We do hear that I pick on people that are much more than I am and set about thinking others should listen to me when I complain; its utter nonsense of course since the reality is that it’s a matter of letting people play games with you until it becomes something serious – I for my part do it because I know what I am doing in the circumstances and do not advise anybody to do it as well for my part. I mean none of us see ourselves readily as people who are so famous that others will feel privileged for having us mess around their livelihood because we are seen on their television and hence means they wouldn’t mind, we do not readily see ourselves as people who would one day roll all the damage we would have done with that process out at some point as a means to public declaration that people make assumptions about us and try to get involved with us when we do not know who they are, just at the precise point where our victims wish to move on and we have made it such that they cannot unless they mentioned something about our involvement with their concerns, so we might peddle them and get rich on the sidelines, we do not readily see ourselves as people who would be so willing and so happy to deploy all that as something we can do to find out if we do have the power to keep other people out of their own jobs but all these things constitute the very nature of the public behaviour and any public life that these fools have and it is never true that Terrorism is something people do because it is a pointless violence that they enjoy; there is a real provocation behind it and we cannot stop that war unless we stopped the killing first. I mean for my part I have never told them I am homosexual and in fact they have seen me near Church on a regular basis for personal reasons but what is so important about my anus and penis is never clear, what it clear is that it has become some kind of distant fascism used to set people against white racists and white racists against other people with media and play on and on and on with suggestions and subliminal language until somebody gets killed and then we see them pretend they are really powerful and that racism has something to do with me which I always say it does so it might happen again and again and again as it were – their women knowing nothing but a need to handle men which they are supposed to help with along with the colour of money, otherwise their idiocy knows no bounds. I am about 6 foot and of the short and stocky kind not the tall and lanky kind, so we know that life itself can easily become all about my personal life and their need to own it and feel good about living, that they don’t like themselves and want to live in my own skin and so it involves very intense discomfort and even suffering to achieve these things within a bubble where there are no rules because it’s all civil rights; so I don’t readily think I want to set myself up and take a swipe at them as well but we all know one of the things that makes them target me all the time is how good the feeling they get from my personal life is coupled with how good my reaction to it makes them feel; so this case of my reaction being bad for them over the first 7 years of these behaviour and now something they have decided what people think I did to them or not with media to feel good about and hence extricate the very purposes for their provocation is only second to the part that annoys me the most i.e. they hate me because I am a Christian but soon don’t like themselves and want to live under the skin of a Christian, however have no plans to repent and take the gospel into their lives in order to have the same joy, they want that delivered in a condition that omitted that part because they simply cannot leave people alone and then it becomes a jobs and personal life happiness and peace of mind issue because you rejected them, so when they say they like the way I react and it makes them step up the suffering, I always say they have made it all up on media and I am still controller of heart disease around here, their irregular heart beat TV is only second rate – a copy cat and a bad one too for that matter.

I understand it is important to them to find out if I can back up most of the things they see me show capability for and of course I do hope they are talking about their need to support their deviant girls who have no plans to do anything with themselves save earn my own income and do my job somewhere else in the world where I will be prevented from stopping them especially the American ones and their limitless insolence; so when it does come down to it the story apparently is that of me getting into one fight after another which again is a load of rubbish because I am not the one that needs to do any fighting here – they say I need to back up what I say I say they need to stay off my property if they don’t want to find out whether or not I know them every well the idiots that think they can beat up anybody. In the end it’s a matter of how they lose money of course having been I have warned them to no avail not to build their stupid money making apparatus on my Literary empire; I mean people who make auto shows expect me to provide equity to groom some women that will curate the shows for them, they even do so in the diplomatic world expecting me to work on some women where fashion is concerned and so the Journalists are the ones people have to deal with everyday and they too have things they do with their spare time for which they rely on equities and securities, nothing in the Literary empire is free for all like that but we all know their powers of men and corruption of involvement have decided otherwise and that I am not the one that has to fight anything or fight for anything at this point – after all we all know the part where some of them do the cameras and take the pictures and so on while you assume that when you fill them in on the facts it’s as good as doing it yourself is never good enough, so in terms of that I am thinking I must be facing a takeover of which they now have to take over what they cannot see: what these women do is get involved with the Royal Estate and that is why we see them do those things they do about whether I am happy with what has happened to my House and so on, these men have no place there as I have never permitted them but when they have that need to move into people’s right hand and live there the general sensibility around my activities is to find out if the discomfort they cause is amusing so I can twist their own as well – it has never been as free for all as they have continued to claim that it is; like I went to the Office today and certain foundation plates of their money making nonsense shifted and they lost money and there will be trouble – you couldn’t make it up if you tried. I intend to create a targeted form of these movements as well for my part anyway.

