I have no idea who it is that develops those stories that politicians like to latch onto that I am the black sheep of my family. I am really not the black sheep of anything, it is a matter of when I want to do what I do and when others want to do what they do and everything connected with my academic lack of performance are things I am well aware will have such an effect whether or not they are a function of my own choices. Besides which I find it impossible to understand how a collection of idiots that want revolution in their country so the society can be the way they want before they pass any exams in school would know about how others happen to have been black sheep anyway – I mean the society and the Politics and the community relations need to change or I cannot pass any exams and will have to commit crimes says I am black sheep and this is really plausible, under different circumstances I will have been falling over on my sides by now. The politicians believe they should spend all my time gathering what I know but in a condition where they get the fame for it and it is never clear therefore how I could have been a black sheep as such, except that we are also clear therefore about the fact that some people just find it impossible to show any kind of respect for the achievements of others. So we end up with all those insults about giving back the left or how I am the Queens concubine that has no respect for their own, that love to get on public places, especially Television to pass insults at me because they know where my books are and want to use them to be rich and famous. For the part where I was supposed to have been the Queens concubine, it seems that I cannot send a message strong enough yet about people messing up my office and of course I am not a black sheep, there are three aspects to my career which I now have to take steps to mention and not because I take seriously being named a black sheep or anything of that sort but because I need to clear up the question of whether or not I am which will soon develop its own distractions if allowed. The three aspects are first the Library which I have recently completed and they have found out I have and gone off to sit somewhere to expect me to take my computer out of maintenance to create another anti Christian persecution that will make them money and provide all kinds of perversions of my faith to create energy they need and so I had already taken steps to mention that on my site and am geared up to ensure that depending on which side I give my computer for repairs this time around, facts will be settled in international and diplomatic communities about the wickedness of their communities that do nothing but try to rule people as insolently as possible all the time and the Muslim ones that seem to get along very well with everybody and I will end the whole thing with that stuff about what 9/11 should have done for Muslims but did not do for them because Osama Bin Laden is mad and then I will take it up and do it for them as well. The other has to do with the books that I write to support my career which is  basically about their insults and the process of making the most of the facts about me that sticks to people’s minds when their stupid children throw those insults at me as well and they need to stay away from those as we are not mates and of course there is then my main stream career which is a legal one as well and they might want to get off the academic work before I begin to develop ways of accessing, exhibiting “why not?” behaviours from the access and handling their career and incomes like they love to do my own. For the part about their women however they are happy for these scandals of my career and personal life to exist internationally so that these stupid women can savage it and make pornography about the so called illiterate leader that thinks he can tell important people what to do but then have difficulty living with the idea that I will want to deal with it globally too which is how we have ended up with a process where I intend to ensure the leisure, tourism and entertainment industry feel me and the atmosphere of me hunting those their idiots until they die and when they do neither criminals or the Police will have been responsible for it, only maybe perhaps emergency services helicopters all over the skies when they are so that the air can be cleared over living in my life and telling me where I am supposed to be, turning up at my place all the time to take a look at me and tell me the feeling that suggests they are drowning in their problems are things they find insulting because they are my boss because they never know when to shut it etc. They even speak of businesses of course which I guess is that stuff that happens on grounds they never listen i.e. that a writer who works from a half monastery office is not the same thing as very clever and successful versions of civil rights goons and royal idiots we seem to see, talk about and complain of all the time, with respect to which their big boys games because they have their own businesses and know what is best for the economy is noughts, rubbish, wrong answer, zero. For my part I have made it clear that there is supposed to be a sense they can do whatever they like and so can I whatever I like but their persecution of the Christian means first of all a process where I am being pushed to do bad things in the sense that when they are after my academic work and book sales like they normally are it is an evil and horrible thing but people do not see me react a lot because the reason is that they do it on account they have not got a clue what to do with their own jobs and this is of course where I hit them as well, hence it is when I sit back to look at time wasted and the fact I have not made payments towards my pensions or planned my mortgage recently that makes me want to hurt them physically or indeed other Christian persecutions which always seem to have the one and the same outcome of making sure I cannot do what I like while they do what they like because they have got access to my finances and I have not got access to their own, hence do not seem to