The game of things I have done to the Politicians is that which I find really infuriating. I mean I do suppose it has become obvious now that if an electorate wants to sit down and watch politicians wreck my finances during the year of my 21st birthday until date, then they should be prepared to sit it out, whatever I want to do, with their quasi racism on public media over my income. I have no idea why this is so difficult to understand and why they always come up with ideas which suggest things are going to happen otherwise and therefore create the notion of an upcoming challenge, like things I will give up with a big mouth. It takes getting into some of the worst areas of society to reach places where people get to spend time thinking that the fact their salary is secure is power over somebody else, so when Politicians have made their beds, what usually happens next is that they sleep on it. Not tell me what I can and cannot get to do, if it so happens that this eventually leads to a process where they get their desires. Let them fight and they will win it too-bearing in mind also that those sort of arrangements are only operable when those who work then can enforce them, since that is the only way to ensure there is progress on it in the present generation, which is not to say that if progress on it fails in thsi generation there is every chance it will pick up in subsequent ones in any case.

The other part about how I will never be able to make this happen because I have made too many deals with Politicians is the load of rubbish here; first of all I have not made any deals with Politicians and secondly the media is a place that I get to have so much fun that it hurts, nothing that happens there is ever serious. In the end all that really happens there is men with their politicians that have taken up the money of the world and think they will use it to buy everything else, while I will be stuck somewhere giving up my life so they can have it, playing quasi racist with my income wrecking my business and me setting up alliances with Politicians and what they need to I can on a provisional basis get to betray them all the time. The way it works is that they are men who have taken over all the money in the world and on the other hand is my business that they have laid waste to ensure they are able to do so. I have the equities and securities of this business left over while they think the money of the world will buy them everything else; so they ought to expect that setting out stupid Political policies which suggest how we get to raise children and has something to do with me at the same time will lead to a fight. It’s the same old story; they need to leave me alone. Naturally it seems that with all those their quasi racism on media they expect it to pay off and so now that it will not, those that broke equities with me will pay which is utter rubbish unless of course they have money to buy the product, otherwise it is the usual stuff of standing up somewhere to talk rubbish about how their girls will come out fighting and of course those business idiots that make out there is no such thing as broking equities with me need to shut it and work with their Politicians to get out of the economic crisis.

So in the end it is the big question they seem to realise all the time when it is the one that stares everybody in the face in the first place i.e. people have worked hard for years to build a culture and civilisation only for me to think I can take it up as though it is mine without a process where it must cost my life for trying. I don’t know since I am aware they created this idea; all I know is that I live within the areas of government that is in its entirety morality, of which none of them can make a living by living in such an areas of endeavour, but they claim that all I own is rightfully theirs like they can do the dance and claim I have stolen their culture like they have got it and the world will burn first before the fact the Christian is not a push over and will not allow himself to be one is respected. My inability to get along with Politicians does not come into it; they have continued to play stupid right wing games with my earnings knowing I have had my fill of such nonsense because I had a very strong Christian background already; the part where some people tell me I exist to be poor because the Bible says so.


The idea I am being bullied by black idiots is fascicle, even though I acknolwedge such things are being proposed, are being put forward and are happening; I mean these guys feel they can make up their own ideas about peoples kids in public and turn out later years later to claim legitimate ownership and control of their lives and property and the purpose of this is not just because they are the worlds worst envy freaks but that only they can hate, as a result of which they then set out to ensure they open up peoples personal lives to put their problems in it. I am not being bullied by any mathematically stupid black scum, the older ones of which compared to everybody else in the world have failed in everything and everyway imaginable while they claim to control me at the same time with a big mouth, who are also retarded, have a serious inferiority complex and are terribly immoral as well which of course is the part I like about them the most. What has been happening here is a case of their worlds worst envy freak thing having a thing for my privacy, while my Christian privacy thing has a thing for their worlds worst envy freak thing. In my view being I have done thing with a process of breaking up and cutting down celebrity culture into bite size chunks to avoid the wars kind of thing, now that they do something else with their lives other than thieving which other media scum like to think others should be made to fight while they mock and destroy to play games, it is okay as it is for the time being and I don’t want to be tempted by any of them. they say I stifle peoples celebrity culture of course but this is something I do because it is in my nature to do not something I do because I think about it and come up with arguments. They can be free of me of course but they will have to leave me alone to make that happen; it is not up to me. For now no body knows what their issues with the girls and the women really is anyway and why they cannot fight their own battles by themselves and I have been putting off this thing about stifling celebrity culture so that we can have a more civilised and educated world for too long; I mean I have lost my first degree and my book sales are in tatters because of this, do on earth does such a thing and or does that much? They love to shoot off those dirty insolent mouths for nothing for most of the time. like when they tell me celebrity culture is something I want to kill off but is something they will also like to do with people like me, which was the point in the first place; them and women and an obsession with games over my privacy to get rich and the result of my game of my privacy against their worlds worst envy freak games is the result of it – envy is their middle name, they must know what happens in my privacy so they can put their problems in it and most of all the problem with me is that I have not got any problems on account my life and my royal commission is an exciting thing for me, with that yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, all the time; when they have pushed it to the point they feel they are currently pushing it to of course, the result will be one of those things I aspire to do which is why I am already putting together structures to ensure that they never keep anything they steal from me to boast about when it is done because of their insults – so we can find out how much of the energy they will have left for the fight with which never be the first occasion, I mean it happens all the time with drug lords that operate for only a period and not for eternity, to manipulate them so intensely that I can determine when they pick up those guns and when they don’t pick them up, so the policy might go in and they can pick the guns and get shot and no body will stand in a court room for it. Then I can worry about the media; whereas the real issue is that I would not have to punish so many people if people did leave me alone and besides stick their noses in their own business instead of mine, so that somebody can wreck my business and tell me an excuse for it as well which sounds like I look tough and he is seeking people that will create gangs and beat up people for him to feel special with, that he carries on and on about on National TV for a decade claiming the real problem is racists, about which this their so called victim is not giving back that stupid left and has already warned them this is not at all the 1970s. I could use that left hand side to pay all the debts they create here of course but if I did that at once they will move on with those stupid lives and that is not so good; so I will control it sustain the process, keep it going and pay the debts with it in bits. If they want to be free of me, they will go away with their quasi racism.

