Facing perilous times is utter nonsense too; it’s nothing but the anonymity of business men allowing them to play psychological warfare on others every single second of their time – I mean nobody it seems can tear business men away from social and culture evils that they believe is the source of their wealth but when they see the business of a Christian they get involved and take over things and yet he is Royalty and they are nobody so it does not yet appear to them to be an unacceptable risk. When they say I am not selling my books to their customers I always assume they are joking until they handle the Books and I want to know which contract I signed with them as it were; so this is all they can do, 24/7 media idiots at constant vandalism. They speak of the part the ladies play but it was always as simple as the need to have somebody that travels around the culture matters of the empire for me and it is rare to get it from celebrities but the involvement of celebrities has been unlimited which is the issue at hand at the moment, as I really do need to determine and settle how they are getting involved. It is not their empire, it is not the end of the world, and it is not rocket science. Same old case at the bottom line therefore with fame idiots led by Americans; has evolved from many forms of course, starting with how I have written books to detach women from men that can beat up others to make them feel special and that in itself was created by the average white girl licking lollipops at me for instance and progressed from there to what it has become today i.e. blocking off my public life with media and popular culture and sending out more abusive community croons to spy on me in order to abuse and steal some royal way of life for them to get famous with; it’s the democrats you see and they are always the victims. I mean we are dealing with narcissist fools selling celebrated services as a result of their laziness here and now I have been given a choice; stop them or hurt them, which I do not think is anybody else's business as usual considering its largely developed around the story of damaging their celebrity lifestyles about which they must handle my Royal one as well and we all know what it means and where it leads; so they do say Royalty is still my biggest problem while I blame others but it has never been a matter they should be concerned with either – the world will never run out of idiots getting involved with Monarchies to play games of building fortunes they clearly worked for to dizzying heights; this is not their empire, it is not the end of the world and knowing so is not rocket science.

The story of how I need resources to get things done is much the same; they do love to spend most of their time on media either making out all I own belongs to The Queen or Monarchy and if they don’t then they would rather spend it making out I want to share all I have instead. I understand the story of a lack of progress on my part but that is not the agenda for today; in terms of the lack of progress on my part I am not supposed to defend myself, I am in the protection of the State at the discretion of The Queen but I have had this need to show them they are losers and couldn’t take me on in a fair fight, it has now reached a point where I am becoming Statesman warrior character, so it causes draw backs and needs to be shut down but as I said, it is not the agenda for today. The agenda is the bit about how I will not sell my books to those who are known to buy goods and services from them and when they do it I always think they are joking most of the time until they handle the books to make it possible and I need to find out which contract I signed with them or not. It does not mean that when their cup is full on such matters in my case I am very likely to deal with all of the problems; I need to stop that process where they think it is trendy to see my books and seek out information from the Horses lips instead, due to authenticity and the fact it is free and I am less than human with a big mouth – so they have to deal with the bag logs of civil rights failures that want to put up contraptions which look like business to lure young people and take advantage of them through employment and when they are free from it they will want information from the horses lips if they see peoples Books in the market place.

I know they say people do not deserve such treatment but you know what they deserve when you know what their nature is; if a celebrity wants to send out somebody to chase your anus and penis and steal Royal lifestyle for them to add to their fame and fortune with, their parents are usually the most reliable for it, so the things we see them do is how they are raised at home, it runs in their families, they deserve everything they get. Just like the story of how I am a fallen Christian which makes no sense; first it is linked with the part about setting out it is not in their interest for me to be financially comfortable due to the fact it is the only to make the Christian have so many needs so intensely that he actually gets to see their cars and fame and latest brand products and thinks of them as important which will make those things more important than God but on the other hand is the fact while they are married to their husbands and in relationships with boyfriends it is fundamentally important to hunt down certain men and make them leave that part of their lives that is supposed to be handled by a woman alone so women can come into their lives to handle it; so it becomes important too that they love and marry their own and not me, I am not a fallen Christian. It’s never true I am trying to rule the world; communists actually have a collection of scumbags that are exactly the same things to Communist Countries as they are to us, so if their case is a problem for me I need to ensure we see them complain in public and the way it used to work in the past was the bit where they got off dealing with the problems of communism for me, maybe they want to revert to that, I do not care if they did but moving into my right hand to lay down popular culture pipelines will certainly create another story in its own right.

