On the matter of Scottish Nationalism they say I never speak of the matter in terms of what people really care about; the reality of which is the question of whether my sitting in a Royal Office to deal with the scandals I have to put up with alongside the cultural and social violence prevent people from enjoying the landscape and the trees and the skies of their country, except that is if they want mine instead, just like black people and that great idea I must move out and over to the left where I can be so that they can move in, none of which will do them any good but the threats will see otherwise outcomes take place and hence the social and cultural deviance is powerful enough to pillage my finances and build pockets of popular culture help quick money points left right and centre but it is never really powerful enough to protect them from those whose lives they have pillaged and will not forgive them for it – for these Scottish Nationalists however the story is that of the question of what they really care about since nobody really knows as it were. I mean my main concerns are about largely English people and a certain attitude towards Scottish people which means some English people have a behaviour that says they expect a Scot to have an opinion so they can open their bags and show them what has been going on about Scottish people in it – this process of Nationalists winning votes therefore constitutes a typical example of the things that can get out of hand to show them they need to stop being so stupid.

Hence further conversations thus bring us to the point where we begin to talk about the real reasons for Scottish Nationalism to occur i.e. that the Scottish Nationalists are actually seeking out somebody who is so insignificant that what he thinks about his possessions would not have mattered if it were to be deployed to build some sort of a hybrid state where an independent country shares a currency with another Country that it has just broken away from. Conjuring the real truths about what their agenda is i.e. to ensure they right the wrongs of history that has not favoured Scotland against the English and keep everything they need to keep since it was not their fault that they feel the way they do and right every wrong until they right the ones about the royal family and become a totally independent country and I have never heard anything so stupid as the suggestion that British resources will not have ended up in Wales and Northern Ireland if Scotland was independent of Britain because the Scottish Government would have created an otherwise situation. In my view therefore as I have always maintained, they can run and hide if they want to and nobody would have cared if they existed too.

The tales do come through that the Danish Royal family supports Scottish Independence of course; I would never know what the purpose serves although I am aware there are royal trouble makers all over Europe that hate my guts intensely – however the reality is that when I write books from a half monastery office which I have not put great deal of effort into making professional because I am making it exclusive to those who are close to and know me and work with me already, books that I will not travel far from the Church and in a worst case travel far from the state to sell, the reality is that entire Music TV channels get dedicated for hours on end running documentaries about the hottest and most attractive Royals in Tinsel Town, up to a point where it creates me a problem in the form of a process where I have such great trouble with media that the only way I can sell my books is if I kill somebody to show what will happen if they touch the sales any further. They claim the issue is that the British Royal family intends to introduce a African into their family and this is therefore something they will ensure never happens and do get around to have this society in Scandinavia of course where they trust people to exist – I don’t trust things like that because it is not in my nature, I don’t trust people because it is the route to happiness while they turn up to create the idea that they can fight against racism and slavery and slave trade on my behalf when I have not asked them to while at the same time creating the sense that I would have been one of those things to be sold off by slave traders a long time ago if I did live in the era in which it happened, while the homosexuals turn up to abuse a dog and have a job for me with a big mouth we never hear unless it comes to civil inequality, clearly of which they believe they can do without consequences. The usual tale is that my grip on power is weak and because of that people sense an opportunity, the truth and reality of course is rather that I have trouble with certain commitments of mine which clash with the principles of my Christian faith, hence people can go after the power if they wanted but there is no point complaining after that either when they are done. It is therefore very important to note I don’t want to get out of this half priest office to deal with any more of their decadent and or civil rights nonsense and every time I do the reality about it will always remain that the latest insult is just as annoying as the first that began years and years before. Otherwise for the most part we are talking about media bullies and those great ideas that they can pillage my finances to create a means of provoking me about me every reaction makes them money; I have not asked anyone about their good looks and tinsel town and if it happens again there will be more complains again. I don’t think I have lots of tensions in Europe to deal with as such; I have such a vast amount of local, lawful and property equity tied up on matters at the European Family that what I do has the same effect that the actions of the US President has in the US as a person; things only work differently in Europe and thus I am not expected to drive around in Armoured limousines etc – however I will not subscribe to such nonsense as Scottish Nationalism, I will not subscribe to circular society that is not recognised by popular culture goons that love to pretend to be Church people, I will not subscribe to badly behaved royals and American connections doing whatever they like, I will not subscribe to any of those stupid things people get up to with assumptions in mind that nobody knows they are.

