Now it is never true that there is content to my work which secretly sees to it that there is a fundamentally easy short cut to social equality whenever people need it, although I make a lot of noise about supporting the upper class on the other hand. The truth is that these goons have no plans to stay off my work and leave alone my earnings for the most part. However if the facts need be set straight then what I should say is that there is no social equality that can be devised today which did not exist some 3000 years ago in this Country. At those times the Ruling class were responsible for handling everything from trade to government and International relations and the Country was in itself first, last and everything for everybody else. Hence we understand and it is clearly set out the kind of fanaticisms by which the Middle class think they should be able to handle it as well – I mean it is not that the working classes in those days did not trade or anything, they did but it was a matter of being checked out, if you knew somebody and the person introduced you, if you know what is what when others did not introduce you or you are now left to your devises by those that did etc. When it really comes down to it however the truth and reality is that every incompetent goon is always convinced of how much work they have put into doing a particular thing and that nobody else can do any better but what we get from histories of struggles and civil freedoms is the results of when somebody else ends up doing better is married with a process where they themselves are never wrong and will destroy the lives of everybody else after bending peoples businesses into homogeneity with their own. These histories of battles and struggles are never really important in actual fact and it is a process where people make them seem they are that creates and brews things like Nazism and so on. I am not in any difficult condition as they have made out that I am either; the realities about their racism is not that I do not know that they exist, I do know however that they wear flash suits to practice their racism on me academically and then boast especially as football people about how they are so good at it that they wear suits to do it and it is for this reason that we are exploring the possibilities and we all know the eventual end products to be that both the academically inferior and academically superior always end up on a science table being dissected by those who need to know, so they have nothing to worry about. All I usually need to know is why anybody would leave home and get to an office to make a right mess of another person’s job which is clearly a plaything for them, what I want to know is why it is impossible to get into an office or sit beside them to do a simple job without a titanic contention with the evils of their society, all I want to know is who exactly since it wasn’t me, told them to get involved with my parents in order to tell me how to behave – the insults are incredible of course but we are getting there that is? I know they call me a meddling little shit but I know their trade as well, after besides such a fact not so long ago the rule was to bully their wives into fixing home for them and because they are used to using other people like items to make money, they turn out to completely mess mine up as well and wreck my personal life to peddle and trade for money any form of family life that I have; so the explanations behind the reasons I do what I do with their women besides the fact that women like that who like their husbands cannot save the insults and feel like peeing on me all the time simply want an occasion where their husbands will get their chance to beat me up to occur but for now I will handle these women anyhow I like and they can get on media to be free of me with a result where they start again each time they achieve that but my warning remains the same; they need to stay off my book sales as there is nothing they can do about me and that is it for today, tomorrow is another day. By the way of which they should know it is the lower classes that are happy I exist at all in the first place and since they have not heeded any warnings in 12 years for their games, I will need to respect the fact peoples racism can hurt me in order to ensure they do not pass me by over jobs anymore like I have told them before I know how I will get them anyway – if there is a class battle over who gets to own me, they need to get off the book sales first so we can decide, otherwise contact with my parents to make me behave just one more time will set off my own brand of war on their low life middle class armies and the popular culture that supports them as well and they will win it like they have won everything else and then I will stop struggling so people can get pleasure from a process where I do. I know they always say there is nothing I can but they know they say it to somebody who does not just have revenge but has the right revenge because he has got the energy and has got it generally apparently, so yes, at present I have grabbed their Parliament and twisted it into corner where I can get up every day to do for the Politicians what they should have been doing, just like wrecking my finances to allow these idiots to use me for a plaything as done despite taking 8 years to tax payer funds to do so and creating an evil sub culture in the wake of doing so as well, any risk is worth taking because I am not superior enough to be relevant, which I guess will lead to a process where I handle minutes of Parliamentary business everyday to do it before it stops as well; in their view what I really need at this point since they must chase up and use absolutely anybody for trophy victory and trophy power, the entire cabinet is now a liability that my company has to deal with, that big mouth all the time. Yes I know I claim involvement with women who have nothing to do with me but of course we all know it starts with the democratic corruptions of involvement that means they can get involved with any organisation they want especially the Church that is corrupted and therefore weak whenever they do and soon the result is that they report their news into my bed chamber and the outcome is that they use my media equipments to talk through to me but it is the insults they will not keep at home that causes action to occur, it is impossible to warn them enough about it. Like that old story of how I prevent boys from loving their mothers, which is entirely predictable for people who get involved with my parents to make me behave when I am fed with having to contend with the evils of their society because we share an office but of which in my case I don’t share one with them, they do it to me because it is a desire, do it like they do with women who are not married to them on account they can handle anybody and so the result is society shoving me on one side and shoving those women on the other to make shove piggy shove out of the fact I exist and they exist, so this result was entirely predictable in the circumstances by the way of which their black girls still cannot keep their insults to themselves so we will continue with those things I do that will get me into trouble with trading standards i.e. the golliwog mouth and white trash stories will remain on my websites because I envy them and may extremists envy them so as well that I might not exclude them from my Church and religious business because of their civil rights. Its the 9th of May at this point and at this rate they will easily reach the seven page blog target by noon tomorrow; it seems that the little Kings and Queens that have to run after people to get stories in order to have a job that makes them enough money to describe me as a little shit whose problems I can make heavier and heavier whenever I want have it in them after all.


