It is said I keep the Queen waiting but this is not true, the truth is that a group of men thought their fortunes lie on the ability to make something off claiming I sleep with their wives who are journalists years ago, since that had failed completely, they now believe they want to trap me in a relationship with the Queen and that it is where their fortunes lie too. I mean even if as they love to put out I were the child that the Queen had before she had them and that is why they are always angry at me and love to destroy my income and seek attention for it, 9 years of doing so should indicate that I have enough facts to ensure that should this then become HM The Queens power balance game, I will vent it on them to the fullest as well. It’s about all those incredibly stupid things they tell their friends and then turn out to live up to around here violently so they do not become embarrassed, so if we are talking about the Conservative Party, they have not given me back my £30,000 pounds in student loans for an academic work they ruined because a girl must be able to do it as well. I am not living any kind of really difficult life they love to claim I am, the reality and truth is simply that they turn up on television each time they take a look at my books to seek access to my personal life instead of buy the books and for the celebrities and fame freaks there is no sense of what is right and wrong going on there but it is the Politicians that really get me because if several times it so happens that even the cover of your book is a topic for conversation in parliament in order to do power games, it should never constitute the reasons you cannot get it sold and of course it does look as though it is not the main issue when I do them as well and this is not the first occasion either – the first was with the businesses who worked out that if they play around with my equity business and use the products without buying them to make profit it will not be in their interest to employ me and then I will eventually be forced to give up that aspect of my life but better still everybody knows about this so who will be the person that will take the fall and give me a job? So I have been doing them as well and naturally have to contend with civil rights squander which is paying off for the idiots that do it as well, whether or not the part of my life they feel like getting involved with all the time is one I am embarrassed about. Yes I am aware my hatred for tyrants is responsible for most of these things but whilst they complain by doing it to me to make me understand, of civil rights croons that corrupt and destroy their children without even saying a word to them and never stop and do it via sex all the time, it also applies they are very good at a process of using your own to do problems and then use it to create more problems and then do more problems and have a party. So I don’t want to know. Everything else I have exactly where I want them to be; I mean if the biggest problem in the world is that somebody is grabbing the attention the Queen should get the last thing those who enforce such things should do is try to get the same attention the Queen does. So I am not saying most of their actions are entirely undeserved; when you annoy women like I do, these are things you expect but when I started I was never their equal in the first place, like independent women helped by foolish men, provided they do not do my own and wind me up that is anyway and then the American ones can use me and what I do as a means of securing power for women. Always angry at me in some way and venting it violently on media they are and I know what they will be angry at too and they will be. Naturally most people assumed that I had finished my work and was ready to trade but this is the point anyway; that when you do the media and the stupid women and the businesses and the Politicians who love to provide publicity for your work, never buy it and sit down to discuss aspects of your life they think you are embarrassed about, it should be a case of where the teasing stops and bullying starts for them and for you difficulty to figure out what it is about. Not that it is a major crisis; only a case of 2001 and Politicians wanted to use my personality to do their career by 2002 it moved to something about my parents securing that for them and by 2003 I became the personality that was catalyst for change and by 2004 it had begun to have effects overseas and by 2005 I was in the University and destined for failure so they can use my history to get important and it has continued like that getting worse and worse and more and more inventive every day, so I do reach a stage where I want control back and they a point where they think getting off to talk nonsense in parliament is how they will get it done because of course whenever I mention it, rather than go away they make it out to mean a gauntlet thrown down which makes me assess myself to find if I would handle another human being in such ways when and if I were a Politician. It is the same with their victim homosexuals; they want civil rights but destroy the rights of others, want justice but destroy other people’s justice to campaign for it and so on. I have come to the deduction since I know I can always put out a blog that will crash their stock markets and so on in order to find out what those who do violent things for politicians really can do bearing in mind the time distance between when they issue their threats and when they will carry them out therefore always supports the theory that they will ever get to hence they find ways to wreck peoples finances to win. So what is the purpose and reason for it anyway? Rather simply the fact that narcissists and sadists exist in secret societies and fools from those do become Politicians