The way I look at people makes them angry they say – they had lost the part that was their game of course, the one that meant abusing and insulting and annoying me all the time makes me look like gang members and they can steal my work and income and nobody will ever believe me if I lay claims to it for a living, what this must mean is that they are after mine part of the game all together i.e. they had been warned many times that staring into my face can be problematic but what they have always sought is the personal life and prayers of a servant of God while they do not believe in God at the same time and now they want me to make adjustments and will not keep themselves out of here as usual with a big mouth only, hence that whole sense that when they are angry they can touch me has already led to the part where the way I look at people make them angry; these goats cannot shut it and think nobody knows why they target me with that nonsense on that stupid media least of all myself, when it has always been clear they are completely useless idiots who do nothing but deploy that stupid media to build up other people’s lives somewhere and live it as it were, hence the idea I have the one issue to deal with that with never go away with that big mouth. When women get married their lives stop they say and now they apply it to me as well and we will put it to test too – like looking at people making them angry; if they are nervous around me it means they are my boss as well, so that must be the reason, clearly so if they can make up their own reasons for feeling that way: it is freedom that propels them to do these things apparently as it were and we are not talking extensively about the part where the devil seems to be interested all the time through them in authority I have not been given by God so that they can extricate a process of media messing up the authority that I have been given by God as well – I mean don’t get the wrong idea, I have my own adage as well i.e. the Court and what we do means there is a perpetual sense that we are having extra marital sex for those that are married, so that the world thinks one thing and they are propelled to try and harvest that power of evil in one direction but another is fact, which I mention to shed light on facts behind the reasons that is happening.

Here in the UK I will never understand why the treasury spends time fighting the EU over bonuses caps; I mean it is not that fighting for lost revenue is a bad thing as such and hence should not be thereof given a bad name, it is rather that if I were a shareholder and needed a banker I would pay less and less for a banker that was worth less because of the bonus caps measuring how much I have to pay for the best, so those who are not doing their part will of course have to find a different job or up their game i.e. we are looking at spending government funds to fight loss of revenue that you are not Policing in the first place against the argument of efficiency and waste that you have been forced to look to by an economic international body that you are a part of. Then there is the other one about Scottish independence where the no campaign pushes for more powers which I agree is fine if people complain that the deal in paper presently is not good enough but unprofessional if this is not the parameter hence giving the media lots of rubbish, the media made up of male journalist goats that think I am being bullied by them, ammunition for all kinds of nonsense, leading us directly into that old case of what MPs love to complain about concerning myself of which I will never know what a group of fools who are married to the expenses system that can help them get a meal so they do not have to rely on the support of their families in order to be Politicians expect others to do to support them about me anyway hence the reason they bring up the story of the things I do to them all the time i.e. the things I have done to them as a result of what they have done to me which included standing up somewhere at Westminster to locate a Christian they can single out and bully until he reaches a point where not matter who he becomes or what he becomes  or how much he earns there is a quality of life he can no longer recover due to the fact he has institutionalised over a period of 13 years so far and more so spending public funds to because they cannot achieve it by themselves and the public funds are their private property too as it were – it includes when it started I was 21 and far from a teenager let alone a child and have always found it insulting from day one but they have continued to behave with it like it is their God given right, having more to do with being there when I tried to find my first job of which it is not a matter of provoking them but a matter of selecting one person from the population to do some evil on that they might be powerful and are working hard towards a time when their damage of my work and finances will result in me being a plaything for their stupid children and anything I do about it will be followed by vicious reprisals at academics and finances and even security just because they stood at Westminster and selected me for it which they have not yet accepted was a really bad choice to make as if there is anything they can do about me and these things I do to them especially for being there as well when they tried to take their retirement due to their insults showing clearly that when they get away with it, it rather means they have power and not that I made a decision about myself concerning what I think about their insults and abuses hence the need for revenge and to teach them lessons they will never forget; bearing in mind the state of mind you have to be in to pick somebody who stands out for his faith at random and set about abusing them and attacking and damaging their lives and property until they lose a certain quality of life and institutionalise on another, which I have never had of course but cannot understand why they would suppose they are news to me either, hence no real explanations as to why they complain when nobody will ever get past me to aid them and this is a promise that I can back up easily as well – it includes the claim I damage their reputation internationally when what happens is that they have taken these matters to a point where they travel off to Africa to find my parents and make them make me behave the way they want and the outcome has been that my parents come from west Africa while they travelled to find them in South Africa of which I have never in mind life had troubled with them and travelled to Germany or France to find their parents there to force them to behave how I want: - so these things I do to them are not up for conversation and will remain as they are, no idea for my part thereof whom they suppose will come to their aid against me anyway but we need to move on from it to more important things, I have only cleared it up because it is becoming an asset for them to be seen bringing it up when they are doing nothing to change or win the fight they have started here when they cannot keep their insults to themselves. If I see their dance floor and disco light diplomacy anywhere near my book shop they will feel me again without a doubt and need to stop complaining as nobody will come to their aid that can get past me to do so.


