It seems that the Conservative Government in the UK is determined to privatise the NHS and they say the mess of the Political system is a function of my behaviour; I could never make it out anyway, although personally I do not see how anybody can denationalise a Health service if they can get rid of it and establish another system entirely – so obviously they want to keep winning elections, but they have a knack for evil behaviour which has no real special thing at Law making or public Police which warrants it; it does not mean The Labour Part is innocent, I am supposed to have been responsible for what the Tories do because Labour rips up my finances with public funding for the means to and it is the idiots who get that funding finding out how powerful they have become which is the basis of Tory Policies not me. In the end we see these fools doing something to be powerful all of the time and then becoming paranoid about those who disrupt that power in order to have somebody to bully violently; it means that I am not 100% therefore I tend to locate easy ways of making money by which able bodied people can take over and become rich and famous and it is not their Books I write here nor is this their own lives as it were; I know it’s a matter of my ending yapping all the time but then again testing me can lead to an outcome where I chose a side that suits me and find out what makes them tick with it too – so involvement with me will very soon had become something that must be punished every time it happens without people having a copy of my Books in hand first of all and it is going to work on the basis of every occasion in which it hurts etc. Rich they have become and the purpose of their able bodied rich and famous has also become that of making me acknowledge that they are or else and this is where it will blow up too and we are not making any specific reference to my position meaning that I need to suck up to people to get by, being that most of the world is Political and democratic either. So now I hear that I cannot have enough of punishing people and it never will make sense too anyway; these goons are really fond of making sure when I step outside of my Door they had started a certain kind of Media leadership which means that their fools want to accuse me of barring them from being famous as though I am relevant, while they have their stupid eyes fixed on my public life and have no wish to clear it, which is what all those Media abuses and Socialist Politics targeting, persecution and financial delay was all about in the first place. This then means that people I do not know at all can just walk up to and get involved with me since 80% of their Minds say that they are related to me and then the violence begins when the process of each one that does leads to an outcome where the fucking idiots want to as violently possible talk about what I ate in every turn and it actually is very, very, very painful and on a daily basis and then there are the lies they tell on Media which ensures that pain stays that way all day long everyday – so that the details need to be clearly set out in these ways lest we slip down the path of determining some people t be stupid and avoided because they are stupid. It is not as if they are unaware of what the effects of these activities are especially the lying, it’s just that it is what they want to do as it were – hence not quite clear exactly why they would assume I will find it acceptable that my reputation on National Media should be one of somebody that wants to punish people anyway; I do not think it a crisis for my part since each time I see that stupid culture and society is the each time they will bloody lose it as well and most importantly need to get involved with me only when and if they have a copy of my Books in hand lest it gets far more serious than they currently give it credit for as it were. We hear of course that these are the people who support Russia and Communists etc but so do we also know they want to do nothing with their time except steal things from the British for Communism and that therefore also means that they want to be classified as free people and that just takes my pain in my tummy as a result of their lies right up there, which means that handling them as well becomes the main disposition of the public life their stupid celebrated idiots like to vandalise; so this is how it works – the American ones and the Communist ones mostly are under control around my concerns, it’s the embattled Middle East and African ones with their communist friends and a certain Germany that thinks the rest of Europe cannot exist without it alongside too. I don’t have an issue with the matter as such, they too need to stop pretending I need to be informed and do not actually have a clear sense of what I am doing; whereas I do not need a plan to deal with them as a whole, as it is a matter of people wanting to play up what I ate and then attack my endings etc without reason or purpose and then they will feel as though somebody has been made to take responsibility for their problems as a result of it all together anyway and I have now wish to sit on this Arch Prince’s Office to tolerate anything of their society or social lives and have no wish to tolerate any further conditions in which they get themselves involved with me without having a copy of my Books and that would be the end of this story – I do not feel like punishing people and I understand they want to speak of how I tell them to get out of my life and somebody at Industry will tell me too, which is utter nonsense as people need get involved only with copy of my Books in hand or more otherwise I am clearly not the one complaining; the lies especially cause my tummy to go upside down and then the part where they want to punish me for the smell gives me a real sense they want to kill me and unless they want to live like that too especially for Negro freedom scumbags, I suggest they get involved only with a copy of my Book in hand and then there will be no problems; it simply has to be the way it all works so the poorer ones do not hate my guts for juju beads on account I cannot be seen letting Men get what they want and the Media fools providing leadership for murderous fame freaks because they want my Public life to get rich and important and own an easy life and living with, do not complain about a loss of freedom rights, while the Industry ones do not end up with an enemy that gets out of bed every day to calculate how to create them the same problems they do here at the highest points in the City Centres of which what annoys them the most at the moment is that my behaviour is not letting them cash into the Royal Public life that clearly was their own as it were - the anus and penis and tummy