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 On this matter, there is always the matter about how the Germans are doing well because they have a system that is integrated into the process, the kind of system people will want everywhere. Not one person manufacturing goods here and another selling intellectual property there and no body can agree etc, which is all utter nonsense but HH will not and does not mind the school days fun anyway.

The fact remaining that the entire world is laid out there where no body is manufacturing goods that do only what they say on the tin, which is what British manufacturing looks like.

What the trouble makers who bring these up want to do instead, is attack the Germans and then wind him up, for which One will be waiting for them at the industry too-so he can sell my securities and intellectual property.

So for what media campaigns is worth, the Germans who are counted among the best engineers in the world are doing their own part and the French that are counted among the most Nationalistic are doing theirs too. Except the world is out there for the British but people prefer to attack the Germans and then wind HH up.

It is indeed a fact that everybody else is trying to copy the way British manufacturing works but cannot and HH have marched around it for more days than in his prognosis is possible to remember, while these abuses continue to work with those who expect him to act shrine for wealth and glory and tell them about it, so they and their insolent girls and stupid wives can abuse him first before they do anything they already know they should do if they need to earn a living and it is for this also he will be waiting for them at the market, so that he can sell his equities around the world too.

So it seems it is always easy to sell intellectual property to the British because the product is always the product and the luxury in the product is always something completely different-unlike the integrated engineering the Germans and the French and the Americans and Japanese have, which they somehow do very well with too. When HH speaks of those he will hurt so that he can sell his securities as well however, he does not refer to the rich and really successful, working for profits that they make at the market place, not consulting other interesting means and the idea of problems that the Police have to look into is largely out for them obviously which is rather a very ironic and happy situation; although expected because does all I he needs to right and right away anyway to keep this tradition, it is the ones that have recently found a way to extract earnings from his property that do otherwise.  Thus when HH speak of British Manufacturing so that he can look like some foreigner that really likes their country and can be abused for it, he is not talking to them.

Just like those of them whom only the devil knows how they got their hands on business, especially big business, claim that The Arch Prince's securities are things that people can get for themselves anyway because they are all about bad mouthing fellow country men, which they do at this point as it were, which is then supposed to mean it is guessed that One should have patronised them instead and when they get themselves into trouble doing that, take something from HH's market place to look after themselves without buying his books, then share it with others to make friends and more money, which will continue until it goes very badly wrong for them as well, just like they feel they can get off stifling One's finances because they are using his creativity to impress employers in the manufacturing industry, for which the question then becomes that of what they suppose is wrong with buying the books?


Of course it is going to offend HH when people get off immersing themselves in his sense of creativity and his spirituality and temperament, in order to be inspired to create their own evil utopia, (which they later show off abusively and insultingly for the purpose of sending him on errands on the Media and through Commercials), which of course they have not done with any respect for his income too, in order to be effective, having gotten themselves to the kind of position where they can be disrespectful towards it, to express what it is about i.e. power they have not got. Naturally it is very provocative and one of the oldest long standing issues here. Whatever on earth they do want with One's privacy all the time by the way? Still a question too.

HH has had to put up with their manufacturing and creativity fascist nonsense with his earning, which they use media to effect because it has no more meaning, for quite long enough at this point. On the left, they have lost joys of naivety through fighting him and think that after years of showing Racists it is possible to make a Government Chief of staff cash strapped with insults on the media supported by American Politicians all the way to their President, they want him to provide democracy or risk getting beaten up like they always boast about, based on security they have seen him provide for women that serve him, so they move right all together as well and to thrive on ideological dishonesty based on privileges of injustice gained from Politicians that have planned it from day one where their first problem was the half priest High diplomat that owns an empire in a way of making money that is the cleanest known to man because they has the intellectual property to spend for it and later on their problems becomes the claim he is responsible for immigrants that are in their Country especially those that wreck it being there, which without the gift of foresight was completely predictable because before then HHs crime was being the avenger that took everything from people when they hurt him; whoever is playing with them anyway?

