So they do also complain that I think I am far more important than I really am; which does not actually mean anything – its might seem as though I am concerned with everything and anything but I am actually only concerned with Trading structures in China and Celebrities at Court; these Celebrities have half their parents or some ancestry linked to South America, Europe, Asia, Russia, China, hence this is the basis of the relationship at Court all together – there has to be some networking on my part with them and with every Fan of Royalty who is at the peak of his game and is putting his foot in the right places like I am in my time presently. Hence I understand my case was to have been the Russian one not the China one but we are talking here about State business which is not the Russian one but the China one that the Queen built for me. The Russia one is an old story; what the President always wants to tell the international Community is that they don’t know why Brits live in Russia and why it would have been the right thing if a Brit saw Nuclear weapons being assembled with a made for Brits sign attached to it and decided to destroy it, so it’s the game of paying more attention to Russians and their Oligarchs when you want to make them more important without a condition in which they did actually earn it.

There is that new story about people who are not happy with the relationship between Russia and Turkey of course but whilst everybody is worried about Syria situation in Europe, the reality is still that unlike Assad and the Middle East, Europeans have a higher standard and when they blab they need to back it up – since it is obvious there are specific conditions that lead to outcomes that we have in Syria, such as the Annexation of Crimea, talk of enemies of Russia and a Russian trading ally homogenising thousands of people before setting about killing them as well. I mean Russia is important in Turkey over a problem that we are handling here in the UK comfortably i.e. idiots who have a problem with young people being more successful than they are bearing in mind their mates already were to begin with and so if they start a coup like that, they understand everybody else stands to lose everything while they stand to gain everything if they win – it does not in any way call for secret Police and militia to get around beating up completely innocent people to ensure another person does not live a life outside of government Office – those who are surprised about the Turkey/Russia alliance are few and far between but it is important for them to blab about those who want to separate them and then back it up when it comes to it, not plunge Europe into Chaos like Assad has allowed the Middle East to be – they do say they are fighting terrorism but nobody knows what their view of how terrorism gets made really is. The American trouble makers on the other hand show up, eyes firmly fixed on my property and even my Women too talking nonsense about the total collapse of humanity, whereas the truth is a case of big beard Tourism economy guy not liking me very much for instance, since the last time his girls that share a skin colour with me will not pass their insults about knowing me and knowing how I am not Royalty which makes them feel like real girls until there is civil instability somewhere else, never mind that stupid need to provide a service for tax evaders and put the feet up – we are talking about scumbags who spend all their time building profit machines on my business Empire which is linked to Communist Countries, to ensure they are never stopped and when they have made the money run off to the tourism economies and there is no lifestyle they will live there which will not involve a daily process of passing insults at me that should be carried around the world on Media and displayed on my Empire Trust all the time but above all when I don’t want the bastard to keep hounding me to round me up like a farm animal and talk nonsense about controlling his kids and saving them from the white man because his future depends on doing so, it becomes his drug piping main preoccupation. The rest are just socialist idiots doing what they do best; I will hope and pray to no avail that it is not the one that will make any little money and deploy it to build a place on the right hand side where lies can be told in government Offices to ensure young people end up in it to ensure they are pushed along and helped to things their age mates have achieved but it will be anyway no matter what – so I have to consider what their own problem is as well i.e. MPs are earning more than homeless people while their ideology is a socialist one and now they have a lot of work to do, moving into my right hand of which will make their problem a lot worse than it is at the moment. It is such a long distance from what they have claimed it is i.e. the dissolution of humanity and so we see the German ones especially express that nonsense about having a cut of me while showing a public face that says they don’t like me which I wish they would have done much earlier years ago all together anyway: it usually means the need to assess points of tolerance and make it one less so as it were – in this case the best choice being the one about the fact all these idiots make me unemployed in order to force me to fall back on are actually the results of growing up with parents who were never unemployed and I do not have to put up with this nonsense on account they have chosen to live their lives through the light of being very useless people who show up in market places to talk about how they should have been super stars but it’s an old stuff, you can wish your life away on it but once they have money it is what it will be used for – the point being that we have always preserved their own rights as well by staying out of trouble and keeping secretes associated with careers and the ways in which we will not attack their rights, obviously of which not staying out of trouble would turn the whole process into a problem, so it seems the Political idiots in their ranks do understand it is the most important bit as well. Its talk of the profitability of violence obviously, once that nonsense about sharing what I have without asking because doing so would make them inferior had really taken off as we can see, the only thing they want to talk about is British lazy mans economy which does not bother me in any way as it is usually a confession to not being trustworthy enough to handle what is left of the good times – the ones that bother me are nonsense like Goldman Sachs having opinions about Brexit, since the last time we checked, they did those stupid numbers and whole economies collapsed, followed by their populous idiots showing up here with anus and penis insults that will find somebody that can fix it, which is incredibly annoying.

