On the matter of not knowing where and when I am wanted I cannot get my head around who has asked the idiots that raised the issue a question and more so if one such was asked in that direction anyway. I mean the state of my finances and literary empire at present helped by their idiots in government office that spend tax payers money on them to keep them going while they do it should have expressed how stupid they really are and the fact I don’t want to spend any time with them, not that the fact they don’t even know what I look like physically helps their case anyway. For me personally the case is a matter of when exactly I started being concerned about what worldly idiots like them think and how much it will help my faith when and if I do. For them it is a question of who on earth is asking them a question, of which nobody knows what their feminists want with my health and finances in the first place anyway or why they cannot tell their stupid girls to look elsewhere.

I hear it is claimed to be largely an issue of the fact all I am is done for me by other people whose lives and property I make use of but of course nobody has required their opinion around here either, considering more so that it is never really as funny as they think it is and I have mentioned the state of my literary empire and why it needs to stop being funny so it does not blow up in their faces. I also hear they say it is a matter of the fact that I cannot be trusted with other peoples women of which the truth and reality is that they love to punish women that are beyond punishment so they can turn up here alongside their feminist idiots who do the same as a fundamental mode of existence to the male versions such as myself to rip up my millions and prevent me from taking a holiday away from them and their stupid country so they can get attention and lament their stupid bad history all over the place to presume people like them and turn out to seek privileges of injustice over my earnings about which it appears there is an issue of me using other people’s lives to fix my problems when in actual fact the truth is that the fact they have gotten a group of fools like themselves to spend tax payers money on them to keep them going at it is not to say others want to be part of it as well. I don’t like them in anyway and cannot work out why their stupid insolent girls cannot look for quick money somewhere else or they cannot zip their dirty mouth and cease to make these stupidities into a barrier to employment for me in order to get off to acquire attention they seem to be unable to do without and find arguments that suggest something else entirely was the matter to keep it going with. So this is me being frank when they tell me a measure of how stupid they are is the damage they do to any possessions of mine they touch or handle.

Of course there are tales I talk tough at those through whom I have already been beaten, when they actually achieved such a thing of which is never clear as it were since we all know that whites claim I stole a culture from them to make fame and hence I have decided to extract the fame from them so they can tell the difference and keep their insults to themselves next time – the blacks bully me all the time their version of racism which we all know they have stories to tell if they want peoples income whilst we know it happens in every country like in the UK where it is about people who hate Monarchy but want to be Monarchs more than anybody else and in the US starts off with freedom and talent and whether or not somebody who has one they want to own had stolen it, so it seems the blacks have a history they cannot get over and decide how they want to deal with that is watch every move I make and graft themselves into every one to ensure I cannot enjoy my own life if they are not getting it as well which will end with a condition where they have it and I don’t with a big mouth, the rest like the Muslims know people like to use their own to do things and that is why they are so superior and they know I am not an exception to that effect too. These are the things that work their big mouth for them on the media which is made up of idiots with really bad attitude and an ego who also fancy themselves bullies and the threat to other peoples future whilst they use make up to do a job and the job involves presenting stuff like women as well.

