Now I hear there is story that I never ever take seriously the matter of race and to deploy my great understanding to making people feel comfortable to that effect but I have no idea what people expect me to say about racism anyway, the reality is that if I have to deal with a case of you will go home today and deal with neighbourhoods that want you throat basically, then such a person is not supposed to go home in peace, since they so it apparently because they belong in a race as it were. I have never really considered it an issue; they however will say nothing I do or say adds up, never mind the fact my refusal to tag along with their needs means I have opened up the UK to flood gates of all kinds of scum that used to follow me around in my younger years to get into the Country on my account – the truth about the latter of course being that if I told them the idiots concerned always do what they do anyway and they need to stay out of it, that would never have been a piece of advice considered with a degree of regard and then it gets worse for their Politicians also have a habit of seeking other peoples personal life which is why they want those things to do it so much as it were, they want me to discuss race therefore without paying attention to how exactly I am likely to discuss it. In terms of the former however what I do does add up unless they are talking about how most black people tend to support their idiots in politics that are always bound by some unknown code to respond whenever there is a fool in town that wants to be the father of young people who uses their youth to get rich with popular culture and has a legendary disobedience going for him, such that it is when you have told him not to do it with your person or public life or possessions that it becomes his main preoccupation or perhaps they are talking about the fact that their general lack of respect is off the scale so that it has now come to a personal space problem as it were – either way, I am not particularly interested in them, my book sales are my route to a holiday away from their stupidities and whatever it is they want to see blow up will blow up over it as it were and of course it is ever so easy to disown people anyway thus nobody knows what is making it so difficult for them as such, they only have to do it once. That said, these are a group of idiots you can only avoid, whose stupidities will not mess with your mind only when you look professional in everything you do, except they have a need for searching people and you cannot be professional every single moment of your life, so it has to turn to the other side of the story which is best expressed by their need to ensure you are important today but without the money because they are trying to be important tomorrow with your money in order to cause you harm about which they want me to discuss the race issues to make their stupidities feel comfortable too as it were which is clearly what they want to do with their time and are not at liberty to deploy mine as well i.e. these are a group of fools who are only good for it when you oppress them as there is no means by which you can look and act professional every single moment of your life aka you are not one of them socially, Politically, culturally, academically, professionally but their need to better themselves at your expense has now led to a personal space issue that is getting more violent; it’s nothing but misogynistic fools that gloat over my Body because of my temperaments every single moment of their stupid time and have come to a point where they will tell any lies and do anything to touch and handle it.

It’s like that old story of lets create some suspense and dig him for wealth inequality on media that they have come to love so much; I mean wealth distribution is the biggest farce in the whole world – these fools want to live in a capitalist society, they want to live in a merit society but they want others to distribute what other peoples own and it will never ever make sense but they have found ways of destroying people’s property over it, they have found ways of spinning off racism to distract their victims so that they can do whatever they like with people’s property and it goes on and on and on. When we are being nice we say it’s stealing when Politicians do it for them – stealing by the back door, so the way out should be for the Politicians the treasury, so that the public can decide what to do with them as well. When we are not being nice then the reality is that these things are never wealth inequality, wealth inequality is a form of revenge, revenge used on those who have not respected them in a way that would make them feel comfortable with other people’s property and even personal lives and because of that the great irony is always that they want wealth but they destroy wealth to make their point and when you work hard and become successful they want to punish you by means of sharing your property and pillaging your health as well – so it is their nature besides the one behind the wealth inequality in the first place which is built around the fact that they cannot do without having what others have and in a merit society where people get wealthy by market forces and a