Gone therefore are the days when HH answered it for security reasons on behalf of those who consume the products they work for people who broke equities with him to create with it, some of which because of the social issues smaller people experience some of the privileges HH experiences which is addictive to them because it is in the wrong place, after the products had been created, on account of what they know and power they can have from it and to consumers for example among other damages-they remove the controls One places in his equities and securities when he brokes them and make worse the issues of society by insulting and abusing him too, because they are a part of the production process of such goods and services. So the fact remains that while the fools that get rich and therefore increasingly and provocatively seek power to control others through the vicious and violent habit of using HH's spirituality to create things which other people then helplessly get attached to, with no aid from their part as well because they are busy getting rich hurting him and so on, is now which is getting more and more dangerous and destructive for them and everybody else is responsible already.

One has already informed them he does not like that their evil stupid world where things are always done to excess and it is not that it is nice to him anyway besides, because it always needs to dominate him and their sense of freedom involves ruling people with temperaments like his, so whenever they use his work to get rich and more so to excess, it means whatever he says is being ignored and his property is being destroyed, while they do whatever they like and name it democracy. What they want with One's privacy and his intellectual property and why they want it all the time, including his work with the Manufacturing and creativity industry all over the world, where he is bound to sell his equities and securities? Is still the question.

Its always them and their process of finding places where they can sit and thus to be the only ones being seen with the use of somebody else's property-having a job that involves being able to play the national front with something creative, whom they are or suppose they are oppressing on account they are lazy, or rather were lazy from day one-sending people who are more important than they are on insolent errands with media and commercials to deal with women whom they claim abuse them, as though no body knows the entire essence of their community relations is opinions they have about others that are the opposite of what makes people good and important and are entirely base, none of which happens when their opinions are required because they never are and hence the problem they have with bullying HH on media and the help they get from their evil Politicians over and with the things hHH does with the Manufacturing and other similar creative Industry and of course the usual obsession with his private life all the time.

Before now they wanted democracy but apparently there was no way it could have been achieved when the heroes that protect vulnerable people while dealing with tyranny at the same time, as well as keeping a job, have their finances they have worked for as well scandalised, vandalised and destroyed by those who needed democracy the most. Now it is up to them but not on One's property, so they can do it and get round to tell him he is a Prince and will always be a Prince as insolently as possible, when he is rather clear about the fact they earn more than he does with his own property which needs to stop full stop and they need to leave it behind, give it up, let it stay where it is and rot for him if need be, so they might get lost.

HH is clear and they know I have had enough of it; and so has the project of security along the lines of pushing them into those gangs they belong anyway, just to use their energies to fight the fights or force them to do it especially on the media and those of them that work there, fights which they have created without purpose, sense, meaning or reason in their own lives with entire confidence placed on their power of bullying to make somebody else deal with it, which did send the same message.

One would have no idea (apart that is from the fact they belong in evil secrete cults; did at college and still think the world works the way their junior secrete cults that is not as big as the one that belongs to the big ones that beat them up all the time belong to) and wonder who told them business is done in such ways as pushing people out of their academic work, just to locate market for their books by stifling their finances to sell something else in its place daily? Which by the way is how they feel that because of their evils they can question anybody about their strengths and victories, search then and grab it then get protection from Politicians making lots of noise about how it happens to be them instead, which we all know is always followed on with insolent base abuses that no body wants to know they have opinions in such direction for the purpose anyway and now which happens because they cannot leave him alone on account that they either have by stealing it or somebody else has made it a part of some Video or Computer game they have played-which makes no sense whatsoever.

HH is the Only Golden King on this Planet:-despite people messing around with his empire and travelling around the world to ensure his books are not sold, then returning to apply their discrimination on him, which is entirely stupid because it simply means the need for Politicians to hold themselves to account becomes greater, while they presume rights to practice violence on Politicians that do not do their bidding after all those years where Politicians help them with the process of creating arguments One cannot win when hid earning potentials are where they are not finding themselves, which is now a Problem for them since he has an issue funding all his bills because of them and creates a reality situation that cannot be ignored. He still owns over 90% of its economic intellect and is the only democrat in the world that finds it easy to move from legend to leader whenever in doubt and back again whenever he wants-while despite their insults and filthy wickedness they are always stuck moving into peoples right and getting evil businesses to find people they can make out are doing what they should be doing because they have a culture and rely on evil politicians to give them such things as public funds so they can abuse people without end too, endlessly making out it means their filthy wickedness does make people rich and or successful, which is how they want to substitute One's Equities and Securities with some stupid strange beauties of the damned all the time, attacking and threatening entrepreneurs all the time. He is still himself by the way and still alive and virtually indestructible with respect to his Securities and Equities no matter what they do. Their witchcraft does not and never have power here, so it applies that if they think they can pick a fight with him by the way and his prognosis is that he will not implore them to take such risks either; One is really tired and fed up and want them out of his life at this point.

