There is that talk of how the Falklands was created as a result of colonial plundering of course but we all know for those of us who are informed that the conditions are much the same today as they were during the time of the colonial plundering so mentioned. You get together as a country and attend church and decide you want to live a certain way outside of what you have found from your culture and society to be judged as behaviour that it unacceptable to humanity in general. So another person sits down in another country to decide he has found a weakness to exploit. Today that weakness is the size of the UK and new found South American economic power, which has been largely propelled by the perversions of British Media and Politicians whom I have decided to create a whipping stick for as well since as I know I do not desire their women and have made it clear as well I am not as square jawed or high flying as they are and have had enough of a process where each time they want things from me they wreck my finances and public work in order to get it because they do not wish to ask or offer a word of thanks which will then have made them inferior.


They latch onto that excuse of course that I do what I do without consulting people but everybody knows if I were a celebrity it would have been acceptable to them, so since I am not their insults are without consequence as far as they are concerned. A typical example is how I am the point at which they decide to make cuts to benefits below inflation rate i.e. there was never a problem with cutting the benefits of course when we know all those benefits create jobs for those who provide the services that the claimants buy and for the unemployed it is the shops that get all their money and pay taxes for roads and premises and on income back to the government, they would rather every time they feel they want to ensure their idiots have a celebrity to mess up for pleasure make out that the benefits allows people to get out of hand when in actual fact it is what lets them get so close: since if the Queen gave me money for my royal commission, it would have set the stage for a divided society and so will it if I went into the job centre to find work as the Queens arch Prince as well. So the benefits have always been there to serve them but they would rather make out it is there for my gain and have not yet given me the funds I lost through that process where my academic work was their plaything, it was just over 30,000 pounds that will determine the outcome of their stupid lives anyway. So when they speak of some increasing desire of royalty to dominate people it is never particularly surprising to anybody unless they are talking to the idiots who believe my actions are something that involves the entire British Government i.e. when an idiot sees me get around with female journalists and throws up an insults in my direction, he can travel to south America or India or wherever and find somebody who does spiritual powers and then the person will give him some to return to the UK to fulfil his dreams with and be rich and successful etc, in the first five years I ignored it because nobody knew the idiots had the collection of another person’s royal estate for a dream but now they know that this is what they want those cultural powers for and give it to them still anyway all of the time, then claim it is some great resurgence of British imperialism when it is they who never listen when people warn them I am a Christian and will likely do some work of God on them as well. They ask the question of why, why, why all the time when we all know there is a problem with civil service staff mocking about, a problem with civil service love and civil service entrapment which is helped by Political idiots who feel nation state office is designed to help them provide fools with their own handy celebrity and even get around telling me I do my work without consultation to find out if people would accept that I have the right to do it, when nobody really cares what they think anyway  and everybody knows I have enough necessary popular and public support and love for my activities; insults being completely inconsequential as it were until it gets horribly wrong of course, by the way of which there is the general idea that if those who own things they want do not give it there will be violence and other problem with a big mouth. So they make out they are cutting benefits to below inflation rate on grounds they are on the side of those that are working for money, when we all know they have got their own and it is not their business what employed and unemployed people do to get out of the economic crisis and for my part it needs to stop just so that I do not chase their own all over the international circles and destroy it as well – need it be said therefore the country is not their personal and private property or that cutting benefits below inflation rate indicates they feel like folding up a fist and hitting somebody and I will see to it that they get to that as well.


