I am indeed aware of the story of security threats which I face as such; there is none, what we have is the same old tale of security Industry operatives and their incessant competition that they seem to regard as that which shares parity with damage – so maybe they have their ambitions and hope to sleep with the daughters of the wealthy people the work for or indeed the wives and so on but need to leave me alone for my part. I have been very clear I am very sensitive to the fact that jobs for me means a condition where I am being paid within the spectrum of activity involving families having their fund and their tourism and their economic activity and I do not wish to get myself tangled up any further on their account with a world that exists so pensioners can enjoy their retirement. In their case it is obviously clear that what happens is that a group of goons create economic crisis and set out regarding recovery as that which means they have the right to employ criminals in peoples families and neighbourhoods then make enough danger and trouble to ensure everybody else after they had selected the criminals are left scrambling for leftovers – partly the criminals have been chosen already and are over the moon for it but I am seeking jobs and business opportunities not retirement and do not wish to be pushed by them any further than that. It’s not a new tale all together anyway; it is running along the same lines which it has always done i.e. they need to be the criminals and popularity goons that have been selected for jobs by high fliers and the prognosis is supposed to be that of a need they will have later to play a game of a case concerning whom I work to – to make me deals every moment of their foolish lives and show up on Media for it in order to glorify themselves, knowing I will be conservative about how much of my career I put into any service since I will have to employ myself in the end anyway

Now they say I am fundamentally afraid of those who keep an eye out for wealth inequality and other forms of inequality in society and it will never make sense; after all they can talk about things that happen under the Sun, such as Politicians who modify their jobs into an instrument for wrecking the finances of completely normal Citizens, so as to facilitate the personalities they wish to have for their careers, the state of mind that will allow them a level of debate which is glorious enough to satisfy them at the job and above all a controversially angry individual that will make them feel as though their own point at wealth gathering for their families makes sense and then when done facilitating crime dump it all on law enforcement and foster social intolerance that will promote their argumentative stupidities about what a Country is even further, if not enhance their civil rights all together which is something they provide for everybody in their view. So for the process of ripping up my finances and keeping it damaged to a point where I have had my quality of life changed, in order to express the fact they lied when they said they damage it as they provide, give rise to a Conservative Party that is really good at organising sales idiots, in order to spend tax payer funds partying with them and unleashing them thereafter on the rich claiming they are sorting out inequality while cutting benefits for disabled people – the result most of the time is that these individuals then go on to meet their fellow city centre idiots and they all figure out how they must select the criminals in peoples families and neighbourhoods for employment so as to leave them with leftovers and the rest after that of course is what history bears witness to all the time. The Labour Party simply being the one that encourages people to toughen up and fight the Politicians because their job had sooner than later become a means by which to get out of bed and spend somebody else’s possessions on the general public, then come up with lies and corruptions that will help preserve their salaries since they do need the quality of life themselves all together and then we hear them claim it is a matter of the things I have done to set a standard by which people can hurt politicians which I am happy to confess to as it always seem they do these things on account of the people that have hurt them before, the enemies they have had in the past, the revenge they must have at my expense and the wastage of my possessions because they simply do not like me – it needed to be increased and then there is the party piece of creating social and political problems that we all know exists no matter what we do and no matter if or not we had a utopia; when asked why they do these things let us all know of course that it is their freedoms they want to find and get back and to which eventuality they need to stay out of here as well, stay out of my life basically.