We hear these days that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown brought an end to Boom and Burst which has no basis on reality when we know all they achieved was a National version of the evil black people are very good at provoking people with which involved digging up peoples gay stuff and strewing it all over outside; so it gets to a point where they sit down and check facets of their livelihood and we have the story of their jobs being a cause at the same time for example and then they will break down the part where the cause is the cause and the part where the job is the job and the part where the duty is the duty and sit about extricating ways they can hurt people with what they find out – like when you do the cause without the payment or get the payment without doing the job or seek certain privileges to go with the duty; so that because they are share that aim to behave in that way it was easy for the labour party to share the cost of their need to dig up the Nations Gay stuff and strewn it  and for the Tories to eat it all up and lick the remnants but for me as a person they have increasingly become more interested in pleasing the evil twisted scum that exist on borderline mentally disturbed goons that regularly set others out as people that would look good for everybody with a knife in their chest for example and so they know that these kinds of idiots follow them everywhere they go to hear the latest thing they can carve some power from and then they regularly get out of their way to mess themselves up with their activities, just so that can set me up to be targeted by them as if I was never aware of the reasons the neighbourhoods are always dark and dank and full of evil with something to say about civil rights all the time in the first place – so he result has become that these neighbourhoods are having their fill of bullying me with it and I can careful not to kick any one political party to create a feeling that the other was the one I should have handled in that way which will allow them to get on media to determine what the public believes I did to them or not i.e. peeling off every bit of tolerance I have for when they wreck my finances because of this need to deploy government office and civil service to set me out as target and sacrifice for evil people who take advantage of power side of politics to feed their wickedness in an environment where there are no rules because of the alternative arguments they can come up with and those dialogues are for example how I must allow them get away with what they do to me because Politician is their name which is not true etc etc. It is not true I am done for an overwhelmed like they do claim that it is; the reality as ever is the case of the things they do right down to the things I hate such as black women in cliques that they say they use to determine who has sex with their children that is responsible for the fact I am on benefits because of how much support they have rallied the entire nation and civil service to offer them and to offer it: so that we will never know what point exactly it is Politicians who live in a world where they finish their Political business and go off to some party where they do fancy dress and do the troubles of the City washing away story allowed them the gap to get out and persecute me because I finish my concerns and end up in Church to let it all drip away for my part but we all know that I am now without employment because they are forcing me to find somebody to have regular sex with so I might stop being so desirable which is causing problems with the Monarchy as well and makes no sense whatsoever; so justifying my actions, the reality is that the last time I checked this was their lives as it were and it is never clear how many times you may say something before people like this think it is serious anyway either, only better when they are the ones complaining thereof. There is nothing unusual about it – it’s the same story about men and why I have that problem of having carried out my business which shifted plates of foundation in their concerns and cost them money; when their media makes them desire something and you deny them they will make you suffer and if they can put you in severe pain as well – so that we hear them speak of me watching telly when there is nothing important in it whereas there are journalists at the Royal Estate all over it and I never know what I might miss hence need to keep up with each of them as a result. Eventually it does culminate in this matter of a hatred African people have for me and hence need to see other people appearing more important than I am every single time – for the whites it’s a matter of the Bible commanding me to live my life with humility meaning when they are not getting enough respect in their stupid lives they can wrought some from me without consequences and make up their own ideas of what I am really like: so it’s the same old game whereby gay privileges cost and it will be that whatever they can doing can be whatever they are doing alright but when I bump into things out there and find the prognosis to be this, the worst that can happen is that I build publicity for my book sales with gay privileges being punished as the centre piece issue and then we will find out how far their big black African mouth stretches and what it is exactly they can do too. The Politicians do say I can just carry on with my life but clearly of which it is that easy – for the richer ones they must do it and turn up in public to talk nonsense about what it is they have done to offend me to court the kind of reaction I have given out because it makes them feel like the powerful oppressed – for the poorer ones we are here because of how much the first gay privileges they got from me cost, so they are off to new ones. I mean it has not actually come to the fight yet as it were, the fight in which it will be all about white people and their need to ensure people are concerned in the little hole they call home and exasperated until there is a state of affairs so they can ensure people are flustered and that when they provoke such persons it cannot just be dismissed; they say my activities lead to outcomes where Africans turn up to make trouble but that is because it is simply one more excuse for their part just like their counterparts in all the other races to get their hands on my finances and it will continue to drag on and get more serious by the day too. We do hear them say it’s all about those who are dominant being able to dominate but this does not concern me at all – what does is the part where my patents and legal protection prevents them from doing things with my profit margin but the insults of black idiots are so persuasive they build it all up on media and get the feeling of having done it anyway, so often that they cash into it and make money as well, so it is all one step away from a condition where the outcome of being the Christian that is used as an example to show what happens to the weak which means I work for things and no matter how big and held down by the entire world and it ends up with others will have given way to a condition where the market for my books have crashed while they end up with millions that should have been mine to taunt me with and then I will change the west for them as they know it permanently – they will have what they want and gamble all they like from them on and so will I what I want as well. They speak of journalists they should be able to dominate which is utter nonsense; they have only the job to train cameras on them while they do their journalistic work and nothing but that – they are not the teams that take the photos and edit the magazines and various other things that matter to the latest at the Royal estate and my business should never interweave with theirs in the first place as well either. Of course their popular culture celebrities are always in some conspiracy against me that is based on what they know about my finances intimately and so we have the tales of how I take advantage of them all over the place too which is utter nonsense since the story of a need to make me respect my parents is largely based on their assumption my parents don’t want me to be famous because they are ugly and don’t want to be exposed and embarrassed – its much the same as my products being so cheap the public can every second do with something cheaper and better the useless deviance getting rich and asking me first endlessly story; they keep gambling of course and the record for these kinds is still what happened with the new civil rights they were supposed to have with the use of my Christian personal life of course. Naturally I will be told I am wrong about the popular culture celebrities which isn’t true – I am a prostitute and I need to sell my penny videos where your books are too expensive and we do the asking bit as a matter of formality.