So they do say I am gradually being skewered and it is utter nonsense, I am not in any such condition – they said they lived in a society where people can jump up other peoples public image to make themselves comfortable without any problems, now the main issues when they complain and I have to explain is that they are now in a position where those who have can be made to have nothing while those who have nothing can be made to have everything, same with the Politicians who said I am a dangerous person and need to be made to reconcile myself to it so I can control myself and not hurt people, these days it is more a case of how much of my property they have spent on the little problems that niggle them to develop a certain kind of respect that will facilitate a nature of power they want to have. Sometimes you get that communicative sensibility that you are directly involved with servants of evil when they tell you that you may have prayed and fasted today but you think their master does not know how you are doing it, hence the Politicians especially think they can creep into government buildings and use your Christian reputation to hide their wickedness without any trouble and the trouble I am in now is born out of their revenge on the basis that it failed woefully. The others are the American ones for instance who made me think they are joking when they said I had written Books that cause nostalgia which is then a threat to freedom, now we see that they are not as there are civil rights movements spread all over the world over my Books and its existence – same with African ones who complain about racism all the time because they come from a world where Politicians spend all their time chewing snacks, sleeping with girls and stealing government money, hence their very nature cannot operate differently in a world where there isn’t discrimination that says the rich should get richer and poor should get poorer, therefore they have people who should be making them feel comfortable and there is racism is everything.

So they do say it’s my attitude and approach that causes all the problems I have but it is hard to believe my attitude and approach is responsible for a condition where 90% of publicity around my Books is not created by me and is designed to ensure my Books are rejected until I take it off the market and do it properly and then people will be allowed to purchase it after. So it’s an old story; what is their trumpet for, if not people’s anus and what is their news if not populous madness. It’s far from being skewered; happy with seeing them complain about Monarchy being detached from people never with being seen around my Books continuing with a hope of dominating me spiritually before I am allowed to get jobs and do my academic work, looking for trouble all the time. The Politicians are the ones that said when somebody is done smoking marijuana and starts to chase my private body parts around because of the fact others have something he does not, it amounts to his Civil right; they are not saying it anymore at this stage and their problem will get worse if they start again, alongside the results of chasing me over my religion to deploy my personality and make themselves look good in public but getting after my financial well being which is completely unconnected – same with these popularity fools as well who are meant to hang somewhere and wait for a condition where these idiots and their society fools will not stop getting involved with me so I can collect some culture and society for them, not show up here to tell me what to do and chase my financial well being and above all set about making sure they round me up like a farm animal, talking nonsense about controlling their kids on whom their fame and fortune stupid lives depend – when I do not want them to do it, it had obviously become their main preoccupation already and they wish to have all their complains listened to by those who have always promised to pay attention at Politics and Media, which is not the same thing as me being skewered.


So they claim I talk like a communist leader and its utter nonsense, it’s about making sure that absolutely every information has been made available over absolutely every issue that the Politicians make, so as to see that they are down and out and when they come up with a new one it’s actually a new one and not something which had not been previously settled. We see it every time; the successes of the idiots who are help to get off on your public image to count pennies until they make millions is important because it respect others peoples stupid problems and the fact those who have those problems might want to take it out on those who do not – I need to ensure every reason to get involved with me is covered with enough information that the Media can run with as well every day and as we continue to see their involvement get gradually vicious, so will their societies and communities be confiscated and handed to popularity idiots in the City Centre too until it goes away. Their arrogance at this point in time in the history of the Country has reached an unprecedented level and for my part it is becoming one about that wealth distribution story leading to outcomes where I force them to get involved as well, in order to save myself from working hard to create products and sell them to make money and create jobs and then when I have enough grapple with social issues of other peoples Politics to share some with them – force them to get involved with the jobs and spend money buying what they need and sell their own as well if they want, without actually letting them fuck mine up.