So I had thought that making time for this problem of somebody always being there to spend anything and everything I fight for which is what this way these Political idiots organise themselves is meant to achieve, was going to be months in the making but here we are already, a matter of days single the last I mentioned the issue in Public, for which they employ these private security industry idiots that spend all their time on nothing else save keeping an eye on those who have worked out how they have so badly corrupted the jobs market and the fact they will never actually truly own a job role and need to plan their way to a pension by what they have created, such as myself – only to ensure that their new security Industry game therefore becomes one about subjecting people to the will of those they work for and they do say there is nothing I can do if my tummy is upside down already which is just as well since we can see all they are good at, contrary to an insatiable appetite for provoking others like human beings were bits of wood and tools people can use like an item is playing up the under belly and can of course throw a punch at me as well if they feel they have got the guts for it; so that we can spill it together, the problems and all as it were. Otherwise it is as simple as I suggested; I know how I am going to secure that pension and they are not going to like it too. this is where they will say it is impossible to make me happy i.e. when people do drugs and crime, I am all over the place for it and when people get employment I am still incapable of being satisfied with that too but of course we all know the drugs and crime works to facilitate a condition where I am trapped in a world of retirees, full of a sense of fame that has to do with people that are far older than I am on account I am a Christian and  publicly moral person and that is a good reason to hate my guts and in terms of work however, that part has now been made more profitable than drugs and crime, so they must go into the security industry and do it anyhow they like and if allowed to do the job in that way and work the reverse of it, which is the part where the security guard stops people from committing crimes around an establishment because as soon as they do they become the problem of the Police is reversed, such that the security guard causes them to commit crimes in order to preserve his job opportunities and dumps the really big problems on the Police which sound just right in their view, while they go off to seek fortunes where they can be employed to look after those who select the criminals in the neighbourhoods for employment and later return with them when they had been transformed into sales and marketing operatives, which then makes the problems they encounter when they do the job as they like my problem, looking for trouble as it were. The Politicians should always do these things too all together anyway – when they say they do not want work because fame and fortune and popular culture is what they need, they should always get government start up funding because they will be deploying their own personal and public lives for it too in the first place and each time Politicians do, it should always amount to them expressing their rights and freedoms too and then turn up to tell me I need to stay out of the Royal village because I am really poor, which means that protecting my creative equity bits so I can sell them paragraph by paragraph to companies will soon become important enough to facilitate a real fight over their need to be the en that are free from work because they are lodged in my Royal right hand side and use anything they find there for their own ends, which is how all these games will end as well as they look too. so its Men and they are lazy just like their girls and they don’t want work because they can have popular culture instead, so Politicians should always facilitate the means by which they move into my right hand and live there permanently and turn up in public places to build careers and debates on it; these idiots who are obviously more important had to deal with a case where somebody surrounded them with a crowd that had ideas about how they made it look like it was easy to get rich in the UK once and that made them poor people who have become angry enough to attack me every day on account I can do something about their enemies but they can control me and hence it is an opportunity offered and taken, I have to deal with it every single day and I am still doing fine provided I eliminate those popular culture idiots of theirs they have set out to spend my income for me all day long endlessly like we see them give to the frugal. Who brought up the conversation anyway about how scared I am of those who keep an eye out for inequality it should be asked? They have always been too confident for their own good as we can see and now are complaining that nobody really knows what the extent of control I have over society really is, as what I have said here has shown I prevent them from gaining access to the years of education and training that the general populous have accumulated, by making people behave in a way which achieves it. So if accountability must be had the reality is that I am able to regulate when the general populous becomes academically active in an economic way and when they become academically cautious in an economic way because if this is not controlled the knowledge base here will end up in Europe and Asia and Africa where these fools think they find it easier to get rich without being disturbed – they need to get the jobs ready first since it is up to them otherwise they will find that what people know will facilitate the means by which they find their own and then nobody has to decide when they are active or not. The big question they say is how I am to get by this whole case of me being a really poor person, which is not such an issue; my state provided security was handled by Women and I have no idea when I needed Father figures that took it over anyway – so when black people bother me they are the ones facilitating it and when I need to show black people what it would look like if I was spending their stupidities on my needs they are the same making sure it affects everybody at the Monarchy; so I will continue to go out to work every day while the UK is facing huge terror threats and when I get killed they can take it up and then own it if they want – it is not as if there isn’t a way out, there is one but it involves the ladies buying my Books to stop me going to work, which has exactly the same effect as what I want, not what they want. It’s an old story of starting the fight and then getting the Politicians to rip up my finances for them, now they are blowing off their big mouth again about me being a poor person and somebody else keeping an eye on my Royal Estate.


