The talk of how I live in violence has no foundations what so ever on anything that looks a nature of truth; its all the Labour Party and the Duke of York who has become quite fond of playing hurtful games. It does not mean that I myself feel detached from Culture and from my Royal Privileges or even Literary Business Empire that is mine, like Industry idiots make out they have detached me from which means I have nothing to add to my class hence have no means of strength by which they might come around for a fight and get beaten up for it seriously. The reality is more better located around those silly things they do when the Prime Minister for example says the UK is a Christian Country and they decide to stir the crowd because the only way to dialogue with those who have things they want to own is pressure from thieves and criminals who want a way of avoiding the law if they commit a crime and knowing it is provocative set about signing petitions for it as well to seem like they are democratic. It has never really been an unusual occurrence; everybody knows they never listen to what others are saying to them and that there is good reason for that. I for my part don’t want to see any of that stupid culture which if I see I will rip up for them completely and yes they always say I might say that but a process where I do could lead to an outcome where I wind up dead and I think it is big mouth talking as well and what I have done so far is not hurting badly enough either – I mean since last the entire purpose of a Christian was to ensure they do something important with their stupid lives at his expense, it turns out he has shown a streak for a chance that he is very capable of rounding them up like animals and making them do something useful with that stupid life in order to wait for them at the jobs market and the Church and the economy to see what they are going to do to back up their big mouth; this clearly is not hurting as badly as it should yet and we still have more examples of what I have in mind for those stupid insults to enforce as well – most of which will play out by themselves when I put my public life into full swing.

We hear talk of these activities of violent agitation without reason or purpose to be a result of a discontent of socialists but I have no idea since it is impossible to please socialists; if they are not busy checking up areas of your life they want to fill up with problems and violence like you are a piece of item, then they are doing various other things that means a Country does not actually have an identity that already belongs to it; who told them the UK is not a Christian Country anyway? My public Library for example has stone works in front of it – huge ones; about Health and its Children, Philanthropy and its Children, Education and its Children, Religion and its Children; so that if you think of any four personalities that your parents have then these four would have been it and so in the UK it is therefore atheist and I have no idea what their problem is with the television if their Industry big mouth is so confident of what it can do to that extent anyway; last we checked their complains about all of my activities meaning I am forging a means of ignoring the problems that are happening to people all over the world, which did imply they were doing it and preaching that gospel apparently one way or the other. Yes of course it is said I care nothing for where I leave my precious Royal information but I do it that way because I am supposed to shut my Princely mouth and keep that deceitful privilege to myself which I am not going to, so I can find out what they will do about it – just like I will never stop using the possessions or social disposition of insolent black women who continue to claim they own me, to be heard and they will pass the information on or turn up here to prove their point so we can find out as well. When the UK is not a Christian Country – I know I like classical music for example and there is a vast number of tracks I listen to that seem to drive me in a direction of looking after neighbourhoods in a way that means young people better forget about the nonsense of Modern Christianity and its problems and set about doing their stuff so that others do not take it up and do it for them and these are not the only ones that will need to be undone hundreds of years back  in order to establish how the UK is not a Christian Country and we are not even talking about the Laws yet; those will have to be revoked and replaced with popular culture laws and after that they will make noise the purpose of the Christian is to see they do something with their piffling lives yet again and we will have another result as well.


