It’s like when we hear that the problem with the Country is the lazy people in it and it causes a lot of anger since its largely a matter of the context in which they say it that gets the attention. For my part however the personal diaries are full and I would fancy they stopped talking nonsense as I am not writing anymore and need to concentrate on important things: I mean what exactly do people gain from keeping an eye on me and building a very violent lasciviousness that will facilitate some abusive gossiping that is to ensure every mistake I make is clung into and put back into my psyche through community organised and media threats? They gain nothing except finding out whether I am vulnerable to clinical depression which everybody is. Then there is my party piece mentioned earlier, where it will show up around Books I have written because it caught his attention, to build a crowd that knows about its stupid problems and wants to prove I am unable to solve any which then makes them very important because I am unable to solve any of their problems and every time I tolerate it and am about to spend time on something that matters, what happens is such talk as lazy people in the Country making their stupid lives uncomfortable. I do not make a lot of mistakes for instance, so these things do not bother me as much; however note that what they have decided to do with my case is half the time surround me with foolish girls issuing threats while absolutely covering my concerns with some form of personal impunity after another, claiming my type makes problems for them where their stupid lives should be easier and then these fools will get off to some seniority position that will allow them strike me in a soft place every time I am doing something they consider to be stepping out of line in their stupid view, doing it from such a condition as they do not have to pay the bills if they regard me as a child they can discipline at will, as conveniently as possible and we all know it will not stop unless they find I am actually capable of progressing from making sure they are never really wealthy enough for a talk to the hand routine when I have an opinion about how handling my work and property makes me feel, to ripping up completely that stupid celebrity culture so their insanity might get serious to them for a change as it were. Everybody knows what happens is that the rest of us work for it and they show up with Politicians and civil rights movements to have a share which is why they are always threatening people but I do think about what I would be if I set out to speak with Politicians and media fools and took advantage of peoples work to make money that supports me while I claim others are lazy having had my back firmly covered except I cannot keep the mouth firmly shut as well. It will show up like so and blab about the need to be a stock market broker who was earning as much as he used to when the economy was looking good, tell him that is impossible when there are no jobs and he will tell you it works when everybody is doing what they are supposed to be doing, leaving you a sensation of how the murders and manslaughters are created as it were – same with the media fools who put forth this sort of insults because they are chasing a promotion to a higher paying position; in the end of which the question become whether their difficulties are created by other people and not the fact that when people are self-employed their earning margins are supposed to be a toy, which creates a cascade of people that the general public is owing something for a service that was not paid for, while they expect to just get past the queue and have a higher paying position. All I can say is that I am not aiding them by writing myself a personal diary that helps me handle the insults and provocation anymore, they need to keep it shut as the Books are a sale item and as for the idea that they are pacified on account these facts show I am known for be working; we all know it’s not a blabbing that will end well too, since if I am working on finding myself a community to belong that will not attract the bad crowds when I am doing business or getting a job, somebody else showing up to build a crowd on his problems which when I am unable to solve shows he is important ought to see that it would mean that this part of my work that actually does not pay anything will never come to an end – the other bits that involve stocking a product and making them buy it one way or the other is the bit that usually gets their attention because it is work that they cannot deny but then again I have no wish to put up with nonsense from them in the near or far future as a result of such comments either. They say what I do is being redone at the Monarchy which claim has no basis on fact but then again of which is a very rich nonsense coming from those who have lost Fashion and Celebrity connections which we all know if they do not have prevents them from issuing threats at people who are bigger than they are and can actually beat them up like we see all the time: so do we all know that your tummy is usually nothing to write home about when seen getting involved with a Celebrity or Fashion operative associated with them but in order to ensure your tummy is nothing to write home about will become obsessed with grabbing my Books and my work and my Public image to help the Celebrities and Fashion people all together as well – hence my bottom hurts and they are about to get a closure for those stupid problems too; they blab about Africa all the time but we all know the way it is done in Africa is when that Celebrity has been completely