The question of business headaches from Republicans in the US is not something I am troubled about except I want an over kill on the matter. I must however state that Republicans have never been serious about anything in their lives. So when they see somebody try to put together a business and make it work their first reaction is to berate the person and run off to stand on media with their shopping channel friends or worse still talk show idiots and say things which indicate if the person does anything to change the power they have over him or her the person will be in serious trouble. So usually I would always want to start somewhere at the point where somebody will become a Las vagas addict.

It’s the same here in the UK with Labour and Conservatives (Liberals always hurt themselves and blame everybody else for it). the conservatives in particular love to set themselves up beside other peoples ventures, so earn a pound and they have 30 pence of it without permission and once they have money they have mobility and it becomes an impossible problem to manage. The only way to of course is realise that they will have no limits and show you no quarters and so hit them hard without limits otherwise you will never reach that place where you break even and realise it was all about a job and making a living and not those serious issues which involve harming another person. So now I have warned their Prime Minister he thinks of himself as somebody that has never been put in his place and so have I pointed out to him I don’t quite know if it is his real character or something he put up having gotten involved in Politics but they still think it is a game until it goes badly wrong. So naturally they except me to spare the one that has to do with the state which I cannot because it pays their salaries and is the biggest problem I have got as a result. The stories about Politicians giving me a market problem is simply run by media fools who are always cutting me off from any market I have created for my products and so the only way is to stop protecting myself and start cutting them off from their markets as well. The business ones are the business ones, I mean it is not the fact I sell pumpkins for example that is derogatory, it is the fact when I put them out shinny and lush somebody will turn up and kick them to pieces then have justifications for it as well. Hence my products are the kind that can be kicked.  Currently they are doing very well.

Then there is the issue with my actions towards the Prince of Wales which does not please the Queen. The fact behind it being that bother Duchess of Cornwall and Prince of Wales are very political people and thus my actions taken. His case is not like that of the Duke of Windsor years ago, its very different; however his marriage to a divorcee is his problem and he will have to find a way to work it out for the people as he has always been warned again and again and again. I mean we stay away from corrupting influences to concentrate on our studies because they want to be able to blackmail us with their powers anytime they want, it is because of these influences that we have time tables for academic work for example and he goes off to marry a divorcee, when he is entrusted with the duties of State. It is his problem not mine.


I mean they will claim I have recently learnt I need time tables because of them and so I have to apply to saying something important. In which case I guess they are the Arch Prince then. The fact is that if you ignore then and carry on, whatever they do will not matter but when the Heir to the throne marries a divorcee then its all broken down as it were. Even now, with the little access they have to my personal life for the sake of government accountability, they know that if they went off telling people they read my books even as I write them, some idiots are going to get off like republicans for example, and tell me if I do anything to change the power they have over me I will be in trouble with a big mouth but that is precisely what they are going to do and its not a case where they make a mess and I fix it, it’s a case of making it happen daily and updating any changes that has set the whole nefarious arrangement in jeopardy so they might not stop it. we have not even so begun talking about the process of blackmailing the Police, to make them do as they are told and their seniority Celebrity idiots who like to bully people to be famous; those are now complaining about media ravaging their personal lives which is progress anyway like it was entirely expected it would go.

These are the main issues and problem areas; get rich quick African incredibly wicked people, Republicans and Democrats in the US, British Politicians and the Japanese (those were making indications of digging me a hole years ago because they are the best representation in the world of Human Greed at its worst imaginable and now no body knows how they ended up in the Chasm they find themselves at present). 


The dangers that I and the trusts of my properties and Empire face is entirely fabricated by trouble makers. The truth about it is as simple as the fact that there are no such threats; some people are just not trust worthy enough to run certain kinds of business. They need to fit themselves in and stop making a mess of things or they will get into trouble-people need to know where things are and where to go, it is important to minimize waste and hasten recovery, especially to ensure Politicians know exactly clearly what they must do to make things easier for those that are trying hard. For me personally (the Consumer point of view), I have no idea what kind of trouble they suppose I am in for setting up a website which makes a collection of what is a collective levels of acceptable behavior within certain industries, otherwise of which points to unsafe equities and securities-by and large intellectual property, brand and products as well. I have no idea why they would suppose that if I work for them the fact I am a Royal Prince means I have no need for money and they can refuse to pay me without consequences or indeed what makes them think they are harming me if they do so. There are just certain kinds of business that they do well and need to be doing those kinds of business, so they can better understand the needs of their consumers, otherwise somebody will fit them in-it is a pretty serious crisis and I do not look funny in anyway when I put myself through hell to get it resolved. Are they threatening me as well?