They do say the Media does what it does because it has the approval of the Prince of Wales but I suppose it is so because the Media has gotten itself involved with a game in which they can predict which stage this Office will be all about them and smell of trouble all the time to that effect on their account as well; otherwise I have to assume too that they will keep me posted on their progress as we go along. I mean they say I do not support anybody around my cause but in the end those gestures to the left is what their own looks like as it were, considering it is so full of sensations of convenience which is why they enjoy it so much. It is never true that I have set up the environment by which these things are possible, it’s all just the power of disobedience, engaging with it of which I have done because I can; this office has a function just like the White House does for the US President which is a fact they must note and just as Clarence House does for the Prince of Wales as well which they must note too – at this point what they are tired of if a process of playing up my feelings and pretending they will successfully pull off a process of drawing parity between me and Terrorists, this has now led to security issues that Women will get me out of hopefully by buying my Books as soon as possible. I personally do not think the matter has always been an issue; it’s just communication – you never tell me you have taken up my stuff and done it for me; what people tell me however much the problems they develop around me, is that they have taken up my stuff and done it and this is what Lower Classes do, they go off and find themselves jobs to earn money.

I hear that I am being manipulated by Black people who are my ancestors of course but it is nothing unusual; if it is not people in the Middle East screaming amnesty as the British clearly want to kill everybody it is Africans screaming it but when all is well, what we end up with is a personal war with these kinds of people, which never ever dies down. So they come up with these societies and communities of extreme and personal insults and disobedience and foster them to a state of frenzy on peoples finances and personal lives and public lives and then they set up systems of conversations about honour and dishonour by which to keep it all protected and by violent means too if they have to and then it can only keep growing – all would be well of course if they were nice to people the way people are nice to them, except that they can be nice and polite and communicate with people in an honest way if they wanted it’s just not me they want to do that with and which is why I cut it up every time I see it and every one of them especially those they enjoy spending the proceeds of all I work or fight for by sharing the same skin colour as me. An example of a case where this is about communication is the Christian faith; where they have a go at Christians because we are the source of all conflicts they say, they say it is the part where Christ died to redeem all of mankind – so the usual response from an average Christian is a question of whether or not they are doing so because they are setting off a state of affairs which means that somebody should be okay with killing one person if  he feels like killing a hundred and whether that can be them as well the way they foster it, it turns out to outright fight as it were all together and then we see them all over Media talking nonsense about the wars we foster. Notwithstanding in my case it can be a simple occasion where any communities and societies that attack me get attacked as well leading to a level of holy separation that allows any criminal set up that city centre idiots want to select for jobs, to be homogenised so that they can make a better job of it too. I mean it did not just happen, it took stages and development involving a process where I go to the shops to end up being jobless because bad people follow me there in order to ensure people understand I belong to them to be used as hate figure for popular culture and to draw succour by which they concentrate on their academic work – it beggars believe that at this point where the problems associated with their stupid jobs and businesses are ending up in my personal life to do wonders for my client bidding and book sales, I am not cutting up those stupid business establishments as well but it is all in good time I suppose and then they can travel overseas to find more, label me the big one and turn up at the shops to find somebody they can do some sense of intolerance based transferred aggression at all day long without which there is no nepotism that is good for their well being and stupid business based diversity as were, so it’s all in good time as such anyway. I also hear that I never take responsibility for any of it; where we must be talking about taking responsibility for living in an evil society that they have developed to rival anything that is clean of spirit all day long but again all will be well still if they had stopped, stopped distracting me by collecting trophies from the history of turning out to rip up my finances and provoke me on account of Politicians until I had reacted, so they can play this game that allows them to wind me up and get Politicians to rip up my finances when they do not wish to be stopped if they want to deploy my personal and public life to make fame and fortune popular culture as well as my personality and image for advertisement and merchandising – if they had stopped it, all will be well and if not then we will continue to have a problem because it’s what they do without fail, provoke people and get Politicians to rip up peoples finances for them. I mean people can just become unemployed for 6 years for instance and in that time applying for jobs week in and week out, simply because their existence stirs the sexual desires of women that are so ugly they do not want to have sex with; so it is apparent that we must live in such Godless society full of twisted unbelievers otherwise we shall not exist with a big mouth – if they are asking me which ones I take responsibility for as it were. They do say this does not actually say everything about it which is true because everything about would involve the part where these people’s need to teach others lessons and tell them how to live extends to a process where they get the Parliament involved in getting you stuck with your parent if they are unhappy with you being a Christian and loving to be one etc and if they have a go at me from where they are presently again it will escalate again and we will see them deploy their families to solve problems of racism as well, we all know the worse case can be them becoming racist all together which I am sure their parents will approve as well anyway; otherwise it is how they start and attack people in order to call in the Politicians to rip up finances and academic work as a privilege of injustice.

