I don’t think the finance Industry is a bad thing – if I were Prime Minister, the last thing I would want to do is tell people to make a wish and go into the City to get rich then sit back and expect regulations to sort things out when people rummage all around it but this is largely the biggest preoccupation of Politicians who feel it is the spot where they are to express the best of their own vanities and vice. People always say I am wrong but it was always easy to say if you see your friend go wrong give us a shout in an Industry where everybody is on their own at all times until this became the lifestyle of the Politicians combined with the need to rip up my literary empire and locate customers to get rich from in the city because they cannot run stupid socialist small businesses without doing so and keeping me out of employment so that they can keep it up, which has also resulted in this need I have to ensure their playfulness leads to job losses until we hear about it too. So that when we make mention of tax payers getting value for money considering the millions spent in expenses to keep them for weeks at a time talking nonsense about regulations they already know will never work. They make these regulations like the rest of us are stupid and there is some big boss out there who decides what code of conduct for finance Industry traders should be which has no basis on reality – so it is obvious those who are in the Industry because they figured out a talent for working in an environment that is safe from thieves and robbers cannot tell us about anything they spot because of them. The part where it was a difficult issue being a simple case of fat boy cannot stop eating and he knows he is sick but will not get medical help if they can get into the finance industry as well where he can access all the money he wants and eat as much as he likes – so those who are there because it is a job requiring certain conditions to fulfil cannot tell us anything because of the Politicians; it has always been this simple unless people are doing things they don’t want to do and as for those goons with opinions about me using my own to do it and how the only way I can get involved if when I use my own to do it blah blah blah – if I am doing these things while they are making those noises I am sure their investors will want to know about too so we can see what their own looks like so I suppose if they have got it they will when they make those noises put a name to their faces and make them in public as well, otherwise they can let me carry on, doing it with my possessions or not after all the last time we checked it was for their own good and then they can ask me again why their playfulness must result in job losses for them before I am satisfied this is over as well. It is never important what their opinion of me is whether or not they control all the media and Politicians and civil rights idiots who are really good at personality and career piracy in the world; they need to get off my books as well. These things are supposed to meet in the middle according to the prognosis of the freedom they talk nonsense about when they speak of those who dare of challenge them being forced to use their possessions to make a better country for them to get rich with – in my mind what it means is that it is what I am good at even though in theirs they are teaching me a lesson so the corrupt people and they and myself are supposed to meet somewhere if we do what we do properly – the market is supposed to have its security, profits and then a means of firing those who are not doing a good job when they spend too much time trying to make money they have not worked for and therefore made none at all. So again the only downfall of their own freedom prognosis is that the Politicians will collect for idiots anything they want in order to create trappings of power which takes us right back to where I started i.e. they need to get off my Tyranny books as well – after all it can always escalate into a process where I attack the freedom itself so that I can make the finance industry into what I want and become peoples personal Gods and then there will be an end to Politicians doing that so they can do my stuff for me at the end, show they are the biggest fuck in the world and tell me when I mention their need to handle things that are too big for them I am predisposed to doing that in the first place of which the attitude as we can see never ever improves.  Like their American friends talking about how I have been crippled and will be taught a lot more lessons yet which is utter rubbish; the reality is rather that they are not yet finished running around the world to recover economic territories that were exclusively that of the world’s biggest democracy, they are talking about handling me when that will lead to even bigger problems than that yet as it were. So that the reality becomes one about how people will do business with the Chinese if they have to anyway but insolent American idiots want a US economic alliance with China knowing how extreme their Country is in the first place while I am supposed to be suffocated in the middle – so that the question becomes those insults about what is on my mind when they have not had their own minds worked out yet and considering which this is publicly obvious too. I mean in China economic growth is Mr A who set up product exchange system in his neighbourhood being replicated in every single household and all of them paying their fees to the guy who works for the government and tells them what to do if they must keep it and that is what is happening there –so when somebody turns up with a product we are expected to tell them to go away because we are democratic people and so that if that is not what we are supposed do then the government will get involved and decide when they do come around with a product and how we are supposed to behave as a result – so the last time I checked this air was free and they do need to fuck off especially the Americans. I mean the complaint is that communists are becoming more capitalist but at the same time while they are trying to push them out of capitalist economic territory, they are making economic alliances with the communists and telling others have to behave when they see Chinese and Russians – so it does get on the nerve and if they wind me up I will take up that their job and finish it for them.