case of financial numbers, we can see why they are always a front to everything we stand for and everything we are then becoming obsessed with Politics and government office as well in order to feed their greed and dishonesty from a point where they cannot be questioned. So it does not trouble me in anyway; I already know the measure of a wealthy person that has worked for his or her money is a matter of the destruction of their story which suggests that wealthy people just exist and have no sense of being born somewhere growing up somewhere and heading somewhere, have no sense of culture and society in order to replace it with a question of how much energy people have left to indulge the violent and evil side of society when they had become wealthy. All they do really is stealing and finding ways to deal with the law in the process too, stealing and nothing more. I do not think it is a problem as such, these guys are morons mostly – I mean all they do for money is the culture and society that exists in the locality of a business concerning which they are the greatest participants because of which their eyes are firmly fixed on any new thing that comes into the companies and Industries in which locality they exist and if it does not serve them will be taken and destroyed and the owners personal life deployed and peddled to make popular culture so they can do things for each other in the neighbourhood block and that is how we end up with these really dumb people making lots of millions with music CDs – they have continued to handle my work and give me a sense there is nothing I can do about it, so I have had to get myself prepared but for now the story of setting out some suspense to dig me for wealth inequality is past its sell by date, it is not their body and the next time they have a go like that I will up my game on them what I have done so far as it were; it’s like those times when they enjoy it way too much for their own good, the story of how I bewitch HM to a point where she cannot see anything wrong with anything I get up to. So it’s a simple matter of Mc Donalds HQ is at Brighton Beach, so the whole purpose of what I do has to serve the boys and girls of Brighton Beach and if not they will rip up my business and pillage my personal life to peddle certain comforts and make popular culture fame and fortune in order to do things for the hard done by people who live around there and to that end are always keeping me away from Mc Donalds with every single media appearance they make which they make as an obsession due to a need to target me over having softened me up if I were not a soft touch in the first place and the reason they need to do it this way is so that can find plausible ways of passing off the claim it is all my fault; it is the reason I need their National sense of fame so I can find out which life and which world they would have stolen my career as it were if I know everything about them and everything about their Country, I do not bewitch The Queen. The point is that they are morons and the things they do which results in more destruction of other peoples wealth the more wealthy they get is because they don’t know any better but I personally am fed up with them handling my possessions to make themselves into a barrier that stands between me and Industries I know nothing about while they have always existed in and so on hence currently the most viable way of stealing my career as it were, I am only saying people ought to bear it in mind so that they do not let the behaviour they see messing around all the time affect them in terms of career; I mean its ever so impossible to work your numbers and sell your products when another is deploying your equities somewhere else and accusing you of passing through others to get to somewhere great and important, it happens because they are morons keeping you out of Industry over claims they have always lived in it and you like to get involved when you know nothing of it – so when the Politicians get involved the whole process of making sure their threats results in a condition where they are leaning further and further to the right to handle me reverts to destruction of society and culture and civil rights for every property of mine that they damage. To paint an accurate picture – people do not just have the will to destroy peoples possessions just like that, they will in this case is governed by some 20 girls that lived in the neighbourhood where a Company sets up shop and so 2 of them become popular culture celebrities just because they need to punish you for working for the Company, so they have realised that if they work the wealth inequality story while they get rich and famous, nobody will get to ask them how much of their wealth they share with the poor but everybody will continue targeting you and whatever companies you are working for as well – so it happens because they are block heads and morons and people need to stop acting as though they have made the money they have in any other way save involving stupidities with other people livelihoods so they can become outstanding managers of their own lives in order to peddle the good feeling in other people’s lives and do something for their cultural organisations.