Hence the claim media is the biggest problem I have and I will drive myself to death refusing to accept I should never go along with what they want but the media has never before been a problem that I have got in actual fact; they had always started off not with racism at first but with the idea you would not provoke them if they want your writing career after they finished with reporting news for a living provided they went off to some poor country to spend a little portion of their income to secure the loyalty of poor people whose lives they have saved and will be happy to kill somebody for them – the idiots have since moved from there to claims I sleep with peoples wives to racism and some big mouth nonsense about confiscating my literary empire that will be their undoing; which is why these other fools handle it and turn up to ask Politicians and to ask them for a privilege of injustice that will hammer me in some way to make it their own with stupid girls that cannot keep their filthy mouths to themselves and I bet if they put a weapon in my hands and stand at the one end pretending they are really tough while I want to extract fame from them so they can tell the difference next time absolutely nothing will happen to them as a result. These are nothing but low life’s who beat up women that are beyond punishment and you can imagine what kind of ego goes on in that stupid head when somebody says hello to you on the streets and you both get punished because their fantasies have reached that extent due to years of making sure they can get what they want from anybody like they live and exist here and no matter how uncomfortable keep blowing off that big mouth on public places all the time, punished before conversations about why you say hello to each other occurs because they are just way too much for everybody yap, yap, yapping – then see them turn up on financial centres and media to deploy your work and property without buying it as though your feelings are something they have ever respected and therefore as such have a relationship with you to that level, no care whatsoever for how you feel about it and continue to behave like it is not common knowledge that at such a stage you will not want to take any rubbish from them as well; so they can beat up women and turn up to waste your millions and fortunes to a point of putting you on government support to cry and lament their stupid bad history to make progress which their Political idiots can spend tax payers funds on to help them talk nonsense about beating somebody who is now talking tough. The reality is as it had always been that women never believe you do not have any money because of where they are coming from but when conduct corruptions of involvement into your life and distrust anything they get from you because they think they are bullies and so if I want company of men I believe I do have myself to give me such a company, so they don’t claim I never warned their stupidities which is why they cannot stop threatening me and their stupid girls cannot keep their insults to themselves thinking they are feminists.

I know they do claim I am disingenuous when their disposition is to try and hold out on my trading income to see me beg for some sales but of course the reality being that the part where I am frank is the part where I can understand they are fans of this Prince but of course as fans go they are not it as it were; they are at this point because a new behaviour towards sales jobs I get is brewing and it is the sort of nonsense I put up with as a barrier to employment before they complain that is especially about blowing off a big mouth while they have beaten me before. Some do ask if I pay any attention to what they are doing or the message they convey but I bet those who ask such questions started it off for them in the first place because they will not let me live and I am to find out too who will die first of the both of us and of course as it stands not enough of them have so far yet. However if I am to answer the question the reality being that they think they have a city in which I have worked out a relation with a diverse cross section of society which can make me rich and they are prepared to give me hell to that effect because it should have been them instead when they have always been in a position to while I am the person that lays claims to what I have not earned and as a result think I want to get around making money before they catch up with me on the problems so that I can use the money to solve those problems which has given them the excuse they need to attack my earnings all the time and create a condition that is above the law on doing so, all of which I intend to ignore because I rather want to show I can handle them because I am good at what I do. They had their stupid lives figured out along with their cultures before I came along as we hear all the time along with those stupid Political parties and it is the reason they will on account of me start from scratch all over again as well, only they can continue on attacking the company and the book sales and the provocation that will ensure that is the case will be set in stone as well; those who look for trouble that much should always find it and the more I am said to be doing jobs I find because I am doing their stuff while they carry on doing these things and another group of idiots use me to deal with them, the more we head in that direction and they can threaten me to make sure we get there very quickly indeed as well with that stupid media. The Empire here does not belong to them neither the markets that have been built into it and I don’t remember saying anybody can handle it but do remember telling them to get out and live in their own lives.

I have heard them say I am some kind of royal democrat and it is their own that looks like that as well; since the only things I have done to put me in such a position is concerned with questions of whether it is okay to plod on without showing support for those who are left behind socially, which are usually female of course  because idiots like these will not let me live as it were – do you support them to bring about balance because you want to make money from it, do you do it because you want to be a plaything for idiots who think themselves feminists so that you might never recover and return to your own life, do you do it because you get a certain feeling from doing it? All these reasons are the wrong reasons for doing it of course and I will never stop robbing it in the face of those who are caught out and have made it clear if I need the company of a man I believe I am enough for me and there is no way that those games will not lead to trouble of wrecking my finances to make me so brake I cannot get a date so they can get about fucking the wife I should have married because all I can do about it is become a Christian home wrecker, no way the problems will not get a lot bigger than they are presently especially for black people; Thereafter which they can tell me how to live my life in freedom and modernisation and seek even more as well.