It is never actually true I am susceptible to sexual violation and or abuse – I mean sex is my worst nightmare because I am an Arch Prince of course but having said that they are media trolls and big business trolls and finance Industry trolls but the ones that talk nonsense about handling me the most are the advertisement and fashion trolls, they even claim I am the troll as well and have tales with their community idiots that they fight me to keep and continue to provoke me with still thereafter furnish them – however we are talking about their God in the white house and his cronies too and the fact this air was free and they need to go away; clinging to the damage they can do to my books to create me zero sales for everything I say that as much as tickles them is the assumption they will reduce this matter to a clash and win at the same time – their God in the White House needs to clear that space and yes considering what I cannot back up I am sure these relatives of tyrants especially when white want some of mine as well and then we will find out as it were, otherwise I can back up anything I do and say and they are not hurting enough yet so far the assumption we will ever get to discuss how they will clear that space for their part as it were; it was always a matter of mathematical calculation that if the White House stiles my book sales and I want them off it I will attract the attention of bully tyrants all over Africa and the Middle East long with their relatives, so this is just an update of what they are already fully aware of and what is hurting them will soon end up on a website again as it were very soon. They do claim I am actually responsible for the fact that these things are happening by provoking Americans but we all know it is also possible for US Presidents to ensure that each time they want to make themselves into tools at the hands of journalists that hope to handle other peoples possessions and cause them to complain until the world has enough of them, they might want to think about not doing it as a matter of the expense of their own chosen victims so they can avoid being impulsively angry bearing in mind they have a nuclear arsenal somewhere at the ginger tips of their defence system and then that will mean they have stopped being so stupid too. They do say I avoid direct confrontation because I would have my arse kicked but this is not the US and the last time I checked Obama was not its Queen and there is no point to those games they play about how no consequences will come from a condition where they are showing no signs of clearing that space yet and hence need to back up every daring nonsense they shoot off as well; I mean they are getting to a point where they will have to super power buy those intricacies of the joys of naivety they talk about with their insulting American spirit all the time, all I am saying is that they need to clear that space. Hence it is usually said I do not pay attention to the crisis I am creating of which the reality behind the disillusionment is that Obama is more interested in whether or not his family and children are superior to the Royal family for the sake of black people than he is in his job, so it is important he clears that space along with his idiots and keeps off my Literary empire – just like the other issue of how I scream at people all the time when we all know they turn up here to complicate very simply issues and get on my finances never mind the part where it is said I mess up Politics and government work when in actual fact they cannot talk properly without their abusive body language and insults and like to think they are abusing me in a sexual context as well and it is gay and violent with a big mouth especially the blacks: it’s another question that answers this actually and that is largely to do with either when Obama wrecks my books so that when his community croons offload their filth on me it will become part of me due to problems and worries or indeed the other part of the story where one moment government and diplomacy must work properly and the next his family must be superior to real Royalty which I am not by the way and then the outcome will be that he does not get screamed at since what he knows his black idiots will do with it is popular culture fame and fortune as well – it’s never a problem I have with popular culture that really does not interest me, it’s a matter of the villainy in it and that part where I am supposed to look at them and see toy soldiers that is the problem and hence the question of what Mr Obama expects they will do with all that nonsense he gets up to around my job before he speaks of how I seek trouble.

