So we start off with fools that like to get on the media to make their opinions felt because it is how they get to find out what they need to know, especially the ugly MPs, I have no wonder why media likes them and why some like to claim media likes me in the same way which is acceptable as my thing with media is a bitter sweet relationship as it were.

It is not that much of an issue the things men speak of with respect to threats of violence in my direction as associated with what they want. In the end the real problem is that you have to be of a particular mind set, in order to get around wrecking peoples lives, then brag about it so much that you get attention for doing so unto the point where it makes you money; actually the process of the attention making them money was the main problem in the first place because the way that wrecking my life really works is confiscating my fame as they put it – it is the bragging after they do it and keep their own every time they are seen in public with the latest I phones and the latest lap top and the latest gadgets, that nothing about them shows that they deserve or deserve to have, only link remaining the old obsession with messing with me in other to get involved with jobs they know absolutely nothing about and thereby become an even bigger problem for me day by day and by and by to keep the jobs as insolently as possible, especially the women who claim themselves to be my mothers for confidence and the men my fathers for confidence. The thing that winds me up the most about them is the bragging of course and they ca try not to stop that as it were since doing so means it will end very well; they need to leave me alone as I am not their mate anyway. So with respect to the issue of status quo and my position, I do not think it is a huge issue as such I already have it under control; I already have it under control; black women learning to give way to white women, so that I can be in a position where living with the existence of old men that spend all their time doing fame and fame culture. What I am saying is that I don’t care what people call it, I find it impossible to tolerate the existence of all these men that should spend more time with their families doing fame and fortune; some will have whatever they have to say but it is always all about the fact they are trying to capture youth, they are trying to catch youth, they are trying to recover their own youth and it always turns out that it is my youth that contains the kind of youth that they want; so you find them at all times doing things to transcend youth and younger people and soon enough you find them doing things with your life, money, property, earnings, job and everything that matters, which you have not given them permission to do and their stupid kids are always close by as well because they expect you to defend yourself so that they can gobble that up too. So it is okay to try and live with it as a ill of a world I live in and nothing else, I don’t want to be disturbed by people manipulating it. I am saying they do not just chase me around for nothing; I already have an active policy of stifling old men fame all across the west and it is the African ones that show tendencies for murdering me, by the way of which the problem began when they got involved with me bearing in mind we are pals or equals as it were that I intend to use as a standard for all I set out to do. To which most people will say there is no realistic chances of me getting to make such things operable as plans to choose between ruling them or killing them but the way it always works is that you meet him for the first time in your entire life and before long you need to move aside from something or you will get killed or hurt and then before long he has got the fame and when you say it will not stand, he believes what he wants and claims he wants the left to be clear and spotless and when you tell him only you can live in your life, there is a stabbing or a shooting and then you loose your life. So you have to choose if you want to take all these facts into consideration and make sure his hired murders and gang killings does not come anywhere near you by planning to either rule them or kill them, so it is not rocket science. I am ware that Law enforcement and the Armed forces have been dealing with the matter for quite some time and the reason I declare my plans to offer help is because Politicians are showing signs of pushing us into some kind of a war that will please them and that need to be stopped. I already have it all in the bag I am simply making facts obvious about what I mean when I mention people leaving me alone as I am not their mate anyway; I don’t know why that is funny to some people as such – it is a serious matter, I those their things they get up to insulting and I am not suggesting that I don’t.