The talk of me interfering with their jobs is apparently not going away anytime soon in its own right anyway; we all know it happens because I speak well on one hand and they cannot possibly pay attention to the job that is paying their salary on the other all together but it’s always been an old story where they fancy themselves bullies and love to get involved with me without wanting to know at least what my personal interests are, still if I told them it was Church and that if I saw their culture and society and it pricked me I would cut it up again because I have had enough, it would not do them any good as well. The story is an old one where they are supposed to turn up here to display all sorts of nonsense about being Royalty without telling them what to do and how certain aspects of their culture would have meant their age gives them right to handle me as they wish, regarding which I am not a part of anyway, just the curse of sharing a skin colour with them all together – hence it will soon come to an end when I collect it for fame and fortune freaks on the left as well; for now they are telling me I need to calm down and explain what is bothering me and I don’t know if making this clear does them any favours either. The other part of the story are the activities of the most vicious bullies among them, who show up on Media and carry out all they do by means of some form of violence being applied to me in one way or another – they have in the last few days begun to speak of American friends that have gotten used to abusing me in ways that effect revenge for any harm that has befallen them as a result of the fact they want the security that my Court has even though the Court is female only and would not take a no for an answer. I mean they don’t even know what it is anyway but they have already wanted it to a stage whereby somebody will get harmed i.e. the Women help me maintain a live journal and the live journal works all the business item associated with the fact that unlike them who believe in getting on Media and stock market and peddling personal and public life of any religious or Royal personage they claim has a mystical existence they need to sell and get rich, each time trading is mentioned, others do believe in speaking to friends and family and any persons that are coming in from outside and organising cultural activities around it too; so it has gotten to a point where I have come to a resolve that if a stupid male journalists plays his involvement games at me one more time, whereby I breathe and he does as well, whereby I take a step into my public image and he does as well, I am definitely going to handle him in a way that will see that we find out what their American friends are going to do about it too. They however had changed the story around the matter before anything happened and enjoy starting it over again whenever they want to go home feeling like winners and it will only make their situation worse too.

They do say that the image of the Nation is very important but speaking of which, so is the insults of the Middle Class being kept at a limit just as important: I mean I walk around in a Bush as a game hunter because there is Terrorism going on and I need to find out things for myself, since paper diplomacy is not working but my finances and well being and public image is affected by that to such an extent that all else is well except I am dealing with cash flow crisis because Journalists are having fun or I walk around and see what is happening in the law class is a very difficult existence whereby there is a gang for absolutely every aspect of life and when I do anything about it, everything concerning my academics and finances and then my Books and the Royal Estate itself is affected, finishing off with Americans getting to teach me not to behave too badly and too privileged. So it does get to a stage whereby I need to settle facts that the Country is actually more important than those Houses and Cars they own and that if their ownership of those things are going to be the reasons people cannot hear what others are saying to them, then we are bound to have a problem. It goes the same way with the Celebrities; whereby they say my big problem is still that I play with peoples Women – either I am or they are going to complain on behalf of everybody as such most of the time – so that what happens to call for it is that no two persons in the Court have the same role but their bond is with another popular culture Industry goon while they end up running my Court business and my Public image to show they can have anything they want; mismatch comes when it turns out that a Live Journal must be accommodating of people who buy my Books and also get listed in it and they happen not to fit the bill, trouble ensues when Celebrity and Journalist and popular culture goon is about to lose something as well. I mean we can identify them when I have to handle some matters concerning economy for instance; where these are these salesmen who promise themselves money and go out to get it for instance and if you let them run wild during an economic crisis which exposes the way people live, some activities can become a form of stealing, if you stop them free market will be harmed, if you provide an environment and make information available everybody can get along but other issues will surface like parents and the provisions being made for their children’s future and some mobility matters – so while at it a Celebrity will make songs on my Public life but if I ask her to take