Now I am in no way scared of Mr Obama it’s just reality there is too much at stake between the US and the UK to be seen doing anything because of a black idiot in the White House doing his best to show all blacks are like him while he is the last thing the rest of the world wants to tolerate as it were and then there is that need to be seen around my possessions he has all of the time: I think the American public decided well upon his election because if they  elected other mainstream black ideology we would have been facing problems from all angles and they would have been able to turn up anywhere; so that it is still the same problem by and large of the idiots thinking they should decide what is good looking in the world on account they are cool and cannot understand they are not remotely my type and if I see effects of them around my work I will never stop cutting it to bits as well, no idea what put it in their stupid block heads or indeed where that I fancy them or fancy their women as such anyway. I mean I have no idea what they mean being scared of Mr Obama because and the books I will not sell unless I do exactly what they want and which part of the fact they are bullies anyway especially the females, so they tell others before they make noise about my own actions as well? So you can create a war between the UK and the US by stifling Mr Obama’s lifestyle and telling him to get yours if he has got it is all very well – I still have no idea what put it in their heads they are remotely my type anyway. So we are back at the old discrimination story they like to tell of which the part where they are always the oppressed with a few millions or somewhere stored away so that they can point people out and accuse them at random and set out to get rich and famous with peoples careers claiming those people started and showed signs of taking their own careers away from first and so it is the part about civil rights fraud that must work at all cost that leads to the problems because it is becoming a tool in the hands of criminals while they will never stop, they say it will never affect them and the reality is that it will but the outcome remains that such stupidities are never worked by them on their own financial base and structures and I am resolved I only need to keep seeing it here as well.

It’s very difficult to find such stupidities if you looked really hard; I mean it’s a case of whether people have a good personal life or good skin or even big bums and then what they are will be determined by those things because their stupidities must be profitable, so if they have a conversation to make about discrimination I am listening too. We do not live in a society where the reasons to detach from people include the fact they are stupid and I can always promise them it will not become an Achilles Heel here either – like being scared of Obama otherwise they have no other answers for their stupidities in life as it were. They do say I have been brought low but not yet low enough to satisfy them but that is because I am not deciding what they can say about my products or not in order to ensure they change whom people think is a social goon they should never trade with and of course I will soon get to working towards a fist fight with them on that stupid media too. They have all that media and can always change their attitude if it is not power enough as it were with a big mouth – they understand what I mean when I say I will start working towards achieving a fist fight with them again. They say they are not comfortable in their own skins and that justifies why you were bullied out of your academic work so they can do fame and fortune and return to own your temperaments, it also means they want to disturb you into madness and for that reason need to be able to handle your possessions illegally and get away with it hence have an objective and a plan to that effect with media, they are not comfortable with their own skins means that you have a big bum and it determines who you are as a result, they are not comfortable with their own skin means you can never feel good if you do have a lovely skin and the list goes on and on to express how much work they put into other people’s lives to make people into items they can make use of at their convenience because they are not comfortable in their own skins and for me as well it’s a simple as people knowing its nothing but a big puff and you can tease it as much as you like as well. They say in the end it all overwhelms me but this is my life and nothing about my life overwhelms me, it’s just that there isn’t space for them the big puffs. I mean they spend media time doing nothing but telling people my products are violent and should never be bought and that people do not understand it because that is clearly their own problem as it were, we are simply where we are talking about the other part where it has become a problem that is too big for me which is utter nonsense – the big puffs. I hear they are really educated but I am also certain that they can see at this level a law student would be very talented in his side of profession to say and do these things which is why I would like to peak here on social issues understandings but those who advice that should try telling them first. They are qualified in this and qualified in that and professors of this and professors of that which changes nothing about why they should keep their insults where it might be appreciated either as it were; it is ever only a burden like they make out in order to progress from these provocation that allow them make use of my temperaments and personal life for the betterment of their stupidities if I think handling them is something I should not be doing or decide there is space in my life for them at any rate – it’s not something every idiot in suits that feels like channelling an insults in my direction to make use of my temperaments to feel good about life should worry about, the personal diaries are full and I did inform them of when that happened so I do not hold myself responsible for any of these in anyway whatsoever, it’s a matter of what they lose when you make them stop it. I mean like they say it is a difficult issue for me the reality is that I do not do what I do at