destroyed so they are brought down to see how those they publicly and Nationally claim are lazy live and get by every day, leaving the rest of the world to think there are no Celebrities in Africa because Africans are not beautiful people. In the end it is as simple as a case where Journalists and Celebrities have some regard for my career as a writer the same as I have for their own, lest it moves onto the insults they have gotten used to and deploy on media as a means of exerting some power they do not actually have giving way to a series of actions on both sides that will involve what happens and what does not happen, so as to ensure I can burn their world if I do not have a right to a living like they can burn mine as well. I mean they always say like they insinuated when I mentioned something about watching too much television although allowing me to ensure those stupid adverts do not hit me more than once that there is nothing I can do, which is incredibly stupid as well; we all know the ones that are not my main priority at the shops are the gays on the left and the society goons on the right and the community croons in the middle, all of whom think I am below everybody with that big mouth, the main concern has always been the ones that can do whatever they like with people’s property because they work for large super market stores, who are owned by wealthy people that others want to be friends with. It has always been a simple case where they pay attention to the job in hand and stop handling me with insults I have ignored until they got used to mostly and blab about how I am likely to call for aid when we all know they wish to locate themselves all the time, somewhere around what the enemies of the British state would do, then show up to pretend that Church goers have no way of defending themselves when attacked by people who have been consumed by their vices that they have used to a stage that beats the imagination, such that they cannot respond to mainstream living, whenever they want to get rich quick, blabbing about civil rights and making excuses about some people thinking the Media is predisposed to any form of insult and abuse whereas I have been here suffering abuse and insult after another, which eventually works out as processes of so little regard for me that they set stages for it, work it and develop it, then cover their tracks – like fostering homosexuality every time they know they wish to grab my possessions and use it to get connected by celebrities by, knowing if I want it back I will feel pain on my bum and my head and my chest and tummy to show me that is not my connection and so in my view like to tell me there is nothing I can do if they have no regard for my career the way their own supports them financially because the pain will not likely become a calculated risk like it has at present – telling me I should be afraid of them as well when there is really no need to be as it were. I do get told it’s the way I run my concerns which is losing me money whereas it isn’t; the way I run it is losing them money especially the wealthier ones, as I do find every time that it is impossible to argue with what my account Books say. I get told I feel that I am an agent of wealth distribution in way of course which is utter nonsense, as it is rather a matter of a world that goes from Mr Cadbury finding a community to belong where he spends his time running his business without attracting the wrong crowd, to owning the biggest Chocolate factory in the world and building a village in it with all amenities for his staff, to a world where get rich quick idiots buy shares and play politics inside of companies to turn out as owners – so when you speak of Intellectual property administration, you have no idea where to do it, while their own could be no better if I do not want them pillaging my Empire to make money and there is no other way to go to China except by doing so and then we see that translate into parties that are used in the Caribbean to set out popularity canopies for the children and terrible insults that a bird can carry around the world. So they are losing money at the moment which then feeds into that case of what it is exactly they need to do with the disposition of the enemies of the state, save the bit where they are put in their place by those who have it for a job and having found out things that they shouldn’t, show up here to put me in a place and blow off their big mouth about being a middle power that I am likely to be afraid of and unlikely to act when a lack of respect for what supports me financially is something I must put an end to, so I can wear my clothes like a decent person the way we see them do theirs as well as it were. The middle ones simply make themselves a target for obvious reasons of their greed; I mean their place is to ensure I do not go anywhere unless they are millionaires first and it’s not the only service they provide around here which happens to be the Bees fucking knees either – there are others that their community croons provide such as the need to abuse the Church guy and sell up the effects as prerogative of power to Industry and City Centre scum, it must be quite a service considering it never ever stops. Nobody peddles my Public image and my Faith and My personal life and I should not be punished or made to drop out of University to shutting down every avenue by which people might against my wishes more so – if they regard my career the way their own gets to their heads, we should be okay. So, the mystery in the matter is that I made up what I have to look forward to in life i.e. my place at the Monarchy and every