Another one I ought to take responsibility for being the need they have to get on Media to tell me what to do and how to live, basically teach me lessons and show me how to exist; it is what they have devised as the answer to my lack of response as per if what I know and do was stolen from the white race or really mine and it is all worked by the Media as well. I have mentioned it before about the Media letting me have my peace, when it comes to getting to work and returning to a right to have my sleep for instance knowing they will be running some irregular heart beat TV at Midnight which a community croon can pick up on, while I have been set out as the person on whom underbelly insults and transferred aggression works on the best. So they do say I provoke them of course but I am not the one getting on Media to pretend that is where other people’s privacy and home exists while my home is untouched, to facilitate the sense that when I am angry it matters and when they do it doesn’t with a big mouth; so it’s the joys of naivety obviously and when I get hold of them they will be well informed to a fault again. So the question they ask is whether I have been deploying the white man’s culture to get things done with but it is not the White Man’s culture in anyway whatsoever – just like the problem with their Politicians is that they have a case against those who exercise authority for their position because they are always wrong and that is largely due to the fact it is not that it is a matter of right and wrong but the fact their sense of what is right and wrong is so flawed anybody who corrects them will be at risk of losing everything. They do say I still happen to use some of it anyway and it is utter nonsense; what happens is that they move into my right hand and I can start from praying and communing with God to write my Books and end up criticising popular culture for a living as a result of it and now the Books will have to be sold and they are starting to find out what I am like as well when I borrow that stupid country or will happily help them burn it if they mess with me on that. We see them assume the right to touch me and handle me and tell me what to do endlessly but the reality is that if they want anything stopped they need to stop the stop which stops their problem, not tell me what to do, especially the Public transport operatives and society ones – they don’t stop in their own time, they stop in mine. It’s not an unusual matter as such, especially when I am asked what it costs to come up with this; the reality is simply that for them doing business and earning a living can easily be all about which communities that are rich actually belong to them and it is greed of an unprecedented level to trade with but then again I don’t know them, I don’t know their names, they are not members of my family and I do not eat or drink in their company, they need to keep off my Books and clear my space with that insane popular culture lest I clear it for them the way I know. The case with racism is always that of doing the right thing, so if I am an Arch Prince and my duties are split between Church and State in equal measure, there will always be a sense that I have stolen ideas from them to contend with but there are no bigger issues around racism, just the fact if they had stopped investigating people to a point where peoples personality can be used to advertisement and merchandising there would be no problems and if their black friends stopped building obfuscates of my personality that takes advantage of the fact I can speak to a crowd to facilitate popular culture and lots of lying and gossiping and lasciviousness that largely indicates that using my personality for advertisement and merchandising was a free gift of nature which I had no right to prevent thereby starting the fight in the first place with that golliwog mouth, there would be no trouble too. they say here that I have said lots of great things but none has improved my condition because they are better off; its utter nonsense and I want them to stop interfering with the reality that I have actually put them in financial difficulty is fact; we all know they do underbelly all the time to make people smell because that is what happens to them, especially the ones that live on their own without family – it cannot just be an expression like that to want money and damage money; rip up my finances and academic work and turn out to get rich, it does not work – I need my consolation that they are struggling financially otherwise I will be left with depression and the way out will be to hurt them even further. It was always easier to sell my Books and secure funds for a holiday by which I can recharge my batteries and return to being me after years of reacting to peoples stupidities because it was important to help show I can do my intellectual property admin business when required – they need to keep off the Book sales and stop assuming that holding on to keeping me in this state when combined with the endless appearances they keep up and the idiots that follow them around at popular culture to be where the best feelings are, they will end up with millions of pounds they have not worked for again.


