who trade Operating system software and help you with downloading the updates directly so that they assess your system and your problems and provide you with the downloads directly, but it is the old story of whether everybody else is in such a position. Like the matter of benefit cuts and my personal view, in the case of benefit cuts the main issue personally is that the plan was to get support from the government for four years and then get a qualification and find a job after that end the story but when they make cuts and it adds one more year of dependency, I do wonder what it is exactly that they have achieved thereof and the way it works is not just a one year story; the first year of being unemployed is usually to find your way into an affordable home, then the second is to settle down and find the nearest education institution and then the third is where you begin, so that if they had made cuts somewhere around examination period and you could not meet your costs, then you have saved up benefit money and paid fees and failed to complete the programme which means another two years of dependency on benefits if the programme was meant to last for a year but if more than a year while such games continue, then we are looking as possibilities of being on benefits for between five and ten years, which then saves costs as well. With respect to this internet thing on the other hand, it seems that it is the trouble makers on the internet who usually want local shops to be removed, just like we cut government services to create growth in an economy where we find out what is going on by the size of the percentage of Christmas discount that the shops display on their front doors and nobody knows how a government creates growth in a utility economy by cutting back on its own services instead of managing difficult choices with the little resources we have available. So they think that when there are no more shops, then when they attack your business on the internet, you will never be able to hit them as well on the ground too, which is simply an illusion that they would have ultimate power as the community of trouble makers on the internet who think other peoples decision to act should be governed by the stupidities they express and desire to in the most powerful positions and posts at all times, which politicians seem to fall for and suck up to, to my utter irritation as it were: it is never true they will have ultimate power as such because I can easily build a product or packages around a product which ensure that if channelled in a direction they will create the same effects a computer virus has on a computer on the business and affairs of the person that does it and of course they know I have the Police on my side in this matter too anyway, besides which I am sure they know how people are i.e. you attack them and attack them and attack them and they say nothing until when you bleed once and they act like sharks and piranhas. Explaining incessant problem with journalists is a simple one; I mean i do think about it but neither have the time nor able to bring myself to the state of a plan thought of making sure people have jobs and look like they have nothing; yet I seem to have arguably the most assaulted career and person in the world on account people are journalists and have an ego when they want things. So it is much the same all together alongside their civil service idiots with huge pay packets and plans to get into business at a later stage in their stupid lives which only works when it works on my case; so we intend to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes the matter, as they tend to handle me and my property and personal details with their ego alongside a pretence it is what they are supposed to do. The media ones of which I cannot stop kicking anyway, since it is so important to use them to do up American idiots, especially those affiliated to them. fair to judge of course then that in their view nobody has had enough of their media and civil service bullying, especially when bad things happen to their stupid children who bully people to make it happen to them and of course the things they do about me on social media as well which does not show any signs of stopping so far yet.