in these people who are fans, she will invent a new fragrance to get rich with on the whole affair. There are other more obvious ones like those who are friends with Prince Harry and Prince William, those will simply get off and deploy my public image to make money and then it will be clear that they can have anything they like. Others can be more subtle, like when it stops simply just packing its bags and travelling around the world to model clothes for a designer and chooses to chase the life of a state operative who controls criminals to provide a certain kind of hospitality and ends up dealing with stalkers, so that when done I can give it a job to do on the Estate as well and it will feel as though getting on Public places is a license to tell me what to do all the time. In the end what I am worried about are realities like when Men move left to do City centre and money being construed as a process of being real whereas it is a process of being predatory, hence when it’s not good enough anymore and they feel there is another on the right, we will find them move there and any clash with Women is always likely to end with Women getting sexually assaulted – what these famous fools on average love to do is climb up my financial wellbeing and public image and take fine pictures of themselves showing up on the scenery while they are worth millions of pounds having taken advantage of other men in such ways always and will go far enough as to get society idiots to find out how I wash myself and share it with them so they can wash like that and exhibit themselves all over me at the catwalk. The image of the Country is important; now that they have brought it up as it were and I for my part have stalled the growth of that Middle class and ruled heavily the lower class not broken both yet so far as it were. They do say I speak of Americans who have only the one attitude of getting after my Women and that I have none at the Monarchy; the truth however is one of Women who play games with aspects of me which concern my person and my potential as a Father and how good at it I would be, whose games I need to respond to, hence the cost for them would be very high as such for that which is not actually particularly certain; when they do get into trouble, the entire US Government will then turn up to help them too.

Now they say I underestimate how long they will stick around for and make hell for me and it does not actually concern me half as much as the reasons it shows up on National Television to brag like that; I mean I do not necessarily fancy people who think that all I have and have strived for should be factorised by the fact somebody else has money and or position and others wish to suck up to them anyway – they apparently know their servitude back to back very well thus only to take up even more of my time and property exhibiting themselves in public places about and over wealth inequality issues, which makes it incredibly annoying. They say this whole behaviour of mine that involves making everybody else insane except myself will lead to trouble but I have no idea what their solution to the problem is – when I don’t want it done, it becomes their main preoccupation and the only way I ever find out is when he or she must have made a few millions from that stupid music CD exhibited all over my public life, ripping up financial matters and academic progress, so that whether or not I stop it continuing, doing so would not have made a difference to any outcome; hence it’s all moving into my right hand and detaching me from a Royal commission and telling me I will never have it if what they want is not done and even if I comply will never have it the way it actually was alright but the middle class insults need to be kept at a limit as well otherwise there will be some serious problems associated with it on my account, besides which I think they are bluffing too. The complaining is everywhere naturally but these goons cannot help me look after a bed chamber from which I work with a Court that I engage with spiritually for instance, their problem concerns the part where I then look after it myself, to talk nonsense in public about how I believe I am in control but am actually not and point out how people are giving up their lives so I can keep my position; which of course they are as such in any case – the only thing that tends to stop that stupid market square behaviour that goes from insulting teases to racial violence without any discernible reason is when they are making some real contributions to the Country such that it is enough to keep that mouth of theirs firmly shut. Personal favourite being the stupid people stuck in village and suburbs while we steal ideas to make fame American idiots that lead on lazy fools killing people to steal a lifestyle that has money attached to it all over Hollywood, having access to my surveillance based Government provided security; those will soon have what it is exactly they can do about me tested when all that nonsense about revenge to make me understand how it feels to be on the receiving end of what happens to insolent and abusive journalists occurs again around here, happening as usual over claim it’s about controlling some spoiled royalty that gets whatever he wants while having those stupidities displayed on my earnings and my Literary Empire to claim ownership of it and blab abut charitable activities in Africa as well as it were; I love to say my bottom hurts and I am expecting a reason, will supply them one if I do not have it soon enough too.

