Today it starts off with a story of what has been discovered of what my business is about and how somebody else will take it up and do it and this has been shown all over media, I still cannot see how it will make me show more respect for the wickedness of black people either, so we are off on the same tangent as ever i.e. a problem that needs to be resolved about how stupid Politicians live and how the Media lives and how their communities of deviant idiots live around the prognosis of the security of my company. The outcome has been that they claim what I say on terrorism and the crisis in the far East is ill informed which makes no sense since we all know that when it comes to the matter of their Political idiots who love to assume when I shut down some privilege because I am after something and they have refused to be concerned with their colleagues in the International world while fulfilling their Political manifesto which is the job they were elected and paid to do, the whole case of those who are unelected taking over becomes something that attains credibility – it gets better of course when the story of what I say being ill informed having been brought up on the premise and prognosis of the Industries and businesses that they want to own, the Corporate idiots especially Americans ones with communities of deviant idiots whose whole lives are built around setting people up for a bad thing they have caused to happen while claiming terrorism is somebody else problem and of course the part that media wants to play in all that – about which I can only say that these goons have trouble making it out, that if they set up a few people in a neighbourhood somewhere in the middle east and the outcome is that a gang of 10 armed men swells to 25 with new recruits that have been forced to give up their pursuits and become part of a gang that is waging war on the world, what then is surprising about this new faction of that gang being a gang that is about them – a gang that is about the media and the Politicians and the corporate world – why it is impossible therefore for them and their stupid insults to make the connection even at this point in time as it were. I mean an example is corporate America idiots who pick up on what radical preacher say about me doing their stuff, which is more of a protest about how I have pushed the issues forward when the main problems remain unsolved, than it is a case of a new gang that is about me but it is an example of how what I say about terrorism becomes more important than what they think about the terrorists that they provoke who are now after them, in that old game of theirs they think is incredibly funny where they live an abusive deviant existence looking for trouble all over the world and looking for moral people they can sacrifice to make it go away with a big mouth; so in order to curb a process where what I say is ill informed any further, it applies thereof that these Political idiots and corporate bastards and media scum with their communities of deviant fools especially the females must be made to understand they have reached their limits around here and need to stay off my company as it were if they wish to avoid further trouble.

I mean in terms of the Russia/Ukraine issue, the reality is still as stark; racial divisions in the US started a public root in the 20th century and ended in that time as well but before then there was a thriving integrated communities in the US until then but this time there is now a need to project the powers of black people on the world and that means that kind of situation they created for themselves in the US is something the fucking idiots are out to create in the backyard of the Europeans and I am not complaining either since I am fostering mine as well in America’s backyard. However if the issues are to be considered they are simply the same old trouble makers i.e. every time you go to your office 8am, what you find is a black idiot that walks into it and out again and the drawers are pulled and files all over the place, takes three hours to put them back together and get back to work but the next day it happens again and then the day after that and then you start to have a delusion that it will one day move on if you ignore it which of course is not what history says and then the outcome is that it runs for 14 years and counting and they make loutish nonsense all over the worlds media with it to chose self improvements that afford them a villains beauty to get famous with and the end product is that they have become more clever than you are God’s gift to the world and it is all very funny and you have to act; the question now is whether you will act in a condition where you have an opportunity to make a civil rights movement out of them in such a way as to suggest that it was your fault all along, especially if you are winning? So it has started as it were, doing the job of the president is less important to Mr Obama than projecting the power of black people on the world, what he has done nothing about my misinformed statements is the part where he and his African friends and fellow Americans on the basis of freedom and capitalism are really good at turning up to stand before others to tell them they need to assess the product and go home to create their own because they need it, he has done nothing about that hence his plans to crush pockets of people that still have a view of racial superiority in the eastern world beats the imagination first of all but more importantly is storing up problems for the future and sitting there to pass around insults by which I am expected to come up with ideas for their stupid leadership, which brings us to the other thing they have done nothing about i.e. black men wrecking peoples finances and not their own because they leaders to make a statement to the world that black people are always poor and whites are always rich and there is a need for a movement against injustice on a global stage, so that when I write a book the outcome becomes idiots and communities upon communities of them having a need to cling to their phones pretending to do business, talking rubbish about what is on right across the world, all of which is to be held together by a needed outcome where I do not get to sell my books so they can run small businesses that are not making progress and look over my shoulders and their media fools and deviant children can tell me I am misinformed – all of which can only result in an outcome where it is very possible they could see me fight them on the side of the racists.