A typical example of these kinds of issues can be finished off on this matter with respect to Ukraine; I mean the prognosis is that people say and do what they say and do about what happens in Ukraine on account they seek power but the reality is that we all want a world where Children can live without having to experience war; I mean I have never actually lived in a war zone and yes I have parents that did and it is a scary thought to think that you could be on the run with your entire family – mom and dad and brothers and sisters and then get picked off by cross fire being on the unfortunate point until only a certain number of the family survives at the other end and make it to safety; I mean it is entirely the reverse of what happens when I go out with the family on perhaps a day out that the parents have organised with their friends and so on and the things I get to do with other children etc but the twist is that this reverse is that of bloodshed and unimaginable horror. So I don’t see what sensible person would get off and ask the Russian Government to take over and run the Ukrainian one – in social and political context what comes to mind are two countries with small populations but one slightly more than the other who have such similar cultures that the matter has to be settled for example. So who on earth would have suggested that because a territory does not have a thriving Government another Government can take it over and run it – of course it will blow up as a matter of certainty.

Of course we do not appear to be getting any respite from the complains that I will grow up to be one of those old fashioned people who love to control other people’s lives. The story of this matter of which continues to remain the same as well i.e. some people just create a need in you to see them broke and homeless so that we can find out how much good that stupid religion becomes to them when they are.  Hence the very look of what I will be like if they wanted to point to my ragged shoes and clothes while I continue to look adorably on women that are beyond my league in the explanation for every conundrum they have to deal with in their stupid lives and the need to see me in that condition therefore becomes obsessively important none of which comes into the story when the Politicians spend my taxes on them so they can find means that aids them to pay some as well for example. While people have to wake up to how everything they do for the day is doomed to failure from the very beginning because another people seems to have a job that sees to it that it is the case we hear no complains of what I am likely to grow up to become no matter how provocative they get. So it is clear apparently that when people do want a civility what they do to that effect is get a real one and if they do want rights in that civility they look like they do want it; not spend time creating a system of quick riches that can be spent quickly so they can chase more ripping up peoples profession and family to do so with impunity making it impossible for me to set out service for those who are buying a product which works the way I get the product when I am being served with it myself – it is never therefore clear why any normal person would set up such a state of affairs anyway, why any normal person that does not wish to be controlled will do such things but what is clear is that politicians give their homosexuality and all that nonsense they go on and on about a public hearing because they are getting something from it – I am not and that is why I am not interested and it is their inability to respect this that leads to the complains. The reason I am interested is not that making the point is important, it’s just that the claim I am going to grow up to be one of those old fashioned people that like to control other people’s lives is a statement of confidence which suggests that whether or not I will can be written off but the fact that they have civil rights means they have things that others cannot contend with; so I wish to explore what it is exactly that makes this fact a write off; there are only two main concerns and one of them is that all these nonsense they get up to is written in the Bible and normal people do not do those incredibly stupid powerful things they feel that they can tell lies and do to others and nobody would know it is a spiritual wickedness until they get rich etc, if I do mention it is written in the Bible of course what they normally make noise about is a system of discrimination – the other fact of course is that this is not their lives and if they want to stimulate my own thoughts for me with their insolence we have had complains from them on a daily basis for a decade so far and it will certainly get worse. It never ceases to com3e through from them in public that I believe people ought to walk away whenever bad things happen to them, whereas everybody knows the real issue to be that of being told to get into a fight with somebody else by the most insolent scum in the world who is neither related to you in anyway nor paying you or appreciating you in any way for it; something they do in their world of women and the feeling is not pleasant of course nor does anybody want to get around feeling that way but if they feel like they want to keep doing it there is nothing I can do, it simply does not make sense when they complain about the results as well at the same time. I have no idea who seems to have been their equal, why they are such a threat to my freedom and why it appears their greed games must always be played around me or my concerns anyway.