This is where they get to tell me I can have it all then if I want but it was never about having it all, it was about putting in public places the detailed progress of economic recovery and showing what had to be the prognosis and crucial items that needed to exist in order for recovery to be real and not made up by Politicians and business idiots. The crucial items as measured from these goons finding out the secretes of the rich because a recession has brought those down to their level, the social issues by which they have now known how to create sustainable wealth equality and by far my personal favourite which is the one by which those who had will have nothing and those who had nothing will have everything in order to experience what those who oppress others have been experiencing and having made their plans chose a cork at random that will make sense of their lifestyle as a result of suffering so much that he become poetic about it on account the recession was made to hit him hardest as were and it all came together for me, since the same year the recession was in and there was no turning back was the same year they had finally succeeded in causing me to drop out of University and straight into psychotic depression; so they were about to kill somebody obviously and needed to be taught a lesson they would never forget as well. What they do is pick my equities and kill off my money by going off to get jobs in the Companies I broker it with, a certain portion will be damaged to put pressure on me another used to facilitate their way to important and high paid jobs, another damaged to ensure they work their way back to be and keep getting ideas off me to make their current position sustainable and I am completely fed up with it for my part at this stage as well. It simply cannot be this way, they cannot get around damaging money like that when they need it as much as they do at the same time; and it is the same with international aid people – they might be on the verse of mortal starvation but they will still muster the strength to attack a moral person that is happy to help with his Christian money by helping to rip it up to prevent that as it curbs their civil rights all together and there is also thereby the need to ensure thereafter that it is only those with the money at present that have the right of leadership as they would be the ones that can solve other people problems, while I am just spare leader that they can hit to get leadership if anything happens to the rest. It is not clear what makes them think that their civil rights actually looks like that anyway and it is much the same with the fact I have not resolved the original problem I created which concerns the fact I do not wish to get entangled in an environment that exists for pensioners to enjoy their retirement on account they feel they can do anything they like to a Christian, until it gets serious that is, as what I am really after is jobs and business opportunity and if they stick their drugs and crime in my face will definitely complain again. They do say people have a retirement on the left and it does cause me to look again at this position but in the end the fact is still that they have not cleared up anything about being goons that want to evade taxes, handle my property to get rich and locate themselves at some exotic spot in Europe or Africa or Asia, where they sip expensive drinks and talk about nothing else save the little I have been able to do too late as a result of them deploying my possessions to get comfortable – so there is really no such thing; this is then where I get the vibe that I fight for all else except myself, which yet again is the genius of being an Arch Prince i.e. that I am able to ensure we have a conversation about their wickedness and immorality, not wake up to one catastrophe after another and I have now got them in a place where they need it so much lest somebody else takes it up for them along with everything else.