time that is the reality I face hitting my mind, it goes down my chest and into my tummy and makes a mess of me, while the idiots say there is nothing I can do when I ask them to show the same regard for my Books that lets their career get to their head. So I need not remind them they are screwed and fucked and finished and need my leadership and my Books and need get a copy not tell me I am being authoritative – nobody asks them to do it all together as it were with the poorer ones spending time of such nonsense and never stop blabbing of those who are financially better off stealing from the general population, while the wealthier ones were appointed to Police people’s lives as it were, they are the Police thereof the last time we checked, and the results of what they have appointed themselves to do with people’s lives will be extricated when they spend their time on people who attend Church and not the criminals as it were – of course it’s never true I am being authoritative. So it is suggested I would do anything for power which is not true; what is true is what people feel of a person who wrote a Book that they hate when they block the sales until they are millionaires first before it can be allowed; so it’s the reason I happen to be at war with feminists all the time i.e. the worst case since I am not like them and do not build a crowd for such nonsense would have been to do it as well i.e. build a crowd to the effect they soul music, clubbing and partying lifestyle look like characters that always have their jobs taken from them all the time so they might complain about racism, so their yapping is still happening over the effects of the actions of the person who wrote the Book they hate which sales they are stifling naturally, therefore I have to make it quite clear about tall boy criminal being that he is lowest of the low and prepared to do violent stuff too which makes him such a good tool for messing around people’s concerns when and where people do not have the time for such things – point out nobody is asking them about their insulting ego and the idea other people’s lives revolve around them and how their temper is the greatest thing that ever happened to the world, we all see when they get pushed back sit about nursing an absolute hope that somebody will beat others up to make them feel special and more often than not it applies to women and in the Middle East we as a result witness all that domestic violence stuff associated with Islam and so on. I mean they say I think I can control Trump but cannot which tends to suggest I am not doing what I am doing deliberately while in actual fact it is a milder version of what they would have seen if Hilary moved into the White House and I had to go from 8 years of Obama stifling my Book sales to dealing with those stupid threats of the problems of the world that would have been resting of my shoulders if she did with that big mouth we have to tolerate all the time; at the moment the Celebrities have not wrecked my Books and gotten me stuck between the problems I resolved to write them and a financial crisis so they can dump a history on me, therefore are troubled about that and need some fucking victory like its nor normal retard as it were. So, nobody is asking them, nobody is asking them here about their ego and their anger and their stupidities that suggests another people’s world revolves around them. I said women are not a problem and they do not like to be wrong but who is really asking them about it as such anyway; are we talking about speaking to nurses and doctors to make the processes of Childbirth painful for their partners because they want to control their wives? It’s the reason they show up here to mess up Royal property locating ways of living somewhere next to the activities of the enemies of state with that big mouth getting on my nerves. Now every time it is calm, the need to show I am cursed which is why they have an unlimited license to handle anything that belongs to me has given way to incessantly building up popularity crowds full of young complicit idiots on media to claim that I have little respect for the methods in which older people face challenges which is all very well since no one ever gets told that is the reason he is incessantly being attacked until they have about a decade to sort out a comfortable pension and others really have no reasonable explanation for the activities that have put them in that condition, leaving people with regrets and ill health which I will not be or will not allow it become the reason that I am, so I intend to ensure we have to listen to them complain as well really soon, starting from the fact that they are dirty peeping toms who spend all day spying on me to find out how I do mine all of the time and those stories about being worthy better human being has always of course been based on an illusion they are traders who are more important than I am Arch Prince, garnished with stupid Children being friendly with Royal Family members to sit about talking nonsense of how my position and Office does not exist with that big mouth; changes nothing naturally of the fact I am bigger and more important and the idea it’s the other way round is rather their fantasy. Eventually it’s still the same old case of shutting the insulting comments associated with the need to stand over me and have culture and society based ageist abusive conversations that play on my health and property, as the Books are a sale item and Journalist idiots are especially guilty of it, more would have been done on my part thereof if the stupid young people that become tools for it were not so keen to be so complicit so often.
