So now they say our relationship with the EU is in disarray, American one has been restored and the very person who intervened to give Brexit a Boost from the US has been elected into the White House and that something needs to be done about it. I wouldn’t know what basis they decide our relationship with the EU has been messed up anyway but neither do I suppose that asking them would yield a result – so what I need to do is provide a paper here on where I stand and what we have seen them spend their time on i.e. the basis on which our relationship with the EU is good or bad and or Brexit is good or bad is measured in my view according to a situation in which we were Bombed by the Russians and the Germans and French and Spanish who are much bigger Nations had to save us, the question of a bigger ally and how much money they would be making between now and a point at which such a thing occurred. In their case we have seen that their problem with Brexit is that the small business that was attached to the EU and never worked on because it was supposed to have put a few thousand pounds in their bank every year as a result of the purpose of their main jobs being a platform on which they get to abuse people in order to draw attention to it – hence their reaction to Brexit is to hit the bottle and become a lout because it is all somebody else’s fault. Brexit itself was caused by the way by means of a referendum that was organised by the same liberal crap heads on the basis of gathering all the wealth at a point in the EU and making sure only those they could lead got a share of it; this then led to an outcome where the intolerance of such nonsense by those who have been victims of their financial well being vandalism in order to achieve this nonsense took up the referendum and ran it and won it for them as well, except that most of them wanted to get out of the EU which is what actually happened – I personally have no idea what caused them to believe that a referendum should be run in that way anyway. Hence this was one in which they had lost, the one about which something must now be done has something to do with the fact poor people are poor because they spend their money and rich people are not poor because they do not spend their money i.e. if somebody will meet a senator for tea as pastime today, there is no reason he should go to the shops to buy an expensive suit that will help him get a taste of the lifestyle so does it then mean the poor people do not know why they spend the money question thing as it were, which becomes an asset because these idiots always liberalist decide who and which is superior and start a fight and this time it is because they know how to use their money while other people don’t and I want them to clear my space as it were considering it is a fight they have ever won around here too. The question really was the basis on which they decide that our relationship with the EU is a mess.

It’s not an unusual story, where I stand is a simple one as I have mentioned before i.e. Obama is on his way out and nobody will be there to force me to do something to protect them while they get around seeing the world and living out a useless existence that is supposed to take them up to a bad ending anymore. It’s an old story where I get on and cause massive disruption to organised crime, only to be attacked by them and their popularity celebrity madness and my finances ripped up to make me do the job properly which can never be understood if the piece of the picture that says that they are the ones buying the organised crime products and can never ever let other people be is removed from the picture. Then we hear them say the organised crime is rich and powerful and a better option than anything I have on offer which they were not asked about in any case but about which I believe I am clear as well in terms of them building those stupid popular culture they can stretch from the US to Japan across this Royal Estate again so we can find out which Politicians they will be complaining to on my case this time. hasn’t got a foggiest clue what it is doing is in the building and it’s the same with that need to ensure my finances I damaged and I have to recover it by means of the profitability of violence in a world where people are bigger than me, which they rip up like we see them give to the frugal as it were and Politicians like to co-operate with so they can enjoy the organised crime products and get out of the mess they make for themselves at the same time as well and these are a group of fuckers that cannot do anything else with their time and let alone other people who want to spend their own time on something else – about which I would really appreciate it if they gave us all a pre warning before they started, rather than start a fight when they think that somebody whose prognosis of crime and the sources of it is going to likely include them has taken up leadership.


