There is that story of course that people are scared of the Labour Party, the reality and truth of course is that nobody really is i.e. on one hand are people who spend time to acquire academic proficiency for jobs and professions and careers and on the other people who have disposed themselves to determine that such things are meant for children and their children to be precise – so it is the old game that they themselves believe in fundamental campaigning, drugs, gangs and rock and roll and the way to get things done. So they might be 40 years and over, grand fathers in fact but they are still the same old drugs, gangs and rock and roll is the answer until we realise we have not worked out how to pay our bills and hence decide it is on other people to do so for us crew and I have no idea why they do suppose that people are meant to be deceived as a result of their age either. This deception is supposed to create the idea that everybody in parliament is the same and does the same things but of course we all know based on the above facts the gaps between the parties could not have been wider, the other benefit of that deception being that of the fact they think they want to make the UK into a one party state that is their party. The result of that is that while the rest of us use phrases such as when you want something done you do it yourself, Labour Party members and MPs have their own phrases which say when you want something done you make those that can do it get it done and they know they are crossing a red line when they make that noise about people being scared of them, hence the facts need be set out; that if you happen to come across people who live in a way that feel is bad for your academic work and your career and your ability to concentrate on anything and get it done to better yourself, you have the right to detach yourself from those people, except that what the labour party means when they say people are scared of them is that with them around that right goes up in smoke. I have had enough of them and when I say it will get worse and not better provided they do not stay off my books and off my office I am certainly not bluffing; it does not mean I am innocent in the matter either, the insults they shoot at me and their feverish desire to wreck my finances and create the royal that never was in order to  make up their template for a platform they need to begin a process of getting rid of the Monarchy is something this business has had enough of as it were, so I have done nothing but cheapen that party, chip away at it and lower its standards all the time because these things happen every day as well – so I am not innocent in the matter, just addressing a specific question about being scared of them – of course the original plan was to get rid of it like the specifically allocated problem it has made itself for this company but I have realised that is near impossible because they will always invent conversations to have with members of other parties in parliament all the time for it, so it may never happen and I agree I could have spent that time dealing with the problem in other ways. However it is not for a lack of trying either because we are no longer at the stage where I have to settle what people think with respect to the fact they are such a pain around here that it is impossible to do anything without explaining to people what their presence around my work really is and is about; at this point it needs to be clear there is nothing they can do even if the books I write are about them. We know they speak of how I have handled their culture and society of course but these idiots have always thought that having people you are scared of so they can make accusations all the time and simply watch what you become is funny, first of all, but then again we all know that it is the equivalent of what happens when extremists wreck your finances and build up stories on media involving what you should be doing instead of the one you do to provoke them and then do it and steal your fame and work, get rich and gather money to attack and kill you as well, provided people give the media to play with too – so it is the same old story; if they want that culture, they can come and get it, it seems for now they think they know where my books are and so I have no idea who is scared of them then thereof and what they mean when they bring it up, although I am aware of their need to ensure the stories goes that I am scared of them on a daily basis, even when I have warned them about the Public work they mess up and same with the office and the books. Hence things will remain as they are; the insults come through to do wonders for my book sales and reputation before the public and I cheapen that stupid party and lower its standards all the time for them.  They speak of course of people who have political ideologies that do not stand up to the era but we all know the reality is that the test is meant to be that of whether getting off to make a public statement about how it is impossible to get into an office to deliver results at a job is impossible as a result of people who think their vandalism is funny; so I have no idea which part of it is supposed to have been unpopular, except I am supposed to imagine that somewhere this idea of being terrified of what people will say when you go into an office and fail to deliver results and blame it on others thereof, fits into the need for socialists to have the world the way they have always had it. Quite right this is not a bad demand but they need to understand I have had enough of them for my part and will not tolerate it around my affairs either; it is a little known fact that those who are burgled endlessly feel less and less fear all the time as far as they are concerned so the idea that I am sacred of them is not based on logic at all and as for the modernisation issue, I own a product appearance equity empire and they are still more modern than I am in their view – they even say it is not a real empire so I can like I do all the time regularly ask them to touch the strings so I can pull their own as well and find out what they look like thereof. I know what they mean by the need to be scared of them but all it will lead to is a process where I need to ensure they move further into the right to handle me but never like they want to and this will be such that my media friends have something to run with as well so I can oppress them.