They say I am sad and pretty but its utter nonsense; I am not, what happens is the amount to time these guys spend on telling tales associated with their wondrous age which will rally people to call that effects processes of writing a younger person off all together as a whole and I have tried my Best to stop them traumatising people and bragging about it like that to no avail on account younger people want to be complicit with it for popularity culture. It feeds into that other case where people are stuck in a bad place because of me which is worth revelling in since a couple of years ago I was the Christian that needed to go around absorbing people’s problems and getting stuck somewhere to be magically killed by neighbourhood gangs so as to make the problems go away but today they are stuck, however they do have their media with which to tell all sorts of lies and get out of it by, just like we see them boast about a rift they have created between me and the Trump Administration whereas the truth is that Mr Trump is US President and I am not but the similarities in our activities are a matter of the fact he is in on what I am doing and at those points where he is, it’s important I pay less attention to being me and drawing much emphasis on possessions that goons have gotten around the world laying claims to when they know it to be mine and it’s as simple as this but we can see that whole National media make something else they want to run with instead. They of course do blab about me getting into trouble when friend or family gets killed but I am obviously talking to them when the insults will be born of threats associated with death if they get out of bed every day to open my wallet making use of my products without paying and talking nonsense about sensations of freedom associated with being more worthy to own personality because of its stupid looks, which will likely end with losing money so it might tell the truth without it but then again the way the killing usually works of course is largely that the scum has been respecting its father to a point where it has created existential imbalance, now it is getting on popular culture to punish and bully me because I am not respecting my mother to make him comfortable, by which time the case as it stands is that he is the only idiot that has passed University exams in the village and everybody else is playing around with sensibilities associated with a career that they know nothing about with that big mouth. The great case with these people is that I have a problem with them that appears to be endless whereas the reality is rather that it’s a matter of how much they enjoy the total lack of respect that they have for my career which runs through to a stage whereby my finances are affected; I mean the type that starts a publicity campaign which suggests the only way to understand my career is something a person does not take over bits of peoples careers that have to do with the areas where their wives and children might have supported them to make some cash by the way side and ensure the wealth stays in the family – so we see the American ones who follow it on with insolent violence and talked so much nonsense after the 8 years of Obama white house stifling my Book sales, about the problems I will put up with when Hilary Clinton gets into the White House, display all sorts of nonsense where you provide a service for a company and it is a Company that belongs to the Uncle and your company was supposed to have belonged to them etc. This question is therefore better answered by another one that may seek to answer the matter of what exactly encourages the abusive insults of which nothing else does save the time lapse between when they have started it and when I had done something about it, deciding if or not they had gotten used to it and we see them complain about my Books and what it does on the right hand side as well, whereas there is nothing wrong with Books written by somebody that can secure his career for the purpose when he needs it, while they are busy with their abusive gimmicks, instead of responding with a campigan that involves people taking those careers they seldom spend time on if abusing others is a better way to describe a job instead setting the stage for outcomes in which people take their careers from them so they can make a lot of soul music and stripping etc. In the end of which I have done everything to move them on without a serious clash; I have even developed a social media campaign to draw attention to the Fashion Models that people have selected due to the fact we get along or might do so, which process could build a certain lifestyle i.e. its purpose being to explain an Intellectual property administration business, where the Models are not the most beautiful women in the world and if they were some of the most beautiful, they are only the ones that had the time to make themselves into a Fashion worker, thus if they are the most beautiful and are fashion workers, question becomes that of who gets to wear the fashion they model anyway – a typical example of what Intellectual property administration does but what these fools prefer is to get on National media and pretend to be me and make reference to my Royal Estate all the time when I have told them off for it more times than I am can remember; so it is fast becoming a case where the goons that emerge from their own problems and describe me as illuminati character make a case of me working for all I own and not teaching myself how to solve problems by violent means being a plaything for them while they complain around the world of the