That I get off my stuff and get involved with seniority bullies and their girls who decides who gets what based on who is older and bigger on my earnings is really supposed to cause a stir from celebrity culture land. As far as I know what does cause the stir is their big mouth all over the media whenever they feel like making sure no matter how angry I get, I can never defend myself from an idiot that is always figuring a fool like himself male and female can get managed by him or her to get rich and famous getting tax payers money to follow me around over extracting my earnings with stupid products which make no sense for an excuse.

They make that noise they make because their perception of me is clearly wrong. They think most of the things I say is how I see them but it is not. How I see them is a collection of idiots who acts and actions of insult and abuse over my earnings is so intense that I cannot afford the latest day to day technology. So they come round here with their latest I phone and latest laptops and latest designers to get more and more and more of the money with which they buy these things without being able to tell where they got it from and it is never enough when it comes to money, never ever enough.

Some say they are simply crazy and obsessed about me and want to be like me which they can say as many times as they like since I am clear I do not see it that way and will never put up with any stupid sufferings of a function of their frustrations just because they must secure excuses by which to hurt me with evil things and never get questions about or over it and those who continue to insist can see they can always buy my books published with errors as it were and make the changes themselves that they want?


Its always the plan from back stage media and celebrity culture and insolent girl women who always have other ideas about changes to decisions people make over their own valuables and affairs and it is in this that they love to fuck my court all the time and it is not clear why they never fuck their own who always have ideas about peoples well informed decisions about their own affairs and that it is about an excuse to exclude them over an item upon which they have built their stupid plans before it goes badly wrong.

I am friend of the worst women in the world and will get hurt for it with their big Political and criminal mouth as it were but they have their own celebrity culture an girly women from it, so why don’t they fuck those ones while at work on the media instead? now it turns out that because somebody is a new reader they are accused by these bullies and their girl bullies of sleeping around and everything they do will be copied and somebody else will get the accolade and name for doing it especially what they do for their own private benefit, then they got involved with a Royal Prince and all his property and finances got savaged by idiots for it and now they will have the greatest sex they have ever had and cannot have enough of bullying the Prince too as it were. So I ask again why they never fuck their own girly women? If I man venture, ask whether they were not aware the question of whether they are still alive was inevitable?

"Bring your matrimony so people can peddle it and be famous" or "fight those who peddle peoples matrimony so we can have new ones"; who wouldn’t be notorious for these things and were they not aware the questions were going to be asked if they are dead yet? I find it impossible to tolerate the celebrity culture and now I have to get off my corrupt Christians who peddle the faith thing to do something about being bullied by them over my earnings so intensely. It is such a long way to travel to look for trouble and it will not have any of the things those that do it hope to get away with, i will not apply Politicians make compromises or decide self improvements on how this ends; we need to have control of how we spend our own work, property and earnings. I for my part am still peddling cultures for a living.

We all have to think about what the dangers to our earnings are and make them understand what matters of capability they will face if it destroys our jobs and businesses but if they have a choice about it and think bullying is fun, then I see no reason they should have to say something in future which goes along the lines of what they got away with. As I said, they claim the worst women in the world are my personal friends but the enjoyment of life and these games and the threats and intimidation and bullying which come with it, has no limits.