It is not true I am more concerned about whether or not Politicians can turn around their fortunes, it depends on the abusive insults and threats they issue at me; in terms of Labour here in the UK, they have tasted blood, they now know the public will never ever punish them at the polls if they ripped up the entire Country when done with ripping up the economy as such, so they have seen that a promise to fund the NHS and give them money at benefits means they can never ever be punished at the polls for anything they do wrong and because of that they will never ever stop; at the moment they enjoy telling their retarded leaders who tend to make me feel I need see them one more time around my books and then their days of ever becoming Prime Minister will be over and if they want to piss me off can see I have set that as a state of affairs and get off to be Prime Minister anyway – they make out the speeches are a sign of those they can empower and people hate them when people are overcome by them and so on and as ever it will never stop. I personally have never considered it a complicated matter give or take, it’s just that when politicians want to pick off trouble makers on the streets and spend tax payer funds on them they are very well welcome to but it is always a good idea? This is the question they must answer. For me they told me the Christian mentality of changing the world for the better, from Christ to the Apostles and every other preacher since is on borrowed time and I wanted to see if their capabilities are as big as their mouths – it has not ended well of course and they are now all over Church because they think they can catch me there or something like that, so the threats and insults are the problem here.

They say I never take into account the conditions that make people behave in such ways and it makes me wonder what conditions those might have been anyway; we are talking about women who claim they enjoy being punished and cannot stop abusing those they think they can steal from without consequences and of course the sense that you have to take a stand and make your position clear because the men will start killing unless somebody tells them it is okay to solve their problems without killing anybody and then the trouble makers in the middle who will mark out peoples possessions, then regularly get on public places to associate with these women, ruin their lives and start a new colloquialism of wealth sharing from scratch because it is a possession they feel like spending. Nothing good will come of electing a certain group of fools that are known to spend tax payer funds that exist at the other end of the spectrum of where you expect your money on the latter idiots. It’s a matter about which I will see them make their stupid public statements around my books one more time to a tune of some serious problems thereof and we are not talking about the claim I speak like a racist as well either; it’s been 15 years and I normally set out that amount of time and waste it for nothing as it were – always the easier option of leaving me alone and yes there will be no murders because of I ruined that stupid culture and there will be no gangs because of it and there will be no persecution because of such a fact either, unless they want some of mine all together; party piece is when they say they will attack the Country itself until there is a war and I think they are bluffing. Those stupid threats they issue at me will be their undoing and yes I hold my hand up for an inability to tolerate a condition where they can either be leftist or rightists, they can be anything without me and away from me – I call the shots here and will not tolerate any side.

They are the party of people who think money comes from other peoples kitty and the same destroyed civil service independence, the same created the more destructive inefficiency the NHS had to cope with, the same created the biggest deficit in the developed world and because they now know they can never be punished at the polls for any of it have started pushing their luck on other matters as well. I mean how you get to tell the culture idiots before they become educated fools and can no longer be told they are wrong, never to spend your public work or your public life or your books for instance, except to wait for the time they will turn up with that civil rights to gamble around you? These are idiots who believe money come from other people’s purse but wreck people’s finances when they know they cannot control those they have assaulted, in order to be seen in the Political arena talking nonsense and showing an inability to be by themselves on account they claim to be evil beyond my imagination with a big mouth.

They do claim I make use of other peoples jobs of course which is utter nonsense; they think everybody holds them in high esteem whereas we are thankful they became journalists and appeared on our TV but in their teenage years they were running drugs rackets and smoking all kinds of class A nonsense and amphetamines, which is why they like to think they are so terribly tough all the time and they say I like to be tough like them which is utter rubbish too because when a Christian says some days are fast days for him and he does not want anything to do with anger his personal life will be traded by money lovers and he shall suffer the violence for as long as he exists because they are making it a permanent career – at that time we hear no complains about their stupid culture unless somebody puts it up at an angle and they are seen all over the popular culture scene talking nonsense all the time of which whether or not I am afraid of them will be decided over the Books I write as it were and whether or not my fear of them creates new economy and new politics and new society will be decided on the sales of it too. They do say all I do hinges on my Books and it is uncanny but the main function of their stupidities around here means the Books which are a means of opening a literary empire to broker the equities in such a manner as to get my money back at the other end becomes so misunderstood as they venture to share my income. It’s like the other story of how black men are the ones that gain access to what I say and do which is very well understood because every black idiot has a tendency to get off to it all the time – always seen around women that want to make money they have never worked for, always an end product to ruining their lives and getting after those whose possessions they have always desired to spend, then set out idiots such as Ed Miliband to make statements on my books all the time while they all get to tell me I cannot deal with all the Politicians which is utter nonsense as the next event of this process of telling TV idiots and comedians and Politicians to stay off making statements about books of which they are not buying a copy as it were is flouted, will lead to a case of me in a position where other peoples aspirations are things I fundamentally hate as well so they can understand what it feels like when I make regular slight comments too; the part where I will copy every aspect of it such that each time I have difficulties with my mates and competitors I hack in as it were.