I have no idea where their stories of the high price people have to pay for fame and fortune actually comes from for my part anyway – but I do know it comes as just one of many things that funds their cavalier attitude to finances which they are not willing to pay for even if it is their own attitude – as I had mentioned before it is not my wish to deal with it during the economic crisis because it will set a bad example having been I have continued to drum away a message around a cause designed to ensure people do not read economic text books at will, talk rubbish and get around reorganising economic circulation wealth in the global economy at will to talk nonsense about a sacrifice in the form of me if anything goes wrong with it. It is never really clear why they are such a threat to my freedom and why they love to show off that wonderment about my actions when they know they do what they do because they think the Christian that does not have a private army at his disposal to call on at will like they have their boys and gangs can be beaten up by them and their media on a daily basis; so for now they complain my actions do create a process where they need drugs but everybody that is to be beaten up by a gang does want the gang to feel he can beat them all up as well and so if they are taking drugs then good, it should make them stronger when the threats never seem to diminish because what they want is not to buy copies of my literary work but instead to attack me and make me into royalty they can push around because for them it is like a drug to be able to have such a thing. I don’t think it is a major crisis, even though my concerns for my friends and allies remain as strong as ever, like the old story of all I do falling into the hands of stupid and really insolent black women as well for good measure; I mean a typical example is a condition where people make millions and lose it and go after the millions again without a care for whom they hurt on one hand and on the other wealthy bankers who are clearly wealthy because they are managing their own money well – trouble being that both work in the money industry mostly for example; I am only concerned about another excuse to set out a reason I should let media idiots move into my Royal Property because they need a certain feeling otherwise they will get it anyway on account they have invented a reason to discuss the price people have to pay for their fame and fortune, which is a point that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Naturally of which the case happens to have been that they were getting me to fight which is precisely where we are – this is a fight and they need to stay off my Royal and Political allies, they need to stay off my customers. On the matter of education in the UK it seems that the case of taking 2 year old children into school is being considered – I have no idea why it is that way anyway, since we all know that when Human beings have not grown out of things what they do is find space and time to do so, therefore creating a suggestion of what people are thinking with such ideas in terms of 40 year olds working out what they should have grown out of at 2 years of age; hence unless somebody is suggesting there will be no problems in the sense that a 2 year old is ready to get into an environment that will ultimately result in learning a trade, I suggest they go ahead with such a plan but if not I find the suggestion of individuals that have not been able to control crime and criminals in their own society that Children should be taken to school at 2 years of age is an idea on the table as it were to be very perverse and invasive indeed. They would rather become a lot more interested in telling me that these ideas of environments that lead to learning a trade when they want to catch young their children is something of my own experiences, the source of which they will rip up soon enough with a big mouth especially when black but the reality remains that of an inability to accept our society for what it really is hence the reasons it is important for people to control children when they cannot control criminals and therefore cannot see the injustice in that, cannot see the injustice in not allowing children to live out and grow out of the aspects of their lives that they need to grow out of which they really never will remember to at a later date if otherwise occasions are imposed on them, which of course is what parents do for them – so that when you do speak of Political history they are mystified about what that means but what it really does mean is actually first that all Politicians are colleagues and secondly that anything a particular party does could have been done by any of them given the era and the opportunity and all they do by dabbling into it, is dig up old issues to create now problems and mess us all up solving nothing whatsoever but creating means for themselves to collaborate and divide and rule our hearts and minds and get us to like them even though we would not have done so of our own free will. So inevitably the matter is always going to lead to the part where I speak of accepting our society for what it is but cannot accept it for what it is myself; utter nonsense of course for the most part since the reality is largely a matter of their insults; so that when I speak of their community croons they are mystified, the part where I am an item to be used by people anyhow they like which beggars the question of whether they are mad or something when it does actually apply that the more tired I get is the easier they can catch me because I am difficult to catch, at the helm of which they put mentally ill old women in their societies in charge of what people in society in general think about my personal feelings, physical and emotional and turn up to talk nonsense in public for it all of the time. They think nobody is therefore having been stupid, aware of the fact these are supposed to have been the girls that knew what penis was and what it does to vagina at 7 years of