and do get involved with royalty or which I have never before given any of them consent for their insults and abuses and will treat it as such as a crime for as long as it continues. Things like back stage popular culture that the French rely on and International community corridors that Africans rely on and stupid irresponsible business that depends on other peoples morals that the Germans rely on; here at home it all boils down to the Labour Party and breaking down why they would have access to your parents and get them to make you do things with your life that will suit their purposes can only be explained by these nefarious activities and their assumption I do what I do because I don’t know they earn enough money from the British tax payer to help some poor idiots in Africa that they later bring into this country to build new racism around me. All I can say is the same old story; more will die still one way or another. The big problem is still the matter of those that follow and get around with me; they see things people do and cannot respect the fact it belongs to me, just like I cannot decide what to do with what I have and what I want to work for because they exist. Then we hear how I antagonise Politicians whereas the reality is that they disrupt this without reason then set out to spend years of my time to find ways of making people do what I had set out to do with them and during that time bank tens if not hundreds of pounds in tax payer cash and leave my finances is an absolute mess and then boast about it to wind me up. So we do know I have to put up with it because I am not doing the same thing to them as well. One less royalty in this country is their mantra they say but before then other peoples are kept from employment because their personality is catalyst for change and they even have lies that are made from blame transfer of how the interest the Monarchy took in my activities were responsible -  just like their behaviour towards my book sales today.


That I am scared of Politicians is utter nonsense; the reality is that they believe when people are Godly it means they can do whatever they like with them, the civil rights idiots then get violent really quickly when they are not getting what they want looking for trouble and so this is all a rude awakening for idiots like they are. Just as the claim is rife that I have been beaten over Syria and they can now be free of me when there is no such thing because what there really is, is not just sadomasochists and sadists and so on in secret societies who do their thing with my body without consent especially the girls and then try to get rich from it as well looking for trouble, it is about how they want to do things with my body and I tell them they will in hell and so many things have since been used as a tool including government office and the treasury because they wouldn’t dare on a personal basis or with the use of that stupid job. Hence in the end it goes on and on and on and the stakes get higher and higher and higher over power and some of us simply do not think we should live our lives that way, they have defeated nothing. In the end it is a leadership contest and no such nonsense as how I sit somewhere and run a show that has to do with my thoughts and declare myself winner over a fight with very dangerous people and now that they have their wars in the middle east and the stage is set for that leadership to operate, I have set out the challenge i.e. they have government office and resources and I have my computer and my websites and we will find out who then saves the most lives – what qualifies it as leadership contest it should be noted is the insult of doing things with my feelings and temperament, using my personality to make things happen or get them done; they could never destroy the book sales you see, only that I am not yet prepared to sit down and trade full time but have put the items out due to the fact there is an equity emergency between this company and the customers which they think qualifies another group of provocation they can put out with respect to my having the secret to wealth that is their property and we have no finished yet with the one that creates the wars and violence which of course is attacking and destroying the emergency equity need at the market to get the books into customer hands as it were, which they do in order to keep me cash strapped without reason or purpose and the civil rights idiots getting violent when they don’t get what they want from my property with a big mouth, what comes to them of which is always entirely deserved as well. Now I hear people think politicians should say what they say in private in public, I could never make out why anybody would expect that anyway, it will never happen; reality is that we must all accept nothing good will come from such a venture and set out to ensure the facts are clear to them about where we stand – in my case it’s a matter of wrecking my business and telling everybody to stand in lines to benefit from the government and then setting out to do austerity as well because I am cash strapped and available for their narcissists and sadomasochists I have given no permission to do anything with my body to do what they like from a distance which makes me wonder what that austerity is good for, I mean as a tool. It’s a matter of thinking about the destruction of my business a process of managing that destruction and recognising politicians and their big state idiots as the problem and the liability and setting out to fix the problem in the understanding first that I feel about my career and property like they feel about theirs and that they have on several occasions got access to Central government which gives them a lot of resources and power and hence handle it with respect to the level