I hear they do say these things happen because my incessant provocative action aimed at showing as much lack of support for the male population as I possibly can but of course, I will do your job as well and make some money with which I ensure your very thoughts are black and you cannot sit down to do anything important because I am way too busy getting famous pop stars of theirs have their own part to play in the matter anyway. In the end whatever happens we know this story comes up when you have come to understanding of why women do the things they do to them and why they love the really insolent and outrageous nonsense of demanding that others make them feel comfortable because it happened. They do say the UK is not a place where men expect respect at home but of course I have no idea why they believe I would want that to change either. In the end these things are not just insulting to the idea that they can act toward me as they please because I am younger and my office and position does not matter, it is also the bigger issue of the fact that in order for them to feel comfortable over how women have treated them a literary empire her lies in ruins and must be kept so with media as a daily routine so that a boy that has been fortunate enough to stumble on what will make him a fortune might exist in a condition of hopes about what could have been that wasn’t because somebody else had a better idea what to do with his life and possessions and it is something they deploy to express how stupid they are on a daily basis for the last decade and a half so far. Showing of course that their actions are entirely things they understand should not happen but happen because they plan it and sub plan layers of master plans in order to do things that hurt people and should not be done so that they might get attention. It is never clear as such why they understand I know that but turn up on media to demand behaviour from me that is supportive of the male population either – all I know is that I have settled my work at the Government office and we are discussing it now because the celebrities and pop stars they cause so much trouble with are next. I mean a measure of it can be such things as somebody telling their children not to believe all they hear from media but turning out to buy music CDs people make abusing me to keep it going for them as a fan, others would have included making spoof versions of my temperamental colours to create expensive products that rival my Equity systems in a socially deviant way over which even more women are supposed to be bullied because women like my equities and I like their mobility and we have an understanding and they simply feel like it is another thing on which to create a hurtful master plan to have things like others don’t get to have it; so far of which their complains are largely that they had their stupid lives figured out before I came along and as a result of my actions they have to figure it out again and are too old to, as if I care. They do mention I talk in such ways of stifle other people all the time as well, the truth behind that being that their flatteries are hurtful because they don’t plan to treat their stupid children like that and my reaction is interesting for those of them that are poor and have problems while those of them that pile things high and sell them cheap to get rich especially when American it is funny and just keeps giving which is what makes them like me so much but the problem with their pop stars in specificity is that they want to do my job as well and because these things are done to build up my feelings and person on media to play games with that they find amusing and financially rewarding at the same time, the pop stars do get to do my job as well as much of it they can simulate that is – then the serious part starts to happen and they start to deploy their pop star money to shut me down because they are using it all to make fame and fortune and than that tends to happen every day so that if it is not a new music track to that effect it is a series of old ones arranged on music radio and music telly to have the same effect; while their Politicians sponsor it with tax payers funds partly to ensure they never move on and partly to ensure they ruin me completely – so it has been 12 years of that so far on a daily basis but the effect they desire has not yet been actualised, hence complains about beings stifled does make so much sense as it were: – I mean does anybody actually need to put an effort into doing so anyway? we all know it will boil down to the many faces of irresponsibility and decadence based media bullying but I believe they have also allowed me to be fully furnished with their lower class problems for that due to their greed as well, so I will be waiting just like doing this part is not worth it provided they stay off my finances and book sales which everybody knows isn’t something they feel is worth doing as well.

That I put up an unyielding attitude for the Americans is what I hear them say; it does not matter that much in any way since nobody told them Americans to deploy my literary empire to seek the next level of their globalisation to turn out and stifle my finances everyday talking nonsense about the place and relevance of modern things; it is simply not like they think it is, that they can have anything they see. As for the part about getting into trouble with violent aspects of media, I hear it all the time and my response remains the same – they need to get off my book sales – those who look for trouble as hard as they do always find it – always. Of course it is worth charting every escape route that men have for problems because it is always impossible to make them listen.