What should not be lost in translation is quite simple i.e. they want to get around Town living out a really useless popularity existence and this is what they want to do with their time, about which they need to stay outside of my time since I have something else in mind for it – I am just pointing out the bit where they set me out as human shield when they want to live out their useless existence that is meant to take them up to a bad end but then set about ripping up my finances like we see them give to the frugal of which my reaction or the none existence of one such is my decision thereof and not their own in the first place and then attacking me for causing disruption to organised crime business, then start Media campaigns against leaders whose prognosis of crime and sources of it includes them and the only means of problem solving is the bottle or new bullying. They do tell of how the problem is that I make claims of what had happened when nothing of that sort happened and I won no such victory etc but we all know cracked up out of my league starts a fight with somebody that they have never met and we all know that for what their greed is worth, the one thing they want to get out of it thereof is being cracked a little bit more as it were – we are talking about such popularity nonsense as setting out somebody you have never met as the figure that will have his blood spilled for the common and greater good associated with a world you wish to live in and the wealth others should leave behind for your lazy self because you are very determined to ensure that was the case with your big mouth; so we hear that I am completely incapable of being a Team Member but of course people can be a team any time they want – they only need bear in mind I fight for none and that the only One about whom I am likely to get stuck in and swing around an issue that was somebody else’s decision is The Queen and if One does actually give permission for others to make use of my work, that I prepare to do whenever they had failed or faltered but people do not just appoint themselves, otherwise they will not see me do it, since these kinds of insults are completely unnecessary.

So they say people like me always stoop really low and then get about blaming others for the problems associated with it because we will neither be modern nor lewd but again, this has never been an issue; it’s an old story where it’s a civil environment and there are Doctors in it and Lawyers in it and Astronauts in it and then while the Police know the reasons their jobs are needlessly dangerous is because of useless people, there are also people who know how to figure others out right down to where peoples anus is and then hurt people to draw attention to their needs in that way; so it is clear and obvious they are always asking me when a person gets shot by the Police and so we can see why it happens often since it will likely happen again if the fact they got shot by the Police propelled them to ask another Police Officer about it and why their causes are not being listened to, why they are not becoming famous stars while others end up with hurting bottoms and bad health and why people are not dealing with this problem for them while they have ended up in areas of life that they really shouldn’t considering they were destined to be rich and famous etc. So I am sure they know as well that if I were an Officer, they would be dead too as it were – needs to keep off my Books. Now they say I have created this sense Women were given a chance to get into the White House and lost it and that every problem they face will be drawn back to me and I will be made to suffer while they find an easier existence but it is not that I handle them the way I do because they are being underestimated, it is because there are so many lies and insults channelled in my direction concerning what foolish Men use Women for when it comes to stealing peoples income and ripping up peoples livelihood, they are worried about leaders who point them out as a prognosis of crime, I think I want to make my own history cowardice as well.

It’s like when I say the things that stifle the finances when I am finished with the work and need to pay the expenses will be kicked in order to ensure expenses are paid, they think it’s some big bluff on my part as well – so I suppose they have started again and started very well indeed with stories of existing suffering for me as I have succeeded in creating a process where Women got after the White House and lost; it is so obvious that to these idiots, greed and how it works in real world is a little known phenomenon, so they have started that we can see, so let’s hope they know what they are doing this time. I do not think it is a problem in anyway – they have had that attitude around here for years, whereby I write a Book because they have problems associated with it and they grab and toss the entire Book and its essence as a sale item to the dogs and then the same with other problems and the blogs I write, right up to a point where the Queen intervenes to ensure I do not slave around for them anymore and so this process of feeling sorry for them and taking them back in will lead to this result all over again and the other hidden aspects that involves rejection like that until I am sick and then getting off to find every trouble maker that has the same skin colour as me, to get as close to the Monarchy as possible will only be repeated in a much worse setting; so I have to decide that they are not the place where I work to pay my expenses for the business I do and their blabbing about me specifically story is one of those things about which they get to express the fact they think that greed is a phenomenon about which its mode of operation most people are oblivious – so since winning the White House was the difficult one, I hope they know what they are doing on this other one they tend to know so well as it were. So they say nobody knows how my problems get solved and nobody knows how to read my Books, which has always been the problem too as it were, the problem where the Men and their problem publicity that sucks the life out of this business needs to be lifted or they will feel me again as it were; they have always thought my Books should never get Published if they can be kept a secret that is shared in the world of men so they can find a path to getting rich at will and so whenever that greed does it stuff it addresses me specifically and cannot shut it, when winning the White House was the difficult bit. So it’s a matter of the fact there are people who feel like vomiting at the very sight of Women and it’s the other side of the story of useless and stupid people in a civic environment thing but these are the ones about which control must be taken or they will destroy everything they set eyes on when involvement with you was never actually required in the first place all together. So saying it might have meant they are now free of me alright but if that freedom means they have put me in a bad place and their salaries and Media presence amounts to a superior advantage I will make them squirm again; it cannot be one preaching concerning the same group of idiots forever without consequences – there isn’t a world where I have the resources and they decide which ones are my foregone alternatives or I will pervert them too.