of threat and insults and copying and domination faced. So eventually its all games and games and we end up with the first protest vote Prime Minister and of course they can always fight the protest vote Prime Minister, it leads to another story and we are living in one at the moment and it is called Hung Parliament – of which they do not seem to take into account a hung parliament is a serious political instability at present and therefore realise their heavy handedness will always run out of time and time is rather what I have got and they will never wreck the book sale business and the Labour Party that goes off to shit holes in Africa and ones they have in the UK to find black idiots to smear me with skin colour similarity and thereby wreck my stuff all the time need to get them off me and stop talking nonsense about big fight Politics that they will definitely lose again; I for my part have the need set out to get involved with and engage with people which is where I am to decide whether to be a coward or not. I mean I call them names regularly not just because they behave towards me like the names I call them but also because their opinion of me is a lot dimmer than anything I could ever come up with, a lot more debasing. Now with respect to Housing however which seems to be one of the hottest topics when such things arise, there are always stories that can be told of course but the fact remains simply that if the recession is not affecting the Housing Market as well or the effect it has is too small then whomsoever is responsible for that is doing the wrong thing; the equities always, always win at the end and the duty of government is not to interfere in market necessarily but to ensure that certain factors are in place to propel a process where housing market equities and housing market prices are in the same par otherwise once these equities run off and win where they cannot be controlled which no matter how hard people try it always does, then we will be facing another recession and that is as simple as the facts get. What I have done is set out some really important securities in the simplest words imaginable and place them of my websites and this therefore means that when politicians had finished with their global stand in the queue economies, we will not have to go off to them for anything or wait for them to settle in and be comfortable, what we will have to do is get off and do our own stuff. Yes of course they say they might not want to move on and I do wonder if that is a challenge or what I have done so far is not hurting badly enough yet – I will just keep annoying women anyway for now and the Politicians can keep fighting, nobody will ever know what they are fighting for anyway.


Now I should begin this part by making it clear the proximity between my career and the welfare of those I am responsible for and more so through selling my books is rather very close, when Politicians want to get their own working it will be up to them to decide that, it seems they do not take that into account anyway so we are good to go. However with respect to welfare and the idea that we are on course to beg the government to let us have one as a country, I will never hear anything so stupid for a while; I mean they always say people come from overseas to tell them how to run their welfare system when they have none in the Countries they come from – the reality of course is that in places like Africa, the reason the government does not think it important is that the chances of financial hardship killing you actually exists during the day when the temperature can hit 40°C and during that time somebody’s bag can fall off and you pick it up for them for a reward or you can beg but the reality is that it is a time when most people are getting around their various affairs and you can easily get help. At night however you are unlikely to be approached by criminals who think you are a low life and of course unless it is raining which if it does rains tropical anyway, then it is rather comfortable to be homeless. In the UK however, there might be sun rise alright but some could cover and some gusty winds which blow right from Siberia can easily hypothermia – so if people must beg the government for a welfare system, the government should be prepared to turn up on the streets regularly to collect the bodies. So that there will be much sense made out of it eventually when it plays out that we create welfare systems when we do not want to be seen to be helping to kill people while we are fighting the Germans during world war two on one hand but are prepared to see what people will do when financial hardship induced by Government policy causes the government to collect dead bodies from their streets. I mean they never listen to what people say about those really foolish perspectives on austerity i.e. mother of three is likely to get rent support because she has not got a home of her own and if she does the rent support will be withdrawn and this policy can be measured further by the fact that since mother of three gets living expenses from the government, the truth it appears is that should would have been very rich if she was a manufacturer of baby food and Dipers etc; these people had a fight on two fronts, one being the upbringing of their children and the other being their finances but now Politicians mean they have a fight on three fronts – the first two aforementioned and a Political one; I mean I give the coalition government the benefit of doubt in the sense that socialist idiots have been ambitious, so you cannot just get things done but must get them done in a way which is not a threat to the general safety and security of the public but still this matter of taking the Political fight away from people and leaving them only with the upbringing