Now with respect to the old issue of the economy; when they speak of banks and financial services, it appears that people cannot stop talking about regulating banks. I mean regulating banks for what? It is the kind of citizens that Politicians produce that end up working in peoples companies first of all for their part and then there is the logistics of how to regulate 200 yards of space in which 300 people work, all of them in the business of handling money. I mean there are easier ones to start off from for example like the shops and they have not done any better when all a person that do when a staff allows a member of their family to take stock home without purchase is prosecution for dishonesty. Nothing like regulating the retail sector or anything of that sort; maybe what is suggested here is about dishonesty with the use of banks but putting it in context of course that is another story entirely, so we need to start with the shops. If the management was involved in laundering money for criminals on the other hand for example, that should become some really easy thing to deal with then, no point for all the fuss. However the issue remains the same, that Politicians create the evil citizens, somebody else has to employ them and get regulated and we will never know what exactly that gets to solve either; especially when the rhetoric continues that you can do any bad thing you like to get rich as long as it is temporary, like the Labour party does, not to mention dog whistling for racism all over the place; which the blacks feel will help them gain absolute power over youth and the whites think it will ensure everybody is afraid of them enough to let them have anything they want. The result of course while they speak of regulating banks shows up all over their public sector; take the Police for example, you are a recruiter but because of the government rhetoric, you are faced with recruiting a really difficult fascist so what exactly do you then do about it, especially now that laws have been made on racism in the Police force which in my opinion, judging from the issues that have continued to turn up in public, have not been tied off properly.  For the Americans they know how to sit in the panels of course but the biggest problem peoples businesses have in the American territory is the Politicians, the same American leaders and the most important problem they understand above all else is their appetite for supporting criminal activity at the barely criminal; so if somebody launders money, their idiots get off to make so much noise about dirt British money which solves really little anyway, bearing in mind either way of management or worker, if the choice is a drug cartel and your life you will launder money and step down from office but the balance is always how £200,000, will be easy for the criminals but while you know £10 million will be very difficult, you launder £20 million because of the job to job issue about which they have shown no consideration for you but of course once that takes another turn then your family could be kidnapped – so for my part I would launder the money and rob their stupid American faces in it as well; because I fail to see what their panels achieve when I rob the criminal organisations of their jobs because I lost mine, with respect to what I seem to have done wrong. HSBC for example handles Student loans in the UK and you do not help criminals launder money in order to get a CV that involves keeping peoples personal details, for a large part of their adult lives in order to recover the student loans they received when they have earned beyond the threshold that will enable them to continue to have a free education tag attached to their degrees. The point is that these are businesses that unlike the shops, whose entire existence is based on handling things that are responsible for some of the most evil activities that human beings have ever carried out and we have one of the biggest if not the biggest financial centre here in the UK and do nothing about the rhetoric we send out as a country; only mixed messages in Europe and even more mixed messages about morality; I mean we know that people do prostitution in the US for example but in Europe that is in a league of it own but no body does anything about it in Politics unless I surrender good feeling that is to be had if I failed to exist as an author at all as proposed by insolent socialist idiots looking for something or somebody that will bleed them seriously and like wise is the same condition applicable to the US with respect to drugs and gangs about which all law enforcement get to live on these days, as shown here in the UK as well in all these matter is the rhetoric of "I know it is painful but you are doing very well" - it is the only thing on which they can innovate as it were as well. What they want to be more interested in is how much money people earn and then they claim the UK is a place of social equality because I earn a thousand pounds a week and do well for myself while another earns a million but it is not enough; it never occurs to them we do not need their help to figure out what happens to people if they need money to an extent where they steal it – they think we all want them to get us to steal money from the rich for them to create an equal society before we exist with a big mouth and we are not even out of the recession yet by the way.   


In the end it settles in on the three issues when they begin to make mention of how I am party to creating the problem by tempting people by making myself so available. It is as though they think that the law will see it that way at all anyway. The three issues therefore emerging of Politicians creating criminals that other have no choice but to employ then get their idiots to talk rubbish about regulating peoples businesses - hence businesses left to pick up the pieces, providing support for men who spend their time recovering youth despite my best efforts and then of course setting out to suppose I will teach them everything I know about my work by being insulted, with respect to which I do see them have conversations with each other, especially the Americans ones and I know they understand vividly what respect really is - not falling for it; I mean not clear why they continually expect me to but such insults can always come from US Politicians anyway.  

I am still very much aware that most of my assets lie with my personal life, I just do get to mess it up sometimes so those who want it can have it with the disease and everything. The biggest issue of insecurity and financial destruction is still the insults their women get by with and I do not see how I deserve any of it.


The question of co-operation with politicians is one of utter stupidity. I am a writer and unless the Government wishes to place a giant life changing order for my books, then what business exactly does it have with me, co-operation? Its those stupid insults and I am not too bothered about them as they will soon become a sub culture by themselves. I mean for the last decade each time I get involved with the government whether I like it or not of which is the status quo, I become financially worse off. This some will think is a huge problem too but it is not in anyway, its about things I do which means that if that continues to happen, I will leave those things for the Politicians and find somewhere to cool off and relax and they will have to do it. About which others suggest there will be no catastrophe if I do not do those things which I have never suggested there will be but of course people do things with evil intentions and I could let it fly and relax because Politicians always ensure I get involved with them and become financially worse of if I do, so that they can take it up and do it, which they will in the end bearing in mind they always make laws according to what society has become.

So for those who say I have no choice in the matter, that is a completely new status quo and I am up for the game too.

The other matter is about businesses saying I give away too much about my work on which everybody depends but I really don’t, I am simply making it clear going all secrete about Pop culture will make problems worse, they are nothing, just problem creators that plague business and people need to stop giving them money, seeing that they cannot possibly create enough problems. We all have our problems; individuals have issues, Governments have theirs, for businesses its Popular culture and people need to stop giving them money, likewise there is no point those who continue to claim we need to go all secrete with it claiming such things, the problem will only get worse if that happens. So they always say that I have institutionalised with their bullying which is utter nonsense, I have done no such thing - the fact is that book sales from this company is the only route to a holiday away from them because I will never make sense to their stupid minds telling them to leave me alone and it is attacking those book sales that they get out of their own lives to assume an audacity to do that will lead to great problems for I have not permitted it nor has the law done so. Refusing to comply with this will lead to things like my taking into my hands what society becomes and also the creation of a history between myself and the media that is unfathomably disgusting by the standards of any Country and or region in this world. It does not mean they are powerful and I have been defeated or anything of that sort they like to claim for global insecurity purposes generally, its just a simple fact that we can keep playing my problems are powerful with them, unto the eventual result of fascism like it is normally in this parts of the world or they can stay away from my book sales - there are no references made to girls on the matter, those are simply creating conditions by which power will be shifted to them and the men who back them and their insolence and destruction will be at the helm of it and I will look into the violence they dish out for me until I end up with money for it while they use their stupid money whatever is left of it to look into matters of gangs and the issues that their insolent money draws towards them.