So it gets said I have lost everything I had which is not really the case; the reality is that I already went through hell to publish my Books considering I had been set out as the source of wealth and self advancement for others by idiots who were keeping me secret from the world, only for my Books to get to the highest levels of government and then have a worse sales record than it started out with – its only when the trouble makers want to use peoples personality to move around that they realise they have problems playing up those games and I like to say I don’t know why I do it when they have not stopped but I still tend to ensure trouble makers understand it’s not my one they will be going places with either. They will say what I have said is important but isn’t going anywhere but that is because my social media profiles are not working because my Publicity is obscured daily by their problem attention seeking media which I want them to lift or I will lift my way instead as such. So that it becomes obvious those I name friends are actually my biggest problem and we can already see what they get up to whenever I take out an extra job to fund the expenses as well – with respect to which I cannot remember my parents tell me a Journalist has been stealing my career when they appear on television but their parents drive their ambition by encouraging them to steal my earnings, usually that way before I have problems that come from sources I refuse to recognise exit due to my behaviour with that big mouth. They are out of my league  obviously so my parents never tell me they have stolen my career but the main drive for all they do all day is their parents telling them I have done their jobs – so it can only be settled in my view according to the way I have settled it i.e. effects and outcomes and consequences of what will happen when that nonsense results in a process where stealing my identity becomes something they actually got successful doing and this is what they are always taking themselves too seriously, corruptions of involvement with other people, big mouth complaining about. So it’s the same old tale; why does a Journalist or celebrity think I ought to let him or her rip up my Books for the day save the fact I really do not appreciate what their parents will say or do because they are out of my league and so it becomes a problem at some stage and they need to move. So I get told I am being nasty to people who have been nice to me for the most part; the reality is rather of course that they are the same group whose involvement means it becomes impossible to control a temper and what it gets up to and then that leads to claims they are a certain kind of Women I am fundamentally afraid of on account they just influence me with fear by their very existence which can become something that is used either as a weapon or for financial advantage depending on whether or not I co-operate and that is how they build up an environment of my life and Court on Media in which they can show themselves all the time and claim they are part of it, reaching this stage where I say they are and that I do not want them in too.

It’s not a complicated matter in any way as such, it’s an old case where they sucked somebody’s cock at the stock markets and set about ripping up my finances to ensure I explain the reasons to their parents for some reason; so I want them to lift their stupid publicity off my Books and what goes on around it or I will lift it myself the way I know how as it were and those ideas I misunderstand what goes on around me will not suffice; I am aware that it’s become a question of the number of times that the fact most of my activities are not far detached from Church will actually cost me money before that becomes more obvious, much the same with the fact I am responsible for looking after my Court system and not somebody else before people respect the fact they are also likely to come to harm as well around here. Hence there are ways of dealing with processes of constantly being threatened with some other force of violence which does not actually involve beating them up to commit a crime especially for the Women and it can only be the one where there are people that will beat them up if they do not go away as well.