So what do I mean by confiscating the left they ask? But it has always been obvious the process of having my personal life instead of buying and reading the books only causes me to wonder how much it is worth but which I do not have to wonder for long. Why people will do such things when they work in places of public appearance is not exactly clear and this is how I pay for the damages, including the Politicians. There is no real issue with big businesses, the problem with those of them that raise any is that they don’t want to wear their flashy ties and suits and think only about the balance sheet of their business to talk to the Politicians about what they want, what they want to do is become deluded and set out to get media to collect stuff from me and talk rubbish in public places. I had already mentioned this before that the world is like a company and they have taken the money and the Politicians have failed to ensure they circulate it even if they are rich doing so, while they think the purpose of that money will be to create products that the rest of us need with a big mouth and will have my books in hell the part where the devil does not control as well so they can have everything. This is how I pay for the damages; confiscate everything they do to create any kind of reputation as they do it and it is always my judgment that if they do not wish that their actions become expensive enough to bother them, they would not do too much of it.

They say people normally miss the point of what I am saying because I say too much but I don’t think anybody gets to miss the point of the fact when people damage my books I will grab something of theirs connected to fame they have created for themselves to make the repairs with and if they do not want that to become so serious it Is my opinion they will stop doing damage that is serious. I am a Christian and will never take more than the damage they have caused but I will never take less than the damage thy have caused either. So the purpose of those damages I gather is because I have all these things and refuse to use it to do anything for anybody but that is clearly the other side of the argument; bearing in mind the complains about wealth inequality and so on when the only way to get away with these kinds of sadomasochistic activity is by having nothing of their own others can abuse or take advantage of.

So at some point those things people do with their cultures and societies about which women want to trap me somewhere and use me to enjoy a better life and therefore need to have financial upper hand over me that they want to make possible at all times with all their time will begin to affect their business like it does mine; clearly such things affect peoples livelihoods because others are responsible for such results. If there is anybody that is fully aware of how immoral their city is, it’s me and I will be consecrating them for the purpose of getting rich as well. This then leads to the main issues of course which are that businesses don’t want to wear suits and look at their balance books all the time to talk to politicians about things they can do to be better not talk rubbish about me or stir media to attack me and talk nonsense about how rich they are and media idiots don’t want to stop trying to grab all the wealth of small businesses for themselves while being best friends of big businesses and I have always had a thing for celebrity culture which I never damage because I think about it when I do but because it is my nature and they need to leave me alone to have their freedom. Not turn up to get things from my personal life to get rich and or have top jobs with. As I mentioned, this is not the 1970s besides which this is my life not theirs.


Of course it is all quasi racism and permissive discrimination; I have a job to do, so I do not for the most part give it much of an attention. However they work hard on media to ensure that it affects my job and this is where the problem is, as doing so also reflects what they say and boast about behind my back.