The warnings to Politicians is that for their greed and talking to them at it, Public funds is not The Arch Prince's personal and Private property and  must be clear this is not what he is insinuating; anybody can spend those on the media to create perceptions that stifle other peoples finances-which they can get on Public TV and say one thing in public and another in secrete, until they steal everything from the person thinking they have power, then want money at the other end, anybody can also spend it to make idiots look like their filthy wickedness power when used on somebody is making them rich while doing that-which causes absolute havoc on the security aspects of products that are used publicly as well as damage Public Place intellectual property broked with HH, only result being when damaged, they pay one way or another, bearing in mind also the Politicians continue so that they can get confident about using their filthy wickedness on people, until they get to the point where they ruin other people's finances, apparently  in a world where a lack of respect for people has gone wild and leaders have become great servants who know lots of things so they can teach or do for others, in order that people might challenge them to a fist fight every single day.



I get asked what my seemingly amoebic position in global business is; which amoebic position does not exist. 

I own my own Empire which I built with my own hands and through it a Private life that I serve businesses and rich individuals with but it is a part of my Royal Estate which is globally recognised and respected because of a Government role and is not for sale or exchange or anything of that sort because of this. The only thing that is for sale is my books and it is there I place anything people want, not my personal life or my professional life.

At the start of the building of my Global Intellectual space I got businesses involved in it because they were mainly considered to be weak rejects, even though the idea never did apply in reality, they were however still thought of as business run by weak people no matter how rich they were. They came in, took intellectual property they required and set out producing goods which is how some of them created colours to match my temperaments as property for me which they still use to this day and so on.

I was clear from day one that I did not appreciate the evil businesses kind of thing and if I were to consider an ideology in the same par I would rather prefer climate change concerns which is what my Global Intellectual space was moulded upon but with the usual audacity the evil businesses that are made of ultra men who are such men and play around with such destructive evil girls at all times that they unleash on other peoples earnings, that I will fall flat on my face and take penalties from them or something express. They barged in and used my property to stretch their profit margins, spending their time on doing absolutely nothing but making sure when I work for my empire the money specifically ends up somewhere else, where they can grab it or sell something that belongs to them to earn it, which they do on account they can incite media idiots to attack my income for them in public whenever they like or indeed incite other fools who think I exist to ensure some of the money they have end up in the hands of poorer people as well, as though that was my duty and so the insolence and the abuse that makes people rich just never stops, never wants to be abated or go away and I for my part have expressed for sometime now I have also had enough of their boasting, they need to get out of my property and my life and find somewhere else to cause trouble.

So it applies they always think it is difficult to detach them from normal people which is utter nonsense; as the life they live is to wake on the day and get off to business involving a process where they grab things and grab even more things playing the staff character that have no real prospects because they are completely talentless seeking out peoples whom they can abuse and get away doing so because Politicians had legitimised it with organised lies; telling people they understand people have finished with things and so it is time to hand them over everywhere etc, which they get themselves into trouble for because they think they can say it to just about everybody, thereafter want to ensure they have won a fight they would never have won because their Politicians exist. The staff character that I the Royal Prince am vulnerable to obviously when they cannot even get past the Popular Music Singers that make deals with them to find whom to betray thinking they have got talent. So it is okay for them to be the rich staff of the world, which err they are not, the people who work for the peoples of the world thereof creating them goods and services that they need but not okay for a Royal Prince to sell books serving the people of the world in a government, is the idea I am getting from them, as if this was their own life. As I said they have gone round the world making sure whenever I work for my empire the money ends up else where with their 'I will take that now thank you very much' attitude enough times and I am quite fed up with giving out the warnings too, while I must say also they have simply gotten used to issuing threats to create powerful criminals.