I am not of the opinion these are difficult matters either, just politicians making out if I didn’t share what I own with them then there would have been a problem and I really don’t and it is time they start to see what it is I could have done about it since doing so will end so many of the difficult things I have to contend with everyday. As I said, I do not desire their women and have nothing in common with them and cannot make out why they are always onto me anyway, not to mention their financial industry scum whom I have already shown the way out by making sure people understand their industry as my property so when they make out it isn’t all that will be left is my literary empire which they can cross yet again at their peril. Its mine; my literary renaissance and or my personal renaissance and the recession is over, I don’t want to hear about it anymore. With respect to politicians of which it is suggested I talk about people messing up my work like it is a simple thing but I don’t, in a simple word I would say I am fed up with being insulted by politicians and a typical example is cutting benefits to below inflation rate, where they have their links overseas and want to control the links that the country and its people has overseas which is what it indicates i.e. Mr Cameron who owns part of banks and makes regular calls to his rich friends, thinks that when he cuts benefits to below inflation rate he is on the side of those that are in employment and paying taxes and it resonates that old case that they believe they can handle the country like their property and that nobody wants to take down to their stupid links overseas as well. Typical example being my academic work which costs me money for and the reason I lost it was because I was being abused and attacked by a group of politicians who thought I had come to the University and taken over the community in which the University was placed just because of my temperaments, such that because people have cars, drive them and bully me with them, politicians barge in on grounds of what I do to those people to mess them up as well bearing in mind they were not driving through an academic environment in the first place to assume a position that says neither side is correct, in order to acquire privileges, with the result that attending lectures and writing essays and doing assignments was never enough because I was completely dislodged from the main part which was what was going on in the virtual learning environment and that is how I could not just patch up and pass, in order to save my career being that first year means that second year students and third year students must have a new career direction and leave me with nothing on account somebody works in Westminster. They are still at it today and will likely tell anybody the reasons they cut the benefits is because of me and all I am saying on that is that the next time I attend University they can do it again if they dare – the ones they have been doing at college where 6 weeks to exam time is when somebody wants to ensure I failed to fulfil a requirement which will ensure I deserve my benefits and so I had to call up others and give them the pass word to my Legal executive account so they can register me for the exams while my revision arrangements had been completely wrecked because the Landlord was on my case not to mention the neighbourhoods since this is the most lazy and insolent place on earth as it were; hence anybody would see this as a warning if they were a normal person, especially when I tell them the diaries are full, not tell me when they dump it on me and I say anything I suck and so they feel I am scared and cannot throw it back at them so to speak whereas the truth is that I am a Christian and we do not primarily make thoughts out of harming people – all I am saying is that they can do it again the next time I am at an academic work and this time since I will be behind on my pensions and so on, I will think about society and the economy etc and they will make what they want to make out of it whenever they like too. As for the financial industry however, I have made it clear I am not as square jawed as they are or indeed as high flying and that I have not shown any signs of desiring their women before and cannot make out what their egos and bloody minded insolent handling of my property is and or why it will not accept it will either have to stop or continue unto a due and deserving result as well. I am not giving back that stupid left either especially with respect to politicians and the idea that they will make laws that ensure the financial industry becomes really powerful – I am not one of those who thinks such a law will apply since I have made it clear already that the financial industry is not the only one and the parameters are such that Manufacturing is essentially a dirty business that was be kept away from tourism, so if somebody is saying that he is fighting me with an economy that has a store house where it keeps stacks of inventory papers, good luck to them because it will end very well too, so the issue with politicians stays as it has always been i.e. the only way out for me and for them is the books and I am not giving back that stupid left, since what needs to happen is that the books get sold and I have money to go on holiday away from them and then it will seem when politics and popular culture has taken place without abusing me for a period of time, that it is not that these things have changed what they usually do, but that it chased me around like it does every teenager and then moved on at a stage and so did I and then the insults will end and I will be a person with the right to have a past and an outlook; if this does not happen and or more so in good time, I will force artificially and that is why I need that left hand side since we now know that the destruction of my academic work and everything else and the opening up of my career to the world, debt of 30,000 pounds as well as my thoughts opened up to idiots, was done because people wanted to create a royalty that felt inferior to them and they felt superior to, such that if they added what he has to what they have where they are, that superiority will be confirmed, so it is fair to assume they believe the world revolves around them and I need that left hand side to ensure that the statement is out there that for every case of handling my property anywhere in the world is an understanding by the peoples of this planet that it is a matter of opinion for every claims they make to it and then people will understand they do it for advancement and that they do it for money and that it does not belong to them – there is no such nonsense as giving it back, what needs to happen is that they need to move on and get out of my life and my property and their idiots need to take their stories of how I need to make out that I wrote my books on the basis of taking things from my brother that was