I hear of this case of Tories as a business problem of course – the reality of which is that they are no such thing i.e. they are simply a group of people causing trouble and assuming all kinds about what they know of how far I will go in the matter as well. I mean the Labour party has worked out a more secure form of these games to play than they have as it were so I have no idea what that means but however which we know the Labour Party is over 200 years old but is still a party talking about wealth inequality, so everybody knows you need to be stupid to a certain degree to end up there, everybody knows it’s a matter of people being told that the food that ends up on their table is a function of employment somewhere around their 18th birthday to create problems for the state and seek power, everybody knows parents must behave in such ways and children raised in such ways for them to seek a career in the Labour Party but these Tories love to assume I have not had enough for them for my part and it started off from a case of the person that the labour party is picking on to cause damage to their beloved Country and had since taken up its own speed and direction to end where it is today about their gluttony and a need to tell me they are  a business world problems for me – so they simply cannot see I will go National and Global in a blink as it were and are still playing games with their assumptions about how far I will go when it does become an issue. I have never thought of them as a problem for my part; I mean they do say that what I say about Royal family needs to be cleared up when in actual fact HM approves of all I do and anything she disapproves is a matter of grown men like these who are block heads seeking to take it and own it and will listen to none: so am I proud of being able to achieve things they have never been able to? Of course and bearing in mind of which I was not responsible for adding financial success that supersedes mine to them for it so they can look even more stupid. So it is always largely a matter of Tories assuming all the time that they know how far I am going to go because they have worked out their stupidities if combined with media just like the Labour party can result in power and the means to take anything they want from anybody they target.

As for the story of Scottish Nationalism however, the question is whether I want Scotland to be independent and the answer to that of which is no of course i.e. a collection of block heads who are picked on business wise by every person whose livelihoods they damage because they cannot do anything without violently abusing others in some way which damages peoples plans and work and causes setbacks they even get fun from carrying out then pretend it will never be noticed because they can beat up anybody – who then like to get to a point where they are academically successful to show that people can be without looking tired the way I do when the source of my tiredness is their involvement and their stupidities that they think is power at the precise point where they found me seeking my first job helped by those who love to be complicit with their wickedness, have decided a new Country will afford them the opportunity to escape any revenge that I might want to carry through to make them look tired all the time too and so people vote for it, people vote for it because they like to be complicit, people vote for it because they feel they love those dispositions where they make statements about how this is their Country and they view every single thing you do with suspicion unless they get whatever they want so much that they vote for it – now they must vote again and live in an independent Scotland as well and this is the moral of the tale – apparently of which I am not the one breaking up their Country anyway, their block heads are doing that just like the insults of their Politicians create problems for them that they claim is my fault and expect that claim to be followed up with consequences – the insults which ensure these fools that need to be committed to violence in order to do anything are able to disregard the wishes of the highest authorities and set about targeting anybody they like in the name of anybody they wish in order to get to a point where they can do anything that they want. So I do get asked if I don’t think that this is a price that is too high for people to pay, which is utter nonsense because they were busy at one point travelling to Africa to find my parents who will make me behave how they want – so I guess they found what they sought after all, the Africans that will abuse me endlessly so they can gloat as I have to be articulate and stay on the ball with all I have so others can cherry pick in order to get on top of things but of course we all know they are also friends of Scottish Nationalists as well, so now they must live in an independent Scotland too and we are not talking about the modernisers and freedom fools either, those must have hate figures in order to attend school or get jobs and these insults from Politicians are helping with a starter on my finances yet, so there is still the rest of the UK to go on the matter. I mean it’s like the old case of me being doomed to abuse and squalor which is utter rubbish – we all know it’s a matter of never getting it into the head that I am at work no matter what I do, for work or for fun and the fact otherwise is what Politicians want to enforce all the time and when they do so these idiots can make a media debut they never feel like they should stop it, they will stop when it is convenient for them to as it were. The reality is that these are incredible stupid people who have time for all these things despite how demanding government work is after all: what they do now is spend tax payer funds to undo anything I do which suggests I stay straight on what I do and like what I do to get on top of their stupidities and that of their black people and that is the source of most of their problems, they have not sold out yet.