So it is said the UK is pretend democracy which is a popular story to tell but not one that will make progress any time soon either; I mean the reality is that The Queen is Head of State and apart from the State itself the only other thing that is supreme is Parliament, so the laws are made by the people through the Politicians and the Queen gives Royal Assent before they can passed. The point is that these guys like to tell us all that Satan worship is their religion and that they have the freedom and right to but we all know that they fundamentally feel that the bad aspects associated with it needs to be found and left in the lives of others, never mind the fact that it eventually always leads to an outcome where a Christian is persecuted by them and the explanations always are more important than whether or not the Christian has got civil rights too; so if serving Satan is good, they should practice it on themselves and their own families – it’s the Politicians that complicate the whole thing by getting up in government houses to claim religion is the problem of the Country, the ones we have today have no clue what they are doing but the ones we used to have in the past were religiously sound people so they did it on the basis that the only reason you should react to another person’s civil rights should be when they have issued threats at you with it and so we have had to do that routine where moral democracy has been defeated and it is their turn to manage and handle the immoral ones which they are not doing so well at anyway, so one has to look after one’s self as it were. They know why we are here as equally as I do – they know it is not about money or politics or any of that civil rights, they know it is about God and the Devil and that they are in a place now where they are going to keep off my books or they will keep of it my way, if the Politicians are done. They do say they are psychopaths and I had better taken note – all very good but God is my leash as well and they can come along if they have the guts. What they are not telling people is that a process of measuring new evils to compete with my Arch Prince’s Royal Faith requires them to measure their evils from my personal faith and if they cannot simply make me suffer and use it as power on others and that stopping that has given way to a condition where they get on media to block off my public life and then despatch community idiots to get in my personal space and sit around fingering my bum so they can steal some fame to exhibit themselves with on Media and I am going to tell the world it is what they are doing for my part as well and they know how I will too and what the cost can be estimated to be as well. Its regularly mentioned that I started it all by taking my faith to a level that has never been seen before and I could never make it out since it is a faith I took to a level that has never been seen before in my own personal life unless they are prepared to cling to the argument that if this behaviour of theirs leads to a conflict such conflict would have occurred on account I rented accommodation from them and it would continue to have been right to keep suggesting that their wickedness is their civil right.


They do say they taught me a lesson by having better jobs than I do in order to be superior to me of course but that is never really true; it’s the story that is not yet avenged about their civil rights useless failures destroying other people’s property to feel good and so that if they chase down people to do it on public media for a decade and a half the reason it does not matter is because the person is so inferior that if a public problem were to have emerged, what people do to him would not have mattered and not enough of them have died it as it were, so they are still yapping. It’s the same old case of the fact they are never pleased by anything right through when we were children and teenagers in school, always bitter and cynical and really insulting and need to dominate other people’s feelings in order to feel good with both the sense they enjoy such things as the privilege that is due to those who can do it but not have it done to them as well on one hand while on the other the privilege is so sweet because they are unable to understand what others are feeling on grounds it does not get to happen to them too. So their parents think their self expressions are an abomination and I really cannot tell if they get on that stupid media to cling to me like that because we were related or something in the first place but clearly it is not hurting badly enough yet the consequences associated with doing so. I don’t think it is a complicated matter as such, their friends have gotten ahead of them socially and Politically and financially and all they do is sit about with civil rights selecting the lives of younger people they want to rip up and dominate with any small salary they have; this should have been the end of the story of a bubble that exists between the Politicians and the prisons which gives them power to abuse and detach you from your temperaments and commercialise it in order to confiscate your personal life at the end but there are other variables involved now which does allow people to accuse me to creating a greater problem by making things so complicated; there is reason for it i.e. when the Politicians start they stop in their own time – they don’t stop when social problems are emerging from what people see of what they are doing to you only make explanations using your intellect and any work they find, they don’t stop when they have seen that they have wrecked you finances and academic work, they don’t stop when trouble makers are copying it to create bigger problems that cannot be managed unless somebody paid with their lives, they stop in their own time and now that it has become very complicated they can stop in their own time here – where the media is concerned I will not dignify with a conversation, they have all these bad company they got involved with as such and it is somewhere they want to shove me into because it will improve their fame and fortune and I would appreciate it if they did clear my space on that stupid media as it were never mind the fact I appreciate being informed they have bad company going for them all together as well. So it’s the old story that started from a need to create a new sense of evil and Godlessness by which Parliament and Politics was founded as a matter of rebellion against a Religious Establishment of Monarchy – having been I know everything about them and their Country and a world in which they steal my career does not actually exist, this is what it has given birth to – so they think so on account they believe they can take me on or put fear in me, so I hurt and they hurt too and there will be no fame and fortune at my expense.