being bad and not because I have power otherwise I will never sell it with them too. The practical side of these issues are the ones people find most difficult to understand about me and that is why they say it is a huge achievement but for me it is not surprising i.e. this whole process of creating a royalty that feel inferior to them and they feel superior to or better than is not a first occasion because we have that situation in n endemic state, where Politicians have nothing and wreck the lives of those who have so we have twice the number of people that have nothing, end product being that they then turn up to create so much damage to society and the country to count pennies until it becomes millions and tell tall tales around it, accusing the Monarchy for example of one of the reasons things happened which ensures Parliament no longer feels it is the political future of this country, because you do not just tell tall tales and call for a revolution as it were, but they do because they think people are their plaything. The end result of course is that you consider that since an economy must be run on the basis of such activities as it were and it will not exist unless that is the case and those who hold out against it will not have jobs, then the question is whether what they have and offer in the form of their wealth and establishments by which they claim they can employ people is worth up to 5% of what they have destroyed but you tend to reserve a special hate for the Politicians because this less than 5% story is entirely a function of the fact what they have is to be judged from what they have taken from the National treasury and or what it has paid them; so the socialist idiots do it and drag us into the biggest deficit in the world and conservative scum get into office and make cuts to benefits below inflation, as any normal person would see of which a process where I tell them they can do what they did to my studies the last time again and find out if I will not graduate with a CV on them the way they want it, as a warning, except them that is. They need to go out and tell the people they want to make cuts to benefits below inflation rate in order to control public spending not tell me, I am fed up, I have had enough of them and it does not seem to be hurting as badly as I want it to yet, that I take away the civil rights of their idiots, so people can stop behaving towards me in a way that takes away what I am qualified for and what I am skilled at and what I am good at which detaches me from silly things like Popular culture, evil politics and evil society. Like an old story of how the problem with royalty is that you cannot tell what they are thinking but the fact remains that it appears that there needs to be a clear campaign that when politicians and their fools trod all over people’s dreams they will have their arse kicked, however which people want to do it via what I have already done, hence the sense they cannot tell what people are thinking. This regular story comes through from them of course that I am one of those who mock people that claim they have nothing left in them but fighting but that I am the same thing which of course is a point I intend to prove by changing the entire west – establishing two systems of society which will comprise of the capitalist one on one side and the theocratic one on the other, so there might be a proper fight in this generation or the next, bearing in mind things like Ferrari brokers creative equities with you and creates a beautiful car so when I buy it I want respect from you because I know you, which their football idiots are really good at too for their own brand of fame freak abuses which tends to suggest when people play football they are more important than I am. I am not going to back up my books and move away like they think will happen in the near or far future, this is here to stay and to stay for good; next time I am sure they will wish for something different.


As for the part where I have had my life cleaned up for me by people even though they may be my parents and that I do not even know it, which story my mother supports at lot, I have no idea anyway; they always say that until you have to decide the process where you are a Christian on grounds you like a process where you are born into this world to live a certain way but decide what you want to do is choose another life and then blame those who make do with the one you left behind, on grounds of their insult and how they need money which is some hoe connected with the fact you will die because they do, must be settled, so you then decide to live the way they want and it soon becomes too late for them to decide otherwise when they realise that at the time they were yapping off and choosing a life for you to live they were unaware they left you with no choice but the lives they lived and then the problem comes through as well and the complains you steal the history of their lives etc; sometimes you just need to do it because they simply cannot leave other people alone, it is impossible for them to do so as it were. The politicians would say they are looking for growth overseas which makes so much sense as it were, when anybody who thinks about growth worries first about how much money is running in the veins of the economy; while they do everything to antagonise and attack anything which provides game ‘support powers’ for that bearing in mind inflation is the scariest thing, they also seem to suggest they are seeking growth from overseas. I have made myself clear anyway that they act in such ways because it has not been spelt out to them that the people of this country deserve their own International relations as well and that the country is not their property in any case, with all those stupid mature businesses that needs to make profit when they handle my personal and or property too as it were, instead of looking into their attitude, which I don’t mind anyway since I will continue to fancy older women, so it is not going anywhere either. The claim I seek growth overseas as well being utter rubbish although I must say that I positively do anyway, since the process of making war on Iraq and Afghanistan etc was supposed to have created some achievement for the military but somebody decides they want it for their career – I mean nobody knows what goes on in their heads anyway, you have to think about your office and what may happen if things go wrong and you may need to give your life for it and there are these guys that put their lives on the line whom you look out for from an office as it were and now you want to make something of their achievements, what on earth are they going to make from a soldiers achievements anyway? Don’t get the wrong idea however, that was to be left for Johannesburg, and Washington and Tel Aviv and recently Buenos Ares, these are the top ones that make something of the achievements of British soldiers, they say they are clipping