One is not in any way caught up in a leadership fight or caught between one: the reality is that we are faced with some of the vilest and evilest things and problems that leadership has to contend with where that story is raised and it settles in the same par with the idea the media controls my office and ensures they can perceive anything that is happening around it and run it first then sit about goading me which means they control my every move and are therefore powerful – reality is that they are dealing with the fall out of living in a bubble where they are free to do whatever they like in their view with the persons of those who are laden with responsibility of leadership, of which British society operates in that way to serve me and not them for example wherefore the purpose is that Royal Office involves knowing everything first before you can begin in the first place. Where the matter concerns them however is that they are dealing with the fall out and therefore it has become a story all about what they can make me do for them and for others which goes only as far as what their big mouths can afford and no more and for their American friends as well what I am doing about it is not hurting badly enough yet it seems, hence they have begun to boast that their activities are getting more and more violent and they are becoming more confident about freedom, which is rather what they call it instead of what it really is. I have never really considered it to be a problem for my part when it has always been as simple as the fact that since it had become a matter of what I can be made by them to do for them and for others they can share me with, people have become more concerned with that and what they say about it than they have become more concerned with how stupid they really are which has then helped them with a sense of social equality that does not exist all built up on media as per that is what I am vulnerable to and hence what they are looking for trouble. The other side of how little a problem this is, is largely a matter of the fact they do not understand as well what I mean when I tell them this is not the 1990s or indeed the times that had gone before it where they can do these kinds of things and claim it is freedom and civil rights and then profit from it as well and I don’t mind sitting here in the UK to kick some in the US as well depending on how far they go. I understand they day I have stolen my books from them as well but that is no new story; we are aware he last time they raised such matters it was largely about getting politicians to stifle my academic work until they and the likes of them can dominate me and that is what has brought them to where they are today not least as a result of the involvement of their women whom they claim can handle people like me while we like to talk tough and of course set off a sense that if I get hold of those as well it is the men that will talk power so they can back up what they say too, so in my view it seems they are after a book that hurts them all the time because they simply cannot leave me alone – so freedom and civil rights is what they like to tell people it is instead when we hear from them which most of them time they are not requested to share anyway. Then there is my party piece which is all about finding and leading those that are loyal to me into harm’s way and to it I have paid some attention for a matter of days at this stage and they are clearly not making public complains as at yet as it were, so we are good so far on that front, never mind the part where they claim they have a means to observe every single move I make which I don’t mind if it is their civil rights idiots that are setting up public complains about that too at the same time hence this sense that they have got a feeling of blackmail to dish out on me all the time and the next thing I am going to do to them will be concerned with finding out what it is exactly that they can do about me when I refuse to deploy a Royal Office that they now control to deal with their problems because they have plans to head somewhere else important, knowing that they are in such a position as they can take it away from me if they wanted with a big mouth; it’s always largely been a case of the fact that if you do leave people to their own devices, what happens as a result of that if that they are active and they channel the means they have towards directions that will put them or other people in harm’s way and so this is the bit of Political leadership that you have to provide to some extent from a Royal Office depending on how silly and useless the Politicians have been or become recently, so what is happening around that is really not about them either.  Hence these are meant to be things I take to heart seriously when they lead to no profitability at all but of course the reality will always remain that media does not control me and I am not caught up in a leadership battle or caught between it and so on which are all the same thing in practice.

When it really comes down to it however the issues can be measured by reality surrounding the vote for an original provocation which was carried by the Politicians, so that when they need my academic work to be stifled so that they and the likes of them can dominate me it becomes a matter of how many years is enough putting up with a condition where it occurs every single second of the time? This is therefore the reality as such that has emerged from it i.e. it turns out the reasons I find these things amusing which is what a lot of people cannot understand is that this was all a matter of men setting off their position as that which should dominate women and people like me financially at all times which is where their insults originate from most of the time, so it at the end of the day does create the sense they need to be put in their place when the audacity of their abuses are taken into consideration and hence the reasons I have set out the freedom story at the background of this since I really do need to convince them they have to watch their filthy mouths lest I become the one that kicks it off all together in the first place; they control nothing like they claim they do and are simply having trouble understanding what I mean when I tell them this is not the 1990s or the periods before it for example, so that even if it was, it would not have applied here either. We can now see they find it impossible to do anything unless they are using our lives and we all know that this is the real purpose of all that nonsense involving choice of a side between democracy and communism and sex war nonsense and the provocation that the Politicians love to sanction for it to make progress here.