insult games hurt and the lies keep the pain going all day long and it needs to stop otherwise we will end up choosing exactly how it is going to. Besides which there are a few Tyrannies still to clear out in Africa and the Middle East by the way. The state of affairs have not changed much; initial contact with me each time I find a job or social engagement is always one of finding out secretes by which to go away and develop some new extreme discrimination or racism that is connected right through superior Europe and to Russia where they can feel comfortable like Women and then for the Black ones, the part of Africa that is superior etc and once that is all wasted, it turns to the bit about how I am in their business establishments squeezing them which will only last for as long as Mr Obama is US President and I can only tolerate so much (its all spruced up with very insulting Parents and grandparents snooping around everywhere collecting fame for them - which is why the Industry ones and their insulting possessions and foolish Women who have a knack for handling people’s property on account they are feminist but cannot protect anything from any male scumbag such as they are - hence want to handle mine every single second of their stupid lives, put a stop to me at my endings and the Media ones become really fond of setting off this campaign of homosexuality that I do not wish to give into; I mean when they steal things from the British for Communists, they do right through to Military abilities and have no wish to accept that consequences will follow their stupidities when a Country as big as Russia is for instance is playing around with the Military skills of an Island Nation like the UK - what they want to complain about is a fame that belongs to me but was actually their own which I deny them along with their Media idiot and yet all together it is all about Money but they are so destructive of the one that belongs to others - stories of seeing me and getting a little Man to make promises as if that is what I am really like with their big Mouth all over the place.). All I am saying is that it is incredibly annoying; all they do with their time is breed idiots that will get into my personal space violently to settle what is to happen with what I ate, with a mind that says they are 80% related to me when I have not a foggiest clue where they bloody came from and then it is all finished off with a claim to the fame that was my Public life but is actually what I have been preventing them from having by curtailing their freedoms – the threats about Industry people that have spent my Royal Estate and need to keep me from recovering from them State Office property they have handled and thus spent as it were with their big mouth, needs to be tamed so I do not get to blow their top again. I am not sad on Valentine’s Day as such; they said I cannot stop punishing people and yet they are the same who wear suits and appear on our Television to do their jobs with a total lack of respect for and the only problem that my finances are facing; it’s not a Market conditions or my products, its irritating Individuals with a habit for making my career end up in other people’s hands turning off the customers for every day that they fail to make such a thing happen and it has been going on like that for the best part of the last 12 years, while they rob it in my face and make out what they have achieved thus is amusing - I dare say anybody would punish.


So I hear that The Military and Law enforcement gets things done with my temperaments and that it actually involves killing people; I wouldn’t know anyway – all I know is that there is nothing they can do about it, besides which the reality is that they are still doing it; the bit where you end up in a dark room with a gun in your hand and some military training while there are loud bangs on the door and you know those on the other side mean business and you have been informed it’s the devil and that he is going home with your corpse tonight and so you remember what you were taught to do and who you are; even now they are still doing it – the part where nobody knows how they have detached my person from my Public life, all we know is that the Public life will now be their own and it is getting violent because they are free too. like the other story of how I use swear words when I don’t for instance; the provocation from these guys especially Journalists and Television Personalities over this matter since the block Heads actually do think they are more important than I am, is meant to secure a reaction from me and that reaction can be given every time, if I simply commit to a bit of work; we are having this conversation because they are fed up and that should mean progress too. the only thing these guys respect is themselves and whether or not they have the ability to beat up somebody else and the rest is every bit of nonsense associated with hating moral and religious and good people, whom they actually think have no other purpose but cleaning up women for them to marry and becoming a torchlight by which they find and love and have sex with the best women in the land etc and every other bit of nonsense associated with their foolish way of life; they do actually think they are more important than I am. I do not think the matter is a crisis, these are the individuals that tend to have media to do a lot of talking with; so the warnings have to be made clear concerning the fact that no explanation they might be at liberty to offer to setting up my public life like they do, with which to provide leadership at the evils of their society which says that there is a fame they are denied through a Country that is not free, will be acceptable – so only a copy of my Book in hand will aid them with any further involvement and I have already decided on the social media platform that I wish to deploy for the trophies I shall collect thereof, the annoying bit being that they seem to sense that, through this idea I am being trapped and bullied and tortured and used by them until I am utterly spent which is what they have gotten off to a campaign to break down with that big mouth good for nothing except careers you can ensure others take from them in order to teach them lessons about your education and training expenses and so on, so they can suck up to celebrities in order to exist and believe there is nothing you can do about that too. It has become a question of the number of times random people will behave very violently towards me on the streets because of this their leadership before I start my own convenient campaign of hatred for them as well and that is the work in progress here, I am only trying to determine what they are after at this stage as there will be no time to stop.