At this stage it is entirely predictable the next step will be questions on how credible my threats are but all I really said was that when people are bad for you academically and financially and personally, nobody should force you to get along with those people to force access for those people into personal parts of your life. Apparently in their view it seems that when I talk I am thinking about myself for there shall be no wives here and there shall be no children and if there are, then the way to protect them will be to follow them around with CCTV or something like that which as we all know is utter nonsense. I know what they mean is that if everybody were to follow my example and live by a code of cause and effect the world would be a very different place that I will not be able to survive in but we all know that cause and effect would generally mean the need for people to control the lives of those who like to threaten them and hence the chance that they would ever throw a racism in my direction in such circumstances would be very low indeed bearing in mind how determined they can be; so the end products we have to accept will simply need to be that of endless process where they are trying to push on me some process of domination that will never work and the more they handle government office for it the better, since we all know that all that cause and effect question leads back down to racism. I understand they have a need to have racists determine what social policy is of course and I can understand what that means too and it is what brought us here in the first place by the way; at the time the side kick statement was that I steal my personal life from those who can do violence to protect everybody and so here we are, it seems it didn’t end well; above all however the reasons they always want such things is that they feel resources and money especially in the Country should be in the hands of those who would favour them the most and hence give them the lion share, hence it boils down to greed; my view therefore of all that quasi racism it is a little known fact is that they are all death threats since people know what racists do to black people – I mean it is a death threat if a man three times my size threatens me with meaningless and purposeless violence; hence death threats like that all the time until I kill them first and if they were in government office that would have been an assassination not the fact there was a fight and I won: I mean I speak of things like the fact when people are bad for you, you should be able to detach yourself from them due to something I must do with respect to my case which needs to be Political and civilised – it does not mean I find those games as funny as they find the process of seeking to humiliate and break me as a human being. In the end it is the same old story; I don’t like his culture or indeed the way he treats his wife whom he thinks is simply a sacrifice for that secret room where he does power stuff in order to get out there and grab things but he gets up every day along with his girls and the need to get rich and famous with my earnings to push it deeper and deeper into my personal life – it would not come to this in Africa; this is the UK the welfare state gives you a sense of complacency and even then in Africa there isn’t enough technology for this kind of intrusiveness; that said they know I will not tolerate the socialism here nor will I tolerate the culture and the question stands of what is going to happen exactly if I don’t go along with the idea there is no God and there is no Devil. The other side of the story of course is some difficult issue I have to contend with like everything else, with respect to the economy because they are tough and powerful and those are the baby ones; there are no tough issues, they know that they think the economy is a plaything and regularly turn up with jobs that do not produce enough salary earnings for two, to wreck peoples lives and make out the fact their earnings are small is power – it is still the same old story of how the economy means whether or not something else wants to have more friends than they do, whether or not somebody else wants to be the good guy, whether or not somebody else wants to have more rich friends than they do and nothing of what is important and so you know that you can only create a product that fundamentally exists to protect people from them in order to create any kind of service along with it in the first place – this is something I have mentioned before in the context of something shameful for leaders to put up with during an economic crisis, so I am aware the audit says I have done before years ago in fact and it is placed where it should be on this website. The part that produces most of these false senses has to do with when people believe that moving themselves into your right hand to claim ownership of your personal life like they always do to show you are no leaders but a goon who thinks the fact he has the best personal life in his opinion makes him one; it might have been interpreted by them as part of their culture thereafter of course but we will find out if change means that the world will implode like they have suggested as well – the task on this occasion was to ensure that there is flow of delegation among businesses during the economic turbulence and if another task comes up I will do them again, there is no point assuming that I will not, it is largely meant to be incredibly provocative and they know that it is as well.