They do say my existence poses a Constitutional crisis, utter nonsense of course since I am an Arch prince alright but there is an Arch Duke Married to the Monarch, whose Son is Heir to the Throne and his Grandson is to succeed his Father – it’s all theatre and people can engage with this tale if they wanted, I simply will not be pleased if I see any of it around my Books. There should be one problem here only and that is Male Journalists with rights addressing me, insulting me, punishing me, telling me what to do, exerting seniority, pushing me around, getting revenge from American fools who are protecting them and putting spoiled Prince in line – I feel as though I missed an opportunity when they didn’t go through with teaching me what it feels like to be in the place of journalists when I pushed back in the past 48 hours – considering they failed to go through with it.

As such the story of becoming a rebel and a problem not being based on reality, the reality that I just want to smash it to bits i.e. when I walk down the streets and somebody passes an insult at me, he has and so he can try out on other Royal Family Members too, likewise when they invent and altercation with me and wish to ensure the Politicians have to decide how it ends, meaning their problem shows up in parliament, such that each time I stop peoples organised crime business from being profitable, the idiots engaged in such things will have found this one to engage in as an alternative. If I handle the black ones and their need to beat up little brother and teach him not to be where he shouldn’t and get Americans to teach me what it feels like if I handle them instead, then they say it has become some black on black racism, which is difficult to avoid when it is impossible to lose a temper on their case over any other reason except that stupid culture and society that is the basis for all the success of insults but if I said that until I do,. I image they will not keep their golliwog mouth where it is appreciated, this would indicate when I have chosen to do nothing about it, and caused a stir – otherwise I would react to it each time it happens which will affect my Public image or go away and come up with a plan when I wish to teach their seniority insults and violence a lesson it will never forget. They do love to claim I think that whenever I speak what I say is meant to turn out the way I say it but I wouldn’t know anyway, perhaps the means by which it will not be that way is through Mr Sun shades and a dirty moustache, who must make money in this life chasing my anus and marketplace all day long because I really do not wish to find out what he will do when he is a criminal on account I have refused to co-operate so he can get rich quick selling something or two – they speak of a perspective on the left I dared not mess with and I wish to know whom they suppose they are talking to as well. It becomes so annoying when their interest and these insults and violence have cost me my academics while they tell me I need to fight racists who are educated.

So they say I think I am tough but they make me smell and it is utter nonsense – going into it is the same old case of the reasons the Police always shoot their community only, since people can go from showing up at market places to tell everybody they were supposed to have been super stars and famous and rich, to getting up on Media to make others prove all day long and find it amusing. It does not trouble me as much as they imagine that it does all of the time – what causes it is Politicians playing stupid games around their vanity and the issue of their problems that they fundamentally want others to show regard for in terms of the fact they want to transfer them into other people’s lives where it can be sorted out and the results returned to them – hence when your hands are full and they have access to media by which to make their disobedience profitable, they can never stop boasting; I for my part now have to handle this issue of getting out of bed every day to face the fact that 90% of publicity around my work is still a matter of those who want to judge me and not those who are interested in it and so every 24 hours I have to deal with it makes my heart sink and this is what they think they are doing each time their disobedience causes an extreme level of stress to add to that; the bit they are complaining about involves the ageists who tell me I can only make a living if I show up and become a vagabond on Media which then affects if or not my Royal Commission continues to exist – the rest will follow suit just like the politicians are no longer claiming when people are done smoking marijuana and show up on my public life and literary empire it is actually their human and civil right to do so – what they are doing instead is complaining about bottom pain. I understand that I never speak of the main issues, which is an old story I have mentioned before i.e. it’s about Women; Women are evil because every