Now the heart of the issues have always remained as they have been for years i.e. I found my way around a problem of goons who have cultures and feel like using my body parts and body fluids to make money in some way, they claim they hate me because I masturbate and how they know or what makes them think that is of course the things women do when they think I am beautiful in appearance and so on etc. So it is the same old issue of these goons and how I managed my world and life in such a way that I could easily get home to sleep well no matter what I have been up to in their society and culture all day but of course this was done before I was 17 but by the time I returned to the UK at 21 I apparently had come into a country that was more modern and more evil according to them as a result of which they found a willing Labour Government that wrecks my finances and holds me down to open up my personal life for them and now we have reached a stage where they will shut down that access and shut down whatever it is they think they are doing with my books, get out and move on; it has come to that point because of my need to ensure that I no longer put up with idiots on the other hand hurting me to make me deal with difficult problems in their stupid lives that I know because I am a cultural item, which they constantly have excuses for and hence media used to talk above me to ensure they continue to do it while they boast they can do and undo which of course was never meant to last in the first place. So I am back again basically, far from a man half of whose life has been eaten by this cultural nonsense along with the men that practice it and the other half is predestined and specifically set out by culture, society and politics to be the property of feminists with a big mouth. I still fancy older women however and not getting off my books is the point at which it will blow up in their faces as well. Their media have a rather simple task; stay off my book sales, report their news outside of my bedroom (you see I watch television in my bedroom and I have no business with them but with my working court in which there are no men and of course they have created their perversion access through democratic corruptions of involvement, lots of insults and desires that nag on until they are fulfilled) and they all need to stay off the Industries. No such nonsense from them as well as how what I say means taking the mystery off my royal estate; its a boy and his toy thing and with the media relates to the matter of what causes them to plague me to make money, of which is utter nonsense because I am simply keeping up my stuff so that people can feel like going off to the UN to have fringe conversations with presidents and diplomats to denote something abusive about me and return to take advantage of me then get all over the world making sure people have enough of what I think about it in order to gag me as well by which whatever is left is then the property of those who hurt me to get me to fight for them and the feminists at the top of it. I do not think it is a major crisis for my part either; being angry because they exist is a good thing – they are pure evil and the process of sharing the perks of my job with me will come to an end one way or another, whether or not there are delusions out there I am being gutted and made to display what is inside of me which black idiots can make out to be racism as well. The biggest problem nowadays is that they love to claim some sort of victory for being able to exasperate me into saying everything I could have saved up to fight with and the reason for it is not that it is all over like that but that think they have gotten away with it and that is why we have the media pressures and attacks and abuses and all kinds of justice seeking nonsense like when the Politicians wreck my finances and help open my personal life to them to build up nonsense on media with without asking why they want it in the first place: What they do is regularly plan to set out and get around attacking Christians, they even think it is funny and their Politicians say it is their civil rights only when they are certain you have reached a point of no recovery they show you how your stuff looks, when they do have their own lives to live and the reasons they do that is chiefly that they cannot understand why anybody would believe in God while the cliché is that we do their stuff, especially for the women that cannot simply save their insults and keep the abuses. They love to claim we provoke them because they think they have gotten away with it, like their middle class army that must destroy everybody to pleasure the wealthier middle class people with popular culture celebrities all over the place making a mess of everything around here that I have never given them permission to handle, no penny of which is shared with them, such an occasion is important so that they might want my earnings but some of us actually have not gotten used to it and they have not gotten away with anything. It has nothing to do with seeking to get round to the more difficult tasks and try hands of heavy lifting either; they pretend they can do and undo and since the insults do not necessarily provoke the Christian it is the obsessive nature of their desire to wind me up, which then brews all kinds of interest most important of them being that it is not in their interest to see me as financially successful and this of course an aesthetical start with respect to their wickedness of undercutting me at the most basic of my instincts of humanity. Contrary to their claims of which I have always maintained that popular music is the best thing that the devil has done for the UK; it used to be evil in the past but contained some cultural aspects, today it is purely and entirely 24/7 process of exploring peoples personality for millions and nothing corrupts this country any