The being trapped and used story has no basis on fact either; I handle it better when I meet people one on one – where the Men take the inspiration like I looked the way I do completely free of charge and they take and take and ruin even the manual day job that supports the student, while the women are always being nice by handling the career or company because they know they cannot protect it from their Bosses and that they will have nothing to be sorry for. I want all involvement that does not get a copy of Books first to end or each and every one will carry a punishment from hence forth. I am not in any way being trapped and used anywhere nor do I have a problem that cannot be resolved – the reality is that I should not be expected to go soft on Celebrities that have nothing to do with me; the whole premise of making some form of contact and equity property management with celebrities that are actually involved with me is based on this – no book purchases, no getting involved, I am not interested in their problems and never have been and that is an end to it.


So the story of how I am so poor and underfunded that lives are being ruined it seems is a worthwhile pass time of an adventure in conversations like I run my Career here I suppose but then again, it’s not quite so as all I own is in Trust systems and equity property and with all of the US and Africa and Middle East Turned up here to get rich and famous it will be a very difficult task to release much needed funds but then again still, they are not looking so good for their part either. They do ask how soon I propose to make it happen of course and it is the old story about the fact nobody really knows how they have detached me from my public life by which all these violent nonsense works to ensure they get to own it thereof on Media, so that it might be done to them the same way as well and even so it will be as soon as I make sure people are not famous and more so on the left hand side and that nobody gets involved with me without a copy of my Books to show for it. The how soon question is all very well as it is an example that expresses here the fact behind the reasons and the kinds of provocation that lead to the sort of violent reactions we see when people murder and commit heinous crimes, which is supposed to be the power of Media that these scumbags have. How soon – this is their question as we can hear; next we will be talking about honourable gangs who want to kill somebody on my public life as well and the story of me being vulnerable to women having to be explained i.e. that it is a matter of their need to handle my Career and talk nonsense about being feminists but cannot protect anything from any Men and hence my career will soon end up in the hand of man that are so numerous I cannot get it back etc, while they turn out to be whores that are better off in status than I am with a big mouth – the one where they assume the things I do are all magical and made up as I go along, whereas the truth is that the violent and confrontational ones soon find themselves marrying barely sane and barely criminal scumbags from which position I can get beaten up by them while their mates who got all the fame and high flier importance had beat them in every way imaginable at their own female society a long time before then; so that their own question then becomes why they are so abusive thereof – I mean I understand sexual abuse but it is therefore the only form of abuse that there is too as it were. I understand they expected me to discuss the Royal Estate of which their block heads always expect something different from what reality actually is as such and that is not to say they are not as selfish to such an extent that their world is so small and taken out of social and cultural and Political matters that they have time for popular culture vandalism of peoples academic work while being able to stave off the distraction to complete their own and pretend that going off to wait for them at Celebrity and Jobs market like I have for doing it to me really is the worst I can do, therefore they continue.