Of course we do hear the tales that I am an illiterate in Government office which sets out a bad example and it will never make sense, the truth being I was so talented and good at what I do that I was called into government service in the confidentiality of my Country and it has taken this long to finish my academic work because the Politicians and the media and goons with opinions who need their scandals to voice them and create their distraction feel it is where they will get the best of what they seek with those kinds of activities; besides if they were as clever they would go into the University to do their research and not pass their exams and then the White man would not have been able to say he is superior because they would have been qualified on the basis of their own body of knowledge; from my point of view however their insults are all very well but if they try to speak of what they know in a lay mans term the celebrities of public life and celebrities of society will rip them to pieces before their feet had touched the ground, so it does not bother me in any way when I am the illiterate that does that in a Property Equity creative and security based Intellectual property administration Empire that I built with my own hand through a trust system with Large corporations and Industries in the world. Talking about in a more serious way would mean a process of saying such things as; we have reached a point where freedom violence of Africans and the fascism of the Arian Race and the Private part insults of the Asians and Middle East idiots, the unwavering loutish nonsense of Western freedom fools with strange opinions about people who have government work to do that helps them with their imaginary sodomy and the never dying need of Community tyrants to show support for them is becoming more and more and more distasteful to us all as a peoples of the world – all these things are evil and we do tire of them.

I hear they say there is mostly nothing I can do of course but especially for the blacks and Africans the one we are talking about at the moment is race relations where you simply don’t tell black people that otherwise for their problems and violent experiences turning up around the most important aspects of your life, it would have been a peachy existence, so the one we are to talk about now after the few events that will need to happen had taken place is Celebrity security because there is no way that you can help people pick up parts of their lives they have dropped because they are too busy working for money when for you black people are making sure you lose control of your bowels and it becomes something you cannot control at all, all together when you are 60 or there about to teach you not to have anything without sharing with them first in a condition more so where they are superior but for everybody else it’s a matter of job security and therefore the only thing you want to talk about with respect to. They have reached a point now where they believe the lies they tell about it just like they decide what people think I did to them or not with any media they have so they can ensure the race relations bit where you never tell black people not to do this or that to others especially with a need to create others a history of their violent experiences or involvement of that sort with them for the sake of it, when you can always simply get off and protect people from them which is what I do with my white friends and allies and celebrities of course – now it has become the job security, celebrity security bit and again we will find out what I can do or maybe not since they have now reached a stage where they can do it and people can feel the pain but they don’t know what they are doing.

