The part about how I serve the Country with my property is completely false as well; the reality is that there should be enough respect and allowance to allow me earn from my books when I have done my service and so from the books get to consult people as well; instead some Politicians tend to have other ideas they keep up all the time and then their parliament corridor goons will expect a vindication of those who are really not messing with Politicians to effect their career robberies; it does not matter to me either – they were meant to get off and ask the electorate for a mandate to do government, they had since decided they want to spend time talking to constituents about people whose lives they wish to wreck, hence if they do mine and expose me to a certain side of society I will have been too much of an office man to be able to do any violence and they will have the desire they have always wanted; to see me capitulate and broken, which becomes way more important than whether they have a day job or are in charge of an economy and cannot have enough therefore of links with my parents and explaining away their stupidities with my job which also does immense damage and is not necessarily surprising either. I am therefore at this stage happy to mention that I am not the one getting elected by the violent people into positions of an office man all together and so I will continue to keep these people informed on all they need to know to turn up in their offices provided they continue to mess with my income and personal life. I believe the price paid for it therefore is apt i.e. my inability to tolerate peoples culture and now the eventual outcome of writing books to actualise social control in that context i.e. they need to get off the culture and do something else or stay with it and stay far away from me – not a difficult choice for any normal person of course. The notion that they control the Internet and or the worlds market place is entirely based on delusion; as I have mentioned before, I know I can create my products to behave like a computer virus when they handle it in their lives or businesses and property, after all people do not necessarily have to buy my books anyway. The corruption part about topping and suppressing anything I do about evil Americans so Europeans can look like they are really tough because it soon emerges as a simple enough reason never to leave me alone, I do not think there is anything else out there that will hurt as much as what I have already done i.e. go off to mention their hatred for the Police because this should be a country of stock markets and gayness and parties and money and narcotics and alcohol and decadence etc, so that a criminal might murder them and the Police might have to clean it up. They always say these sort of outcomes are created as a result of my actions of course and it tends to sound like they have covered their tracks very well all this while which is not actually true because they are still complaining I overdo my stuff and want to be able to punish me financially at will especially the younger versions for my so called perfection. I do not over do my stuff, what I deal in is equities and hence there is always that part where I creatively move people away from the bad stuff, like beating their wives instead of locating the strife they themselves have created for example among others but this is always the most famous because they expect to better their foolish lives by it all together too.


Now the business operation is largely a matter the fact I work with the older folk who actually form the majority of employed people in the world, so that when it is put in perspective it is hard to see how any idiots ideas about plans to get rich should thrive anywhere near here and of course it is because it is what Political fools that complain at the same time about wealth distribution or indeed the incompetence or laziness or lack of productivity from others that are responsible for it. So as I mentioned before, that problem they have with my earnings continues to send out such a message that even if I had done absolutely every bit of work there was, there will still be an argument out there that I have done the wrong thing and of course they themselves want to seek new political personal life privileges with the use of their wickedness to work a platform where an abuse of me as a person and my right to exist too as a matter of the greater and common good and do not seem to think that other use for their time could be a more useful thing to do; end product therefore come in form of a set of facts that show people working and getting wages from which they pay taxes on one hand and Politicians and corporations and Media, seeking to stay out of work and take that money on the other – they have recently deduced that the deployment of the disposition of being overworked which I created for myself that stifles this will make them even more money than they dreamed of in the first place provided it is turned to their advantage or used to get me killed or removed from any of their business, the problem with it of course being that I have no right to exist and they had already begun this plan despite all that noise making and complains in public with stirring the anarchy of the crowd against me knowing it is never reasoned with because people are selfish and people are evil and people want somebody to blame for their problems, so either way whatever I do always is certain to get me into violent trouble that they also think it is funny, they spend such a vast amount of time on it that they are now explaining away the work they do at their Political offices with my book sales because it is the only way to show the crowd that they are doing what is required of them and so at the bottom figure if they grab treasury money to keep the crowd under control it will be sorted but that will do nothing to take them off me or change the position they have created for themselves on my property and therefore is not in my interest too: so the onslaught of making millions by wrecking my customer service and talking rubbish about being a white man with a subtle racism and insolent women beside them, along with their black friends who hate them as it were, continues and remains an issue I am on course to make a global statement with as well. For now it is clear the process of getting out of the economic problems the country faces is to take those their customer services away from them and there is ample fact everywhere in public and around the company and its sites to prove that I have no right to exist as long as they have it, speak less of selling any books to remove an idea that suggests that being me is the wrong thing and is being punished in some way by higher powers.