The case of my books running into a lot of trouble is nothing new, the books are seriously hated by the idiots that caused it to be created in the first place and now they have reached a point where they want to determine if those who want it buy it or not, and that involves a web of lies that means they are managing its contents and purposes for the benefit of HRH The Prince of Wales and in that event that ensure it is not sold until they get to ensure it is unpublished – on one hand it makes me wonder where they get the time for it, on the other hand it is a matter of the question of how all that makes the books wrong at all in the first place.  I personally therefore do not think it to be a matter of grave concern since the reality remains as simple as the fact that I will soon be selling the books on a platform that is designed to cause them the maximum amount of suffering every single time it is on an outing. For of course the books are things they hate which means they could never have created it and of course on that basis are never going to buy it either and should never be seen around. I hear the other story of how people want to kill me but of course it is not an emotive one, people want to kill me all the time because they are media idiots and if there are a thousand and one societies in the Country each must take a look at what I might be vulnerable to an decide thereof that history has rested on their shoulders for a certain level of wickedness that will make money and power and in this case of which the idea is that I am vulnerable to the media, hence the security question becomes that of what if I were considering what they have been up to but it does not matter since I had made myself clear about the freedom issue and anybody who has brains would have worked out that I am getting to a place where for each and every one of those attacks, I will target the entire communities responsible for my part as well because of course they might be good at wrecking everything here to ensure a millionaire is poor and ends up in their midst so that his temperaments might be open to anything they want to put in it first of all but above it they might be able to apply violence on him to extricate the feelings of freedom every single time that they want; I too know what they are trapped in and it is society and culture and the feelings of being rooted in the Country and I will soon to find out if I will not be able to hit hard enough to extricate mine as well. The case of people wanting to kill me is not a new one by itself; it’s a matter of racists saying things like if they close their eyes and see me turn up in their heads it will be the day they decide I will be dead and I am not the person putting myself in their heads as it were – the idiots here responsible for that have a problem with me of their own and that involves the fact when I close mine to pray and find them in it causing distraction we will never cease to have a problem; so the first stage of the freedom problem had to do with their issues over my faith and their blasphemy which has now become a globally recognised dispute between me and them as well because of course we all know they can always leave me alone not follow me around like that as though we were social equals or something. I understand their insults can be a matter of capability as well but it is difficult to see what they or their Politicians really can do about me and why it is it should be asked that they cannot simply shut their  mouths and stay out of my life – so again I say I had mentioned where I stand on that stupid freedom issue and they need to take it as seriously as it really is not think that because they get out of bed and get dressed in their best cloths to go outside to find out how people did their stuff for them which I must admit is a certain level of evil and the prognosis of tyranny as it were is bound to mean anything around here. Besides which on the matter of how people want to kill me these facts about racism is much the same with Islamic extremism and the reality is that the idiots are fighting for their lives as we speak. As for my finances, I think they understand me when I say I need to see them take steps to ensure that they do not act in ways that damage my book sales anymore, otherwise it is going to become a tangible problem soon enough; I mean people can write news papers that involves girls which have nothing to do with me if they wanted and people can report their insolent news in ways which suggest they are not addressing me and then there will be no problems, instead of getting around asking all the time what I expect the media to do to make me feel comfortable – yes I understand if that happens my Publicity and public work will make sense but I do wonder what it is they suppose this is all about in the first place, their insolence and their tyrant nonsense being seen around here all the time? They have already lost everything and I now have a relationship with the leadership of most world leaders which is institutionalised and is all about me being given the right to spend a little bit of their hospitality in order to leave them certain public equities they need while what their stupidities are all about have become a little bit more obvious and we are not sparing the Communist Countries on this occasion either – it gets to a point and that is the question here :– what is that point? They never ever listen and everything that happens to matter to you just appears to have become a toy to them because they can therefore make excuses and steal an income in conditions where they might not be stopped or found out and so this is how they want to live and it will never do – it always stars with the blacks since I am black and soon the whites will be informed they will have to deal with the problem since everybody’s business concerns them that much and this is usually the point where we hear tales of how people will leave their Country because of course they come in like that and then they stay like that until the idiots are finished and then leave just like that thereafter – the society idiots and their media on the other hand are an old story of a desire to move into my right hand and lodge themselves there and because of that they follow every single thing I do to place themselves in a condition where a writers books will provoke them into spilling his blood and this has always been our problem just as their Political leaders have found out I will never stop threatening their very existence as well because it is blasphemous not to.