I do understand the story of how I have been beaten of which nobody knows why it is so important to create lifelong battles for religious people and beat them with wickedness and evil anyway but I have not been, the reality is that they seem to spend all their time in the labour party to pretend people are items that can be handled and pushed into a corner and used to play a game of he that had has nothing while he that has nothing has what he that had has and there is therefore no respect or dignity for others where they are concerned thus to back themselves up and cover their tracks they are always telling stories about inequality and poverty and all those things you would tell stories about to express facts about what they think they own you in order to do to you but I am not entirely undeserving of it either since it is a matter of how I have no clue what I am doing and expect things to fall into place when I pillage other peoples work and reputation thing that shows a hatred for my aesthetics as a person because it is something they can steal with media especially when there is no money here to keep them away from it with, hence have been working on me as soon as they spotted me seek my first job and so on because they wanted my aesthetics for it so badly – it’s just that we have now reached a point where everybody involved in this matter must face their own collateral damage as well and stop getting on media to make noise about what I am supposed to do to make them feel comfortable about it when I am responsible for inflicting it in the first place – so in the case of these goons the reality that helps them with a Politics where there are no rules and a means of ignoring what I have to say is a simple old case of making their societies and cultures and politics my own outlook in life as well, so they might want to turn it into a business and a livelihood and I can work the abuses I have learned from them on them as well – its one step towards stopping these things as far as the Christian is concerned and I am prepared to make attrition out of it as well, especially over having no clue what I am doing because I am an illiterate story because everybody knows it’s a case of that for one moment and then before we know it matters will have completely changed to a case of what I said and how to move into my personal life which is something they find funny as they do at the heart of Government like the block heads we know so well.

In terms of Scottish Independence they say of course that I refuse to have an intelligent conversation with people but apart from their Politics that has no rules and lies that take sway based on its decibel that we have today, it’s a matter of having their own intelligent conversation with others that are as equally a collection of lunatics as they are and staying outside of my temperaments and personal life – these are the insults that need reckoning and I have no idea why I must have intelligent conversation with them so they can have their stupid equality anyway or why they fail to define it as abuse and insolence as well: they are clinical lunatics and need to avoid seeking conversations with me not that I mind learning from it so I can shoot back when they are trying to be famous anyway. So it’s been all about thinking they are the strong link and the Christian they want to target the weak link and so we have reached a point where Scotland will become an independent country because the no campaign is happy and that shows a good reputation for people overseas: reality of which is that they are referring to psychopaths especially the female ones who like to think there are certain men who are not related to them that they can simply just ask society and lay claims of ownership to just like myself, claiming nobody would care what they did and getting after my anus and penis all the time to build abuse based Political incentive in order to go places and as I said, the rest of us are normal people and they are insane and should feel free to share as well; we all know the female ones are because a lot of black men have little tolerance for their insults and the entire planet knows about it but for my part it’s a matter of those communities and stupid societies and the fact I am to get on top of them by keeping straight at what I do and being professional about my work; we therefore understand what these involvement of Labour Party idiots and their shared insanity and the lies they tell with it is meant to achieve when seen from that point of view as well – so I do wonder if it is the opinions of these idiots that are normally the best examples of what psychopaths really look like minus the money they steal all the time and people ought to let Holly wood be about what it glamorises anyway, that they are talking about in terms of what people think about the Scottish National party; these kinds of individuals will always like the Scottish National Party when it takes a baton to decent people of course, I am not disputing that but is it a matter of competition for reputation internationally on that basis therefore after all?  We all know understand nothing but lies and money and the popular culture fame and fortune of their stupid children, we all know they know nothing about me except that one moment they are making reggae and pop from gang violence and organised crime songs about the guy that messed with their culture and thinks he can decide when the fight is over and the nest their equally insane Politicians are telling tales about how I have not got a clue what I am doing and thinking it is funny conversation I will not find abusive.