 I am aware of the fact there is really no convincing argument from me out there that I do not contrary to popular accusations, do things which encourage the abuse of women. What the women who bring it about speak of is my religion, they say it encourages the dominance of men and hence I can see an attempt to define abuse going on there as foolishly as only they can do it. The point of course is that I have never given any of them an indication that I would like them to play around with me in anyway, let alone play around with me and mock about with my affairs as violently as they do at present. I do not think it a major issue either; they are sick girls and women you see and feel like pointing fingers all over the place at what they think makes them the way they are but that notwithstanding, my getting around the world ripping up anything that looks like the thing that daddy’s little girl likes to play with is my own way of showing how serious I am about the fact I don’t want to play with them in anyway neither do I want them with me or any of my affairs or property or business like they want to do all the time. This is not a complicated statement in itself, it is very clear enough as it were; all they turn up here to do while they complain about how my religion is the thing that encourages male dominance and so on and even while they complain turn up here anyway to handle my work and my person – is that stuff about a slap at the back of the head, a knock on the head, a spit and so on and they have got their own definition of abuse which in their view should include their actions towards me and when they are finished, they find out there is nothing they can do about men in general except offer themselves for a gang bang after fucking around with me that is. So it is simple enough for anybody except them that I don’t want to take any crap from them and they can always piss somewhere else. Now I know it is said that those who live on Government support are scroungers but of course we hear it more often than we need to hear it too and it is time to draw a line on that with respect to my affairs and all those I am affiliated with i.e. the reason people say such things and get away with it is clearly because they are tough enough to do so because of course benefit claimants who think it is best to be honestly unemployed than to be a criminal because they need money come from two sides of a spectrum - one side is the useless ones that do not want to get off the benefits at all and the other are the hardworking ones that people have realised can be taken advantage of and therefore work hard to put them and keep them on benefits on realising they can do other peoples jobs for those who own the jobs. Hence the risk people take is having to cross somebody who in the case of the former has to deal with all that nonsense like turning up at jobs and job centres to be given the idea he needs to tone down his hard working nature in order to have a chance of getting by, which if he does has a detrimental effect, all the while of which he is on benefits but manages to find the strength to survive and get by and get through never the less and on the other hand people who save their energy from work waiting for those they can deploy it to beat up severely, so this is the liability that those who say such things really face, they must understand. I for my part personally and on a political level have only the same old story to tell i.e. they say they have the jobs and it is about time they knock themselves out with it and pay the bloody taxes, so their business friend can evade it as well. I do not think it a major crisis, just something I ought to let people know because of course whilst I have a process of state support complicated for me without reason by those who hate my guts on account they cannot sleep well anymore since unemployment makes me so restless I get up some 12:00 pm at night to work on book projects keeping them awake in the process while they need to attend to their jobs by morning. The fact remains as it has always done that it is better for me to work for myself and the results of these kinds of activities eventually get to mean that people take advantage of me having worked out it is possible for me to do their jobs for them and thereby work really hard to keep me on benefits thereof, eventually means that the business has a liability and that they are that liability i.e. there are only two reasons that my business is not profitable and one of those is that my business is spending money on something else other than its priorities and I the owner am spending time on something else other than the priorities of the business and those two things have to do with them, the result of which is largely going to be that they will claim my actions are surprising and historic whereas they were entirely predictable, however which another group of business fools will claim the surprising and predictable and amazing stuff was their own and I stole it from them in order that they might complain like they are at the moment about their position due to the fact nobody really can tell what I am doing with other peoples business and hence I cannot raise it enough times that they need to stay off the book sales and stay away from my Office bearing in mind no body knows exactly what their case with my Royal Property and Public work really is anyway. So eventually it comes down to the fact that they are actually people who at the bottom line of their finances run businesses where they profit from the activities of criminals, to turn out regularly to tell the rest of us that the importance of Popular culture is that you actually get to have the advantage