understand what I mean when I say I will be satisfied when it becomes clear they understand that money comes from employment and not partying (where they have found perversions that can be gained from destroying and handling my property to create party atmosphere so that all they need to do it find money and sell things to people during those parties to be successful). It seems that the process where I can do what I like and they can what they like will not be settled by reason and so I will by attrition, hence until that time I encourage them to keep fighting – so I can find out how I will not sell my books and how they are not going to keep themselves out of my life as well. there is no such thing as losing a sense of myself, only that if people want to confiscate my career like they make out, then how long will the confiscation last, three hours maybe perhaps until I get on a computer and start again or perhaps they will enforce it and it is not the first time I have spoken about their wickedness and politics that is applicable with pros and cons to my humanity, person and body when I have things they want and don’t give it to them. of course I know that I say things that will stay with people for months but at the rate of hours but I am not doing the move on eventually thing anymore because they cannot do their business or fame thing without my schedule and what I aspire to at work and of course they cannot do it and move on if the end products is not that they earn my income and leave me with nothing so they can do it again – the idea of I do what I like and they do what they like will not be settled by reason anymore, I am not doing that any longer, it will be settled by attrition i.e. they are very fond of what seems to be violent and oppressive over-enslavement from their veteran lesbians and community idiots that are naturally abhorred by any man of important standing, this is then further carried through by their mistresses that get all over the media and diplomatic circles as well, hence every changes and development in my life and my world must be placed on a public place where they can bandy a cliché at me which says it is not how they do my stuff for the respect, it achieves nothing but intense and violent insults and bullying from those mistresses which suggest intention of brute force on me with a big mouth. So I said that the delusion remains that of the fact that it is said the Banks are the problem but in actual fact American Politicians are and they say it is an issue at this point because I am talking about things I know nothing about when in actual fact everybody can see that what happens is that they know Banks will likely try to take advantage of markets they think are thriving, they know those markets are not safe too and that the perception that the banks have of those markets is a function of their domestic and international policy but they will let the banks do it so that they might get into trouble with the people, which constitutes 50% of the problem – the other 50% being that the people are supposed to go up against those who earn at least 1000,000 as much as they do, this constitutes all together ¾ of the problem and then comes the final ¼ that is the main point i.e. after all these years of pitching people against businesses, the purposes of the politicians are yet to materialise and it is not getting better by the day, which is therefore something they do because their salaries are safe and other peoples salaries are not.


Something men do generally that involves getting deeply involved with peoples business in order to wreck it on account it is not big and or important enough to be respected and we are not talking about the fact sitting on a chair in your house to complete a project or academic study is impossible due to the fact their stupid women are sending you on errands and claim to want to have sex with you and that it is happening as punishment for the fact that you are not interested, just because a neighbourhood exists which of course whether or not it does is something you can do nothing about, we are not even talking about their media rude bastards that want to deploy my schedule and all I aspire to after setting out my products, to do their own riches and fame but at the same time believe they must be able to sexually abuse those who interrupt their shows or interrupt them when they are having conversations etc and we are not talking about how all these matters are my fault when my stupid evil mother continues to remain their biggest asset in a world where women ensure men do not force them to provide for everybody while the men put their feet up and therefore believe those their destructive stupidities must be deployed against absolutely anybody of their choice about which I like bets too for my part. I have never said the matter is a problem either what I did say if I must quote myself is that the delusion remains that Banks are the problem when in actual fact American Politicians are and should point to the reasons I have stated above yet again for the purpose because a process where people question and challenge my opinions may lead to a condition where they make their stupidities a personal matter as well. They speak of this thing where I wanted something to be done about small businesses that do nothing but wind me up and despite all that destruction have done nothing about what it really is i.e. goons who learn a thing or two about business and then pick up some files to write a thing or two about having a business and then get off to the banks to collect money and once done write another thing or two about insolvency and disappear, I for my part never told them these small businesses that plague me was something I could not deal with as it were. For the part of the businesses on the other hand, the simply matter has more to do with the fact a Bank may be selling mortgage products for example and it is in their interest I sell equities and securities but somebody will think that the purpose of their existence is to target and destroy those equities and securities everyday and then put up a face for their really excellent small business