I can understand they say there is nothing I can do about them but there is no doubt the hatred for them is building up as well; it’s that story of my endings all the time by which they set out a case for how powerful they can become and finish it off with a means of putting a stop to me at my reaction to being abused as well as my finances when they love to squander; so it beats the imagination all the time if they rip up my Books and turn up at City Centres to get rich at Industry and banks which are two places they have so far stopped passing around insults of black sheep and talking nonsense of how nobody really knows who I am in my direction so far all the time – they do say they want a new Country which exists only in their stupid heads as we all know and it is where their society idiots speak of the damages I have done, of which we know their society is capable of being nice to people but I am not on such a list, therefore I will end up cutting it up every single time it is thrust in my face. What it is exactly they are protecting with chasing my endings and proving I can do nothing about me by putting a stop to me with it is beyond the imagination; is it their lives, their social class, their families? What is clear however is that when they are finished with the insults it is the celebrity routine they will be after and then I will end up teaching them a lesson that they will never forget for my bit as well. Yes of course when I have attacked everybody I will lose financially, which in actual fact is better said than done as the reality is rather that I can suck up to people with a Royal position and if my Royal position is respectful of people I will make my way in the world in a much easier way after it is done by bending them into a corner as it were and there is nothing that they can do about this either. We are not talking about all those abuses that are a function of selling up that stupid culture and their homosexual society and its anal sex by which my Court shows me things I should not be seeing, we are talking about a proper lesson that will answer the question of whether their insults and abuses are ideas they give me on how I should be handling them – otherwise they can stay away from me which is the easier bit as we are not mates or return my finances to the way they found them 12 years ago to be free of me, otherwise nobody is getting famous around here and the process of learning to hate them and act on it at a regular pace will be derived from involved with the Royal Estate and its Company without a copy of my Books as it were. It is quite impossible to locate how it is meant to have become an acceptable existence, to be able to calculate peoples finances in this way; Mr A peddled this and that on my public life – equity property used up and market damaged is this value, so calculate some loss based on their behaviour and you end up with how much they earned and how much they own – I need the fucking idiots to get involved with any effect or concerns of mine if they have purchased their own copy of my Book and I need that to be the state of affairs that replaces this own very quickly indeed as it were. It’s the same story all round; when we see them make popular culture it is because I trifle with matters of violence when I do not know how it works – whereas the reality is still that we are only getting a small measure of the kind of provocation that leads people to react the way we see them do as it were and when they make those music Videos, its either the words of the song are appalling and the video is nice or this set out will have been inverted – the reason being that they are always splitting people up and have no plans to make money by actually working for it and we all know a living wage is not good enough, they simply have to be rich by being useless.  For me it’s the part about the fact Parents do not like their kids getting about involvement and sex with me and the fact I have Celebrities at Court which seems to be their main preoccupation because they have no plans to work for their money; they want to get rich with disobedience and so far the fact they respect nothing except themselves and their ability to beat up others has meant I have taken steps to ensure none of the tax payer funds stupid Politicians spend on them to exasperate me actually pays off and all they have left now is the stupid jobs they have and there will be hell on the other side if they lose it too – playing around with me in such ways is one of the best methods of extricating such a result.

So there is this other story of how I allow Politicians get the better of me, which is not actually the case – the reality is that the big matter around most of my concerns are designed to ensure I kick them on a regular basis to ensure doing so gets a problem settled and it is also the reason I have Celebrities at Court so people get involved with any of my Concerns by getting my Books. I mean it’s not exactly clear why any sane person gets off throwing tax payer funds of mid level gangs that get killed on people’s lives by bigger honourable ones, setting up some UK Film council to do so etc and locating people whose lives are the big one such as myself according to them, that they can target s violently as they possibly can on a daily basis. It’s the old story of how Americans actually do not like the Monarchy which is utter nonsense as the Americans do not really care if it exists or not and the reasons are that it had been changed from absolute Monarchy where people were able to make money with the use of the Country legitimately to a Constitutional one where that has been completely done away with constitutionally; the problem with these idiots is not that I am unable to stop them which is clearly why they complain all over the world that I end up in people’s homes and Families and nobody really knows by what witchcraft I have done so and turn up in public places to abuse me all the time while the behaviour constitutes i.e. 12 to 25 and they are always found at the drinking place and beyond that their