The main issues are always likely to be that of goon making so much noise everywhere about how I irritate people who have jobs at National service but of course mostly they would be talking about themselves because they and their diplomats and politicians and pop stars and media are the greatest problem the world, at least from where I am has got at the moment i.e. the biggest beneficiaries of the world we have created and also the biggest problem that it has gotten which is not a pattern that is new, only it should be mentioned they are the ones that spend all of their time determining if they want to be in control of whether or not other people get angry, down to their criminal communities and evil cultural goons whose actions they find alternative multicultural excuses for when nobody is asking them all of the time. I mean such a position taken on my part should not really be surprising, you do not just wake up one day and become the Queens Arch Prince without there being a very good reason for it – their noise making and those stupid popular culture threats and their evil racy mothers take none of it into account at the moment, all they do is lie to themselves and tell tall tales in public places about who I am and who I am not which is not a problem by the way except it gets to affect my book sales and the reason for it is that they have got money which allows them move around that much thereof; speaking of which when I mention such things, most of what they do to harm me to make me understand it has not really covered their tracks either. In the end judging from the foolishness I have to pay attention to because it has access to my income on a daily basis on media and the frequency it happens alongside its violence, I think three days from now if it continues will certainly land us in a process where I set out facts clearly over those three days and set them one more task; to make use of my work again, just once and then that will kick it off for one last time of things I do not intend to do all over again repeatedly, especially the really stubborn American ones. I know they have Politicians as such but clearly somebody thinks he is the bees knees because he took a look at himself in the mirror and decided those who become Politicians look this way and because I want to be famous in that way I have to live in the life and business of a Royal prince and wreck it to make fun every day, so I am not speaking of their own, we have an understanding already that it is either I ignore it or completely destroy it, I have little time for conversation with Politicians. What I want whether or not people have foolish women who intend to use my empire trust that has never been done before to set new benchmarks for women to work their freedom with is to choose and consign who gets to use the equities of my property and company and a man is allowed to decide what he wants to do with what he owns as well anyway; so once more usage and I will certainly teach them a lesson they will never forget and of course we are getting to such a point really quickly indeed –so we might find out if what is happening here is people putting me through things that should never happen with the use of their unfathomable foolishness since they have never seen somebody been made a royal Prince before or that as they like to brag, I am getting beaten by them; it is rather important they do get off the books or it will be the greatest problem they have. I too do think it is an advantage to be able to have an argument that cannot be countered which suggests it is okay for me to do something about those that do not attend Church or read the Bible.


Now the talk of middle classes up against me trying to feel I am something I am not is very well understood but it is fair that it is all hushed up and those who work it continue to hope along with my stifle Asian get rich idiots and recover something for the west plan, that it will have an effect on my earnings until I am an old man and then they will win and tell tall tales to keep it up until then too. The reality is that be it I am lower class or not, the fact is that I got something from the Queen and made what I have made of it today, no idea therefore what people mean when they say my stuff is not the way I think it is, no idea what stuff the fools are talking about but I suppose the middle classes thing is all hushed up because if they blast it off in public I will sack whatever is left of it. I mean I am not lower class anymore and with respect to their threats and so on, making them shut it is really difficult and of course they make all that noise from communities where they think they are really violent and cannot let people be so that people might want to ensure they stop it too. It brings us to the matter of the Princess of York and the idea she is being all that she can be while I am being a pain for her all the time; reality being of course that if people did buy the books instead of make such a fuss about some foolishness they invent, then it would have been easy to see that when you share a family with a certain Princess of York, then sometimes, some things can end up in a book, especially if you are a writer too. Now the Banker ones speak of levels of acceptable risk depending on results which I have no idea who brought up the conversation anyway; I mean define acceptable risk? Nobody can convince anybody that they have collected information from Industry watchdogs about 15 companies whose property they trade at the Market, Investment Banking or otherwise and then read all of it within the space of a weekend in order to be prepared for a working week. Anybody in their right minds would if they really push themselves have only about 3 companies in their portfolio unless they have established an entire trading company of their own and have people working with them hence the rise of portfolios to between 9 and 15 and above etc; it is plain uncontrolled greed and nothing else, just the idea that nobody is telling them not to do it and that if anything goes wrong they can blame it on a market crash. People do not have to visit regularly the plants of companies they trade with anymore these days because they have computers, it does not matter if they visit the CEOs in the city and introduce themselves and make their faces known because they can set up a hot line and nothing matters anymore because they can gather up to themselves as many companies and they might want on account they have got technology and computers, no body raised a conversation about acceptable risks depending on results with them, they know what the level of risks they are supposed to take is. They would say of course that those of us who spot a market for information ought to take the opportunity but here we are fighting over the need to force them to allow my books get sold so people can get the job that was done through it for