They do say when I say these things I put myself in jeopardy of what Mr Obama can get up to which I don’t; his idiots and his NSA fools are giving me thoughts of taking a stand to explore and find out how they and their agony aunts and talk show insults are going to do those things they yap about all the time, at the moment I have not felt a major propulsion towards it yet but the anus and penis insults could do a lot of help it on as it were with their big mouth. Every fool with a parent that does an insulting and abusive talk show on day time television is always likely to join their stupid security agency and feel he is supposed to spy on me and do anus and penis insults and it is giving me thoughts too, so I have no why they like to make out what I say and do jeopardises my health and safety and security on account Mr Obama exists anyway – am very soon going to have to take a stand somewhere to find out how they are going to do to me all that nonsense they brag about for which I have had to put up with their intimate insults all these years as it were. Apart from which they are morons and in terms of career their behaviour does not necessarily have to affect anybody; some people do tell them of course, I am not the first, they do hear people tell them the NSA is operating in unconstitutional manner and intrusive ways too but my experience is tirades of insults on Media and threats that are as a result of the insults softening me up and so on and this is what I will take a stand for one of these days so we can find out how they are going to go about nigger doing it too. It’s much like the story of people trying to understand why I think and do things the way I do which makes no sense whatsoever, since the reality is that I am not a teenager or aged in my 20s so it is really difficult to locate which conversation I am having with other adults right up to my Company and Royal Estate that seems to interest them so much – definitely not the books, as it were, getting a copy of their own and being a better person, it’s the conversations and relationships, they want to get involved with me and after which I must fight tyranny and maybe communism and maybe Obama and NSA with their big mouth I suppose and it can go on and on and on and on endlessly to no good end. I mean entire Political parties get involved for the sake of it with my company and Royal Office in private and in public and it is free for all in that way, my Books are previewed by members of Parliament as a matter of obsession but nobody is being collected by them and it goes on and on never mind their need to pass on the word that people can preview my Books rather than buy them and now their silly kids want involvement, they say they want to know how I think so they can think like that too and a lot of the times it is also about having sex with me as real men are in short supply and they need to lose their virginity here and not long after which I hear they are better than me as human beings – as they do clearly have the time for that as it were and so there is no stopping them and there is no stopping journalist and TV personalities and popular culture idiots from using me or my public life to get things done in a reasonable way thereof.

So they do say I mess with other peoples jobs and really interfere but of course I don’t, they say so because of the size of their ego and need to tell lies – they are the ones interfering with my job, I mean the male journalists are really notorious for an inability to do anything without being me and thereby using me to do it and then it will be five minutes designed to ensure my chest really hurts because they are big brother and so on endlessly every single second and then when done another will take up and then another and then another, a need to deploy what people think about me especially aka my public life and at the end of the day I have to get out and hand out fliers for my books on the streets or get out to carry through a Book signing and so on and I need to breathe but it seems I have to set out to them yet again that they speak the same language as I do so I have to assume they understand what I am saying to them. It is much the same with fashion idiots especially those that regularly get about business at the Monarchy, for those it is a need to handle my personal and spiritual and financial growth to make the latest trend on the catwalk, so that unless they are complaining about me it does not appear to be a problem that will ever be reasoned with too. I understand they ask these questions of how personality can be property as it were which is never what I mean – the reality being that it hurts more to save up what you are supposed to do for another day, so personality cannot be a property, it does not work; the problem is that these goons really like to deploy my aptitudes when they have had their own and at the heart of it is a contribution their homosexual self preservation society has created for them which is clearly not compatible with me as a Christian, so it tends to send out a message that I am messing around and with me too but they cannot be seen dead stopping it – they like to deploy my aptitudes because they don’t like themselves and want to be me and I don’t see how funny that really is as it were even though it is their obsession at present, looking for trouble. it’s never true I attack people for taking an interest in my work; I am simply never really a happy person when journalists and politicians who live in a world where it’s not a matter of whether or not they have paid off their mortgage but a matter of which number of mortgage they have paid off, like to cause financial damage to others so they might be held back well enough for people to make their academics and abilities a replaceable or sharable skill – so I am never really a happy person when the Public falls in love with my work and somebody interferes, when they take an interest and somebody interferes, we all know as it stands for good measure this story of replaceable skills have become a colloquialism where peoples stuff is  always being done, so I cannot understand why they will suppose that doing so can constitute a lot of fun anyway. So this is the UK take, overseas ones will do the financial damage because they want to take a stand on my market and income margins to define a new version of freedom and democracy and if I ask why they think that behaviour is unbreakable, they like to think they are threatening and then when I am about to break it the reason I shouldn’t is that while my career is in tatters and they are laughing their stupid loutish head off over a useless culture that is now making them financial well off from it is that it is already inside of their minds, which is how I get to break it and break them in the process as well never the less. It’s all a simple case of twisted and evil people having revenge for the damage I have done to their evils, what cannot be explained in it is why the Politicians involved turned it into a social and political and an economic issue to look for trouble – so when I am told what I say is heavy and people don’t know how I do it, this is one of the answers to that; I mean I have beaten them right up to the pornography Industry since it is not clear what reasons people  have for involving pornography with the Royal Estate of an Arch Prince and making civil rights noise all over the place about how he has colonised the world, hence an example of why Royalty should be hated – I do wonder what they were expecting save the outcome i.e. the spiritual evils fancy good sex these days and do not wish to abuse those they come in contact with paranormally and so the pornography Industry needs to put its evil back into it to make the whole thing work and to brew the kind of powers they want to be having but having said that I still don’t see them keep off the Royal Estate and public work and I still don’t see them keep off my Book sales so I will be waiting.