age in school and at about 12 had already started seeking to experience the teachers penis and have since been that way to their present age of 30 to 60 where they are feminist and cannot keep their insolent stinging tongues to themselves, and in advanced cases these stupid feminists have become the community croons at 60 to 100 years of age, still the same of intensely evil corrupting influence they have always been that has no limits to its taste for violence and greed and insidious impunity to touch who or what they like. So that when I say they need to stay off my books they devise other meanings for it such that it does not make the sense it should and they therefore become confused and when I say I have no wish to continue to leave my half priest office to deal with their civil rights crap it still does not ring a bell until it leads to more serious matters and yes it is indeed leading way into far more serious matters too anyway.  The part where they claim I mess around with peoples business which has now aroused the wrath of the hot heads in a deeply divisive world of greedy and violence and that they want my heart on a platter makes sense the most; because of course My Daddy or my Husband brokered property equity with your company which therefore means that you stole my pocket money or that it is my son that will grow up to inherit the company along with everything you own because nobody knows who the hell you are was the order of the day, at this juncture I wonder if my company continues in their stupid minds and stupid media to remain the hear say they claim it is, so I do not understand what the complains are meant to have achieved for my part either. I have done everything to avoid trouble with them for my part; where they love to pick up my work and jet off to seek top jobs in Industries doing the most stupid and inept jobs they can for other people whose money they want to spend – having been I had considered somebody was responsible one way or the other and took up the responsibility to cover the tracks for the owners and they are still here tormenting me on a daily basis, there is even more personal difficulty of understanding what their stupid complains are about. The blame is always on deviant royals of course but deviant royals do not rip up your market place when you have a working of friendly relationship with a female journalist as a function of excuses for homosexuality that can never be explained even by those who practice it, then rip up your job because they learn kinaesthetically, to make up excuses that suggests it is all your fault as well and tell tales on media to that effect until there is a semblance of truth to the other claim you sleep with other peoples wives, only to claim you sleep with other peoples wives when they want to pillage even more of your career, so deviant royals do not get around provoking others on account they have jobs on media and are very nasty scum to that effect and in such ways day after day – they do however spend all their time in racing stables and gambling booths and as far as I am aware they do not get help to pillage my  work without any serious help from these idiots either. I do not think it a major crisis on my part either – it seems people are largely more interested in which part of what belongs to me is really not my own, so it is not necessarily surprising so many people all over the world have an identity crisis as a result especially black people; because their achievements have become questionable as well, so technically we are making progress and are likely to only get better, I still stand by my position however that they have no real reason to be seen anywhere near or around my affairs, they still stand by their own which is that in their heads they are better than me and so I like bets too. In effect in my view it is the same old case of some people like me who have no right to exist because others have plans for what they want to do with my life, especially when they feel they want to sell things to get rich and in order to do so need to ensure it does not occur close to them so that they do not get hurt and it is this impudence I wish to put to the test as well. It seems an impossible task for them to stay off the gamblers share and the whor’s prize and yet on each occasion so does it appear as well that it all ends up dumped in my personal life with a big mouth.


Now the talk of Scottish Nationalism with respect to the next get rich quick thing people want to pillage here does not actually shake up anybody; the reality is that Nationalists all have the same characteristic which is that you talk to them because you are inadvertently not making any progress with your life – I am an example 12 years ago I was meant to do my Industry computer literacy programme; at the time I was between 19 and 21 years of ago but guess what was more important if not My mom’s need to pick up her brother at the air port on arrival from the US and so I ended up doing my computer literary last year aged 32 and that is just my computer literacy, I don’t even have a driving license yet. These do not bother me in anyway whatsoever since I am aware they are entirely expected – we are here only because some people want to play a part in an eventuality where an idiot makes some public noise about how he has found a point at which to be more important than I am and hence I owe him or her a duty to do for them what I had done for myself in my teenage years. These are not a major crisis, we have only reached a stage where those stupid insults and the idea I live with a whor in my bed chamber which makes no sense but they have found a way to deploy media and make sense of it to people in order to run with it with a big mouth thereafter which we hear the complains all the time, has come to a head and we are only talking about the part that people want to play in the matter. I for my part feel as though I am running a State office for the Queen which I share with hoodlums and for that reason have planned my revenge and cannot