thief and criminal is born of Women and their needs – so the Women I get along with are actually bullies who bully the ones that cause them to do bad things into what they are, while I complain about their crimes I am also supporting these Women but if I say the proof of bulling is the success that determines who had time for it, the whole thing gets turned on its head and becomes a story of their fame and fortune on my public image to show they were richer than I am and that the bullying must now be avenged considering they have got money and power to do it. so they say it’s all me stuck with a fight as well because I do not respect Women and it’s an old story where people see me attend Church and show up to play with my anus claiming there is nothing wrong with homosexuality – so a Court shows up to keep me company at public image over some insanity concerned with a state of mind that makes anal sense sensible and then it’s a fight all the way to the US to keep up the idea I was meant to have been trapped with white women and kept poor during that time and then when tired return to my roots and to black Women I truly belong to and own me and nobody actually has a civil rights that looks like that to a stage where all this nonsense is a matter of a process where they are fighting to preserve the whole thing all together – as I said, when I mention the golliwog mouth I really don’t want to do anything about it all together but it should be seen that their insults hunt me down and trap me like a farm animal because it is something they actually can handle. It’s not that they never really did exist before I was born; it’s just that whilst it is pleasurable to do the trapping, I am actually not allowed to live in local communities where my very existence encumbers people’s wickedness. They want freedom obviously and will never be free – they cannot be free when there are gangs everywhere, gangs that exist as a result of the way they have conducted their stupid lives, gangs that exist as a result of the fact they are always getting rich and famous on other peoples public image to ensure those people deal with the gangs and then getting rich and decadent enough to say to those people that such a life has been erased from their minds and that any complain being lodged are things they cannot understand; when they are never free we become more United as a Society than we have ever been before and nobody is wealthy enough to blab such nonsense at others after they are done with their careers and property vandalism spree. They do say I need to stop complaining then but of course the way to make that happen is to ensure if I breathe and a journalist breathes as well to create equality it is followed with consequences and then the bit about taking a step into my public image along with me will follow and then the bit about doing to me what happens to them cowards violence will follow after that etc. They do say I do not have any control of this stuff which of course I do – there isn’t a gang type in this Country that does not have a social complain about what I have been getting up to, putting its stupid self straight lest people take it from them all together, this story of what I do not control for instance is the reasons ageists hate my guts because it usually only improves as a situation when I discipline the Fathers again, the ones that want to clip my well being in order to steal my perspective and become famous complain about me separately and so do the ones that want to live in my personal space and hurt me all the time as a result of money issues – I expect them to express their complains in public all the time but do not wish to tolerate seeing them around my Books – the Books that hurt people they say but I am rather made by them to think it does them any favours as it were. Freedom is the main issue here and we are more united than we have ever been – the bottom hurting last 2 seconds but the reasons you deal with it all your life and they gather as a community to ensure you cannot talk to a girl like a person and not a sex object by thinking about their insanity all the time is because you take your religion too seriously, so there is another question too as per why they do not do it to their own bottoms instead and the answer that when they do peoples religion have ideas but we can see that even when it is a Church environment, when you don’t want them to do it to you, it becomes their main preoccupation still. They complain I am always threatening people with violence of course but these are individuals that wouldn’t mind taking another person’s life over what they want and what we are talking about here is the older ones, the younger ones have a prepubescent knife in the pocket as if everybody is likely to give them the prize of that stupid cowards violence, talking nonsense about how they were supposed to have been super stars, while I am groomed to look like something they want to stab by scumbags on media and public transport.