So they say I am deeply hated because I have so many things I do not deserve but I don’t know about which I deserve anyway, the reality however is still that I had a Royal Commission before most of them became celebrities and there isn’t one that has not grafted their insanity into my public image to become famous and hence am not one of those who recognises any of that nonsense they call fame. I mean if it weren’t my Public image it would not have been fame I recognised anyway; we all know Industry manufactured fame comes in two forms and one of them is the one that wants to get around taking over people’s lives while the other gets stuck somewhere obscure and only comes out once in a while to make some clubbing and dance music that people will get intoxicated with – these days every fool wants to get up on my Public image and get manufactured then talk nonsense about being famous so it becomes impossible to perform public duties and then pass around insults about how I do not actually have a Royal Office after that to look for more trouble than they can actually handle. So they say what I am doing here stokes trouble and I wouldn’t know anyway, it’s not like it’s a revelling over the outcome of 2016 US elections anyway, it is rather about their concerns over what leaders that are likely to point them out as a main source of crime might do or say but I have also tried to help i.e. when they do set me out as the human shield that allows them live out a useless existence through which they get rich and famous while the stage whereby the bad ending issue catches up with them becomes the bad ending I am supposed to deal with – is it possible for them to just carry on with the popularity culture and leave me the hell alone all together or not? It’s obviously not criminal as it were and certainly not so if they are buying the organised crime products too. So we hear that nonsense again frequently about how they are trying to push me into an understanding that the career path that fits me best is the Military one which I suppose it does when I need to show local ruffians I don’t like being made all sore all over by their involvement, stupid bully old men I do not like my tummy being churned endlessly and foolish Women I do not fancy sexual bullying? I guess they have other ideas about what I should do with the training all that yapping as it were.

So I get asked what the purpose of all these self gratifying conversations I have is meant to serve which is never the thing anyway but it seems people are starting to realise that the problem these fools have with Royalty is not that they are denied jobs and other things they need but that Royalty is not sharing the little things that ensures everybody understand the meaning of life and so on; so I have made it clear they are neither government nor criminals or law enforcement and that their case around here especially for the Media and the kind of local leadership those want to provide is completely unnecessary. Just like they say they are goading me into a realisation that I would do well in the Military; the reality of course is that when it comes to the Royal Navy, nothing about me is heard of how I would do well operating at the Shipping Yards or the Docks etc – same with the Army of which nothing about me is heard of how athletic I am or can be – same with the Air force of which nothing is heard of how well flawlessly presentable I can be as a person. I mean Law is difficult too but the only difficult careers they know are their Media ego, Medicine and Hard working NHS staff.

Hence now they say I have many enemies which I am aware I do anyway since it is a matter of what people say to me, most popular of which is that each time they are about to be famous they will then promise me as much shit as I need and as much fighting as I can take and that will be their ideas of being out of my league and then making a power deal with me – the result time and again is that shit is everywhere and I am having none, while fighting is everywhere while I am taking part in none. These fools are the same goons that marry each other and are idiots who need a lot of care and handling so that if you have a disagreement with somebody you tend to fight to the death and cannot keep their fucking hands off peoples income either, perpetually out of peoples league as it were and getting involved to blow their big mouths off where it is clearly and obviously required of them as it were. It’s an old story too when we hear them speak of the Political establishment that wants power and is a big problem for me, when we all know the Media ones want to have conversations with their guests at my expense and need to lay off and hold themselves together while the Political ones are the ones learning that their cultural fathers must now have a certain amount of respect for other people lest they are the kind that become determined nobody is moving into their right hand, besides which they can see my Books have no respect for them as well but are still working really hard at their abuses and insults which mean that they have no interest in my products and other benefactors are deterred. Even if I told them I had a good product and a winning plan and that I deserve to be a financially successful person as a matter of right, it would never have been a business of theirs thus, all that yapping needs to put its money where its mouth is too.

I do not think it has ever been a problem as such all together; it’s an old story about their insults, robbing shoulders and basically putting people in a position where they can damage what they do not have and then those who have refused to give it to them so they can feel superior will end up with nothing and then they say the reason is that I am passively supportive of racism whereas what happens is that they associate tow forms of deaths with me, one of which is about an Officer doing his job and the other about a racist who took the law into his hands and everything I say about the plight of their stupid insulting personalities that people want to kill in a gang fight in a good way lends me pure agonising bullying, while when I say nothing they want to control my finances because they cannot tell the simple truth without money and it has now reached a point where they need to make up their mind or the assumption will be that the real problem is that they do not have a real problem to deal with all together as it were.