The part where I hide behind a curtain to do these things is not just an expression of how they go too far with their deviance and the need to avoid employment and spend other peoples income but does help to express what my position on these matters really is. I mean I don’t actually understand truth be told, what we are doing with popular culture when people know it is violent and that the violence hurts them and that taking it out on others as a means of existing is not really a good thing to be doing but is therefore an integral part of allowing it to exist. The fundamental prognosis of it all is that everything they do is based on the fact that they cannot exist unless I live in fear of them and so to that end like to look for trouble all the time and talk nonsense about having it discussed as a social matter which it isn’t. I have lived comfortably in this Country I always say, lived with the idea the only form of friendship their intimate and other peoples private parts intensive insults and financial squandering, latch onto others for an abuse that turns out to be lucrative because they don’t have any problems can offer others is a homosexual relationship but they have continued to think they wish to bully me with it and to that end they want some of mine and so am I determined that they will get it as well. of course I am not giving back that stupid culture its entire existence is based on only the claim and means to it that all I do which claim is then made every day with everything I do that they set eyes on thereof, is an idea they had which I stole from them. So that idea I hide behind a curtain and expect others to take up what I say and finish the job is not exactly something the blow their big mouth off on based on reality, especially the blacks and Africans. It makes me so angry you see, the fact that they have already gained financially by doing these things to others and have a problem in that I have refused to be like those people; the part where I hide behind a curtain being the fact they are not yet aware that this is where it will stop. I know the whites will speak one moment of some society I had better be wary of and then on the other hand speak of Americans causing trouble –for of course it is always the possibility of violence from me that matters to them and not the books I write and what I have said so far is simple enough of my part as well; I have trouble tolerating their city identity and they want to see what I can do to them in terms of violence as well, so they have run out already with a big mouth and yet they still have a debt to pay, a debt concerning the fact that when you had worked hard enough to earn millions from your job but the money is detached and the personality is deployed for some other means that will suit the media, which will bring about a power of society that they want to have in order to feel comfortable, you have done nothing to decide on what they will lose to make it up to you as well: this is just the beginning and everybody can see I am not selling the books yet – like hiding behind curtains. The blacks claim I deserve these things because I control the hearts of black girls that have continued to follow me around with insults that will improve their wedding day on account of my faith but the one that kicks off trouble being their deviant living and how I will become homosexual so they can be powerful which in order to see how I will react their Politicians made into a parliamentary issue and now will not take it like the men that they are anymore; they had those stupid lives of theirs worked out before they met me apparently, did these things to others that I ought to emulate so they can have what they want and they need to start off building those stupid lives again and when I say it is just the beginning that is an example of what I mean – it is never true those foolish claims they control my finances, they do know how to make it up to their foolish selves just as they know how damaging their stupidities can be to those that are seen getting around with it which is why getting around with me at a distance is such an effective weapon. Yes we do hear them speak of the fact I never show up in public but it is largely when they go into the company of people that are warring with each other to seek out a means of securing their evil revenge against society and so on that they realise somebody else thinks people at war are not at it for a reason that they cannot explain and it is when they run out in that somebody who has killed another thinks they are not good people themselves that they tell tales about where I hide with that stupid media and yes of course when that Industry big mouth feels it wants to prove a thing it will get off my Television as well. I know there is the question of whether I do get tired of it but I don’t get tired of it, this is who I am, I love myself and I know HM knows what she is doing with me, they are in it because they enjoy causing me a lot of pain as a people and this is what I want to deal with as well: there was a trigger you see – back stage media scum and their back stage popular culture counterparts and a tale of abusing me into a point where the points where I am not abused by them is the things I will have institutionalised I must do – you know like the old case of the things that happen when you are on your way to success and others don’t like it which they have also turned on its head to happen when you are already successful, on account they are relying on society not caring about those who are too inferior to matter but at the same time think society should be interested in what I want to do to them and those celebrity culture and popular culture as well. The first outcome was the part where everything I think about the Monarchy and the Royal family will be determined and shaped by them and not that there is anything they can do which matters about it anyway, like the story of how HM sons attacks me when they are the same who think they have detached me from culture and royal privilege and I have no strength left to fight them when I am really not detached from those things at all: so I have not stopping writing blogs about it for my part so that we can find out but it is the second one that became a trigger i.e. the abuses were to show they understand popular culture to be violent and will chastise them celebrities of theirs for imputing it into my life, then build them up somewhere with my work after that and bully me to make them famous with my fame which will mean the end of everything and they also claim that they are fighting for civil rights and justice and social equality which of course does indicate how these processes and abusive insults concerning which I share this office and my income with them in their view and hence hide behind curtains thereof, tend to operate. So I have rounded up the celebrities, am keeping a close watch on them, primed my hold on that stupid evil culture and am waiting for the next trigger so that I might find ways of making sure we never ever see it again. I mean nobody knows why they blow off their big mouth anyway; we all know one in ten students you sit close to in the University will likely have been an idiot with some shit in his anus and a sense that your behaviour towards others indicate you have a pocket that does not dry up with that stupid media. They were never a problem; as soon as I turned their evil gazes at me towards the evils and violence and ugliness in their lives, all they tend to do is fight back which I must admit is very annoying since this is where they live; these threats however are simply something they want settled as it were. they always say business people have trouble because Americans make trouble for them; they dont get to tell me what to do, I dont see them buy any books anyway only interested in some strange propensity for violence they extricate from my work and it is a debt they must pay just as the one where a literary empire lies in tatters so that the owner might be full of mysterious things that can be deployed by them to make society power; we are here because they have been very busy enforcing their claim all I can do about them is create a big church they can attend and corrupt as they like – it is the reason that culture will never be free of me so they can corrupt and attend as they like too.


