There is no such thing as a means of putting myself up and trying endlessly to achieve something that will never come forth; if I have a business that the entire world knows belongs to me, what do a group of idiots that get on media to tell me to hand it to another whether or not they can make me, expect me to do and who will offer me an alternative job for being such a coward too anyway, whether or not I do? It’s much like the wishy Tories we have here in the UK as well, those cannot deal with rejection apparently but are completely obsessed with going off to Africa to find idiots they can introduce to UK secret security services and hand access to my personal life for it as well, places like South Africa or Kenya where I know absolutely nobody whatsoever and none of my relatives going back centuries comes from there – nor has anybody seen me go off to find trouble makers from say Norway that I can ask to make their lives hell because they are white and should be looking into the evils that their race cause. It happens because they are certain there will be no consequence for turning out to covet my possessions to a point where there is a fight to determine who keeps it and the Country which is untouchable and also a place that is not a place of origin for me where I can never be right ends up in the middle and of course it is not the first time I have warned them it is not a good thing for people to die over these things I say first of all and that fact is enough to warn idiots like them I know how to start a fight and escalate it as well, nor is it the first time I have warned them of the fact I will handle the country on one side and they on the other and we will rip it up together; for now a process where I control them and even if I lose my life will take that secret to the grave with me so I can find a cause and die over it for the progress of my race, which also plays out as other things I do because of that their big mouth blowing off on public places all the time in the sense that when I had dealt with a problem created because people want my stuff so much they bend it into a fight that involves a country that is not mine and I cannot touch or be right over anything, the truth is that the years of problems will still be something that is funny in their view on the media; so I am still at a loss as to why this is not a deterrent enough and we still hear that big mouth all over the place for it. Well it is a little known fact that all I have here in the UK is my Company and the Royal family and the reasons I tolerate all their nonsense is because they are fans of the Queen and not because I am so into the British. The other side of their great story of making those noise at me on public media endlessly has to do with somebody getting married into the Royal Family from the US; I wouldn’t know since I think that if prostitutes are not busy sorting out balance of power between men that have fighting skills and men that don’t, just like they do over which men are bigger than all the other men, then it is Americans that are doing it for the entire world – so that those of them who refuse to be part of that are labelled cunts and the reason for labelling them like that has to do with average Europeans as well looking for trouble and that noise making all over the Internet becomes really tiresome for what it is worth too. The reality is that people around here will no longer suffer these humiliation any further and these fools especially the Americans need to understand I need some peace around here – what I have with the Princess of York is a Society relationship and I have no idea if their footing at the Monarchy is strong enough for all that nonsense they get up to as it were. I had already mentioned that the Global Popular music industry is a global menace, I have finished with the matter of how they are children that care about their mothers, basically taken it up and done it and will most certainly confiscate that culture and those industries if they get anywhere near me again – I wait still to see what will come next from those record label provocation. I hear there are questions of what my problem with The Princess of York and Her American seems to have been but of course the truth is that ever since those two got hitched it’s been a case of a plan and desire to get me stuck with very racy community croons who will either make me homosexual or make me into their lover but the reality remains they do my stuff all the time and speaking of the people who know about that The Queen does. So they have not stopped that and it has offered all kinds of excuse that says the law is inadequate with respect to all I have and of course an idiot turns up here from the US whose story nobody knows and know nothing of other peoples story to make those who have their own royal commission of which he has none of his own into a homosexual of sexual plaything of racy and stupid women while he gets married to a Princess, absolutely the sort of thing a fucking yank will want to spend his time on along with his stupid family. The realities of what they are doing of course is therefore that the only group of people who like those things community croons do are the media because if they do not turn up around you to want to get involved with your life because they wish to glean power from pervading your faith because they have fallen in love with you, then they have become really busy hating the fact you have refused to co-operate because they are stupid and consider themselves to be men that others should not say a no to with a big mouth and hence generally wish to turn up and make a life you live with them so they can create problems and smear it all over you with their media and then turn out to make sure society wants the problem solved and you are the one with the onus on you to do so or it has been proven that you can and then you will just work on it forever from then on or as it stands, they basically just like community croons for the same purpose, to mess up their lives and other people’s lives and recover their lives by comparisons that make them look better off. These particular strain of idiots especially those from the US have a habit of course of turning up on Television to pass off lots of stories about what I say and how I say things about intellectual property when they have years of experience of insolent internship with various brands and have worked with some of their own for years as well – this is the kind of insult I clearly have no need of for whatever reasons because we all know they know nothing