Some of them like to mention such things as why people like to complain about deaths when those that die are soldiers, who got into the Army knowing death is part of their job. I would never get my head around it either of course but I feel I need to settle the issue too, even though I have on several occasions before, it goes without saying I would really set it out if I mention that they do get dangerous jobs themselves and no body sees them go into those jobs to die, they go there expecting people to protect them from death even though when and if they die the employers will have been aware they are not liable but of course make those statements they make because they wish to set out means by which their Politicians do not fulfil their duties to the soldiers on matters they ought to handle long before hand. It has got nothing to do with their so called media wars either, the problem with the media wars is that I never admit to the damages I have done to the media and so it is a process where they are trying to send me a message to stop that is costing me the benefits. They are actually at the heart of the matters; for example they deployed soldiers in Iraq and at no point did they ever spend any time to work out that the second gulf war was never the second world war where only three kinds of Politicians existed, the ones that the Nazis could play with to see what they can do diplomatically when the Nazis have already pre decided to invade and conquer and occupy Europe and the rest of the world, the others that believed they could being about peace under any circumstances when the Nazis were simply playing people along knowing they had already made plans for an invasion and the ones that still held hopes for peace until bombs landed in the middle of their cities because the Nazis never said anything definite on the diplomatic front – in the case of the second gulf war, they had to deploy soldiers who were going to loose their lives if the war fell to a street by street affair and so what they needed to do was to handle the politics of a process where people did not want to be moved from their homes to the barracks to be straightened out but never did, for me as well on the other hand the other issues were that they purposefully set out to get rid of Saddam Hussein, spread his corruption among people by giving them a hard them, then march things that were already straightened out to the barracks to straighten them out and involved me in the process so they can get rich earning my income once they want a civilian life thereafter.  So as for the question of what my place with the Military is, I was under the impression that it is already obvious that when Politicians screw up the economy, because it is difficult to have a military dictatorship in the UK, the well travelled soldiers will take up National Interest while they work with the will of the people. Of course when this plays out on the International front, there will be an element of military aid or help when we get involved with any country and therefore the back drop of possibilities that people can use that as means to excuse military rule or dictatorship but that will not happen without American intervention and the Queen will not have to do her job especially with respect to interests in the east over and over and over again, while Politicians mess it up as well. I do suppose they thought they were winning all along; indeed. Their excuses can come as much as it can of course but that is because not only do people think about what they do from their own point of view, people also listen to what they say when they make out the opinions of those that are not directly involved in what they are doing should fly. I mean for the top ones for example; I am prime minister, I had a personal phone call with the US president and 4 days later one with the Chairman of the Chinas peoples republic; I mean as an ordinary person for example I know that if I had a personal phone call from the US president I will be reeling from that months later, not to mention another from the Chairman of the China Government days later. It puts them slap bang at the heart of the issues, they know exactly what the facts of the issues are and they know exactly what they need to do and they know that they need to get themselves off my books and off my book sales otherwise I will pound and hammer it out of them as well. Its the same with the local ones; I mean Tesco can never be owned by a poor person and Tesco can never have workers that are from a rich background; so what is the relationship between the classes at the economy bearing in mind the owner of Tesco is not a member of the Royal family and cannot therefore be upper class and how do jobs come from that? I am not stupid, I know they know what they are supposed to and am not prepared to tolerate their vandalism. In the end when we put in perspective the issue of soldiers that get into the military but do not wish to die, first of all it seems they think it is about them when we try to get returning soldiers back into civilian life but it is not in anyway and if they talk the way they do, it will eventually apply that even if somebody wanted to share with them they will end up not being able to get a look in at all. So that they get off and vote like they always vote as though it is their fight, as though when Politicians have a personal problem with other peoples income it is any of their business and it does not mean we have come anywhere near the idea of how Politicians are doing well against those that have money of course; with respect to that by itself we are also getting closer to the point where Politicians will realise how much problems those who have enough talents to get rich really have and the whole dream of multiple jobs will become a seriously painful one as well. To which they will tell me there is no means of making that happen, especially when I say I will eventually get to use the offices of Politicians to run my business and take care of any issues that may arise but clearly they are stupid people you see; they are socially stupid and they are culturally stupid and they are politically stupid and Politicians always tell them what to do with other peoples property knowing it is impossible to run a business when they turn up on your premises, bearing in mind the work really hard and then work really hard some more on matters that make no sense whatsoever, in order to work hard enough to get products out at the right time and at the right place bearing in mind the securities you face as a result of having something that can make money and then end up with some hit and miss occasions but generally work hard enough to earn a living wage by increasing and maximising the straight hit occasions world of running a business – so they need to ‘untell’ them.


I mean they say I may speak that way but in actual fact I am the most notorious for interfering with peoples business; I have no idea which they would like better anyway therefore, the Politicians or somebody who sells books and therefore has something to loose getting involved with running their businesses bearing in mind the entire economy has gone into administration and that it is the Government that runs peoples businesses these days which destroys market and the free market system itself all together - so for those who mention such things I can always take my time because if it is the politicians run it for them they will loose and if they make an enemy out of me, they will loose too. Such things are always created by those who end up with money they deploy to buy shares in the businesses that others have created and I have long expressed my hatred of the idea of such people in other peoples board meetings too, they do nothing but destroy things and you can never satisfy them, except maybe you bend over and get sodomised because it is the only thing that will satisfy them and I have made myself clear anyway about hearing people talk left wing and right wing superiority by which others are cunts. I mean it must be that easy for them. To make it clear I ought to state the main issue is that I need people with a strong hands whom I can trust to hold things for me and so the idea of cunts is something scary - it is not what we are doing at the moment although I had hinted it, that exists at a much later stage of my time table and they need to leave alone the time table, stop manipulating my time table.

Of course the tourism economies complain that I am the biggest problem they have. In actual fact they have been providing sanctuary for financial and drugs criminals, in fact they regularly check us out because it is a big business for them as well and then there is the provocative part where they play one at Communism and map out every aspect of my life to screw about with everyday in every aspect of professional activity – all the way to the tabloids; they make it out I am some great warrior and they can read me and that it is why they do those things for their superiority, so let them read that as well. So there is also the matter of the things I do which set me up for certain media to take advantage of which is actually not true; I set myself up yes but for them it is an either way question of where it stops and what next. I mean media with no ethics and no professionalism that they make connections with local communities to secure people whose lives they burn to make their news more controversial and therefore more rated and it works in the same way too with respect to my leadership and responsibilities, where it is clear there are issues around people who think other peoples lives should hinge on how they feel; the children do pop stars on that basis and the women do sex and the men do money and power. These days they say they will kill me but it is how it starts before they expect me to be set up somewhere so they can kill me as well because I have no limits – for now it is that big mouth and how they will kill me but every aspect of my life still hinges on that stupid carnality of theirs I want to rip out of them and drag them to church for it as well. So in the end they want independent adjudicators on the matter but the facts are rather simply that they like those insults that are therefore abuses because they are no body in my direction on account it is lucrative and does the money and fame thing, so it is when we have a religious instead of a capitalist regime in the west, that I would have been doing the money as well, as it stands I am doing nothing to them in my view because I am not yet doing the money (which is what it is really all about).