figure out why they are always complaining about me or telling people how much they hate me when I have done nothing to them yet – I mean for the black ones they complain about their society and culture but if you know people can hurt you in such ways then what you do is provoke them all the time with whors in their bedroom as a state of affairs. As it stands the Politicians have learned the hard way and are now doing lots of coalition governments and hung parliaments so it is certainly the turn of the media and certain athletes to have their own side of the lesson well learnt as it were and as it were the insults can continue to fly especially from black stage media idiots and their feminist girl friends but I am quite so very certain I need to set out a platform for economic security at least the part I have to play in the matter and then one of those occasions where I run my business and they turn out on media to build their profits a head and shoulder above my affairs to play city centre and all that rubbish they love to much will really kick things off around here – for now it is the simpler matter of the fact people do not tell them they are stupid because they are a bit scared and they need to listen to what I have to say now as we have listen to them for the last decade, more so considering there is really nothing that they can do about me regardless of all that stupid tongue wagging we hear all of the time. Where some royals are concerned is a case of how this is the kind of Politics that awarded HRH The Duke of York an official appointment, so his loyalty is very well placed with them and his activities are things I have to put up with, rest assured it is to be acknowledged no one is confiscating anything around here – that notion is a dream world; I have enough. It just will not work in terms of the matter of famous Nationalism, when those who have an obligation to lead the attention seekers that run those kinds of programmes think that attacking me is a good thing because the next problem they have is how they will get my work off me and deploy it to their end in order to ensure they are able to hold together their leadership – nothing in this world works that way; I don’t mind the insults and how far into people’s lives it allows others to poke their business either, if we explore that I will be responsible for destroying an inheritance that had been left onto somebody through their family for generations and I don’t think that festering over guilt on such an occasion will have solved or remedied anything either; I need to be left alone, I need people off my concerns – this is very important to me and they might want to save the insults and try to understand that provoking me into reacting in a certain way will lead to that reaction provided it continues. The back stage media idiots do what they do because they think they are nasty enough to do them and I don’t mind for my part either since we have now reached a stage where I am not allowing them live their lives and if they annoy me will ensure they do not get to impress their stupid friends in this country – I am not the one hounding others and pillaging their personal lives because I learn by touching things and damaging them and feel others who don’t learn in such ways have no right to exist, which then means that when they do anything about it I can seek equality and revenge, I am not the one that hounds others and wrecks their lives to a point where I can now pillage their career because I am selling things and doing adverts and making money, which is hardly what I am told to do at the job as it were; they will never be free of me and if they know people are likely to react in such ways should never do such things, not turn up to talk rubbish like what they believe they can do about me is deadly certain. I mean you must be nasty enough to look for trouble to a point where you wreck peoples finances and turn up to get into what they do with their career before they do but the remarkable thing then is the complains; I mean even if I did encourage them by attacking them on account I felt they ought to do something about white people who attack me because they are white themselves, what is that other story in the middle then about how they are not the ones with royal commission who are then required to do anything around here? The part that brings it on of course being that they create these problems for themselves as well due to the need to have the feeling that I could solve them and that I did take care of them by solving it for them as per something I could do which they couldn’t because they were more decadent than I am and by this therefore have the power that very few people get to have. These fools do not live with whors in the bed chambers, by the way they do it because it is some media power, I have no reason to think I should feel sorry for my actions in anyway whatsoever and I believe I have been clear for my part; we will settle the economy and one more occasion of a head and shoulders above my affairs will kick things off in earnest from which there will be no return as well; just like a need to dominate that guy with a big mouth – like it is that cheap and that easy and nobody really knows what the complains are supposed to accomplish either. I am not saying these matters are a problem for me, I have had my revenge sorted out over the matter, and they simply raised a question of why I never discuss the matter of Nationalism satisfactorily. These things are akin to an endless condition of a daily business where you have entire communities of people on your door step because you offended somebody and the traditions of the land – it is an occasion where you cannot breathe because people are ugly and it is end just as badly as well with that stupid nasty media – all I am saying is that I have finished with the Politicians and they are next. By the way of which nobody really knows what it means when they say something about their left hand side or their right hand side, besides which the issue of