consequences, to a case where the need to sell products by making populations a part of the intellectual property business of a Client broker to get rich quick because there is a reputation that says I can be bullied by them, will give way to direct reprisals too and it’s not just the self confidence that enjoys working on me we are talking about beating down here either – hence when it becomes much more serious than just telling them to keep off my Books and shut down them comments as the Books are a sale item and a lack of respect for my career is not actually in their job description, worth staying off my case for thereof. I do not think I am the victim in the matter either; they do not have the popular culture anymore, just a media to survive with but at the same time I am sure people can understand feelings stirred when it shows up to cling to my public image and make reference to a Royal Estate claiming it has the right to tease me as media has always had such a right and will not do differently and proposing it is teaching me lessons too as it were; I mean it’s not that I do not see their type all the time as such, their type who love the jobs and the travels and the sun shines and know a thing or two about women, should they say they were teaching me lessons of which will stir up a reaction better than idiots who only have their media jobs and a family to go home to and the media jobs of which they are not doing properly anyway; speaking of how I complain about them whereas I am actually developing a standby campaign that will help me turn my stash of Pornography into a process that adds up to a means by which I can become an abusive successful peeping tom like they are as well. I mean there is no problem here; same old case where I got an Estate at the late part of 2003 and I went into University in 2004 and the fight to study was over by 2008 a while during that time Mr Branson had Hitched the Princess of York that got interested in me around 2005 with a Dave Clark from the US whose Family showed up here to churn my tummy and secure their place in the Royal Family; now it has all together turned to the need to cling to my Books and my finances and develop popularity that will allow it slice off and keep a piece of my literary empire at the open markets, talking nonsense about the disadvantage of Royal Privilege that works for them since concluding I am unlikely to top it up in the face of their incessant insults as well; so it does not have the popular culture and the culture and the society to play around with anymore, it has only got media to decide which one proves I had beaten them down with but is still doing the same things of clinging to my Books to have a piece of my Literary empire using market and media sharing processes that can be supported by lots of insults and Political madness – telling me I have lost the Royal Estate all together as well.  we hear the suggestion that it is an autocracy which is not actually based on fact; it’s a reality that we have property damaged as we rub against each other in a mad race to by in this world but when a person is targeted to have his life and possession damaged in such a public ways and such abusive and threatening fashion, such that it creates a new state of affairs where half the populous are left outraged and the other half develop a new past time of following on the history to find their own victims, it becomes important to sort out what the problem of those who do such things really are and in my case it has now ended with a writing career about them, which they see as another stage on which to display their destructive tendencies instead of a reason to stay off my case and let alone the property and the career all together; so saying it as such like I have can only have the one effect of showing respect towards them that is born out of fear in their view but talk of such things would only encourage me to think I have unwittingly created a world where their narcissist happiness has paid off financially to the tune of advertisements and sales and connections with rich people – it will make me take personal and physical action to see their reputation as sad little fuckers restored. We hear them claim I love war and so because I will not be doing any of the fighting myself anyway and its so annoying since even a process of playing video games amounts to a means by which I am clearly talking to them and therefore requires a response in their view for instance among many others. These idiots do not even know what a war is like, their stupidities and clear ability to be better than other people as a matter of their own empirical theories will no sooner had survived an eventuality where if their neighbourhood is not being bombarded, they have to live in the Bushes as a Family for months on end, if I say so it will blab at me about the honour of dying at home than moving to the bushes as it were, which is just half amusing and half very annoying all together – it will rather die at home than run the Bushes when the war breaks out lest it can tell a story about what happened and how it happened and what can be done to prevent it from happening again, cannot keep it mouth shut when it knows the person it is going up against will only handle him to a point where he needs entire National Media and Parliament to get him out of his situation while the Politicians who complain about a hurting bottom and blame somebody else are really good at getting him out of his mess and the millionaire scum who enjoy spending their money to fight other people are really good at doing the same as well. I do not think it is an issue; its just