CV but considering the CV of the banks and how much it suffers at their hands on the other hand the real question then becomes that of what the chances of them getting any money from those banks really are. I for my person on a personal note really like those idiots that enjoy punishments I suffer over how they tell me what and especially when to do what I do whenever they find out what I do and how I am to do it by snooping around my company and my work with their media and how to do it from a point where they really do not exist and of course a process of doing so surprises me all the time and is bad for my health therefore expresses a process where I am being punished of controlled or disciplined by the fathers who want to make money and like to make so much noise about being owners of me, while they pervade all I do to carve out energy that is to make them money by making me think about it over and over and over again i.e. either I have done my stuff when I should leave it for others or I have waited for too long and lost money while they have taken it all etc but there was always be extra processes of questions about absolutely everything I do etc which creates an atmosphere for some money or a life or energy and means to do so that was meant to be mine being something they control; I do not worry about their existence but it is another example of how politicians delude themselves that the global economic crisis is not a problem they create and hold out on because it is frustrating for everybody else, within the understanding that these idiots never rest for this and the distress for me on the health matter is actually something they enjoy which cannot be wrong because they are earning a living and everybody likes it when they are not con men and or violent criminals. There is this claim of course that media exists to hold Politicians to account and I am the biggest problem they have got with that; I think it is a conversation that will never take off for my part as well. I mean I don’t think the media exists to hold any Politicians to account – what really happens is that when you feel like doing whatever you like with people’s property you get in touch with the media and get on their side, then the second part is that when you want to stretch yourself across the length and breadth of society to be a horrible person for power, realise later you have no money and handle the money good people work for, then you make friends with the media and get on their side and finally once you have done that and settled it, you can then get politicians to decide what people give up and what people think about you on a daily basis to climb on media and extract an income from other people’s property everyday as well, then make noise about it like the owners cannot do anything about it too until it goes badly wrong. What I have said about media and government which seems to wind them up with respect to the BBC technically is that the license fee is that expenses system is for politicians and if they are looking for a cause that is their opposite and for private broadcasters like sky what I have said is that their sense of accountability with respect to a company that must make profit amounts to terrorism and blackmail against me on account they know where my books are and what my royal title is and so if I take them at their insults they own it and they own me about which we will see as well. it does not mean I am unaware of what really is the truth about media, so this conversation about how I interfere causes that old idea they live here to go beyond its limits which is why I would tend to think a normal person will consider what I have said here to be a threat (bearing in mind when you are the BBC for example and need to do things that bring you popular support, entertaining idiots at the studio in return for the payment of millions of pounds to presenters does not really get counted among what you do to hold Politicians to account with respect to which I tend to interfere). So of course they also claim that I bring these things on myself by being all over the lives and things of lower class people but in actual fact they will determine mu finances and tell me which of my achievements I am allowed to have, not to mention the fact the message from books written from a half monastery office will never get out with this happening, considering that this is now their own lives as it were and the slight chance of that message getting out therefore is up to them too. Hence in the end the idea that if I spent more time putting these sorts of words into a marketing programme people would hear about the books. I am going to hit them very soon and very hard too. Just as I am aware of the displeasure of the Prince of Wales over things I do about which he does not need to show he is German all the time over my finances nor will I take any rubbish from his recently over bloated population of out of royal normalcy rebellious insolent peers; he seems to acquire them specifically for me and that has been going on for years and years now – started off with showing me he thinks of himself as German all the time and then somewhere around 2004 has since changed to things about how I seem to have been the one marrying his ex-mistress. The most important fact here is that books written from a half monastery office and the message in them is never going to get out there with all that happening and they need to fight and stop complaining when they start. I know they say his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales thinks of me as a Son and not an ally and I am very thankful for that but the relationship between myself and him was damaged a long time ago and it was damaged by him – whether or not he might have considered it insulting that I was an ally to him and not a son is irrelevant (so media scum and rebellious bastards that want big things to play around with can have some and thereby get to pretend with their filthy debauchery and celebrity scum all over the place that they desire my life so much and have money to buy it with and that they are making the conditions right to do so with a big mouth).