I hear they say Tory policies divide the Country while I support it and it makes no sense either; I mean if every single person regardless of their age is capable of losing their temper to a point of doing bad things that means the government spends money to incarcerate them, what is respect and what is its purpose. Obviously it is ever more important to indulge misogyny that brings them riches and fame on others and never paying attention to the point where it gets too much – that is rather usually the state at which it becomes a pain that gets them anyway no matter where they run and how hard they try to escape and so how it is that other divide the Country completely beats me. As for the story of Tory Policies and why I should hate them however, the reality is still as simple as the fact that I hate two main aspects of Tory Policy which the need the Labour party has to search people in order to prevent them writing books about government operatives to make fame and riches that they are not sharing with those they make use of as well, while what they really use it for is search people and grab anything they find to claim as their own on media, which is for instance what used to justify Police stop and search Policy before it got all racist in the past – however in terms of Tory Policy it is the part where they are so concerned with the frontiers of National economy they forget the local one and leave it to ageist idiots that want to take advantage of young people and cannot keep their career insults and abuses to themselves I hate but the one I hate the most by far has to be the part about supporting Industry morons who like to think others are actually not behaving nicely with them, so need to  have their finances stifled until their qualifications can be replaced by others or by modernism and machines, while they have their pensions all sorted out and it is such a great game to indulge, which gives me the extra work of setting out the reality they have seen my CV way too often and I do need to take up my job and do it myself as it were. In the end they say I do these things and it is still difficult for people to work out what I am thinking but they have always had a way of offending me by scandals and abuses which create the sense my very temperaments are something linked with sex so they can get together to have the best sex all over it by exasperating me financially to make my feelings pliable and wasting my finances and time like it was never a crime and it is much like the other side of the story where they say I never give thought to why the Labour Party does what it does either but I have and the reason is pure corruption – the one where people like to tackle you and laugh their head off because you are a Christian and there is evils and wickedness in their cultures and societies and they need something to mock and abuse in order to feel good about themselves their own version of evil and when I get rid of that travel overseas to bring in more and ferment it on media but tackle me still with it yet again because that was where they got the most pleasure, right up to the part where they then start to take class A drugs and get off to push the effects on me while I am in my bed room especially on media as it were and the need to stir their stupid neighbourhoods to co-operate with it to ensure they have such a pleasure, so that when the outcome is that they get all the Politicians of the world and none can get them out of it as it were, it seems the Christian was never the weak link and they will now have to listen. So in terms of what I am thinking, obviously not having to deal with crap from male journalists when you  have books to sell is how to manage a career and I what is going to happen next is a matter of how the excuses they produce to stay on it is going to be made to dry up as well – so what I am thinking is that they clearly need to leave me alone as it were, they however think they have their western corruptions of involvement that likes to bully religious people but you cannot pray and you cannot fast and you cannot study while it goes on and this is what I am thinking, its case is what will happen next. Especially with male journalists – over the years I have made them compulsively angry as well and will keep it sexual too all the way – they don’t teach it at Church so guess where I learn it; this is what is happening next, men and a reckoning over their need to have sex on me, I mean it’s not my fault they make their neighbourhoods hell for themselves anyway, they always put the worst of them out for everybody and then work out friends after that, I don’t have to be blamed because I am a Christian and the reason it is this bad is because male journalists exist. In a normal persons mind, the case of people attacking me and having to lean further and further to the right to handle me should easily translate as the destruction of culture and society and Politics for every damage they do to my business; in their defence they say I get involved with what does not concern me referring to the age range and physical size of women at Court with me of course and I would never understand what it is that bends them into the nature they exhibit, however I know it’s a matter