that they love to claim they are my brothers and sisters especially when I share a skin colour with them, when they are not; we all know these is good reason they come from parts of the world where the war never ever stops, we all know there is nothing to do with a home in which the Husband would prefer death to going back home injured when he has had an accident, we all know there is nothing to do with the stupid Children that emerge from such households and those stupid popular culture canopies that help them get out of bed to open somebody else’s wallet with the power of the crowd, we all know there is nothing to do with the fact they cannot tell the simple truth if there is no money involved or indeed the part where they spend so much time with vice that they are unable to respond to mainstream living and so become homosexuals. It really need to keep its mouth shut and learn to talk nonsense at me about what I should say and think when I am addressing its comedic stupidities for my part as well; it will not run and hide when the war breaks out like we see it give to the frugal at present. They speak of preventing a few elites from designing everybody else’s future and its utter nonsense, could never get my head around foolish bullies whose babies do the same perverted things the parents think of doing with other people’s decency and only stop for a whole when some secret to wealth and social ladder has been revealed so their nepotism might be profitable, blabbing nonsense about discrimination the whole time; it has always been obvious to all that they are a very stupid and destructive and tiresome lot – the business ones are good for threatening people while looking forward to owning what belongs to the victims and getting clever enough about to shoot off nonsense about complicated civil rights whenever caught out; so the way it plays out has always been a process where the bits of career you do not want others paying attention to is their main preoccupation just as much as getting involved with you for some strange perverted reason is, as for building up problems to mess up your life with, that was just a matter of the fact they are pure evil and do it in order to ensure they have enough wickedness going to facilitate the means by which to place burdens on moral and religious people all the time. I am rather lost on the story of people who are said to be designing everybody’s future, when we see the millionaires love their powerful involvement that means they form team with people where the interests of their victims are run by low level idiots whose job is to sell products all the time and so it will get involved for no other reason save digging and making a Public case of the part of career that I am not doing well with rather than buy the Books that will provide it the service that its stupidities want, then blab about small elite designing everybody’s future, when one gets involved with their own to dig the weak bits too but before then the response is usually insulting enough to make me angry to such an extent that I am distracted from my academics, fail my exams and their media fools have a field day i.e. my Royal Office was not as good as their trade, applicable as per me having none as far as they are concerned and therefore I had no right to dig the weak bits of their business empires and careers as well the way they dig mine and refuse to buy the Books, then teach people not to as well – very, very stupid and tiresome lot. I mean it can be an understatement to say they are a very stupid and destructive and tiresome lot all together and they say I speak the way I do but there are people do cannot even stand their civil rights; which everybody else knows is a matter of whether or not they grab the benefits of being British in other people’s lives, toss it to the dogs and sit about in front of the person playing kids video games on their phones etc, having modern fun; where a banner being carried around in a street parade that is meant to show they are drawing the attention of the world to their rights is likely to annoy such a victim even further, usually gets serious when we end up with deprived neighbourhoods on account such people have banded together and have become quite determined to prevent them from having media and popularity culture. Then they say I speak of peoples problems and none of mine; mine of which is more a case of the last time the idiots complained about me, it was a matter of the fact they want to move into my right hand and ensure I owe them a great debt I have to pay and when I tell them not to build any such stupid publicity and claim they are controlling their people on whom their future depends, becomes a main preoccupation, it was because they would never stop blabbing about teaching me all I know which served as the answer for all their problems, it was because they had no more sensations of naivety and freedom left on account I had taken steps to ensure I have structures in place to tolerate them and to lay down my career and pick it up whenever it pleased me to do so, which is the bit their Politicians help them make those stupid lying populist complains about provocation from me on the most; nobody is designing their lower class nonsense and of course I am aware if I stopped Politicians and society goons and media goons and popular culture goons and celebrity goons screwing around with me and setting me out as the means for fun, I will be selling my Books without any problems and yet they can always get a book and stop inventing all sorts of nonsense they can get on media to push into people’s lives like these too. It’s the old case behind