about intellectual property and what they know is living in a Country like the US where people do not put much into checking their activities to find things they can stack up in a ware house and pillage other people’s lives to sell and get rich and so there are various stages of intellectual property development of course  beginning from the idea which of course at that stage is very closely tied to the owners family and personal life and it has to develop into something of thought or action and then develop into something of thought or action that is then unique to them whether or not it is a commercial item by itself and at that stage people can decide if they want to do something of a commercial nature or not before it then becomes something used to make money in which case it reaches a stage where it must be legally patented that is if the owner wants to and does not relish a fight with these idiots for fun anyway, however it is always apt to have it patented for customer confidence and security all together which I am always keen to ensure makes thing quite clear about whether or not anybody has been scared of them. What they do is have this uncanny ability like an animal to smell and locate people who have developed a great idea at such embryonic stage as their personal and family lives which why I regard them as Industry paedophiles – then what they do is pillage 70% of what they find and spend 30% like it was their own lives selling some ware they stacked up at the warehouse in order to make money and turn up on media to talk nonsense at everybody they think or have been given the impression that they bloody well can, then spend all the energy that should have been spent working for money making people feel less guilty about what they have done with that stupid media as though it is some kind of a game – which continually gets more and more intrusive more and more personal and more and more violent with that big mouth. So this is basically a set of nonsense I am fed up with as well myself and if the Americans will not take care of it and let them flourish, they can continue to think it does them a lot of good to talk so much nonsense at me as well and tell I would be devoured in the US if I said things I have said about Intellectual property there, so it spears they cannot be seen shutting their sluggard it in hell either. They always ask what I am trying to achieve with all I say and do especially those that think I am the great achiever in a condition where I am not seen or heard because they cannot leave people alone as it were but I am simply making it clear they do need to stay away from absolutely everything that is an effect of me and then there will be no problems, so we can put to the test how nice guys even when they are Royal Princes tend to have finished last. Of course I am aware it is ever all games and vandalism playing around with businesses and Politicians and media  - no products get sold that way because of their reprisal games, insults and bloody mindedness which have no limits, I want none but get all I can everyday and so I must manage it along side making my products work for me so as to consolidate my work and release cash for me from the property; nothing of what they say about me and about my work in public therefore has a shred of truth to it whatsoever and I am definitely not in need of their stupid money either. This is me being helpful when I have to explain what I mean when I say they need to stay away from all effects of me.


Of course people have a problem understanding to their peril naturally that whenever people want to stifle the purpose of all I do so they can copy it and do it as well, they are very destructive villains who also get themselves involved with real world problems if they do not create some and make people react towards them in those ways we hear about whenever people become extremists and this is because we live in a world where people are happy to believe that it is for example sound doctrine from God that you can go into Church and worship God in your own way if you are comfortable with doing so. In my mind the outcome and consequences are always entirely deserved but I am not going down with them as well and that civil rights stuff are not looking bleak enough yet for the damages they do to my firm. In my mind it is not a big problem either not because I want to put a brave face but as I have already mentioned, I do not have a problem of racism in my life and whenever I mention it they always feel like making sure racists chase me around along with other extremists they can cause to show hatred towards me like they do towards them and so if they must manufacture a new way of living their entire lives in order to make that happen bearing in mind handling my books and finances is not enough and such facts are not enough to make them put away their insults either as I am a far more superior leader and person compared to them, then it is something they will become completely determined to accomplish as usual; I have no problems with that too since it would never have meant that racism is a problem that requires legitimate problem solving solutions in any case either and what they get is always entirely deserved too. There is that question of what I do to crush consumerism of course but there is really no such thing going on – what is going on is that of the questions they bring up i.e. because there is something called consumerism and I covet what you own and will have it one way or the other, the law will be unable to help you or will be too late in the process of doing so of which we are not yet in the Court room to find out how late the law will be yet, however the real issue is the convenience you are condemned to and yet the outcome being they have set off this dangerous precedent where people can just personalise their matters and chase around those that are more financially successful than they are, which they do not regard the fact I am immune to, have my own problems to look after aka sell my books and find a holiday home away from their stupidities: consumerism inconveniences more like. They say I interfere with their lives and claim it is Intellectual Property Administration but we all know they are happy to believe anything the media tells them about those they think they can dominate and that means I cannot breathe around here with media idiots everywhere, however the main point of call remains that old case of shut up shut up it means nothing and that your stuff is mine which they have determined is how I can be beaten especially