of their children and financial struggles was meant to have been done and finished around the third year into the recession itself. I understand the government has done welfare reforms and a cap on benefits and more support to help people into employment – this is excellent for economic recovery but further cuts to benefits is an entirely different ball game all together and not the same thing or the same issue like they love to pretend that it is whatsoever. I am not talking about socialist idiots who will tell me what I have said is the way it was before trouble makers like me arrived in the Country for I am certain they are still prepared next time to tell me they will create an economic crisis and wreck my finances and make it hit me the hardest when I look like I have talents I am not making use of so I can put pressure on the resources poor people get; where does the teasing stop and the violent bullying start when they want a proper fight like they do all the time, so I am not going back on anything I have done to them and am very likely to get a lot worse as well. Yes they say I have taken steps to prevent people from doing something about stupid ambitious socialists and I can confirm that I have as well; since it was a case of Margaret Thatcher had some riot in her name and Tony Blair must have some riot too – no body is doing any riot for them and they need to go to hell for it as well. I do not need advice from any socialist idiot on what needs to happen to the economy, I have had enough of those and they tend to provoke me deeply these days i.e. the disappearance of royal mail summer vacancies for students which I complained about as a really bad thing two years before the economic crisis took hold should have warned people about what the Labour Party and its Unions Gay were up to – what they did to what we may describe as the poor people’s economy was to ensure every little job requires a pension plan and so completely dried up any kind of finance for any small economy and economic activity that they had going on and that gay and violent nonsense pushes further into a plan for economic recovery they have which is more to do with getting them to spend whatever they have saved and to provide incentives for that by spending treasury money and regularly turn out in public to tell me where I am supposed to be as well and it is such insults that get it all going as well around here. They love their stories where I am one of those kinds of people that like to take up people’s things and do it for them of course but the truth is that the fools are paid at least £60,000 every year by the tax payer but cannot do the Parliamentary job on their own initiative; I mean don’t get the wrong idea they and those who require them to work like that are made for each other – I mean if I am this ‘pissed off’ over their activities it is only possible to flagrantly imagine what those who are stuck in with them must be thinking, so we are not talking about riots, however we are talking about if I am this ‘pissed off.’ They do need to advice themselves and not me on how to do economic recovery.


Now I am not very concerned about these matters any half as much as they conceive that I am. The reality is that these are all things that very evil people spend their time doing and also to ensure they continue spend their time convincing the rest of us that God does not exist as well when we never asked them about it in any case for the most part. The reality of a benefit system in the UK where people do not make contributions but get the benefits anyway is that there is really no such thing as me being worried about not making contributions to the benefit system while I get benefits from it. If at all there is a contribution I am making it will largely have involved a process of showing that the benefits can involve anybody i.e. Royal Prince on benefits because the Government is supporting him while he writes and sells his books and makes his job work. The Labour Party and is desire to pillage the finances and create stories around which politics can operate is a matter that will lead to pure attrition for its part too. It brings us to the matter of the environment where I have made it clear that I am concerned with justice and do not really know what most other people are doing because it is a world where we have little figures in our homes that are responsible for what we get up to. However the reality is that of these idiots that can raise anybody and teach them what they know and give them the talents they have which means that others become financially successful with what I and not they grew up doing, which of course is not something people should do to a Celebrated figure unless they are looking for trouble and hence if they destroy the natural environment I will lay waste their cities; for now it is a matter of how they understand more about money and greed than everybody else and think anything I do means being rounded up and manipulated by enemies from all sides when they are the same thing making up stories about themselves on public media which they think changes facts especially when it involves popular demonstrations etc. They will keep their distance and their insults or I will become the problem that their very existence has got as well. For now I should inform people I am running the basics so far i.e. my own private stock market platform to make them behave in all spheres of life, so I can find out what or indeed whom exactly they are supposed to be angry about and most of all find out exactly whom is telling their foolish Politicians what to do all the time like they love to claim in order to get involved with me in violent ways. I have mentioned it because they continue to tell me to elaborate but everybody knows its a matter of the question