Naturally the story of how I am playing games that will get me into street violence is very well understood but it is always made a statement without considering other facts such as my view of Afro-Caribbean communities that are full of pupils who knew where teachers penis should be when they were supposed to spend time listening to what they were being taught as the case may apply since I am a man and that those stupidities that does not listen to my warnings about extricating freedom from abusing me will only lead to a condition in which I set out and target the entire community every single time I am attacked or insulted by them – otherwise they can steal from me and claim it is easy if they want but get the Politicians and put them on the ground first before they try so we do not have to put up with further nonsense about what they failed to foresee. The African ones can only do what they do with their communities in that respect until I reach a point where I do not want to see any of it as well and then they will end up with a problem too. Personally however it seems they pay no attention to the fact that such a violence would never have ended in my view as well – so it is a case of confronting people and being bemused about them threatening me because they don’t know how I am and how I am to handle the situation which is then picked up by the media as a show of cowardice so they can continue their evil games as much they want which by the way does not do favours to any who threatens me either in the first place. The point at the end of the day is of two main facts and one of those is that it isn’t true I look down on poorer people – what is true is that when I meet them and they realise I am far stronger than they are, they always have these things they do to show they are not just going to back off or back down which is the way it should be so that the arguments that provide government and leadership with responsibility might be possible for example when they say banning fox hunting is right, it will still be right according to facts and figures, as well banning fox hunting with dog only, as is a better way of doing things at the Country side, so that what parliament might do at the end is settle for the best possible results and outcome when considering what should actually be made law. The other side of this story is that people love to speak about threatening me with violence because they have not taken seriously the fact the ball is in their Court as the original provocation is theirs and I have been grooms and prepared for violence so that they feel like having a go all the time, to that respect of which they think that we women so to speak are of the opinion they do not know what they are doing when banging the door of their cars is meant to hurt so that they might enforce their will for example and how that threatens the existence of society and even the world at large as well, they think we are not of the opinion they continue to tell us tales about suicide bomber that may turn up in transport systems to bomb us in order to distract us from what they are up to, they think we are not of the opinion they need to finish up with war on terror so that we can assess how they are doing with and measure that with their big mouth as well but for my part it is a case of underestimating how easily and quickly I will find the process of rounding them up and preparing them to be kicked as well, which is something I might follow on or others might become really twitchy about too – hence never something I expect people to dwell on, only that they take into account that not everybody think they are not aware of their violent abuses and that it causes women to cling to others or cling to them which in turns makes people promiscuous and therefore primed for more punishment, they think that we have accepted it as normalcy and therefore find it really difficult to shut their mouths to that effect because they assume they are on a roll as well. So are these things I say then something said by a coward that is trying to build his own consolation? Of course not – first of all their Politicians want to sign off a conflict they are involved with here all the time and chose self improvements on my income and this threat of violence thing that started in my case some 14 years ago with Mr Blair who never talks straight or tells the truth about it is something that is emulated by the media and has only one purpose, the other is as I have mentioned before i.e. furnishing them with facts about how easy it will be for me to round all up them up and prepare them for a kicking as well and we are not talking about being taken advantage of by civil rights idiots either – those fear the prospect of women talking power all the time because they know the reality to be that women can always secure somebody bigger than them to beat the shit out of them, so they are the big boys I cannot roll with but want to try all the time and cannot get off my public work or royal property and book sales and therefore my income as a result so they can have more and more the bloody cowards looking for trouble: so that all together their Politicians who love to endorse their conquests all