Normally I do not have a problem with these things as it is always possible to chose your own crowd but we all know that the vandalism of peoples offices is designed especially by the American ones to give them access to the personal lives of leaders they want to project power of sodomy over in order to bend them and soften them and I dont like the idiots making subordinate statements about my words and work that is supposed to have been paramount, especially the corporate America ones; it is never over until I say so, every American fool thinks he is really tough and knows where you anus and penis and lot of things about how to be violent especially when black and they are looking for some of mine as well as we can see – I am not that interested in their surveillance nonsense and they can watch whatever they like. I hear it is said it is all pretence on my part that these behaviours of these individuals has no effect on me but I have no idea how they expect it to anyway when we are talking about socialist idiots for example who do nothing but get out of bed every day to set somebody up for something endlessly and if they are not doing that then its drugs and crimes time and both eventualities they think is really funny on media as well and do not like it when people laugh at their misfortunes too hence the basis on which they must have hate figures before they attend school and so on – I can chose my crowd so I see no reason their activities should affect me, except that we have this atmosphere built up by them and their fellow tough American idiots with a big mouth that is about where my anus and penis is, which their community idiots are now able to take advantage of too and it is really difficult to avoid punishing people for such things, so I want them to know I dont care why they spy on or want to watch as it were, all I am interested in is that they abandon it and I myself they should note really like it when people invent such things and get used to it and then have to roll it back at the end as well; after all the lame duck nature of the leadership of the second American President running on account of my ill informed activities does not seem to have made any sense to them at as it were; for me the story remains the same that the worst that can happen since this is clearly not the United States of America where they rule, is that I lose a royal office and put my hands to business and perhaps I might make enough money to get back into Politics and then it would have amounted to exactly the same thing showing how clever these goons are when they are never ever seen doing the jobs they were elected to do. I mean these days we have even caught parliament having a debate about making jurors understand the importance of their role, their explanation is that of inept people putting their hands to government when they are the ones that know how it works to make their stupid lives difficult which gives them even more decadent self improvements but the reality fact is that they are now pinning a process where they cannot be seen doing the jobs they were both elected and paid by the tax payer to do and cannot be seen doing what they promised to do by the manifesto that elected them which society expects and cannot be seen taking seriously how they relate with their international counterparts if they might instead spend time trying to show a statement is credible when and if it is about the unelected taking over. As far as I am concerned of which I only serve people who are loyal to me about which I will be accountable to The Queen and in turn am expecting somebody else who was elected and paid for a job to keep the people out of government and government away from the people in order to deliver a civil service which is not happening if the story rather is that people like me are taking over as it were and then we see them all over the media talking nonsense and shooting their insults all over the place about those that are vulnerable to their power. I dont have to be seen getting around with Politicians with ideas about which industries they want to own, Industries with communities of deviant and very destructive idiots and the media that wants to play a role in their needs – none of these things affect me in anyway, only the part where they spend tax payer funds on these fools and start to pretend they are father figures and that I am the son that was not favoured, it is the kind of things that lead to an outcome where I act on the spending of that tax payer funds that is their personal and private property, the one I was given the authority to as it were. So the answer to the case is simple – I am not affected by it.