random – there was a trigger on this occasion and it was concerned with the insults of their community croons and local prostitutes because I am a Christian and they will decide what the world thinks about me to sell their wares while I will be jobless if they wanted it too like it is everyday and when I got to Sainsbury it was a little bit more violent and after my shopping there I walked down to the road waiting for the Bus and traffic lights to do what they do so I can get to the other side and a woman walked beside me and did one of those things women do when they like the look of you and so on and a man that was at least 15 meters away waiting for his wife to finish up at the Cash point decided to raise a social issue about how people like me damage their society and Country over an inability to leave alone peoples wives of which I have no idea what makes them so stupid they think what they see is how people sleep with peoples wives or indeed that if I did there was anything they could have done about it when they are so stupid as well and so even when I did cross to the other side of the road which I did long after the idiots wife had finished and returned to him and they walked off continuing as they went along all of which happened in less than three minutes, the other side of the road was just as bad with every fool coming out of the shops to feel like a family idiot that picks on me to better his temperaments as a result of my mind being perforated for their evils to find its way in if I am scared of them and then the scary part being the violence and when I got past them and reached the job centre that was like their little fortress all together and they were keen about my anus and penis and the whole day was almost like that which was when I thought I had enough of them considering they are always claiming Politicians do not listen to their concerns while these attitudes get worse and worse and increasingly violent as well. It is not that I am being dominated by them it’s just reached a point; the reality on the trivia part is that if you turn up a free pornography website you will find nothing else there but them, so does what you see there indicate more so less a story told or people having sex on video that every 2 in3 has an extra marital activity that his wife is party to as we well? However which I really am not interested and the damage they do here will be punished as well – for the career bit, it seems that the policy of does not care does not use my stuff will not be sufficient until I get it out of my mind that I am supposed to get a job to raise funds to sell my books by bypassing the loutish nonsense they want to be able to dump on my Office and on the peace and quiet I work hard for in order to get my books written everyday and in actual fact this is what they are expecting too for good measure – so I can get jobs from them or push them out of my concerns and start to sell my books at the local level until I get to the top of which I am neither at this point bypassing them through expensive advertisement nor am I pushing them on to sell my books at the local level and therefore not in any way stuck anywhere whereby they wrecked finances and had power over anything. I am only just going through a review of facts behind whether or not I have been damaged and pushed into a corner or something and I think I have not been anyway, it’s only a matter for them to realise that waking up every day to deal with what they use media to do to reduce my book sales numbers to zero and talk nonsense about their power and how my business and livelihood became their concern, will lead them to consequences and my trigger in this matter is that they don’t know when people are sleeping with their wives or with other peoples wives and have violent opinions about it still. It’s never a matter of what people say or do because it is fundamentally imperative in Politics to operate in a way that means there is no discrimination happening, I am talking about bringing friends from overseas to help support and strengthen the power to bully that family idiots want to have over those they feel they need to dominate if they want to get rich with the maximum levels of laziness and eventually it is either the government that constantly has to reward them for their laziness to get things done will give in or they will, so it’s not my business in a larger sense, it’s just the part about finances wrecked and career stuck with a big mouth only. I mean the part about the government is an example; the government can become a spin doctor government making use of my career and leaving me with absolute carnage as well and then the hierarchy of their party will too and then the civil service as well and then the Unions but somehow the government will disagree with the Unions and they will end up in a negotiating table and it will never make sense since they have something in common and that is attacking me so it does not make any sense how their sense of corruption developed from there to a point where they have to have an agreement over a negotiating table but it has always been about reward for laziness of course and so it has now reached a point where one side has to give into the other and I don’t mind digging it as well. They do say in terms of world powers they are still in control of what my position looks like and it is utter nonsense too – the reality is that the Kremlin for example is what it is and the people there are what they are and it is much the same with the White House in the US so that if around my career they are off to ensure the two become the same thing and the government needs every aspect of people’s lives I will feel my career is threatened and not enough of their stupidities in person form are dead yet so far. They do say they have been able to hold me down and make me fight for their civil rights and now the government will give them their space but of course the reality couldn’t be any different i.e. what I did about the economy and being so thorough as to do right down to sexual behaviour and human decency of which I am not likely to tolerate them trolling around wrecking my work for any of their alternative lifestyles so if it is their civil rights needs to be kept away from me.