them consummated; hence it is the same story all around – they do not have to meet owners of companies and put a face to their names anymore unless such owners are really big and are one of those who control the City, think of themselves as masters of the Universe when they are masters of nothing and need to get off my books. I heard that bonuses for successful trading can be anything between £50,000 and £70,000 per trade and so what on earth could possibly have been wrong with having only two companies at a time to trade with so that you might do it properly? I mean a GP does not earn that much money but has to wake up in the dead of the night to save lives. Yes I know, why am I bothered anyway when it has nothing to do with me? I am not bothered and I do not care necessarily, what actually happens here is that they speak of acceptable risks depending on results but in actual fact poorer people pay good hard earned money for the cash they get whenever people pay them more money than their equities are worth and that is because they are stuck in a place where they have no choice but to continue to buy products and so are producers stuck in a place where they have no choice but produce to fulfil their market equity contracts with the consumer, while bankers and stock market traders are very fortunately stock in a place where they get tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds more than their equities are worth and regularly drive towards doing so like what we know they are i.e. menaces and hoodlums and nobody is able to do anything about it, in light of which I never raised a case in any event about acceptable risks in light of results with them but my Public work and royal property is stuck in the middle for them like a catalyst for the profits and they need to get off it and very soon enough indeed so I do not have to damage their own as well. I mean this matter stretches out to other things as well like the rebrand of Girl Guide Pledges and codes in the U.K. where my views are required when they have to explain themselves on public media but will not matter anyway, knowing perfectly I would never approve of anything to do with their great never ending plans to solve the problems of society and communities and much less that of religion with their modern sense of love and togetherness and homogenising religions, knowing perfectly they are not the same as the Gods and prophets that are mentioned in each religion do not even bear the same names but is always perfectly okay to provided we all get together and love each other, thus the sort of things I find I never want to discuss because they are really insulting - some strange desire people have to do things that God has given me the Authority to do as well and more so because I am physically available the one they can see, do it without having to fulfil the rules and requirements on grounds they can always copy and dominate and thus doing so would make no sense anyway; it is the kind of nonsense we have to put up with when we have actually eventually decided we should have female Bishops in Church etc i.e. in replacement of a little respect and recognition from them for me for things I do and can do which God gives me the Authority to do and the fact I can do those things well, hence we have in place of such respect and recognition useless modern ideas and changes which at the end is usually said to require my opinion on media in order to exasperate me, hence for me largely a matter of whether I can have my respect and recognition no matter how little it was meant to be, for the most part, while female whiles and abusive mooings and cooings creating the community problems that changes to girl guiding copes and pledges are meant to solve for the modern age with a big mouth. These days bankers ask the rest of us why we suppose it is okay to blame them for economic crisis and even go far enough to making out I make friends with them and then stab them in the back, when they actually know they needed to make friends with me or make up ideas of it because I will become a real and pre-eminent threat to them once I had completed what I was doing and got ready to trade for full time. I have no idea why any banker would ask us why we think it is okay to blame them when they regularly pick up peoples property like they done mine without permission and dump it somewhere in some mostly Asian Country where they can use it to make as much money as they like and do anything they want with it before I had done anything to recover it, as though our entire lives is some badly monitored examination room filled with malpractices and intellectual crime; so you know its impossible to achieve a condition where you say hey Mr Thailand, this Interest is British and you cannot make use of it because they will simply laugh and at the most being polite copy it and so their own very expensively and destructively as well because doing so will mean they can now have both wealth and power instead of either of the two which previous conditions offered them and this security of being able to do whatever they like with peoples possessions is the reasons Bankers do such things - so that even when I pull off the impossible and make such statement stick to their ground and run their course and take effect, a Banker will under it again in no more than 40 Minutes at any given time and so it is absolute torture and they know so as well, which is why it also determines the fact I never plan to deal with these matters in a stretch because it will mean that they can get enough time to get on with their stupid lives regardless of what I do; hence the beginnings, facts made clear of exploring for the information of Bankers how much of a problem Banker really are, since they continue to see we have facts and figures and that they do wicked and destructive and entirely evil things to the rest of us everyday but will ask and even ask me as well why we think it is okay to blame them for economic problems. Its all people's useless family low lifes running banks and business all over the place and more so for us i.e. "here in the Banking sector stupid Dad cannot sit down somewhere and send me a message telling me money had run out as I have demanded and spent all of it and that he has other Children to look after, all I have to do is work out how to withdraw the money from the safe or the vault or wherever else it is kept in the most ideally crimeless condition possible" and they cannot get off my book sales and or stay off my income especially along with their useless lives to live popular culture idiots as well and I have warned enough times the books will be their undoing too, which is proving to be a self fulfilling prophesy, hence with my nature as well its a matter of "some like it hot and some like it cold and some like it in the pot three days old" along with a question of how well I am doing so far.