problems will only be solved by the use of the Country and the lives of religious people, on account when all that money makes them relapse to their youth they end up stuck with memories of getting drunk and so on, so that the main issue is that when they find themselves in that condition, they are after the Royals and when I am pushed into mentioning it they chose self improvements that show they are more important than I am. And so it is the same story all round; where The Queen likes my work for instance and then one day I might be vain enough to think I will want to see if I can become a black King – would that have meant that a White One was not good enough or would it have meant that I was happy to burn the Country with my vanity? They say I cannot stop them and I can understand it’s not unusual to hear them brag, only that they are missing me at present and are making out if I worked with them to ensure they have the energy to face the day every day, I would be financially better off but are continuing with the same behaviour still. So that in the end I get asked if there is a Government context to most of my activities; of which the government context was always the part where they give money to mid size gangs to do fame and fortune popular culture with because they want to burn the Country – so when I solve the problem I do with my own property so people can burn the Country with their property while the Politicians can keep playing around at Government Office since it was never that serious a job. This is usually where I get told that things I say and where I say them is what provokes the Politicians and puts me in danger; whereas they live in that world where people are responsible for other peoples actions – in terms of putting me in danger of which reference is made to facts around filthy old men grabbing my finances with Media and Middle aged Men grabbing everything else and stupid women grabbing my person and property which they cannot protect from Men no matter how feminist they are but in terms of provoking the Politicians of which they are referring to what happens when they enjoy selecting which crowd I should be getting around with so they can grab my Royal and Industrial connections for themselves and their Families i.e. playing up the bubble that exists between their Offices and prison service, so when I commit a crime they can rehabilitate me and move into my personal life to exist there permanently by simulating the process in public and on Media – so it has gotten to a point where I have given it my best keeping criminals out of Industry and their violent discrimination too, I have done my best keeping criminals and violent discrimination out of peoples neighbourhoods and lives and tied it off with keeping their games out of main stream living, so they can play it where they expect to make money and pay taxes as it were – what I have gotten in the form of persecution and envy from this Government Office idiots for it has been to wreck my finances and use them to continue choosing my crowd still, while claiming I move them into the greatness of the Country where their fucking Government Office was supposed to have resided; so I needed to ensure that these bad crowds were chasing them as well and now that bottom is hurting too while I have always been immune to it outside of benefits and working harder than my body allows etc we have come full circle. I am not saying they do not try but the reality is that they do not get the better of me and not least as they claim that they do; what I have tried to do is work at least three times as hard as they do to ensure my fight is with them and not with Public Offices and I am doing very well at it at this stage too. they do speak of the main issues I should concern myself with rather than make people feel powerless; main issues of which refers to an abject lack of respect for those who achieve what they cannot because they want to lead such persons – it’s the same with the story of how I do nothing for Africa but want to give the world to the UK which makes no sense whatsoever, as the reality is that I need to feel I can travel to Africa to see my ancestors any time I want without interference from their stupidities, while they want to bring trouble makers and barely criminal popularity scum into the Country to bother me, the one that they achieved by spreading their political position and influence overseas thereof especially for the socialists who fail most woefully and settling the problems their fellow socialists all over the world create as it stands – it’s nothing unusual, just the old tale of the fact you give them the benefit of doubt knowing that it will be hard to become such an orator as can win elections if you know everything and worse still unable to lead government office in a condition whereby you are human and prone to mistakes and hence it should be taken you made them in good faith, if you know everything; so when they behave in such ways you take away the benefit of doubt and they have to win elections and run government Office and make mistakes in it by knowing everything because of course they have done the resolving of personality problems at my expense more times than I can remember but have no wish to put an end to any of the violent and pointless insults. Then there is the social bit where what Women say matters not and so it will be impossible to take hold of and lead the Country if I prevent people from behaving in such ways – meaning that the 6ft guy can take it while the pigmy has never been provocative in his life and so it shows that although they have enough time and space and access as Ministers to enjoy the wealth of Female Art renaissance, the one that really matters are such ones as whether or not Leonardo Da Vinci has recently painted the Mona Lisa. They do say there was a time Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa served its purpose and yes I can understand that too but I am an Arch Prince, famous on the right hand side and not the left and the Country must be owing their bloody wages.