So they say all these things are frivolities but they are I accept and would not have been necessary except for their behaviour – the black ones have no shame and like to think they will tell me what to do as well but they all can stop investigating others to a point where it is possible to make advertisement and merchandising from peoples personalities. Here it would have been job done, except there has to be a reminder that what can stir it up again is when they collect those trophies which are a function of getting help from Politicians to ruin my finances; I want to get it back on track again and we are not talking about them and sexual context abuses that ensure I am not a slow coach either, I want to get it back on track or we will end up in another environment where they will be doing it while I supervise after telling me I cannot make it happen and we had put such theory to the test as well. My advantage is obviously that I have got a straight head and I know where my academic work and my childhood and my finances are unlike their case where I can really mix them up to ensure they are running all three in the same place in order to ensure I can really get to screw them over too. It’s like when it is said that I am rather happy for a collection of terrorists to determine what my life looks like and that this is the real matter at hand but there is no such thing here; people have the wrong view of terrorists i.e. all they say and do in public will be about their freedom and in this case Islam and all they do is private will be about getting stuck into the needs of a group that is built on fighting brother hood in which only the dead a truly free, hence everybody wants to carry out a mission that preferably ends with their death. Nobody says you cannot wind up terrorists if they wind you up but it is really stupid to say they can kill all they want but we will never give in – somebody needs to manage and turn off that machine as it will never stop spewing out terrorists and this can be done by making them understand how much of the latest update you are aware of and how you will chose a time for them to strike knowing that they work on their schedule due to the nature of what they are doing and when you have communicated that to them they will know that you are capable of attacking them unprovoked; this will lead to a resorting to the old windup of fostering the development of their terrorist Islamic State of course which will mean that they spew out fighters and that can be followed on by stringent controls and of course taking out their infrastructure etc – what I mean is that people have the wrong idea about what they are really like and need to turn off the terrorism spewing machine not speak of killings as if they are the ones getting killed. I understand it is said that I am being manipulated by civil rights goons to a point where they can chose what I find for so that they can make themselves comfortable – it is not strictly true of course, what is true comes in two spectrums and one concerns the fact that Politicians do not provide the right kind of leadership when people are scared of terrorism and do not know what to do, they just repeat what people say, the other is to do with the fact the content character of Terrorists is being hidden from us and in two ways by those who do. One group works from society on the right and does not want it to be found out that they thrive on creating an original provocation that is not being resolved year after year in people’s lives because a superseding provocation after it is the one that is being done to a point where people seek rights and freedoms on account it helps them dominate people, the other on the left does not want the rest of us to know that the character content of terrorists are not some poor goon being financed by a terrorist group to carry out an attack but some individual who have never known what it is like for somebody in authority to put his foot down on his account since his Parents have actually never done it before and or it might also be the one that manipulates his brothers and does not know what it feels like to be dominated since nobody has ever done it to him before as well, hence the reason they are always likely to carry out attacks with close relatives or friends and the reason is that if such facts circulate the public they will not become as rich as they want to be. They do say however that it is my behaviour which damages the means by which these kinds of people can be controlled in society but that is because society has always consisted here in the UK of goons that spend all their time on nothing else but violent gossips that rip up my health on Media, tampered with football and a sense that they can handle my person and body whenever they want at will until it got serious – so like it was supposed to have been in the case of the Muslim ones where they say Islam fights agency whereas it actually defends it violently, those who are in religious authority in Islam need to be held to account as per what they do with it, otherwise it becomes a matter of what people are reputed for and somebody that has been told he is a hot head right from children at 30 will not listen to anybody when things happen around him and hence never true that they are unable to control their kids in Muslim communities and its all somebody else’s fault.  