Of course there is no single shred of truth whatsoever associated with those claims that I have realised my books were written on a moment of madness but that I am stuck too deep to shut them down and close it and find something better to write. The truth is rather that I am perfectly aware of why and how I write my books and don’t see these kinds of claims as rich comments when they come from those who get the contents of books from those who write them because it is more powerful to than it is to buy the copy of books on the shelves all together. it is something they do about talented people being tortured souls and yet I have said endlessly I am a Christian and not a part of their culture and therefore do not believe it is how I should turn out even if I have the talents of the world – they have decided that is my problem just like it is the problem of any fool who refuses to mingle and it carries on endlessly until I get into a habit like I am beginning to, to settle up on hurting them all the time and for the fun of it as well and in that case it is therefore likened to the current situation where every passing day sees a new idea raised on how to harm me and cause me distress. They do feel like they want to leverage people and pile things high to sell them cheap and that it therefore means people want to get around being bullied by them as well and it is this attitude that does not show signs of changing as well and I cannot for my part therefore make out exactly which part of my book I seem to have told them I wrote out of a moment of madness as a result; when I in actual fact know that the book is a major aspect of a career that can only be protected by a condition whereby I bend them into a corner and forge a habit of hurting them as well all the time with excuses to show for it. It is largely in my view a matter of what people think I do when I react to things; they feel if they bully me I am likely to take some drastic action at some stage or even make some public noise about it which is all wrong since the way I react to it is a simple case of the fact I have written a book and insolent people who have alternative ways of using human beings around them in order to create violence they find pleasurable will therefore get off to see that I am not a living breathing person but a dead one and a memory and this is what we will put to the test to find out who will die first – so far not enough have yet in their view so I don’t see any reason I should be fatigued as well. They do say only I have the solution on how to get out of the matter and hence it is cruelty on my part when I don’t offer it up which I rather have endlessly i.e. if for the blacks their stupid children shut it about somebody that will be twisted into homosexuality so the girls can be powerful which they in positive thinking and self confidence building have turned up to build their stupid lives around and those that are not girls have decided I must find a cause to chase and die for to secure the future of black people, then all will be well and for the whites, writing books meaning that I have become made by them something people want to stick a knife into in order to see what it feels like when knives pass through human flesh etc then all will be well for them as well. after all according to their stupid parents I write what comes into my head for their fathers and grand fathers did work out how Intellectual property administration operates and did of course have the literary empire that they can therefore give away for it too – hence I write what comes into my head in a moment on madness and now see reasons to shut it down but refuse to because I am in too deep. The books are just the start as it were and we are therefore having this conversation as a result.

Nothing about it is unusual either – as I have mentioned many times, the reasons they are bullies are simply that of the fact that they have a bad history and the cost of that makes them feel like they should always see somebody else doing a bad thing and being punished all the time so they have become very fond of those whom they get to punish for doing the right thing because there is never a cost to that unless you inflict one. It’s like the story about their Politicians as well; we hear about their performance at the test polls but everybody knows they are not performing i.e. Miliband for example is not Blair when it comes to Labour and Cameron is not Thatcher – both politicians are not personality Politicians like both their predecessors were, they are technical Politicians and if they are to be judged this is where they are to be judged, whether they manage the civil service well on the technicalities of what their parties stand for and not whether their personality looms large and in terms of that in my view they are not performing at all – whilst the personality Politicians would spend a lot of time speaking of how they want to be conviction leaders on account of which they need the conviction of my faith to speak in a way that gets to the heart of the people with, which results in a process where the Prime minister messes up my career to make his own better and leaves me at the mercy of his stupid local councillors that are likely to rebel against him and create Political instability that is then to be managed by how much people gut me to be satisfied, about which Blair was the one their got away and his insolent idiots will talk nonsense on media until I want vengeance for it as well – these guys mainly pick up from there and become people that want the contents of my books to change the Political landscape in their favour so much that they don’t get to buy a copy of their own for it if they can exasperate me by wrecking my finances and sending out idiots to play with my feelings in order to gain access to that. I have mentioned that to make it clear the parameters by which they are not performing i.e. need get off my book sales and return to Westminster to work for their pay and win elections. The part where they say they are the ones that got elected by the Public and will not get off my book sales or finances because I am the one that ought to back down is just the one that makes me feel like my chest is about to explode but seems to be their major preoccupation without a care for that fact as well because it has been 13 years of that on a daily basis and the nauseating misery of living a cash strapped existence