So it is said that the facts I put forward about crime and its management is fundamentally dispersed which of course it isn’t, what is dispersed is the activity of Politicians i.e. I want to speak with that Man sitting by the street corner smoking marijuana but if he offers me some and I don’t want it, I could get stabbed and those two situations are his civil rights. Otherwise the reality is that when they are homosexual, it could be that they are not all bad thereby showing they want to use their own bottoms to do it instead of chasing other peoples own or it could be that they are making themselves immune to prison life. When they speak of how we imagine the law because they don’t like certain people it could be that they want to interact or it could be that they have found a new target community for their financially predatory behaviour. As for the fact when I speak like these Women do not get the feeling of freedom, it’s an old case of the idea when I speak of television at the Royal Estate for example, people still think it’s not about Women who see blood all the time and that old story of British sexually predating behaviour as well. So they say nobody really understands anything I write but 90% of publicity for my literary work still comes from people who want to sit around judging me for it and they wouldn’t know anyway because they have not actually gotten their own copies of the Books as well – he others who claim to be interested seem to have a problem with the idea the Books say something about Women having a commitment on one hand and a career on the other where they are currently being faced with a brick wall of Men – hence judging me as per whether I have written the Book properly all the time. It does not mean I am being apologetic in anyway, just me making clear one aspect that is likely to put them off immediately; I mean its intellectual property administration and if I broker with people why do Cars, those Cars will show up on the streets and neighbourhoods and I am not likely to get involved with anybody that might interfere with such publicity, unless the Men have a different idea of what I should be used for, so it has to be said that it is not as if they do not have their whole lives ahead of them as such and it gets worse when I say something about violent gangs and the greed ones sit behind a limousine beaming a wry smile that says I think I can take them, after which want to have a social conversation with me every day, then the civil rights ones who lift and plagiarise contents of my Books in order to get the rich 1% to pay attention to the needs of the 99% at the bottom whenever they have their careers to think about – as I said, gay because they are making themselves immune to prison. We are looking at a case of Coca-Cola for instance who are big in South America and the US and Europe to mention a few and it is said they broker creative equities with somebody and will be making a new drink – what would be the general behaviour anybody who is attending University or developing a budding business have towards such a person; one of finding out what his Book look like or one of getting up on media to make him write it properly – it would be difficult to find people anywhere else in the world that are just as stupid as these scum especially the American ones – they are not part of the reader’s community and are in no position to judge. Apparently it is the phenomenon of the old bastards who are writing their own Books as well a version of how sex and pornography and life in Vegas is created; apparently the way people understand my Books the most is when I write a swear word and put it up on my websites, since it usually means that less comes from them all together. The only story they have to tell these days is that I fundamentally think the only people in existence are people in my life and my world - this position of robbery and vandalism used to work in the past 3 decades, it does not these days anymore - its an old story where we see them show up in Public places to display their nepotism based discrimination that wants the government and those in power to select certain kinds of discrimination that will not lead to such results as history has already witnessed and the fundamental ingredient is always that they need people to do things that apply a process of serving them while they put their feet up but the problem is that these people are just so expensive these days all together and something that to be done to ensure when they have such people serving them, the cost is compensated for and the story goes on and on and on and on - showing up on my concerns to blow off their big mouth at me about being a better person than I am all the time. I do not think it is an issue, just the question of why it seems impossible to just avoid food for 24 Hours and pray and have some hallowed time without getting described as a weedy peasant that wants to serve somebody of which nobody really knows exactly what content of my personality suggests it anyway, so it usually leads to such results as suggest they want some of mine and will get it too. I do get asked why it happens and its an old story about their stupidity - they are not necessarily as stupid as the others that show up at Market places to tell everybody they were meant to be super stars but they know just a little bit more than those and have done well for themselves financially thereof; you can always tell because they have not got a clue how to earn their way in the world considering it just came to them and so you see that they do not relish getting their tax bills and have not got a foggiest clue what the future will look like for their Children, those who can avoid the taxes will do so every time all together i.e. blowing off that big mouth at me about being a better person all the time and it does tend to seem that they feel the Taxes are deployed a money that belongs to them which they had worked hard for, to look after the poor and provide schools and infrastructure etc and that if they withdraw their taxes the Government will be Bankrupt. So I like to think I know how to earn my own money anyway, since there has to be two earning statements at the Houses of Government - one for my keeping and the other for the Government and there should only be explainable irregularities that exist at the barest minimum, so I can continue to have my life when I start to withdraw my pensions and more so in a condition where I and the Government are the same thing without any problems attached. They do love to make out the only way I can say anything which will then have been seen as something said by a person which can be respected is if I showed up in Public to become a vagabond on Media and its utter nonsense too - there are those who use their culture and society tobully me and they have their own stories to tell about me too, these goons are fundamentally detached from all forms of culture and society and I want them to hang somewhere so that when culture and society idiots will not stop getting involved with my concerns and they will not stop ripping my book sales, I can collect peoples culture and society for that stupid Media we see them show up on all of the time and then the desire people have to get involved with me will eventually come to an end very badly; so this game is not usually a sign of their high intellect but an obvious reality about how clever they think they are while they really know nothing at all.