The problem I am after here is that there is a resident mentality that needs to be broken that grabbing some money and helping every little twerp with a problem that they want an easy way of resolving will get things done and it needs to be killed off; because I wouldn’t dream of where the anus and penis of anybody that is older than me is located and I still cannot imagine it. So that what happens is that we all have our various academic ways of dealing with these matters but the crude reality can be something as evil as a woman who chases down and rips up your market on the day because she wants to set your good looks up for the foolish men she has gotten herself involved with during the days when she thought she was that good looking and if you let her have it the only thing that could result is an even more abusive and expensive need she has to get rich and famous in order to escape a life of earning a living. It is not true I make use of their jobs; I simply do not buy my media equipment so that they can talk through to or address me and yes they do say I was picked off the streets by the Queen in the same way; utter nonsense of course since my Christian activities served the Queen and she pushed me into success and became Patron of the Firm. It is not actually surprising that these black idiots come from areas of the world where genocides are a regular feature because of course you might have thought you will never make any friends when you Toe a line of telling people these women justify murder but it does not mean you can do it simply because you can but you always do – so that the other side of the story is their need to get on media and order you around both on things you would have done that were bad but did not think is the right thing to do and a need to make you succumb to the demands of women at random because that is their plan for getting rich and it is as abusive and destructive as it gets before we hear them complains come through that the most convenient times imaginable. It is never true I am stuck with civil and criminal disobedience either; it’s a case of wreck culture and face gangs which is then followed up with what must change about it for my part, same with wreck cultures and face war and same with wreck cultures and face media violence and its only books I sell but we can see one of these days I might not make use of all these tools but somebody else might.

I understand it is said I think what I have said is right but it isn’t – it is not a matter of what is right, it’s a matter of a process of people doing all sorts around my books, things you do to ensure people cannot pillage it or your public life to become famous at popular culture or write their own books and take an income out of you as well just because you do it, they have said they do because I get through people to get to where I am of course which has no basis on reality because they lose every time I set out the truth which exposes the fact I look like something that needs to be doing something wrong so that he might get beaten up as it is the only way that they get to enjoy beauty for their part, so it is an invalid argument I never address because young people need to face their own problems and keep off my income and I don’t care how many of them take revenge for that by joining these goons to get rich and famous with my income for my part either, it will hurt until it hurts the right way as it were. It’s not a matter of what is right, I sell books and if I don’t do what people want there will be gangs, so there has to be a way of hurting them without the gangs ever existing, same with unemployment due to media and political persecution, same with their threats of war with a big mouth and of course at the moment I do not use these things I have prepared for but it does not mean that others will not venture to either because of course they are busier than ever getting on media to sort of the female ones as well having been they have set me up for community croons to abuse in order to earn their freedom, the female ones must now have the part where I was by community men as well and we all know their freedoms means fame and fortune they have never worked for to escape working for their income, which is how that need to get on media and tell people how to treat women all the time is created. For the blacks they always think their point is that I will need civil rights and need to be made to behave accordingly in order to express the fact they are as they have always maintained, evil beyond what I can imagine and so they are not learning I am fighting them alongside the racists yet to test that theory. They do say I cannot justify the decision but their societies are not too dissimilar from the ones their fellow African idiots live in – so the noise they make about it all the time does get to mean that when these African Countries become wealthy at their expense and a Policy of not taking rubbish from them around here as well comes together, they will be saved in turn by their African friends too and then they can do their own version of racism with it which threats on that stupid media is something that needs to change too as it were.