alongside the problems associated with having enough acumen to release wealth to be comfortable is something about which they are pushing boundaries to find out what people can do to flirt with torture over those stupid civil rights as well and then offer up live ideas for it. Then we do hear the part where they say my career is all about revenge but it really isn’t since when we law makers let idiots like these do what they like to create a condition where they can do things to others that the law has no ways to argue with all we are left with is their foolish Politicians getting paid for their games and writing nonsense all over the houses of government that law enforcement have to implement and be unpopular for at the very best and there are a lot worse things to worry about than that anyway. I am a perfect example of the fact what they have done to hurt me is never discussed when they want to talk about issues they must resolve with me and it is when they begin to cash into that sense they have platform for dominance they become frustrated on realising I don’t want any rubbish from them as well. We do hear questions about what exactly seems to have offended me as well but the real issue was years ago – it happens all the time but does not get to you until when you notice their Politicians have worked on you to create a condition where a goon has suddenly made sense to you saying derogatory nonsense about black boy dance for me and I will hit you one so you can find out or something like that with beard and cloths that I am certain have never been washed ever, feeling like he has a culture and I am some of the little animals he consumes within it and that is when it starts but that is half the story because the other half is that I will be allowed to do my academic work both by black and white societies if they are certain they can dominate me whenever they want and if they can then I can do my academic work in that condition and if I behave well for them I will do well enough to see what they will want next before I can get job, which is then being enforced both by media, popular culture and Politicians who started it all in the first place because they want to gut my spirit for the trappings of power and wicked fun. So I had to settle on the next best thing besides hurting them all seriously as well, hence we have a result come to this condition due to their stupid insults in public places, which are a function of things I have not done to them so they can feel like they are able to do and undo in those quarters. The end product is this sense they have found their way into Politics and Media and the Church and I have created a problem I cannot handle hence the Church ones regularly do things to express questions of why I speak of paedophilia in Church when I don’t know how or why it happens on account their insolent fantasies I get to feel because they exasperate me has come that far, a difficulty to tell their stupid women to be out of my league somewhere else considered thereof and the need to have a privilege of injustice on my earnings that will never happen but they push for like no tomorrow and hence the resulting need to hurt the Politicians saved by the fact you cannot put yourself above the needs of the country, waiting unto a point where refusing to stay off my book sales will make it person and personal all together as well. Of course I know why paedophilia happens in Church, in fact I know why those who were victims have not changed instead if they can have somebody to take that history out on in order to cleanse their minds of it – there is nothing new about that their evil need to handle my feelings and there is nothing new about my actions as a result either. The part about black people hearing all I say and do and believing with those stupid insolent greed they are notorious for that they own me and regularly abuse me to make money and ideas etc is very well understood; as far as I am concerned they are not a problem especially the girls and the women – the issue is that they started all these things off by claims I am racist and with that are able to issue threats at me and get my attention no matter how much I don’t want to give it because of the public interest issue thus raised for absolutely stupid reasons that wreck my finances and make them better off as a result – so I could only have imagined the reason to be that there used to be racism in this country but there isn’t anymore because if there was they would have been able to spot the difference – so far I have not gone as far as I could have and they will not stop tempting me on media after handling my work and wrecking my finances and feel like their fellow white idiots they are one step away from making it their own which is why talking about it becomes important and the need to drain me of the talk a strategy – like I said of which they will not be out of my league somewhere else yet. Then they claim it’s a tired faith trying to tell people what their morals should be as though they had achieved that; much the same as being nice to bad people meaning you lose a bit of your humanity each time until you become bad as well but that depending on how much time you spend listening to what idiots have to say and whether or not listening to them is being forced on you by politicians who make good use of their foolishness on your valuables and draw your attention there all the time to talk nonsense about important things that are reasons for it but it changes nothing about the fact I have written a book and will be a memory and not a living person and we will find out; it seems each time that media salvation helps them to recover a little bit they are back again so it will end very well indeed. They do then say I pay no attention to how much they hate the Monarchy and do not want it which I believe is a function of the fact they come from a part of society that understands militant behaviour well and hence Politicians like to enlist their services because of their ability to perceive what civil uprisings are getting up to but that being the case it seems that because their original insults and abuses and property destruction based provocations went unanswered, it means when they don’t want the Monarchy I take all kinds of nonsense from them, which is why that must change; the part that never must being that of the fact those who look for trouble as hard as they do should always find it.