British Imperial power and I just want to sell my books; I mean don’t get the wrong idea, I am not doing badly myself, those books are not hurting badly enough apparently. They speak of a Certain Cameron’s promised apprenticeship plan which is perfect of course, except that I do not want people to feel like they should be doing things all the time that chips away my royal alliances and my public work and any money I could get from those I serve and sell my books to, in any case of which what I write in those books include matters of how Crown Jewels are the reasons the Monarchy needs to be removed so people can use it for tourism which is why they grow into tell me they imagine a process where monarchy was removed but I got the worst deal and hence the process of rounding me up financial like an animal globally and the complaining about their civil rights too makes much sense; the part about their evil tourism of which has done them so much good since and of course I write about other things concerning my personal relationship with members of the royal family and other matters involving those I serve and the job they need to know has been done etc, no idea why it is the bees knees for peoples sense of vandalism and destruction. Although I must accept that whole thing about their ego and bloody mindedness and getting rich has now reached a frantic stage; I mean I remember it started off with opening newspapers to find stupid thin girls in fashion cloths telling the hung parliament they have done everything to be what their conservative scum want them to be but the Politicians are not responding as there is nothing about me to be scared of, a few years down the line and I have not even gotten to rough up somebody in Westminster and mess up his suit and make a scene and they already think they own my books when I really expect them to back off, fight, so I can rip it up for them. They speak of need for a compromise with the conservatives but there is no compromise there; we are talking about aptitudes that are directly linked to my personal and family life which people suppose they want to own which is a form of abuse nobody has to put up with. Years ago it started with chasing me around the streets on claims that I have stolen their fame i.e. not only that but people like me do things that cause matters about them to pick up its own feet and get out of hand but five years down the line and they were after my academic work all together claiming it is good for their career and today it has become a compromise I must make compromises that will be funny at a later date and constitute a threat to my health and safety and well being just like the personality frauds with which their forebears got into the Establishment; so the rubbish people have to put up with like their misogyny and all that rubbish thereof which suggest I look like a woman when I ask nothing of their deviance on the right or foolishness on the left but they want to ensure its existence has much to do with my finances, where I say things about a new phrase coming from them which sounds like you plunder I pillage and we will find England in the middle and cannot shut their gob for it, which puts in perspective further what I mean when I say I am not as square jawed or high flying as they are i.e. they are people who are likely not to be your customers if you mess with those that live in a way that helps them have sex with their girlfriends and so on but are never nice to me, they feel I have products they like but does not think of them as customers and wish to ensure nobody else can have the products as well hence the endless alternative media I don’t want. As for the Politicians, it is important they know I have a problem with my temper as well, I am not a girl and last I checked lots of people in my family looked like this anyway; as I said – they are never nice to me and need to get moving. They are rather convinced instead of this idea that an intolerant or tyrannical society that would have reacted with deadly violence to their attitude of destruction is something I would never live through and the reason for it of course is that they spend too much time around me and my work and think they have my books and finances in the palm of their hands and are also convinced they have enough means of manipulating perception and media to a point where anything that happens to them does to me as well and it will never work like that since we all know that everything has an extreme case and you as exposed to the extreme when you refuse to get involved. They like their racism thing and how I need to be scared and well set up in public for free to access wickedness against me that is followed by a necessary cover up and the purpose is to get rich and I will keep going as well since they are so stubborn until I rally the right hand side of the UK too for that stupid media especially. No body will ever know why Americans think their foolishness should reward them so much, especially when it means that the way forward implies handling other peoples business acumen, especially through the entertainment industry and parties they have with it which means they are practically deaf and incredibly stubborn. The trick has not changed in decades if not centuries i.e. wreck the income with activities that an International Environment would think of as a high crime and pretend to seek progress from it due to a story about freedom, which always ends with a process of expecting to tell the owners to settle for what matches their importance, which of course means working while Americans get rich and having what matches your importance will never happen - not funny of course, its simply not the way they put it when they cannot get off my household electrical equipment and cannot stop complaining as well; their British friends think I am at the end of my wits but I have done no such things of the extreme as preparing a whipping stick for those their unfathomably insolent and stubborn process of doing things I have expressly made clear I do not want people to do with my income, perhaps play the racist card and find out I need my property so I can work in any country I am being deported to with their big mouth and of course my personal favourite reason for the whipping stick i.e. getting things from me without having to say a word of thanks, having contents of my books without buying a copy of their own by getting it from the Horses mouth, the Politicians making endless claims of how my work is a process of doing what they thought about because the process of thinking about my income is the only thing their insolent media offers these days, which they throw around as though they all do not have their own choices and that media makes the choices for them or something, which creates that delusion that no body here thinks they percieve the purpose of their offices to be a comfortable place to go to fight me everyday and talk rubbish all over the world for it.