I hear it said I put myself through great suffering just to correct the wrongs of these deviant fools like the old case of privatising the NHS which in my view is a matter of how radical it normally is to Liberal and Conservative Politics when privatising things are mentioned but the last time we checked of which privatisation was a tool, a tool which parameters such as the fact when somebody belongs to a person they will take the process of managing it personally but so does privatising mean that companies always open themselves up to funding from every tom dick and harry in order to make a profit by investing at the right time – so if people think that will work for the NHS I say they are good to go but if not then they only have themselves to blame although I personally do not think that it will work since the name itself will have to be changed. The reality about what sufferings I put myself through of which does not apply in any way as on one hand we have Politicians with ideas about which Industry they want to own, along with Industry idiots that have global communities of deviant fools that get out of bed every day to set people up for a bad thing and of course media that wants to play a role in their needs – on the other hand I am me who does not get involved with deviant communities be they Industry or Political and I am accountable to my people and have a company to manage that sells products to a very small portion of the market at the top end. So the story of sufferings is much the same as ever i.e. you wait for things to be given to you and not take them otherwise you reach a point where you start to attack your friends and not your enemies which is why these civil rights idiots are always so tiresome and hated by us royals especially when they are given inside roles in parliament to seek out those they want to bully into doing things with and hence become the ace up the sleeves of stupid Politicians and Industry and media as it were but for me specifically it draws back on how there is a great sense of well  being attached to not being seen getting around with black people, in terms of suffering of which that is clearly the warning part that will never ever be taken seriously.

Of course they do claim goons like me could only have been chosen by the Monarchy to sit around making endless demands of politicians which cannot be met and it is never true either – the reality is rather much simpler i.e. a case of endlessly being blackmailed and bullied and buffeted by Politicians who in expression of hatred for the faith you practice in your personal life want your personality to make their careers with. I did not invent a process where National government targets and attacks my finances because it wants to make be build up my place in the world for somebody else to take, I did not invent the process where I needed to be seen in school alongside their stupid children whereby they compete with me academically and win and of course the fallout process of their foolish children calling me names around every education system I walk into continues to this day with a big mouth as it were. So it’s a matter of when they say something they expected a response and the unelected are taking over is a bit lowest of the low for them to stoop and of course they would rather go on about how I am supposed to come up with a life that members of the Royal family can confiscate later, which is an old story with them big boys of Politics talking nonsense about everybody being vulnerable to a process of being told they have had ideas and tried to make a living or get by in a way that those who are more worthy should be having, living a useless existence where they are more concerned with the successes of their female siblings as well as that of those they have named kids in their women and kids abusing nonsense of which I do not find insulting, than they are with anything else and their female counterpart of course making sure living is all about them and their boyfriends looking for trouble endlessly and the steady dipping of insults does not seem to dry up because they are selling things and getting rich and famous and so it eventually leads to such outcomes as National Rail exists for example and until I came along it was managed with Loyalty to the Duke of Kent but since I came along they have brokered Equities with me, which has now resulted in a condition where I must never sell my books because somebody wants the Royal family to confiscate it and the behaviour towards me is getting worse and worse with a big mouth. So they push and I push back and the result is a story what kind of a story, one about a squirrel I suppose, squirrel named nippy etc etc. Of course I am aware of the story of the one deviant behaviour I do not pay attention to being my own – of which there is really no such thing as we tend to live in a Country where people feel the need for physical contact as a result of feeling like seeing me have sex – this is actually supposed to have been the part I ignore because they are not being bad enough yet until they decide on the threats and so the reality is every idiot with a boyfriend and a girl friend turning up to do my stuff all the time and when I mention it we will sooner have heard the bragging about power which makes me wonder why they simply cannot shut it and pick their own up as well. They always turn up after the provocation of boy chase that your stuff it gets my mojo going, to claim they are not just the ones on whom the economy depends that deserve to do these things but also fans of mine and it will never ever make sense since it only means this is what people think of my service at the Church and at The State of course so I have no idea why they love to think they are a