They do say I bring it on myself with the things I do along with the ladies to mess up their gay lifestyles that they live at other peoples gayness so to speak all the time but I don’t see it that way; I am only saying they do believe they have deployed media to change what people know I have done to them around race relations in order to protect my own and now we have reached a point where this celebrity security thing has become a real issue and what I am saying about what I have brought upon myself is that the celebrity lifestyle would be a peachy existence without their disgusting bully involvement making people filthy around here all the time. It does not mean I am not aware this behaviour from them is supposed to have been discriminatory and abusive and racist primarily; it’s the old story of people like me being so cold and dingy that the things we have not said is the answer to everything in life which will then be extracted from my sperm for example and this is what they are doing as a feeling because they cannot touch me as a person to extract it so to speak, it takes a whole new course when it appears they have finished some academic work or something and then the need will be to see how far a process where all I say and do and own and know will be wasted tackling their bullying to a point where they explain away all their problems and dump them here and go off to get more depending on whether they need to make money and so on – so I know it is primarily racist but I believe I have made myself clear too about the way life should be and the only thing that is making it otherwise is their involvement here. The other part of the story being that most of what I do is deeply disappointing if measured by how much promise I showed before I offended them by existing and I don’t mind either since the reality has always been that those who think they have no right to express themselves have always had a point and I don’t intend to become an instrument by which they are free from it as well, so it has come right down to the issue of having control of your own bowels while doing your celebrity lifestyle and they will scream of over this matter and we will hear of it on the news as well. Apart from which this is all a carefully orchestrated plan to ensure that when people do not accept the gospel in the days of my youth, they can never ever get it the way my wife and kids do which basically applies to every other thing I do that may concern other human beings all together as well, in order to watch them create equality that they can get corrupt with as well – rot in hell and fuck somewhere else basically with their freedom nonsense they continue to turn up here to gamble no matter how bad the consequences of doing so because of somebody they want to beat up or kill to steal his possessions. When being reasonable they always say I am stealing celebrities from them but everybody knows that have a thing for accessing my public life and using it to make money where I cannot reach it so that even for the least valued there is still a health problem associated with them touching it and thereafter which it becomes their major preoccupation and a global issue looking for trouble, right up to wars and deaths that will happen if they don’t have what they want, so this is the personal life issues blowing up and need I say more about the fact it is around my book sales so they can change a quality of life and expect nothing to happen to them as well.

We do hear them say the way the ladies dress is responsible for the heavy burden I carry which then causes me to spill everything that comes into my soul as a result of my good life but I find it and appreciate it as one of the most insolent things that anybody can say for its part as well; I mean it’s like the story I mentioned earlier about claims I steal their celebrities when the celebrities themselves know there is work they have done that was done when they deployed my work to help them do it and that I am the only person that can handle security matters around that successfully, besides which the service they get from these celebrities is not to my taste either hence I never pick them up when I am doing my rounds as well for that matter and cannot see what brings it on but it is the old story about the fact they are neither husbands nor wives, spouses nor relatives of these women but in the world of men and their industry and city centres and me and my literary empire and the ladies, whereby they are the people that take advantage of anything the industries have used and dumped which is why they are always so keen to attack me with a need to see me do civil rights alongside them and now have reached a point where I don’t need to for them to carry out their financial vandalism: I mean if somebody deploys my property equity to make a music Video, I will collect the videos at some point and resolve the security issues and besides which those videos are clearly about my Royal Estate, my House and my renaissance, so for me it’s a simple case of celebrities getting involved with another person’s office of state but for them it can be as complicated as gang murder. I want them to keep their insulting modern churches far away from me, otherwise stop complaining about my women as well and try to justify their stupidities, when we all know they never listen and need to get far deeply involved with people to work this criminal and civil disobedience of theirs and the whole Church thing and how people should dress and carry themselves and the difference between the sexes in Church are at the heart of it – they hurt people with their women and girls and pretend they don’t know they are but at the same time believe that what they are doing is so right they should be rewarded on a pedestal for it and the reasons for that is really that they think they are doing it to those they can beat up anytime they want and there is no other reason besides that. Their girls can come into Church in Bikini – of course there is something they get if I am exasperated by it and there is no way I will be if it does not affect my earnings and when I have female journalist friends they complain about their homosexual culture as well but are still talking nonsense about being correct when they defile people holy places and defile the scriptures of the Bible like that for good measure to get rich and play freedom democracy and capitalism games that they never seem to rest as it were; I mean an example is myself and in my case my holy place is my bed room and we have not seen them give it a rest for one second in the last 14 years either, National and International media, right up to International Communities it is with them every single day.