In terms of the taboo of attacking elected authorities however the story is the same i.e. if I wrote a Book criticising them I would have more security than the renaissance of I have written on account they are in need of their own civilisation that was all democratic and had a developed origin for it as well but it is the morals that form the backbone of my writing which they hate; they only want law and Liberty and legacy and believe I find my work being pervaded like that so amusing. So it’s a curse to have my books get to the highest level of government in order for it to be stifled and we don’t know if they handle their bone headed children in that way for a decade and a half at a time either – so it’s a matter of one more speech being made around or on those books and there will be something for them to remember as well. I know there is an issue concerned with streamlining my work to government but these guys do not need any education on that either; Politics is a world where nuclear waste is dumped somewhere for instance and the 27 communities there do not want it cleaned up even if you want to do so, which you have to respond to as a government by going into government building to make laws that protect nuclear waste, nothing is ever done primarily because it is right and then there is the constitution one as well where you can easily think you know everything until it blows up in your face and you realise you could not have stopped the result of an input even if you were God as it were but that is usually for the fun lovers so they are free to carry on. We do enjoy the company of a lout who takes all our cares away by talking about them is one of their major lines of course but I don’t know if it changes an insulting provocation about their perspective being forced on everybody so they can confiscate personal lives and use it for their ends anyway which is how it is not right for me to allow journalists to attack Politicians – it’s always a matter of some exclusive nonsense happening here and there about which they have access all the time hence this story is supposed to have served a cover up, just in case they needed to get corrupt as such; the fun of spending tax payer funds on their idiots to get ahead of me in life so as to express in high places the fact they are evil beyond my imagination not up for conversation of course, only the bit where one more statement or speech around my Books will lead to trouble instead; in their case they say people like me enjoy turning social conditions against leaders which has nothing to do with the fact that it will never stop unless something is done about it i.e. if we have grass roots wealth it’s a trouble with socialists and politicians that creates a spectacle for the world and if we have National wealth that can only get worse and if we have international wealth, obviously we can see it is off the scale.

They like to say it is because they want to remove the Monarchy, I like to think they say that because they think that without the Monarchy, if they took a stand on my personal life they could claim it of which the only two things that would ensure they were able to was first the fact attacking them would ensure people do not give me a job because they would have been able to spread the word and ensure it happened and then the speed with which information spread which allowed for no opportunities to have a brief career before it catches, what they had failed to judge was that this would have been calculated and I would have planned to create my own job from start out and that means once it is iron clad secure, I can ask them for the personal life and they can tell me they are terribly important if they have got it too.  They like to speak of violence and death as if it would never have been calculated too but we all know they are goons that need to wind themselves up and seek a fight and the idea is therefore that they would come to no harm as such whereas the reality is that I would hit them like nobody has ever done while they are still psyching themselves to it, which is why I like to say they can do it and come round if they have the guts. My point is that I already know they produce those kinds of talk not just to exasperate me and underestimate how personal it would get and how quickly that would be too since it cannot really be determined if it was the pushing me into the Monarchy to get on parliament and confiscate possessions right down to personal life because they couldn’t do it without holding me down somewhere first of all or the bit where the Monarchy took me in anyway and it has been in doubt as to whether that actually happened in the first place despite the two being two very different things; hence it’s all destruction all day long all the time with them around here like they can give to others. So it goes beyond that to the bit where they always want a new country when others have been having some of their own as well as a result of the distraction and destruction they cause, it’s always more important than a day job until they have success of their own or start to attempt such things, then what people do to them as well becomes the reason for a new country due to injustice, while those who take it personally so easily and get hit by those they assault as well become their little army; what they fail to recognise about me is that I already know that so I would do anything for peace but when they want a fight they will get nothing whatsoever. They speak of the influence of the US and it is much the same as global insecurities they claim when it is only other economies taking up positions around British interests and none are intrusive or violent but the fifth largest economy does need to be protected – in the case of US influence, it’s always a matter of middle aged men, preferably blond and likely slim built, with a need to buy popular culture that is abusive towards important people so as to ensure the goons that enjoy doing such things never stop; having been they are not pushing their stupid young idiots into drugs at my expense, it had therefore become even more violent as such and they do it and create a very large pornography industry in the process which becomes a real problem with tourism at the British Isles, when I clean it up and keep it clean they then turn up to influence me – its noughts and I am not a novice at what I do either. Of course nothing was ever about hitting communists and so on; it was about settling what growth will be like and come from in the new economy and so when communists become all jittery and trigger happy about it they suffer as a result of being so. In the end The Queen is a person as well and One must not behave in ways as predisposes Her to the position of an eternal judge – judge left and judge right and judge all around; so I wonder if anybody did notice how well I ploughed that route – it is as though everybody is now a little King and Queen with the position of eternal judge available to all, it is so tactile that it operates on demand. For the Politicians the elections were going well with Party people setting out clear promises for them to make to the electorate and be held accountable for, until Ed Miliband started his chain reaction for destroying the party - as for me, I am done with setting up structures for brokerage trading and now I must set out structures for proper service, so their comments have become more provocative than ever before.