 So when I look at pornography I am interested in what people do with themselves and a story that was told behind it, I would find it sexually arousing only if there were other social and or Political complications about which those who create those complications into it are never doing so to jeopardise themselves – so although I shouldn’t the reality is that it is not in the interest of those who take their clothes off for a job to indulge in the evil side of society that takes advantage of when Politics is selling power to hurt people and steal property. Now I have no idea why anybody would think I find it sexually arousing when they keep their taps on me to the effect where they watch he watch it and thereby take it so seriously they now think I am to blame for their woes but here we are, they have been taking my pornography way too seriously – I mean I cannot stand these fools when they are journalists or celebrities or Politicians and have no idea why it would have been said that I find sexually attractive a condition where they were said to have taken their clothes off and had sex, I mean it will be as if I have not had enough of their laziness being worked out on the basis I can take the problems of life but they cannot.  They do say I cannot stand matters concerning the Monarchy but want to be seen around all the time but we all know matters concerning Monarchy and their derogatory insults along with the need to feel a certain way having offloaded their problems on others via derogatory insults are two very separate things; so that when they cannot stand the problems of life because it makes them ugly and that means they cannot get rich and famous I can and hence I am being groomed to serve their purpose with problems and it therefore gets to a point and so that when I start to describe them as puffs people can tease if they want or ask which one they are presenting on that TV they do know they have located something they can really hate at last. I don’t believe it is a serious matter, from day one it had always been the reason they targeted the Christian i.e. Christians have various Biblical injunctions that require them to be respectful of people so if I feel I am not respected I can beat it out of a Christian and do not have to respect him after because that again is another piece of Biblical injunction too; so they have simply reached a stage and nothing more than that. The part about what I do not making progress is very well understood but it will still make no sense here as well – I mean it’s the same old case of me doing what I do and men assuming that when they handle it and get off to seek more power with Politicians when there isn’t power to be had from it those occasions where women say people know what they are doing which really means they can tell if it is bad or good will not occur and that women do not like power as well. I mean I can imagine the reasons women should be stuck at home is that they have enough in them to deal with trolls in the male side and female side of Industry but we all know the result is always that of going out to play along in order to make money and sleep with girls but the assumption must be that women don’t want power as well, so when they trifle with my work and lose financial or even social and Political power and are off playing their fames with the civil and socially and criminally disobedient just like them the consequences are my problem. I am only a writer writing my books and doing what he does when people feel they can use the sanctity and peace and quiet he creates for his office to do his job for their stupid filthy purposes. We hear them say I am stuck somewhere living the life of women which is utter nonsense as I am not living the life of women – it’s a case of we have had a difficult time and he is doing something right with his books but all the men want to do is see if they can snoop about the back yard of Politicians with my earnings and market and return home to tell the women they did the best they could on the day while asking them to get stuck at home and develop a new sex adventure as well if they can. There is nothing like undoing all I worked for – I am a writer and the best way to learn of all I get up to is to buy a copy of the books; they do say they want to control me and make me nice but it is the same old story of the fact all those their stupidities when I attended Greenwich University have not yet been punished and they have not started paying me back what I owe due to botched academics yet as it were – they are now on media making me nice and it will big time trolling and Industrial trolling end very well indeed as well. They never listen of course especially if Politicians will prop them up too as it were – so I can only inform them of the fact the only way to find out what a writer is doing if they are such fans is to get their own a copy of the books, I personally really enjoyed the exercise of bending unnaturally their stupid minds too by writing and rewriting and publishing and republishing so now it is time for the selling as well and they will know why people will still buy as well and they will know my way – I mean they claim it will be difficult but that is only for those who have not yet identified them as Industry trolls and fashion trolls and media trolls and advertisement trolls, those who have not are the ones that find it difficult to work out what they must do about media abuses and Nanning which means that all they come up with ends up with somebody else who is making money from it through a process of abuse and violence along with a corresponding media and Popular culture bullying ending with fame and riches and a process of seeking servitude for big companies. It is so annoying to see them all over media and social media trying to wreck my sales further by making me out to be the troll; they do say I am running out of time of course which is rubbish since they are the ones that throw up challenges about how I am just a pass for this generation and these kinds of things will repeat themselves again in future, so I intend to do things to them that will last four generations at the very least – people are not born into the world to put up with their evils, its rather in life that sometimes bad things happen. So I am really proud of my big Church programme which means it’s all mixed up these days and an ability to persecute new Priests has all but almost dissipated completely from the West while they on the other hand cannot even tell if they are Christians and or non believers anymore because they are a part of my world and I have not even started selling the books yet, have not even started the job – so yes on the matter of what they can do, its violence and it gets to a point as we can see. I was talking about myself and not the part where I am said to be living the life of women – in terms of that its a state of affairs being set up and when that project is done for the Royal Estate I will have the time to return to matters of my own mates and a date and a relationship and they can mess with that too if they want – for now it’s a matter of finding out what a writer is getting up to by buying his books that seems to be their biggest problem so far. The part where it is said Economic recovery is still fragile which means enough have not yet been squeezed out of me is very well understood but I am sure they will not be too bothered about what I do with the publicity and the fame as well bearing in minds it’s all about power – otherwise Politics of money and trolling will solve all problems.