I hear they say I am actually really a talent of a relationships guru who does not wish to get down and dirty and it is the reason for my problems and it is utter nonsense – first of all intellectual property administration means that I have to put myself in the shoes of my customers and so I have invented a way of testifying my stories to directly in order to broker the creative equity property that I am selling, so you can imagine the level of damage and disruption that can easily come from a really stubborn black girl that continues to insist on claiming I am a relationships guru that can solve my financial problems by getting down and dirty to help them out with their relationships and it is not an unusual disobedience either, there is also the one where they cannot listen when you don’t want them finding boyfriends by messing with your feelings which white girls are starting to copy as well. However stage one has been completed and they are all getting a feel of the acclaimed big Church I would have built so they can get in and corrupt things while I promise them they will find husbands, so they know that besides millions of people hearing them claim or make out I am actually a sex and relationships guru, it does not makes sense at all in anyway and I have been given a choice to stop them or hurt them as well for my part. It always starts with how women have to be able to influence people to get by while men do violence to get by because they come from areas of the world where genocide is a regular feature and they are insolent beyond normal human being imaginations and so on but having said that, I am sure they are not deaf – the way it usually plays out is an outcome where the habit of fear is resolved by making them pay financially my way or theirs and every other time I am not dealing with the habit of fear that comes from their destructive nature being found around my business is supposed to be sorted out through hitting their evil nature to a point of submission, I don’t need to revert to that, they need to listen; I am a writer not a relationship guru or any other nonsense they have in mind. They do say I converse much nonsense and it does not help but I do wonder if that would mean it gets to deter them when I do as well; for of course we all know they are evil people that don’t mind killing others to get what they want, so whatever happens to them should be a function of what they could have done but didn’t do with a big mouth – what then do others do if they are Police Officers, so Police kill, Police clean up, if they kill Police clean up as it were; the threats are very well understood but it’s the old story of why Royalty hates them i.e. the Country is safe and good until the day they need to steal fighting spirit from somewhere and then somebody else will make war or they will – I mean the advice is that they need to relax as there is really nothing they can do besides expressing their bullying in ways that suggests they want to touch me and touch me violently and very hard with a big mouth only. At the moment they are doing me favours sparing my life and using it to make advertisement and yapping all over the place for it on media too. They do say the way I run my concerns complicates their stupid life all the time but it’s their lack of respect that does it – I am a Christian and commanded by the Bible to live in humility, I don’t have to prove anything to their foolishness; I mean because I write none fiction books, somebody has to tell people it feels like a relationship guru trying to escape his real talents and that if it feels that it, then it actually is that way, only to turn up on media and expect things as normal. On one hand they say I am paranoid about people handling my worthless Books and on the other hand they say I am concerned about what people think about me; in terms of the latter however I am not, just handling the books has to get a reaction from me that they will not enjoy, in terms of the former it is pretty much the same only that the focus is their democracy and freedom which means they are always creating publicity for my work and then withdrawing it from market to insert another product which is modelled to look like my books or to fit the market making me breathless all the time – so I hurt and they hurt too; it has to be a reaction they do not enjoy. They always have reasons of course chiefly the question of whatever on earth I am waiting for – so for me it’s always a case of whether they want to find out and the need to ensure they do not enjoy it; after all they always say they do it because they lost profits so that would mean I win again, since it is obvious they can always cash into their own aptitudes when they want to get rich and famous and those of them that want to buy trends can buy the ones where people cashed into their own aptitudes and had prove of it: the celebrities like it when their men speak of how I get into trouble for trying to get involved with women I can neither handle nor protect but we all know what happens is that they take that need to play damsel in distress and forcefully lure men into helping them escape from the media wearing pants and bikini to do people’s lives all the time while they have a deal with the media that makes them rich in the first place to a whole new level that means the media blocks off my public life while they send out the back stage idiots and some parliament ones to finger my bum so they can steal royal lifestyle to get rich and famous with, so it’s a matter of one false move on media meaning I make my move as well. I am comfortable with my female journalists, I don’t need anymore and besides which unless they want to deploy their celebrity lifestyles to travel around a royal estate helping me administrate I find it difficult to locate why they would want me so intently since I am not their sex mate in the first place their insolence as it were; the Middle East ones rose to prominence in the 1980s during the oil boom and it’s a need to hurt people and do things anyway then complain about the results later every single moment leaving me this choice to hurt them or stop them all the time while we cannot be free from hearing them brag, sucking up the free air all over the place.