I don’t want anything serious from all these; just to sell my books and look after those who buy them and my family as well but it appears they have become important over my possessions as well and speak of their culture that I trifled with which of course I can only advise them to cease being so stupid since they know I am a Christian and have only trifled with it not ripped it up yet as it were provided they stay off my book sales and that stupid civil rights with a right they can find out if they have got on my possessions locates where it really belongs with their stupid girls being out of my league somewhere else, then it should go swimmingly. We hear they say the point of what they get up to is that one does not need that much money as determined by my fathers and mothers – which of course is the clearest indication they still live in that stupid incredibly destructive made up world of theirs because we say racism is a bad thing – where they cause you distress so their fantasies can intrude into your personal life and then keep you that way with the help of their politicians who spend tax payers money to do so, the intention being when they handle the penis of a boy with filth and violence it creates an atmosphere and puts them in the position to get rich in society and same with the anus and so on and you see these things endlessly therefore because there is no more racism – now they have reached a point where they tell people how much money they need and should be allowed to earn as well. I personally don’t think it a serious matter either; some idiot is always having some kind of a right on your possessions with his civil rights and is always having ideas about what he should do with your potential provided he catches you when you are young and is able to talk nonsense that allows his to proceed with his plans but last I checked I was good at talking nonsense about money and they were good at talking nonsense about culture and I had worked out how the economic crisis that will hit me hardest is supposed to end so now they have begun to pass around all kind of rubbish that puts people like me after 14 years of intrusive financial vandalism into a mode for revenge, it’s all playing out as planned anyway. Now we are beginning to see them raise matters that drive people down the route of questions about social contract, which will establish freedom and revolution and democracy etc but the reality is still the same as it was which is that you may live in a neighbourhood in which an idiot is a neighbourhood bully but before long you find him on media talking with politicians about maintaining his powers etc and that is how they come about. My position is largely a matter not of social contract but of being certain about what people hate about those who wind them for fun; I know I hate Politicians not because I hate all politicians but because some deserve my hate in that they have trouble understanding what I say when I mention something about my distaste for a condition where they regularly get off to have a drink or two with their stupid friends and thereof shoot off very insolent and derogatory nonsense about me that every idiot in town will pick up and run with but for the media however I hate those specifically because of their vandalism and rights they tend to think they have on my income, expressed mainly by the fact they consider themselves to be big boys and therefore big bullies to that effect. So we do hear them say they hate me as well due to my involvement with the Royal family raising the question of whether that is their family or this is their own lives. Then we hear them say my activities are the prognosis of tyranny of which they know nothing unless they look into themselves to find out what tyranny is and why it is like bullying i.e. a disgusting filthy activity etc – all I know I do is a process where they have developed those stupid spiritual powers with which to split me from my happiness and make use of it to get rich, split me from my finances and make use of it to get rich and even split me from my temperaments and thoughts and make use of it for their purposes; I have started off splitting them from that evil culture and society and media and now they have begun to complain I am blocking their exit route and that it is why they attack me all the time which is progress – since I intend to play everything I have split them from as well like they play mine all the time to keep me exasperated and keep my feeling open i.e. the reasons is that they want to create a bubble in which a process of ignoring them the neighbourhood bullies at Politics and media will be impossible and then they will be able to dominate anything they want at will. So where the women issue comes in is that women already put up all these things and these bubbles are already created to trap them and the first provocation have never been addressed so these idiots feel they can do and undo and some women just cannot seem to stop being punished, therefore as a result for me, it will blow up over my books since I am a man and have got a penis like they have as well and will be happy to deploy that stupid insolent cocoon of fantasy by which they can do violence to anybody they wish as well. The Politicians have heard my warnings very clearly before; they know who elected them and understand I am not in their company, they know they are supposed to consult those whenever they feel like leading and turn up in parliament to discuss the issues involved and stay away from me and my book sales and finances otherwise they can carry out and expect I think they should take the warnings as