I hear of a problem I am said to have with communities of course of which there is none – only with black girls and black women who claim they will ensure somebody does my stuff as the man they want to punish for all the injustices that men have inflicted on them in the world decided by my foolish mother who made that decision a long time ago and talks nonsense about somebody being disrespectful and hence in her view a new event as far as what I know of her legendary foolishness is concerned bearing in mind. So this problem with black girls is concerned with the fact I am not white and cannot decide if I want to get involved with them or not when ignoring them means it makes no sense and that is the sort of nonsense we are talking about around my problem with communities but it gets even better because the whole prognosis of somebody doing my stuff or I will not be allowed to exist by them being followed on by claims I create publicity to the effect of men handling them violently when I have done no such thing is built around the prognosis of them being friends with every Industry troll on the planet to spend my Royal Estate with and this is the sort of provocation when we speak of my problem with communities. I don’t think it is an issue, it happens because they have evils in their homes they worship like Idols and carved images made by witchdoctors and so on claiming it can make people rich or poor and so it explains why they hate my guts so much since I had long transcended both how much power it can have in a society that is so modern people do not listen to religion and how much power it can have if they had found a way of occupying the Church – so the very sight of me makes the very means by which they can do some wicked thing to get rich and important and sell trappings of power to idiots a failure, hence the irony is that these things never work unless I am sacrificed to it and it is not as if they do not have themselves to sacrifice to it, it’s just that they cannot sacrifice enough of anything else to make sense so they need to sacrifice me to create the sense of power having broken that their nonsense because they love to attack me with it and tell me nobody will understand because it is a modern city where nobody cares as if I never knew that in the first place – so the idea that they can exist without attacking or provoking me really has no basis on reality and I have no problems with any communities. It is the most important reason racism happens because of their need to make a statement against those who attack their evils that make no sense and really has no way of working without attacking the innocent because of the evil devil they serve with it having regular mission for them before they then sell it on as trappings of power later for money and continue in their path of destruction of there are idiots that treat them to media especially and above all they need the racism because in their stupid minds it is the same master can will work to their end either way it goes and that is why they must provoke white people into being racists and find ways of building me a certain reputation having set me out to be sacrificed to it and creating such necessity by putting themselves in line first never mind the stupid civil rights boys that get killed claiming they are forcing the guy that can fix the problem to stop sitting around and get down to it so they can move on with their stupid lives before they talk nonsense about communities. I don’t think this is a crisis matter, it’s a simple case of convincing people now that religion is not important for those who like to help them out with a sense that what I say about it makes no meaning – after all I have ignored it all my life and if I say anything only tend to the way I speak of it as we can see what will not change is that the reasons for their activities getting out of hand is the simple fact that it is either they have had a great plan somewhere which means African Governments cannot control them or another group of idiots have worked really hard with another group of idiots from the UK to ensure African Governments cannot control them; so the way it was usually was that they only had the one single ambition which is to travel abroad and applied for visas over a period of say 7 years or so and when they got it, they are allowed to live in the UK for five, so that when they get here they are always really busy and full of hate. I mean when I say African leadership I am talking about Nigeria where my Ancestry is and I know well most of the time – the outcome is always largely that they liked American society that has the same structure and hated the UK but have recently begun to like UK society and Tony Blair who started it all is doing very well with it depending on what he knows as it ever.