of where the teasing stops and the bullying starts all the time and when you say nothing about it gets more and more intrusive to the point where they touch my body and carry out sexual abuses with their narcissism and sadism and sadomasochism and homosexuality and so on which I have not given consent for about which it is the fact I am a Christian and that fundamentally denies them consent while they are people who are never refused what they want on the other hand, which makes it sexual abuse, for power idiots in business and civil rights scum and the women between both alike. They want me to elaborate apparently when I had already mentioned such things as the fact even the food I eat which I cook are designed to ensure they can be denied what they want and they need to be made to understand such a fact. It’s not an issue; they do it all the time and you can never warn the business ones off your book sales even when you have told them they are only the most successful citizens of the world and not a royal Prince – could never dream of it and of course the civil rights goons love their social media abuses and cannot get off that provided they turn up on media to make it big with it all the time; carrying the royal burdens are heavy of course but it is always the point at which some stupid girl has sensed her time to be seen and known in show biz, the books need to be sold because of the issue of organised crime and the need to send out a clear message on finances but it is the point where business idiots with Machiavellian stuff in their lives want to pretend they are Royal Princes and Princesses, then of course the tolerance is where the civil rights idiots excel at their own version of evils; it is important they stay off the Royal Property and the Public Work and the Book sales - no body cares as such if they are in league with the current UK Heir to the Throne that likes to round up poor peoples finances or just manufacture the poor people from other Noble Men which will ensure that they are separated from their personalities and then find out if they will resist him. I mean its all power greed ans since it is clear they will spend and get nothing in return they have no wish to listen to anybody still hence decided that there would be something to gain if they saw to it that anything they did had a direct link with my finances. Essentially therefore we end up with this whole story of things that HM does to people who then think they should take it out on me which I have warned them about before but when I say such things as people want me to get involved with the Queen because it is in their interest but I am not fundamentally terrified of The Queen, just a matter of the fact where I am now is not a good place from which to mess things up getting involved with The Queen and have gone further enough to ask them if they have jobs currently anyway or want somebody to give them something to do, it does not seem to matter, besides which is the old issue of how they got into my affairs anyway in the first place; so of course they speak of how some like me have it soft and supple and they have it hard and angry and there needs to be an exchange and because of that I do not know the difference between what they do on their stupid media and what the Prince of Wales or his aides get up to like the Anti-Christ - all I can say is that there is still an issue here whereby they have not yet moved on, it is still a matter of the proximity between my life and theirs going at some 80% to 20% instead of a 50% to 50% like normal human beings should have with each other and so they have access to my body and my feelings for their various activities of alternative lifestyle I have given no consent for which then become funny because I have not and it therefore becomes some kind of abuse that is above the law for their pleasures - they think they know more about money and greed than everybody else, they think they are the lovers of freedom and one rule should apply to everybody and another to them and so on but I still cannot make out why and what it is doing with my book sales everyday except I explain it through their pleasures of abusing me and making me available for such an abuse which the Prince of Wales likes as well when he and his people think I have no right to earn money from what I own and the Politicians think everybody wants to live like they do where they destroy peoples property and get up in public to have arguments with them that they will never win in order to raise the stakes to unknown fundamental quantities and will not stay away from my book sales until I begin to experiment with Politics all together in the same way to find out what becomes of them, just to make them swallow that stupid wickedness and ensure they keep it to themselves and hence establish clearly what reality is and what it really is all about, you know like counter to rebellion against normalcy and all that stupid alternative lifestyle nonsense about which I want my own private stock market platform just to make them behave as it were - yes I might have it through a website but it will have the desired effect without a doubt anyway. In the end it applies that things I have done before which The Queen wants me to do again was about peoples racy grandmothers who must get the same things the Queen gets and have their eyes fixed on me with their evils and wickedness, so that when I realise I have grown away from them, I get back in there and we find out exactly what they are angry at bearing in mind we do see traces in younger versions of them of how they were when they were younger which shows it is never enough - the stupid children and the need to have them for violence in order to be able to do whatever they liked with the person and property of men they have chosen to.