I mean they do say I am actually gay but have refused to see it as such, which is not a serious matter anyway – the trouble is that nothing I say and do suggests I want to be fucked in the Bum so my prognosis is that it is violent behaviour, hence I rarely respond to it because I intend to find out what it is they will do when done with their insanity thereof. The result of the other actions being that they think I should be scared of the middle class but if we checked the US the Middle Class has actually stalled, unless Mr Trump can revive it again as it were. For my part the story is still the same – their insults does not get to address me and their problem Publicity kept of all that are interested in my work especially the products, otherwise I will keep it off my way for my part too.


So they say it’s all very well to make use of the Middle Class and then abandon them and attack them later but there has never been such a thing; it’s an old story of my place at the Monarchy and duties associated and others who have their place as well and the way my work affects them and the way they feel towards me and so there is quite a handful to feel a duty of care and so on; hence what they mean by getting involved with Middle Classes is when diplomacy issues arrive and someone is making sure the kids dress properly and send the right message etc or when Status issues arise and someone is making sure the kids are getting along with each other and sharing ideas and getting things done etc. The response we see them perform on such matters will be the one where super model takes pictures of themselves on my government provided security and becomes really obsessed with showing themselves on the magazines to exhibit themselves all over it every time and then it continues until I end up with financial problems while they then get to spy on me when I take public transport or take a bath and deploy it to make their career, the same Men they complain about all the time, from Eastern Europe and Africa and Russia, of which are the same they get in league with to get it done as it were, it should be noted. So I end up with a problem and when I solve it we listen to complains. In the end, just like the Journalists, none of these would be happening if stupid people with a clear understanding of the language of excess did keep their fingers to themselves and my Book sales were not being stalled so I can take a holiday when I want to get a break from their stupidities, on seeing it is a fight they have ever once won as it were.

I understand the story that when it comes to Women I think I can walk on water, whereas everybody knows that when you are broke Prince because others influence and control you with insults and lasciviousness they are the one pretending they can walk on water instead; what I am prepared for is a process of avoiding entrapment and financial vandalism and control by evil people, what I am not yet prepared for so far is lewd lazy women who want to live on my earnings etc but I think it is all going very well. Like the other story about being controlled by black Women which has no basis on reality, I have no idea what people want me to react to it for anyway; we all know it’s really silly people and if you handle it then you will be said to have been handling the better persons that were fighting your battles that you were too cowardly to fight as it were – so it extends to that need their children always have to make people’s lives into a cult and then make you fight your life away while they steal ideas on how to get by and ensure your life is absolutely covered with abuse; I can always keep them away from those I have real relationships with of course but this is not the bit Politicians want to see me do and therefore I get after the Politicians instead. the other similar story is one of how the American Republican Party is the Party of War whereas the reality is as it happened in the Civil war i.e. a world where Democrats will go to any lengths and use anything to attain their ends, those behaviour that concerns how the very sight of Women makes them want to vomit and it has something to do with me and various other nonsense that causes me to think about that their stupid Lower Class world of Men and Society on one hand, Women and Gays on the other, as something they can get stuck in while I profit from every single activity that amounts to an involvement with me, considering they all have their various flavours of robbing me and no extent is too low to stoop to and I cannot breathe but above all which the Women really do talk too much as it were and there are some that will tell them they can have all the fame and notoriety if they want but the home is not for sharing and if they come round there with a weapon shouldn’t complain about the results as well – hence the republicans have always handled the matter and done so well anyway; I for my part am just a little Liberal about the general tough view on those who cause others to lose their jobs thing and that is why I always look like I am on the left all the time but the provocation of the democrats and their Liberalist here have gone to another level, so the first part they complained about were actions I took to show them what will happen if that nonsense of wrecking my finances to build my image on Media and claim it actually becomes successful, now they are complaining about the Books as well because I have just realised that story that I have written an abominable Book that is an impediment to freedom and should be an asset handed over to a more worthy person was not a joke and have decided to behave according to my findings; it is apt to start kicking them when they stifle my income so I cannot fund my expenses with the Books and this is what I am preparing for as it is clear this sort of fun will never ever come to an end.