of western corruptions of involvement that they think is unanswerable and therefore all powerful in the name and of freedom and so on; so it is all a matter of assumptions they like to make concerning how much I like them so – whereas the reality on the other hand is a story of them and their girl friends and how I will be okay if I do not interfere with their needs and it’s the same needs that lead them to do the communist bloc card of course which is akin to stirring a nuclear war, until they find out they cannot keep their hands to themselves and I am the small power while they are medium power and they need to exist by taking out all their unpleasant feelings on me which is how we ended up here, where I do nothing else with my spare time except get out there and make them worse off in every aspect of life as it were – so they make this assumption that is built on the fact I have said nothing about their activities, that I like them so much which is not really true, when we take a look at the way they exhibit themselves even in the sex industry – something about being able t dish out violence and being able to take it, something about being so way out of the league of kids like me that showing themselves naked like that is supposed to pay up the dividend of my becoming mentally disturbed as a sex maniac and on and on the list goes – the more explanations they come up with in order to remain in my personal space and continue these things is the more annoying it gets, I am sure they speak the same language as I do and can understand what I am saying to them. I mean I do get asked how much of a problem it is which it isn’t much of a problem at all; it’s the story of meeting useless people in the society – it can be a man that is so drunk he takes out his penis in front of your house and pisses on your curb, it can be a media fool with corruptions of involvement and abuses of sexual context to show you off to the world with, it’s all something useless people do and tell lies about so they might continue and I want them to stay away from me and all my concerns. It’s like the story of whether I think UKIP is a racist party for instance which I don’t; if we tackle it head on, these guys do it more than anybody else, the media is where people celebrate tyranny unnecessarily, having that need to take a position on peoples personal lives and careers and finances and telling lies that makes it their own because they have believed the lies as well and are in such positions as they can deprive the owners permanently due to the owners being so far inferior to them that they will and or can do nothing about it but if we follow it up conventionally we find that black person is a bully and white person wants you to deal with problems of an entire race to make him comfortable, then you must have met some of the things you need to ensure remain that way permanently which leaves you with normal people that you can get around with – so do I distract people as well, of course I do; when we read our sociology and criminology and our law and our politics we realise these guys are not stupid, they do what they do because civil unrest and terrorism is their very nature and of course they need to hate and destroy women in order to do it, hence their perpetual anger and hatred of women is founded on the fact bad sex is a habit as it were.


It is never an unusual eventuality, I mean I cause distractions as well but I know what the reasons are for it i.e. terrorism and organised crime is their very nature – as I have mentioned before they cannot leave people alone and women are always the first target, so the basis of all their anger is that bad sex is a habit at present, soon the state will be bigger than them and they will pick up guns and pretend they have a cause. As it stands we have obviously done away with a governments of scumbags that gets into office to spend tax payer funds on them when I stay all up all night to disrupt their means to an end because of what it will bring as it were, give them money because they need some, spend treasury money that was their own to spend as it were and gain all these mobility that creates problem all over the place around here. I never said I was the innocent party, I caused a great levels of disruption to their organised crime and drugs trade and the result was building popular culture on my literary empire and seeking to get into the film industry on my market as well claiming it is what I promised – corrupting my equities, not least what I allowed some people to make popular music on and getting their stupid politicians to make real a game of power with me, this of which is another mess I have t clean up which was completely foreseeable and so carried out by people who speak the same language as me and can understand what I am saying to them. Clearly of which this publicly being a man thing has been very important, to show I can handle my own matters and support women over what they do right up to the International communities and I fish to finish off by making them settle exactly what it is they want with my business income margins every single moment of their time, and of course the anus and penis insults never get any better looking for trouble endlessly.