something I have never said so I can have as much fun as they are having too. It is the same old issue; somebody will start an altercation with you and before long it is an issue he raises with a Politician that is giving speech on a National issue or it simply becomes one he raises everyday on media – he does not need to know what your name it, it’s just something he does because he wants to and believes he is more man than you are. Then we hear them speak of how tough I talk at those who can beat me up about which the warnings will never stop coming from me since it shows they think I don’t know that I have bones that are bigger than that of a child and that I know exactly what I am doing if I did threaten a children with violence and more so all the time but in context of which since they have an ability to hurt me seriously while I talk tough I will kill them before it gets better and ceases to be so funny. The Bible does say rebellion is the same thing as witchcraft and none of it is made up to that effect either; they are beginning to complain about my blocking off their exist routes on media so we can find out if their intrusive and insolent fantasy cocoon based violence of the powers of men is something they can enforce in the real world and I don’t think I am doing too badly either; there is nothing new about having a talent and being abused by men so that you might be popular for doing strange things if they feel they want to deploy your spirituality and temperaments to create a certain kind of power that they want to have and especially for the media they have heard me warn them this is not the 1990s. Some do say I am not that small a man and will not be that easily beaten but allow problems to fester because I fail to show that; I do show it, it’s just that I don’t go to the gym regularly and those who do always have some way I ought to live my life to order me around with for the fun of it and so I can never have my own mind the way I want it because of the way they feel in their carnal due to what they see when I am unhappy as a result of their activities and we make sense of it from the boasts they throw up each time they do so – hence it’s a case of imagining how much you will not pay for turning out to fight somebody all the time to make your own gym to get fit. It’s the state of affairs they throw up you see; they are bigger than you and you are ever looking at women that are beyond your league and they are ever so tough they don’t mind sharing the toughness to punish you endlessly and spice up their sex life with that thereafter – so when it comes to the violence they have ones that are smaller than me all set up, think I am unaware of that which it seems is not the case anymore and then carry on endlessly talking nonsense about catching and hurting me seriously, like I will not rip their yarns and hurt them mortally as well. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter; they simply have guarantees from Politicians that their activities are never wrong and the reason for that confidence is that of when they are making money from it which is something a stupid Politician is sure to see to. So I have no idea who told them the problem was women and who told them that is how to make a living and I have no idea why their stupid girls cannot be out of my league somewhere else before it leads to serious issues. I mean they would say I speak like that but their girls have ended up with more and more insecurity and less and less security on account of me but I never said I am innocent in the matter since this is developed from how much right they have on my income that somebody is to enforce with bending me over so violently I go from Christian to homosexual so they can be powerful, which has in turn developed into a premise whereby when it comes to doing anything about me they always win. As for how many personalities I have damaged, I don’t know and do not keep count since I do it aesthetically these days I can only say it is a lot; hence the need to block off escape routes so we can find out what people really can enforce in the real world around here thing I have done. It’s nothing new of course; bully, bully, bully, bully and one day they come across somebody with whom the buck stops and then they tell tales of lone rangers that will not stop until they are all dead etc whether or not it is happening in that way and as it stands presently their Islamic extremists are killing those off anyway. I mean I am an example whereby their bullying has led to a blockade of their exit routes so we can find out what they can enforce around here and we have heard tales already of how media used to save their lives before I came along but still not plans to cease the insults and keep off my book sales – only how I will reverse the personality damages to their stupid girls when they have continued to ensure I am always unhappy over the last decade or so on a daily basis and their stupid girls are only the biggest losers of such a fact hence the big mouth wagging again as normal. They do say they hate these small people that love tyranny because they maintain the status quo and make it impossible for they who are real leaders to lead, of which I am not aware anybody is doing that – only a case where some people just exist in a form whereby over 90% of their very existence simply means there is a rabbit hole here for a rabbit and a fox hole here for a fox and everything has its place and this is a country and people live in it and people like to live in peace and security etc – they on the other hand want a piece of other people all the time and they will get it too.