So as it stands, I have believed that they have boasted and abused me and my earnings quite enough over it; having been that I have had my empire scandalised and then set out to recover all of it, integrate it into my Royal Estate (again) where it belongs, to protect it and work for my Country while selling my books to give people what they want from me without a problem, while they and all their powers have been making these boasts, refusing to accept I am a writer and people ought to know me for my books not what media idiots and insolent fascist say they should bearing in mind it is not their own lives or property and they know no body can spend it and for which by the way they can do nothing about. I would have thought the fact I have had enough of being insulted by them would be an idea they would take on board and so if I must go around ripping peoples businesses to pieces in order to be popular enough to sell the books, there is no doubt it is the way it has got to be.


I am perfectly aware of violent, insolent and stupid women who have Children that complain of being made into monsters by them on the basis they are violent and pushy, moving into my privacy, especially with their insolently abusive popular music industry where they presume to be telling you what you should be doing in your own office. It does not bother me however; where they do bother me is that they interfere with the will of God to express their wickedness, due to how much I stifle it all over the world, on account they mess around with my life because I am a Christian, then stifle my finances so they can abuse me even more. Worse for that matter still is the fact that they set about trying to confiscate all my literary work by making sure they are never sold, appearing as guests and audiences in talk shows to keep it up with all the attention they can get, in order to have the means to create many versions of me-when extracting my youth yo be young again with had failed and of course they always tell anybody who listens what is happening is me attacking their right to entertain themselves, that all sorts of idiots can copy to be me or try to, where I am not publicly available and gather money thereof to become my rival over my own property all together if they want and the process of thinking that my Christianity had meant I am one less person for the wickedness of the world as there is already too much evil on this planet, will never apply because they will create several versions of me and make them serve the wickedness of this world and this will never do too.

They punish me for an act on their part of taking steps to dig into my mind to find out what I think about what I am doing, which has led to a condition where they can have access to what I am thinking at any given point in time but of course only the part that has to do with my earnings, when I have not yet gotten into work for or over it-then call the sufferings they cause me powers their cultures have to make people successful which then means they will never pay for it which is also why they enjoy it so much i.e. they can make these kinds of excuses and get away with it and so for me it will not wash, hence what I am thinking which is not necessarily supposed to be what I am supposed to do and this creates me this three difficult layers to work through in my job all the time, for which I must say the violence and the difficulties will see me hurt them seriously again like I have before together over their stupid Children that they tell me to do something about as an insolent errand for refusing to give them the sex they want from me, having gotten rich at my expense recently. 

The three layers of; negotiating the things I do from the violence which makes my health available to it because of what I have thought about-i.e. I do not do sex and violence but there is ample news that I do and so anything which suggests it, such as those who do it dumping the effects on me which is what they expected me to rise high and fall low without earning any money and exist as a virgin for them for such purposes for, which must then be done to ensure the job and not what I think is operated and applied, then the things I do because I am instructed by God to do them which they always try to detach me from because they are evil and know what I am instructed by God to do is done of God and then the things I do because they have interfered violently and damaged my finances after interfering with the processes of the other two, by being pushy and insolent, trying to control my life and thinking thereof that they occupy my privacy and have an iron clad control of all I own and can destroy it if I get rid of them, all of which should not be this way because all these things should be working together with me in a way I do not notice that they are because I am financially comfortable after my hard work and so now they will move me left, own my privacy and use it to make rich friends that are supposed to be more important than I am because they have money and it is always followed with attacking me to create some kind of discipline and changes that need to be applied to stolen moralities gained from me with which they can find ways to make money selling things on my market place as well which they could always not have done so but actually need to in order to control what they feel is their property i.e. me, without actually getting to such a powerful spot yet, hence the reason it is so annoying, while messing up every aspect of my life that has to do with my privacy, which of course is also where my Office is and my health and the Monarchy which I serve in Government.