We hear I don’t understand what Labour is actually all about but if I were not a Christian that wishes people well and needs to be trapped and abused and used as talisman to tell people fortune because it is the nature of an entire people to get things done in that way, what we are looking at is a group of people that are always sent out by their parents to rip up people’s lives and property and livelihoods – so the question is rather that of how you stop it when some 200 parents in a 50 square mile are doing it with each and every one of their teenagers but that said I cannot get any break from having my personality perverted by people chasing and thumbing my anus and penis every single second to express displeasure for books I write in a Christian life they want to practice wickedness with in order to end their history of being losers but they have said they do it because of poverty and I have made it clear the Books help with poverty issues but they will never buy the books if it kills them, what they need is to show up around my concerns to destroy things. I am not as such interested in Labour but it is not true people do not know what they stand for. They do say it is about making a mess of me and making it look funny too the way I do others but of course that is rather a matter of the fact if I am not in charge here and they are, there still seems to be no explanation for the reasons they are so nervous all the time –so it’s easy for them, insults do not cost them anything but for me it creates poverty so those who do it can turn up on media to be superior to me and talk nonsense thereafter when I handle their case as well. So these are really people who want to be oppressed since it is quite impossible to look professional 24/7 – I am not going anywhere for my part away from their stupid side of society, it is a deal their politicians and media that never ever listen to anything they are told made and if I do at all move out of it I will have my privacy first before I do and they know it or the Privacy will be looked after where we are and then it will come to an end and they can move on; the fun part of it for them is being able to trap one of them – one of those guys that always exist as though they don’t and are always successful and wealthy and in order to have their lives stay out of being seen, so I am the one they trap therefore a Nationally developed obsession with my personal life which they find amusing and I will protect it in their society or they will stay off my books and let me a holiday away from their stupidities that I might unwind.

I understand they do say I am very loose about the way I handle people in my world but I am not in anyway; it has nothing to do with the men and I am not a teenager or an adult in my 20s which means I need to be seen in company of their stupid children – what I do here is work that means I have a system occupied by female journalists that allows me provide them support that means they are able to do their local and National and International work, which is a system that other states women are taking advantage of as well especially in diplomatic arena and humanitarian work and the job has led me all the way to setting out a state of affairs on pornographic industry and so on, so it is ever so difficult to see what is so complicated about the unpleasantness and financial destruction of these stupid men but then again they have in turn made out there is something I have damaged in the Course of achieving what I have which of course does nothing to refer to the part where I am always being thumbed just for thinking about what I do because they have over time put themselves in a position where it has to offend them – which is entirely normal, the corruption and corruptibility which has led to an outcome where they have a need to handle my possessions and person and make me worse off all the time and likewise me as well, right up to a new way in which western democracy operates in the International scene which seems to require them to step back and stand down every single time anything is getting done especially with their socialist idiots – so when the anus and penis insults had ended perhaps we will discuss it and try to resolve the situation, otherwise they can let them big mouth and not their brains lead the way. It is the feature I am most proud of, that everywhere in the world especially socialist territories and the south Americas, things always ever get done when they are required to back down and stand down and move back and make space, for of course it is impossible to say the same thing to a group of people for 7 years none stop on a daily basis without consequences. It can easily start with their perpetually the victims homosexuals who never accept they harm others but it always almost inevitably ends with threats and intimidation and a need to get out of bed to spend mine which eventually leads to a condition where it costs my life, when asked about it talk nonsense that follows on from their anus and penis insults that is concerned with them doing their stuff with a big mouth, hence the reason I do it as it were and that stupid Popular culture and male journalist game they like to play, there is no reasoning with them about using me to get things done like a pain that gets me no matter how hard I try just yet – they say socialism is in their view linked with freedom like their fellow morons in the Industries and financial systems who cannot let other peoples livelihood and income alone, looking for trouble all the time.