better than they do. Apparently it seems we have reached a stage where their big problem with me on the other hand is that after all those times where they have violent opinions they air all the time that get my attention and thereby make them happy to look upon something beautiful that is scared of them and helps them smile and make advertisements and get rich, after all those attacks when they never see me in their Clubs or Pubs and cannot allow me live like I want, it seems they do not want Church in their lives as well which also gets to mean they are coping out. I know it is said Businesses and Industries have not authorised me to do any of the things I have done with my establishments but there is no need for anybody to authorise me to do anything with my Royal Property just because they turn up on it way too often for their own good, along with media fools and advertisement industry idiots and Popular culture vandals - by the way of which they are no Royal Princes and this is where a process whereby they never listen when warned about the personality competition with me that causes them to seek leverage through my finances. It is therefore the same old story about their bloody-mindedness about which they need to get off my Literary Empire and find their money somewhere else; I own it and broker the Equities with businesses I want to, besides which it’s been years now since they decided every public appearance costs me the derivatives, equities and income of my company, either for work, for shopping and anything that causes me to appear in public which these days is no longer relevant because they have enough to ensure they can take anything they want whenever they want, like the street gangs who are dealing with the kid that likes to tag along which is incredibly annoying because it has all been made up and then validated by insolent Politicians who think what I think about what I own does not matter  - hence there is really no concrete thing that suggests they have prove I do not own anything I claim to besides changing my own story over my Own Literary Empire to claim the income with structures they have erected to extract the perks of my job with; they have built it, I am not very happy with it and it has a story about which we must know what the ending is as well. No need to say more than about how my inability to prevent trespassing on my royal Property and its earnings is a myth.


The idea in any case that most people are not aware of domestic violence and how it happens especially the Police is as we know a load of rubbish in its own right; the reality being of course that every Woman wants to be the celebrity that is pampered by her Husband but in actual fact even Celebrities do not get pampered by their Husbands and this is rather the real world. So you cannot decide that the Police station must break up people’s marriages; I mean all families are unique and not are practically perfect in its own right, hence in end there is actually really nothing anybody can do about domestic violence in anyway. However the facts should be considered as to other safety mechanisms that apply i.e. if you were rather used to attacking a person’s career, it does not apply that you will not get into trouble with the law if you see an office in his living room and get into his house to vandalise it but the only group of people that are changing that is women of course, so it really does not make any sense when they complain as well, while we all know those behaviour apply only to men they suppose they can do what they like with; especially for that group that are supposed to have been the money madness army of the wealthy middle classes, it seems to them at all times that life must fundamentally be lived in the knowledge that some man they think they can do what they like with is screaming facts of how the rich get richer and poor get poorer over his head, even though the popular culture celebrities do not share a penny of it with them and so when I mention one more contact with my parents leading to a war with this their army, they suppose I am bluffing as well. In the end the question becomes that of why some women would feel there are men they can do what they like with for the most part and beyond the matter of being a moral person; In my case they say I insult them and think I can talk to or get involved with any woman I like when I am the Arch Prince insulted onto desperation and financial ruin and called names as well so that it might not become just a blip to express their stupidities while they are nonrated. It developed from a desire to have sex with me which is an expression of their confidence that this country is so modern that it should be possible to have sex with anybody that anybody wants to have sex with, hence the provocation by financial damage forces me to set up a state of affairs of sex unlimited while they are going to get it from me too as it were, on invitation as well if I want to do a beauty on the matter so we can find out because of course it soon moves to a career issue and practical ways of usurping my place in the world in order to get rich or famous or have a better career; so yes it is a stage at present where we must now work at how I must get out of renting peoples homes for the most that but I will never let it apply until I am done for my part as well. The reality is that the Police would have wanted to chase them around in order to ensure that the state of affairs around them is under control like they do community croons but they are always beyond everybody else’s league for the most part, so that when they do things community croons do which has more to do with how changing facts and orientations around people that others take to in order to get attention and continue in such wanton wickedness, after which they sell it to Politicians as a means to power if such things and the lies and the abuses can lead to an ability to determine what people are allowed to do with themselves financially, they tend to do it in an environment where the men they do it with have been separated far from law enforcement by their very actions, so there is a lot of temptation and a lot of incentive for the violence that takes place thereof.  