As for Politicians, all their problems are a factor of their insults and a seeming problem with a lack of respect; the financial crisis it creates for me and thereby access it gives to their idiots, mobility it gives to criminals be they racial criminals or not. The claim that my antagonism of the Politicians is as responsible for the breakup of the UK is in the same bracket of course as those stories about how I need to submit to the governance of these other stupid people children that find ways of getting themselves elected into government offices as it were: I mean when they started it happened because it was fun and I was being teased, today they have told so many tales around wealth distribution and social inequality I will remain that way for the rest of my life as there is no way out with a big mouth and that is the sort of thing we are talking about here - I do wonder if it is possible to get to resolve the matter of being insulted by UK Politicians by talking to them about it, it does seem that although the ball is in their court that is a long way from reality so I have no idea what they are complaining about either - it is getting increasingly personal of course, just like being subject to their governance. It’s like the old case of people feeling I have thrown away all I have which is not really true as the only thing that helps goons to pillage my income is still the insults of these Politicians of which there is no way of dealing with through discussions only i.e. if I need to look after a Court and some temperamental mistresses all over Europe and other people that are drawn to me as I am to them, why on earth would I want an appearance on the red carpet for example, yet they would claim along with their celebrities of which there are so many idiots in that line of business these days anyway churned out by an Industry that is funded through tax payers because of Politicians to help idiots that are way past their sell by date to experience fame and yet I may even be told to let them be in order to avoid problems, when we all know there is another me swirling around town and around the world doing whatever it likes which I cannot control, I mean cannot control as in they are bluffing yet again as it were - when all this started it should be noted, it was a case of one of those occasions where the things they can do to undercut people at the most basic of their instincts fundamentally meant that Politics is the way to do things and when they mention such things they are talking about right to jobs and right to livelihood and even right to personal life - today it has become something else and they are off making use of my work by abusing me and more so without paying for their own copy so as to stir up this need to test if it is their own absurdities I put myself through hell to deal with or my own that is stifling my book sales as it were.

I hear of the question of what it is exactly about people that annoys me so much, which is some of the stupidest I get asked of course, the reality being that people do need to stop addressing me, especially if I am not talking to them, considering the quantity of twisted evil people that want to have conversations endlessly about what God did give me the authority to do and what he did not give me the authority to do. A typical example being my so called sexual deviance - where when I have not done it, then the idea swirling around that I have teases them and propels them to violence in my direction, when I have done it, then I have not done enough for their purposes, whatever that means - so I am sure people can spend more of their time addressing others that are more relevant to them than get involved. 


The issue with Politicians is never really an emotive one in its own right; they are simply a collection of individuals that must always been seen getting after what is already beyond their reach and when that is combined with their selfishness and their immorality, the result is always low self esteem in the end because they simply find it impossible to reach those things and keep what they were doing before then at the same time which the rest of us would think of as normal but they will become frustrated about; hence when they make out the way to get things done is the Political way what it really means is that they want to be able to undercut you at the most basic of your instincts when you are trying to eat or sleep and so on because they are trying to make use of your personality and in the end what they will easily hate is the fact you have done something for a long time and are now aesthetically proficient at it – they always say people like those walk around as if they were everybody’s boss but the reality is their need for theft and opportunities thus presented alongside their deep rooted hatred for authority i.e. the way morality and moral sense recognises the source of power as applied, so the way I behave towards them is not in any way one of the things I have in a list of regrets like they love to think is the case, I just feel it rather absorbing to engage them on exploring that all together – they have neither settled the damage they have done to my finances or dealt with the racism that comes alongside envying peoples aesthetics and seeking peoples personality, what they think they will do is keep going and make that the responsibility of their victims and I have had them right up to my neck i.e. it is the same with them right across the business world, they really enjoy handling peoples possessions really quickly to get rich and pass it on to somebody else and I believe I have set out clear understanding they will do nothing in this life or the next when I want to get hold of them and their stupid possessions and have what is mine handed back so I can declare it, they have seen it again and again and always claim it will not happen and I can only get better until I start making money from it as well.