I already know the only way they can do this is to maintain that so called iron clad control of all I own, so there might be no democratic sharing as that is the only way to provide security for others, I have already damaged their civil rights by becoming activist Prince but do not have any followers from it so I have completely gotten away with it so far by the way, so I can never move them back left where they belong and they will never get flash and insolent at me again to detach me from my own life and Faith to play these stupid games and get rich at the other end with, so that they can destroy my entire life when I try to move them if they want, while they tell me what to do and move me out of my own personal life. So the only way is to decimate all that is important to them each time I want to make any statement about it too just like their Politicians and cultural goons who never think about their jobs insolently incite them to do and get onto Government to pretend to be more civil than I am but more so at my expense too, taking the license they have given me up squarely, so they don’t make any unnecessary noise as well. The three issues involved are their Children, their Men and Media idiots-where the commercials are as well obviously; for their Children, they send me on errands on public places because they are certain their mothers will waste my finances, acting like they are my mistresses to confuse people, in order to make them rich over something I have done wrong, while they for their part do useless things to have the money at my expense which are all discrimination information I want nothing to do with except I am using it to hurt them later but they currently think they are Lord this and Lord that and cannot leave my book sales alone with their filthy cultures they keep their insolent families safe from as well, for which I must be disciplined and so the Children are always telling me to deal with their Mothers and their evil men who take a swipe at my income so often that I get to the point where I am barely existing and thereby wish for a reprieve because I am desperate, so they can do it to show me the pain of what happens when I dare to get between them and what they like and want for the taking, can get to it. after which they complain as it were, while having and running businesses operated from impossible and difficult angles angles which are then run through peoples lives like a highway because they have bald heads and so on etc-which then causes me to savage those stupid societies so that after they are finished, just realise they have spent up to 50 years of posterity for their wickedness, getting rich now which their silly wives and children will blame them for as well and when done come round attacking me too to get their share and the money does not even amount to 20 thousand pounds in each occasion, hence their media based lies and insults come to naught and of course their hope will be that I will have everything and become their shrine for wealth and glory that has everything but is not making money from having everything because they exist (as they put it-or when I finish they will simply tie me down somewhere and take that over as well as the big boys, hence they never get the point), it will not have been the first time bearing in mind none of those things would happen to them if I was having my income, which will have put them out of sight and out of mind made me a bit more comfortable and a bit less worried about them and the evils of society-which brings bad things then I will not have been required to do something about or get physically assaulted for not with their big mouths like they always insolently do, the issue which is that when I have everything their girls will use my faith to have as much evil power as they have always dreamed of and bullied me for, serving the witchdoctors they do, while whereas as expected, I will write it in a sentence and put it in a museum and wait for them to come round to my place with a weapon so I can kill them first. In terms of the Media obviously; these are the gits that freakishly get rid of those who get rid of the tyrants, whose inspiration and thoughts now run faster than they can run after it because of me, so these evil women can use them for all sorts to satisfy their sadism as well and they can think their media money means people must get off to deal with their personal problems for them whoever those people are because they are being discriminative bullies; so I can make sure they never get back that stupid left as well whatever they have begun newly to make of it, the main part and all the past of which I already have because they needed it to build up a radical sector of my faith and thoughts and empiricisms and anciens while I had gotten a Royal Estate and this wickedness was not good for me, so after I made them see it made to sense and they decided to make sense of it with media I took steps; since they were going to be the radical sector of my faith making sure it is not about the things I do but what they have ruined my life to get, then set off to give me their own strengths and depravities to tell me to do with a big media insolent and abusive mouth that is. 

If they don’t want me to hurt them so, then they ought to realise this is not the United States of America, stop telling me what to do to move me left and move into my right and those their women get to tell those their stupid insulting husbands to shut it anyway, not do these things because they have gone and stifled my income by showing themselves to be seen with me and now after years of telling people they are the ones that like my books the most and made out on media where another group of idiots invite them to talk shows etc that I have agreed to them as my most important fans, which is really embarrassing and has caused me a cash flow crisis and they will never buy my books anyway because it is of no value to them and thereby gotten off to extract an income from my Intellectual Property for something else with which they set about all over the world competing with me over it to make rich friends; which is how they now tell me laziness does not pay, by which I therefore need to leave alone my privacy for them and get out there to do something useful with my life, which of course is a usual insult that has gotten them into countless trouble, which is what they will make me do. Besides, if this was the United States anyway and I did them so, it would just have become something really really historical.

I can either academically write and sell Equities and Securities I release from my own Royal Estate or people can mess up my academic work to the point where I set up structures for the Businesses which broke equities with me and set out to mess them up pretty badly like I have learned from them, to gather facts that will line my Equities and Securities.

I. Uno


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