the claim I ensure the entire government has no form, whereas what really happens is these fools showing up on public media to spend my time trying to be more famous and important than I am, so it is the supposition that it will not cause them any distress we are talking about resolving here as such, seeing the same things from the older version is mostly a matter of filthy peeping toms that share everything they see me do in private with the rest of the world and the outcome being that around 2003 I got my Commission and by 2005 they were busy showing up at my University to screw with me and get famous while some American was being introduced to a Princess that was interested in what I got up to, my Estate Chronicles I placed on the University system was downloaded and is now used as a tool for telling tales of how I steal from them and I dropped out of University to sit about reacting to the stupidities they invent at culture and society while they have recently become used to introducing black idiots that want to ensure I owe them a big debt to the security services where they cannot keep their mouth shut; now the fucking idiots are all convinced I have lost an entire Royal Estate too, talking nonsense about a fighting I will get involved with to keep what I own. We even hear this case where the idea I will ever sell my Books is me living in my sweet dreams blabbed by Americans on Media so often but we all know the reasons there is a problem between me and these idiots goes beyond which ones they know I would dare to do if I lived in the US, to goons that establish themselves a foothold as very twisted evil murderous scum on account their age mates are more successful and young fresh people are therefore a target, it goes beyond the fact their freedom of expression has become a process of getting financially comfortable by attacking Royalty on account they are not one and would like to be, it becomes a matter of thinking they will keep their ‘casino self-employment’ business empires if they continue to build publicity for mine and then sack it to round up whole communities they can get on media to claim belongs to them as well. The British ones of which will claim they created the problem for me in order to continue getting me stuck in fighting for them to get rich and famous by, which has never actually happened – everybody knows they need my leadership but dream only of claiming they taught me all I know as the answer for their problems, so I love to indulge their disposition until we see them become homosexual and blab about me finding out how I did mine, which usually leads to outcomes where I stopped indulging it so much each time it constitutes about 50% to 60% of what I am heard talking about, wanting them to clear my space and make it clear it was not supposed to be like that. In the end its just their insults in Public places and they can spend their time doing something about it at my disposal too. We hear them blab that I am set to lose all I have to often which will never happen if I act on what my account Books tell me of what white small business scum are doing with my property and Public image instead of make up my own stories about it; these fools do nothing else with their time and its either about getting stuck with Politics where you wait for somebody else to make money with your possessions first because they want to be able to dominate you or just getting stuck somewhere that will work for them in that way but until then you wait to get stuck – blabbing the Books that will get sold in my dreams while illegally handling the Books every day to create a process where it might be possible for their stupid Politics to say that a delay could amount to denial as well if delayed long enough, playing up those stupid games we see with it on media every day; this is what my account Books say that they and others who have developed an alliance with their none white counterparts are doing and if they stopped slashing my Business empire at the open and global markets, the prospects of finding out there is nothing they can do about me if I cut their own to bits too is unlikely to materialise, yap yapping lose everything and selling Books in dreams like they are talking to their mates. There is no difference between the position these goons want to live on and one adopted by Countries that do not fancy the UK much such as Russia for instance and this is how I will get told lose everything i.e. when they bother security services and somebody enemy of the state their bums, and they show up here to enemy of the state mine looking for a closure for those stupid problems they have got all the time and its much the same way we see when it does not become so serious with media and Political attention as well i.e. chase me around and ensure I drop out of University because I keep all I know to myself, write a Book then and the biggest problem is to do with the fact they do not wish to buy and do not want to see others who are not like them buy too, same story when spying on me or building violent gossiping around me is an insolent standard business practice that lets them display those insulting fatherhood traits concerning contributions to their finances instead of buying Books here, they were positive thinking expecting from me on their foolish Media that ensures everything I do is followed with violent discipline including employment and Book writing none of which hurts anybody - garnished with stupid feminists having a pick of their own to provide them their own motivation as well, looking for trouble the whole time and talking nonsense at me about selling Books in my dreams.