The story of the Politicians will it seems never go away until they are handled in a decisive manner; I mean these guys are such individuals as are happy to drive cars that don’t have a single panel that was built in the last 12 years but still cannot resist oppressing others and that allows the Politicians to be certain that when they damage peoples finances, those people can end up being excessively available to the world around them and everybody that sees them wants to use them to get things done. So that they regularly continue to provoke me thinking they are likely to into government and live out a reality whereby I am so stupid I allow them to keep peeling away at me until they reach a stage where they can write letters to employers and get me sacked for failing to behave and that will be the pinnacle of their insolence. I am not going to warn them about making stupid comments about and around my Book sales for eternity for my part either – it’s the perpetual block heads who cannot snap out of some naught by 100% performance obviously and therefore their immeasurable need to control any available great talents as it were and then there is the party piece where it is never ever enough as it were to go with it. I am not going to allow myself to keep getting hurt this painfully by Politicians forever either, it has now gone beyond MPs vanity, it is obvious they want a piece of me and it is not a matter of me preventing State security from doing what it is meant to either, that is best understood by the fact I have dilemmas i.e. one moment it is completely insignificant and the next it ruins the finances whenever it wants to as though that was in itself an institutionalised provision, it’s not that I don’t want somebody to be made example of, I simply have dilemmas.

There is talk of civil rights in the US now and it has been built around the need for American stupid children to feel like Princes and Princesses at my expense, the sense that I am the one that they can handle as it were but everybody knows that there is really nothing that you can do for somebody who has a life that is located in a place where their deaths will create the most market equity for those that are selling things around them and there is none other that has done more to foster the powers of the idiots to dig up those things than Mr Obama himself, he cannot just get off and pin it on somebody else the idea it is a mystery therefore that most black young people find themselves in such a position, he loves it and should try to show that he does in public as well not pin the problem on others. I mean what do they mean they need a certain dignity that white people have and removing me from my Royal Estate to occupy it as a group of liberal idiots is the only thing that will make that happen; I have written book and it opens them up while they want to sell things and get rich on my life and so I need to stop writing my books and they need to be able to determine my movements on account they are trying to get rich – so what does it really mean? I don’t think it is a problem, they do say I wrote the Books on the history of their lives but these are the same people that boast regularly they can get thousands of pounds for any girl that gives them a deadline – they play these stupid games all the time and assume their foolish lives will not end up as fact in somebody else’s books. So my point is that I played my cards well and it seems it is those that make out it is okay for black people to be offerings for the purpose of creating wealth paying the ultimate price in the process that are getting killed, it is apt that it is a president that likes to highlight their importance and deprived dispositions that should speak for them, I am just saying the deaths itself is not something that he can pin on others, he is directly responsible for them. I for my part will sell my Books or they will become the nightmare of those who like to handle them and get on media to pretend their block heads will supply a counter attack if I start to build a trade disposition on their insulting trappings of power. In my case it is apparently the more important I become that I get chased about for a death that will bring about fortunes. It is never true that I am scared of the power of the people because I know its the only way through which people can be better off than I am on my own possessions in order to achieve equality - it does not bother me that some people are heroes and others are cowards in anyway, they all do it all the time when they get jobs in the Military i.e. its bad and its bad and its bad seems to be the preaching to which the needs and desires of idiots must be adhered to at all time until the war breaks out and somebody goes off to die at the very start of it, so when the fools do ask questions later it turns out there is evidence that the very person that warned about it tirelessly is dead from the same things he warned about - so its never really complete as a hero until you are dead. It is not true I have been beaten by them in any way, first of all which all they do with their time is seek out perverted alternative lifestyles which mean that they keep creating crimes against others that they have found ways to make themselves immune to and that also means they have time on their hands to make money by stealing peoples talents and property with media and advertisement and self exhibitionism which eventually leads to the part where they claim such beahviour is a mark of respect but we all know its stacks up people who have suffered injustice to the tune of a reality where if all of them were to line up at the Legal system, no matter how big, it would crash and delay would mean denial either way as if they never did and what I am trying to say to that effect is that having twisted communities they can get on media and try to ensure get involved with others so they can steal peoples public life is what we know their entire lives are all about but I would like it if the media ones that are the same who talk too much cleared my space. The other side of the story about being beaten is that it is a path to utter chaos i.e. what if after all those years of crimes committed against me at the highest level of government due to the fact they cannot commit those crimes as persons or with their own offices or as whole Political parties considering that it is not in their ability and hence need to use State Authority to build up little crimes that damage finances to a point where they feel I am weak enough for a final trophy attack which is a fabulous use of my time, crimes they say are meant to ensure they can get into positions of important while controlling the lives of those that can get things done so they can do whatever they like while others do their jobs for them in a condition where they become really important as such and it ended with a process where I simply made the choice and decision not to be weak enough for defeat of any kind; it destroys whole Nations and they know it - so yet again its the same story i.e. they have no beaten anything and need to clear my space on that stupid media - they do boast about those who talk then complain when others are stronger than they are of course but we all know that it is when they need to sell this nonsense to the rich that we end up with a condition where those who have money can have no peace either.