In the end it is actually the part where they do not care about my interests, which does get to facilitate a means by which they dehumanise me i.e. they like football and I like theatres, they like popular culture and I like classical music but the lying and gossiping greedy men will then take steps to ensure that unless my classical music is always played out free for everybody to know how to climb social ladder with, this will be the very interest that will lead to a condition where they dehumanise me and assume they can touch my person at will; so it just got serious and they do say they have watched me play video games and if they add my fighting ability to themselves they will become invincible but it was built custom to fit me as an Arch Prince right down to my sexual activities and if the fight starts, which they will put into me and expect it will go away I will want it back while they will not want to hand it back and nothing will go according to any stupid plans we do hear them bandy about at present; just like there is no truth to that claim I take advantage of terrorists atrocities in other Countries to make People the UK feel safe. So I might be told I have achieved nothing today by all these things even though I might have felt that I have but that is utter nonsense too; the reality is that it is a constitutional Monarchy that leads a Country – so the Middle Classes must be settled and so must the Lower Classes but because of the kind of leadership that Politicians and Media are fond of providing, people do nothing else with their time save street and road bullying because they want the Upper Class and think it would be more convenient, so I have done everything I had to do today in my view, considering they are fond of assuming this behaviour does not make anyone uncomfortable; I mean they are very disobedient people who are criminals or aspiring to me one, which is why people do them to a point where they want a new Country especially the ones that like to think of themselves as fame and celebrity stereotypes etc. It’s the old game that has always been any way it should be noted; some people describe it as “World War 2, the Left and their Dirty Tricks” – I mean it could really have been imagined that I ought to be cashed strapped and all kind of evils stirred as a result of my Christian Faith, simply because others want to be known as the love bugs for instance and it is not the only excuse for turning up to assess my physical endowments in order to decide which one means I am not vulnerable to scandal and lasciviousness and therefore they want to earn my income for me, to a point where they have the same things but do so through the level of wealth they have acquired; it is not the kind of life a Christian wants to live and they will continue to complain as long as they force their popular culture on me to a point where I cannot close my eyes and meditate on my faith; force their popular culture on me and encumber my entire outlook in life and usurp the peace and quiet I have built at this Office for my writing work, to make me criticise them for a living while they seek sensations of convenience; so they say I exist in a world where I am completely incapable of appreciating those that can fight for me - I could never make it out for my part anyway, we see the Women do it all the time and if it is not Stories they have to tell about Men I can be compared to, then it goes from 'making my Sausage' as they call it, to fingering my Bum and making me feel and look ashamed in order to show the Men might dominate them at home but I am below them as well: so this is the Men one showing itself in Public and Politicians are the big powers while they are the Middle powers and I am below them whenever they want to start as it were -so we will end up talking about how domestic violence happens to strong Women who are feared by Men as they claim all the time in order to get away with whatever it is they want to get away with as a means by which to facilitate friends and fans and community around my Literary Empire, so as to avail me to making the Men struggle financially until they show a sense of respect and regard for my Financial well being as well. Here in the UK if we are to be specific with the UK, the story is that Society ones have ended up in the British Privy Council and so are out to teach me how to handle Women starting me abusing and mocking me for dropping out of University which was caused by their need to work the games that facilitate processes of spending their Salaries on their daughters from Music school etc, in order to make those famous - they do what they do to put a stop to me concerning a need I have to spend Royal Property they say, which really is not true - the truth is that its all mine and I keep it close to my Royal Commission because I have this fear that being detached from it to a certain degree will lead to an outcome where I lose a sense of what I am doing as a result of something being prioritised over it; they have however ended up in the privy Council of the House of Lords recently, so it means they must make a mess of everything, turn my tummy upside down when I take Public transport, take over my State Provided security and claim I need a Father figure, generally make a mess of everything and make it harder for leadership to be clear as to whether it concerned Middle Class Country or Lower Class Country, which will allow them get to socialise to their hearts content, except that the socialising bit is not working, so they tend to attack me all the time because they want to steal secrets to socialise with Women from whom they took my State provided security etc and then speak of putting a stop to me somewhere which makes me very angry; they do not get to tell me what to do, what they are supposed to do whenever they have a problem is stop the stop that stops their problems from happening.