I am not of the opinion it is a major crisis for me, it is not – the black heads are tough enough, which if I mention I would have to ask myself where I get it from but usually the outcome is that the guys ask me if I suppose I am there yet anyway; the reality is that I say somebody is a colleague big or small because I need to create a condition where facts are clear to men which far, far, far more majority of them do understand and work with, that women do not use peoples things to do things and some things might be misunderstood but the ones that are with me are with me and are friends and colleagues in order to allow people to live their lives in an understanding and the application of the fact that women are not punching bags. However which these block heads are tough enough and such attention as are wasted on them should rather have been deployed looking into the safety and security of children which is actually lacking as it is and no thanks to them for that by the way. The Police do everything to prevent these kinds of things from happening all the time and mostly never want to know if you got offended by mentally disturbed community croon but if you are responsible for stirring the things she does to change the state of affairs and facts around people which degenerated into gangs and violence and crime and racism, they will never ever support anything you do in anyway and can even start persecuting you as well in no time if they want – so contrary to popular notion, the Police really are not on anybody’s side. My point therefore is that if anybody I know or is affiliated to me gets involved in domestic violence in anyway victim or perpetrator, it is likely to have been an occasion where they were sucked in and bystanders and passersby that are suck in are precisely that and not something else; these are the reasons I therefore keep my friends and allies as close as I do. For these goons and their media idiots and popular culture vandals however, this equity piece is for today, tomorrow is another day. These things are all fights they engage themselves in all the time; the whites are soft and cuddly and describe their foolish children as babies that must be protected from others who are older and ugly at all times, the blacks describe themselves as old and ugly and anything that looks like a baby provokes them and I am a bystander and they need to be made to keep their insults to themselves and understand I am precisely that and nothing else, not turn up on my media equipment to show their answer to everything especially wealth and fame is to express the fact they do not forgive those who offend them whereas they themselves do not believe the air is free with a big mouth and of course their stupid croons are another story and I have been clear about what the result of one more contact with my parents to make me behave will become, so we can put that big mouth to the test; the story remains the same, one more contact with my parents to make me behave will start a war they want and they need to stay off my books and off the industries as I am fed up with their stupidities on my media equipment being their answer to everything in life and that is it for today 11th August 2013, tomorrow is another day. The Immigration conundrum is never really a big one either; what happens is the Policy of the Politicians that they vote for and have conversations with to ensure those policies work in such ways as well i.e. the Labour Party can simply get up and plan to use immigration to boost the career of its Politicians because it does not wish to do anything according to the rules and laws of the land or according to merit when they have civil rights and society to play around with and knowing it will bring problems are relaxed about it because they have chosen which race of people will suffer the results and consequences and outcomes, quite remarkably those same group chosen to suffer for pervaded government policy on immigration then chose to vote for the same government that does it because they have also chosen somebody and in this case me, to suffer the consequences of what happens to society as a result of immigration which consequences they have not been able to create and like to have their own explanations for the equities of this books I write and even the ones that are from the company which I display here on the sites to suit their purposes and run those stupid provocative media campaigns of theirs looking for a piece of me all the time to that effect too; however the main case remains that I have been clear one more contact with my parents to make me behave from this date will lead to a result of one more task for them as well for my part. The one where the Conservatives and Liberal democrats go off to bring Nigerians into the British Security system because it is where my parents come from is very well understood but it is never really one of my prime concerns since the truth and reality is that the vicious vengeance from me against those who barge into my Royal affairs and rock my boat - feminists here, women's rights there, domestic violence there and so on with their stupid media and Politicians will never diminish or cease and they are welcome to continue until I am ready and set out a publicity campaign around it as well - by all means never get out and get lost when they still have the chance to do so as it were (worth bearing in mind in case the process of building immigration problems around me to help people and then spread the problem everywhere is not going to move on and move away any time soon enough).