The part where I have had all I need taken away from me so I can be left with the barest minimum in which conditions I have just the faith left to fight for what is really needed is not actually a new thing.  It is the part I tolerate, something they do because of a ‘genocidal’ need to cleanse me of my faith on their part with that stupid Politics and socialism.  My view of it is that they are not God and therefore have no right to take anything away from me in order to leave me with just my faith to fight for what is necessary, it is blasphemous and they know it but in any case of which it is something they practice in their modern churches and perfectly fine anyway, except that the likelihood of a condition where I tolerate it really does not exist. The ‘genocidal’ behaviour that breaks the Camel’s back is when I start to deal with the violent kind from their football idiots and civil service fools and stupid get rich quick girls and so on and now the most recent being the Nationalists with a big mouth looking for more, that is when I have to do something about it. I mean it is never really clear why a parliament will complain about the interference of the Church on one hand and then on the other become so concerned about books written by somebody who works from a half monastery office on a daily basis just to cause destruction and gain trophy power if they are not looking for trouble. The books I write is of such a nature as people who read it really do not want to tell others that they have and so the Publicity it gets should only be one I have expressly signed up for, hence no idea what they expect when the scandalous kind takes over everyday anyway; so they are yapping the taking everything away from me and leaving me with only the faith to fight at the moment because it is not hurting badly enough. They do these things to wreck my finances everyday and then blow that off too as if it is a new thing and this is the most important question of them all; is it a new thing? They do it without a care in the world about how it might affect those who have the same temperaments or industry skills as I do and want to be able to do it every day even when I have threatened I am working on killing them as well, bearing in mind we have not got apologies from Banks yet for losing people half their life saving or more and indeed for others their entire homes, then turn up to pretend there are ways they need to work with the public to recover the customers when the ways they are supposed to work with those who need their apology and or compensation so badly is starring them in the face, no, of course not, like we have socialists ruining people’s lives and finding other ways to avoid jobs in order to save their energy in order to reserve for them the side that the power is, they are now blowing off their mouth about taking all I have from me and leaving me with just my faith to fight for what is needed without thinking. Hence it is not enough I mean what I am going to do with a paragraph so small anyway – now I want a proper fight over it and really need it too.

The idea it is all racism is very well understood but the reality is that blacks and whites do it equally and regularly tell me any success of mine will not be tolerated by them with a big mouth. So at this stage I do not want to play with them but they seem to think they are doing racism and it is getting worse, worse for them as they are done already and have already deployed the part of their arsenal where I am supposed to be made to run here and there, while I have not deployed mine yet. So they have latched onto how I get help from the Monarchy when in actual fact I got a job from the Monarchy and not help but it will not move me off my target of socialists and Bankers either. They always say I speak like that but it’s all talk and no action when I have not yet gotten into a habit of making them shut it on account I am famous and they are not and clearly do not have a conversation with them, whether or media or not because of course we all know how it works i.e. you know black women are incredibly stubborn and will not cease to see the UK as the place to travel to if they want to treat men the way men treat them in Africa and white women will make you pay if you get involved as a man but pop stars will get involved with your problems because they know you cannot touch them on grounds they are surrounded by men that will kill you if you try and these things determine what I do to them as well – like racism which does not exist as such and is largely a factor of the things I do to have so many enemies, the things they do to deserve it and the things they do after they deserve it as it were. It is never really true that all I do is a factor of being exasperated, what is true is that when people are more concerned with that it leaves time to play for what to do if they are with damaging other more important things and so by the time they are interested in such as well it must have become too late to continue while trying to be rich and famous. It is the part where they realise this and set out to damage my work directly that leads to the actions I take. The Business ones say the UK consumer behaviour has changed beyond recognition but you might be forgiven for laughing your head off over the suggestion that the consumer needs to be asked about it; I mean the bankers are here I say and she says shit; do you do stuff? So I end up being the most unlikely attention receiver means that consumer behaviour has changed, rubbish; what has changed in the mannerism with which they tell people to do that stuff so others can get jobs, I for my part get it all the time so I know their behaviour has not changed, those who do not do their stuff for them clearly have reasons to worry and are currently bloody terrified – fighting for their lives as we speak.