It’s never just a matter of general goodness that can come from other parts of society and not the Christian ones; we are talking about such things as neighbourhood watch run by ballsy men and held together by thin stubborn men who cause all the trouble and ensure there is no way that young adults of a certain age can escape the blame for it and we are not yet talking about the keeping an eye on women part as well. So that they do speak of certain things that must happen so trouble makers understand violence is possible of which nobody can see who else causes the trouble besides them. Another one will concern walking down the street and coming across some guy with five text books in his hand, then wonder why he is miserable and wonder why people would pick on cool people that spend all their time with books but your sheer wondering is the thing that in their hands changes your entire life first of all and then after that they cannot stop anal banging you and tummy banging you until you understand why people pick on them – the Muslim ones simply do it because they are greedy and making you spill anything that you have just eaten which then by the way also goes a long way to show that the UK is not a Christian Country too; after which they sell it to their Politicians that make bad things they can perform happen to you so that you might clean up the mess in their stupid lives that they get themselves involved in through their ambition which is what brings on the anger when they stifle my book sales and pretend I think it is the market that is responsible in order to keep it going. Then it makes even more sense when they start to claim that it is Christians who do not belong in the UK that actually believe in the UK being a Christian Country thing, which leads us right back to where we started i.e. if I see any of that stupid culture I will cut it up for them and prevent a destruction of my property so that they can stand up somewhere and talk nonsense about their stupid Country over my finances which will cost me so much I have to listen to and give them the attention they need to share my income and perks of my job and thereby avoid working for money. They do love their claims they are doing us all a favour due to the nature of their non Christian Britain women, each time we tell them they have apparently done something and thereby deserve to get attention like they allow women get for what they achieve as it were but it does tend to make my point anyway. Of course I will never give back the culture and yes there is also talk of how I sit around using their lives and things they do in their communities to run businesses and stay safe which they apparently never create regular accusations in order to use them on me as  weapons and steal my work to make fame and fortune by the way but I will never stop using it because the entire purpose of their culture is a means of getting people to listen to a story concerned with how every single thing I do from stepping out of my home to getting a job to selling my work is something they had stored away in their culture which I then stole from them; they even make out it is punishment for the hold I have on that stupid culture and the history it has also allowed them create with me bearing in mind I was actually scared of them in the first place but we all know the black ones you never pick on a lot because it is never enough and thereby runs out so quickly and becomes really dissatisfying, however I will never stop using it to they and those who listen to that nonsense and continue to delay my book sales by being all over it can tell the difference; I mean 12 year cash flow crisis because they are all over my products preventing people from buying them and they wonder why I lose my temper; it is the nature of that stupid none Christian society and its stupid culture and we hear they speak of how easy it will be to simply just do some things and have  Country that is not a Christian Country but this is the question then, the question of whether it will actually be that easy. Now their main preoccupation is to tummy bang me and anal bang me until I stop it while they do some made up fame and fortune that other scum like them get around with at my expense but it is the advantage of having things wait for you on account you are royalty – you use their communities to dispatch important government information that they have no choice but get off to deploy to get attention when everybody knows it belongs to you.  

I don’t think they are a problem as such; just industry idiots with a greed and a sense that the UK is not a Christian Country to go with it and the big question is whether they get on my possessions because it is their own – it is the question that constitutes their nemesis too. I mean they do claim all I do is a fantasy and a dream but I don’t see how opening up a literary empire to broker the equities with those who want to broker it with you tends to mean you don’t write books anymore or calculate your incomings and outgoings anymore or engage with the customers anymore or write books anymore or run the company itself anymore – I am simply to plod on and crush them along the way thereof since they have nothing else to do with their time. They have continued to maintain they will pillage the aesthetics and yes that is okay as long as they don’t complain about me as well and get off my TV if they feel they want to do something about me too. Then there are the others who don’t even have a business but are ‘wannabes’ those are interested like their industry counterparts in having conversations with you on the basis on crowds they have placed on your door step and being seen around your finances to stifle it and make out you get involved with poor people to find facts and screw them over with it at a later date but their method of operation is to stir crowds and sign petitions and warn Prime Minister to be careful when he says the UK is a Christian Country and this is just a step of development from the prognosis of not just a decade of cash flow problems being funny but also how much they didn’t know can be done by me from a point of cleaning up their personal problems which come to light to be cleaned up on the basis of how they do not recognise my right to get out of bed and get around my affairs without contending with the evils of their society. Obviously the Industry ones have money to spend on a violent crowd, so these matters are never to be taken lightly – they will pillage the aesthetics they say and that is perfectly alright provided we don’t hear them complain as well and there does need to be a reckoning with that Popular culture or it will never stop.

A good measure of these matters can be found on issues of climate change; fracking for example is one of them and the risks are poisoning of water tables which in our view just does not happen in prehistoric let alone modern times and is a destruction on a scale that we simply cannot get our heads around; so there are for example 7 of us that disapprove of fracking in Areas where water tables are close and there are five others that don’t care on the other side; but because there is pornography and civil rights we are visited with all the violence and filth of this world and we have lost two people to the other side and now the other side has seven and we have four and the idiots have already come up with their own version of reality that says we are supposed to keep up their feeling of hope and they have done what they have done because we are the weak link. So like the issue of waking everyday to a financial difficulty that has lasted for a decade because a living breathing person is handling my books which is enough to drive anybody mad, these guys are more stupid than they look in so many ways and deserve to suffer for the things they do and should not be saved from that – so I think given the present state of affairs there will always be a chemical solution to he problem of water table poisoning but not before enough had died from it; it is either that or I pretend the fact that they exist and have over the last years come to love the idea of causing me harm like they are boys with their toys or something is not happening or does not exist and the latter choice is a no choice anyway, we all know that is impossible. The part about the Royalty I offend is an old story of those that offend me first and the tales unbecoming they tell higher Authorities of which nobody knows what they hope to change by it as well.