the American ones that think they are the best racism and philosophy has to offer when white and the best that insults and money has to offer when black, as violently with that stupid satanic nonsense that tends to be played out over some ever emerging outcome of a grand plan to lead somebody they deem inferior to them about which they must handle and damage the finances to secure a means of making that possible and nobody knows why their own finances never get damaged whenever they have their stupid plans either and what they are doing with jobs when dominating those that are inferior is so important and hence it should be what the jobs are meant for and yet these things happen even when I was speaking to other people which is the benefit of media corruptions of involvement as well all these while it seems this was the aim – the need for some evil, the need for an evil that has created their desired effect and that big mouth I have not gotten to shut up too myself with that stupid backstage media. People do not have to covet everything, they do not have to try to own everything and this is my warning; they need to stay away from all effects of me and there will be no trouble. The sense that I have put myself up as a statesman that would do nothing about being hurt but rather try to live with it is wholly flawed, it is about being out there because it seems that when people are Muslim rebels and when people are white American idiots or African scum and when people are European rebels and when people are British villainy fools, the original prognosis is that I am royalty and even if I felt anything am actually not allowed to feel anything, so it is about being out there and playing the hurting people game with them as well, when it hurts me they hurt too. it is a wonder what these idiots think is going to happen if racists and extremists do not turn up to express a public hatred for me and of course as I mentioned before nobody knows why they are not using their jobs to make it happen instead. I believe I have been clear there is nothing they can do and need to move on and stay off any effects of me as it is the only way to stay out of trouble. I mean think of yourself as a soldier, now you fight and the question is what you fight for and the answer is a world where children can get about their business because they are the future and then put that in context of people turning up on media to stifle your breathing talking nonsense about how they were the ones that needed to do what you do for a living and how back stage media cultural violence means shut, shut up idiot and they will always get away with that and chose self improvements and are normal people who do not believe in religion doing philosophy and yet you wonder what those stupid organisations of theirs is really about and who it really is talking about when they say those things they say and this is what they do not weigh up before they issue their stupid threats. Important they stay away from me thereof as it were and stay away from any effect of me; the idea I believe they have the right to exist like they think they are most worthy to walk this earth alive is flawed, they are pure evil and it is not a matter of whether or not they believe in religion. I mean it is impossible to breathe around here because there is always some contestation or another over every little thing I already own and then they pop the question about life and death – that left hand side is mine and not theirs and so is the right hand side and they need to get their own, there is no power to glean from anything around here and those who do will not go without wrath.  The point is that they think they hate religious people but there is rather a name for them in the Bible i.e. sons of perdition, sons of disobedience and if anything shows that God exists it must become a media game and then there will be stories told about how the man God blessed in such ways stole the beauty from their race and yet this is something scared and while it harms they have their own definition of racial sacred all together and thereby get to talk nonsense about how I provoke them by handling their culture which of course I am not giving back as well for my part and they can come and get it if they want, after all nobody knows how I could have when they are not royalty and I have no business with them and or their culture as a result. So this is where I stand and I know they used to have more freedoms before I came along, it is however a jeopardy they were perfectly aware existed with respect to competing with religion and more so especially when they twist it and wring it until somebody decides they will not take any more nonsense from them; I am not giving it back, never ever and will take it to the grave too so it might be like that permanently forever. Yes the things I do were provocative in the first place but they were meant to be – what happened was that I had an office and marked out 7 years with which to do academic work to fulfil it professionally, left what the contents were to women on media I got around with as security for them and in that time that security and everything in the office has become the plaything of every media idiot in the land while we hear them complain but the part that creates really issues is the Politicians especially the American ones who since decided that if their low lives sought self improvement by insulting me to change their own lives then Politicians will have power and glory like has never been seen before, so at this stage it appears in their mind that nobody can understand why I am still trying to do the impossible bearing in mind the existence of insults that change everything but my name and in my mind is a question of why they cannot move their problems somewhere else. I mean these insults that are meant to ensure their low lives feel more important than I am which would propel them to unprecedented levels of greatness creates real problems here instead and so when they pop those stupid questions nobody knows why they cannot move their problems elsewhere either, instead what we get is stories about small countries trying to extend their influence beyond their limits wherefore it would have been said you were clever should you indulge them conversations about which monumental idiots would want to steal another Countries international relations etc. So it is the same old story about these money freaks in government offices all over the world and some of these issues may need to be discussed at length so we can see what their own looks like too.