I do not want to play with them and they do not seem to understand and they believe when they wreck things around here they are becoming racist and some tell me about seeking big problems at the Military when in actual fact it is many times better than being provoked by them every single second. So it is the same story, no apology whatsoever, no change, no reform, just the need to dish out more services and make more profit or close down and tell the workers to pack up. It leads right down to how I act to ensure Conservatives dominate British Politics but in actual fact I have never really done such a thing; even though the steps I have taken has been proven right through events in Egypt for example – that when parents control the lives of young Adults as much as the Muslim brother hood does, elections can never be fair even if it was legitimate – so I find it difficult to work out how I am helping conservatives to dominate British Politics when people want to be my parents who control my royal estate for me and the insults will not give me a moments break, like some powerful corruption and the need to get into my life and control my public office to have it because they are my parents with a big mouth – hence the insults that have paid off here and in a big way for me too. The consequences of most of their foolishness is not just that instead of a process where an idiot who is actually a minister of a parliament of a people, who does his ministerial work for that parliament in a condition where his career is directly linked to the career of those he serves spends years of tax payers millions chasing a cause of a dream for new countries and new societies instead, while locating those who are vulnerable enough to give up what they own to the crowd like they think they do me, when needed and hence that big mouth about how I wallow in my pain which would rather have meant they had won and if they did never clear what they are doing here anyway still. Hence the result being the Labour party that is more conservative than conservatives and more liberal than liberals, the ultimate party, the ultimate opposition, the ultimate government, provoking people all the time, especially over the fact that on such a basis the tax payers can never be tired of seeing them in office which then stands as an affront to the Monarchy they want to remove so much. I for my part am somebody who was naturally born into this world to embody the diplomatic nature of British ideology and so for that reason cannot just tolerate these things beyond new standards of cruelty that have been laid out in public scandalously on me which in turn affects others that are similar to me and or have the same professional qualification and skills. Their revolution and Nationalism is shit, my shit to be more precise. They talk but never face the facts about their attitude and those stupid insults that have on this occasion paid off so much, which I in turn will never give up. I mean we can imagine the scenario where they are the revolution overlords while I am the one pretty enough to infiltrate the Monarchy and what the results of that will be considering every idiot thinks these kinds of nonsense and my parents controlling my public office and stifling my income for others who are not related to them is a good thing for the purpose of powerful corruptions they will never have if hell freezes over and my idea of how to get the job done is to hold down the Monarchy so they can do it instead from which the new country will emerge with them as revolution overlords. The other part about how I threaten Parliamentary democracy is very well tied in with their arguments there is no such thing as a deterrent that does not work over Trident; in terms of the former, when the public loves their arch Prince they detach people from his books and stifle his income and then get elected and expect to keep the public like that forever, for the latter the US and Russia have settled in on what the world has become economically, moved off from active engagement in Middle East Oil and Gas and now look to the Natural resource prospectus of their Countries, the result is their interest in Industry communities in Europe and this has meant they have thrown their weight behind environmental issues and British Ideology is firmly at the heart of it, so technically we are moving off from an unsafe world as long as we can snuff out the violence in the middle east somehow but these two Countries and other third parties have large stocks of Nuclear arsenal and when we say the British Fundamentalism and the global Naval community we know what we mean in terms of South America and Asia for example hence these deterrents need to be there, the idea that allowing them to exist will remove the notion the British do not want to live forever will easily on the contrary lead to a public that actively wants the UK to be further nuclear armed than it at the moment. Hence the need for the truth all round, it is never true by the way that I am stuck to the US, in fact the Monarchy is more comfortable if I worked with the Russians instead because working with the Americans is Intellectually expensive even though I do get it done, however the Russian President is a President that has since the time he first got elected been interested in the big problems in Russia, so he is not necessarily the kind of President that an ally may want to get really close to.


