There are a few major issues on this matter. One of them is that of people who seem to complain that what I say and do is capable of creating and bringing about the death of another person but in actual fact, they really think I need to hire a body guard or something to protect myself from those who like to wreck my finances and personal life because they enjoy seeing me fight over something on the right and or enjoy seeing work harder than everybody for their pleasure on the left. So I do not want them coming around doing that their thing they do my livelihood anymore, so I really do not mind if death gets to solve a problem around here.

The other issue is that of Politicians and the claim frequently that I have no settled loyalty which creates insecurities and instabilities and the reason they say this of course is that they have never been speaking all these while to those who have lost out the most during this economic problems i.e. the between five and thirty employees companies; what they know instead is to foster, give tax payers money to with all kinds of funding programmes and create political power for popular culture, so that some of the things that either the employees of families of these kinds of companies, especially the high profile ones get up to with respect to culture, most in the last five years of which has involved me, which is why I take the stand I do, it is completely destroyed and wrecked while they find more space and more reasons and excuses physical and made up alike by which they can cause more damage to these businesses and people and love to think as well that not only are they confident Politicians will always protect them because such protection was promised them as well but also that no body knows they are doing wicked things thereof. For the Politicians on the other hand they think clearly that because I once worked in a twenty employees factory, it gets to therefore mean that they can dog whistle for discrimination and put me out of work and cash flow ease for the rest of my life for refusing to give them certain respects they deserve because they are democratic people and thereby have powers of the State available to them; the result is that we have ended up over time in a place where I am prepared as it were to ensure that even if I have to raise one pound a year to fund my book sales, that is precisely what I will have to do to get the business running and the price they have to pay is what happens and the extent to which it gets to happen whenever they cross me while that is being done.


What I am trying to and mean to clear up here is both the way that the market has weeded out fraudulent investments that are later pressed into profit by ripping up peoples markets and if not then the general market anyway by those who own and run them and how this indicates time for lending, although it is the decision of various institutions but above all, to indicate where lending is most needed and to ensure there is no confusion between what the needs of the Banking market is and a process where for instance I have a personal problem with American Politicians, which is regularly expressed by their really silly inner party followers and other political idiots as the case may be around the world, who clearly love to press their drive for greed of various reasons and purposes on the basis of having claim to being familiar with me intensely to the point of personal life for example, which is defamation and scandal but such things are expected from con men and fruadsters who hate the existence of law and only need set up structures to get rich, in order to destroy so much in order to push it to the point of financial success and from there live off the destruction of peoples firms and livelihood and as we know coupling it with lifestyle issues as well, which is another road to economic disaster.