Reality check of course is that of the fact that we all like to live in a world where there is no war but that is not necessarily to say people are supposed to have a deluded view of what their power and influence in the world really is. No idea why people cannot run their business outside of government office and for a large number of them it is even worse than that because they have bought shares in other peoples businesses and so delegated the difficult task of starting their own from scratch and running it successfully and have so much time on their hands to cause trouble with, now they fancy government office too and go in there to boost their money that is already working for them and not the other way around. I have been clear if I wanted to preserve the Interest of my Country in their Countries, I would in broad day light and they would do nothing about it. The part where I am promiscuous of which makes no sense whatsoever because I still cannot make out where these idiots got involved with things nor am I prepared to tolerate any sight bit of their presence around my work, besides which they are not the Industry Community where my business is likely to be comfortable and more so they have a problem with the idea I don’t show myself in public which would be detrimental first for the fact I need to distribute the books and take out a holiday away from their stupidities and it would also secondly interfere with the work that The Working Court does to appear in public like that. So as I mentioned no idea yet where they got involved with things but that is not to say we will not get to the bottom of it either. Of course I know most of what I do is not done with my own stuff but we have to understand I have gone from being treated like a fuck bag who needs to move left and be like a woman by black people to being treated to a sense of racial discrimination incited and operated by the media and supported by black people as well, I am black and actually belong in a black community, this is what they forget and will soon pay a price high enough to shut their filthy mouths as well. It all together does call for a need for an act of government which is what I am doing, something to control people turning up at the Royal Property to behave in any way that they want. In essence therefore I am perfectly aware most of what I say has nothing to do with my own life but my own work; I mean the best way to look at it is when men want a piece of me and they get it and women want a piece of me and they get it and media want a piece of me and they get and politicians want some of mine and they get it and even priests and bishops want some too and they get it and businesses want and get it, there is enough gall going on but I am generally impressed. I mean they always say what they say but I simply have finished with them and wish to get down to procedure involved with getting book sold and don’t want to be bothered by anybody while that is happening – we all know the black ones are the black ones for example but when they are finished making out you are supposed to move left and get handled like a stupid woman while they get powerful and sit at a distance to impose it and seek prerogatives with Politicians, they do not complain, until when I feel I have had enough and there is a need to enact the sense I am black and therefore belong in a black community and that it is their own that looks like that, then we hear the stories but with that big mouth going on everywhere they will soon pay a price that will shut those insults up as well. The business ones can simply get around making out a process of securing the kind of money they used to get before the recession through a means of getting about fidgeting with distribution systems and getting Politicians to work poor people hard and find ways of putting money into their hands so they can buy things which prices will have been inflated, nice idea of course but I don’t see what it has to do with me, showing that I had no choice but to handle them as well and make a case and story and a history out of it besides which it is generally an upstanding thing that I have done anyway. As for the media, for those the need to see extremists attack me will never diminish and comes up every single day for their part as it were and what I have done to them as well is not hurting badly enough but it is the Politicians whose horizons I have confiscated all together because they always lead these things and the mannerism of doing so had something to do with people taking a peak at my life and my work and turning out to tell them somebody is depending so desperately on a process where they had made just and not unjust laws that the person is almost ordering them around and then it immediately becomes something else on the basis of their view of people they help bearing in mind the media is very fond of such things and will already have completely destroyed my business and finances in order to do, hence when I say I am done with them and do not want them bugging me at the book sales not that there is anything they can do anyway. The part where I am said to talk a lot but can do nothing is where we have to set out a case with respect to black people about how they do these things like an evil that does not rest but when done do not wish to be the only category of black people