We do hear the Politicians speak endlessly about those that have made contributions to the Country and so on but I have no idea what they hope to achieve anyway; we all know it is an unwritten constitution and that the people complaining on our behalf today were there during the 12 years of Labour Party terror in which the mind of the people have been divided asunder right up to the House of Lords and they did nothing about it – so I have no idea who these goons expect will be the person that gets less treatment so they can feel relatively special for paying into the system all their lives anyway. Clearly of which not everybody is as much of a novice as they are, so it will remain that way and get sorted out by parliament but we The people with patch ourselves up and move on – now they are in trouble and as for me as a person I will continue to sell up the activities of their Political junkies until the day they come around for a fight and if they don’t buy it we have a problem too because there are others that are really keen – I mean it is not as if I am not enjoying myself either. We hear that I am supposed to do something about slowing economic growth but the question thus becomes that of what men are doing with their own business equity as well all together – X Factor and Talent shows? I mean in terms of society they will waste everything and then their Internet prostitutes will finish whatever is left getting famous all, then in terms of public life the Celebrities will have their piece and then everybody else while the City centre neighbourhood girls will finish whatever is left right down to my health because they are bullies as well and when I dare talk about it, the meaning of doing so is that I am entangled with something I can never get out of and we would never find ourselves where we are now in the first place if they stayed off my book sales even as we speak. I understand it to be said that nothing I do is ever clear but that is much the same as their need to reorganise the Nation and split asunder the mind of the people; they approach me via two modes only and one of them is intense arrogance while the other is incredible insults and abuse – in terms of the former they believe they are so important when I speak about being the most abused author in the world because people generally feel like exasperating me to extract what I know instead of buy my books if they are interested, they think they have manipulated and dominated me, in terms of the former I am largely seen as a big child who is still a child but is certified grown up according to the law on whom they can practice all those things the law prevents them from doing to Children whereas the reality being that if they did read the Bible they would have seen that I am commanded to live my life in humility and that it is no excuse for making up their own ideas about what I am really like. It’s sort of when I do tell their men to tell them off especially the women and they then respond with a sense of more acrimonious abuses and the results become stories about how I write books to rectify the damages I do to society so I might avoid getting into trouble. It does not seem to stop either, their need to get gay privileges from certain men and scatter it all over the outside so they might have no privacy, the media and journalist versions of these idiots that you bend into good behaviour and put up on an advertisement because you are encouraging people to think you are running and establishment where they can spoil themselves if the Price is right, noting thereof the disobedient ones with a very violent form of criminal laziness especially when black, who are convinced about your need to mind your business so they can steal from you if they want to being their civil rights for example – the idiots will not stop addressing me and I can always say this is not their side of society to aid their dumb minds or I can always remind them I am actually waiting for a trigger: something that will make me want to prove a point as to why I am always being targeted by them, something that will make me want to prove a point as to what is so important and or amusing about wrecking my book sales in order to leave me out there for people to employ so they can try not to take advantage and then we will hear of it yet again as it were. There is no truth to those cases they make out how I grab everything I share with the women in my world for myself either – it’s like this problem I have with self appointed delegates all over my empire talking about areas I shared with them and so on: the reality is that these women all have jobs where they get paid to appear in public in order to do those jobs and that leaves some publicity that goons in the City and financial centre and media for example are very used to deploying to their own ends savaging my book sales as collateral damage and talking nonsense about men bread winning at the same time as well – so these women perhaps then engage in another aspect of their media careers or they find something to mop it up and these are the equities I have to manage because they have chosen to do it at my Royal Estate – for me in the end the reality is that the men and their city centre are not getting any, after all money just vanishes from the stock market and they are not sorry anyway either as it is just businesses as usual again without any care for what they have done and what they did more so before they crash considering what they are demanding now too. My personal favourite being that they are not sorry and will grab my equity property and get off to trade with Communists: Of course we do hear that it’s the decision people like me make that will determine what the UK looks like for the future which I don’t mind the moderate paedophiles with their criminal laziness and civil rights others must recognise; all they really can do to me is all that blackmail and hostage taking that gets really tiresome but we cannot appear to keep the insults away still at this stage more so. I hear the purpose is that when they take up my work and career and ensure its already been done they want to be successful with it and the white ones want to know when they are a threat to me it cannot be simply dismissed like it is at present but I have no idea how they were going to do that without cruelty which is supposed to make it impossible for them to be famous but possible for them to make claims others have stolen their celebrities, when I am Royalty the rest of the world is aware exists; so I have been making sure the only way they can avoid knowing what I know is if they blow their stupid ears off and they are too much of paedophile cowards to do so which is why this conversation exists at all.