problem for me and why they simply cannot shut it and pick their own up if they are so powerful – after all we all know they can deal with it at any time so that should be a cause for concern. We do hear the part where their lives are under threat of course and we all know if you will not be the Christian that is stuck somewhere and not seen while they use your faith to make another version of it for popularity on the left and share power with the devil in that way, they will never rest and we will see the wailings and complains and eventually the violence at some stage anyway but it will not change anything about whether or not they want to do it with their own stupid lives instead especially when white, so that does not actually fool anybody: - in my case it is about the Christian who wants to get a job and gather some money for Gods work being persecuted like these all these years right down to parents and so on and so the reality has become that they were to cut me off from Gods work in order to let the need fester inside of me to a point where it can be made use of from any distance and it is impossible to avoid punishing people for that as well; we hear their advantage when they behave like that is that they are white but I do not care for my part either, we will no sooner have heard they are in need of human rights and I am not as well; there has been a perfectly logical path to this of course, the one where media complains about a faith that shines a light in their eyes and decides to do something about it which leads to a need to find out if their media powers can keep me out of work every day and now it has developed into a need to strike my chest and make me angry which is what is left of the need to ensure whatever wickedness they get off to ends up with a demon inside of me knowing well that I am aware of the part of the Bible which says that if that happens it will be many times as strong as it used to be because the demons would have had time to prepare and now the whole thing is something they do at those that are not necessarily as strong as I am, so when they do say that their point is that neither God nor the Devil exists I always say they need to tell it to those who make a song about it whenever they want some attention by bringing it up and as for the human rights, they can tell the Politicians and leave me alone. The complaint is that even if they return to their evil lives and leave me alone the reality will be that they are doing it on the basis of what I have approved when there is really nothing I can do but of course it has only but made us even as it were.


They seem to have become really fond of stepping it up a notch so to speak and it comes through whenever they have something to say about my activities leading to a process where people are doing their stuff and it annoys me to no limits: I mean these idiots make friends with Americans and make friends with Africa and make friends with Europeans and everybody else in the world because the primary function of their friendship with people is to ensure I am a bad person and that they can use those friendships to get their hands on my possessions and win a competition against me in order to own it all the time. The problem being that they fail to understand that this is really my perspective of every single thing we see them do in public but because I am not the crowd and I am not the mob and it does not matter if I am not concerned with their affairs, then it should be fine whenever they want to behave in any way they want, unless that is such statements are issues which steps it up as it were; hence all I can say is that after this once another event will take this matter to a whole new level in terms of what I get up to as well, since they clearly have not learned to keep their insults where they might be better appreciated. We all know that is what it is about, friendship with everybody, me a bad person so they can get rich and get their hands on my work and own it every time they want but of course it is such things as media people getting into a competition with a legal studies student or legal practitioner and winning that competition in order to own his possessions that leads to the issue being taken notice of since the two careers were never linked and they are not in need of any human rights like they claim they are. I am not saying that it is a problem I am only exploring the facts and it means I should never ignore the one about their need to build a radical sector of my faith that is about money and trading and fame and fortune and popularity for themselves on the left and because I tell them to get lost we have National level and global stage wailing all over the place which makes no sense and they need stay away from me as we are not mates either. I know it is said I bring it on myself and that they provoke me as well because I make them impulsively angry and yes I have done so, in order to make the understand what it feels like when people make radical sectors for popularity and fame and money and inclusiveness out of your faith, so we are even and as for the part where I bring it on myself, I do not respond to their activities because I have to, I respond to them because it keeps me active – I can do what I am doing now with them or I can spend time with my faith instead, it’s their call and yes there we are, the prognosis of powerful problem transfer and those they can manipulate and  it goes right to the heart of those issues where they are after my finances and book sales because they want to set up a money making contraption and stand up on media to tell me something was supposed to come through from my faith to make the products sell which I am blocking asking for violence: so the next time they issue those stupid threats of violence talking nonsense of how my activities results in people doing their stuff I will move this on as well to another level all together, so if they want to do it, they need to keep off my work and keep off Book sales; its much the same question, who the hell are they?  