of picking sales representatives of sales advisers that know rich and famous people; hence they profit from crime, have a business to go with it, know that I have a business that does not profit from crime bearing in mind they keep me on benefits because they realise I can be made to do their jobs for them, then of course regularly gather up money and buy shares in other peoples business which infuriates me like hell because it thereof turns into a matter of power and so for me I do my business the way I do it because it is important to find out what the Politicians think first before I decide they cannot have it if I cannot. It is not to say I am innocent in the matter, I am not; you see they like to turn out to handle me and my effects and property, making out for various reasons that whatever they are getting is never enough and making suggestions that they are racist and so on etc - for this I tend to handle them as well and now we have a sub culture here that whatever celebrities have is never enough for them and they have a problem thereof convincing me they are famous since I am always of the opinion there is more they need to do and more that needs to be done to make them famous and the idea that they are is delusional. so there is talk of where we stand on Syria, I would never understand for my part since the British Parliament had voted against joining the Americans in taking military action, what they do expect I should do about it anyway for my part. I know I made mention of the fact that the wars and interventions will affect the economy and that the games these fools play is not doing us any good and so this needs to become top priority but so also did I expect the vote at Parliament to be tight and not defeated. I mean we face a condition where Assad is playing his games which are practically the same thing as when Saddam attacked Israel because his facilities were being bombed by Americans, in his case however he likes to find violent groups in every country in the Middle East of course and will hold everybody to ransom with that too - the eventual and expect result to be that he is only likely to homogenise the Middle East and become its King, in which case nobody here will trade with him and he will have to restrict his trading position to Russia only and perhaps the Labour Party in the UK, the outcome is that somebody will likely put their lives on the line to deal with him and the problem he creates and this is where people will die, however which intervention will have happened at a later date anyway, wherefore if it were to happen presently lives will have been saved; we had our chance and so we are now waiting for the french who have had a history with Muslims and terrorism and then when they impress we become green with envy in the UK. They say there are other things I need to clear up and I suppose that is referring to media bufoons getting all over the place but I have no idea what to clear up there anyway, I already have a relationship with the same goons which means that what they have is never enough for them and so they want my own all the time for their part while for my part it applies that what they have over my dead body will be enough for them as well and as I mentioned earlier they will continue to try and convince me they are famous but that will never really happen. I know I did say something about those who operated in the twin towers being the same as the terrorists that blew it up but I still stand by that and they have not come forward with any evidence to suggest otherwise either; the reality I put forward was that of how they expect the media to handle other peoples property for them while they wait for people to do something about it so their lives can then be sent to the toilet, the terrorists however were rather prepared to do it with violence which involved blowing up planes and buildings and those buildings so happened to have been the ones they operated it. They believe there is much they can do about me of course, they always do but the reality is still the same i.e. this is where it will blow up because their interest in me is entirely a function of the fact that just like the terrorists of 9/11, their lives are screwed and it is now all about the fact people do not wish to get around anymore with their plans to get rich, there are terrorists everywhere because their business model is that working for anything creates a problem of defamation which does not allow popularity and therefore fortunes to occur and my promise is that if they wreck mine as well they will add me to their list of problems along with doing that, so there is no point yapping off about what I said or did not say, it is important they zip it and we are not talking about the part where the Labour Party is full of fools that think they have found a place to get to everyday in order to mess around with my livelihood and earnings on account they get pleasure from how I react and intend to move onto getting the finer things in life by so doing as well, for the Politicians in that party it will be a one more task scenario soon enough as well, I own a product appearance Equity Empire and can say anything I like, even more so as nothing I say plays into the hands of any idiot, as a World really does not exist where they became more important than I am at my expense and for all those activities I will never stop grooming poorer people to join them wherever they are as well since they have never learnt not to address me or be seen any where near my affairs or business and have never learnt it in 12 years of patience and tolerance: I am the Royal Prince and they no body, they are nothing - this is where we stand on Syria.