I understand the reason I am always targeted to be that I get involved with the business of people that are beyond my league, older than me and as such provoke them into a desire to teach a boy a lesson about robbing shoulders; this is nothing new either, we all know that I never ask for them to handle my book sales, I never ask for them to feel they are comfortable if they live in my skin knowing their existence is about getting on media to talk nonsense all day long, I never ask for their intrusion and the insults they think gives them certain pleasures with it; but it is not a new thing either as we do hear about the civil rights all of the time as well, the civil rights where the black ones especially have no wish to listen to what others do not want happening to what they own and then they will keep a certain bit that concerns causes so that when they had wrecked everything deploy that bit to their own ends and make even money because paying bills had become important and more so at the expense of the victims, wrecking even their need to recover from the damage and keeping it that way, so that when they believe they have chosen a necessary self improvement because somebody did not commit a crime – then one day a Police officer will be standing by the road side and then will get told by him that he got away with it, which usually leads to such results in the UK as the Officer that waits and pushes them the racism they claim is the problem and the white man they claim is the bully, pushes them until they commit a petty crime and that is where he will deploy some heavy handed method to have his pound of flesh as well and in the US it happens a lot quicker in that he can get brushed up for absolutely nothing which will be explained as racism. I say it because their insults occur on account they think they can take me on and it will not stop or go away, I say it because they seem to be oblivious to what exactly is the true extent and range of the powers of the Police officer whom they think their stupid civil rights will protect them from i.e. the part where Two of the three Arms of Government relies on the guy in Uniform to look after a territory called the UK and those two are the Head of State and his entire work colleagues and the Lord Chief Justice and all his colleagues, so that it’s all very well playing the big boy bully because they think they can take me on in the first place but we have not yet begun to talk about when they get into trouble yet, so now they know so they can better avoid doing so – this is the warning I am not going to repeat. I mean we understand the part where Police officers don’t like me either according to them but that will ever always be what they make Police officers think about my actions because they know I know they are evil and there are certain abuses they build up and ferment which means that a Police officer cannot do his job effectively which I find difficult to tolerate as well especially when they know they need to create their own range by making sure that it affects me and hence the things I do they understand perfectly sees to it that Officers don’t have to bump into them or bump into those things all the time which does not help in anyway. They do complain I get involved with their high profile concerns and business of course but I am rather fed up at this stage with those stupid insults and the pretence they can get up in Public and talk through to me; I mean I cannot write books about my life and the Celebrities and Government Officials and the Journalists in it anymore because they exist, have an opinion and involves their high profile existence – I cannot even do a measly social media for my books just because they exist.


I understand the part where the story of the language I use in my work is unbecoming but that is because they are working really hard on the state of affairs that I built to set out a case for those languages in the first place – the reality of which is always that the languages remain to remind people of what reality and civility actually is and is like because where these guys are concerned, I am the boss, I know best – people like to control the existence of those who threaten them and if I wasn’t I would not have been able to in the first place; they want to move into the right hand and side and live there we can see but I am the boss and need an explanation first before that remotely starts to happen in anyway if at all it does and for me on a personal basis I want to see them on the left because I am the boss, I know best and if I didn’t have the ability I would never have achieved it; they are now impulsively angry I hear but I am blown away too for my part and then I can chase causes and die for it so they can have freedom capitalism with my personal life on account they want to be rich and famous and that is a good excuse and basis to chase others around and stalk them and persecute them with. I mean the Politicians do have this need to ensure when somebody is done smoking marijuana because they never listen to what others are saying to them, they can get to sit beside me at the University – having said that however there is a certain way in which they want to make that happen and enforce it – I know best I am the boss and I am right when I say that as well obviously. Half of them will say I talk but I can have my bum whooped any time and the other half say they have problems they want to bully me with and wreck my life making profit with it at my expense but it’s the same game – I know best I am the boss, when they are done.

When it comes to the it the story is that of how Government expects to settle the economy by hitting the rich with taxes but of course we all know government has its own business to provide government for the rich and for the poor alike and the taxes for the rich are crafted by the best minds in the Country as much as the one for the poor; the overall purpose being that it is the duty of the government to prevent outcomes of whole sale burning of mansions in the Country by angry people that are poor because that is what rich people create because they do not want poor people turning up around their concerns but simply cannot do anything unless they get hold of and rip to pieces the finances of poor people in order to create poor people in the first place since it is in their nature to create them and not economic crisis – we have tested and seen that in a global and public way like we have never before had the chance to and we have seen the situation get worse not improve, coupled with what seems to be a love for communism that we have never before witnessed as well. The Labour party does this through minimum wage which has a limit whether we like it or not, the Conservatives are a bit more radical but I am so angry because with a Conservative-Liberal democrat coalition they should have been able to pull off what they have done with the 2014 Autumn statement a very long, long, time ago and we have just only barely scrapped through to prevent the people on the streets side of these sagas – the reason being the assumption that getting involved with rich people only helps to ensure people know what they are doing and can therefore get things done which is entirely wrong because what they will do is find out how much you have and how much you have in savings and how much they will have in savings considering their narcissistic nature and a fight they want to engage in with you and then it will become something they want regardless of the cost all the time, it is a game they are obsessed with to a fault as it were and when you speak of your duty to lead the poorer people as well they claim all that welfare state and NHS is something you took upon yourself and thus none of their business, so it is important to show your hand in leadership through taxes where they understand that you have an obligation to look after all, even their own children who must be allowed by them to have a life as well. I understand they say nobody knows how I go from being an asset to rich people to being one of their biggest nemesis but I have never been an asset to them and have no idea where people got all the new classes we have today of which the only one that makes any sense is the Political class that has just vanished because the Politicians have shown indications of moving government in what is the correct direction for the job that is involved in it. The story of me being an asset to rich people of which in a personal way is largely about the way economies manage their concerns – using successful Middle East Economies for example of which we find that there is society that is strictly controlled by the government while the badly behaved become something they show off on Media through advertisement as a means of making sure economy takes care of itself and more so in a social manner as well – here in the UK that same structure works in terms of the fact we are British and as usual clearly want more sex as it were, the sex that got it done thereof. In the end it is the area of Court where the Court serves me as a result of being a separate thing from the Royal Court that is mine or the Royal Court that is that of HM because they are all older than me and have long standing careers, jobs and Families; the sexual dominance issues and the ageism issues and their loyalty to me and so on, along with other services I need thereof.