That great idea they normally have of how they will continue their populous fools living of finding ways of getting out products abusing me that people who want to abuse me with money can buy, which will ensure they have money to dominate me is always utter rubbish even though it is one of their most important assets because of course I can always make them accountable to the systems that give them their income anyway and there is nothing they can do to me or about me in any way or indeed to such an effect except make more noise about power and cornering me and controlling me to make the conditions worse with a big mouth but I really like to extricate the other one where they say I boast but it will be hell for me if the entire public liked to buy products people made and sold to abuse me, in case of which it would have meant that people like to attack and abuse me and the entire public is complicit with it, by the way of which these idiots cannot trap a rat. It is important to see what I am concerned about is things like the fact I do not believe government should spend more money on benefit claimants during the bad economic period because it is an economic problem with no name i.e. inflation and deflation all in one, I do not support benefit cuts because there are other peoples family low lives who have a need to ensure dad can no longer tell them money has run out and that he has other children to look after running our financial systems and business communities for us and hence it makes me think of benefit cuts as an evil thing – there is nothing about that which supports socialist idiots that are at the heart of the problem even though it has never once benefitted them with that big mouth noise making about dominating me and they provoke me like that with that stupid lazy insolent familiarity socialist civil rights nonsense over my finances every single day, in order to ensure they share me with my friends and ensure that no matter how stubborn they are they still have access to things that depend on their change of behaviour around here, besides the fact I constantly need to explain how many knights I have stayed up to work for what I have to their lazy selves but it is not enough and so tempt me like that endlessly looking for trouble all the time and telling tall tales to buy time and keep it going for as long as I may be displeased with it and I am not giving back that stupid society or stupid culture either since I need it to ensure they can fuck the wife I never married and wreck my finances to save their money and dominate, dominate with the money they made at my expense.

It is never really true that I have been detached from the British Monarchy by those who do not wish to see me anywhere near it because the world has always been full of ignorance and abuse, the truth of it is that of Politicians and the general public doing what they normally do which is incredible and sometimes evil stubbornness whereby the exact thing they have come into your life and business to find out you do not want done is precisely what they will do all the time; so nobody likes that to happen to their personal lives and property as such and hence whilst I show off all the time for being able to catch all of them all of the time, I have to accept the Media will begin to think itself my Achilles Heel (it is of course a world where people cannot keep their hands to themselves, are angry all the time and feel like handling another person because they are all the time and there are things I do to deserve it and things I do after I deserve it too). 

So they live in this world where they deal with people from a distance and have a flawed sense of who is likely to beat them up seriously and who is not because he thinks they are cool etc and cannot keep their hands off me, especially when they are showing they are looking after girls. So there are a few things around their inability to stay off my work and my income that comes into play i.e. white boy buys Mercedes and his mother has ideas about how little respect I have for people, of course Mercedes do not like others fighting people with their products so it is my problem hence when they fear me it finds it own corner. The blacks on the other hand simply think that on account of me media is where they live these days, so they must have problems I can get self improvement from otherwise they simply leave it to fester. All together of course it’s a matter of things I do to deserve it and things I do after I deserve it bearing in mind you normally ignore their existence unless politicians are sending them out as an institutional way of intimidating you, so that it becomes a festering wickedness that never sleeps and is entirely sustained by ideas of things I am to work for while they make money from, covered up by tall tales that media villains attach credibility to. Hence the story of how I am afraid of people bearing in mind if you get involved and do not finish the job it generally spreads and gets worse on account they do not think about other people for it will make them weak when it should make them rich if they do not and hence would mean destroying their own advantage, I have an impulsive need to ensure Politicians have no security outside houses of government so they can feel like being there all the time, since it is my problem and had better been properly too.