I hear on one hand they create the question of whether I in my opinion do think I am doing a good job while on the other they say I am actually fostering racism. The reality being that they like to seek ownership of my personality as it helps to develop a platform on which to flatter racists with greatness and the only thing they are yet to do is write books about the superior race and the origins of it – for now it simply translates mostly into a process where their usual selfishness and its consequences result in occasions where they must improve themselves with money on account I to whom all their competition is channelled have everything else and so for this things simply keep happening to public funds again and again and again and again and passed off as my fault because that is the sort of world Politicians live i.e. people are responsible for other peoples actions and most of them have never met each other. In terms of job of which there is the other small story by the way side of how little seriously I take my relations with The Royal Family – of which I have never given anybody by means of word of mouth or body language or indeed contract signed, that when I do not get involved with The Royal Family they can do it on my behalf – but on the matter of jobs of which I am never to work and yes they do say I say that but my only way out of financial crisis is to get a job which is utter nonsense as I only do see myself as somebody out there being active serving those who create companies and give others the chance to get employment, not somebody that is getting a job and we all know that in this light they want to be in that league right away so they can get me to serve them and it does show I will hurt them more seriously than I have already too – bearing in mind they fought on the side of the NAZI during the second world war hence racism right up to government office and a process of fighting the EU - concerning which the question is rife of what I suppose should be done and the answer has always been as simple as raising standards like they hear all the time i.e. and e.g. they make use of other peoples possessions to make money because the world revolves around them and they leave alone the state of affairs that allows their victims to go their own way as well. Apart from which HM is looking after a good Country and I am in her service and not in a job - the Politicians are the ones messing it up and it goes way beyond the intelligent conversation thing that tends to suggest they have left any common ground of cross party Political agreement even in the civil service for that these days, they have dug themselves in so deep they are now finding alternative explanations for where they are now; hence they on the other hand can make a big thing out of a Christian living his life as normal to find it has been flushed down the toilet because it serves HM more than it does the Church and she is interested in what he gets up to with a big mouth only like they can give to the frugal and then on the other hand think they will rewrite my life and create a world where the Gospel is less powerful through me than it is at present and this is where the touching and illegal activity I will not settle at the law Courts occur, not hurting badly enough yet as it were - its a matter of being good enough to avoid wondering if I have been if something of a bad occurrence should happen to me, every man of conviction not least one with a half priest chief of government staff office like me deserves as a basic minimum level of dignity and I am doing very well too (It is never true that I secretly want an Independent Scotland: the issues are simple that Independence of Scotland will not only be disastrous for the rest of Britain but also some other Countries over seas - we have only recently finished what our relations with Communists is, now there are people in the US looking to us and we know its a big Country too and they have a certain kind of backyard relationship with the South Americas, they have already taken in most of what we have done and some of them are not even aware that any other Country exists besides the US and the UK in a real sense but in a couple days the UK will be broken up - it is far more complicated than simple a Government that Scotland wants - for me personally of which it is a matter of whether those who go off to Africa to find my parents that will tell me how to behave to suit them so they can control my mind and have twisted temperamental powers over people found what they were looking for - however I am trying to claw back the people that have joined the yes campaign in the last couple of weeks, we know they have done so because they have had what they see clouded and it needs to be cleared up i.e. it is the UK Government that has a system of an Executive that is also the leader of the State Church i.e. they are poor people and we can always, always give them the Country they want if people are willing to do it but there is no way that the SNP will deliver that country for them in an Independent Scotland, so they have offered them freedom and the barest minimum of personal dignity and that in their view is good enough for them to make Scotland Independent, keep the Pound and keep the Monarchy as well and win something at everybody else's expense).