I understand it is said I am being picked on by black people and it is changing my entire history as well but there is no such thing – what black people are doing is finding out what the end of being the ones that have enough access to me to create this unprecedented example of the abuse of a person by making sure I build a literary empire in which the money ends up somewhere else on account they want to peddle me to get rich and must have it by any means i.e. the reality behind it has become that I am finding out if I can keep them out of my home in an ideological sense and physically as well whether or not I have rented the home from them, I am finding out in the whole game of making out God does not exist when their fight with me was in the first place invented because I rely on God for privacy protection while they serve the devil and get up to all sorts and need to find out what it is exactly I can do if provoked, culminating in this sense that one of the both of us as in me and black people will complain about somebody keeping out of their homes and that is not going to be me as it were either. For them on the other hand they have shown the rest of the world what all that insult about being able to make me homeless from time to time were aimed at – the need to have access to my gay privileges and scatter it outside all the time in order to extricate riches and progress of course – for the men they think I cannot remind them that the celebrities never complain, the clients are never scared and the fans are never petrified save for their violent involvement with my livelihood and of course we all know the general assumption is that when and if I say it there is no way that I can enforce what I have said as well – of which I will soon scatter all of Africa and it will be their turn next to find out how many can die before I am okay with it over this matter; so they are not picking on anybody, they have only just found out exactly how much they hate my guts so far and we are making progress still: they hate the British we hear all the time but they will do it again and again and again given any slightest half a chance. It’s in the same family with the business people telling me I claim the government raises taxes and stamp duties for rich people to avoid social problems like people burning mansions at random in the Country and that it will never happen and that exists in the same family as Politicians claiming they come from wealthy backgrounds and cannot therefore do their jobs properly when we all know they live in affluent neighbourhoods and do meet people that are less wealthier than they are, do have to go shopping and do have to ask people directions at some point in their lives but cannot translate the scenario into what must be one of the biggest projects in their lives which involves leading the Country because they are lazy and incompetent – so all together it does create wonder how they got the millions anyway and make you wonder if they did actually get it by being s stupid – the burning of mansions will not happen because poor people destroy things on account others have millions of currency that they don’t. So when it comes to black people, I did not ask them to make an international affair out of these their insults for my part anyway: and not everybody is tolerant of their uncontrollable greed and love for money and the insults and abuses that come with it – so there is never truth to any of those claims I am being abused by them, they have only just found what they sought around here and it is getting better too i.e. last push before I spend the rest of my days solely on my Career. I understand the talk of me supporting and being the biggest supporter of injustices of course – the reality of which is rather different i.e. it is difficult to work out, the racism they fought for before I was born for which I must pay with everything, that they hate African women like they do because African women practice female genital mutilation or they hate them because the insults know no limits and African women are always convinced they are possessed with demons that need to be exorcised. They do say I am the one they get to beat of course which is utter rubbish because I have simply not been fighting them on account of my Christian believes, but the complain itself comes from the question of why else they suppose people do the injustices they complain about all the time – so where it puts me is the one where they say Mob justice is never as simple as I have said but I can assure them is bloody is, those are the ones that are fighting them and their day over my case is coming really soon as well. It’s all very well Politicians talking about progress but the leopard cannot change its spots – once he is done being dragged from his drugs to the class room with me in which his idea of academic work means wrecking my personal life and mental health in order to locate what he must do to create wealth equality, he is what he is at the end of the day and there is another saying in Africa as well that there isn’t a dustbin for people but this is the UK and I am convinced there is.