pillaging the personal lives of women when told to sell anything and make lots of money which they crave like hell is already on record; it is time for people to listen to what I am saying, what they are saying is 0% it’s not leading anywhere whatsoever and we are all tired of it. the game of claiming to help me as well as talk of what my relationship with HM really is, is one that is very well understood; they say I don’t think The Queen is beautiful enough for me to spend time with but in reality my relationship with HM is cultural in Nature and has nothing to with them, hence one of their stupid insolent self harming games which is why I am happy to discuss it since at present I am telling them how to live their lives, they will never be free of me and the US government cannot stop me or help them over my case but it continues so that I am tried all the time and have a whor in my bed chamber as a state of affairs, the part where they help me being the one about clinging to my book sales to serve their stupid selves the big question being what kind of individuals would do that for five years and then eight and then ten and then fifteen etc – nobody knows what exactly is wrong with them although nobody would doubt they are pure nasty evil as it were and everybody knows if HRH The Duke of Edinburgh were to pass on I will not have filled a gap in the life of HM which is sexual in nature, that is reserved for them and their foolishness so they can abuse me to tell me and talk nonsense all over media but go turn up in places and areas of people’s lives where they are not wanted after insulting and abusing them like they do me i.e. they want to wreck my academic work and pass exams and get jobs in big companies and travel the world at my expense but it is all a person’s Royal alliances – at the end of which the idiots make the money which is then not enough as it were with a big mouth, hence the real mystery about my activities as well.

It is all perfectly okay; the main issue is that these fools are paid a lot of money to sell products not pillage my personal life and create records of pillaging that of women as well. For me it has obviously come to a point where they have gathered so much fact about me in a bid to just dominate me, that they can either spy on or predict my career movements and get in there first like they are my personal Gods or something. The issue of whors in the bedroom they cannot get away from being one of the most contentious because you can simply get off having your life completely ruined over the matter of men and girls and a certain democratic corruptions of involvement but at the end they are still convinced the whors in their foolish lives will be dealt with by you and if professionally they will get their money’s worth. So it is a naked and blatant process of looking for trouble, quite remarkably how little reaction they expect, it’s almost interesting i.e. what happens is that their children want to pass exams and ensure I don’t and then get all over the world with high end jobs with which to ensure that they see every major city on the planet at my expense but it is all my property at the end of the day and when they had made the money that was never enough either with a big mouth which is why it is all going in the right direction too. There is no such thing as my involvement with the Royal family being my undoing; the involvement with The Royal family is something they made up with that stupid media – what happened was that my Christian activities, obviously but not publicly denounced by my parents was in the Interest of The Queen than it was in the Interest of the Church, for this she rewarded me and what I did with my reward and whether or not I deployed my Property in Her service was entirely something I did with my own possessions, whether or not members of the Royal family are involved with me as well is entirely up to them even though I am looked upon by them as one of their own anyway. The point is that these goons have run out of their list of wickedness and need to build new lists and I am blown away therefore even though the fact remains still that they never ever listen – hence men and girls as a problem, women as the problem of the world itself can rip up everything at the end of which the whors in their lives is something I will deal with and if professionally they will get their money’s worth with a big mouth they cannot shut all the time. Naturally their point of statement is always that I am ever wrong on what people think about me but all I know is that my relationship with the female journalists in my Court is a personal relationship and their involvement should not have created complain from them at the same time as well, all I know is that they hurt me all the time but everybody else cares what happens or not, all I know is that bad things happen and they are the cause and apart from that everybody else is okay with me; it does not matter in anyway, its only black people whom I love to ignore so we can find out what all these nonsense is supposed to yield to them like they boast all the time and talk nonsense later about white men killing their stupid children at the same time. By the way of which the claim I am always late at my obligations at brokerage is utter rubbish - the business idiots who like to be seen on their phones all the time walking around the city pillaging my work and talking nonsense about kids that want to show others how to get rich have been getting around playing the ancestry and people based squander of my income stifling my book sales as well and it is not the first time I have had to put their manhood to the test either; they always wish to feel the society and community they live in belongs to them but then again have ideas about others being whors until you handle them as well, usually of course the outcome is never quite Nazi Germany but you see something similar especially when you feel like teaching them a lesson on being ugly and doing ugly things which does I might admit suit them as it were.