That my work is being pillaged does not trouble me in anyway – the reality is first that I must always take steps to curb abuses from self improvement stupid children who need to stop thinking it is funny and where the case of getting involved with people that are better than me is concerned, they cannot cease feeling that handling others over absolutely everything they say and think about and deserve everything they get as such but more importantly is the fact they are the problem and I may be happy seeing people play around with my work in terms of making sure its purposes are fulfilled but they were the last I had in mind, the self harming goons, in the end it does appear the intended purpose is a case of I know what hurts you and I am going to do it with regards to wrecking my finances and expecting me to do something with nothing and the result can only be that they push through the effects of my work and turn up to make claims to it and I lose my sense of tolerance for big boys walking around the streets with a body language of people have ideas that better befits them along with their needs to work back door in the civil service and parliament and hence start off my own as well. However in terms of my work I did not give them the permission to push it on anyway but the worst that can happen is the Politicians and Industry goons and media with communities of deviance pushing through a programme that forces them to do jobs properly and run companies properly which allows others to have jobs from which they can get a career and draw a pension and I have no idea why they like to hurt themselves anyway – all I know is that I must keep my eyes on them all of the time because every single thing they do is designed to ensure while they have their eyes and hands on your possessions 24/7 they can dominate you and you cannot dominate them and this is where they make friends with people from all over the world and tell stories of how my activities are causing people to do their stuff in order to prevent me from making mine as well, because they are dominating with that big mouth. I dont think these matters are a problem, I mean the reasons a media person will want to have the aesthetical aspects of the career of a legal studies student is because of a cross career cross profession competition that they are at the helm of and so it is a matter of that case with them where they feel that when they are angry they can touch what is responsible for their feelings without thinking about it, while when I am there is nothing I really can do, taken to a whole new level, hence if they must touch everyday then that is their nature and if every occasion they do and hurt me they find out they are wrong then that is their nature too and I did not ask them to push forward anything I do around here either and fail to see what the complain is all about too because of course we all know they behave in that way over confidence that there will be no response as it were. I mean the part about their extreme carnality over it where they pay strict attention to their tummy and anything that tingles it gets it is the one where I can no longer tolerate their stupid city identity of course but each time they have lied and schemed and recovered, they must have settled on another means of dominance and started again. I mean it is the Christian that wants to get a job and set money aside to do Gods work they wanted to stop since 2001 because it would have been funny if they did and years down the line now the very existence of him annoys them with that big mouth and it does because of how it makes them feel in the tummy and they cannot stay off the Christian or his possessions and continue to assume the Parliament exists to listen to their stupid needs. This matter isn’t unusual; my literary emporium and its creativity securities was something that encouraged companies to create some connection with the UK and some of them had even taken to basing their HQ in the Country in order to be part of it – there is nothing wrong with an ever enlarging community of popular culture goons with friends from all over the world dominating whatever they like but there is something wrong with the media insults and the threats and it cannot be alright as long as that continues; I want them off my company and off my books and off the Industries and off the parliament as it is the only way they can be customers and others can be producers – we would have allowed market to sort these things out but their Politicians do help them to ample intrusion, so the story of me cheating by getting help from the State over running my Literary empire will not suffice; I am doing a good administration work to cut off that need to depend on government in the first place anyway and I want them off my books and my details off the benefits system. Naturally is in the end the question of why people want to dominate all the time of which the answer is that it is the issue with the backyard of America – over there revolution is living itself and they want to take you out of your life and shut it down as a fundamental nature of existence especially the really foolish women who know so much about violence in their view, hence their assumption Royalty do not see them as fundamental threats as a result of which when you dont want to become friends with them that will become the enemy later, they make their own up on media where as it applies to me I was never published as it were.