So the whole EU story settles up on this; where they say I have no idea what Conservative governance is all about and have no clue what is happening in the EU either but do not wish to be led; of which the being led story has always simply been one about a process of going into Public transport to see a fat man who is all over the place because he has endless needs and then in a couple of seconds find out what his needs were all about because he will sit them downing food upon food upon food – hence reality being that these are people with a Medical condition whose problems conservative idiots that should spend time on their jobs do not wish to deal with medically, if they can bring them into government to lead everybody for their stupid party using disobedience and intense insults; so it goes without saying if they tell me those abuses are a matter of how much money they want to have in life, the City Centre and Banker idiots, they will regret it too – currently I am happy deluding myself that it is something they do because it is what they want to spend their time on. In terms of the EU however what we are facing is a simple case of persons we share a Nationality with showing up all over the place – something sinister must be happening if they have not been showing up like that in the past, what these fools have told us is the pain we are suffering and how to get out of the EU, what the evidence that have come forward so far, contrary to the ones I have been reacting to up to this point which largely concerned conservative idiots pillaging my Literary Empire by removing the UK from the EU in order to control me and more so scandalously because the quantity of Temperament Mistresses Loyal to my position there does not allow them work the level of greed that they want to, in order to make their City Centre and Banking idiots feel happy with their own stupidities, is that these people have taken their cheap agricultural produces away from Russia and are here in the UK, so that is an advantage because while it may hit our agriculture sector which is subsidised by the UK in any case anyway, it will create jobs on the other hand but it is not the Socialists that will become condescending enough to bring central government into people’s living rooms that are getting us out of the EU, it is the conservatives that are calling a referendum for it, of which the absolutely no option responses to a problem associated with a prognosis that works in a manner of people with share citizenship with coming into the Country over a crisis for which they need help, should be a referendum – so they are having a go at me here because I do not pay attention to European Religious leaders having me, whereas the reality that they will inform me about again in a couple of minutes will be that of Israeli goons talking nonsense about getting one back from the people that have ruled the world with the use of the Bible which was an invention of the Jews, so the question is now whether they are stemming and controlling tensions or having me and it goes on and on and on like this and the more you think about it in terms of Policy and Law making is the more annoying their stupidity gets and then you can get yourself all led at the end too, led by idiots making things up.  So these new facts show that they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing – talk of people taking things over in the EU all the time, of which if any of those did there are actually people who would be in a better position, unlike my case for instance like many others which will not change at all. It’s like the other story they say of how it is impossible to tell when I am emotional – whereas they were idiots and losers on the left and right getting involved with me to find out what I ate violently instead of putting an end to a habit of spending my income and turning off my finances at the Markets so I do not appoint myself on their case as well; hence I am shut down emotionally unless I find somebody to be emotional with, none of which will be any of their business at such a stage; they love to do the lead from the front or you will get into trouble routine and then when you do end up kicking them and its all over the world -if they did care to look they would find my Books are designed in such ways as facilitates the Markets in the Middle East Asia and Africa but Majority of people that will be able to afford it will live and reside in Europe - hence a set out structure for Marketing and Charity; not making it up as we go along and a process of saying what I have found out which means helping when it is too late to - this is usually a show off of what they know, with which to facilitate their villainy at Political Office - by far what I hate about them the most is their insatiable need to create queues and servitude and heirarchy over Finances and income, we have a problem because they are creating it into mine; so we hear those foolish stories about reliance of Canadian and Australian Economies while Japan is still recovering and China is in slow growth and it is pretty much the same attitude that leads to popular culture empire plans being laid up on my Royal Estate from the US through to Asia, leaving me with a sense they have established a route across my world by which we will exchange the WW1 and WW2 for inter Family and inter Clan race based violence and is no wonder it used to happen in the past in that manner too - the Temperament mistresses thing that they generally feel is just going to be handed to them in my World, so we can hear somebody got killed on a regular basis to make them feel satisfied with their stupidities. Of course it is not in any way true that I am such a fabulous liar - the important reality is that of me bidding for a Royal Commission which has already been given to me because I like mine straight, besides which I do not wish to compromise my benefactor or become a danger to The Queen; the state of matters concerning my personal security however and the fabled lack of communication with my people and supporters, is that if I can get this Company and all its subsidiaries and social Media secure, things will operate the way that they should and my cash flow crisis will end and so will the whole mess associated with it too, I want it this way because this is the right way to do it.