around especially over Popular culture vandalism simply have no plans to accord any respect in my direction which I am never really going to demand either if we can settle up on what happens and what does not and the realities around that to come to a factual settlement on who is Royalty and who is nothing and which Royal order they need to stay away from especially for the Americans as it were – I have no idea who told them it was about being tough either (The practical side of work I am really supposed to be concerned with here are rather different i.e. grown up men at economic issues who always want to get off and work somewhere at the Bank of England talking nonsense at me about how it applies that my Literary empire is actually something they were planning to do all along, their idiots taking that up with a process of having a need to move into my right hand and live there and when they cannot get it have a difficulty in accepting when I tell them this is nothing like what they were able to handle during the 1990s and hence they are therefore very far away from such a period it is actually reality I am talking about, so they have continue to take these matters one step further and talk nonsense about their cultures and societies each time I want them to get themselves outside of my right hand side and therefore progressed the whole matter into the need to secure a writer whose books offends them until he gets killed and have been stalking me every since the books were writer just like on every other occasion that got them into the trouble they are in today to extricate that outcome and I cannot actually express how infuriating that along with the provocation of moving into my right hand which their media fools do nothing without at present until I set about changing that in a physical way makes me in words. Then there are other more fundamental issues around those ideas when the fact they have closed the boot of their cars are supposed to hurt those they exasperate all the time so that they can enforce their will on women such as me and so on is something they think the rest of us have lived with and have copied because we think they are not aware of what they are doing and that there are consequences that can and will eventually follow it of course such as the question of how far a person would go to make themselves a target for Islamic Militants in order to extricate through their deaths or maybe capture and torture a process by which another will be saddled with difficult matters of social contributions that provides others with the option of solving the problem by dishing him a glorious death and so not enough of them have died to no avail to that end yet as it were – we hear them speak of how they would lose nothing if I prepared them for violence that I will dish out too as it were and their talk extends far into statements about how they made these kinds of sacrifices to create the civil and less extremist society that people such as myself can live in today and were actually all their stupid lives expecting dividends from my existence for it – so this is always at the heart of how they need to find a way to finish off their war on terror so we can take a square look at how they are doing it and getting away with doing it around here ).

As for the really clever celebrities that have no plans to cease subverting my company to continue to make riches and fame and issuing threats which apply they have me wrapped around their little finger and there is nothing I can do about it; they like to assume I have lost all media men and back stage people at my disposal and this is about to be proven wrong very soon enough indeed because their own has come to a point as well: it does appear whenever they lose their powers of oppression we see that they have struck something else somewhere and that is a trend that is showing itself around wildlife and the natural environment, so that there is always an enmity and there is always a violence: I see they have all become naturally rather taken by the story they like to tell of my attitude towards the responsibilities of Global Leaders while even when they say that have to plans to stay off my Literary Empire or the Royal Estate Renaissance which should first of all be a topic for conversation never mind one about seeing the outing of people who should not be found there or even found peddling it for any reason - so I need not say more especially for the information of the American ones that the correct process of events is a case of I write books and people buy them and I become famous for that and in the process of the fact people have bought quite a number of my books and I am known as a result, people can make their tribute after obtaining permission, to earn money off my work, not a process of building business empires on Book sales they are stifling - which I do not mind so much as there are enough Industrial ghost towns in this world to show that I am not the only one that has to confront or deal with that sort of nonsense - they do need to keep their insults to themselves and stay off my finances and my leverage and my personal life and I am sure the Americans understand that better than any other group.