They all have their claims about how to them my in definitive identity is the main issue, especially for political leaders but the real issue is their problem with my books and human greed to own them which I always say is so with a big insolent media mouth only. The second issue is that of how what is happening is what happens to those who suck up to the bad guys and do not play along with freedom fighting idiots. In fact however it is like it is in the film industry where they are a bunch of family scum buying shares in companies they think will be their means of access to somebody they can get the most pleasure from abusing, about which they know I want no rubbish from them either. The result we have today over my books is not actually unpredictable as such. So we have simply reached a point where there is much attention to it because I have played out the quasi racism and permissive discrimination at their market place due to how much of it affects my job to get my attention so people can hurt me and this is why they are all over the place, scared of loosing money. It is mind blowing however since everybody knows I have Journalists that I have made into affiliates in my work, that they have not been showing enough respect in my direction towards me as a human being to know that this kinds of results will ensue.

So what is quasi racism and permissive discrimination? Nothing serious, just pervert idiots getting on media to round up every aspect of my life and getting politicians to wreck my finances for them, then set off right wing idiots and left wing idiots for the purpose of trapping me to create conditions for abuses I will have to put up with which creates pleasure and these abuses are meant to cut me off at the most primordial of my instincts while every other idiot that wishes to get rich turns up to betray me but if you ask them they will tell you it is their civil rights on the line not first the fact that they always get anything they want and there is a serious problem they have come to have with the idea of me earning money from my job which I always say is with a big mouth as well. Hence we have come to the point where jobs and profit margins are being affected by it because I am working hard to make this firm profitable and in retrospect I do wonder if they really actually expect me to give that up lest I happen to have hurt them; none of those stupidities ever make any sense. Their Pop music industry will for now bear the brunt of my wrath, so they can talk even more rubbish about things I cannot shut down if I wanted, while even more idiots get on media to make out things I mention make me vulnerable to provide their celebrities with more things they can be famous for when in actual fact the way I see the world and make my policies is a simple case of evil white people and evil black people who both get to the UK to find out the chances of getting what the dream about the most, which is money, power, no work and ruling other people has a greater chance of success, therefore set about making sure that if I refuse to get involved with either side they will involve me in my head with those insults they claim is Politics and civil rights that I will never recognise nor will I give them back the real politics, so they might have to imagine new ones, bearing in mind they boast about world peace and their ability to bring it about to round me up over my causes,  like I am an animal, with a big mouth. So their reasons have always been that if I consent to join them, I will do the servitude for a while and then move on when I am known for something and these things happen because of idiots that enjoy insulting a royal prince they think will simply forget about it and thereby their stupid girls especially those in the USA will have personal and private security which of course is another set of big mouth idiots that are paying very well for their insults so far, hence there is no love lost either way from any angle whatsoever. As I said, they are not celebrities or media operatives, just a collection of family game scum brought into the mainstream of life by idiots that love to accuse others of sleeping with their wives because they think they are racist and like to work on media for the purpose of their insolent greed. I will always hunt them to the ends of this earth for every stupid insult and those my book sales they love to attack will be their undoing as well. as for my health, if I miss out a single revenge on them, the whole game with that will become funny on public Television, so the big problem as it stands is how they will join gangs because they have a problem with being constantly and relentlessly provoked by me, with a big mouth as it were.


Now I do not believe that the government needs to be surreptitious about the mechanisation of the National Health Service, it is conventional that with quasi civil services and service intensive enterprises such as the NHS, the safest way for the government to cut costs is to Mechanise. This always gets to lay off workers of course but not as bad as plain cost cutting or hiding the problem until the establishment goes under and workers can never return in future.

However it is also suggested that I do act at the market place when I go shopping in a way which suggests that I am against mechanisation and that my position needs to be clarified. This is a wholly different issue all together. The fact that I really do not wish to get on the Internet to buy anything intensively, I want to shop at the shops; then there is the other part where I want to use my product immediately not wait until they are delivered or pay for delivery costs if necessary that I must or should; ultimately its a no! No! No! I don’t want to be pushed into shopping online; I want to buy my wares at the shops. Where I stand is that the economy is not yet that bad; companies have access to my equities and securities and this therefore means that their profit margins tend to peak at a point which is not out of place with current global economic conditions. So this idea that no body knows while businesses are planning mass mechanisation has been on the air for sometime and my stance is that it is cheating. They have these equities and securities and the economic condition does not call for it. However their argument that it is legitimate text book process and technique which no body has an argument against is what I am disputing in a nutshell; on the contrary, texts books make it clear that mechanisation is an efficiency tool not a profitability and crisis management tool; the right tool for the right job not cheating and more so violent cheating in order to be rich. If there are those that refuse to comply with this, I will review their equities and leave them with the amount they can manage or work with according to their displayed level of intellect and sell what is left to any company in whose interest it is to mop up the unemployment that they have created.

So am I also aware that people will go off to China to do business instead? Of course; but so what? It does seem however that each time a Chinese idiot gets on TV to say anything, all they want to do is play around with National interests around my work, it is ever all that they want to do whenever they get on television with those incredibly stupid behaviour where they pretend they are the ones that like money in the whole world, taking even more rubbish about their place and power in the world.