Now there is that talk of course of how I suspect treachery until it actually happens; reality of course is that I don’t, people at the Monarchy simply bother me like villains do bother me and so it is an impulsive thing to react like I do to it and nothing serious as such, although in my mind there is always that question of whether somebody has given my security to devils or something. So the way it plays out in politics is when Politicians speak of Business Innovation and Skills and the Socialists claim they have small businesses and need to be able to get around in Business communities, so as to know if whether or not richer and more powerful businesses putting them out of work is hear say or real instead of walking into people’s premises but before then it’s a never ending case of wrecking my book sales, keeping me from work to pillage a law student and writers personality and leaving me with parting shots every time I do something about it, especially for the blacks and they always deserve what comes to them as well, like the whites who talk too much and think there will be another way of settling a process where I come down from my high and mighty position to get into a punch up with them, except what is my way, bearing in mind they talk too much already as it stands. So besides setting out property with which to operate with the Police on Industry policing which it seems the insolent Politicians are too busy intimidating me to know I have done, being the one that has not been paid any attention here as a fact, this is it about treachery I fear until it fulfils itself. I will not be thrown off course however on the Socialists and Banking Dilemma where they say they need to take everything from me and leave me with just my faith to fight for what is important; they started it.


Of Course I am aware of talk most of my actions sound like the deeds of a cowards and that it takes the heart of those that fight for me all over the world; this is an illusion, just like the story of a lack of trust on my part. What it is, is a process where I do not believe in trouble makers deserving anything in Europe or the Western frontier, so they can really get together with their evil politicians and do their worst thereof. It should have been clear to any normal person at this stage that I run my public office on the basis of what I must do to deal with a very stubborn public and their Political leaders who enjoy wrecking my finances to expose me to the evils of their society and get some form of sadistic fun from it that later yields a means of getting rich through comparative decadence. Women are supposed to be soft and buxom and make you feel good about yourself generally. Of course it does take a long time to deal with and recover from the effects of what you have done to yourself of letting yourself a reaction to their stubbornness but it is the fact their Politicians think when all else had failed, your time and your life time should be left to such nonsense as how public office exists as a means to take away from you and undercut you from the most basic of needs like a livelihood and even peace of mind, in order to make you react and if they can on a daily basis - then we soon find out they want to like in my case move into my right hand or detach me from my life of Service to God and use it for other purposes as they deem fit, most of the time along the prognosis of extricating fratenity of Nation they do not get from a subordinate members of the public that have got it on account there exists a Monarchy to protect them, which has recently developed into pockets of Nationalism which provocations I will not tolerate anyway as well. It comes right down to the pay for Football playing women issue sometimes, about which people think it is a funny thing to discuss at the expense of the men it hurts but I do wonder then what they mean by the men it hurts since we all know that football players are very useless people who two time the world all the time and do evil things like there was not enough time in a life time to do them all - the hooligans and supporters have a Policy where if they lose to idiots who have football money to throw around financially out of choice then it is something they have decided to do but if another person loses to it without making the decided choice to do so, then the person is worse off because they are happy even though they are poor like every body else and so there is really no words to describe how useless they are except to put in context the two facts of how they pretend society and community is more important but are a menace over attention and fame and fortune which takes people by surprise all the time and wants to be able to show itself all the time but above all every body else's business must be caught up in football and the first reason for that is so football players can use it to get more respect when they buy expensive products but the other reason is the main issue which is that football is entirely corrupt in all ways and full of men that think they are invincible and can handle absolutely anybody they want to handle, hence there is really no chance that it will ever get out there that when women play football it is worth a certain amount of money which means they should be paid a certain amount like the men who cooperate and like to collect peoples businesses for companies that make use of the publicity get and hence no chance whatsoever that we might ever know exactly how many millions a female football player is worth; two reasons for mentioning it being first not just that when they buy products such as expensive cars wreck my finances in order to extricate respect from me over those products against the requirements of my faith which gives them certain evil sadistic pleasures I will not tired of making them pay for as well so they can live on media but also that their sense of right and wrong is not just 'genocidal' which they expect me to tolerate while they have no respect for anything I do for a living and want a reckoning they are certain they will win all of the time and of course the second is that it is a perfect case for setting out the heart of what people are talking about when they say the way I handle issues sound and look like the deeds of a Coward.