that exist in the world anymore because those who have problems with black people will target them instead, the businesses give little thought to what others think they find the most funny i.e. when they drive their cars past others they must make a sneering abusive and humiliating gesture with the only reason being that the person looks like he is better off on his legs than they are driving their stupid cars and this is where it will start speaking of one that comes to mind readily, other options might come through as we go along, in order for me to see what I can and or cannot do and then we will find out if I am boasting when I speak of kicking their arse again and on the money if they mess around with the book sales I intend to concentrate on and in their case the general idea is always that they think themselves to be the radical sector of businesses but then believe that a person getting involved with those beyond their league is a good enough reason to slash and burn a firms finances and talk nonsense about who is to blame in a world where they cannot enforce anything save an inability to let other be, for the Politicians on the other hand it is a matter for example of say International relations and what the UK is as a country and the fact a Politician cannot go along with that to the cost of billions of pounds to the Country while he returns home to slash benefits and force me into unpaid work because I have been on it too long while he and his media idiots vandalise my finances but this is actually half of the costs that Politicians and their wasteful stupidities inflicts on this Country that they should know so much about how to save us money by slashing benefits because the other side if that of what I am worth to the British Government on £70 a week while Politicians use my company for such wastefulness as I have mentioned above – so these are the facts of how it will be when I had started the unpaid work regime and they cannot let it be and I decide to become the worst protest thing that ever happened to them by handling their own and using it to do the job all the time every blessed day speaking of the options available. Let’s ‘re-cap’ here; it is £70 a week and lots of unpaid work promised, for a Literary Empire they cannot stop making use of – I am prepared to do the unpaid work for being on benefits for too long but they dare not let it rest, it is their own that looks like that. The power thing has not yet been handled as we speak you see, the part where they feel it is perfectly alright to blow off at me things I can or cannot do whereas everybody knows especially the ladies that if it is impossible for you to threaten them and apply consequences when they do things to harm you they will want to do it all the time, so on the matter of selling my products and being an upstanding person this aspects of being with the guys and getting things done and putting an end to loutish nonsense and stupidities will have to be applied. What I said is what I stand by, it is nothing but hardworking activity and I am black and belong in a black community and the black people responsible for these things will soon have paid a price that is great enough to make them stop before it actually does. I mean we have these conversations about whether society should recognise people on the basis of ability or on the basis of diversity but I would not know either since in my view diversity and ability have very little in the form of differences between them i.e. we have a culture that says we like to do that your stuff for you does not make it less insulting because those who practice it play football or something he should be afraid of and would not dare say where we women rule with a big mouth that depends on state sponsored unemployment through Politicians which I will take up and do for them with my media friends soon enough does not mean it is any less insulting and likely to be tolerated by those who are not the Husbands and Children of those who do it because they are Women and then we get through to the extremists who then say things like I want to take up that your thing and do it for you the way you should have done it to avoid annoying me to a point where it ends with your death and my imprisonment and when you ask them exactly what it is you do which annoys them, then the answer is that you turn up on their Country which means you are and have been stealing it and work hard to get a job which means you have stolen their jobs etc. For the Black women and something I need to be made to fear as a guarantee however, I pay less attention to it because they are if they happen to explore themselves will agree with me too, they are incredibly stupid but the more important fact is that we hear these stories of black culture from them all the time because they are very lazy - lazy at work, lazy at putting themselves into getting around with people and by the way of which I have no idea how on earth they knew more about black culture than I do when I have lived in Africa for longer than they have, not to mention those their stupid children that were born yesterday. In the end the right hand side and left hand side in question here is mine and I get to determine what happens with it and so people get to find their own and take their wickedness with them there and let me be, my way or their own.