I mean they do say that every small country inhabiting black people in this world has failed to escape a hard backhand treatment from Nigerians and that I am some high profile one they can beat but it is tough seeing how much truth there is to that claim as well hence my question of why it is they suppose Nigerians do it anyway. I am not being picked on by their busy body selves, it is simply a remarkable reality that their evil Labour Party protects, that old fact of how far they can go to pick on the weak and innocent as a result of where their stupidities have led them in the usual deviant and violently insulting manner in which they live and I am not amazed most of them come from areas of the world where genocide is a regular thing either. It is not the white man that has enough reference points to be seen getting involved with my concerns with  by which to build me an empire in which the money ends up somewhere else pointing to celebrities of public life and celebrities of society and the fact both cannot be trusted with your possessions considering their ruthlessness and the money they have to steal it with and making statements about how they must have it as well to create equality, hence the abuses and intrusive nasty nonsense to extricate it from those who refuse by any means talking nonsense about the hard working and those who claim benefits in the course of doing so as well for good measure. The impudence is something else and the American ones that lead on it too – they say I never support anything black people do when we all know that racism is a bad thing and wrecking people’s lives while stirring it on their behalf has got to be pure evil but it gets better when we look at the facts around an empire where the money ends up somewhere else before they start to think their stupid civil rights they love to gamble and their bills are important and various other forms of intrusion and involvement and abuse levied at those they claim to be superior to – they say they hate the British but they do again. So the facts remain that in terms of Ferguson, the Police office has now resigned, clear indications he did not follow procedure even though he was innocent but then again we all know it takes an angry Police officer to fire a weapon and that means that it does not make a difference if he fired one shot or eight considering their bone head nonsense they throw up into the air to make a state of affairs that force people into reaction so they might be the daft half with black idiots that are leaders of all. Here in the UK the typical occasion is walking into a shopping mall to see a 20 year old 5 foot police officer looking after an area where people pick on the salvation Army and attack old female pensioners for sport because it is a money making madness everyday and this is the kind of communally organised wickedness that black people want to live in all of the time – In the US it can easily be because the Police did find out they are members of gangs who are planning an agenda and what we see them do for which they should not get shot at while they amass weapons for something they need to ;protect that attacks others is just the first signs of the Public face of these games they want to play – now their media scum get to ask why I never do anything because its them feeling special, Police officers never fire weapons like Royal Princes so they can feel special when getting killed and above all the realities about the value of black race lives of which mine is the one that is not with that big mouth. And then we hear I am endearing towards extremists before they complain that whites never get shot at. Of course they say I am one of those people that are too clever for my own good thinking he will get away with support for racism but that has no basis on reality either – which is rather that they do need to give me their best shot since racism is so valuable to them it is the means by which I will be manipulated so they can handle me books and do things I prevent them from doing with my own God blessed truths in order to create perversion that will make riches and power which they can point to as their own which has now thus become a do or die affair with that big mouth and I am determined to see how it ends for my part thereof as well especially for that stupid Labour Party too. I  have never before considered it a complicated issue when it has always been rather easy to settle in on where the celebrities are at society and of course you can take all day to classify and categorise all of them right down to the internet prostitutes and they will all have the same aim i.e. to ensure your products are more expensive than their own while they have access to your personal life and know where market you have worked for is and when finished you can now start to talk about the public life celebrities and their own brand of money based immorality and ruthlessness – so of course it’s just fact that when you talk about it they think you have come across an issue you can never surmount and I want them off my books as I have never signed a contract with them that says they can handle any before it becomes something more serious than their big mouths can handle. I understand they think they can take advantage of my empathy for celebrities as a whole and their line of work thereof but it does not work that way – first of all which I have provided cover for celebrities I have brokered equities with any stage or point and second, I have already begun to shoot back on the realities about the part where celebrities from all sides are actually never to be trusted; they do say when I put it that way it is a kind of hate mongering of course but it does not work that way either – it’s a matter of the facts about what various celebrities want to do with the part where they are not to be trusted: in terms of real celebrities that can recognise when people do not need a service and move on when they have no service to offer – some cannot be trusted because it is just the way it is on account they offer you a personal life service and any corruption will hurt really badly, some cannot be trusted simply because it is something they have decided to deploy as a public face for themselves but for the others it’s a matter of how you may work for 8 hours a day and realise that your children are teenagers and you have never had time to bond with them, so a celebrity observes it and makes a music CD that you buy and play with your family to catch up, considering that what Industries do is sell people products and keep a history with them to sell them more products they need, how on earth do you either boycott a popular culture product or say something in public about the managers that want to use you as consumer that can be abused so that they might pocket some company funds, how do you do either of these two with celebrities that work with Industry? This is why they need to make their own problems for you and then make the songs that solve them, drive your children to death, suicides, drugs and gangs and then turn up to sell you the products as well – they know very well they are accountable to none and I want them off my books and earnings as well now it is still early days. Of course there is no shred of truth to the claim I am suspicious of everything that moves which will thus make my state of mind a self fulfilling prophesy; what is true is that racists are greedy and lazy people that will do anything for money but we can always rely on the part where they never start first, what is true is that celebrities are not to be trusted and some of them are simply not to be because they offer a personal life service and any corruption would be far reaching and cannot be held to account as well, some are simply in the public light on a platform that they are not to be trusted all together, it is the Industry celebrities we find at Popular culture that are the problem because those are the ones that own us in various way with a big mouth looking for trouble and have no wish to keep off my finances.